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  1. I'm being lazy but also getting fed up with the poor ( high speed?) Compression response of the standard rebound only adjustable forks on our English roads. Anyone got experience of re-valving 8 gen forks. I'm interested in finding someone reliable in Southern England and the East Anglia region in particular.
  2. Cost of 4 Honda caliper bolts in UK today is £47. Methinks we are being done over. I take your point though Magneto as this is a safety critical item
  3. And a further thought. The theory is all great but who wants a caliper bolt shearing off at the point of them at emergency stop. Maybe we should err on the side of caution. Replacing every time seems excessive. I'm going with 10 times using a calibrated wrench and even application. What do you think?
  4. Kevin Cameron wrote a very informative article in Cycle World some time back about fasteners. His main point was that helical screw fasteners stretch. At some point the stretching will exceed the fatigue life of the fastener. Presumably in the case of caliper bolts, Honda want to play it very safe for reasons around litigation. It would be nice to know when each bolt is approaching it's failure point, but without microscopic inspection, that is not practical. The failure at 30 times suggests rather less operations for safety. How about 15. But I'm just guessing ( and assuming each
  5. Don't worry, (website is, and so will go with F@£&#@&#K that guy. Discriminating arse hole) it will never happen in the UK. Just some politico trying to drum up local interest ahead of local government elections. Lots of noise but no real traction. Just think it through: trackers on vehicles, what type of vehicles, all vehicles, and speed tracking; whose going to police all that. Ideas are fine but implementation costs effort and money. Bit of a laugh really
  6. More seriously, have you got an aftermarket shock on the rear. My original Honda unit gave up the ghost for damping after about 20k but I see your bike has considerably more mileage.... I d still love to have a V4 500 again though. Sublime.
  7. That is one heavily loaded VF 500. I managed with a pair of Krause panniers. I wouldn't like to be a pillion on your rig. Perhaps she's very accepting!
  8. Managed to shove a couple of photos into the Gallery just to convince you I'm real!
  9. I must apologise as I've only just found this forum even though I've been lurking around the 8 gen forum and may have posted a thing or two. Started riding in 1982 and first 'big' bike was a VF500F2; it was brilliant and did me for over 70k mike's around UK between bases and home. Then there was the hiatus of biking from about 1990 as a posting to NL (South Limburg) and a family came along but in 2011 I finally got back on 2 wheels with a Suzuki GSXR 750. It was great fun but my neck back and wrists took a pounding at anything less that 80 mph, plus I found the raging IL4 tiring on
  10. Just got an email from Honda UK: HONDA UK Info <info.UK.car@honda-eu.com> Dear Mr. H, Thank you for contacting Honda UK. Please find a PDF copy of your Honda VRF800F's Owner's Manual, where it is stated that the bike's Valve Clearance should be inspected at 24000 miles. Thank you for contacting Honda. If we can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Rositsa Ruseva Honda Customer Service _____________________ Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Honda UK I've added
  11. Good point about resale value. Do post your results when you've had it done - useful intelligence to know what if anything needed changing. I don't think I'll be selling mine; very happy and CinC Home has given me some very odd looks when I mention the idea of increasing or even changing the stable!
  12. Glad to hear PedalHead it's not just me! Might be worth checking your VIN against the Honda UK recall list ; go to Honda UK/ motorcycles and look in the menu under 'owners'. My 2017 had a recall for the owners manual which is now on order after a telephone call to the local Honda dealership. I asked them to mail it to me but I I'll have to send the old one back so they can prove its been destroyed. As far as the actual valve check goes, £550 to £600 from a honda dealer seems pretty standard. An independent will be less, maybe £400+ or so as the cams gave to come out if the shims ne
  13. Just spoke to Honda Letchworth and new Owners Manual on order to clear the recall. Hopefully that's going to have the valve check line complete. Also talked to the tech who said the VFR800F was still 16k miles but the Crossrunner was different although he didn't elaborate. Hoping to get an email from Honda UK/ Europe in response to my earlier query. Thanks for the explanation Mohawk, very clear and helpful. Best wishes for a thoroughly successful recovery; keep up the physio you've hopefully been given to regain full mobility in the shoulder.
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