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  1. This was a 35 year old gasket, baked on and hard as a rock. Not sure that would have helped except make a mess. But I'll find some and try on the next project. Sometimes I think I deserve to scrape for being dumb enough to have this many older bikes.
  2. Back together after replacing counter shaft seals, shift shaft seal, clutch rod seal and water pump o-ring. Not fun scraping that gasket. Oh... and the frame member has to be removed to remove the water pump. New counter shaft sprocket since I was there.
  3. With that flag in the background, "White love" has another meaning.
  4. I use eBay usually. 99103-MV9-0420 -Changing the "0420" to "0400" doesn't work on that part number to get the Honda part # for a 40 though. Or just search on eBay KEIHIN Carburetor Carb Pilot Jet 40 Slow Jet (insert whatever size you're looking for).
  5. I think it has to do with the diameter of the original not working great after de-link.
  6. I did the left one with some headlight film as a nod to an endurance racer. Right now it is just the right that operates on low beam,
  7. All of my VFRs automatically get at least #40 pilots (from 38). I put #42 in the RC26 (4-1, K&N, no snorkel) and it is great. I'm sure #40 would have sufficed just fine, but I have no regrets, it starts, idles and performs perfectly. I also shim the stock needles .5 - 1mm
  8. You didn't miss much. Honda welded fairly thick tabs for the chain guard no problem too. I have a swingarm from a parts lot I bought that the chain guard tab broke off in a crash and the weld and swingarm are still perfect. The chain guard still had the tab held by the bolt and the chain guard is still good too somehow. The only thing you missed was your aluminum polish. Hah! 🙂
  9. Rear is hollow enough to store nuts in.
  10. You want to remove the plenum anyway and REPLACE the fuel tube o-rings. They are 35+ years old and WILL be a problem soon. Do it now. It's not that hard and they are easy to source without buying the whole "carb kit".
  11. I have never run a Uni in a street bike. You could change out some parts and see if it gets better or worse as a guide to what is going on (lean vs rich). Maybe your buddy's bike has a snorkel and/or a stock air filter to try out. My guess is lean, likely somebody did the filter and de-snorkel without any jetting changes. Or maybe even tape off some of the airbox inlet as a test too.
  12. There's a ton of variables here. Assuming the obvious stuff (air cleaner, plugs, caps, etc), have you properly gone thru the carbs? And when you do, you should "split" them to replace the fuel crossover o-rings. They are a ticking time bomb at their age unless you are 100% sure they have been replaced. Every single set I've done in the last few years nearly crumbled in my hand and they all were cracked. Also perhaps some ether while idling to check for intake leaks. The rubber intake boots can be bad by now too.
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