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    Interesting point you raise Acedit. Got a feeling that this stagger is all about balancing the air induction pulse with the V4 cylinder timing and crank angles. Firing order is 1-3-2-4. The Front two cylinders are 2 left and 4 right. The Rear cylinders are 1 left and 3 right. The shorter Air Funnels are at 2 and 3 the longer are at 1 and 4. So that pattern relative to crank angle and firing order is: 1 to 3 = 180deg = a Long to Short Funnel. 3 to 2 = 270deg = a Short to Short Funnel. 2 to 4 = 180deg = a Short to Long Funnel. 4 to 1 = 90deg = a Long to Long Funnel. If I'm making any sense then you can see the balance effect going on. You can see the longest crank duration (270deg) has the two shortest funnels, while the shortest crank duration (90deg) has the two longest funnels, and both the 180deg durations have a short/long combination. Hope this helps? Cheers
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    No surprise it's off their site given that the last one was imported 5 years ago. When I used to go to the dealer to pick something up I would walk around to look at the new offerings, sometimes lusting after them. No longer. I see no passion in new bikes. They're more capable and sophisticated for sure, but for me that's all they are. To me most look like industrial machinery - they lack a soul and elegance of design. I'm sure I've already purchased my last new bike - my Viffers should last through my riding days - glad to have 'em.
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    Header production update - I spoke with Wade today, and learned that the current run of 15 sets of 5/6 gen headers will be completed in two weeks. He had a small delay related to the company that supplies tubing merge assemblies for our headers. Add one week for passivation, and we are 3 weeks from shipping. Thanks to everyone who been staying in touch about this production run.
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    Here are the pics I took yesterday afternoon and I just checked this morning after fully drying, and then some. They look the same now. The sealer/clear coat fills in all the sanding cloudiness and dries clear. The same thing happens with water or alcohol, but of course dries cloudy again, so I was skeptical. Of course you can tell it’s not brand new, but really you’d have to look closely. Considering where it started, I’m beyond thrilled!
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    Just added another Honda to the stable, a new leftover 2018 CBR1000RR SP. 😎
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    Update - more 5th/6th gen headers will be available on the current production run. We connected with our fabricator Wade yesterday, and there is good news. He is building a few extra sets of headers for 5th/6th gen VFRs, so they are available if anyone was thinking about the next production run. The company Wade uses to do the mandrel bending of tubes bent a few extra sets, so Wade ordered the tubing merge assemblies and hardware needed to complete them. These are part of the current production run and will all have 3 bungs for O2 sensors, which means your options are open as far as 2 OEM O2 sensors, one autotune O2 sensor, one O2 sensor for dyno tuning, etc. Passivation - an acid bath for the headers [described in depth earlier in this thread] remains an option - $90 if you want it.
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    The patch worked on my '99*. installation is easy and can be done with Windows computer. I called Dynojet and worked with Danny Boardman Powersports Technician You'll need: 1) PC5 to update connected to computer, motorbike off 2) The file (B16-005.02.ddat) downloaded on the computer you will use to update the PC5 3) Dynojet Power Core installed on the computer you will use to update the PC5 4) After install, start Dynojet Power Core 5) At "Power Core Application-Launcher" Select "WinPEP 8 Dyno Control" 6) At "WinPEP 8 Dyno Control" window, select the "Support" tab then "Send Data File" button 7) A pop up window will appear asking for location of "B16-005.02.ddat" '8) Select the .ddat file, press the "Open" button and start update 9) After the update, close all Power Core applications, important as you can not continue to next step if any Power Core applications are open 10) Open "Power Commander V Software" and load your PC5 with a zero map or any map of your choice 11) Go for a ride I suggest checking starter valves. I set mine a few weeks ago after "Wade Header" install and once home after update, I found 3 and 4 were significantly off while 1 and 2 were spot on. Idle increased from 1,200 rpm to 1,300 rpm * My '99 was originally a Calif bike with California ECU 38770-MBG-771 and California cams. In Oct '19 with 11.8k miles, converted to EU ECU 38770-MBG-003 and 49 state cams. I ran the '99 in this configuration with stock header and Staintune without issue. In Jan '20 I replaced the stock header with the "Wade Header", again no issue. In Feb '20 I installed PC5 (SKU 16-005) and had issues similar to SFDownhill's when he had his '01 initially Dyno'd with prototype headers at Attack. (see below) After the update, I loaded the PC5 with a zero map and went for a ride. A few hard pulls by the Richmond Shipyards convinced me all was well. I changed the zero map to the Attack map provided by sfdownhill and my VFR was transformed. New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA
