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    I was finally able to capture the Pearl White beauty of my 2014...in one of the most beautiful areas in the Country, Sedona Arizona.
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    I was reading the other PMR handle bar switch Topic and saw the goldwing switch box mentioned by JZH. I thought it looked very close to the shape of the 8th Gen and I started doing some research. The gasket and plate under the clutch reservoir lid have the same exact part numbers listed on BikeBandit, leading me to believe at the very least the two reservoirs have the same bolt dimensions. I found it online at JPCycles and other sites, but I took a chance and ordered it from my local Honda dealership. They did warn me about electronics being nonreturnable, but I was fairly confident it would work, and it arrived the next day. I got it for $60.33 out the door. Part number 52-705LMA. For the black clutch side switch box. Im stoked to say it worked out. Installation was easy: Remove the two bolts from the reservoir lid and leave the gasket and plate in place. Place the switch box on top. Place included weather gasket on top of the box. Place original lid on top. Then, bolt it down with the included longer bolts. It’s been on my bike for about 100 miles now. I haven't experienced any leaks or any problems at all. The switch box has plenty of clearance along the windshield and upper fairing, even with the .9 inch MotoPumps bar risers. The wires routed down the side of the switch box and I followed the clutch line to the side of the bike. I was able to tuck all the wires away under the tank. I swapped the middle rocker switch for a momentary switch. I was hoping to place it far right, but the switch I bought was too long and the metal for the bolt-through-hole blocked it. The momentary button was to build in a garage remote. 🙃 Instead of wiring the the switch box to the battery, I wired the positive end all the way back to the license plate light, so my garage wouldn’t open when bike is off. I used one switch to switch the relay for the Clearwater Darla lights (I’m in love with these lights). And I still have an open switch for whatever future accessory I may stumble upon. Kwan
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    Just riding around New England near Gloucester and Essex.
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    Hello all Haven't been on the forums here for a while, since I sold my 2007 25th VFR in 2011. Didn't have a bike until I purchased this 2015 Deluxe a few weeks ago. It had 1,600 miles on it, so its broken in and essentially new. I look forward to lurking and reading all the knowledge here. Keep the rubber side down all.
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    I’ve decided to make my own. One off shirts are reasonable now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for jumping on this, Louis. Your company makes good gear. I’m based over 2 hours from you but the bike (1998 5th Gen) is in bits and not roadworthy. It won’t be finished for another two months. If someone on here has a van/flatbed and willing to drive the bike from Loughborough to Pocklington I’m willing to lend it to CSK. Failing that, I’ve just bought a spare engine (that I could drive up myself) but I feel CSK would prefer the bike for routing/clearance purposes. Also have my rusty old 1998 OEM headers (still attached to the bike, but I could remove them for this project). Just to be clear I cannot afford a header like this - not even close. But I’m happy to lend my bike as a jig so others with deeper pockets can purchase. Louis, when you say a better price can be had via group buy (10+ deposits etc), what sort of money are you talking? What’s the price differential between stainless (304-316), inconel and titanium? What are the benefits of clamps vs springs or the various metals? Finally, is there a performance difference between mandrel bent vs welded segment headers? The system is not visible with fairings so bling doesn’t really matter. Whatever is cheaper would probably be best. Best, Stray
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    Just realized that this was an 8th gen thread. Sorry about the ol' 6th gen rwb above, need to look more carefully. To make it up to you here is a photo of my buddies 8th gen along with his FZ6R in the deserts of AZ near Tucson on a visit I had last year.
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    Who remembers Viethorse and his epic trip to the USA from Vietnam? Believe it or not it has been five years since this Saturday night by the fire. Well, this time America goes to Vietnam to share some ride experience courtesy of Viethorse. I am headed to Hanoi and points north for some photo ops with our Vietnamese correspondent. Stay tuned for some epic photoes from the other side of the world. Anyone have a message for Viethorse? Gettin' the party started
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    For Sale - 2007 VFR800. 18781 miles, factory color matched side cases and factory black top case. Russell Day Long custom leather seat with seat cover, Oxford heated grips, battery tender, heated gear plug wired to Touratech fuse block which can also control GPS and other devices, original seat cowl, tank bra. The bike has been stored winters on a battery tender. Fresh oil change with Motul 7100. Michelin PR3's. I am the original owner and the bike runs great. Located near Seattle. $4500 obo.
