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  2. RDMcD

    Hypothetical Question

    You sir are correct! I didn't make the fall ride so I'm looking at a second vfr. lol Nice bike, difficult seller. Hope you guys are having a blast!
  3. Sweeper

    Hypothetical Question

    The only correct answer is you never sell a VFR. Say it ain’t so! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. vfrcapn

    Bein dropped in US

    So DirecTV and Comcast dropped Bein sports in the US, taking MotoGP and MotoAmerica with it 2/3 through the season. Any word on another outlet in the US or are we just stuck with streaming online?
  5. If you were selling an 18 year old vfr to a mature experienced rider and they drove three hours with cash in hand. Would you refuse them a test ride even if just up and down the street in front of your house?
  6. rangemaster

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Which is why I use M1 5W-30 in my 4th GEN (see above) As a side note, I've been working on cars/bikes for 55 years (my dad started me on cleaning parts when I was less than 10) and RAT540's info pretty much is in line with my limited experience. Others may vary, which is why there is more than one brand/type/'weight' of oil. Keep it clean.
  7. economist

    Michelin Road 5

    I have a few hundred miles on mine now, after replacing the factory tires on my 8th gen. The Road 5s have been very confidence-inspiring, especially in the wet. I had to make a freeway run in the pouring rain immediately after they were mounted, and I was astonished by how much better they felt than the factory tires.
  8. BusyLittleShop

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I don't know more than the manufactures but I do know what the manufactures know because I've discussed in person this subject with the engineers who work for Honda... Technically speaking Honda's wet clutches are engineer to work with auto oil because they know that 90% of motorcycle specific oil could indeed be auto oil like in your case with Amsoil... also they know a growing number of Honda owners like myself will end up preferring auto oil as their primary lubricant... Shuhei Nakamoto HRC chief Paul Venture Honda USA R&D Makota San Honda HRC R&D Matt Cardenas Honda R&D
  9. Urbanengineer

    What type of riding do you use your VFR for?

    That is a sweet bike I test rode one and loved it. But it’s out of my price range unfortunately.
  10. jstehman

    Touring windscreen

    So my VFR came with a windscreen that has Honda logo right in the center screened part and Honda molded into the side by the pillar where the screws go so I'm guessing it's OEM of some sort.. But it has the adjustable lip on the top like the MRA Vario windscreen. Were there options from Honda to have this adjustable screen? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. I am selling a 1985 VF1000R First and foremost, I want it to be clear, this bike needs additional work to finish. I've had this bike for 6 or 7 years and need to realize I'm not going to give it the time it deserves. Bike starts and runs, goes turns and stops. It is wearing a fair-condition set of rattle can painted fairings, and comes with a complete set of spare fairings and a spare tank. All stock except the regulator/rectified (Yamaha unit I believe) and period-correct Yoshimura pipes. I would really like to get this bike into the hands of an owner who will appreciate it and get it back on the road. It is an occasion to ride, sounds amazing, rare as hen's teeth. I don't need to tell anyone on here, this is a piece of superbike history. Bike is in southern Maine. $1,250 firm. Note: Those photos are from last season. I managed to misplace one of the mesh side panels, I expect to find it before the bike sells though.
  12. There is the Yamaha FJ09 and now called the Tracer.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Time to let her go. She needs to run free, not live cooped up in my garage. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mcy/d/yellow-2000-honda-vfrmiles/6697140100.html
  15. Time for this lovely to find a new home. Details with pics in CL ad. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mcy/d/yellow-2000-honda-vfrmiles/6697140100.html
  16. Urbanengineer

    What type of riding do you use your VFR for?

    True but they are slow unlike the VFR. I really wish we got a Versys or Vstrom 800 2 or 3 cyl that would be ideal.
  17. Did you try a search on youtube? Its the very first video:” vfr 800 windshield install.” The Knight Designs are nice, but depending on your boot type, physical height and seat height-adjustments (brake lever/gear) may be an issue. I have two sets of Knights in my toolbox. I found the rubber on the lowering pegs was spongy and caused unnecessary displacement/movement to the soles of my feet. The other set of pegs were scraped and I had adjustment issues, so I went back to stock.
  18. I am going to take off from work on Friday afternoon in preparation for a 2 day weekend trip form California to Arizona.Bike (2014 VFR 800) is serviced for 4000 miles 2 weeks ago and ready to go, I installed the Handle bar raiser form moto pump, amazing thing.tomorrow is time to install the lowering peg from knight design, and frame sliders from TREX and Puig touring wind shield I , think the item # is 7007 W.other Than wind shields installations look easy , but The Windshield does not look easy to install. can you please guide me to a You tube or other videos with step by step installation Guide?Thank youRide safe/Ride long
  19. AFAIK, they are not the same. These pistons are only used in the 4th gen VFR. That is by going off of part numbers in the parts catalog. He might have one that fits. that might be the same as the VF700C, which he has listed. K-68. Send an email, pictures, and dimensions, and he should be able to let you know. http://jbmindustries.com/Dimensions.html
  20. Rogue_Biker

    What type of riding do you use your VFR for?

    Suzuki V-Strom 650 can do it all. Hence the popularity of the middle-weight ADV bikes. These are today's "VFR".
  21. Africord

    Any News of a 2019 new model???

    Since Honda positioned the new Goldwing to pick up old ST1300 customers, we appear to be without a new mid-weight sport tourer, especially in the US. I would love to see a Honda alternative to the new R1250RT. No, that's not a typo. The 2019s will be a 1250 model.
  22. Africord

    No Electrical Power

    A dirty kill switch took out my 6th gen, but I had a lot of warning before it got ugly. I'm suspecting a wiring failure if a new battery wouldn't start it. The ignition switch could be the issue.
  23. Just run your dual headlights wiring via a relais as not to overload the on/off switch assembly. Wee yellow glass domes over the H4 bulbs for that endurance racing look
  24. I would like 2 sets, please. Anyone got an electronic manual for these Keihin carburetors that discusses jet sizes etc.? I have the '96 shop manual. Any idea if these diaphragms are the same size as used in the '86 750? Thanks for putting this idea together !
  25. I came so close to buying a Triumph Sprint ST a few years ago and was searching for both when I found an Interceptor I liked. Having said that I think the BMW F800GT and the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 are in the same neighborhood for comparative sport touring bikes.
  26. BuzznerSuntrusts

    Bad battery cell or someting worse?

    Need to have it load tested for sure. Pretty much all the chain auto parts store will do it free.
  27. BuzznerSuntrusts

    Fi light issues

    What year? My '99 sometimes has this issue in heavy rain. I tried to put in a LED one time and it would be on all the time at about half brightness.
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