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    It is a pesky devil, isn't it? That's long been the knock on the V-4 - two of everything - 2 cylinder heads, 2 sets of cams and covers to remove for a valve adjustment, and then all that stuff crammed down in there where it's hard to get at. But the result is V-4 magic! Be sure all your hoses are tight - 1/2 turn too loose and you'll be chasing another coolant leak with all that to do over. If you're having the injectors cleaned (good idea BTW), RC Injector service is in SoCal and would be a quick turnaround for you. $25 per plus shipping. I just sent mine to WitchHunter Performance in Duval, WA which was cheaper, but he has a 3 week backlog. Removing them has a set procedure that includes removing the TPS - too long to describe, would recommend reviewing that in the FSM before going further. Also, be kind to the throttle body boots. They are no longer available so if they get borked you'll have to find them used. Maybe a PITA for now, but you'll be glad to did this and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. It's a nice looking ride and deserves the service. Cheers
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    Got a bunch of things done all at once: New DID chain and Sunstar sprockets despite everything still being in spec, with the OEM chain and sprockets still looking good at 40,150 miles (!) (I only use Honda spray lube on the chain) New adjustable billet levers from Japan New NGK iridium plugs Coolant flush Brake and clutch fluid flush and replacement with Endless RF650 Endless PRO2 front pads New Honda OEM quickshifter (busted the peg on the first one) Honda synthetic oil and OEM filter Honda OEM air filter Then I went for a ride!
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    Added this '76 CB750F last summer, just getting around to cleaning it up. It's all original, locally owned bike, completely unmolested. Owner was retiring to Oregon and didn't want to drag it along. I like the look of the '75-'76 SS with wire wheels, before they went to the Comstars. It's just a classic.
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    I'm not sure I would want to ride anything this dude put together... Good one! I left you a like on YouTube for your thoughtfulness 🙂 But you need to pick up the pace if you want to save this guy... my imagination does not leave me with any good feeling for the bigger changes coming up...
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    Tis So! Has been for a long while. Honda has no Sports Touring category at all. V4's are dead, yep, may as well go slash ya wrist
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    Motorcycle horns... in good working order... have a distinctive sound all there own... when people here that little beeep eep... they have been trained over the years to think motorcycle... but if you replace the beeep eep with a car... truck or train horn... guess what??? confused people will charge right into your path thinking a car... truck or train has blown it's horn for them to get out their way... It's only natural for cagers to equate sounds to the first thing that pops into their heads in a panic situation... You're safest with meep meep... I talked to BMW rider who mounted air horns pirated from Southern Pacific Diesel Locomotive... They sounded great but he was having second thoughts... it seems cagers were running into his bike in a panic trying to get away from the train they could not see... We know that cagers are unpredictable and that blasting them with 125db non standard motorcycle horn is enough to send their thought process into over load... that's a destabilizing act of our own creation... Nathom Air Chimes off a Locomotive...
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    134-139 at the back wheel. 2 sets of runs on different dynos on different days. Asked for a tune to improve pickup from lower revs, not out and out top BHP. At 280Kmh on GPS on the Autobahn I was scared enough PCV, BOS mufflers, K&N filters. Rest Oem. Was in the "donot need a PC camp" before, but boy was I wrong...
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    I think we can do better than a beer for that. [emoji1634] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Glad to see it didn’t put you off riding. As an immortal 20 year old (41 years ago😳) I did a superman impersonation (for about 1 second) over the roof of a car. I still ride past the spot regularly and can still remember the accident very clearly. Luckily I was not severely injured just a fractured wrist and some skin off my knees. Nothing makes you pay more attention than your first accident.
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    Nice day for it.... I can see into the future... Tomorrow will be a grey day... With a ray of light?
