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  2. Thanks for answers. I wen't through everything possible on my front end. Even bend a bit that centre alloy. Didn't help at all since the disc is warped vertically (which we realised afterwards😁). You don't learn if you don't do any mistakes right? So now im off to get new disc + pads and replace for the right side. Left side was in great condition.
  3. regatillo


    Hello, would you tell me what make/model is that bag on your saddle, please? Thanks
  4. RC1237V

    Tires again !!

    First impression of the PR5's are pretty good. Excellent feedback, and plenty of grip. Only went for one ride, and have only a few rides this season, so will push them a bit on the next ride. I do hope they last more than the 2,600 miles the Angel GT's gave me. Rear was even, but so worn I could barely see where the tread grooves were, and front was a triangle. New tires always feel better, so I will re-post after some miles........
  5. Marooncobra

    It just needs a little love.

    Halfrider I am fairly well across these engines and was a qualified vehicle mechanic in my younger life. I have swapped out the one in my VFR and still have the old one in the garage. The new one had less Km on 16,000 vs 56,000. Still runs and has no issues. Was toying with idea of stripping down and seeing if it can be increased in bore/stroke but I think it would be stupid money. If you decide to go through replacing the head gaskets you may have to get the heads skimmed as well if they are warped. By the time you add up all the costs it may be cheaper to get a second hand unit unless you want to keep the same engine number.
  6. Halfrider

    It just needs a little love.

    The paint came off the clutch cover when I was paint strippping, now that you mentioned it, it mighr stay thst way. That a CBR 929 complete front end.
  7. Or try the ECU reset procedure, as it made my bike run again........
  8. Just changed my oil and fired the bike up to check the level. After about a minute or so, I turned it off to check the level. I went to restart and it would barely chug. Turned it off and tried one more time and it would not even run, just a few coughs. Then I remembered someone else posted the same issue. Ghostrider posed an ECU reset procedure used by Honda. Incidentally the Porsches I used to work on had a similar procedure, we would often use after fitting a free flowing exhaust, as the ECU was "self-learning". Disconnected the battery for 10 mins, and then restarted (started a bit rough, then irregular idle, then smooth), waited for the fans to cycle on then off, never touching the throttle. I was draining and refilling the final drive unit while waiting for this procedure to cycle through. Shut it down and all was good! Restarts fine now and seems to run better than ever! Thanks Ghostrider!
  9. Ntolerance

    Bar end weights 5th gen

    Evening. I tried a search. Came up empty. Is there a way to stop the bar end weights from spinning? i really like bar end mirrors in addition to my stock mirrors. On every bike I own honestly. All three. But on my 5th gen screwing them into the end weights allows them to turn. I can unscrew the weights and take them off but the insert still will turn regardless of how tight I make the screw. Any thoughts ?
  10. It’s a piece of cake with a Dremel and patience. The welds are located just inside the primary header pipes where the flange mounts them to the engine. You can see the circular weld bead when you look in the end of the pipe. I took them down to almost flush. Others have ground them down and polish the connection so you can hardly see that there was a weld there. If I had known it wouldn’t compromise the integrity I would’ve done the same thing. Don’t go to deep. There was a thread with pictures... i don’t know if it still exists. A search might show you everything you need.
  11. Nope, needs to be in position 2. The diagram shows the location of the flapper pulley when oriented properly. Rotate CCW from position 1. From this position the servo motor will rotate as dictated by the ECU with the engine running. It doesn't know there aren't cables connected, but does know the position of the flapper pulley.
  12. Puchased a Nelson-Rigg CL-1040-TP Expandable Sport Motorcycle Tail Bag for my 2014 VFR800, size is perfect for my needs at present. The bag comes complete with mounting straps, shoulder carry strap, and expandable waterproof cover. The supplied straps have a clip to connect to the D-Rings on the bottom of the bag but on the VFR seat they cant be used as they foul with the seat when fitting the straps under the seat. I used 2off the supplied straps that you can see in the side view that really secures the bag nice and firm. I purchased a couple of other straps for a few dollars that connect to the side loops and go under the seat to do the job nicely. Real nice quality bag and great design. The side pockets are big enough for bottle of water, glasses, tool kit etc very handy. Helmet fits in the bag in unexpanded form as well. My wife now wants one the same to replace her old Saddle bags...
  13. I'll be a "game time decision"...... But I know that my kid can't get back there soon enough! Careful Rob - he will be stopping yu to pick him up on the way through!!😄
  14. Glad you'll be back. I know these don't match your new bike but I hope you've had time to get a replacement. Jason might feel a little threatened.
  15. Ahem, you Dutchy guys are confusing. BUT, you have EXCELLENT taste in bikes! 😁 Someday - God willing and the creek don't rise - we're all going to tip a beer together. Sold! Happy to say she's going to a very nice fellow who loves V4's AND VFR's. 🍻 Glenn
  16. St. Stephen


    Great shot, my back yard. PCH to Tomales to Dillon a great ride whether from the north or south. Love those pipes!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Ahumm.. There is Dutchy and there is TheDutchy... I am the one that has a VF1000FII ready for the occasion..
  19. HispanicSlammer


  20. I get a similar issue from time-to-time. I 'fix' it by turning the bike off, gear to neutral, kill switch to off, bike on, kill switch to on. Usually works first time.
  21. Rectaltronics


    Considering that I got around 18000 out of a BT-020 rear (or was it an 021, I forget), and in light of that fact that many riders on various forums were surprised I got more than eight or ten thou, I think it's entirely possible I could squeeze 7500 out of a Q3. YMMV. Literally!
  22. fink


    Regularly used to kill sports tyres on my t595 in around 2.5k miles. Bt016 & pilot powers.
  23. Shinigami


    I suppose, at 12 MPH, on well-worn shiny asphalt. one could possibly go 7500 miles on a Q3 rear. Otherwise, not so much. I once killed a rear in under 2500 miles on my 6th gen (front lasted twice as long).
  24. Rectaltronics


    Or they are riding very conservatively.
  25. Shinigami


    No, Roadsmart 2 rear, Q3 front. (Anyone telling you they can get 7500 miles on a Q3 REAR on a VFR is lying to you.) I've never gotten more than 3500 miles on a Q3 rear on any of my bikes, but I am a little hard on tires, with lots of time in canyons.
  26. yeah thats my fear...but you're probably right
  27. Hello all. Bike's almost done, but I've noticed that I might have some form of electrical issue. So what's happening is that the fuel pump doesn't seem to whirr anymore when the ignition is on run. I went to put the battery back on, there was a spark coming out of the negative end when I reconnected it. Main fuse went, changed for a new 30A one, the other fuses looked okay.Starter motor engages but no fuel going into the engine, hence no start. HISS LED indicator doesn't seem to illuminate either so I'm guessing there's a bad connection somewhere. Anyone got any ideas on what could be an issue? Connectors on the fuel pump looked okay, went to clean the connectors. Maybe I haven't cleaned the right one yet?
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