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  1. Afaik, there were no significant difference between 5th gen VFR800s from 1998 to 2001. Certainly none that affected handling or power. But a few changes popped up, mostly starting with the 2000 model. They include eliminating the manual cold start lever, changing to sleeker mirrors, and changing to more stylish foot pegs for the rider. Different colours were available during the run, but not every region had the same choices.
  2. And doesn't it look fantastic! Great job on the fuel tank & bodywork, and the paint work looks perfect.
  3. In fairness, the 6th gen Honda panniers are a *lot* narrower than a set of Givi. And not much wider than the RKA 47 litre saddlebags I used previously. I can attest that they are no wider than my handlebars and I haven't snagged a car whilst lane splitting into Santa Cruz. The bridge too far for me are tail trunks, perched on high above and behind the seat. It all depends on how much gear you need for a multi-day trip, though.
  4. For others checking this thread, here is the on that works best for me. Simple, inexpensive, and easy to apply or release. Of course, I'd prefer a true cruise control.
  5. Fwiw, here's how the VIN tag was positioned on my '98 VFR800 (Canadian model) when brand new. What's important is whether the frame & engine number match, and match the number on the tag.
  6. No VIN tag, but the s/n is stamped onto the headstock and on rear of the engine just ahead of the shock. The 1998-2001 service manual shows this Page 1-3, and much more useful information as well. Peruse the Downloads section of this very forum and you will find a pdf version freely available. In the meantime:
  7. Knobby tires and UD forks, eh? Brings to mind this creation from Brivemo Motos. Sadly, not a V4 but an impressive piece nonetheless.
  8. I'll assume you have stock handlebars. Pages 1-25 & 1-30 in the 5th Gen service manual, in my paper copy as well as the pdf download here at VFRD, show the routing. From the twist grip they route in front of the right fork tube and the frame (as you note), then inboard of the left fork tube and between the frame and the throttle body.
  9. Hi Laura! (don't forget your manners, lads - a friendly greeting ought to be the way you welcome a first time poster) There are a variety of foam earplugs available from a safety supply shop like Grainger Industrial or AGS Safety - both are in Phoenix. A little trimming with scissors may help to make them more comfortable. Good luck,
  10. If you look at enough ads you'll get a handle on the price range of 5th gen VFR800s. If its a keeper: Condition trumps age - newer isn't necessarily better. In any case, they are all ~20 years old with no significant difference other than colour. Pro tip: yellow is best. Condition trumps mileage - lower isn't necessarily better. Many owners have exceeded 100,000 miles on their VFRs, so 40K is a mere pittance.
  11. 5th gen VFR800s have straight ports as in your gold example. Press photos and the Service Manual for 2002 VTec show it to also have straight ports. According the p/n's in Partzilla the caliper assemblies changed in 2006, and these later VTecs have the angled ports. The hose to the lower port carries brake fluid from the left hand caliper to the the right caliper. If you haven't already bought a set I'd suggest that it is better to dismantle, clean, and rebuild your bikes calipers. That way you'll know that they are in tip-top shape. Any used part should be treated skeptically. Good luck.
  12. Yep, just using hand-power. You are correct that it can take a bit of effort, as well as being awkward, so prying with a screwdriver is preferred.
  13. Lorne

    DfB05300 Hdr Sm

    The shade was thanks to it being 7:30 am on the first of May, and having a mile-high mountain right behind where I am stood. We had pleasant temperatures during our visit to Death Valley; highs (according to my VFR) were ~34℃ / 93℉, and 19/66° around 7:30 am. Atop 1660m/5500' Dante's View the morning before it was barely 7/45°. ps. I wrote about my trip here: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/78012-california-tour-2014/
  14. I assume this is to ease brake pad replacement? If so, I just wedge a thin blade screwdriver between the rotor and the outer brake pad and pry them apart. You don't really need much extra clearance. Alternatively, you can just press the caliper inboard.
  15. Here are some pics of the left & right calipers on my '09 VTec and a press photo of the VFR1200's. Note that the brake line routes from master to the left caliber, then to the right caliper. The ABS ring and its sensor are completely independent of the caliper. The 1200 has a totally different design that incorporates radial mounting.
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