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    2008 Triumph 1050 Sprint ST, only because I've ended up buying one. It was a hard decision to trade in the 5G, but with 137,000kms on it and wanting a change, it was the only obvious choice without breaking the bank. A fantastic chasis, same weight as the 5G, but with 123 horses and 77ft-lb of torque. It has steeper steering geometry with shorter trail, it also places more weight on the front wheel, so it makes for faster steering and really good feed back from the front tyre. I actually love the way it drops into a corner, it is so precise and quick, also easy to throw around, much better than my modified 5G. Stock suspension is too soft, the back is OK sort off, but the front is way undersprung, and with progressive springs it makes sure it doesn't actually suit anything or anyone. Who comes up with this crap? The motor is fantastic, I haven't ridden a long stroke motor (compared to most offerings today) for a very long time. It has lots of grunt from down low and is deceptively fast. People who say it sounds fantastic haven't ridden a 5G with open Staintune, the VFR wins hands down. I just could not give up the single sided swingarm, a very underrated feature I think. Sitting position is more relaxed than the VFR with better fairing protection. Brakes are good without being outstanding, all Triumphs come with steel braided brake hoses, so might need different pads to get better bite. Gearing is too tall, so will be changing to -1 front sprocket tomorrow. Hard bags are a pleasure to have, and is something I was looking for on a replacement bike. I can't stress enough how good this bike enters a corner and holds a line, I can't wait until I upgrade the suspension, wife is already pissed so might need to wait a while.
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    It seems the biggest problem with the VFR is Honda has essentially been selling a re-skinned version of the same bike for 20 years now. Yes, the minor tweaks and refinements have been nice, but it's specs just don't stand up against other bikes of the past 10 years - especially it's suspension and weight! Until Honda commits to an all-new VFR (hopefully a 900cc version), that weighs around 430 lbs dry, 125 hp (minimum), and has fully adjustable suspension front and rear, they won't sell. Hopefully Ducati's focus on the V4 will spark Honda to finally completely update the VFR.
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    Honda just doesn't make the bikes I want to buy anymore. I'll always love the 5th gen VFRs but the other manufacturers are making more inspiring motorcycles these days. Honda could out do Aprilia Factory V4 Tuono if they wanted to. They don't so I bought the Aprilia and it is wickedly sweet. Oh and so is my 99 Factory VFR800 after somebody poured thousands into it and I bought it for less than the upgrades cost. The other stinging truth is that often when Honda has built the bike we Americans had seemed to be begging them for we rewarded them with not buying them. Hopefully they perfect the CBRs inline fours. My FZ1 made me a huge fan of that motor configuration without question as did Triumph turning me on with their street triple.
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    "Greta Style".... "All you need is love" Getting shafted........... sideways!!! See through modification Teach 'm young Including the kitchen sink Lets end on a high note
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    Beautiful false spring weekend here, so I got out for 200 miles and lunch.
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    ...falls mainly on the plain. So I went into the hills...
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    Stumbled across mine the other day, and thought, "I could make these..." now I can't find the damn thing. Maybe I dreamed it....anyway if I find it again, I will let you know if I can make it....
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    Hi MaxSwell, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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    I believe this patch was pioneered as a result of a customer of mine having his 99 tuned at a dyno shop in Seattle. We had installed an older model PC with ignition control so the header I built could be tuned properly. The shop he took it to insisted that they could not work with the older model PC2 and sold him a PC5. The bike didn't run properly with that one(as we suspected) and the shop worked with Dynojet to get it working properly.
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    I also have an AbbaStand, I really like mine. I purchased the front lift arms and the motoglide options so that I can move my ZX-7R around the garage with its both wheels off the ground.
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    Dynojet now provides a patch that enables Power Commander V [PCV] to work with 2000-2001 5th gen VFRs! It's true! At least Dynojet says it's true. Dynojet is the company that manufactures Power Commander and has provided the file along with instructions for downloading it to a PCV. We haven't put it to the test yet, but are eagerly looking forward to doing so. Thanks to VFRD member Rob916 for poking us with a stick about this topic and getting us to post this info. Last week Jozef helped connect us with Dusty Schaller at Dynojet [Some might recall that Jozef is the dyno tech at Attack Performance where we did all the dyno testing/tuning of the new performance headers]. Dusty is the product manager of Power Commander and sent the attached file along with these instructions: "You need to update the PCV to this datafile [the file attached below]. The only way to do this currently is with Power Core software using Dyno control. Open Dyno control and go to Support – Send data file. To get Power core go here - https://www.dynojet.com/downloads/power-vision-3/ Scroll down to Software" Here is the file: B16-005.02.ddat If anyone gets a chance to try this before we run it on our 2001 5 gen test bike, please post your procedure and results here as soon as possible.
