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  1. When performing a bleed test on a first generation BMW Integral ABS system you have to keep the brake pressure within a certain range for a couple of seconds. That's 7-10 MPa for the front and 4-6MPa for the rear. With the VFR having a smaller diameter front brake MC the pressure will easily reach those figures. Hydraulic brake pressure test equipment is rated up to about 20MPa/3000 PSI
  2. IIRC it's a Lamborghini orange
  3. Does you brother too have a VFR? For my RC36 the regular NGK plugs are €10 a piece, and iridium €16. For my VTR the iridium NGK's are €30 each.
  4. Are you sure you installed the oil lock piece in both fork legs?
  5. Yes, regular H4. Mind you that some units (Italian) come with only one bulb/socket. Pre VTEC had a raised section, not sure about the 6th gen. Now it's all flat.
  6. Ah, but like videoguy said: "The bumping of the forks is to align the tubes at the bottom of the fork to help eliminate some stiction. " and you won't be able to do that with the bike held upright by the wheel chock.
  7. What? That NR rear wheel is still not on your FP? 😄
  8. IIRC the bolt spacing of the pickups is different.
  9. With the bike on the centerstand I put something in front of the front wheel so it can't move forward. When you stand in front of the bike it can be your foot. Grab the clipons and pull the bike towards you a couple of times. Done. Now you can tighten the pinch bolts.
  10. I agree with Danno and Grum. Also because Doug mentions the bike does not start at all, where if there is only one plug not firing it should not be a problem getting the engine to run. So maybe the ICM is sort of confused about crank position and although it does trigger pulses on the other coils the timing may be way off.
  11. I had the same issue with a K&N oil filter. Had bought my VTEC from a dealer a couple of months earlier. I was cruising the autobahn at 100+ mph, going home after spending a week riding the German Harz region with a couple of buddies, when the oil pressure warning light came on. Immediately hit the kill switch and was fortunate enough to be very close to an exit and have enough speed to coast to a byway. Rear tire was covered in oil, so was my left boot and it felt slippery when I kicked out the side stand. Bike was towed back to the dealer and he swapped the engine out of precaution and b
  12. Assuming the brake calipers are in perfect working condition and not have any sticking caliper pistons or slide pins. I prefer to put a wedge in front of the wheel.
  13. I found this old pic I once took of a link (on the left, next to a new connecting link) I removed when cutting the old chain. Looks quite OK to me. I will try to remember to get some more measurements (e.g. of the rollers) the next time I swap the chain. This can take some time as the current one still has at least 50K in it 😉
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