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  1. I live on Vancouver Island, so two ferry rides are part of my trips, too, though much shorter. Usually, I take the American ferry south to Port Angeles, US$37.50 (C$51) one-way. BC Ferries is an alternative for eastbound trips, and costs C$45.95 (US$35). Our longest day was 900 km/560 mi, some were ~700 km/435 mi, most were <300 km/180 mi. And in two full days in Monterey for the races we barely chalked up 100 km/60 mi. The 2-day general admission ticket cost US$85 includes some free grandstand seating - might I suggest at T4. Preferred parking (flat & paved) cost me another US$30. There is free motorcycle parking as well. Laguna Seca is a great track for spectators. You can walk along almost the entire track, and at some points see most of it - the hill by the Corkscrew. Attendance took a dive after MotoGP left and the tragic loss of Nicky Hayden, but has been building slowly over the past 5 years. Weather at the track July is usually sunny - after the morning fog/low cloud burns off. And light breeze keeps the temperature moderate, my VFR indicated 18 ℃ in the mid-afternoon. But beware as the mild temps can lead to sunburn, especially for gingers.
  2. Well done on your seat repair. Fingers' crossed that it lasts a good long while. Btw, you have some options for seat colour; I know that 3rd gen came with black, grey, and red seats depending on which market. May well be other choices, too. For example, here's a pic of my '92 with the grey seat from my '91. plain alloy passenger bars as well.
  3. Once during a trip I had to replace my '91 VFR's rear tire. The shop had no 170/60 but did have a 18/55, and the Dunlop fitment guide indicated their D204 180/55 was the alternative size for the VFR. What is confuses folk is that the 3rd/4th gen are both were equipped with the same size tire, but on two different wheel widths. And that the VFR800 has the same width wheel as the 3rd gen, but is equipped with a wider tire. As John says, barring any gov't regulation prohibiting a different size than original, there is no reason not to equip a 3rd gen VFR750 with a 180/55 tire. Might I recommend a pair of Michelin Pilot Road 5?
  4. I recently returned from my annual trip to Laguna Seca and the World Superbike races, and am planning a more detailed write-up. But I need to finish editing my photos & videos first. In the meantime, some notes from the road of this 13 day ride. Total cost for 13 days, with motels split 2-ways: US$1550 Fuel: US$307, averaged 42 mpgUS, 51 mpg-Imp, 18 km/litre Meals: US$450 Motels: US$710 (my half of 12 nights) Nasty wx (rainstorm e. of Missoula & forecast of thunderstorms for 3 days in the Yellowstone area) nixed our plan to ride Beartooth Pass & Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. And earthquakes made us bravely rethink getting south enough to ride Angeles Crest. Hottest temp. according to my VFR was 31℃ / 88℉ Yamaha FZ1 measures oil level, not pressure as God intended Hwy 89’s Monitor Pass is a fantastic road, Hwy 41 out of Atascadero is a peach, and Hwy 25 s. of Hollister is a gem. And the Pacific Coast highway - well, it is near perfection. (see below) Lorne Taking 5 along California's Pacific Coast Highway, on a switchback just north of Jenner.
  5. Lorne

    2019 WSBK Laguna Seca

    photos from my ride to Laguna Seca in California
  6. Keep at it, Lid, and soon enough you'll have it looking the way you want. The forks on my '92 (and, I think all 3rd Gen) do not have a even finish. The area facing the wheel is rougher, especially around the bosses for the caliber & mudguard. I used steel wool (#0000) and scotchbrite (can't remember what grade) and went for a 'satin' finish. Note that the legs on my '92 still had the drain plugs which were eliminated later on. Btw, the passenger bars on both my '91 & '92 3rd gens were plain alloy, no paint or clear coat.
  7. Yes, they fit. Back in 1999 I bought a set of CBR600 foot pegs for my '99 VFR800. I hated the fat rubber pads on my 5th gen VFRs, and thought the CBR600F4/F4i & CBX1100 ones looked much better. The pegs I bought have exactly the same part numbers as what Partzilla show are on 6th gen VFRs. So, yes, 6th gen foot pegs are a direct replacement for your 5th gen's. Note that there are several parts to each peg, take a look at this drawing for the 6th gen.
  8. Lorne

    Two Pack

    Ooh, ooh, I know where that is. And was just there about a week ago. Fantastic road - I prefer west-to-east. What say you?
  9. The main fuse is colocated with the starter relay, mounted under the seat just rearward from the battery. This diagram on p.1-34 of the service manual should help you find it. While you're inspecting the starter relay ensure that all the other electrical connections are in good order. Good luck.
  10. Hot start troubles, and needing to open the throttle for starting seems to indicate an overly rich condition. Hmm, the routing of your throttle cables looks completely wrong. The bracket should locate the cables ahead and in-line with the pulley on the carburettors. Can you post a photo(s) showing more of that area? This photo from Reviving a 1994 VFR750F shows their orientation. Note this is from a '94 VFR and the service manual indicates some differences between the '90-'93 and the '94-'97 models. It appears the throttle shaft rotates clockwise so the lower cable opens the throttle and the upper one closes it. There is no push function with the throttle, the second cable is just a braces & suspenders back-up should the throttle spring be unable to close it.
  11. More pre-trip prep: * changed oil (Motul 10/40) & filter (oe Honda) * replaced air filter (oe Honda) The old filter wasn't as scruffy as I feared but it still made sense to replace it.
  12. Looks like a great ride though I bet the snow made it feel a little colder. I'm taking the shortcut over Beartooth this summer, but won't make quite as far east as this.
  13. Reinstalled the hard bag brackets, cleaned & lubed chain, replaced front brake pad pins - old were corroded. This gives me an excuse to show yet another trip photo. Here's one from Spring 2014, on California's Pacific Coast Highway near Ragged Point. From Cambria to Monterey, PCH is a fantastic ride on a bright sunny morning.
  14. Lorne

    2014 California

    photos from our ride through California, May 2014
  15. Assumes facts not in evidence. Could you explain how a faulty stator winding (shorted or open) can out put more energy than a healthy one?
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