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  1. thanks for all the info, K&N is out, some of your replies with filter numbers were great think im going to go with Mobil 1 or Purolator
  2. just wondering if there is any suggested oil filter and why , Im in need of a oil change i am trying to stay away from k&n oil filter
  3. Just thought id let you guys know the bike did not want to fire for 12 hours. I work as a EMT so i was gone for my 3 day shift when i got back my bike ran great i think i just needed to sit but seems like it is burning off oil in the exhaust now
  4. thanks grum i will figure this out, this was my fault , i was putting my bike on my lift table and was on the opposite side of the table and went to lean it toward the kick stand and the kick stand slid out from under it or off the table not sure i was too busy holding on to the bike. table was on the ground . can i send you a message when i get to it this next weekend with my facts and a short video of what is going on
  5. so recently i pulled the fuel injectors out for the first time and changed the pressure regulator . bike was running good. put all the hoses back in the right place but i had one left over from under fuel rail . vacum hoses 1-4 went on the air filter housing hoses 1-10-12- 15 went where they belong. as i was putting the bike back together i had found one last hose from under the throttle body that was connected to all four intakes ( i dont know the proper name ) i thought it was a overflow of some kind. when the error code came up two blinks. check map sensor hose. i thought of this hose it was the only one that knew was not connected. when i plugged it in the error code light went off. otherwise there are no hoses not connected and i made sure all other hoses are in the right place according to the manual
  6. ill give that a try but i am smelling gas from cranking not really an overabundance of gas .is there any chance oil got into something ? i does not seem to be firing on any cylinder . i am at work for the next 3 days then i have four days off . i will check the fuel and i will pull the plugs and see if i am getting spark . also if it landed on the coil could that of gone bad. this seems really odd to me considering nothing looks broken
  7. hello all while looking at my map sensor on my 1998 honda vfr 800 fi because the bike was blinking twice.the bike fell on the left side. when i went to start it the bike started then stalled bike was running well before i was looking at it. now it wont start seems like it is not getting fuel it sputters once in a while anyone have any ideas. did the flooded procedure but still wont start. i put a hose on the map sensor and no lights are flashing
  8. Just wanted to let you all know the fix for my problem was a fuel pressure regulator and doing the flooded procedure. Thanks you guys rock
  9. thanks for the picture , that is a nice clear picture , no i did not change the oil filter, but i will when i get it running right. oil seems to be coming out of #1 and # 3 exhaust under the seat so it seems. but now that i changed the FPR it is clearing out and burning out the oil and im thinking it might be gas mixed with oil.
  10. so it seems i have had many problems started out cylinder 3 was cold and not firing too much fuel so i checked the fuel injectors and all seem to work when bench tested then i went to check my oil and it was half oil and gas , so i changed my oil, so then i replaced my pressure regulator. then when i went to start the bike cylinder 3 was still cold, so i did the flooded thing where you hold the throttle open and it finally started to fire on that cylinder then when i was still clearing it out i noticed smoke and it smelled like oil, after looking for the smoke i see the smoke coming off the exhaust running down the top of the exhaust but bike is still clearing out . had to close the garage door because of the fumes . I have not had a chance to run the bike for long period of time and wont for a few days. my question is what could cause this?
  11. thank you Grum . i dont know if you remember my post on a cold cylinder #3 not firing possibly flooding due to a pressure regulator being faulty about two weeks ago, im just getting to fixing it . I just put the regulator on the bike and found all the vacum lines in the wrong places . I am hoping if I get them put in the right places, and hoping my cylinder #3 fires back up now that the pressure regulator is in . I also wanted to keep you posted on weather or not the new pressure regulator fixes the problem since that was you thought as well as mine
  12. Hose #12 coming off my one way valve is two inches long and connects to nothing. according to a image i have from the manual on 5-66 shows hose #12 coming off the one way valve and connected to the bypass control solenoid valve. is this the correct way and does anyone have any pictures of how it should be. i purchased this bike with 12,000 miles on it and am finding out most of the vacum lines are incorrectly placed. just wondering if someone did some mods before i got this bike
  13. working on my1998 VFR 800 FI noticed that there are no hoses on my bypass control solenoid valve , are there any supposed to be hooked up there ? I think hoses are not in the right place, also the one way valve can anyone show me how that is supposed to be hooked up. really what I am looking for is a fuel hose diagram or pictures of the hoses while hooked up in the right spot. any help would be great
  14. Hi lawnmowerman, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  15. Cold as not even warm to the touch, I just purchased a fuel pressure regulator on line at Partzilla but it will be a week or so until i get to putting it on. I will let you know if this fixes my problem when i get .
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