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  2. Skids

    16,000 mile service

    I appreciate that m8, but a little encouragement may get some folk to try it and discover that you can save money whilst enjoying yourself and getting to know your bike even better. Even if only 1 person tried it, that would be great, wouldn't it?
  3. Auspanglish

    Vf500F2 Aka Mbd Incubation Period At Least 52 Years

    You luggy fugger!!
  4. Dutchy

    Anybody ever refinished a GIVI case?

    I was doing just fine, until that oncoming cager did a left turn in front of me.... The camera angle makes it look very very high. In real life is was ok. Whilst the cases did end up being good sliders, the frame snapped so that was game over for redslut That topbox did get a second life though... 😎
  5. Dutchy

    Hello from Nebraska

  6. Dutchy

    Honda vs police helicopter!

    Rides like a twat, he is an IWA I Want Attention Twat....
  7. Megadan

    7th Gen Coffman's Shorty

    Kind words sir, thank you. The pictures were actually taken with my Cell phone lol. Just had to get the lighting and perspective right. I love this paint, although being a House of Kolor pearl paint job, it's not too surprising it's so stunning. Does amazing things in different lighting.
  8. Skids

    Corrosion Block

    Has anyone used this and has an opinion on it? Thanks.
  9. Last winter I purchased and refurbished a Gen 6 RWB with 48,000 miles (to replace the same anniversary edition I sold in 2013). This year I want to finally make it to SumSum. Since I'm no longer a spring chicken, and the bike has no mileage on it since taking it down to the frame, I thought it might be wise to get a few rides in to make sure every nut and bolt is tightened, and to be sure my maturing body are up to the roundtrip to SumSum. Last week I made a loop though the mountains just north of Boise. The spring snow melt run off has all the rivers and creeks at full capacity. And everything is green. Two mountain passes at over 6,000 feet (nothing by CO Rocky Mtn standards) but still had some snow at summit and day time temps at about 40F. Open roads - literally an hour of backroad mountain hwy between cars). Just a beautiful day. And today I put on about 250 miles in the desert of So ID along the Snake River. Also good roads, nice weather and no traffic. Overall the bike is performing well and the old body is acceptable with periodic stops "to take pictures". SumSum is looking feasible. Cheers!
  10. sllik


    Ooh Panda 🐼 i love this name! I named my bike Yin Yang 😆
  11. Recently picked up a 2000/5th Gen VFR with 91.8K miles, have few questions: 1-When I use turn signal switch, signals do come on for left and right, but no indication on the cluster, i-e no light. I can hear relay clicking too. What can be wrong there? Planning to clean and lube the switch assembly. 2-Rear brake is very firm and tight, have to apply a lot of downward force, can I make it bit more soft with some movement? I am going to remove the pads, clean that area, lube things and bleed the brakes. 3-Valves have never been adjusted, should I worry at this point or leave them as-is? If I look at them and they need adjustment, what do I have to order in advance? If I continue to ride like it, can I damage anything? 4-Front brake pads are going to be needed, can I use some of these ebay Kevlar ones for normal street riding? Would appreciate any help and guidance, thank you.
  12. 007

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    No, but I did sign up for the season pass and the day I scheduled my flight out is the one day we run VIR Full Course. It's proved difficult coordinating a bike there with my work schedule. I'd pay a reasonably trustworthy rider to ride my bike from North Carolina to Miguel's place before the trip.
  13. Good advice! Make sure you "un-stake" the nut as best you can before removal, and yes an impact will have it off quickly. If I remember correctly I just re-torqued with the bike in gear, and staked the new nut. Plan to do an oil change at the same time, unless he just did one....... Make sure to coat your clutch plates in oil. Some people soak them overnight, some just assemble them wet, but make sure they are completely coated - no dry spots. Follow the instructions in the manual and you should be fine. Hondabond, or Yamabond semi-drying compound is also good on anything that can leak oil, as it always stays gooey and keeps a nice seal. A thin coat on each surface just before assembly will do. Torque gently in sequence per the manual, first finger tight, then wrist-tight, then to spec. Takes about 2 hours taking your time, plus any fairing difficulties.............
  14. MaxSwell

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    You are correct. When I met the Glorioso's at the meetup I realized my mistake. Do you still need a windscreen? T
  15. Yesterday
  16. Blake

    VF500F vacuum fuel valve

    Thanks guys. I did rebuild the vacuum side of the valve. I found out later that the petcock was not shutting off. Ordered the parts from NRP carbs in the UK but they sure are slow shipping them. This should resolve my petcock issues and return it to spec. Thanks again
  17. Lorne

    Need Electrical Help

    I don't disagree, but would point out that not all are capable of properly crimping or soldering, let alone weatherproofing said connection. Pro tip: only do this with a new stator, or at least pop the cover for a visual. That said, my '09's stator managed to fail without any wiring issues. Hobby horse: always closely inspect the starter relay, too.
  18. Grum

    non start, no spark

    Kev. You've mentioned nothing about your Battery. Are you sure its in a healthy state.?? There is a voltage threshold where the injectors will not operate.
  19. So I had to change chain &sprockets even old set did not look old as I got my 1986 VFR750F as chain stretched like a rubber band. Was first to just change chain as sprockets looked like new, but decided to change all anyway, always best so. My bike had JT sprockets, new ones was to. Then I noticed the one I did take off was a JTF339, the new one JTF333! A little research tell JT list the 339 for the US 86 750F as 86-87 700 F/F2, while the 333 for the rest of world 86-89 (90-97 to) 750F! The difference between the to front sprockets is a thickness off 2,2 mm at the axle. So chain line difference is about 1 mm. Now the strange thing Honda lists just one front sprocket 23800-ML7-000 for all 86-89 VFR700/750F/F2! I just suspect the chain on the set that was on bike when I buoght it was runed becorce of wrong chain line, at least it looks like chain has been running hot
  20. Cogswell

    Mounting Shindengen SH847

    Oh man - I feel for you - that's a tough situation. Wrenching and riding can be good therapy. This is a great forum with lots of nice people. If you can make it to a meet it will be even better to put faces with the names. Maybe post up some photos of your rides - those often get dialog going. Cheers
  21. Aeolo

    Picture Thread

    Ride around Peak District today great weather [emoji41] Including the cat and fiddle. Statically the most dangerous road in the [emoji636] Made even better by local council covering it in loose chippings [emoji853] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. TheRealDude

    Time has come...

    What do you still have left?
  23. Busy this week but I have pics. [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. sfdownhill

    Help Identifying 5th Generation Aftermarket Header

    Great find! You must be psychic to have seen those headers before anyone else on the VFR forums. +1 on what Duc2V4 said - you could do a great service to many VFR owners if you’d consider briefly loaning them for measurements and fitting. One of our most knowledgeable, long term members is an automotive engineer who is considering getting a replica header into production.
  25. I had a local shop do mine and it turned out really well! I liked the feel of the stock seat, I just needed the vinyl fixed. I just gave him some inspiration and the VFR logo and he did the rest. Cost me less than $200. I have about 1,000 miles on the seat and no issues yet. Feel free to reach out and I can get yours done, but the shipping may be expensive to Northwest Arkansas.
  26. fatshoutybloke

    What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Last Sunday actually but I only got the picture off the website today. About a 60-mile ride with around a thousand other bikes raising money for my local helicopter air ambulance (Essex and Herts.) This is me arriving at the end of the ride, North Weald airfield in Essex where another thousand bikes were already waiting. Good day out.
  27. wrestler

    Pic 1

    She's lookin' good. Hope we can get together sometime. Mine is Italian red. It's faster. LOL
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