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    We're definitely happy to help you guys out with this and try get some performance headers made up. Sorry for being lazy and not reading through the thread to get caught up (don't have the time). If you would like us to develop some headers we would need a bike to develop on ideally and the specs you guys think will produce the best figures. My direct email is Louis@cskraceexhausts.co.uk
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    I had a bad skin, removed it and seems to be fixed in terms of the 500 server errors. I will try to reupload my skin with the newest version. I am just using the standard invisionboard theme/skin now. I thought it was a the tap a talk module I upgraded to last week, I removed that as well and it did not fix the problem, so I uploaded a new one there too. Tap a talk is working now at least on my phone it is.
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    Playing around with the DSLR, out and about.
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    Friday after the hurricane blew through the 'Carolinas.....VA Hwy 58.
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    This is the one I like and it's appropriate for me:
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    You can go with helibars but I prefer hugging your thighs and core to the bike which relieves your arms and let them stay loose as they need to be.😁
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    I can tell you from experience, having the injectors professionally cleaned made a HUGE difference in the performance on both my VFRs. Clogged or poorly functioning injectors i.e. dripping, can affect MPG and throttle response. I dropped mine off at a place in Torrance, Ca (RC Fuel Injection) and they were ready in about a day. When they hand them over to you, they provide a before and after sheet showing the condition when received and then after cleaning. Here are the results from my 2009 and 2001 injectors. The 09 were done in June and the 01 were done in July. At the time, the cost was $96 for a set of 4 and this came with new seals and o-rings. It is now $100 for 4 but from what I hear there are cheaper places to have this done, so maybe others who have had this done can chime in. I've taken both my sets and two other friends sets to RC and all have had a similar if not slightly different starting point but all had a much better "after" experience. As far as why it is not in the manual, your guess is as good as mine.
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    I'm just gonna jump in to mention that Delkevic uses the same rear downtubes and collector parts in their system for all the 800 models. They swap out the front tubes for 2014+ models (which are curved to the outsides like the RC30 vs forward like 98-09 VFR800). They use 35mm OD 1.5mm wall tubing for 1998+ VFR systems. Their collector sucks but the bends are nice, and the modular concept is a smart move for production. Taking a page from their book re: modularity and tubing size but replacing the collector with a proper set of triple Y merges would be ideal.
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    RWB VFR is stored and asleep for another year. Any year is successful when you don't have an accident or drop your bike. I still say best bike I have ever owned. I have had no issues except for coupler on the speedo. Replaced and speedo was back in action. Have the battery on trickle but I think I might be buy a new one over the winter. When I bought it pre owner said it was 2 years old I've had it for 2 years I figure why tax electrical system with a weakening battery even though it pumps out 12.65 V at rest. Why take a chance so I will start the year with a new Yuasa and probably new Pilot Road 5s or Bridegstone T31. Currently have PR 4s that have been great. rear tire is getting squared offf so I'm not getting the true handling feel that the VFR delivers. Front looks good but I replace in pairs. Have a good winter and for those still lucky to be riding ride safe. I want to thank everyone and anyone who chimed in when I posted or asked questions. Thxs
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    So I took my VFR out for an afternoon blast today for only the second time since I got my scooter and it felt like I was riding an angry white rhino! 😀 I had gotten so used to being able to just pin the throttle back 100% on the scooter that I had to quickly relearn to control my right wrist - LOL. It’s kind of crazy how powerful the VFR is - like riding a rocket ship in comparison.
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    Regarding the temperature, we ride at night in the summer, or straight up the mountains to Idyllwild or Big Bear or Julian or somewhere cooler and higher elevation during the day. Never around the desert floor unless you have to. The VFR, as most everybody knows, is extremely sensitive to ambient air temp and the operating temp of that bike especially goes through the roof on 100+ degree days with anything less than a high speed airflow. Regardless, it's great motorcycling country precisely because it is so close to cooler mountain temperatures (not to mention the great twisty roads!).
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    I had the great pleasure of hosting Anik Mankar when he visited the USA from Mumbai, India. I was able to arrange a group ride, with him on my VFR and me on a Ninja I borrowed from my boss. That visit formed a friendship that endures to this day. I am envious of your opportunity to visit your friend at his home. VFRD -- making the World a smaller place.
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    And we went up to Yorkshire for a long weekend the other week. It was really sunny the day before.

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