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  1. Assumes facts not in evidence. Could you explain how a faulty stator winding (shorted or open) can out put more energy than a healthy one?
  2. Congratulations on your very tidy looking VFR750. My '91 & '92 VFR750s would get 150-210 miles to a tank - if you ran it dry. The fuel gauge is VERY pessimistic. When it reads E and the low fuel light illuminates the tank is still about ⅓ full. Capacity is 19 litres or 4.2 gallons Imp (5.0 gal US) Like Dutchy says, get out and enjoy your VFR for awhile before making changes. I hesitate to question Dutchy, but my Gen.5 VFR800s got slightly better mileage than my 750s. The 800 has a 21 litre tank so range was noticeably better. And my current '09 VTec gets even better mileage and has an even larger 22 litre capacity.
  3. Very nice bike, NKL, especially considering that it is almost 30 years old. It helps that the previous owner can answer to it's service history. Be very careful when removing any of the cowls - there are a lot if different pieces and all of 'em have delicate tabs & slots just waiting to spoil your day. And there are quite a variety of different fasteners to keep track of. Spend some time to check inspect & clean all the electrical connectors. Pay particular attention to the charging system: connectors, rectifier/regulator, starter relay (adjacent to the battery). The manual specifies a 170/60 rear tire, but a 180/55 is an acceptable alternative. The rear wheel is the same width as the VFR800 which specifies a 180/55. The fork legs are painted but can be stripped, and polish up a treat with some steel wool and Solvol Autosol. The mirrors can be swapped for a set from the 2000+ VFR800. They lack the plastic boot for a cleaner look, but offer no other benefit. Coolant hoses have a finite life and replacements can be tricky to obtain. Be aware that there are s number of small ones nested in the eve under the carburettors. If you find the handlebars are too low you can raise them almost an inch. Simply remove the small circlip on the fork tube above them. There are other pricier options, too. Here's a pic of my black '92 and red '91, both long since sold:
  4. Yep, as John says, it is a doddle to swap the 8-spoke rear from 1990-1993 VFR750 onto any 1998-2009 VFR800. Anyhow, I can't resist this excuse to share a photo of my 2009 which is in all relevant details identical to your 2004 model.
  5. It'll just bolt right on aways trips me up, even with the smallest tasks. Of course, these little issues pose no problem to you. I'd love to hear your what you have to say about the SP1 a couple years down the road. And I bet I'm not alone.
  6. Thanks Miguel, I was sure it was possible but didn't think to try that option.
  7. I seem to recall that it used to be possible to add a photo from an album to a post, and there was an icon on the tool bar to do so. Tonight I tried the Insert other Media ---> Insert image from URL button but no go.
  8. A very pleasant few days of late tempted me to reinsure my VTec this afternoon. Met with some friends to view a video of their ride last summer. Stopped for a portrait at Beacon Hill Park, looking across Juan de Fuca Straight to Port Angeles, Wash., and the mountains of Olympic National Park. The 90 minute ferry ride there from my home in Victoria is very familiar as it makes the first step of almost every summer trip.
  9. This and many other questions may be found in the service manual - conveniently available in pdf form from VFRD's Downloads section. But to answer your question, it appears to be located under the right-side fairing, just ahead of radiator - page 19-10 of the service manual.
  10. Haven't camped at Sonoma, we stayed in Novato, about 10 miles west of the track. Motel prices there, or anywhere along Hwy-101, are no picnic. Vallejo has more affordable rates, leastwise according to Google (search for Vallejo, Cal accommodations for example). Have no idea how pleasant or otherwise it isa as a community. I'll note that après-ski aspect of attending the races is far better in Monterey. Certainly nothing along the lines of Cannery Row on Saturday night. Didn't see anything at MotoAmerica's site in that regard.
  11. The wheel colour in your photo has me reconsidering what to do the next time I repaint my VTec's wheels. It reminds me of the wheel colour on my '91 VFR750.
  12. I'm with FJ - why black? Which of the two VFRs below looks better? I admit that keeping white wheels clean is a pain. So, paint 'em silver, grey, gold, or any colour other than black. Black makes it near impossible to appreciate the shape of the wheel. Save money and just let 'em stay dirty 😉
  13. I tried other solutions but find the best for me is the Go Cruise-style throttle lock: https://www.twistedthrottle.ca/go-cruise-2-throttle-device-universal-auminum-black (probably even cheaper forms a U.S. vendor) I had the composite version for years but now have the adjustable aluminum one. It is far cheaper than a Throttlemeister, and easier to use. Heres what it looks like on my 6th gen
  14. I'm not sure why both feet are required. Once stopped, just switch to the right foot down.
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