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  2. I think you're speaking of the 17x24x5 oil seals, pn. 91262-KV3-831. They are available from Honda, but I would probably go to a specialist bearing supplier and simply provide the dimensions, e.g., https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p24278/17x24x5mm-Nitrile-Rubber-Rotary-Shaft-Oil-Seal-R21-/-SC/product_info.html They're not exactly cheap, but it appears they are available from many sources. Ciao, JZH
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  4. update. back end is done and tacked in place:
  5. Proper headspace is required, you need to make sure there is the correct volume of air.
  6. Regarding the steering stem bearings, when I replaced mine at 50k miles, I discovered they were ball bearings instead of tapered. I couldn't believe how smashed out the bearing races were. I guess I never thought much about how much pressure the bearings took from front end forces. Tapered bearings make a lot more sense since they can spread out the force more contact area. What product did you use in lieu of the stock bearings?
  7. I'm looking at that "R1" resistor and I can't tell which end is the gold band, so I can't tell which direction to read the colors, in the picture it isn't quite in focus and has some glare on it. But if I read it right-to-left I get brown-violet-red-gold = 1.7kohms or if I read it left to right I get brown-red-violet-gold = 120Mohms. So I'm guessing the gold band is at the left-hand end. It would be informative to see the connecting traces on the back side of this circuit board. I'm assuming the circuit board is probably a single-layer, but maybe a 2-layer board. Is it possible to get a picture of the backside, or short of that maybe you could draw/diagram out what you see on the backside? And what is the letter designation above the kinda transparent-looking item above R3? I can guess the function of most of the other components but that one is a mystery to me. And I'm guessing that the red and black wires at the left-hand side of the circuit board are marked M+ and M- (can't see the "-" below the lower M, but guessing it's there)? Do these wires lead to and from the galvanometer (i.e. electromagnet) portion of the gauge? And are they the only two wires that go there? But yeah, very interesting just in this one picture. For instance the resistor that is banded red-black-black-gold (I think it's marked "R5") is a 40 Ohm resistor which would be perfect for the job of reducing 12volt to 3volt in an application that is pulling about .25 amps.
  8. I stand corrected. the inlet port cartridge (the green piece inside SMC) does have a relief hole next to the spring one way valve. It's the size of the tiniest guitar wire... I had to force the wire through and I pierced the mesh. Still don't think this is enough to allow fluid to freely release the piston from the caliper though, or maybe it was blocked or the relief port was blocked underneath in the SMC body. I can only assume this cartridge is to assist in bleeding, to stop air bubbles being sucked back (as this hole would be too small for a bubble to pass through, and the mesh would make bubbles smaller too. Otherwise not sure of the purpose since it is NOT one way... it just heavily restricts back flow.... which only would occur if you need to push the piston into the brake caliper or to relieve pressure of the system if it were expanding.
  9. You want to try driving/riding on the M8 in Glasgow.
  10. Ordered gloss yellow and gloss white...
  11. Bent

