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  1. And as Dutchy said earlier, if there are current or future liabilities (IE: more cash needed) let us all know. I was looking around the other VFR site today and it's clear we really do need to keep this one going....
  2. 3 cheers for DannoXYZ! Hope your generous proposal works out. I bet we are all rooting for ya.
  3. As a newcomer to this service, I just want to say a heartfelt thankyou for all the advice, sharing of expertise and camaraderie of the VFR community. You have done us proud Miquel ( if I may take that liberty). Well done and best wishes; Dan Is there any way we could transport content to another platform? I confess to being a complete luddite for tech stuff
  4. I agree with Skids. It's not too bad; a bit like a description of a favourite pair of resoled walking boots! I guess that journos always seem to be searching for better, faster, more power etc to generate 'wow' factor articles. That's a bit at odds with our community's value for superb quality engineering, reliability and longevity, balanced by really good handling, sensible power and fuel consumption for everyday riding. But then I m biased.
  5. Replaced the OEM battery in my 2017 8 Gen with a new Yuasa YTZ12S Had an odd experience out riding yesterday. After a brief stop was unable to crank the engine. Luckily after several unsuccessful tries a chap walking turned up and gave me a push start. Once home the battery had no problems firing her up a couple of times. Put it on charge and once full left it overnight. Seemed to drop from 12.7v to 12.4v overnight. Then checked the current leakage as per the manual and it was zero. Ran the engine up to temp and checked the charging voltage 14.25 at idle and 14.44 @ 5000 rpm. Then tried repeated starts. The battery became more unwilling to crank properly after the second pull. Unfortunately I didn't have easy access to a load test but decided to avoid the potential problem of getting stuck in the sticks so bit the bullet and paid up
  6. Hey VFR78, any issues or tips concerning fitting?
  7. Found an article about slip/assist clutch (not a slipper clutch) which might be of interest. However, while it says that it enables a lighter clutch action, no actual stats are provided and I've no idea whether anyone makes a product that would fit a VFR. http://www.motorcycle.com/features/is-slippper-clutch-same-thing-as-slip-assist.html Playing around with master cylinder size may just affect lever travel in practice which brings us back to springs but you said there was already a problem with slipping. I'm stumped on this one
  8. Just to clarify. Are you looking for: A. A lighter clutch with the same amount of handlebar lever travel as standard. B. Less handlebar lever travel for clutch actuation/disengagement. C. Both. If A or B, which is the priority?
  9. IMHO that is a bit insensitive Mohawk. The op asked for advice about a cost effective potential solution to a problem they experience. That you find the stock clutch feel fine is irrelevant. I'm sorry cuoccoimix that I do not have an answer for you. Perhaps others will know more. My only uninformed thought revolves around clutch springs but I have no idea if that has any merit.
  10. ...print off the pages for the specific operations you need?
  11. Hi, have a look in the downloads section on this site; the official honda service manual for the RC79/8th Gen is there. It's very clear and possibly even better than the Haynes product ( which as you say doesn't exist for our version).
  12. Never noticed any difference in heat after adding a hugger to my 8th gen. Very happy that the rear shock remains pretty clean after a filthy ride though.
  13. I loved my VF500FII and did many, many miles on it but never anywhere near Dutchy' huge mileages. Huge credence to honda quality. But, what did you have to replace over that time over and above the usual ' consumables'? Rear shock? Carb diaphragms and needles? Swingarm bearings? Wheel and head bearings? Any electrics? ....
  14. Call me nostalgic, but I just love that 80s colour scheme and the lines of those older VFs including the VF500F2.
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