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  1. I am not the best mechanic around but i definitely have what it takes to fix this my self with a little help , if i try to fix this and have any fairly simple questions can i message you , except i wont have time to do it for three weeks or so Lawnmower man
  2. have you done this , hate to say it but i think your right
  3. thanks for this advice i think you may be right. the dealer is not doing me any good. just costing me money , did you have the same problems ? and did this fix it for you, if you ever ride you bike to Tahquamen falls in the upper peninsula let me know
  4. so here is my story. 1998 Honda VFR 800 charging at 12.9 to 13.6 at 5000 RPM, and 14.2 at idle. i took my bike to a Honda dealer because i do not have the time or the knowledge to fix my Hond VFR after having it for 7 days they tell me that 13.6 volts at 5000 RPS is good enough the repair manual says it should charge at 14 to 14.8 I tell service dept the that the manual says it should be charging at 14 to 14.8 they tell me that 13.6 volts is enough and i want it fixed right because fixing it right will help prevent further problems rather than leave me broken down on the side or the road . is there a number of a honda dealer rep that i can speak to about this issue and what is the right charging rate. and if they can help this dealership fix my problem correctly i am willing to pay for service . the dealer tells me that after inspecting the system that it is working correctly and charging at 13.6 volts. is there a Honda dealer or rep out there that can help me thanks john
  5. hey all i have got a new to me motorcycle and the motorcycle bogs down when i let the clutch out in first gear , I have been riding for over 40 years now , i do not think it is the engine the bike runs well. but maybe the sprockets have been changed for hwy riding the man i purchased it from said he was doing some hwy riding. but i dont have his number any mare. can any one tell me what the original gearing was, the front and rear sprocket size. and since i'm bogging down do i want to increase the size of the front sprocket ?
  6. Thank you for this reply. I am a EMT and i work for 60 hours straight, so i could not get home to get my manual. Now do i confront my local power sports dealer with this and tell him that he is wrong and to read the manual ? I don't mean to be a know it all but it should not idle at 14.2 and 13.2 at 5000 RPM. i am angry because i am paying him for his knowledge and expertise. thank you Lawnmower man
  7. hello im not a home for a couple of days does any one have the actual numbers that the manual says the voltage should be on a 1998 honda vfr 800 fi , my honda mechanic told me the voltage should drop while the bike is running , from like 14.2 to like 13.2 at 5000 rpms , i dont believe that i think he just cant figure out the problem. than lawnmower man
  8. i dont know that i can help you, but i am fallowing your post, i have the same issues, if i figure mine out i will let you know. please post your fix. thanks
  9. so i just took off riding my 1998 vfr 800 FI ,kind tearing it up a little. on a nice safe road no traffic , turned off my motorcycle and went to start it again and the battery was almost dead would not start . I charged battery and went to see what it was charging at and it is charging a 3.50 volts and when reving it to 5000 rpms the charge voltage goes down from 3.50 to 3.25 and lower , is this strange that cant be enough to keep the battery charged can it? after battery charged the battery stayed at 12.8 volts , can anyone tell me an easy way to check the stator and or voltage regulator thanks lawnmower man
  10. lawnmowerman


  11. I would have to say the clutch lever engages over a longer throw or distance goes in gear fine . i recently purchased this bike from a man that seems to of taken care of it. i no longer have his number .but being now that it is summer i have some time to ride my vfr 800 and the bike seems to run well, butt seems to lack power since i am new to this bike i dont know if this is normal for it. the bike seems to have a good amount of power between 4 and 8 thousand rpms. and then doesnt really have much power after that .not that i need to go that fast .im just wondering if i maybe the fuel injectors need to be cleaned . also it wants to bogg down when letting the clutch out . just have to give it more gas and were all good. thanks
  12. Thanks for replying. i will let you guys know if fuel injector cleaner works with the lack of power,and as far as the clutch i will also let you know if bleeding it helps. thanks for the positive attitude and good advice.
  13. Hello all new here. just purchased a 1998 vfr 800 great condition , but it seems to lack power, for example when letting out the clutch it wants to stall ,it need to give it a decent amount of gas and clutch lever doesnt seem to pop right in , there is allot of travel in the clutch lever, i have several other bikes and have ridden for 30 years faithfully , clutch pops in gear faster on my other bikes. so my question is, do these bikes have a lack of power at low rpm,s or would i most likley need a carb cleen, is this a carb or fuel injected can anybody help
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