    Pilot Road 2 clearance

    Michelin went astray a long time ago shortly after the very successful PR2 was changed into expensive abominable tires. Michelin now sells off their name only. Their new tires are pricey failures IMO..
  12. I use OEM oil filters, Honda uses them, they are easy to find, including, non Honda service and repair shops and I know what I am getting. Once again, the only serious issue I've ever heard of was from many K&N oil filters that have very suddenly "dumped" oil all over the road that the rear tire rolls right over with potential catastrophic results for the rider. If not catastrophic results, then wherever it happens, there you are. The sudden dumping is due to the faulty welded nut on the end of the filter. VFRWORLD has good pictures of it with results on the road. Seeing is believing.
  13. Cheers FromMaine for the info I’ve given them an email but no success. Dutch the springs are rusty and I think they may be lacking in tension however I’ll clean them up and see what happens
  14. Guess its time I start one of these. I've already done so much so I'm going to have to get this caught up to the moment. What I started with was a 62k mile, multiple owner 2002. As I went thru it the 1st few days I was happy to see solid maintenance had been done. At the same time there were a few "why do that" moments. Like all visible aspects of the frame have been Plasti-dipped black. But it wasnt really taped off so there's overspray everywhere. Headlight lenses, turn signals and entire taillight had been "smoked" by spraying thin coats of black over. (Yes I said headlight lenses) But there were definite pros! Staintune exhaust, Heli bars, 15/45 530 sprocket/chain kit that was fairly clean, tail tidy and a near new set of Dunlop Q4 tires. That's where I will stop for now. I'm posting this from my phone and I need my PC to upload pics as that's where most of them are. So as soon as I'm home I will add in pics and finish the rest of what's been done so far and where its headed.
  15. I wish you a successful transition. It can be a tough road.
  16. Thanks Jay! It’s been awesome to learn so much about the machines our community loves and get a much-wanted component out to the guys. Wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been gracious enough to let me ride your wonderfully harmonized 5 gen with its headers and a fantastic tune by Mike Velasco.
  17. Very clean! I like the color you went with for the forks.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Grum

    Roger's Pass, B.C.

    Great lookin bike and beautiful scenery, lucky you.
  20. Welcome to the asylum. That's a beautiful machine you've got there. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  21. Love to see this thread has traction.. Great to see TYGA may be back at it, fwiw, I did see the 4th gen version they came out with. Just what I was expecting. Now for the idea of duals, Yes, for one it makes the header to be able to get around a bit easier . Though I have to say that left high is entertaining . yes please do keep in touch here and yes, photo would be marvelous. I do believe a market has been proven it's there 😉
  22. I've had both Sargent Seats and a Corbin. The Corbin in MUCH heavier. The Corbin came on a fifth gen I bought. I cannot remember if I ever tried it on a ride of significant distance. Being so heavy I did not consider using it when I could shift my Sargent to whatever machine I decided to ride. Bottom line: Very comfortable, good looking with the red welt and fake-carbon look cover, two-piece design convenient for accessing the storage space underneath. My first Sargent Seat was a one-piece which I preferred. Lent it out when a subsequent fifth gen came with a two-piece that I wanted to try that out, and never got it back (darn). Checking their website, they show only two-piece version for fifth gens.
  23. Thanks for the diagram. I actually have to replace the bulbs of my instrument cluster as half of them died last year. It made it difficult to ride at night as I couldn't see how fast I was going. I could only determine my speed with the RPM's. I'll give this a try.
  24. The evolution of my fleets, started with the Reflex, added the Grand Vista for Serena, technically not mine but it was in my garage and I got to ride it. - Added the venerable Nighthawk 650 to the fleet. Believe it or not I was able to pack those three motorbikes, two kayaks, three bicycles, my lawnmower plus my car into that 1-1/2 car garage. Plus there was a workbench in there. - The next fleet iteration, after selling off the Reflex and Grand Vista I rode the Nighthawk for a few years before adding the Ninja 650 - For some crazy reason I sold my Nighthawk 650 and just rode the Ninja 650 for a few years before I added a Nighthawk 750 as I needed another bike for a visiting friend and planned road trip. The Nighthawk 750 was sold after a mere four or five months of ownership. Not because it was a bad bike I just didn't have room to store it. Added the Versys 650 as I wanted a touring bike with hard luggage. How did I resolve my storage problems... I purchased a smaller car! The pinnacle of the fleet, 2012 Ninja 650, 2016 Versys 650 and the newest addition, the 2007 Honda Interceptor. Today it's only Versys 650 and the Interceptor. I was planning on adding a third bike last fall with contenders being a Honda Hawk GT, Honda 919, Suzuki SV650 and a Suzuki Intruder. I regret not getting that 919.
  25. You can swap a 4th gen rear wheel to a 5th gen, but why anyone would want to that is beyond me. Can't hardly give away a 4th gen rear wheel.
  26. Featuring goofy friend Rolley Polley Ooley in helping me get it out of the back of the CR-V
  27. RobF


