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  1. I have never run a Uni in a street bike. You could change out some parts and see if it gets better or worse as a guide to what is going on (lean vs rich). Maybe your buddy's bike has a snorkel and/or a stock air filter to try out. My guess is lean, likely somebody did the filter and de-snorkel without any jetting changes. Or maybe even tape off some of the airbox inlet as a test too.
  2. There's a ton of variables here. Assuming the obvious stuff (air cleaner, plugs, caps, etc), have you properly gone thru the carbs? And when you do, you should "split" them to replace the fuel crossover o-rings. They are a ticking time bomb at their age unless you are 100% sure they have been replaced. Every single set I've done in the last few years nearly crumbled in my hand and they all were cracked. Also perhaps some ether while idling to check for intake leaks. The rubber intake boots can be bad by now too.
  3. Yeah, that will look great. Paint or powder?
  4. Better. Nice color choice.
  5. This is apparently Wayne Gardners old personal bike.
  6. I suspect you also copy/pasted this post from the other site? He was mostly joking, but usual forum decorum dictates a reasonable color/font. If you ever get your shock serviced, look into having a different hose installed that allows you to mount where you want. My buddy has his mounted on the left grab bar (not where the engine and radiator heat exits the lower cowl) after having his serviced. I modified the subframe on one of mine for a mounting location. I knew I was not going to run passenger pegs.
  7. Lovely. Great work, it looks so good. Graphics / paint is spot on.
  8. I'm sure I'll have "movement" when I see it out of the van. 🙂
  9. ATF is actually 7.5w I think.
  10. Woot wooo!!!!! Can't wait to see more!!!!
  11. Amen to that. MANY customers would balk at replacing the rubber washers because they were so expensive for what they were. Then come back when they still had a leak after trying to tell them over and over they need to spend the dough.
  12. Valve covers use shouldered bolts. Tightening them will only break them or something worse. I suppose you could "check" them, but you don't want to try and get just a little more. I've extracted a bunch of customers bolts with dental picks in the past for this very reason.
  13. He copy/pasted his post from VFRWorld. That's what it does.
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