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  1. I mean, who doesn't need to light their ciggies while riding down the road?
  2. Wow-that is a great write-up. Thanks for that. A buddy of ours bought bike when I bought my '98 new and loved it but sold it soon thereafter because he was scared he was going to get hurt or killed. He wasn't accustomed to fast bikes so it was sad for him to sell it. I wish I had to skills to do what you did to yours. Maybe when I retire I can delve into the specifics of some of those tasks you completed.
  3. confused. I guess it depends on the diameter of the slip on pipe. Are you asking about new headers to fit the slip on?
  4. Oops. I do believe I know how to post YT videos or they wouldn't be on YT. However I may have screwed up copying the link to the playlist. Thanks for the helpful comment.
  5. Multiple videos in a playlist. Started out beautiful and ended in a rainstorm. https://studio.youtube.com/playlist/PLLqaMZFKuPcca5Ef-fR0rwLp2BLdprgWL/edit
  6. https://studio.youtube.com/playlist/PLLqaMZFKuPccEEf4EzwKIp0B-UNA4r7z-/edit Beautiful ride around middle Tennessee.
  7. I replaced the front wheel bearings after having my wheels powder coated-they unfortunately powder coated the entire wheel, including where the wheel bearing sits so had to dremel that out which was tedious as hell. I had the opposite problem-one of the bearings went in normally but the other one had to be pounded in and I was worried there was still residual power coating inside but once mounted they work fine. I wonder-would it matter if the wheel bearing wasn't snug inside the rim? The spacers will hold everything in place, right?
  8. I watched several of the videos he produced-very fine work but he unfortunately dropped the bike he finished in the parking lot photographing it.
  9. Very cool. Wish he could ride one of our bikes with the new headers and a proper tune and suspension. Wonder how fast he could go on one of those?
  10. Perhaps safer. https://youtu.be/mA_cGfDFuK8
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