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  2. Does anyone have experience with these? They are about half as expensive as the stock 2006+ lenses from Honda. https://www.ebay.com/i/162635922800?chn=ps Cheers!
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  4. Vee-Ef-Ar

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    I searched some time ago and got the same pn. 129700-5370
  5. I was away all weekend. Sounds good to me. I'm up for meeting some other vfr riders!
  6. bighawk

    2015 VFR Mod update with gopro footage

    Where did you get the tail tidy from?
  7. I am in a townhouse/apartment complex, so have some rigid AC duct strapped to the slab above. I've used that to drop the front end a bit on my MT09 before.
  8. Terry

    VFR Slow to rev and bad low end response

    Cylinders 1 and 3 use the same cams, so if the timing is out it will affect both. If the valve clearance is off it can affect just one. There should be some easy to see lines scribed on the cam sprockets that will align with the cam cover face when the crank is aligned properly to a timing mark. These are from my VTR but the principle is the same.
  9. If you have or can construct a sturdy overhead support, possibly use ratchet straps to hold up the frame / subframe?
  10. I wonder why the h&ll Honda didn't think of that?
  11. Urbanengineer

    20 year, 103,400 mile old Injectors/ fuel filter

    @KevCarverI'm amazed you don't run a spring around the fuel line to keep it from kinking. That bend would worry me.
  12. Urbanengineer

    VFR Slow to rev and bad low end response

    Interesting. I'll pull the cover and provide pictures on Tuesday. It would *be nice* if it ran perfectly before I put it back together. Thanks for the direct reply. If it was timing might cylinder 1 also have an issue?
  13. So, i need to do this my my 2000 model to install sebs adapters and china's rearsets, but i have removed the centre stand. Ideas? Trolley jacks under the engine?
  14. Duc2V4

    DMr fork cartridge kit

    I’m with Cogswell, suspension update is one of the best ROIs you can get with your bike. It was actually one of the first mods I planned for my 01 when I got it. After I did the mod to my 6 Gen, I thought I should have started there first, so that’s what I ended up doing when I got the 01.
  15. Cogswell

    DMr fork cartridge kit

    Best return on investment for a VFR. The more you ride it the more you'll come to appreciate how it transforms the bike.
  16. Fitted my DMr fork cartridge kit on Saturday. Went for short 20 km ride first noticed improved slow steering response .more composed thtough bumpy stuff and more stable on cornering happy with that i think that was the last piece of the puzzle 😆
  17. 14thumper

    Install questions for Akrapovic slip on

    Yes, a pic would be a huge help here. I don’t have a gap...
  18. Yesterday
  19. Here’s what that same view looked like, before.
  20. That Duralast filter looks like a better fit than the Wix filter I used. The pic shows what I’m going to run. There were some doubters, but, Evapo-Rust did the deed.
  21. sfdownhill

    Parts Source

    What year model [probably VFR...] bike did you buy? OEM mirrors are pricey. Aftermarket mirrors by EMGO from ebay/Amazon look nearly the same and are OK quality: https://www.amazon.com/2000-2001-VFR800-MIRROR-88110-MBG-D01-Manufacturer/dp/B008Y5AWVA/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1529880384&sr=8-9&keywords=2001+Honda+vfr800+mirrors
  22. Cogswell

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Accuweather's long range forecast for the week is for sunny and mid '80s (high 20's for those of us that use deg C), but wow it's been cool and rainy in the Dakotas for several weeks - with liberal doses of strong thundestorms tossed in. Fingers crossed that the WX forecasters have it right! https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/custer-sd/57730/july-weather/335526?monyr=7/1/2018
  23. Tiutis

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    Curious, do you have any sound clips of the black widow?
  24. MaxSwell

    Picture Thread

    It a beauty. Congrats. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  25. Well, I finally got the @$# thing off. The swingarm did move so putting the bolt back in was "complicated". I consulted the manual (RTFM guilty) about putting it back together. It looks like way too much work for me to anticipate the installation of the step on the receiving lump. Bearing and seals and better hands than mine (oh my)! So I plan to have Honda Town to the work. (This has happened to me with my first VFR; I ordered the part and they installed it back in '07). Hopefully they'll be able to get it done before D-Day July 10 (SumSum). If not, it can still be ridden.
  26. Ha ha ha ha - btw - JZH - on the flip the bolt around - great idea!!
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