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  2. Time has come...

    I'm doing better. Thanks for asking. According to this eBay listing, the bags should fit. I wouldn't know how much a coat of paint would cost though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-VFR1200F-CANDY-PROMINENCE-RED-HARD-SADDLEBAGS-10-12-13/232701608561?epid=1623708243&hash=item362e18c271:m:mvHZxtg2EafQYxPb57y91dw
  3. Gutted stock cat on 02 vfr. Don't do it

    yea that's what my problem was. Just wasn't warmed up to temp. I didn't think anything about the temp being to low for the 4 valves to kick in. My zx14 doesn't have all that.
  4. Battery options

    You are right Philois1984. Will be doing the same and fitting the YTZ14S when the time comes for replacing the original. Mine is a 2014, done 51,000k, (43 months)and whenever the bike is not used for a couple of weeks l hook it up to the charger/maintainer for a few days. The original battery still cranks the bike over fine even in cold! weather. Cheers.
  5. Gutted stock cat on 02 vfr. Don't do it

    4 Valve = RPM greater than 6,800 and coolant temp greater than 149degF.
  6. Gutted stock cat on 02 vfr. Don't do it

    well it was fine the other day when it was 60 out. I just looked at the temp outside now and it 34 degrees. I went for a drive again and this time let it warm up by driving slower and it got to 165. Now it runs fine. I let it cool off a bit to see at what temp the vtec will kick in and it looks about 150 degrees. I feel stupid now. Didn't know it had to be a certain coolant temp to allow vetec to work. This is my first Honda I have ever owned and just bought it last week. I guess this is how ya learn. haha
  7. Battery options

    Saw a post on either this site or VFR World a few months back where someone recommended using the battery from a VFR 1200 in the VFR 800s. Stock part is I believe YTZ12S for the 800 vs YTZ14S for the 1200. Apparently they are the same size the only difference being that the 14S has more cold crank amps (230?) being for the larger motor. Apparently no reason you can’t use this battery, just turns the motor over much easier. Sounds logical to me. I intend to try this when my original battery dies, still going strong after 21 months and 17,600km.
  8. Gutted stock cat on 02 vfr. Don't do it

    yeah, something's not right about that temperature. even with a stuck-wide-open thermostat VFRs run warmer than that.
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  10. RC51 SP1 SP2 Parts Interchangeability

    Since we are brushing on the topic of brakes, I will share one thing I found while rebuilding brake calipers for a couple different projects: In addition to being different diameters than the SP2/954RR, the SP1 and 929RR front calipers have aluminum(?) alloy pistons where the later are heavier steel pistons. It's not so much a big difference, but this is unsprung weight. If you are looking for every advantage, this might be worth pursuing, but I didn't care given my modest abilities and usage. I would be surprised if the difference added up to 1 lb.
  11. Hi Philois1984, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. Much to be Gained from Power Commander?

    $340 is no deal. The place I ordered from fuelmotousa.com has them for $299 (16-005 for 09 VFR800). I paid less than that even and worked out a deal to buy both the PCV and autotune. Can't hurt to send them an email. I haven't had any issues, but wish I had the dual wide band kit for separate banks. However, if I was going to do it again, I would try the rapidbike system or a stand-alone system with greater processing power.
  13. Gutted stock cat on 02 vfr. Don't do it

    I put my stock exhaust back on. It still doesnt run right. It's like the vtec doesn't kick in. I read somewhere that the coolant temp has to be so high or it won't work. Is this true? It's about 40 degrees here so it's pretty cold. My coolant temp was running about 135. Is it just not warmed up enough since it's so cold outside?
  14. Battery options

    I fitted a Skyrich Lithium battery on mine. Work great.
  15. Battery options

    You may not have to winterize your bike but in NY we have to. I take the battery out and leave on a battery tender all winter. During the riding season I’ll hook it up,to the tender/ charger if I feel it’s starting sluggish. I still have the OEM battery the bike came with. 2014 deluxe BTW. Lead acid batteries work best and last longer if you keep them well charged, try putting on a batter tender after you ride for a while. They have quick connect plugs that connect to the battery, it takes seconds to hook it up.
  16. Battery options

