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  2. PirateRiderBen

    Hypothetical Question

    I would never allow a test ride unless it was someone I knew personally. I’ve never had anyone ask either. Probably sold a dozen bikes that way.
  3. Darrenk

    Bein dropped in US

    When they dropped BeIN, I dropped DirecTV and went with Dish Network. I had been with DirecTV for almost 10 years, and they gave us no notification, no "please bear with us, and have a month of free HBO", nothing. I just happened to notice that BeIN wasn't listed on my guide anymore. I called to cancel the next morning. I had a Dish Network pay-as-you go account in my RV, so now I have them at the house too.
  4. Marvelicious


    I tend to agree with you on drop-in LED bulbs, but for my money, most projectors (even OEM) have the opposite problem. That nice sharp line looks cool, but I'd rather have a more gradual cut-off. I've been thinking about a quad beam setup: a set of drop in LED H4's to fill in paired with a set of LED projectors for the depth, all with a slightly below stock current load. Another less than useful trend I've noticed in vehicular lighting is the love everyone has for the "cold" hue. They seem brighter because the glare is more irritating to our eyes, but if you actually look at what they illuminate on the road, the only thing that is more visible is reflectors, road signs and the lines on the pavement. The further into the spectrum you go, the more it gets like a black-light: you can really see something white, but that black lab that just ran out in the road is entirely invisible. Just my own opinion with no data to back it up, but I'm fairly confident scientific testing would support me. Edit: Oh, and I haven't done crap with my VFR today... this was a guitar project day instead. Gotta juggle the hobbies!
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  6. thtanner

    Down for the count...R/R is the suspect

    What Rectifier did you order? If it's that Rick's one I see on the site, cancel the order. Abort. Abort. Abort. The best bet is a SH847, or at the very least a FH020AA. With a kit from roadstercycle you bypass the stock wiring harness entirely, negating a need for a VFRness as well.
  7. Yesterday
  8. It finally happened. My trusty 02 VFR started showing low voltages on the voltmeter I had installed. Regardless of rpms it was reading 12.2V - 13V. I pulled off the right cover, disconnected the stator connector and ran the stator tests. .5 Ohms or less leg to leg. Reading open leg to ground on all three legs. Idle voltages were reading mid 20VAc and reved up to 6K rpm was showing 75VAc. Of course the connectors were fried and then some though. Glad to know the stator is still operating as the 02 stators are next to impossible to find. (Is it true the 03+ stators don't fit?) I know it isn't the battery as it was purchased at the beginning of the month when my last battery gave up the ghost and wouldn't even turn over the engine. Thankfully this was in my garage. When I put the new battery in is when I noticed the voltages were off. But the problem is intermittent. Sometimes it would read low and other times it would read fine. Not willing to be left stranded though and with the intermittent problem progressively getting worse I decided after 66K miles and 16 years I would just go ahead and get everything cleaned up. Off to wiremybike.com I went and ordered a new mosfet R/R, a new 3 pin connector kit so I can replace the charred pair that I have, and a new VFRness relay as mine was hot to the touch even when the bike had been sitting for the past couple of days. Makes me think that my relay had failed and was shorting. Now I am just waiting for everything to ship. So Tightwad, if you read this know that I have sent you an inquiry with some questions. Most specifically, how long will I have to wait for that R/R. 😉
  9. It's a MAP sensor. I went in there to clean everything and, on a whim, rerean the diagnostic. Blink blink. So, it was probably on the way out when I did this test before but still tested ok. That was more than 5000 miles ago. Now it definitely tests bad. I have one on the way. Good call @GreginDenver
  10. BusyLittleShop

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Thank you...
  11. thtanner

    Hypothetical Question

    If cash is in hand (and handed over for the test ride) there's no reason not to allow it imo. That being said I did buy my 98 VFR without a test ride. It had 1199 miles on it, and fresh rubber. I wasn't overly concerned about anything else lol.
  12. VFR Capt.Bob

    "Fall is here!" Palomar Sunday - Sept 30, 2018

    Sounds good. Barring veto from my wife I'll be there.
  13. thtanner

    "Fall is here!" Palomar Sunday - Sept 30, 2018

    I'd say right around noon to 12:15. Last time we arrived @ Julian right at 10:00AM, and left from brunch at 11:00AM.
  14. I have parts left over from my RC51 project that I sold. All prices are negotiable with shipping seperate. F fender $50 2 F brake calipers $50 (good 4 delink mod) R brake caliper and bracket $30 Upper fork bridge $30 Tail light assy $30 Orig wind screen $20 2 Irrid spark plugs new $10 2 valve cover gaskets new $10 Orig front brake lines free 2 reusable air filters $20 Sp1 swing arm assy w pivot bolt hardware $80
  15. FJ12Ryder

    Hypothetical Question

    ^^^^^^^^^Yeah, basically the same situation when I bought mine. It was about a year old, had less than 3,000 miles on it and had never been parked outside in the sun, was absolutely pristine, but the guy wouldn't let me ride it. I bought it anyway, it was just too clean and there weren't very many used ones on the market. Too little too late, but probably should have confirmed the test ride before visiting. I'd really have to think long and hard about an old bike that I couldn't test ride. And of course a lot would depend on the number of miles and overall condition. Mint condition would help convince me. But a test ride isn't out of the question at all. Do you have a lot of tattoos, gold chains, chain drive billfold, piercings, and show up with your buddies: Mad Dog, Devil Man, and Cannibal?
  16. VFR Capt.Bob

    NC30 Hub on my 99 VFR800?

