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  1. Lorne

    Newbie from AUS

    All you need are the footpegs. They'll bolt onto your existing brackets in place of the originals, and use the same hinge pin and spring and feeler bolt. Take a look at a VTec and you'll see. Back in '99 I got a pair from the CBR600 F4i, but the VTec VFR uses the same ones.
  2. Lorne

    Newbie from AUS

    Lovely colour and very clean, too. One small change would be to swap for the later(VTec) footpegs which have thinner and firmer rubber pads. And they fit perfectly. The original ones felt way too soft for my taste. If the handlebars seem too high you can swap on ~⅝" lower '90-'97 VFR750 'bars. The bar end weights are different, but your switchgear will mount properly. As I recall, there was no interference with the fuel tank or windscreen. But, the position of the locating tabs on the 'bars differ amongst the VFR models. No worries though, just ensure that the fasteners are correctly torqued.
  3. Like Duc2V4 my stator failed out on the backroads, in my case atop Grand Mesa in Colorado. Actually, it was only mostly dead, unable to keep the battery charged. Managed to bump start and ride the remaining 75 km to Delta, Colo. Troubleshooting was indeterminate, but a local shop had a new battery so I took it as a spare after recharging both. After pulling the headlight fuse and disconnecting the e'vest hookup I managed to finish the trip and get home. Swapped the batteries a couple times along the way, and recharged both every night. I was able to complete our tour of Colorado and made it 3500km/2200 mi home safe & sound. Not the wisest course, but I figured the spare battery would get me to a town where I'd rent a truck. What it looked like after extraction:
  4. Lorne

    Veefalo turned 60!

    Congratulations, HS, both to you and your trusty steed. I've come close to that mileage on a couple of my VFRs and both times traded up to a new bike shortly after. If you were to replace the Veefalo, what would you choose?
  5. Lorne

    Rest stop photo opp

    That's gotta be on PCH in California. Can't pinpoint to location but my guess is somewhere between Big Sur and Cambria. In any case, love the photo and the road.
  6. In NorthAm, 3rd gen VFRs had their rear signals on stalks mounted to the mudguard. Uk and Euro models had them integrated either side of the brake light, with amber lenses. I swapped to amber lenses on my '92. Don't know if they are still available, and they also required a different socket than the standard.
  7. Yeah, I still feel sheepish for propping the VFR that way - not very secure. Otoh, without forks & wheel the jack isn't supporting very much weight. Also, I forgot to say that while the 3G all used the same passenger grab bars some were bare aluminum and some, like those in the ad for the white '93, were painted black.
  8. Compare the VFR decals in these three pics. The first is from a UK-model black 1990 VFR750. Note how the decals differ: black for black VFRs is red for red VFRs and white for white VFRs. So these decals would look all wrong if not applied to the matching coloured body.
  9. Fwiw, the Honda decals on the tank are clear-coated and so much more durable, but impossible to remove. Honda made a different graphic for each body colour, also the pattern changed during 1990-1993 model run. These oe decals have 5 colours, black, gold, red, white, blue, and clear. Not too easy to duplicate I think. The backing paper has notches and holes to help line it up correctly on the side panel, and it says Scotchcal 3M Film. The p/n are: Left: 64480-MT4-300ZC Right: 64440-MT4-300ZC I have an unused spare set if you can't find them anywhere. For reference, the first pic shows the stock decals on my '92 VFR. In the 2nd pic I'd applied red tape over the purple and replaced the VFR decal with the UK version.
  10. Ten years ago the forks on my '92 looked pretty scruffy, though not quite as rough as yours. I had the forks off to get emulators installed and decided to try cleaning them up. Some good paint stripper, #0000 steel wool, heavy gloves, safety glasses and a bit of elbow grease had them looking much improved. Next some Solvol Autosol and more #0000 had them looking really good. I pondered reapplying clear coat but opted not to. Two years later they still looked fantastic. By the way, Honda didn't polish the fork legs evenly overall. In this pic the top leg is just stripped of the clear coat and the lower one has been polished. And they look great back on the bike, and stayed this way till I sold it 2 years / 20,000 km later.
  11. Lorne

    Chain Lube

    Too bad about the lube, but that stretch of PCH is amongst my favourite rides. Sadly, it'll be another 9 months till I get back there.
  12. Too bad neither of these is readily available, but I like their simplicity. The first, worn-to-death shirt was made for the first World Superbike visit to American at Laguna Seca in 1995. The other shirt was from sadly defunct Pacific Northwest VFR mailing list.
  13. Electrical: you mentioned updated rec/reg but another weak point are all the connectors in the charging system. The 3-conductor between the alternator (stator) and the rec/reg, and everything on the starter relay (adjacent to the battery) Bodywork: G3 VFRs have complicated bodywork with lots of fragile tabs that have only become more delicate over the past 25 years. Take care when removing & replacing. Fuel tank: some G3 tanks have a sympathetic buzz at mid revs. Honda came up with a tool design to *very* slightly tweak the vent line bracket located just in front of the filler neck. Mirrors: you already replaced them but know that the condom-less mirrors from 2000/2001 VFR800 also fit
  14. MaxSwell & dgordon - glad you like the black/white scheme. I have to admit that my favourite VFR was my yellow '99 G5, with my '09 a close 2nd.
  15. Not sure where I found this photo - or indeed, the owner - but it is definitely a horse of a different colour. When it comes to custom graphics this one follows the adage 'Go big or go home'

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