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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I just ordered this: RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with Motorcycle Fork Stem Base. Wasn't cheap but looks well made so look fwd to getting in and mounting it.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I need to check out the ram mount system-sounds like what I'm looking for. What secures the ball in the stem? Friction?
  3. Yes-actually I use Waze for this reason and would only need it for routing through shitty traffic or avoid accidents. Here in Nashville we have some crazy drivers and one never knows which artery will be blocked. Thanks for the advice. That ball mount looks like the one that held my old Garmin GPs. How would one find a cellphone case with that type of socket?
  4. What type/brand of cellphone mount are you guys/girls using? I have Heli Bars so would need to be able to attach to them.
  5. Looks like mine-for a minute I thought you'd hacked my computer and copied my photo😁. So far so good. Very high quality wiring included as well.
  6. My '98 doesn't have the "launch assist" feature. I have the same problem-intermittently it won't start in gear w/ the clutch pulled in. Recently I sprayed some WD40 around the switch and now it works regularly (for now). How expensive is the switch if it needs to be replaced eventually?
  7. Loaded the Attack map onto the PC III and went out for a 105 mile ride. My bike is as close as possible to the bike used on the Dyno at Attack-headers, PC III, K & N air filter and free flowing pipe. First impressions are that the PC III and the Attack map result in a much smoother power delivery from below 4K to redline. It reminds me of how if felt when I first rode it but w/ more power throughout the rev range. Very impressive pulling power, even in top gear when over 7K rpms. Gotta hold on for sure up there! Great work all around. I can't thank sfdownhill and Duc2V4 for all the
  8. Thanks. I PM'd him. Do you think you will get better HP and torque numbers from a custom map? Dumb question-of course you will but how much better I wonder. Be interested in how much better-please let us know!
  9. That's one beautiful VFR-those pipes...wow. I did manage to load a map someone on this site gave me-it's a map for a full Erion exhaust and today managed to get those damned plugs routed to where they hook into the wiring harness. My hands are torn up but it's in there. Seems to be running rich. I will buy the Attack map and let 'er rip. Thanks for all the info.
  10. Ah. Didn't know that. Thanks. Unfortunately they didn't send the harness that plugs into it to load the map.
  11. Sorta off-topic but...I have had the new headers for a year or so and love them. However wanted a PC III USB so I could load the custom map Daryl had done at Attack Performance (I have an antique PC II) but they're sold out everywhere. Saw a used PC III on eBay and bought it. Got it today but am concerned it isn't what was advertised. The model # is 111-410. If I'm not mistaken that's not the unit that fits the '98-'99. Can anyone confirm if this will work with the '98?
  12. That is one beautiful example! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. Wow- beautiful! What is that linkage on the swing arm? The rear brake? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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