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  1. Dammit! "U.S." model 86 There's probably a VF1000F2 as well?
  2. 1986 VF1000R (x2) 1986 VFR750F (x2) 1986 VFR700F 1986 VFR700FII 1986 VF500F (x2)
  3. Captain 80s

    IMG 1990

    They are Avon AM22/23 Sprint Compound road legal race tires. The reason they look so good is because Avons run quite a bit wider than the nominal size. Plus they are 70 series but have a perfect profile on these rims. 120/70-16 and a 130/70-18 (which they now list as a 135/70-18, but dimensionally identical). They are the best bias ply tires I have ever ridden on. They are VERY expensive now.
  4. New air filter arrived and installed (mouse nest had to be cleaned out). Bike fired instantly. Rolled outside and let it run until thermostat opened and fan kicked on and off. Runs pretty much perfect. Rode it to a buddy's. Pulls pretty damn hard, the PCIII seems to be fairly dialed in. Brakes feel really good. Exhaust sounds nice but not obnoxious. Needs a front turn signal bulb (running light) and a front brake switch (WD40 didn't help). So..... probably a $1050 2003 VFR then. Not bad.
  5. Here they are mounted up. Gold Valves installed with RT springs and braided brake lines in front.
  6. Here's how she (actually guess it's a HE, It's name is Aaron) looks now. I also eliminated the front under mounts. They were hitting the fender when the suspension was compressed in low speed maneuvers. All good now. Added some running lights in the turn signal bracket reliefs.
  7. It's in good hands. And a 750... There was a 86 VFR on OfferUp two days ago. All there, needed carbs put back in. $500. Gone in less than 12 hours. I didn't even see the ad until it was sold, and I'm on nearly everyday.
  8. Yeah you're right. I didn't look hard enough.
  9. It now primes properly (2 seconds) and has spark. Turned out to be 2 things. An aftermarket ignition switch (brand new installed by PO) that wasn't routing power properly. It would make the main connection (red + red/black), but it wasn't supplying power to the other 2 wires (weird). After a combination of a couple jumper wires, still nothing. Fuck. Swapped out the FCR with the High Beam Relay (AGAIN!) and it primed for 2 seconds. Checked for spark... Yes! This is going to be a pretty fucking nice $1000 2003 VFR. I'll post some pics when I get it back together. Thank you for the responses and suggestions.
  10. Because I did so much blending on these wheels I had a bunch of bare aluminum and wanted to seal them properly before paint. I spray Duplicolor wheel paint and find it to be pretty damn durable. I will use their Wheel Clear coat on any color other than white, as it will tend to yellow a bit when sprayed on heavy. I have used their gloss and matte clears on wheels and it's pretty good shit. If you wanted to really protect some white wheels (or any color), you could get a can of 2K clear. It's a true 2 part that doesn't yellow but is not cheap. Normally I don't even prime wheels before paint as the Honda paint makes the best base coat when roughed up a bit, even if I've done some light sanding down to bare in a few places. On that blue fender I was so convinced that the blue wasn't going to match good enough, I shot it with the Duplicolor gloss wheel clear just to get it done and it actually flowed out really nice! Probably gonna 2K clear the next time I activate a can for other stuff. I have sprayed easily 10 sets of wheels using these products and am very happy. Not having to pay a powder coater to get that shit where it doesn't belong is a very nice bonus too.
  11. While the rear is higher now, it's actually not that bad. I was just getting it vertical for the shot.
  12. 2nd set of front wheel spacers installed, made a little smarter this time. Was able to install the right dust seal and wheel is now perfectly centered. Blue fender looks way better out in natural light. Not a perfect match, but it is damn close and looks good. Also made a new plate mount and rear turn signal brackets, tucked up nicely.
  13. Thank you very much. I will check some more items. Sidestand and kill switch are operating normally and Bank Angle Sensor is new.. Don't think I have heard a click, but I will check closer.
  14. Thank you. I was just so used to the pumps on my other bikes that actually do build pressure. Not long after posting I thought about the return line and realized my error.
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