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  2. Philois1984

    Seeking Paint Removal Advice

    Great to know you got your VFR back and in what appears to be good condition, I know insurance can be expensive, but maybe a good after market bike lock would be wise. I use a kryptonite lock even when the bike is in my locked garage, maybe you were already using one? Just a thought.
  3. squirrelman

    87 700 fuel pump relay intermittent failure?

    very often a melted plug like yours will destroy the stator if any two wires contact each other.
  4. squirrelman

    Engine oil recommendations

    in a hot climate it's best to use what Honda recommends, and that's 10W40 or 20W40, isn't it ? 10w30 is for cooler northern latitudes.
  5. Today
  6. Urbanengineer

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    If he is going to use it at sport TOUR I would totally recommend the Road 5. All the benefits of the road 4 with solid shoulders now for hasty riding :).
  7. Urbanengineer

    EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads for 2007 VFR

    If you want less dusting consider a ceramic pad, like the cars have all moved to. They provide pretty good stopping power with clear / lesser dust than metallics like EBC HH.
  8. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    Starting with a pressure test tomorrow. Rented the tool today. Thanks for the additional information!
  9. Grum

    Gear Indicator

    Yep, agree with Fink here. Get it often if I've had to suddenly stop without time to gear down to first while rolling. Shifting down the gears while stationary will often display the - nothing to worry about, just operator error. Yes we have all done it.
  10. Still got my OEM's in the front but have had the EBC's in the rear for quite a while, have not noticed any greater dust build up on the rear wheel than previously experienced with the OEM's, same goes for previous bikes I've fitted the EBC HH's to. Not far off fitting a set of new fronts and they will certainly be the EBC HH's Cheers.
  11. VFRJEDI7

    Engine oil recommendations

    Yes very cosy living here in florida oem honda synthetic is best for me compared to the conventional. Although nothing is wrong with conventional oil I just like synthetic and how it's made. When it comes to oils and filters I stick to Honda oem. 🏍️
  12. Grum

    Engine oil recommendations

    Hi VFRJED17. Sounds like you got yourself a great oil deal, no doubt that product will serve you and your bike well. However what oil to use is such a contentious subject, a bit like what is the best religion, and does it give you a warm cosy feeling? I'm only going to say I only use motorcycle specific oil and that's it!!!!!! Cheers.

    87 700 fuel pump relay intermittent failure?

    Well Squirrelman, you win!! The bike ran great for 4 1/2 days last week then stranded me again on my way home. I stopped by my local dealer over the weekend. Unfortunately, the young guy there admitted he has no idea how to troubleshoot the bike...however...he gave me a name of another guy at another dealership that has been around for a long time. I called and will be dropping the bike off on Friday. I hate spending the money, but if he can find a definitive answer to my issue it will be worth it.
  14. I just bought a set of the afore mentioned (not yet installed). How's the dust? as the previous set of Brembo pads would cover the rear rim, and I mainly use front brake only, being linked and all
  15. VFRJEDI7

    Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    Yeah punisher logos are nice!
  16. Freaking awesome naked bike. I'm not usually the naked bike kind of guy. Just chicks! Lol. But this Vfr 1200 transformed is amazing. Great creative job. Hats off to you and your ingenuity.
  17. VFRJEDI7

    Battery swap

    Yeah lithium is awesome. Lightweight, small and last long on a charge. Cranks right up. My 2012 Vfr 1200f came with a deltran lithium battery.
  18. Grum

    Engine troubles

    From a cold start monitor the exhaust temperature of number 3 cylinder, compare it with cylinders 1 or 2. If the bike is running rough and number 3 exhaust is not heating up like the others, you may have a ruptured Fuel Pressure Regulator diaphram, this causes excess fuel to be dumped into cylinders 3 & 4 via the vac hoses. I also once had some terrible idling issues caused by either bad fuel or excessive condensation in the tank. Tank drain and fresh fuel sorted that out. Check all your vaccumm lines for cracks/leakage, especially the lines to the MAP sensor, in doing that you'll be able to also have a good look at your air filter. Good luck, keep us posted.
  19. VFRJEDI7

    To be different !!!!!

    Nice black and yellow. Batman bat bike! Cool man very cool.
  20. VFRJEDI7

    Engine oil recommendations

    After all the research I decided to go with Honda's full 10w30 synthetic in the red quart bottle. I use synthetic in my car so my bike deserves the best as well. I do the labor myself and local dealer hooks me up with a awesome deal per quart.
  21. Today changed out my oil/filter, DCT clutch filter along with the final drive shaft oil change. I didn't realize the shaft fill plug was aluminum and I cracked the head right off! Left was the threaded part in the fill hole. Inside my mind I let out this noooooooo like when luke found out Darth Vader was his pops! Lol. Thank the gracious almighty Lord I was able to manually with my finger untwist the broken threaded piece. Ordered a new cap from my local dealer and it will arrive on Tuesday. Boy did I learn my lesson today about that fill plug. Other than that all else went well with engine oil/filter change and dct clutch oil filter. I even managed time to install a smoked double bubble windscreen also. I have not posted any pictures yet because I'm waiting to receive and install a rear tire hugger I just ordered. Also have some r&g fork sliders to install as well soon. Then I'm going to wash her up and post some pics with all the goods I installed. Anyways I'm glad I didn't have a major problem today. Ride safe fellow Vfr riders. Peace 😎
  22. gll429

    Everyone...how is your bike wired to charge your phone?

    yep. i have installed a ton of them. the work well. i have under my seat wired to power after the switch is on.
  23. All of the above - Excellent pads.
  24. Great pads with high heat resistance and great bite. Virtually no compromise from stock.
  25. dgordon

    Kanadian Ken's Solo Rack

    Urban, I'll do so on the weekend. It's a great setup and really economical too depending on which hard case you go with.
  26. Yesterday
  27. No, get a longer lever! A scafold pole is the old standby. I had an eBay swing arm I wanted to dis-assemble, but no bike to mount it on, so this was what I did: I didn't have a socket handy, so I used my trusty 24" Craftsman C-wrench (it's fine if you're careful--and lucky!) I used a square steel tube (about 2"x2") to keep the axle from turning. The nut loosened without any drama, IIRC. (You did un-stake the nut, right?) Ciao,

    Engine troubles

    I'll just even swap you for mine. 🥑
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