    My 99 VFR800 was modified with an NC30 rear single lug nut hub. The chain needs to bee replaced. Wondered if anyone can advise me on the rear sprocket. I am trying to source a new rear sprocket of same quality. 520 pitxh 43t hard anodized aluminum. I guess 40t is the common size.
  17. VFR Capt.Bob

    "Fall is here!" Palomar Sunday - Sept 30, 2018

    Been a long while since I rode that route. What time do you suppose we would be back to 79/15 junction in Temecula?
  18. Hi VFR Capt.Bob, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  19. VFR Capt.Bob

    Hypothetical Question

    Its always situational. Sounds odd that she won't let you ride it with cash in hand. I would go with your gut. Tell her exactly why you want to ride it. Safety inspection means less than nothing to me. I bought my present 99 VFR with out a test ride. It was immaculate. Guy is a BMW MC sales manager at a local dealership. His garage was immaculate. He even offered me a test ride. Probably not the smartest move but I said I'll do that on the way home. no regrets.
  20. Africord

    Hypothetical Question

    I realize it was a long trip, but a safety inspection doesn't guarantee suspension, transmission, or engine condition, just that it is road worthy. VFR's are ridden to a higher standard!
  21. M0T0RIDER3737

    Rear brake rotor replacement

    Thanks for all the help ( Big thanks to JHZ) everything whent mostly alright, though the axel assembly was a bit of prick to get out (lots of hammering was involved), but the new rotor and pads are in and nothing was broken in the process, so I would call that a win.
  22. Duc2V4

    Bein dropped in US

    Ironically I have BeIN sports channel but hardly ever watch it. I mostly stream my racing. Yes, I have to pay for subscriptions to MotoGP and WSBK but not for Moto America, as they post their races on their website and you can watch for free. I believe it was when MotoGP was on the Speed channel and it was interrupted for NASCAR updates, not a race, not an even but just an update! I was livid and it was at that point I went to the MotoGP website and subscribed. I’m not one for wasting money (yeah right, you have three motorcycles) but I will spend money if I feel it’s worth it. Because I often travel, I can sometimes find myself in a hotel during a race weekend and since most hotels have somewhat decent Wi-Fi, I will typically bring my iPad and stream the race live or sometime later in the day, depending on time zone. You also get access to years of previous races and other little tidbits and info so I’m happy with my subscriptions but would have to say, it does suck if you HAVE to pay in order to watch certain programs but if you chose to, then that’s a different story. Not interested in many other sports so not sure what else BeIN shows that would have my interest but hopefully you can find whatever programming you’re looking for on some other outlet. Good luck.
  23. Thank you, amazingly I was not able to find any thing before this , but today it came up right away. I bought also the knights with rubber for some thing like 190$ , I hope they work fine for me. I am also from southern cal, if there is a riding announcement count me in. Ride safe/Ride long.
  24. RDMcD

    Hypothetical Question

    Just to be clear, I'm the buyer and the seller refuses a test ride. She believes having it certified (safety inspection) is insurance enough that there are no issues with the bike. I've never experienced this before. I'm serious about buying it just need the ride to finalize the deal. Didn't think I was being unreasonable.
  25. In the American VFR, the low beam light is on all the time. The rocker switch is only for the high beam. But the lights automatically cut out when you hit the starter. Near as I can tell by actually um, looking at the lights, they both run all the time, low beam and high beam, like in a car. Low beam: High beam: And if I'm reading the wiring diagram right, then it says the same thing (or not). It looks like both the Bu/Bl leads and the W/Bl leads are joined before any switches. So, I am thinking I should probably replace the lamps as a matching pair, not separately as I'd been planning. BTW Dutchy, are you parked on like, the railroad tracks? Is that a good idea in those parts?
  26. JZH said: If you want clear rear turn signal lenses, you kind of have to get the clear tail light as well or it will look a bit strange... The project-r clear lights all look pretty good to me. Clear lenses and LEDs. Nice. $250. Ain't gonna happen. Maybe some day. But home made? That's another idea. A friend with a basic 3D printer tells me that he can't make any parts for the bike. His printer just can't do that. I don't know the technology for mapping and cloning stuff. I'd think the interior of the lenses would be just as important as the exterior. Now silicone molds? Epoxy? I'll see if I can find something more on that.
  27. FJ12Ryder

    Hypothetical Question

    Sure, why not. All life is a risk, and just offer to hold the cash while he's gone.
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