    Damn, that is a beautiful bike. Just lovely.
  28. Adjusting the valves in a engine that is not sorely out of spec will not make any noticeable difference in performance. You can have major valve damage if they are too tight so it is worthwhile to make sure they are within spec. My bike just got it 1st looksee at 50K and all of the intakes were very tight. Luckily there was no damage to the valves yet, but not far away. Easier to adjust valves then have to remove the head and replace a valve or two.
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      First ride of 2020
      Happy New Year to all 🎉🥂🏍
      Thought I would start the New Year off with a quick ride around my hometown. Had the usual hot conditions, but not as bad as the southern states of Australia are copping it, the bushfires are nothing short of catastrophic at the moment, best wishes to anyone affected, stay safe.
      Also decided to try out my Xmas present, a Canon 90D. Decided to stay with a DSLR as I have used them all my adult life (SLR’s anyway) and have a few lenses and accessories I will be able to continue using. Very happy so far, 32 megapixels on a crop sensor means you have to be steady handed or jump your shutter speed up a bit. Lots to learn as it has many new features over my old Canon 400D. Will hopefully post some good photos in the future.
      The attached photos were taken on the Strand in Townsville, there were two dolphins celebrating the New Year about a hundred metres off the beach, all very tropical. The VFR now has 30,000km on her and I have owned it for 3 1/2 years, still looking pretty good I think.
      Once again Happy New Year and ride safe.

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    1. med_gallery_491_3463_298783.jpg

      Juniper Pass

      I took a day off from work and also from my bicycle training to take out the Veefalo one last time before the weather turns ugly, supposed to snow the rest of the week and possibly start sticking to the ground along the Colorado Front Range. I took a leisurely pace up hwy 105 toward Morrison and got reacquainted with the bike since its been over a month since I took any sort of twisties on it at all, hwy 105 is a scenic ride along the front range between Denver and Colorado Springs, its mostly easy fast sweepers and lite traffic so its a favorite road of mine when going north. Then I have to negotiate a bit of traffic near Highlands ranch and up hwy 470 into the mountains. I decided to take the Morrison Exit and try either Lookout Mountain or head up Golden Gate Canyon - this time it was Lookout Mountain, I was sort of making it up on the fly as I went along. Lookout Mountain is my old bicycling haunt from my days while I was working at Coors, its a killer ride and all uphill - I don't think I could do it today If I had to, not quite there yet! I saw a whole bunch of riders doing it though and wished I was in shape enough to be there doing it as well. 30 more lbs and I will be able to do it! On this day I would do it on the Veefalo instead.





      I took a video from the gateway to the top at the Lookout Mountain State Park, getting past riders, the guy in the green jacket actually pretty much astounded me with how far he had gotten in the short time it took me to set up my camera, some 3 miles at least and up to the gateway from the turn off at hwy 6! Amazing I thought. I took the first two turns slow then got more comfortable as I went up further, till I was doing well, I made some gearing mistakes and took the tight 15mph marked hairpins in the wrong gear so I lugged it a bit on one or two. Still enjoyed it though and then got off at the top and hiked over a rock outcropping for an overview of the road for the pictures below.




      Lookout Mountain - Golden Colorado


      Zoomed in


      Lookout Mountain Park top of the mountain

      From there I headed up interstate 70 to Idaho Springs for a beer at the Tommy-knockers brewery, I was the only customer in the joint - slow day for them so they treated me like a king! I got a nice tour of the place sort of impromptu, they made me a nice Pastrami sandwich on rye and with the brown ale it was fantastic. I must say the beer is much better there than in the bottles - its always good at the brewery. I am glad I stopped


      Tommy-knockers Brewpub Idaho Springs


      Idaho Springs Colorado


      Mashtuns and fermenters


      Rows of fermenters

      I finished my lunch and since the road to Mount Evans is right there I headed up Squaw pass hoping to get in some nice pictures I wasn't expecting what I found, ICE IN ALL THE SHADY PARTS


