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  1. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    My original 86 has park (and all of my 500s). Looks like your ignition was replaced at one point.
  2. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    So there's no "Park" function. I can't think of a single one of my 80's bikes that doesn't have that. Is that the 6th wire?
  3. New here

    I thought it was pretty reasonable too. I think the larger volume muffler helps. Still has a very nice scream in the upper revs tho!
  4. New here

    That looks great! I did the same thing with a foot peg bracket on mine. I couldn't find a good picture, but I also modified a left passenger peg bracket as a shock remote reservoir mount.
  5. Isn't that wheel worth twice what he paid for the whole bike?
  6. Great news! All springs, washers and o-rings accounted for?
  7. Can't guarantee anything, but you have to eliminate what could be a prob before chasing other shit. And don't go back to factory setting. Before you remove them, turn them in counting how many turns until they lightly seat. I would put them at 2 to 2.5 turns out from fully seated (or slightly more than factory setting). They are setup up lean from the factory. And again, verify your choke cable and plungers are working. Sometimes the Honda V4's can be finicky with stock jetting when not getting full "choke". It sounds like you have all of the other ingredients for life.
  8. Previous generation screws might be the same configuration. And a nice convenient straight slot. Ive never had a chance to compare side by side. But once you have the tool it is kinda a moot point.
  9. Goddammit Honda. Can't have anybody but "technicians" making adjustments. I love Honda, but sometimes they piss me off with this kind of shit.
  10. Sorry, I see the D-shaped heads you are talking about. Yes, get those pulled and keep an eye out for the washer and oring like I stated. Make sure you see a mist of carb cleaner come out the intake tract when you blow the passage. The enrichment circuits are your "choke" plungers. Make sure your "choke" cable is pulling the plungers out.
  11. I don't think we are talking about the same screws. And Yoshi, pulling the screws is an essential part of doing a proper carb clean. You have to make sure those circuits are clear. If you've gone thru the trouble of pulling some V4 carbs it is ridiculous to not do that step. I'm not saying there is a problem there every time, but those passages are tiny and easily blocked.
  12. Few people get the carb clean on a V4 done correctly their first time. Did you pull the fuel mixture screws (hidden behind aluminum plugs if it's a virgin) and blow those circuits out? If so, did you account for the tiny o-ring and washer that always remain down in the hole? Have you verified the fuel enrichment circuits are clear and the plungers are getting fully pulled out when actuated by the cable?
  13. VF1000R front rotor hardware

    Thank you. I might have a line on a set. Most breakers are fucking idiots. I've contacted every body selling front wheels and rotors a few weeks back... nobody had the hardware. You took the wheel off and then the rotors and you don't have the hardware. Morons.
  14. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Concentrate on the suspension first for sure. The rear shock is not worth "rebuilding". Go for a YSS or a Daugherty CBR conversion. There are some other options too, but essentially almost anything is better than the stocker. Emulators (Daugherty, Race Tech) up front with some correct straight rate springs (Sonic, Race Tech). A properly set up 500 with upgraded suspension and stock wheels with properly sized fresh rubber is a formidable weapon.

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