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    After close to 20 year hiatus from motorcycles I jumped back in and looked to buy what I always dreamed of having when i was younger, 25th Anniversary VFR 800 RWB I wanted a totaly stock unmolested machine with low mileage. I did one better, I found one with powder coated white wheels and brand new Pilot Road 4s. Went to look at it and bought it for what I feel was a steal. $3600 US or $5000 Canadian witn 17400kms or 10875 miles. I now have 27,000kms on it. No problems just sweet clean seamless VFour power and fun. I`ve owned RZ`s, CBRs , GS`s etc but after owning a VFR : from its looks, sounds, high speed stability, refinement and all day comfort. I can confidently say that for me this is by far the best machine I have ever owned by far. I look at the current crop of bikes and there is nothing really that interests me. Even the 8th gen VFR although the same mechanicals looks just boring compared to my RWB. Its been a great 2 years back. I still can`t believe its a 2007. Most think I just bought it. Keep the wheels down on the road and ride safe!
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    The observations / comments seem so common to riders who take up just about any gen of VFR - things like sounds great, comfortable to ride, pulls from low rpm, I never knew these were such great bikes . . . on and on. It seems like the VFR somehow has(d) an image problem - one of the best kept secrets on two wheels. Maybe the graphics weren't wild enough, the colors not loud enough, or it didn't have a racy enough riding position - whatever. I'll never understand why more riders didn't see / appreciate how good these bikes are. And yet once discovered they have such a loyal following. I wouldn't give mine up for anything else, and yet when I show up at a bike gathering the reaction is sort of "meh, so what . . . " That is of course until I thumb the starter and all heads turn in unison when they hear it . . . I can't recall all the times I've gotten thumbs up from passerby - even female drivers and Harley owners. And yet, the VFR is no longer with us new from the factory. As someone else here said - sorry I can't recall who - (I'm paraphrasing) the passing of the VFR from Honda's lineup felt like a death in the family. I have to wholeheartedly agree. It reminds me of a documentary I saw about the final Space Shuttle flight - one of the technicians involved commented while watching it go the final time "there will never be anything else like it". The same is true for the VFR - it's one of a kind.
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    I have had 20 years of VFRs ...Its just everytime that throttle is blipped and the sound and engine pull to revs, Its something like a direct electrical feed into some pleasure spot in the brain and the addiction gets tickled again. Even though I still have MBD and rotate around other bikes, I will also always will have the VFR disease of which once bitten, there is no cure except to crack that throttle of that V4! Headcase enuff?
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    If you head to Idaho, don't miss Hwy 12 between Lolo, MT and Lewiston, ID. It's a National Scenic Highway that follows the Lochsa / Clearwater River. It's over 100 miles through wilderness - no businesses, homes, etc - just river, curvy highway and - yikes, deer. If you've never ridden it, it's a can't miss. They are in process of repaving it, and from the looks of what they were doing, the work will continue in to 2019 as well. The sign at the MT / ID border (looking West) says it all . . .
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    What a great quiver of the fastest color VFRs. Your great taste in mc's is only exceeded by your intelligence and your good looks!
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    If you haven't already ordered a front sprocket, I (and probably others) prefer the OEM version with the polymer bumper. Like the one shown here: http://www.jtsprockets.com/catalogue/sprocket/JTF339RB/ Your current front sprocket is aftermarket.
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    What about the sticker on the side of the frame - that must match the stamped set on the steering head - very difficult to replicate. I can't see how they could think that someone's getting rich machining off numbers and replicating factory stickers on 20 year old bikes. Sounds like maybe the cops there don't have enough to do . . .
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    You guys still know how to throw a good one. I may have to drive my new 4 wheels to the next one. Ride Safe! ki-speed (Mark)
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    Love your bike and sentiments (everybody's). Something about these Honda V4s. Man I want a 25th anniversary more than ever.
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    25th, so many of us feel the same way as you. VFR's are just ace, all generations. The RWB scheme is excellent too, and the 6th gens need love as a lot frown on the V-tec, but they are as if not more reliable than their generational siblings. I've had a 5th gen also and never should have sold it. A common refrain as these bikes really spoil you for the vast majority of the street riding market. Comfortable, can solo tour extremely easy, mods out the gazoogas and, oh by the way, you won't want to hit with an ugly stick like so many of it's current competitors. And the V-4. Yumm. Aces Dave
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    In all honesty, most bikes look boring compared to the RWB VFR, even other VFRs! The white wheels should have been stock on them too, it really makes the bike stand out even more. I’ll also agree, although I would take an 8 Gen over most of the other offerings in the ST class, I have a hard time even thinking about trading in my 6 Gen for one but maybe it’s because I’ve really bonded with mine. I have a 5 Gen too and would also not trade this in for anything at the moment, apart from that ever elusive and unicorn V4/CBR model the Internet keeps spitting out the rumor mill.
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    New hugger coming from Duckhunter Composites.
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    Tip of the day. Labeling your accessory wiring would be a lot easier if done prior to installing the wiring on the motorcycle.
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    For the most part treat the 6th gen stator as wear item like brake pads, etc. I figure to replace mine every 20,000 miles or so. I've used Custom Rewind and have been very happy with their work. One fifty for a stator is a lot cheaper than a tow, hotel room etc if it leaves me stranded somewhere. On replacement, some wire or strong cord will be needed to pull the wiring and connector through (or more precisely the new connector back through the other way). It can be a real beotch to get it. A helper might be useful in working it back and forth under the thottle body. It might take some patience to get it. One might say it's an almost diabolical design by Honda . . . edit - I might add that when using Custom Rewind, you can specify more wire length and any type of (or no) connector if you want. That gives you lots of flexibility to use any system you want to connect it to the R/R. I used Posi-locks - that allows me to easily make repairs in the field and with extra wire if I have an issue I can pull a bit more through and bypass any suspect wiring. I've used that setup for over 10,000 miles with zero issues. It also made pulling the wire through much, much easier.
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    Apart from trading up to an 8th gen, don't know that there is a permanent fix for all the 6gen electrical gremlins. It seems a proven fact that virtually all the stators fail in the same section of the windings, just so happens that this section of winding sees the least of any oil spray. The 8gen now has a forced oil spray to help dissipate heat from the stator, apart from other electrical improvements. Honda has finally done a great job with the 8gen in sorting out the electrical issues that plagued earlier VFR's. Cheers.
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    Mello, your summary is why you are indeed the Dude. 🙂
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    Good god! That poor thing was never ridden!!! If anything, it is giving you low voltage as a response to a lack of love... I am of the opinion, after I have thought about it most if the day, that completing The Drill would give you a more comprehensive view of the entire charging system. Since you owe other VFRs, you must be familiar with The Drill... Btw, i do like your stable. All theee bike that we see (and I suspect the ones we don’t...) are groovy... C Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great to see you post up. You missed a doozy. It'd be great to see you at any meet. No need to wait for (if) a SumSum5.
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    Cogswell, you are a wordsmith and beautician. Extremely well said. 👍
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    I ended up getting the clamp replaced by Akrapovic but the whole process was a pain. Definitely I had the wrong size it all seems to fit well now. Thanks everyone!
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    Great shots, great trip. I know it's a 7th gen, but...
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    My wife says I'm done. If Honda comes out with the V4 Homologation bike I may have to thin the herd a little bit.

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