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    Even with a 6th Gen RWB Anniversary model, this is so awesome and tempting! I knew there was a reason why I always liked AMA legend Steve Rapp! And If you are in the Monterey area near Laguna Seca be sure to check out Iconic Motorbikes. Tad Dimer the owner is a super cool guy and a massive enthusiast. Bring plenty of napkins... Currently they have two VFR 400s there to tempt your bank account balance.
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    Almost ready to roll down the road. Just missing few bikes
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    Great weekend up in the mountains. First shot is during the ride up, just had to stop and capture the sunset and VFR. The rest are putting her through the paces on my favorite stretch of road. Most laps done with my son and then I dropped him to take a few pics of me carving corners. Enjoy!
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    I can't thank Fred and Lisa enough for what they are doing for me. They are driving 500 miles to Bozeman to get me to Custer. Yes, a thousand miles round trip !!!
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    Nearly as nice as this one for sale in the UK.
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    We are almost ready! Heading out in the am! Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    we'll certainly see, won't we. my poking and prodding and emails I think might have finally paid off. ...it only took 5 years. 😐
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    Spent the day at World Superbike at Laguna Seca on Sunday. Came back to find a fellow 8th Gen rider all the way from Quebec had parked close to mine. I've added a few other shots form the race for your viewing pleasure.
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    This tangerine 🍊 rig is ready to go. Why is July so far away still. New sprockets, chain, tires and brake fluids. Now only thing missing are Didits gps loops.
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    900 miles in the first week of ownership. This ones a keeper!!!
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    I see your no swing arm and raise you No Frame! 😜
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    Some junk grey pipe has been sloshing around my garage for a couple of years. Rather then throwing it out, I hacked a rear single sided stand. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works!
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    Just unloaded at the Rocket, headed to get Kevin now. We'll all see you guys tomorrow Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
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    I am biased. 😉 The black frame makes it so much better in my opinion. Here is mine:
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    OK, how does that saying go? "better never than late..." I am packing up the tow rig on Saturday with 3-4 VFRs and 3 VFRD'ers and heading towards Custer. As I read through this thread I see that I have missed several pacing items that required a response. I will reach out to Tony when we arrive to see if there may be a spare beer or some such convenience. Reserved my room on page one of this or the other thread but never confirmed. Not used to such a thorough process. Looking forward to riding this area on a VFR instead of the F6B I went through there on my way home from Alaska on last year. Not sure if I will be bringing my bespoke 5th gen that fits like my favorite pair of jeans or the ToroCharged 6th gen which still needs some fuel injection tuning, an exhaust and to have Traxxion work their magic. See you guys in a week.
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    Tasty weekend!!! (Iannone and Rins signed my jacket) How the other half lives.... Tasty 2.0 Tasty makes thirsty..... Plenty reprieve... They still do 2-ups at Ducati Met my "driver" from 2016 again Had The GOAT sign as well I did well methink.... 🙂 The Dutch crowd loves Rossi; he's won here a couple of times Overhead shots... You'd think it was St Patrick's day eh? OK, racing! You lead your teammate all race, only for him to overtake you in the very last turn, the famous Geert Timmer Chicane. Makes you not happy does it now... The GT is where the chancers take their chance... Saw Rossi make "the GT move" a couple of times and for a brief moment, all was well in the world
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    Day 1 of the MotoGP weekend. VIP lounge at the GT chicane/start straight Waiting for the GOAT... Got the autograph :-) As well as Vinales and Uccio. The latter pleasantly surprised because "uzually nobaddy aska me.." :-) more piccies on my regular camera... Checked in the hotel, off to the pool/sauna prior to drinkypoos and a buffet... Life IS smiling on me again.
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    Return to work after a couple of days off and back to the old commute...
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    Hi all New member here from good old Blighty. Here are some pics of my new steed. 2017 FH VFR800 with Black Widow exhaust and my home made tail tidy/fender eliminator.
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    Yes, as above. Also, if you flip the shaft around when you put it back (so the nut is on the LHS) you can easily remove the LHS footpeg mount when doing chain swaps... Ciao,
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    Fitted my DMr fork cartridge kit on Saturday. Went for short 20 km ride first noticed improved slow steering response .more composed thtough bumpy stuff and more stable on cornering happy with that i think that was the last piece of the puzzle 😆
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    Oh my gosh...finally got all my motels booked and return trip mapped out. Feeling anxious about this big trip with my kid. When it's just me or my wife and I, I still get pre-trip anxiety, but this is different. I need to chill and let her to take care of herself...ugh! At least there are no worries with the big dirt bike! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    You should all feel honored. In anticipation of this event, I washed my motorcycle. Cost me $5.40 at the car wash. Were any of you aware that the tire side of the swing arm is silver in color?
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    Max - I am not exactly sure what you are looking at, but look at the fische on the swingarm assembly. I may be wrong but I think you may be trying to break a "nut" that isnt there. Its a long pivot bolt that goes though the entire swingarm. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2001/vfr800fi-a-interceptor/swingarm

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