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    Got myself a VFR800 VTEC. Couldn't be much more stock. Gonna add to it from tme to time, anything I do I'll throw up on here
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    As Archimedes would say... ...get a longer lever! Ciao, JZH
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    Are you good with a Voltmeter? Do you have the Service Manual? You can download it from this site. If you can confirm your battery charge voltage is stable, then I would be suspicious of poor headlight grounding. If your charge voltage is erratic then this could most likely be a Stator, R/R or poor 30amp main fuse B wiring. The Green wire through the Blue connector is a common problem which can also cause headlight relay chattering and other issues. Attached is a fairly easy mod to correct this issue by providing a good solid ground for the headlight Green wire ground. NOTE - You only need to add the Ground wire to the forward/left side of the Blue connector, no need to Ground both sides of the green wire at the Blue conector as per photo.
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    For those of you who like a VFR800 sound track, this is a clip from one of the track day sessions yesterday at Phillip Island. Speedo and tacho in the shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO5JZZgC5Vo&t=740s Some highlights; geese on the track at 1:40 and a dice with a CBR1000 starting at 14.00, he runs wide at 14:44. He could only get me on the straight. VFR is a 99 model, performance mods: · Power commander · Air box mods · BMC air filter · Wilbers suspension front and read · Brembo disk and pads · Galfer braided lines · Metzler M7 tires · Staintune exhaust (no restrictor) I had an aversion to scratching it, so not pushing as hard as you could. I was lapping around the 2:10 mark, best 2:07. To give a comparison I was sharing the garage with a 2016 BMW 1000RR, he had just bought it and got down to 2:03 at the end of the day and 275km/h down the straight vs my 210km/h (speedo has a HealTech SpeedoHealer on it, so it is accurate). More experienced riders on the same BWM’s on slicks were around 1:53. So not bad for a 21 year old bike on road tires.
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    Having removed the clutch basket, RR and generator from the seized engine earlier, time had come to remove the head and spliy the case. Piston was totally stuck at TDC... Aim for the exercise was primarily salvaging the kickstart axle. The running engine currently in the frame lacks one (engine set up for racing duties). And have a fun learning experience... After a couple of week's worth penetrating oil, a whqack with a piece of wood with a mallet had zero effect. So we got the burners out... Smokin' Joe Nope, nada, nothing.... So with this being the "written off engine"we deliberated on the "best" course of action. Faint hearted members please log off now... Kept drilling away till it came loose from the small end.. Aye that one was not gonna move by itself (not a fan of long skirts myself; the shorter the better.... ) And now for the moment we were all hoping waiting for.... Swarf anyone? We were expecting a lot of black sludge on the bottom but this proved incorrect. This engine HAS been stored devoid of any oil; I only was able too drain a very small amount earlier. The rust shows... So now I know how to split a 1954 Italian engine too!
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    Earlier today, 46 between Paso Robles and Cambria, self-explanatory. one man gathers what another man spills...
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    OK, I've booked a room for Thursday the 14th, as noted I have another Motorcycle related event that weekend about 160 miles away. I'm really only doing this to make Sweeper forever regret offering me free beer :+). My door to the hotel is 1161miles, I don't own a truck or trailer, so It will be a long day on Wen, then a short hop Thursday, hopefully there early afternoon. Of course 12 hours after booking I get a message can I join a ship in Italy. I cannot tell you how many MC trips I've had to cancel because of work. Turns out though the timing is fine and should not be an issue, which is good as riding my bikes doesn't pay particularly well. Look forward to meeting a few new faces and of course the great group from last Fall.
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    The slave cylinder is really no different to any of the brake pistons; it should be able to be pushed home with some moderate effort, you are only working against seal friction, the internal spring and the resistance of the fluid returning to the master reservoir. If the tiny return port at the master is clogged, that would require a lot more effort; maybe some cleaning and bleeding is in your future? If the return port blocks, your clutch will start to slip. As a maintenance fiend I would also advocate lubing the lever pivot, and pulling the pushrod out of the cases and cleaning and polishing that.
