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  1. Rear turn signals are not required to be amber. Just think of all of the vehicles (including new Harleys) with just red taillights that also function as the signals. What is illegal, is to wire rear amber signals as running lights, but I have never heard of any motorcyclist getting grief for it. I believe Honda added the "extra" signals because the DOT requirements of how far apart they needed to be were ridiculous at the time. God, some of those rear turn signal stays were LONG in the 80s and early 90s. I was in Germany in the early 90s and bought a set of amber VF
  2. There's a little thing called "TRAC" on the left fork that might foul your brake plans. The spacing on the right fork is wrong for the CBR bracket as well. The wheel and discs is a bolt on. I did 1991 VFR forks on one of my wheel swaps so I could run the larger VFR discs that use the same bolt pattern. Ford Sonic Blue is also a perfect match.
  3. Those are very specific to the 88-89 VFR750F. Won't even fit the 86-87 VFR, let alone a VF1000R.
  4. What are you going to bolt the CBR brakes to? You plan on swapping forks too?
  5. Wheel swaps on that bike are reversible. The 41mm clamps and their spread help. Swingarm width as well. No issues there if trying to preserve it for a future purist. I wouldn't hack up a good original exhaust collector though. God I love that fucking tank. Thanks stupid, fat Americans for us not getting it. What's up with those jacked clip-ons?
  6. RC30 version as well (40x68x7) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-VFR-750-R-RC30-NOS-BRAND-NEW-oil-seal-40-X-68-X-7mm-91207-MR7-003-51/362992900110?hash=item548410180e:g:fzkAAOSwOvZeq23f
  7. I know somebody that has done it to an 87. The seat is different to allow the handle to attach to the sub frame. He got the solo seat cowl too that is shaped to clear the handle as well. I bet the stock seat could be modified to accommodate. And if you had a cowl that is less than perfect, you could probably mod that too.
  8. To be clear, the rubber "lip" on the 87 VFR seal was like 1mm high and 1mm wide. The rest of the seal looked like a normal oil seal. After we trimmed the rubber, it was still a VERY hard interference fit. I would install a correctly sized, quality seal on a 86-87 all day long, and sleep just fine.
  9. A buddy's did his 87 VFR recently. The old seal was a BITCH to get out, very much like yours. The new seal had a very small lip on the rear that appeared to be made to go into a groove when the 2 halves of the cases are mated (or maybe sit behind the machined bore?). The new seal would not fit. He trimmed the lip off, applied a very slight smear of Hondabond, and no issues. Can't tell for sure if that's what's happening with your situation. I had never seen that before, as I haven't had to replace any of my 86 VFRs. I wonder if sourcing a quality oil seal that has the right
  10. Captain 80s


    Kinda looks like just outside of Leavenworth.
  11. Negative Ghostrider, 100% is a K&N sticker on the INSIDE of the windshield. Open the back of truck pic in a photo viewer. And that would STILL be a terrible place for a HRC sticker. The actual HRC decal is in the correct spot.
  12. Nice! Can't wait to see more of it. And I've seen some odd K&N sticker placements, but that's a doozie.
  13. I recover all of my seats myself. Partly because I want it done right and mostly because I'm not going to pay what upholsterers want here in the PNW. Fucking insane. Yes I know time is money, but they add a "delicate genius" tax around here. I also do some foam and pan modifications. Now if I needed a truly custom seat, I would have to bite the bullet. I used to try car upholsterers first, as they would typically give me a better quote. It's a bitch at first, but once you do a couple, you get the hang of it. They can still take a while though, and I have go back and pull sta
  14. 2007 in the States Always thought they screwed up that year though. This frame treatment should have gone on the RWB Anniversary model, and the blacked out frame would have look lovely with the dark red. I almost convinced the Sales Manager to let me swap bodywork and wheels on two new ones for sale.
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