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  1. If it's a creep towards Faceboof and that's all there is left, then I'm out. It was fun while it lasted. You will NEVER find me there. FUCK FB.
  2. The looks are polarizing for VFRs, but I've always liked these years. The 94 VFR lost over 20 pounds from the previous generation, WITH the addition of a factory delivered center stand. You can see it in almost component when comparing to the 1992 in my shop (next on the lift likely). If I don't know for sure it has been done recently (properly), all of my (new to me) bikes get the cooling system completely gone thru. Did it to my 1998 ST1100 last year too when I had the carbs out and removed pair. When I am going thru all of my V4 carbs for the fuel tube o-rings now too, the coolant system gets gone thru. Almost every bike has had at least a couple o-rings at imminent failure. I am very anxious to ride it too with some suspension improvements. Gonna add a little ride height to the rear. Standard cartridges for now, I need keep this round of mods under control somewhat. A few parts I got for free when I flipped a 1990 VFR last Fall, like the fork springs, brake lines and paid for the shock with other parts I sold off of it. For the next set of tires, I have a 8 spoke rear (off the 90) and an extra front wheel that will get a nice Honda Metallic Black paint job and the perfect originals can go into boxes.
  3. It keeps getting smaller! Plans are: Steel braided front brake lines Race Tech springs Tapered steering bearings (future proofing while I'm here) Pulling carbs and documenting (not sure if somebody's been in there) Replacing all coolant orings Remove PAIR (creating block-off plates with the original fitting ends) Repainting headers YSS shock (decided to do it while I had the whole rear apart) Replacing Comp Werkes fender eliminator with a re-worked stock unit I think that's it. Getting even smaller... Here's the shock Glad I went thru the cooling system. I was pretty surprised the two on the heads were this bad. They were almost goo...
  4. I had been looking locally for a very nice 94 - 97 VFR for a couple years with no luck. There were some examples, but none were as nice as I wanted or cheap enough to change my mind to a project. This is the day my 95 rolled out of the transport van from across the country. 11K miles. Two seats, this modified one and a stock one that was still to arrive in a box, along with another seat cowl and the original mirrors. Damn near perfect. Well, it arrived last Summer and I had some great rides on it in between painting my house. The Staintune sounds just lovely and the bike runs perfect. I did a couple small things, one of which buying another set of passenger pegs and doing a delete. If the muffler didn't have that lower mount I wouldn't have bothered on the right side. But I didn't want an empty bracket hanging there and I sure as shit was not gonna start cutting and grinding on the Staintune. Took HOURS to get it right. I had to fill and shape the voids after removing that much bracket. I could have always went with a welded up or custom alloy bracket, but I wanted to at least try and mod the Honda piece for a somewhat stock-ish look. It actually looks way better in person, that is as small as I could make it and have something left to work with. Left side was "easy". Still had a pretty good amount of time shaping and blending. Wanted to retain seat latch and handle. Then this Summer I was balls deep again finishing painting my house. I had taken the bodywork off in prep for going thru a few things and life got in the way. So when I (finally!!) finished the house this Summer, wrapped up the outdoor projects and winterized all the other bikes, she rolled back on the lift.
  5. I think it was bad timing leading up to the Holiday weekend as far as support. I can post with pictures in Private Message with other users, so it is not global.
  6. While I can't guarantee what I bought has the perfect clip for your particular need, they are good quality and fit securely where I have used them. I figured for that price, it was just nice to have a huge selection and get some removal tools to boot. Already has paid for itself easily.
  7. I bought something like this last year, mostly to redo the front of my Element. Very nice to have on hand and I've already used it for a few other bikes. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303592174720?epid=28041185890&hash=item46af80f480:g:sdQAAOSwL2Bi~fBQ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8H28VHbqjGetc%2F96m8u89arQYEwGOLWW1yyDJKUnVRjInIVqLz1sZktXztxEPuryNtVP3q46bgvaqCBF2hVHCrUJb2Nh2cSCVWjVODCkVFxTl3qCpoEPbGpW28%2BRlzP63BVgFORlbbPQgyq1nTQUbOg0%2BlRhpN8DuYX%2FagmZJWWF6IBay5clu25EmL5043leH%2Fjeg5xpNg0tZM2QUXmsJiGfFteV9s6HwqtHGD2wz%2F9KLHJwfz%2B%2FYdOcZXRTOEoQ6y%2B8Xf78XKQ7iQFaOrjtWUjwbF%2BNJxQQRc9ocGgTfLKtOymKNVDdp9KMXoOMJ0cpNQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABlBMUKaL6a2TYQ
  8. This time of year, Tullamore Dew in some Egg Nog is quite nice in the morning.
  9. Not that I know of (I'm in the US too). My shipping from biketyresuk has been pretty damn fast. And their prices with shipping are as good or better than most. Even if it's a bit more I almost always go thru them because of the service. I know of a couple issues with vendors out of Italy that advertise with quite low prices. They take FOREVER to process your order only to then let you know they don't have stock. So just a heads up. Not saying they all do, but I personally know 2 people that had that issue.
  10. I think they are a great value. I have them on: 1984 VF1000F 1986 VF1000R 1988 NT650 Hawk 1995 VFR750F 1998 ST1100 Soon one for a 1989 CB-1. Rebound damping adjustment, separate ride height adjustment, threaded pre-load collar. The spring rates that come on them are good, if a touch on the stiffer side, which I like. They have transformed all of the above bikes. And they are good looking if you have a bike that you can see the shock. If you buy from biketyresuk on eBay you can swap out the spring fo your choice for a up charge. I don't think it's terrible. They are also the eBay store for the UK YSS R&D center (FireFox Racing), so you are getting good support. They have answered my emails quickly and politely when I have inquired about length or application questions. Fully rebuildable too.
  11. That's what I have done 5 times now. Didn't end up in a ditch.
  12. Run it. And yes, someone added some rear ride height to try and liven it up a bit. Pretty common mod.
  13. Very cool. The pull of the liter V4 is nice. I think I have 135s in my 85 with a Full Sudco 4-1. My 86 with the same Kerker slip-ons, K&N, snorkels intact, pretty sure I have 130s. Both bikes shimmed stock needles and 40 pilots.
  14. Where did you read to swap the internals? Put CBR parts back in the CBR unit. Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought the whole idea is that they are different diameter Masters, and CBR unit gives you some pedal feel back. Perhaps you need to shorten the CBR threaded section for clearance and/or pedal height adjustment. Idk... just going off what I have read over the years. Somebody else will come along.
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