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  1. Re-installed the charging system and added some lights for some bike nights.
  2. The Magna engines are pretty much the same. They bolt in, you just have to transfer some cooling parts. I don't even the think the cams are that different. And you might enjoy the mid-range more, might keep you from blowing up engines. It's the valve float at high RPMs is what kills them. I'd grab a couple and get them ready.
  3. As a former 2 time Class Champion on a VF500F, I like it!! Very cool. What shock? Good job. How many spare engines do you have? 🙂 I didn't have really any mods when I built mine, just properly set up. Tarozzi rear sets with CBR900RR controls, Telefix clip-ons, Fox TC shock and Race Tech GV Emulators with proper springs. My class had CBR600, FZR600, even a RZ500.
  4. Kick ass. Nice work, its gonna look ridiculously good.
  5. It looks good in Silver. Nice.
  6. Welcome!! There's a red injected XX near me too. Fucking killing me. But I would not have the support of the spousal approval authority. Nor do I want to store that bike at this time. I want a friend to buy it, but he's being a pussy.
  7. I have read posts regarding some VF1000 owners fitting them and being very happy. But I can't verify configuration. 86 VFR starters are very robust, I just take the used ones I buy apart and completely clean them with electronics cleaner and inspect the brushes. Zero issues. I can get under 20K used motors here for 20 to 40$ with shipping.
  8. I typically use some dielectric grease at the back of the connectors where the wires enter the plug to keep water from draining down into the actual connections and to help prevent corrosion at the crimped wires.
  9. While it is probably a better starter than the original VF1000 units (partly just due to age), it is still just a 2 brush motor. The old big V4s really seem to like the 4 brush units.
  10. Make sure your starter button is disengaging properly. Those older starter switch assemblies have a fragile start button that can stick. I've been limping one along on a VF1000R that I have to pull out with my thumb after starting. If I don't do it fast enough I get a sound like you describe, as the starter is still trying spin the clutch. Just a thought. Additionally, those VF1000 starter motors are 2 brush motors and weak, especially as they get older. You can fit a 86 - 87 VFR 700/750 motor that is a stronger 4 brush model. You just have to re-route the cable a little as you get closer to the starter due to the post location. Strongly consider upgrading it, I couldn't believe the difference, especially when hot. Good luck.
  11. I have used nothing but 80-90w gear oil on my chains my whole motorcycling career. Including my dirt bikes. For the same reason as above, it's what is recommended by Honda and the Chain manufacturer. Plus I prefer it. When the bike is on lift for something, I strategically apply a little on each o-ring and roller in the INSIDE run of the chain, so it is forced out thru the chain before it might fling when ridden after. Doesn't take long at all and if I do it right, no fling - no mess. If some does get on the wheel or bodywork, a mild soapy bath takes care of it. No staining. No sticky bullshit to attract more crap. My chains last easily 20K+. And I hardly ever lube, you're really just keeping the o-rings supple and giving the rollers a little lube. The chain's grease is sealed inside the x-rings. Another tactic I've used is to just apply a little oil to the top of the chain on the bottom run (inside) every time I come home on just what is exposed when the chain is nice and warm. Do that for a while and your chain is lubed. The warm chain really distributes the oil nicely.
  12. "following I suppose Ducati's lead - I recall early on the 916 with its twin shotgun cans. Now that's a "dated" look." I'm not Ducatisti, but I'll take dated any day if that's it. But I suppose with a name like Captain 80s, guess I would have an anchor in the past.
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