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  1. Lorne


    You bet I can. This pics is from 2002, I think, when it had probably done ~50K miles. shortly before I traded it for my 2nd VTR1000F. Eagle eyed will notice the thinner footpegs and the later mirrors from the '00/'01 VFR800, an 8-spoke from a '91 VFR750, and the Yosh slip-on, too.
  2. This is indeed a great route, but it used to have a really fun roller-coaster like section about 10 miles west of Red Bluff. Sadly, the best part was straightened out some years back. This video shows how that looked back in 2003. The neutered segment starts at about 2:05 mins in: Highway 36 near Red Bluff, Ca.
  3. As Bmart said, you have room to the lever clamps inboard. Also, your handlebars are marked ABM RL KBA 90928 0239. So, I dunno if they have the same shape as the LSL AN1 bars that came with my kit. Anyhow, here are pics showing the setup on my 2009 VFR.
  4. sorry I'm late to this topic, but good to hear you tracked down the problem.
  5. You'll have read plenty of good suggestions so some of these aren't new, but here's my thoughts. 1. Founders Grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park: https://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/425/files/HumboldtRedwoodsFinalWebLayout2017.pdf This is one of the best spots to experience the enormous redwood trees. An you can jump off the Hwy 101 onto Avenue of the Giants. It parallels the highway but at a slower pace. 2. Monterey Bay Aquarium https://www.montereybayaquarium.org Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel are well worth visiting, and the aquarium is one of the highlights. If you plan to overnight, especially on an even weekend, it is best to book a room ahead of time. Time your visit right and you might catch an even at nearby Laguna Seca raceway. 3. Lassen Volcanic National Park https://www.nps.gov/lavo/index.htm If the weather permits a drive through Mt Lassen park is a good way to spend an afternoon. 4. Yosemite National Park https://www.nps.gov/yose/index.htm A visit here is almost a must. Yellowstone Valley has the main visitor centres & accommodation, but also some great walking paths. If you have the time Glacier Point has fantastic views of the valley 3,000’ below, as well as El Capitan to the north and Half Dome to the east. 5. Hurst Castle https://hearstcastle.org Not my cup o’tea but friends tell me they thoroughly enjoyed visiting. 6. Lake Tahoe https://visitinglaketahoe.com Lake Tahoe is a beautiful part of California. It is busy during the summertime, but Hwy 89 on the west side of the lake offers the most dramatic views. 7. Pacific Coast Highway No driving trip through California would be complete without Hwy 1, the Pacific Coast highway. This is one of my favourite routes, and I’ve ridden it dozens of times. It can be cold and damp in the summer, tho. 8. Napa Valley https://www.visitnapavalley.com If you enjoy wine & wineries then add Napa Valley to your list. Lovely scenery, though the southern part is quite built up. Calistoga is at the northern end, and Silverado Trail is a much quieter road than the main highway, Hwy 128. 9. Golden Gate Bridge https://www.nps.gov/goga/index.htm Terrific views of San Francisco and the bay, especially from the headlands northwest of the bridge. Pro tip: you only pay the(modest) toll southbound. 10. San Francisco https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/muni/cable-cars https://www.fishermanswharf.org I’ve not spent much time in San Francisco considering how many times I’ve driven thru. If you should end up here take a ride on the cable car. We hopped on at Fisherman’s Wharf for a trip to Chinatown. The cable car is terrific fun to ride, and the scenery ain’t half bad.
  6. Welcome to VFRD. I can't remember seeing a green VFR750 - your's looked fantastic. Your new VFR800 will feel quite different, but you will grow to love it.
  7. ...or should it be What didn't you do to your VFR Today? As in, why didn't I tuck it under the covers before the snow fell?
  8. Lorne


    I love your photo, nice alignment of the VFR, road, and setting sun. At least I hope it's a setting sun 'cause I hate gettin' up early.
  9. Today was the first sunny day in a couple of weeks, and since my insurance runs out in a week or so I took my VFR on some errands. Sunny ≠ warm, and there was a brisk wind, too. But I found a favourite spot to snap this piccy for posterity. This is atop King George terrace in Victoria, BC.
  10. Hi Lorne, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. I bought a pair of Sidi Cobra Air boots at the 2012 WSB races at Laguna Seca. I liked 'em so much that I ordered another pair when I got back home. So, what did I like about these boots? First of all, they fit well. The uppers are perforated which aids comfort on those long hot days. Surprisingly, they aren't too cool when the mercury drops. As a rule I don't ride in rain, but have been caught in some torrential downpours a number of times over the years. I won't say my socks always stay dry, but I suppose my 6th gen's fairing blocks most of the rain. My pair are easy to put on and have a simple, non-fussy closure. The sole is pretty rigid, but comfy enough for short walks. Would take them hiking, tho. The give a good feel of the shifter, like a nice pair of summer gloves do for the hand controls. My previous boots were padded numbed any feeling. But after 75K km and 10 years the uppers are starting to break down and it is about time to retire them. Sure glad I bought that 2nd pair 'cause the Cobra isn't available anymore. Whatever the replacement I'd have to hope that I chose wisely.
  12. Good man, Michelin's R5 really suit the VFR.
  13. Even if it spins 360° you may need to remove the sprocket. Rotate it each way to see to see if how far it will go. Remember, with the chain adjusted properly, depending on how the eccentric is positioned you may not gain much extra ride height. If it is currently at 6 o'clock you'd gain a lot more than if it is at 4 o'clock. Fwiw, the eccentric on my '91 VFR750 wouldn't quite spin all the way round, probably about 340°. Good luck
  14. You gonna need a bigger screen 😉 Alternatively, in Safari on a Mac you can press ⌘- to downsize the page contents. The text will stay readable for a few clicks.
  15. I don't have the 1998 brochure but here's what the 1999 thru 2005 Honda Canada brochures say. Also included the Canadian list price for some years. 1998 1999 yellow $12,899 2000 green, red, blue $12,899 2001 red, silver, blue (the brochures pics show these, but the specs list green instead of silver) 2002 red, silver ABS: red, black $13,399/14,199 seems to be the only year with different colours for ABS models 2003 red, metallic silver $13,399/14,199 2004 matte black, red $13,399/14,199 2005 red, light silver metallic 2006 pearl cosmic black, pearl sunbeam white
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