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  1. That's fine work you're doing on your '92. Will this make it more difficult to fit the muffler?
  2. ...I bought this lightly used 2 year old VFR750, and haven't been without a Honda since then; several VFRs and a handful of VTR1000F. I'd bought the bike late that afternoon, and being early March it was a dark, damp first ride to visit my folks. I'd love to have it back, and in that condition.
  3. Lorne

    my VFRs

    shots of my bikes
  4. Sweeper makes some good points, and I'd add that Honda didn't do all that well matching the look of the various panels on my yellow '99. There was a really noticeable difference in the yellow of the left & right side panels vs. the upper cowl - from when the bike was brand new. Whether it was primer/base colour or different material or a combination, who knows. Fwiw, none of my other VFRs had a noticeable colour mismatch.
  5. Oops, I forgot to say that Captain 80s was first to ask so I sent everything to him.
  6. Another problem you may encounter is getting travel medical insurance. Ten or so years ago a friend had a crash that resulted in cognitive impairment. Subsequently that was one of the conditions for which his travel medical plan wouldn't get renewed. Granted, this is in Canada but definitely worth checking before your next trip.
  7. Ah, unfortunately for me this was done by RCC Creations. Though I was born in Scotland, I can only dream of that shop or those skills.
  8. My apologies if this series has already been mentioned, but here is the engine build episode of the NC30 / VFR400 restoration series:
  9. Wouldn't happen to have been with Andy, aka Missendon Flyer would it? He has started showing videos of his tour in Japan.
  10. I found these 3rd gen parts and thought that someone here might find them useful. They've all been in a box for 20+ years since I last had a 3rd gen VFR. I'd prefer to send them all as a package, no charge except for shipping. The small cover is n.o.s., I'd fitted a switch for my grip heaters in the original and wanted an unmolested spare - just in case. The chain guard shows some light scuffing but otherwise in good nick. The batter strap is used but definitely serviceable. Not 100% sure it's from a 3rd gen, though. The two rubber blocks are cushions for the front right & left side of the fuel tank. Again, these are used and a little stiff with age.
  11. Fwiw, according to Partzilla, Honda list three different brake pads for 6th gen VFR800s: left front: 06456-MCW-H02 right front: 06455-MCW-H02 rear: 06435-MAT-016
  12. I have an older version of Gropula's setup. In fact, I've had them since at least 1999 and moved them from bike to bike over the years. Back then, generic heated grips were just awful. As to heated gloves, never tried 'em. But heated grips are just a click away so you don't have to stop to warm up your hands.
  13. DeutschTo add to Terry's comments, the other weak point of VFR electrics is the stator. It is probably worth inspecting it after buying, and it'd make sense to do so whilst changing the engine oil & filter. I'd be more inclined to replace any dodgy connectors with ones from Deutsch. Other than that, I'd only suggest giving the bike a thorough going over to determine the health of things like fork seals, chain & sprockets, tires, brake rotors & pads, steering head bearings. Cleaning and lubing the brake & clutch levers, and the throttle tube make any bike feel better. After all, it is 25 years old. If you have a work space and are handy with tools, changing the fork oil isn't too difficult. Good luck.
  14. Oh dear, that doesn't look healthy. Good luck with the repairs.
  15. Looks like you've got 17" wheels, was that one of the changes with the RC26? Sorry I'm coming late to this thread and am looking forward to seeing Keny's project completed.
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