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  2. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Hahaha, I wish - I basically babysit adults for a living..........and fabricate parts.
  3. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    This will help... wha? Read a book?
  4. That chain doesn't look like it got very much love, if any. I'll bet when you remove the front sprocket cover it's going to caked full of crud. Glad you caught it when you did.
  5. No Dave, say it isn't true! Very disappointing news. The Northerner's ride won't be the same without you. Enjoy the trackdays.
  6. Viffer no more...

    I suppose Honda has been hinting at that - at least in N.A. - for some time showing the latest model as a 2015. As with so many other beloved but now discontinued models Honda has produced - a long list - each has its own life cycle and things change. I suppose we should be grateful that the VFR had such a long run - it gave us many variants to choose from and put a good number of them out there that will continue to come up for sale for years to come.
  7. What set up did you use for the lights? I just received one of Seb's custom clutch covers and the lighting looks REALLY cool.
  8. I’m thankful you found it when you did... I knew someone from high school that died from a snapped chain that wrapped around the sprocket seizing the rear wheel and put them down on the road in traffic. Please everyone... don’t neglect your chain.
  9. Viffer no more...

    +1 Given what's been done to mine, I simply wouldn't be able to (easily) replace it...certainly not without spending a wad of cash. Would probably go and grab a well-sorted ZX14R and "join the Dark side" as it were...
  10. Yesterday
  11. Just saw this, might need a bit of going through, but looks to be pretty clean. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1990-honda-vfr750f-interceptor/6537808715.html
  12. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    They are! But then mentally preparing for the Monday onslaught, requires additional decompression............
  13. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Yes, just have to mount them. should be warm this weekend, which will make them easy for me to get onto the rims......
  14. Apologies FJ12Ryder. I hadn't looked close enough to see what you mean. Nasty failure of a Master LInk and some form of threaded version! Nice job on the enlargement Woodie.
  15. Viffer no more...

    The crossrunner has run alongside the vfr since 2011.
  16. Fitted my new Powerbronze Carbon rear hugger, after rebuilding my forks- K-Tech springs 9.0N, fork seals, new bushes and 10w fork oil. Need to put some miles on the bike to check the set up, hoping the new rear Ohlins shock and fork rebuild will give me a planted feel on my daily commute and weekend runs. Hugger was bought to protect the new rear shock in the changeable weather we get in UK.
  17. Spain North-South

  18. Spain North-South

    In the few days leading up to D Day, storms came in suddenly from somewhere. Between Oxfordshire and Cantabria. Spain: Enviado desde mi m2 note mediante Tapatalk
  19. I think there's somebody that makes a kind of threaded masterlink. Hmm, seems like RK does a weird kind of link: RK Masterlink Maybe somebody tried to put an RK masterlink on a non-RK chain, and it didn't fit right. That just looks odd to me, and makes a person wonder if those two pins are the only ones that have that washer type of thing, and if those two links were the only ones that broke. Maybe some type of connection. HAR, HAR, "type of connection", masterlink. Nudge nudge wink wink.
  20. New sat nav

    LoL Replace the screen with it Enviado desde mi m2 note mediante Tapatalk
  21. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    I paid $785 including shipping. I asked for the VFRDiscussion discount. The sales guy (Dan) didn't know anything about that, but he gave me a 10% off-season discount instead (this all started in early Feb).
  22. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    I thought the rides Were the decompression...
  23. |I've had a look... (downloaded the photo and blew it up.) and it looks suspiciously like a thread as if someone has bodged a repair.
  24. The O-rings are between the links, I was referring to the washer-looking thing directly under the head of those two rivets.
  25. Viffer no more...

    Noooooooo!!!! Sad day for all VFR lovers. The VFR suits my perfectly so I hope they replace it with something with the same DNA. Otherwise I have no idea what I will do when mine needs replacing.
  26. Viffer no more...

    20 years more riding the vfr....that sound great...
  27. What a great and informative post. I must say I am quite jealous of what you have acheived there. Plus the shock looks amazing. I love parts that look "the part"! Might I ask how much the shock cost you?
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