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  2. Removing Heat Shield Near Right Footpeg - Need Help

    Thanks for all of the great help from the international group. It is input like this that makes VFRD great! This is not a great photo but suffice to say it turned out very well and was able to ride the bike today in good weather here in SE Indiana.
  3. So I might have done a thing......

    Just watched the "crappy video" and it looks like the bike is coming along nicely! Also, if you turn it up, I swear I can hear Pink Floyd playing in the background - good stuff! I am also realizing with the bad case of MBD I have, I all of a sudden cannot afford to upgrade my bikes, as I am just having enough free time and money to maintain all of them.....
  4. Yesterday
  5. Vfr 750 - 92

    OMG. I probably shouldn't admit I was working on my 90 when I wrote that.
  6. Assorted V4's

    Pics from over the years on V4's
  7. Vfr 750 - 92

    Yeah, bring on SPRING!!!!!!! (old picture but you catch my drift.....)
  8. Vfr 750 - 92

    The pegs are "bolt on".........
  9. I sure did. Looks much mo' better your way:
  10. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    You are correct. A quick check of the wiring loom shows the other half of the connector is 6 pin. So apparently a 5 pin will work as I had no issues with starting, lights, etc. Just no parking light option.
  11. Vfr 750 - 92

    Might want to grab a spare subframe with pegs while you can. :)
  12. Hey y’all— I just put a Daugherty 929 shock on my 1990 RC36 and the reservoir is in the way of the starter relay. I’ve seen a little talk about this on newer VFRs but not RC36s. Has anyone else found this? What did you do about it, specifically? I figure I need to move the relay to the right side of the battery. How did you secure it? How did you insulate the terminals? Did you lengthen or shorten wires? Thanks! kevin
  13. driving lights on 5th gen

    I used the fastening points for the fairing so I did not have to alter the plastic. I made a bar out of some 3/4 X 1/8 aluminum pieces and used nylon ferrules to lower it to the desired position. There are no clearance issues with the fender. I wired through a fuse directly to the battery and installed a lighted switch, the red one on the left in photo 2, to remind me when I shut down the bike to turn them off. The lights are 35 watt halogens that many auto stores and Wal Mart carry. They were $19 and I had maybe $5 in aluminum, wire, inline fuse etc.
  14. VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    Mid March bumpity. Paypal link for $35 reg https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/7ZEn4hID60 T-shirt order form link. https://www.customink.com/g/wxc0-00ba-rgep
  15. Michelin Road 5

    Thanks for the review, I'm also looking at these for my Multi.
  16. Petcock body leaks

    Fantastic guys, thank you both very much. I think I'll try replacing the O ring first and if that doesn't do it I'll do the grind-drill-tap.
  17. driving lights on 5th gen

    Hmm, if I lived in an area so densely populated with wild moose or bear I think I'd be driving a bloody great truck rather than riding a motorcycle! Be careful out there.
  18. Petcock body leaks

    http://400v4service.nl/content/2014/12/Reparatie-benzinekraan-RC-30-dec-2014 I know the 4th gen petcock is different but the procedure would be the same.
  19. Just be prepared to touch it up once back in the bike, I've tried, and its impossible to get it back in without bending and scratching the new paint job. TI wrap and removal is the best option, IMO
  20. Buy it Back??

    That's a shame, it's a very nice, very quick ST. I guess everyone finds the used, lazy, air-cooled V-twins more appealing in that price range. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. A lot easier if you remove the rear master cylinder. You don't need to dosconnect the hoses, just off the foot peg hanger. It is still a pain in the arse.
  22. Buy it Back??

    I was thinking of offering them $4,500 so I would have a spare one of everything.........but my MBD has me maxed out in the garage and back patio..............
  23. driving lights on 5th gen

    Maine - how did you mount those specifically? My lights are too big but the ones you have or maybe those Skene lights that ducnut mentioned may look reasonable there.
  24. VF_1000_F_1991_a.jpg

  25. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    My original 86 has park (and all of my 500s). Looks like your ignition was replaced at one point.
  26. Buy it Back??

    So, I guess this is a bump, but only because the dealer has not sold it. This is from EIGHT MONTHS AGO. Price has dropped: http://www.marinspeedshop.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=5061386&p=1&make=honda&s=Year&d=D&fr=xPreOwnedInventory In one sense this is very depressing, they can't sell my very nice (not immaculate, but very nice) 7th gen,after almost nine months. But then, we can buy VFR's on the cheap, so I guess that's good?
  27. Michelin Road 5

    Thanks D. Knowing your skill level I therefore also know that for me, at about 75%, I'll be happy with the 5's. Also hoping for better mileage, 10k would be amazing. Appreciate the detailed review.
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