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  1. Got a few more test rides in and clutch was starting to slip. Not surprised, even expected it. Had a new EBC kit waiting. But I was also having some issues downshifting, Around the shop and slow speeds no problem, but at any real speed it just wouldn't downshift until I got down close to stop. Time to tear in to it. I suspected it was damage to the shift shaft from the wreck and I found a nice low mile example to have on hand if that was the problem. Well, it was. It was bent on the shifter end and one of the "paws" that grabs the drum for downshifting was essentially missing. You can see the damage on the left lower hook. Test ride last night was all good. Shifts perfectly now (whew). New clutch feels nice. Couple little tweaks to do but now I can really rider her now that I can really downshift. I hadn't been on it in a while since I've been rebuilding the carbs on the new (to me) ST1100 and replacing all the coolant o-rings in the V of the motor. Man this updated chassis is such a treat. I can trail brake and do mid-corner brake adjustments and it doesn't affect it. Doesn't make it want to stand up, just holds it's line.
  2. I have broad form motorcycle coverage that makes me legal on any bike, whether I own it or not ($114 per year). Then I have some individual policies on a few. Licensing can get expensive, but for my area in my county, it's about $70 per bike per year. But I will sometimes swap plates around on similar bikes. My obviously vintage bikes have collector plates, but I still don't do that on my Interceptors that are eligible because they don't look eligible. Don't want any unnecessary conversations.
  3. That's my favorite thing to tell my wife and it's my signature.
  4. What is that in the sky to the right of the bluff?
  5. Thank you!! There is nothing unpleasant about these Kerkers for me. They are mellow at idle but have a nice scream on the throttle. Sounds like yours are in desperate need of some re-packing. If you haven't done it, then I guarantee they need it. Everyone's taste is different, but these are not raspy at all.
  6. That's because those are actually the 1985 half.
  7. Before: After: I still need to give everything a fine cut / polish and do a bunch of touch up. The white fender is very hard to get used to, but after spinning around for just one evening it already seems OK. The wide wheels and radials, new suspension and brakes feel amazing.
  8. I own a bunch of 84 to 86 VF/VFRs and it is a problem. Perhaps a similar modern Fuel Cut Relay could be adapted, never tried. I still want a toggle to prime the fuel system after winter storage and to get my ass off the middle of a bridge.
  9. He's not wrong. They fail and they fail often. But I choose to keep one in place with a toggle to over ride when needed. The system works just fine with it bypassed. It is a safety feature to keep the pump from operating when you don't want it to (like crashing and a fuel line gets severed around a red hot motor and exhaust). One failed in the middle of a floating bridge on me two weeks ago. One of my only bikes that didn't have a toggle, but of course I had a jump wire in my tank bag. 3 minutes later we are on the way again.
  10. Yeah, the dzus plates and lower fairing clips, just drill out and rivet on new fairings.
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