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  2. London calling...

    No worries Maine, no information, if accurate, is bad information! BTW, there's no real way of knowing the start date the p.o. put the acid in the battery and thus its chemical onset. This model doesn't come presealed. I think I'll just bite the bullet on a new one... Does no sit well with my "tightwadedness"! :]
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  4. If I indeed clicked on the correct link, (which I think I did?) it worked for me.
  5. If you're talking SP-1 or SP-2, the adapters to fit radial calipers are probably still available. In fact virtually all these Showa forks can be swapped around. As long as the inner leg diameter is the same (43 mm for these and most others) any outer leg can be used. The overall length is then determined by the length of the damper assembly and although that can be modified (by shortening or lengthening the rod, within reason regarding the inner/outer overlap) the stroke cannot be so easily changed. In fact, it can't be changed at all. It can be possible to swap around damper rod assemblies, but how their top and bottom fittings vary can restrict what will fit with what. Be aware however that Honda have used some Kayaba forks and they seem to prefer a 55 mm bottom yoke clamp diameter and a different thread for the top cap. JZH, let me know when you're done with those SP-2 outers John.
  6. Time has come...

    If you don’t sell the seat please let me know. Thank you!
  7. A reasonable resource to locate is the Honda Common Service Manual. This is a generic document and explains more about the function of things like carbs than specifics related to models. If you are not happy with how the bike runs, getting it back to stock (or confirming it is stock) is a good starting point. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xz39vanvr66jqeq/Honda Common Service Manual.pdf?dl=0
  8. Yes, this. My bike was running crazy hot last summer. It too was running lean.
  9. VFR 750N

    Oil cooler works totally fine at this distance, as air passes through the front of the oil cooler it exits the rear and thus cools the oil. The ambient temperature around the oil cooler wont affect the bike in any substantial way, just like I can hold my hand 2 inches from the exhaust and my hand wont burn, it may get warmer, but my blood isnt going to bubble and boil.
  10. Hello from Poland

    Dzien Dobry Malpa. Always loved the Candy Red and Gold wheeled 6th gen real nice colour combination. Agree with Tiutis that's some pretty precise garden and entrance work, very nice home for the VFR! Do Widzenia.
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  12. Hi wiremanjon, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  13. Thanks, I try my best to be helpful. And, yeah, I miss my old '99 a lot.
  14. Rear ABS Fault (error code number 3)

    Put bike on stand and run the bike, take out a voltmeter and check if your getting power at the speed sensor. Sensor could be gone .
  15. Good thing I checked the safety sheets on the can of 2K clearcoat and the green paint...... 2K excludes "alkahyd base" and my green paint is.......................... alkahyd based
  16. I am looking to purchase the side racks for the OEM hard luggage cases. Have the hard bags already but lost the racks. If you have them or know where to get them please let me know. It’s an ‘06 w/o ABS. Thanks
  17. So I might have done a thing......

    A week’s worth of vinegar, a handful of loose nuts and bolts and shake shake shake. Next step is the 3-part tank cleaning/etching/sealant kit which will enable me to eBay the used tank and offset the cost of the brand new one I’m getting from partzilla.
  18. driving lights on 5th gen

    I have this setup installed on my 5th gen (light smoked housings, switchback bulbs from superbright led), they do not throw any usable light during riding. That said, the bulbs I run are just white/amber leds (~$12/pr) on the same base, a more expensive setup like this one from VLEDS (~$150/pr) that advertises 650lm output might be a different story: http://www.vleds.com/shop-products/v6-triton/switchback/v6-triton-wa.html
  19. Had them in my 99 for well over a decade. Zero problems.
  20. Rear Brake Issue

    The low voltage may be due to the connector from the stator to the RR; if it still has the stock connector, these get wet, corrode, then the corrosion causes high resistance which leads to lower voltages but will eventually lead to heat/melting. If you've not already done so, pull that one apart and at least clean it, better still cut it our and solder/heat-shrink the wires. You might also want to check the status of the battery terminals and the battery earth connection to the frame.
  21. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    Delinking can be complicated or simple. The path I followed was to replace the forks with VTR1000F parts, brakes from a CBR954 (front calipers) CBR600RR (master cylinder) and CBR600F4 (rear master). All of the above are bolt-ons that use the stock wheels and brake discs, and the rear brake hoses. You can just use VTR1000F fork lowers with VFR uppers and innards, the VTR parts have the correct mounts for Honda 4-piston brakes. VTR1000F brakes are not particulalrly good in my opinion. The only thing that needs fabrication is mounting the 5G mudguard, again not a big deal.Can't use a VTR mudguard as the fork leg spacing is narrower on those. You could opt to keep the VFR front calipers and fork, but would need to source a suitably-sized master, and then connect all 6 pistons to that.The stock MC is a small diameter and I think would make for a grabby front brake, but you could try it and see; a 14mm master should be about right I think. The inner pistons in the front 3 piston calipers can be activated by drilling between the chambers within the caliper, or by using a bridging hose. At the back you can connect both standard brake hoses to the master using a double banjo, which will be freed up when you dismantle the LBS.
  22. I guess it doesn't like the cold...

    I've ordered 2 batteries from Chrome Battery and they have always worked, regardless of hot or cold. https://www.chromebattery.com/motorcycles/1999-honda-cbr1100xx+super+blackbird-ytx12+bs-battery.html $35 with an 18 month warranty.
  23. Petcock body leaks

    same problem, different bike https://www.hawkgtforum.com/forum/honda-hawk-gt-bros-discussions/mechanical-and-technical/830518-attempted-petcock-rebuild
  24. Last week
  25. Parting out a 1993

    I know it has been a while since you stated the part out but do you still have the front forks tubes? If so are they in good shape without pits and straight? Thanks
  26. I placed my order, low mount carbon 16", 4-6 weeks we will see, may take a while to get it installed...
  27. Very nice shots Fink. Great scenery and Lady in Red looks her best as well. Must be a good feeling to be out of hibernation and seeing the sunshine. Cheers.
  28. Lost the Love

    Apart from riding motorcycles I also ski (snow), have flown paragliders, and I drive trucks for a living. As a younger man I served in the military, (was lucky enough not to see active duty!) All are hobbies/occupations that carry risks. Yes riding motorcycles is risky ( I did a great Superman impersonation when I was 19 but was able to walk away with a broken wrist) I try to be as safe as I can but in the words of Garth Brooks “Life is not lived it is simply survived if your’e standing outside of the fire” ( I think there the correct words?) Like you billyjackjimbob my wife has a miata (we call them MX5s in Oz) and they are a very fun drive, if only you could make them lean in the corners!! Enjoy whatever poison you choose, LIFE IS SHORT.
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