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  1. Lorne


    Photos like this remind me how much I miss my red '98 800. Thanks, for sharing.
  2. Lorne

    96 vfr750 8 22 2020 (2).jpg

    Great photo, Slo1. Love how you framed it to show that small glimpse of road to come.
  3. I bet you meant to say a 906 Paso. The graphics and 16" from wheel give it away. I lusted after a 907 IE for ages, but ended up buying a 2 year old '91 VFR750 instead. A couple of friends had 907s but somehow I never got a chance to ride either.
  4. Forgot to add, if you don't already have a paper or pdf of the service manual you can download it from this very site: '98-'01 Honda VFR Service Manual Or goto Browse-->Downloads at the top left of the page.
  5. Lorne

    VFR800 Stator??

    Dutchy and Cogswell offered some good suggestions. Before you spend money on any parts there are a couple of things worth knowing. The output of the rec/reg goes through the starter relay (adjacent to the battery) *before* going to the battery. Check the connections on your starter relay to ensure they are in good condition. And as Cogswell says, check that your meter is set to AC.
  6. Is not the starter relay adjacent to your battery? You should be able to access it for inspection or to remove & replace it by removing the seat. Yours is in virtually the same location as on my '92 VFR750 and I didn't need to remove the tank. Cannot remember if removing the battery was necessary. Good luck
  7. As raYzerman noted, it does take a bit of fiddling but not too tricky to remove. With good lighting and a soft pad for your knees you ought to be able to see what the hang up is. While you have it off you might consider painting it - I went with a silver-grey trying to match the frame.
  8. Always good to have new voices join the forum. Send us some photos of your VFR and some of the places you ride.
  9. It's never good form to engage in schadenfreude. But you'll have a water pump you can count on not failing in the middle of nowhere.
  10. Lorne


    Lovely afternoon shot on the California coast. I always seem to ride it in the morning under a low overcast.
  11. My planned ride meant crossing the border into America. Unfortunately, travel to the US has been restricted since early spring. Doesn't look to promising in the near future. I suppose a ride in BC & southwestern Alberta is possible, but even here life is still far from normal.
  12. Thanks for sharing the story of your trip. This year's pandemic put paid to my trip this year, so I have to live vicariously through others'.
  13. The 2002+ VFR800 introduced larger, 43mm forks. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen VFR750 & VFR800 and 41mm forks. According to Partzilla, the fork cap is the same on '94-'97 VFR8750 and '98-'01 VFR800. Unfortunately, they also show it as unavailable. But there ought to be about a gazillion of 'em available from 'retired' VFRs.
  14. Indeed, it may still be worse. With a 20 year old engine the water pump shaft and/or seal may be the source of the leak. Keep us posted.
  15. Agricultural? Ooh, that stings 😉 They do sound pretty good with a set of Yoshimura RS3 cans I've owned 3 VTRs in between my various VFR750s & VFR800s and found the VTR to feel much lighter than any VFR. The low bars, high pegs are an issue if you weren't born this century. Ah, yes, the infamous RLOD. The VTRs biggest shortcoming is it's lack of range. I found that on trips the mileage is not much less than my VFRs, but combined with the small tank the range was maybe ⅔ of the VFR. Fwiw, of my VFRs the 6th gen has the greatest range, then the 5th gen, and lastly the 3rd gen. Here's a pic of my last & favourite 2005 VTR1000F.
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