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  1. Agricultural? Ooh, that stings 😉 They do sound pretty good with a set of Yoshimura RS3 cans I've owned 3 VTRs in between my various VFR750s & VFR800s and found the VTR to feel much lighter than any VFR. The low bars, high pegs are an issue if you weren't born this century. Ah, yes, the infamous RLOD. The VTRs biggest shortcoming is it's lack of range. I found that on trips the mileage is not much less than my VFRs, but combined with the small tank the range was maybe ⅔ of the VFR. Fwiw, of my VFRs the 6th gen has the greatest range, then the 5th gen, and lastly the 3rd gen. Here's a pic of my last & favourite 2005 VTR1000F.
  2. Silly rabbit, white is the correct choice. If you change your mind afterwords just leave 'em dirty and eventually they'll be blackish 😉
  3. My SLR and camcorder weighed it down a bit 😉 but as I recall I stuffed my electric vest in the upper compartment so it wasn't too heavy.
  4. Check the starter relay connections. If they have failed, like on my '92 pictured below, then no power can get to the starter, or indeed the rest of your bike.
  5. Lorne

    IMG 4729

    Going to the Sun is a great ride. My last trip there was in the summer of 2014. Sadly, heavy traffic and a massive amount of roadwork that day. Didn't spoil the fantastic scenery, though.
  6. No telling if it'll make production but Honda displayed this concept version of the CB1000R. Styled like the 1979 CB900F, though it would look really hot in the CB1100F colours.
  7. White is the only proper colour for wheels. Everything else is just primer 😉
  8. Why don't they fit - too short, wrong fittings, or... ? Fwiw, when I installed an LSL handlebar on my 2009 VFR800 I couldn't make the stock cables work. No matter what routing they were too short. Someone mentioned that ST1300 cables (17910-MCS-G00 + 17920-MCS-G00) were the correct choice and they were long enough. They are about 100-120mm longer than the VFR cables, and have the same fittings.
  9. Lorne


    Love the colour and the mood it sets in this photo. Well done
  10. Lorne


    Yep, and it is a lovely stretch of NorCal's coast.
  11. Lovely photo. The scene reminds me of quite a few places in Oregon and NorCal. C'mon springtime.
  12. Lorne

    Bike trip 2017 (96).jpg

    I recognize that spot, it's one of my favourite parts of PCH. Starting southbound from Garberville or northbound form Fort Bragg makes for a great morning's ride.
  13. I used a set of ST1300 throttle cables, but had enough clearance with the electrical & hydraulic lines by rerouting. Unlike some of the other guys I couldn't make the original throttle cables work.
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