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  2. Like I said, no way was I gonna let this pass without getting in on the fun. These things getting pulled off like this don’t happen very often. Thanks you guys! [emoji482] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ceased (costal living but garaged) is my best guess now. It dragged under a >1yr. full charged batt. Then left me stranded 50 mi. out. Terminal at the starter is getting juice but no crank. Solenoid by the batt clicks away. First time to not be no jump start DCT fan.
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  5. I didn’t order a set because the cheap ass set on my bike will last the rest of my riding days. I have read nearly every post on this thread and enjoyed watching it unfold. Well done gentlemen! Well done. If you guys ever make an east coast visit, beers on me.[emoji481] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello! I've been trying to find a link or part number, ordered what I though was the right thing from a GIVI distributor...I need the weawther strip for an Honda Interceptor hard case. Any links or clues would be really helpful. Thanks!
  7. Thank you. The ‘95 will be up for sale once I have it pieced back together. Haha Thank you. I see what you are talking about now. It seems I have hit a snag. I am missing this bracket for the shifter side of the bike. It’s what the left and right fairings attach to. I searched eBay and Google. Any recommendations or am I looking into fabbing a new piece?
  8. Finally got a nice picture of my current stable.
  9. You aren't kidding about the hard work and dedication. Just the logistical mess, which they took on so that Wade could largely focus on manufacture, was substantial. I went over to SF's place and he and Duc were sorting through who got what -- every one of us got something different, some of use got more than one and even those weren't the same -- and I wanted to help, but it wasn't the labor that was missing. It was the organization that was taking their time. I pretty much got in the way so I grabbed a set and got out of the way, I am sure they learned more about small manufacturing , supplier networks, shipping, and the rougher details of metal fabrication than most of us need to know. And, in case anyone doesn't understand, these shops aren't local to either of them, and they don't live next door. For example, every trip to get a bike dyno'd and tuned is an hour and a half from SF and probably 45 minutes from Duc, without traffic. Each way. Getting performance headers for the older models has been a dream of a lot of folks, but they got it done. This is huge, and greatly appreciated.
  10. What kind of gains do you see with the PC? I am on the fence about getting one. Looking at a Akrapovic slip on and a Power Commander. For that kind of scratch I would like to know what folks are seeing as results.
  11. I just replaced the sprockets and chain. Took me two days to do the actual work because I'm bad at reading the service manual and because I had to rebleed the clutch. I had a hell of a time with the clutch until I found an old thread on this board that says you need to loosen the top banjo bolt to let air out. Once again VFRD is a lifesaver.
  12. Happy Spring All, Does the collective have a Honda parts source for a 1200 DCT new starter replacement? Seems prudent to go “new only” being an Auto. I see Partzilla for $300. Lists $5 Hun locally. Cheers!
  13. Thanks again SF and Duc for all your dedication and hard work on this project and navigating around and ironing out all the roadblocks and speedbumps that have popped up along the way that we don't even know about!!!
  14. Knight design Lowering pegs $100 Shipped Honda bar risers $50 Shipped stock windscreen $50 Shipped
  15. Used FH020AA from FZ09 are on eBay for the guys wanting to be "super cheap". I've gotten them as cheap as $25 Eastern beaver connectors. Wire & Fuse off Amazon/etc.= Sub $60 upgrade
  16. Thanks Dutchy, good thought, haven’t forgotten it yet but there is always a first time.
  17. This is so true. I always tell people that you don't just see the Grand Canyon but you actually can feel it through your whole body when you're there. People toss around the word awesome to describe all sorts of nice things but visiting the Grand Canyon is truly an awesome experience. A few great places to see in the North East. Start with Niagara Falls, the roads around the area aren't that exciting and the towns around the Falls themselves are very touristy BUT the Falls are worth the hassle, stunning. Best viewed in the morning when it's quiet and everyone is asleep, between 6 and 9am. The Canada side is better and I assume you will have a passport so make a run for the border if time allows. If you want to stay the night, clean and cheap rooms can be found just south of the tourist area near the falls on the Canada side, the US side is kind of divey. A ride through the Lake George area is full of great roads and beautiful