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    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    LOL! Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy to share & welcome all the hate, love, and questions you can muster 😄 (ps, black friday is coming, treat yourself and the bike to some new tools!!)

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    That was perfect, thank you!
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  5. Finding the limitations of the heated grips? I thought you would be in the car by now anyway. Poor VF, there can't be too many left being treated to such hardship.
  6. Life is a wee bit nippy at 3C @160KmH.... So my 25+ year old gear mountaineering gear (the elastic "pull"cord crumbled) came in "handy"
  7. Duc2V4

    Day ride recommendation near Irvine

    Rob, is the day you can ride going to be Friday 11/30 or is that the day you arrive? I'm trying to keep that Friday open but I have clients asking for me that day. I cannot turn down work at this time but if I can post pone it, I will.
  8. RobF

    Day ride recommendation near Irvine

    This is generous in its detail. Thank you for posting it. I can't tell if your buddy's bike is a GPz 750 or a GPz 900. I had a GPz 550 for a couple years. It was a pretty great bike! I was, unfortunately, young and broke. I did not take proper care of that motorcycle and it died prematurely of negligence.
  9. RobF

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    C'mon, man! The gap between the surgical artwork that takes place in your shop and the half-assed monkey wrenching that happens in my garage is comical. That's why I never let my 6th gen read your posts. She would just be so hurt and angry to learn after all these years that there exists maintenance techniques beyond adjustable pliers, a screwdriver, and copious amounts of electrical tape. I have very much enjoyed reading this and your other recent thread: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/88146-pardon-the-nudity I know guys who have an engineer's facility with wiring schematics and I know guys who have an artist's eye, but I know very few guys who have both, as you clearly do. There is an impressive range of talent and craftsmanship on display in these threads, including the documentary narrative and photographs themselves. So much, beautiful work that is inspiring, educational, and envy-making all at once. I hope you will forgive that I hate you a little for it. It's really only a little bit of hate, and it usually goes away a couple hours after I stop looking at the photos. Usually.
  10. Hi TedJake, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. TedJake

    South Dakota 2017

    Road Trip with Brothers Dave & Mike from KC to SD.
  12. Terry

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    Here is a link to VF500 service manual, hope that helps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ad27li2uw385e9u/84-86 Honda VF500F Interceptor Service Manual.pdf?dl=0
  13. GatorGreg

    Greetings from the frozen tundra

    Congrats - she's a beauty!
  14. Yesterday

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    Bought this 15yrs ago, it will last my lifetime and then some I think If anyone has pics of the cable routing pages from the factory service manual, I could use them
  16. Knute

    Greetings from the frozen tundra

    Seem like a you got a real good deal. I bought my '04 in '08 with 5k miles, now at 86k and still running strong. I think you'll be happy with it.
  17. HispanicSlammer


    looks like my driveway these days, featured.
  18. That is interesting. Maybe I’m missing the cause and effect, how would the CCT’s result in overheating @Urbanengineer ?
  19. andrearonin

    Picture Thread

    Varano Circuit, Italy @wildays 2018 Free practice
  20. Jagstar

    I am thinking about pulling a trailer...

    Agreed. Open USA roads, yes. Tight or traffick points in Europe, nope. I can just see you filtering and a car clipping your trailer because they didn't see it or expect it - as much as I wish I had a trailer.
  21. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    They actually started in 2000 with the Cat Con and crossed front headers. A friend had a Euro model '98 or '99 that also had crossed front headers. No idea if it came like that from the factory, but not much else was changed. I forget if it had a cat.
  22. BuzznerSuntrusts

    I am thinking about pulling a trailer...

    I used to have a pic of it, but a guy that used to work at the Deal's Gap store would ride his 6th Gen pulling a single wheel trailer and every day he would ride through Deal's Gap to and from work.
  23. One thing to look into, is upgrading/updating the RR and perhaps adding a volt meter. Although not an OEM item, there are a few members who have found Honda branded meters that look like they belong on the bike. As far as the windscreen, I have a Zero Gravity on my 5 Gen and it is a bit thinner than the stock windscreen. I had a GIVI touring screen on my 6 Gen but have changed it out for an MRA with the spoiler. Even though it is a departure from the OEM look, I rather like it. It appears to work a bit better than the GIVI, at least for my height (5’8”).
  24. koekum

    Anything wrong with my engine?

    Cannibalize an aftermarket car seat heater and MacGyver it into your jacket and connect it to your battery. Works like a charm
  25. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th Gen vs 6th Gen VFR800

    ABS 6th Gen, because ABS.

    87 700 fuel pump relay intermittent failure?

    Here's the latest, and final solution to my issues. Ultimately, it came down to two issues, hopefully these finds will help someone else. First off, the plug for the fuel pump was not connecting well. The female end of the bladed connector was too loose, this caused poor connectivity and explains why sometimes when the bike died I could unplug the pump and plug it back in to get it running. The solution was to replace both ends of the plug. I went with a new-style weather-proof plug and thought I had it licked. This led me to the second issue. After replaced the plug, I decided to give myself some more access to troubleshooting if the bike died on the road. I removed the retaining screw on for the end cap on the fuel pump. This allows the cap to be popped off to examine the electrical end of the pump without needing tools. This worked out well. As we all know, with an intermittent problem, the bike has to be ridden to see if the issue is still there. I decided on a 25 mile trip to a shop down the freeway would work. I made it there but the bike felt odd. I made it almost home when the pump died again. Luckily, I was able to pop off the end cap. I checked it and found that the contacts would open, but not close. It's hard to explain all of my troubleshooting, but basically the issue was that the contacts were too far apart (you can actually see this in the pictures in my original post). I used a coin to bend the bottom bumper holder up a bit to close the gap and 2000+ miles later it seems like that was the final fix. I know this is long-winded, but hopefully it can help someone else. I'll add a few words below as an aid for people searching this topic: Chinese fuel pump fuel pump contacts fuel pump electrical
  27. BadgerStan

    Greetings from the frozen tundra

    Hey neighbor! Just under 28k. Assuming it was properly taken care of by the previous owner, which all indications point to, hope to get a few more out of it.
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