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  1. Captain 80s

    New VF500F Owner (NC)

    Very nice! Congrats.
  2. Captain 80s

    Vf500F2 Aka Mbd Incubation Period At Least 52 Years

    Holy shit. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.
  3. Captain 80s

    Vf500F2 Aka Mbd Incubation Period At Least 52 Years

    Hell yes!!! I'm so jealous! What does being a "VIP" include?
  4. Captain 80s

    Vf500F2 Aka Mbd Incubation Period At Least 52 Years

    And yet you're original stays are still not as long as what the Department of Transportation here in the states made Honda unleash on us. First thing I've always done is install front VF500F stays on all of my VF's that run OEM signals. And the Honda parts micro fiche had the part numbers mixed between front and rear. Had to re-order for a few customers before I figured that one out.
  5. Captain 80s

    2007 front end vibration

    Regardless of what brand bearing I am using, I always pop out the seals and pack with Bel Ray Water Proof Grease. I have never had a bearing fail prematurely after doing this (Including All Balls). You will be amazed how little grease is in there, if any.
  6. Captain 80s


    Abbreviated write up on VFRD here: More detailed write up over here: http://vfrworld.com/threads/1986-vfr-track-bike-out-of-parts.47444/
  7. Captain 80s

    Looking for rear bearing spacer VFR700/750 or VF1000F

    Yep. I'll have a VF1000F wheel apart soon to do bearings, so I'll measure the spacer if my search turns out to be fruitless.
  8. Captain 80s

    Looking for rear bearing spacer VFR700/750 or VF1000F

    https://www.babbittsonline.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c8b5af870023420a3d624/rear-wheel No. 9 on Rear Wheel fische. COLLAR, RR. AXLE DISTANCE 42620-ML7-000
  9. Captain 80s

    Looking for rear bearing spacer VFR700/750 or VF1000F

    That was weird.
  10. Hey all, I bought a 1988/89 VFR750F rear wheel, but it was assembled after getting painted at some point in it's life missing the inner rear wheel bearing spacer, the one that is inside the wheel. 1986 or 1987 VFR700/750 or 1984 VF1000F. Anybody got a junk wheel to source the spacer?
  11. Captain 80s

    85 vf500f neutral gear.

    Bleed clutch. And don't ignore the clutch lever bushing like everybody else. If it's not round anymore, it's worn and can contribute. They are expensive for what they are, but do it if it needs it.
  12. Captain 80s

    85 vf500f neutral gear.

    Those miles are not excessive (although people can F shit up in way less), and the fact that it shifts good thru the other gears, go thru the items I mentioned earlier.
  13. Captain 80s

    85 vf500f neutral gear.

    A bent shift rod (from shift pedal to arm on motor), a hydraulic clutch that needs servicing and a worn clutch bushing (a little round brass bushing that is in the clutch lever) all can contribute to a neutral that is hard to find. And of course a transmission (shift forks and drum) that has been abused. A properly serviced and adjusted VF500F should be pretty damn easy to find neutral on.
  14. Captain 80s

    RS850 Replica

    The "Fuel Cut Relay" should prevent the pump from working unless it is being cranked for starting or running. It would have to be faulty or jumped to allow the pump to operate when just turning the key on and not cranking. But I have never heard of one going bad in that way. They usually just fail and not allow the pump to run. Many people just bypass them, but I wire in a parallel switch so I can control when it pumps (like after storage when the carbs have been drained) or get home when it fails. It was designed as a safety feature so the pump just wouldn't continue to operate when not wanted. Sounds like yours has been bypassed.
  15. Great story. I don't recall reading anywhere that you have removed any valve covers to check valve clearances or at least do a visual inspection, but you are talking about removing the engine. How many miles are on the bike? Those engines are probably the most bullet proof of the V4s in my opinion. And if it came down to it, I would also just put another motor in. Then have a nice engine project to work on while you're riding your VFR. Good luck! It will be a journey either way.

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