      Icy patches on Squaw Pass definitely taking it easy on that road

      There were some section where the ice covered the whole road for 300 yards or so I had to roll through it with my legs out to help keep the bike from sliding and falling over, I took it real slow. A Ford pickup was right behind me so I pulled over to let him pass but the guy was going slower then even I was so I pressed on - in places where I could see I just cut over to the oncoming lane and out of the ice where the sun was shining on the road more, but some places there was not alternative so I just had to go slow, good thing it wasn't slick but rather they tossed some gravel over the worst parts so I had some traction!

      I did stop for pictures in all the best spots


      Echo Lake at Mount Evans showing off my new plate


      Elephant Butte Park and Denver


      Close up


      Veefalo on Squaw Pass


      Juniper Pass


      Juniper Pass


      Mount Evans

      My route A is home B is Tommy-knockers


    2. martinkap
      Latest Entry


      Not that it matters and not that I expect anyone had noticed, but to those who sent me "where are you?" I would like to say I am back. Not only that I am officially returning to VFRD after nearly 2 months break but I have also ridden my Hawk last weekend and had FUN! Let me restate that; I had major fun riding! Something I have almost given up on.

      Most of you have been riding your whole adult lives and riding is not only a hobby to you, it is part of you. But I started riding three years ago and even though I have encounter some setbacks, till this spring I loved riding with whole my heart. However, I have always considered riding as my hobby. As a hobby which suppose to make my life better, more fun and more rich. Life is too short to do something which we don't fully love.

      My love of riding received a first major scar this spring: I lost a friend on the racetrack. He was a total stranger who offered me his help after I lowsided at CMP track last year. I still remember hearing his "Hi, my name is Todd, do you need help?" while I was duct-taping my roadrash from ripped jacket. He helped me straighten up the shifter and we kept in touch. The next time we saw each other was the day he died.

      With 9 months delay, I can say that Todd's death shook me more than I have realized. It rooted fear in me which was fueled by seeing and hearing about others getting hurt over and over again. If I was to summarize this year - it would be one big accident report. I became sensitive to every broken bone, every roadrash, every lowside. And even though I did 10 track days this year, I became slower and slower and slower. Suddenly, I have acquired this 'grandma' riding style on the road, frozen with fear that behind every corner there is car standing in my lane, or major sand trap or deer staring at me ... I was crippled with fear not only for me about also for my fellow rider.

      So, at the end of this year, I rode more and more by myself. I could not bear the feelings of responsibility for others on the road and my lines were crippled by my own fears. It all culminated this fall at WDGAH. In a freaky accident Love2rideh82crash was taken down by a truck crossing into our lane. I was done. I finished the weekend, locked the VFR into a garage and took a break.

      Until the last weekend, I pretended that motorcycles do not exists. As a last instance after 2 months break from riding, I decided to go to CMP track to see if I can still have fun. I also felt like I should go for the memory of Todd. I went and I had fun! I had much more fun than I expected and the most fun on track I can remember. Suddenly the whole track connected into an uninterupted line of turns and I felt one with the bike riding around! I was giggling like a little girl in my helmet and keep on giggling ever since smile.gif

      Granted I was not the fastest one and through out the weekend, I have never exceeded about 60% of my riding abilities, but I had no "oh-shit" nor 'blond' moments. I could have maybe go faster, I could have brake later for the turns and I could have lean further, but I am no Rossi nor Stoner. I decided to ride for fun and I had amazing blast riding well within my comfort zone.

      I was proud of myself when, after bandaging Ricks arm, I was able to distance myself and go back to riding without the year-long fear. I did feel bad for him but the feelings were not crippling my lines nor my mind. And when a total stranger came to me and said "Hi, my name is Todd", my heart stopped for a minute though but I suddenly knew that my life went a full circle. I probably will never win MotoGP :idea3: , but I am back! :wheel:

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