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  1. Great light and a lovely bike, but with a full moon you'd best keep an eye out for werewolves.
  2. Scenes like this remind me of why I love long road trips.
  3. Lorne


    Cool pairing. My 1st VFR was a red '91 VFR750 and my 2nd a red VFR800. I'm partial to gold ('91) or white ('98) wheels, tho
  4. To add to Grum's reply, if Fuse E is indeed faulty then the tail lights and license light will no illuminate. And as DannoXYZ points out, you cannot tell by looking if a fuse is healthy. If you don't have a test meter or a known good spare, you could swap it for Fuse A (clock) or Fuse B (turn signals & horn) As many on the forum have been advised over the years, do the simple, inexpensive testing before dropping a bundle on pricey replacements. Good luck
  5. There's only a few race-rep paint schemes that, to my eye, look good. Took me awhile, but I've come round on the Castrol graphics of your SP-2. And I always enjoy reading about your adventures aboard it.
  6. Yep, I put a set on my yellow '99 VFR800, and a few years later put that same set on a '92 VFR750 that I'd picked up. Sadly both bikes are lost, like tears in the rain. Anyhow here are pics of them on my bikes.
  7. The 1998 & 1999 VFR800 came with the same mirrors as 1990-1997 VFR750s. The 2000 & 2001 VFR800 mirror looks much better without the rubber boot of the earlier design - see Grum's post above. However, either mirror will fit any VFR750/800 from 1990-2001. (VTec use a different mounting flange)
  8. The gold cover looks ace, Rob, and the rest look good too. Pity they can't be on display all the time, but the fairings come in handy I suppose 😉
  9. Lorne

    Ski season is over...

    I love this photo, slo1. The red VFR stands out and the curves leading to the mountains make you want to jump on and GO!
  10. Pfft, au contraire mon ami. So long as the paint is in good condition they are pretty easy to keep clean. After every wash apply your favourite spray wax - two I like are Honda Spray Cleaner, and Plastex. Pics of my long gone red '98, and my '09 last fall after 85,000 Km
  11. Hiya, Larry, They'd also fit on VTR1000F '98-'05, CBR600F4i, and CBR1100XX. The VTR1000F and the 5th gen VFR800 use the same footpegs. The 6th gen VFR, CBR600F4i, and CBR1100XX all use the same footpegs. And the 6th gen pegs fit on 5th gen. So that's three more Hondas that your lowering blocks ought to fit. Of course, they might require a little more fiddling for the rear brake linkage.
  12. I bought an oe Honda windscreen last spring but finally got 'round to installing it today. The process could not have been easier - two phillips screws hold a pair of small trim pieces, and two allen head screws that attach the screen. Takes longer to write this note than to do the work. It wasn't that the windshield was broken, but the right side had become cloudy like so many car headlights. The same is happening to the right side clear portion of the taillight. Here's the page 2-12 of the VTec service manual in case you're interested:
  13. Anyone from the list - past or present? Btw, kinda I like the red Honda wing on his shoulder.
  14. Lorne


    Really evocative shot, Convoy. One small change that'd make it even better, imho, is if your bike was just a little further away from the structures to its right side.
  15. Jiminy, look at the space in that garage. Plenty more room to grow your collection. Btw, that's a very nice Katoom.
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