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  1. i dont know that i can help you, but i am fallowing your post, i have the same issues, if i figure mine out i will let you know. please post your fix. thanks
  2. so i just took off riding my 1998 vfr 800 FI ,kind tearing it up a little. on a nice safe road no traffic , turned off my motorcycle and went to start it again and the battery was almost dead would not start . I charged battery and went to see what it was charging at and it is charging a 3.50 volts and when reving it to 5000 rpms the charge voltage goes down from 3.50 to 3.25 and lower , is this strange that cant be enough to keep the battery charged can it? after battery charged the battery stayed at 12.8 volts , can anyone tell me an easy way to check the stator and or voltage regulator thanks lawnmower man
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  4. I would have to say the clutch lever engages over a longer throw or distance goes in gear fine . i recently purchased this bike from a man that seems to of taken care of it. i no longer have his number .but being now that it is summer i have some time to ride my vfr 800 and the bike seems to run well, butt seems to lack power since i am new to this bike i dont know if this is normal for it. the bike seems to have a good amount of power between 4 and 8 thousand rpms. and then doesnt really have much power after that .not that i need to go that fast .im just wondering if i maybe the fuel injectors need to be cleaned . also it wants to bogg down when letting the clutch out . just have to give it more gas and were all good. thanks
  5. Thanks for replying. i will let you guys know if fuel injector cleaner works with the lack of power,and as far as the clutch i will also let you know if bleeding it helps. thanks for the positive attitude and good advice.
  6. Hello all new here. just purchased a 1998 vfr 800 great condition , but it seems to lack power, for example when letting out the clutch it wants to stall ,it need to give it a decent amount of gas and clutch lever doesnt seem to pop right in , there is allot of travel in the clutch lever, i have several other bikes and have ridden for 30 years faithfully , clutch pops in gear faster on my other bikes. so my question is, do these bikes have a lack of power at low rpm,s or would i most likley need a carb cleen, is this a carb or fuel injected can anybody help
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