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  1. Captain 80s

    RS850 Replica

    Nice progress! It's gonna be so cool.
  2. Captain 80s

    5th Gen Repsol Track Bike on eBay

    I've thought I've gone too far before, and I have. But, oh my... p.s. talking about the 2nd one. 1st one not bad.
  3. Captain 80s

    1990 Fork Spring confusion

    No spacer? Poor man's lowering kit? Yikes. Original are steel. I have a set of 1991 forks that need to come apart that I believe are 100% original. I will try and get them apart before my shoulder surgery on Wed.
  4. Captain 80s

    1990 Fork Spring confusion

    The washers are just an interface between the spring ends and the spacer so they don't rub weird and create contaminates. You want to have the spacer length to give the springs approx 20mm of preload when they caps are fully installed. Of course some applications/preferences will require different preload numbers, but that is a fairly standard starting amount given that the springs are the correct rate for your weight/riding style. There are some instructions on DMr and RaceTech regarding setting static and race sag to help determine if you have the correct spring rates. And it is very hard to identify springs, they usually don't have markings. Check each end that has been ground flat for any stamps or scribes.
  5. Captain 80s

    Raising fork legs in triple clamps of 2nd Gen

    I have the forks slid up in the clamps 20mm+ on one of my 86 VFRs right now. But I have a 140/70-18 on the rear and some 1.0 springs in the front that I was compensating for and wanted to quicken things up a little as well. Zero ill effects ridden hard through some very bumpy country twisties.
  6. Where the hell is the chain coming from in this "photo"?
  7. No they do not. The C/S sprocket will always wear first. Think about the force that 16 or 17 teeth have to deal with compared to the same force spread out over 45 or 46 teeth. I replace the front sprocket (which is also the cheapest at 12 to 16$) once in a set. It will look like waves crashing on the surf, while the rear still looks good. Nicely extends the life of the expensive chain.
  8. Captain 80s

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    That looks pretty good. I like how they mostly hide the un-used hole. Always bugs me when I see tiny lights and that glaringly empty hole next to it. Direct side view pic, if you could sir, would be great. Mike.
  9. Captain 80s

    Vf500F2 Aka Mbd Incubation Period At Least 52 Years

    Hell yeah!!
  10. Captain 80s

    New Wheels for the VF750F Rain Bike

    So I stole the tires I originally had installed on this bike for another all-weather machine, 1986 VFR750F. When I did that I also stole the rebuilt calipers for my wife's bike (1985 CB400T Super Hawk III). I had some 18/16 Avon take-offs from a parts bike I wanted to use up, so I thought I would do up a set of wheels. So I cleaned up an extra VF1000R Comstar and painted a 86 VFR750F rear wheel. The VFR rear wheel is 3.5" vs 3.0" for the VF. Not usually a fan of non-matching wheels but I really wanted to use the wider rim and thought I might as well throw a Comstar on there. So the coolest looking 16" and the widest 18". Used a VF500F front rotor (solid to better match the front rotors) on the rear and it will get a 86 VFR rear caliper and bracket to match the disk diameter. Wheels mounted and balanced and rebuilt front and rear calipers bled. I eliminated the air crossover tube on this bike too (thread here), allowing me to lower the front about 15mm for starters. I am going to paint an extra lower chin cowl I have in blue when I run this tail section. I found a really close match, if not perfect. In any case, it will be close enough for something so close to the ground.
  11. Captain 80s

    Keihin carb air joint pipes

    99% your fuel cross over tubes (which run right next to the vent cross tubes) are starting to leak. Those o-rings are over 35 years old, and have been exposed to fuel and very warm temps. My fleet is slowly getting all of their fuel tube and float bowl o-rings replaced. Every one I have taken apart lately (even if it is not leaking), the fuel tube o-rings nearly crumble in my hand. It would be a bummer when they really let go and you are not close to home. I came out to my 86 VFR warming for a ride and had a waterfall of gas coming out of the V of the engine on my driveway. That could have easily been 50 miles away.
  12. Captain 80s

    Keihin carb air joint pipes

    They are simply the vent hoses for the carbs. On Cali bikes those would be going to a charcoal canister (eventually). They don't have to be long, but need to point down to keep crap out.
  13. Captain 80s

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    I agree and thank you. Post it up with the amber when you get them. Are you modifying them? Or is it just a mounting hole thru the fender.
  14. Captain 80s

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Yeah, great job. Not 100% sold on the fender, but hey, it's not mine now is it? Love your work. Getting ready to start another 86 VFR700F as well. Are those VFR400 ebay rear turn signals?

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