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  1. No. Run away, run away. Actually see if he wants to sell the mufflers.
  2. Might want to start with some mufflers, pretty hard to come by. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-HONDA-VF1000R-MUFFLER-SET-OEM/143497702174?hash=item2169212b1e:g:x0UAAOSwuFxcyfUv Nice looking 1000R.
  3. I wouldn't throw out anything without actually trying it, unless it was a stator that tested bad AND was toasty black. Working at a dealer for 12 years, I have seen good units test bad, and bad units test good.
  4. Gotta be white on this bike. The CBR1000 wheels are all easy contours, way easier to keep clean than the Honda 6 spoke design. The RC26 is getting switched to black tho this spring. Fucking impossible to keep clean, one ride and they look like it's been across the country.
  5. That was the motivation. And just to do something different. The wheels also allow utilizing the same rotors (actually CBR600F2) and calipers and helps keep the scope of the swap smaller (especially on the rear). The 5.5 rear is tight and forces me into a 170, but I really didn't want to do another F2/3 swap, especially in white. Ugh... the RC26 wheels are getting a matte black treatment just because those stupid (awesome) wheels are a bitch to keep clean.
  6. Both, kinda. Behind me is a line of VFR's to a garage door. That opens to the "outer" garage that is the staging area for daily riders, and leads to another garage door that opens to my driveway (they are never open at the same time). I walk down from my kitchen to this. The open door is into my office. I originally didn't want the shop so close to the house, but I love it. I can shuffle down in my slippers and fuck around.
  7. Shock installed with the stock wheels while I finish ($) the forks, rims, spacers and buy tires. I have an extra set of low mileage 1000F forks that I'm going thru so I can just swap out when the wheels are done. Gold Valves and RT springs with the cross over eliminated so they can be slid up in the triples like these. These forks will probably end up on a VF750F for a 41mm upgrade.
  8. Trying to make some progress. Swapping in the new shock that can provide the needed ride height. I have a couple fuel filters arriving tomorrow... look at that tasty 'orange' unit hanging there. When the fuel filter is in the center of the bike it probably doesn't get the love it should. Here's the shock progression: Stock (400mm) / CBR600F2 DMr conversion with Hyperco spring (about 407mm) / YSS 405 set at about 412mm (it's technically a +/-5mm shock but I added a couple mm, there's plenty of clevis rod engaged in the shock and it's right at the limit mark, could probably add a few mm if needed no prob). The DMr shock will go in my 8K mile 1986 VF1000R (perfect.. couple mm longer than stock) and I'll wrap up the stock shock. I'll keep the dampening adjustment cable and air hose mocked up for a stock appearance.
  9. Likely the o-rings for the float bowl drain screws.
  10. This was a 35 year old gasket, baked on and hard as a rock. Not sure that would have helped except make a mess. But I'll find some and try on the next project. Sometimes I think I deserve to scrape for being dumb enough to have this many older bikes.
  11. Back together after replacing counter shaft seals, shift shaft seal, clutch rod seal and water pump o-ring. Not fun scraping that gasket. Oh... and the frame member has to be removed to remove the water pump. New counter shaft sprocket since I was there.
  12. With that flag in the background, "White love" has another meaning.
  13. I use eBay usually. 99103-MV9-0420 -Changing the "0420" to "0400" doesn't work on that part number to get the Honda part # for a 40 though. Or just search on eBay KEIHIN Carburetor Carb Pilot Jet 40 Slow Jet (insert whatever size you're looking for).
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