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  1. Lorne

    Hello from the Midwest

    As V-9 says, there are some issues common issues that affect the '02-'09 VTec series. However, they aren't insurmountable otherwise no one on the list would still own one 😉 The full service history of the '05 gives some piece of mind, and the cost saving over the '14 would cover an awful lot of repairs. What mileage on the '05? The rear shock tends to last scores of thousands of miles, and unless you are a track-day demon the oe unit is adequate. What condition are the tires, chain & sprockets, battery, and rec/reg + stator? If they are good then you likely won't have any unexpected repairs in the near future. Wouldn't hurt to have an unbiased assessment, though.
  2. Lorne

    Michelin Road 5

    I'm a long-time Michelin user: firstly a set of Michelin Pilot Sport on my '99 VFR800 back in March 2000, and since then I've mostly times chosen Michelin. So, in May I opted for PR5 on my VTec prior to my summer trip to California. After ~5500 km / 3500 miles: - My seat of the pants impression is that there is a strong family resemblance with the other Michelins. - There seems to be no cupping yet on the front, and both seem as true as ever - no headshake. - Still have a neutral feel, especially at low speed. As they wear some tires feel positively truck-ish, especially when loaded with luggage. - I am a lousy predictor of tire life but these PR5 look good for several thousand more miles. - Fwiw, I use 36/42 psi, hadn't noticed much loss over the miles. - temps ranged from 2 to 35 ℃, about 35 to 95 ℉, and only a few damp roads. These pics show they look now:
  3. Lorne

    1994 tach dead

    No Worries, Dutchy - so long as you can tell us if Glenmorangie is better than Oban 😉🥃
  4. Lorne

    1994 tach dead

    Chad, There are tons of owners and service manuals, along with wiring diagrams - and more - at the VFRD Downloads tab. For the 1990-1997 VFR750 here are the: Service Manual Wiring Diagram Parts Fiche
  5. Lorne

    Final Phillip Island Bike

    how about a nice vanilla 6th gen? I believe the better nickname for these VFRs is Oreo. Or even Panda. The plain white '06 VTec definitely deserve the monicker 'vanilla'.
  6. Lorne

    1994 tach dead

    Nah, I'm down at sea level like everybody else. We all err from time to time, and I am no exception.
  7. Lorne

    1994 tach dead

    One might even say that a motorcycle Service Manual is a relatively simple instrument. Great that you wish to help a fellow down on his luck, but do try to give accurate information 😉
  8. Lorne


    Great shot, Skids. It makes me want to head out on a trip.
  9. Lorne

    Throttle bodies interchangeable?

    Physically, the '98/'99 TB ought to fit. But, they lack the automatic enricher and require a fast idle lever in the left handlebar switch housing. Possible that you could mix & match but my guess is that a good mechanic ought to be able to diagnose the fault in your current unit. What problem are you trying to solve? Symptoms?
  10. Lorne

    RC30: The Musical

    Yeah, it has. No worries 'cause you can never have too much RC30 content.
  11. Lorne

    Flaming Gorge with CVVFR and didit bikes en route

    The pavement was in great shape on my last run through in 2015. Well, not a lot nearby but if you are in the neighbourhood there is plenty to see: * Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs are to the north * Colorado NM and Arches NP are to the south * Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion NPs are a little further afield, to the southwest * Tons of great scenic secondary highways in the area - check your maps and travel guides
  12. Lorne

    Flaming Gorge with CVVFR and didit bikes en route

    Ah, yes, I too have toured through Flaming Gorge. That is the only lay-by but they couldn't have located it any better - what a fantastic view.
  13. Lorne

    OEM Hard Bag Installation

    I forgot to say that the bracket is 3.5 mm thick.
  14. Lorne

    Best AVAILABLE tires for 3rd gen

    As the other guys said, just get a 180/55 rear tire. Your 8-spoke rear wheel is the same width as all VFR800s, and their standard tire size is 180/55. Fwiw, I've an 8-spoke on my '09 VTec and had zero troubles with a 180/55 in more than 70,000 km. Nor on my '92 VFR750 in 50,000 km. (all Michelin Pilot Power or Pilot Sport, btw)
  15. Lorne

    OEM Hard Bag Installation

    Mike, sorry about the delay. Here is a scan of the bracket in question. It is just under 3" high and 6 ⅜ " wide. Hope this helps.

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