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    Bike located in Longmont CO, $3,500.00 Bike has less than 29,000 miles Reason for selling is I am moving into the Adventure/dual sport world. Just purchased a KTM 790 Adventure. This bike was serviced with the intent of keeping it as close to the original look and specification as possible with only a few modern upgrades (brakes, suspension). 2016 Completed at approximately 25,500 miles: New DID 530 chain and sprockets 17 tooth front, 47 tooth rear (increase of two teeth on rear sprocket) New clutch springs, plates and discs Clear clutch cover by Sebspeed BOS Performance High mount exhaust Pazzo brake and clutch levers NGK spark plugs New OEM air filter 2017 Completed at approximately 27,000 miles: Rear shock by Jamie Daugherty at DMr Motorsports Shock re-valved and re-sprung for 160-lb rider Front Fork rebuilt with Jamie Daugherty internals for 160-lb rider Exhaust header ceramic coated Front fork lowers powder coated Top triple clamp powder coated New OEM steering head bearings HEL stainless steel braided brake lines in black HEL stainless steel braided clutch line EBC HH brake pads front & rear and EBC wave rotors on front Brake calipers cleaned and rebuilt front & rear, including new seals Brake and clutch master cylinders rebuilt Clutch slave cylinder rebuilt New fuel filter ASC racing silicone coolant hose kit Coolant thermostat replaced Coolant thermal switch replaced New YUASA battery, FH02AA rectifier regulator from Roadster Cycle, New OEM Stator Brake and coolant fluids flushed Passenger pegs eliminated and replaced with custom powder coated pieces from Sebspeed Many new OEM Honda parts, pieces and hardware Original muffler in perfect condition, passenger pegs, clutch cover all included. Many spare parts go along with it, oil filters, air filter, numerous OEM Honda parts, etc. Original tool kit, owner's manual, Honda Service manual, Clymer service manual, two keys More pictures available on request. Certainly available to help with loading of bike onto shippers vehicle. All shipping costs responsibility of purchaser.
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    The crud / dirt on the hoses and any visible cracking, particularly on the ends, will likely tell you all you need to know. Also, absolutely do not use Prestone or any other coolant with silicates, as the new leak will be coming from the water pump seal.
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    Yes, 240mm in length. It originally mounted from the back, and those two mounting bosses used to be not half-corroded! Unfortunately, it is a very complex shape, as you can see from the first picture above--well beyong my capability to model. I think it would have to be scanned or fiberglass-molded. Ciao, JZH
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    I don’t recall if we went right in to Dum Dum but we rode along Kyogle Road through Uki to Murwillumbah and back several times. Also rode to the Hinze dam, had lunch there. Rode up to Beechmont and down in to Canungra. Have done several trips down to this area two on the VFR, and have also flown to Brisbane and rented bikes (BMW S1000R, photo attached, and a Yamaha MT09, they don’t have a VFR ☹️)from “Rent this Bike” in Slacks Creek not far from Moss St in Springwood where most of the bike shops are located. Great guys to deal with if you want to rent a bike around Brisbane. Have also ridden through Ipswich up to Mt Glorious. Have you ridden in this area? It’s a long way from Spain. Have recently being watching some videos of riding in Spain, around Picos De Europa it looks fantastic.
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    So last July I was in an accident on my CBR and ended up flipping ass over tea kettle it in a intersection....yep proved all the statistics right and was less than 5 miles from home. Ended up picking up a 04 VFR to replace it. I’ve only drove this bike for 3 hours since I bought it as my leg was out in an immobilizing leg brace for 6 weeks 2 days after I got it due to the accident. Just starting to go through and get her ready for spring as my office as been accumulating parts over the winter. The previous owner took great care of the bike just not a fan of some of his additions, So hopefully can get some great advice here and I’ll help where I can. Attached is pics of Pepper on the way home from the dealer
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    Golden hour is great for lighting and terrible for riding west.
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    Pt Reyes CA. Rode through a sand drift that was waaay deeper and softer than I thought on this ride and happy to report a) that I kept it up and b) that the VFR is pretty good motocrosser. Thats NZcam's tail tidy/license plate bracket on there.
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