    Mine is still running fine on the original battery. Aftermarket i I usually choose Motobatt
  17. Battery options

    What battery are you all running? Looks like mine is starting to fail at just one year. Do people generally stick to yuasa? I have run the cycle gear ones in the past that have died in 6 months. I see there are more options these days... Looking for recommendations. Thank you
  18. RC49

  19. Don't know if this is the correct section for this question but I will ask anyways... I am working on my VFR streetfighter and am putting a Gen 8 fuel tank/pump on a Gen 6 frame and noticed that the Gen 8 fuel pump assembly does not have a return line. After looking at gen 8 throttle body I realized that the reason for no return line is that they do not even have a FPR to need a return line. Wouldn't that cause a rich mixture at low rpm's without a return (or did Honda change the mapping to account for that). I am think I have two options...either just remove the FPR and put a plug in like Honda or drill a hole , weld a nipple next to the fuel pump on the tank and make my own return line. I like the put a plug in option because it is easy but am some what concerned with excessive fuel pressure. Would like to hear from some fuel gurus and get their thoughts.
  20. Faulty Speedometer

    It's worth replacing once you see it compared to a new one:
  21. The PCV is on sale right now for $340, pretty tempting. I noticed that Dynojet has 5th gen maps listed for the PCV on their website as well: http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/product-details.aspx?mdlyrid=16-005&make=19&model=204&make-n=Honda&model-n=VFR 800&year=2000&mk=19&mdl=204&yr=795
  22. Hi guys, Just a quick update after installing my PCV the other day. Install took a couple hours total, well worth the upgrade in my opinion :). My butt-dyno can feel the extra few HP and torque across the board and the VTEC transition is smoother again. Fuel consumption will most likely be slightly more, as to be expected, but not enough to negate the whole of the improvements. Bike mods include the usual: Delkevic slip on, quick shifter, final drive gear change to come in the future. I used the map that Dynojet has on their site and it works just fine. Mucho recommended! :0
  23. Hey guys I has a spare stock header for my 02 vfr800 so I thought I would try gutting the stock cat on the spare system. Got it done to swapped the headers lastnight and was able to take it for a spin thismorning. Sounds pretty tough but it killed the power. The two short wide open bursts I did it felt like a dog and would not even rev past 10k. I do have a power commander coming in the mail but I'm going to put my original header with the cat back on. I'm sure may have wondered how it would run without the cat on stock tuning and now I can telll you. haha. Glad I only paid 20 bucks for the spare header. It was worth it just to see what it would do. I'm sure tuning it on a dyno would probably fix the issue but to me it's not worth the cost. So if you want to gut the cat I would say don't do it unless you have a spare header around that you got for free or little to nothing. Stock going back on so I hope this info will help others that was wondering the same thing as I was. Cheers.
  24. Time has come...

    Can the bags fit a 2010? I have a red one. How much is the paint cost? Would you happen to know?.... How are you feeling after the accident man? You alright?
  25. 8th Gen headlight VFR800F

    Was aware of that on older bikes. Cheers
  26. VFR400R NC30 For Sale

    I came across a VFR400R for sale. To find it look up Japanese Classics in Richmond, VA. Looks to be in really nice shape. They sell imported JDM cars mostly, but also sometimes bring in motorcycles. They've had a few CBR250RR's as well.
  27. 8th Gen headlight VFR800F

    The lettering on the front it not very useful, unfortunately, because, as Thumbs has noted, it contains both the E-mark and the DOT mark,--no doubt just to cover all the markets with the same outer lens. But it doesn't mean all of the reflectors (or whatever they use to control the beam pattern on an LED headlight) are the same. Honda usually marks the rear of the headlight housing in white ink to differentiate the market for the headlight: "A" for USA and "UK" for the UK, "G" for Germany, but the actual markings used now may follow a different pattern. That is what Honda did at least up to 2004. Ciao,
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