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VFRD Privacy Policy

VFRD does not share personal information. VFRD does allow you to log in using Facebook or Twitter and complies with Facebook and Twitter privacy policy in that regard, however this is purely voluntary on the part of the user and can be disconnected at any time.


Members may delete or edit their own posts at any time or delete their entire account and history at any time. You may do so on your own or have an admin do this for you at your request. 


Users may opt out or in for vfr notifications at any time, vfrd does not send out newsletters or any other notifications other then policy changes or notifications the user have opted in for themselves.


VFR does not share or sell personal info to any other party. 



  • Participation - This board is intended for the free exchange of Ideas, Experience, and Humor. Posting by members is the only way to make this forum a success.
  • Individual Forums Also Have Extra Rules - Some forums have additional rules because of the nature of the forum, the can be found at the top of the topic list
  • Language - VFRD is primarily an English language forum, any motorcyclist is accepted provided they understand VFRD does not make any language provisions other than English, we welcome membership from all over the world.


  • Flame wars will not be tolerated - If you feel the need to trash talk members about your bike or what ever, hold that thought and forget it. This board is for serious bike talk and not tit a tat baloney. Any inappropriate post will be deleted, membership privileges can be revoked for serious violations of the rules
  • Newbie bashing will not be tolerated - New Members please make good use of the search engine when researching a subject your interested in. The chances are it has been discussed in detail before. There is a search engine located on the member bar Everyone is a newbie to begin with, if someone asks a question already asked, answer it civilized or just ignore it.. Members who are long time participants in the board would appreciate it if you would search the forum before you ask a question that is already covered.
  • Promotions or improper posts will be deleted - Keep you behavior civil please this is a public forum. If you want to promote your products you must first get permission. In no way will this forum endorse junk, spam, drugs, or allow unsuitable public language or images. Images or Language of nudity, Graphic Sexual, Horror, or of a Violent nature will not be allowed, this includes cartoon images. Do not post images or links of a horrific tone such as road or track accidents. Violations will be deleted and the offending poster will be locked out. Keep your posts on topic, do not tack on messages that have nothing to do with the original thread, start a new topic. Please pay close attention to the forum topic folders and post your topic under the best heading. Spam that has no relevance to VFR's or Motorcycles will be deleted and the poster will be banned.


  • NAME YOUR PRICE OR DON'T POST - Use NADA or Bluebook to find a reasonable price for your bike.


use the "@" button in the ib code button section of the post screen (above the text box). The classifieds section is intended for private person to person sales. It is not free advertising for Businesses. As such VFRD does not accept liability for any ADS gone wrong, use the classified section at your own risk. Ads are pruned after 30 days. Misrepresenting your ads or committing fraud will result in permanent ban and if warranted law enforcement will be contacted for criminal behavior.

Classifieds posted in the wrong forums will be deleted.



This is a motorcycle website specializing in the VFR motorcycle, this gallery is dedicated to motorcycles and nothing else. Uploads of photos other than motorcycles, motorcycling events, motorcycle related pictures are subject to deletion without notice, as stated in the general rules of this board.

Topics Subject To Move or Deletion.

  • Double posts by accident or on purpose will be deleted.
  • Political Statements, Religion, War, Nudity, Violence, Belligerence, Drugs, Gore, Sexual, or Discriminatory remarks will be deleted without warning .
  • Off topic posts may be moved or deleted - This forum is about motorcycles.
  • Old topics are pruned on a monthly basis to preserve web-space, file attachments fall into that category.

If you have a question about how to use the board post it in the suggestions section. There are questions forums for both maintenance and modifications please make use of them if your question is of that nature

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