scenery but nothing really epic. Find HWY 9 and head towards Hogback Mountain for a fun ride through the Green Mountains. You can make your way to the already mentioned Kancamagus Highway. It's worth spending a whole day there and ride the loop from Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, Bear Notch road and back around the Kancamagus. You can find Hurricane Mountain Road nearby (neat road, very short but worth it if you're in the area). You can also take a few hours and ride to the top of Mt. Washington and even get a sticker for the achievement! If it's still around and owned by the same people, School House Hotel in North Conway is just about the cleanest and cheapest place to stay. Fun drop at Crawford Notch. Looking down from a rest stop on Mt. Washington. A view along the Kancamagus. And part of Hurricane Mountain Road. There's lots of great roads and great eats in New England. A trip into Boston itself is worth it too. Be happy to show you the sites if you make it this far.
  18. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  19. Put that lock as close to/under the caliper as possible. So so cannot rotate a bit and come to a full stop if you forgot it....
  20. Drove this a couple of summers back. It is beautiful. Lots of good riding roads in Vermont, too. I stayed near Woodstock and hiked along the Long Trail for a few days. Ridiculously beautiful in July.
  21. I would recommend riding Shenandoah National Park on the Skyline Drive and the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. There’s some beautiful views on there. I enjoy going up some of the peaks in New England, like Mt Washington and Graylock Mountain. The Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire is fun along with the Hurricane Mountain road. Have fun exploring the states!
  22. I believe that SF was going to add a post on this thread with some of the tips he got from Wade as well as his past few installs for the fittings and Dyno runs.
  23. WOW! what a day. As you might imagine, SF and I were very busy today dealing with boxing up all these headers. All total we had at 24 headers that were going to be dispersed. There were the "locals", SF, Myself, MooseMoose, MBrane (5 sets there) then boxing up all the rest. Although probably not mentioned by SF in this thread or even via PM, the original passivation company decided to play "corporate" on us and tried to nearly triple the price per header but SF was able to find another place who did it within the budget and they even put them on a pallet and dropped them off at SF's place! Thankfully my previous life as a shipping/receiving clerk came in handy, as I was able to organize the madness that was a pile of headers and get a system down where we confirmed everyone's order and made sure everything was in the box before we packed and sealed it up. Once everyone's order was accounted for, we started adding packing material, wrapping the rear link pipes and then taped the springs and gaskets (if you bought them) to the lid of the box. Please note that the rear link pipes are wrapped in the same packing material that was used and placed in the center of the box on top of the headers themselves. So don't go ripping into this box like it was Christmas (although it will feel like it) and tossing all the packing material away, as you might be tossing out those link pipes! Essentially that was our day and after about 7 hours it looks like we are ready for these boxes to be sent out come Monday morning! Oh yeah, as you can see from MooseMoose's post, he came by and picked up his. Although he offered to help, SF and I hand things under control so we handed him his set and he was on his way. Here's a couple of pics from our point of view during the day. These boxes are 36x16x16in. and weight 16lbs, for those who are curious.
  24. Also, I'm doing this and a few other mods. If I run into anything silly, I'll try and take some pictures. Do we want to post assembly tips here? Or should I start a thread in Maintenance?
  25. For Delkovic slip on owners, the connector pipe is not quite large enough to fit over the exit of the new headers: I totally expected this, and will just visit a friend who does mufflers on Monday. He says it's a quick 10 minute job to stretch it a tad.
  26. I had to make an adaptor plate to mount my 847. It took a hour or so to sort it out including the fan. Yeah I mounted a fan as most of my failures have been on a hot day after several hours of riding.
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      Another Epic Ride...Kind of
      Who remembers Viethorse and his epic trip to the USA from Vietnam? Believe it or not it has been five years since this Saturday night by the fire. 
      Well, this time America goes to Vietnam to share some ride experience courtesy of Viethorse. I am headed to Hanoi and points north for some
      photo ops with our Vietnamese correspondent. Stay tuned for some epic photoes from the other side of the world. Anyone have a message for


