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  1. Isn't this about the time when somebody drops a link to an obscure article about fans used intermittently in an industrial liquid cooled application creating local cooled pockets, disrupting the natural fluid dynamics of the system, possibly causing damage and doing more harm than good in the long term?
  2. In his first post he expressed his concern about temps when "he would come to a stop". He didn't provide any more info about other situations.
  3. Just making sure the fan is working is the last thing? ooooooo k
  4. He typed VT750. And later typed "'06 Shadow 750 Spirit?"
  5. I'm almost thinking making the seat smaller to match where you clearanced the cowl at the front. Ending where the lower triangular portion of the tank starts. I'm liking it in the direction you're going too, don't get me wrong. But I think the seat will tuck in better without extending the where the crease ends.
  6. When you get the clutch done and outside on a ride, please take some better pics. Like in "landscape" mode.
  7. Nice. Looking good. I recently went thru a $400 1990 to flip and when I was almost done bought a 1992 for $500 that I'm going to keep. You are going to enjoy that bike. Have a great summer.
  8. I think you're gonna quickly realize that where the clip-ons will need to be positioned to work at all will initiate a chain reaction of mods that will sideline this project into oblivion. And an RC30 fairing that is mounted high enough to allow most everything else to work looks TERRIBLE. For me, the best looking sport bikes have the top of the tank even with the top of the headlights. Or at least in the ballpark.
  9. Obtained a seat cowl in Granite Blue. Brand new. Now I need to come up with a bump pad, or other solution. Think I have a pretty cool idea until I can source an OEM pad (which will probably be never).
  10. Your first pic isn't great, but it doesn't look like it was a boat anchor. Looks like it's gonna clean up pretty nice. I recently went thru a 1990 (that did look like a boat anchor) to flip, and it was kinda hard choosing when to stop regarding cosmetics, especially some smaller details. At what point was it diminishing returns and snowballing on me. Think I got it about right. Good job. Looking forward to some better progress pics.
  11. I didn't get it at first, but I think it's a cool idea. Also I'm glad I found some 1st Gen Helibars for my ST.
  12. No shit. Did you even read the thread? "Both" seals refers to the wheel dust seal and the bearing seal.
  13. To what? Generate copious amounts of drag and heat and blow the now ruined seal before the grease turns into a burnt paste? #sarcasm
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