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  1. Many times hanging throttle is a lean condition on idle circuit. Try turning the pilot screws out a half turn and see if it changes at all.
  2. Sounding and looking good! Great job so far.
  3. Hah! I actually contemplated what color, and I chose red for those reasons. White would be for the general public.
  4. Cool. Always an option, thanks! Gonna give my possibility a little more time to pan out. It will be WAY cheaper than that is after shipping.
  5. That's good to hear. My suspension guy who I have known since college, retired for family medical reasons and said he's the guy. He was more of a vintage / evolution off-road specialist, but knew his shit on these types of shocks. So when I looked at Thor Lawson's stuff, I knew it was the right choice for a lot of my needs. My Father-in-law told me this years ago: Good / Fast / Cheap... pick any two. Sometimes these days you settle for just the one that matters... Good. Cheers dude.
  6. Fuck. I gotta get the Fox for the 92 out. Killer
  7. That's about the quality (and quantity) I expected. But the line for the courtesy phone is fucking long and people are pissed. My one comment is in agreement... Starts soaking EVERYTHING now in penetrating fluid. Often and liberal. Maybe apply a little heat now and then. And WD40 is not penetrating fluid, it smells too good.
  8. Paging Fastdruid, paging @Fastdruid. Please pick up the red courtesy phone.
  9. Cool! Not the best location for constant use, but could be nice for a charge while at a stop. Which I suppose isn't really nice cuz the bike's not on.
  10. The only mention of a 12V 3A power socket I can find is on the X (2018+). Have you seen this F in person? Maybe somebody retrofitted one from the X. I believe it is a cigarette style socket, as I read mention of somebody trying to use a mini air compressor and blowing the fuse.
  11. So, you are going to buy a VFR800X Crossrunner?
  12. Agreed. Plus it can sit with the rear apart up against a wall and/or off to the side while things get prepped/refurbished.
  13. And then back to duty weighting the crab pot at the bottom of the bay. 😉
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