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  1. I agree with VFR78: remove the bearing holder and clean up the teeth. Also a great opportunity to repack the bearings with new grease.
  2. I would go with the air gap recommended by YSS. The length of the spring is of no influence on the oil displacement, wire thickness and number of coils per cm do. I have set the air gap on mine to 130mm to make the combined front spring rate a bit more progressive.
  3. Yo may have to remove the airbox to get a good view
  4. Starting fluid comes out of the spray can because the can is pressurised 🤓 Check if there is fuel coming out of the injectors.
  5. Quite a transformation, it looks brand new. Excellent write-up too.
  6. A set of round clocks is on it's way to you.
  7. To me still the best looking VFR. No side stand fairing left in your parts bin?
  8. Ouch. Are replacements still available? Never seen a disc rotor with a mirror finish like that one 😎
  9. V4 Rosso


    New livery looks great 👍 Do you also have a pic with all of the bike within the frame?
  10. It's not OEM. Looks like the socket is for a BMW/European style jack plug.
  11. Does it fire when you spray some starter fluid or brake cleaner into the airbox?
  12. Are the plug caps properly seated?
  13. If the reservoir is empty the bladder most often takes up most of the empty space in the reservoir. Are you sure the reservoir is completely empty?
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