      Gettin' the party started


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      Early Fall Ride
      It's that time of year around these parts when the weather is difficult to rely upon for consistent temps and the amount of sunlight diminishes significantly.  What do you do before Winter sneaks up on you... you ride when you can.  I took an extended lunch break this last week on a supremely beautiful day with temps in the 70's for a quick ride around Ispwich, Essex and Goucester.  Had an enjoyable little hike to the ocean, a satisfying meal and saw some quirky roadside oddities.

      A great little stretch of road off of HWY 1, it's not fast paced, it's on the short side for distance but the scenery is really nice and the roads are a real treat with a few technical turns thrown amongst the sweepers, plus there is hardly any traffic which is so rare around these parts.

      Nothing beats the cod bites at JT Farnham's Famous Clams, so many clam shacks around this is my favorite with great outdoor seating.

      The Interceptor approves of the view.

      Hanging out at the gazebo in Stage Fort Park in Gloucester.

      I don't know the name of this location and I can never find it on a map but I find myself here often when I'm just meandering down roads that I like between Essex and Gloucester.

      The tree line before the ocean at Rafes Chasm Park.  It's a very short hike off the road with some tremendous views.

      Some wildflowers along the hiking path at Rafes Chasm Park.

      Bird in flight looking south along the Atlantic coast.

      I saved the best pic for last!  The elephant even has matching red, white, blue livery.

      Looking forward to a few more Fall rides before the bikes get packed away for the year but I don't think any of them will be as nice as this.
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    1. Barrys Den Diner at Texas Creek




      I have not been to the Greenhorn highway all summer, the road to Bishops castle - its always fun railing the turns on that fast sweeper road, then the tighter stuff down to Wetmore. I met up with reddog in Woodland Park and we checked out the sky and thought well maybe we can go around Pikes Peak to a turn off at Twin Rocks and avoid the angry looking clouds sitting over Pikes Peak. We got lucky and missed most of the rain. Heading south on High Park road we saw a rare site, motorcycles holding up cars! We figured it was a new rider and sure enough it was a woman on a metric crusier and her husband not far behind riding 15 below the speed limit - of course in a section with no sight lines for at least a mile, we had to pass 3 cars and 2 bikes.

      Reddog was saying over the blue tooth sena communicators they should pull off - but honestly I am sure she was so white knucked kung fu grip on the handle bars she probably had no idea there were cars behind her! I did not mind too much cause I know the road well and knew we were going to be into a passing zone soon enough.

      Then over the back road to Cripple Creek we were soon on hwy 50 - Reddog was astonished at how bad they messed up that road with tar snakes, the hill down to the Arkansas River was so full of tar snakes it was like riding over a slip and slide water park as wide as the road. It was awful - sections we did over the years at a 100 plus are now very dangerous and not advisable to ride much over the speed limit if even that.






      Lunch was a bacon cheese burger with weird maple syrup flavored bacon? It sort of ruined the burger which was very tasty but the maple syrup was just too much. Hit the spot though after we both peeled that stuff off. Then back on the road to Westcliff where we finally got some rain, just enough to clean the bugs off the visor. They dont call them the wet mountains for nothin!

      Then soon we were pushing the speed up a bit and turned off on the Green Horn hwy at McKenzi Junction and then I rolled on the throttle and let her rip all the way to Bishops Castle - thats a very fun fast ride for 15 min or so of good stuff. There is more good twisties if you keep going but the best stuff is on the way to the Castle. Bigalow Divide its called is the best part.






      Bishops Castle from behind the trees






      Young kid way way up on the railing to nowhere


      Map of the video ride

      Full Size

      We rode into Flornece and the heat on the temp gauge showed 100f, only in Colorado can you go from 65 to 100 in a matter of 12 mintues! We looked back at the wet mountains it was just covered with rain clouds, we hit it at the perfect time!



    2. martinkap
      Latest Entry


      Not that it matters and not that I expect anyone had noticed, but to those who sent me "where are you?" I would like to say I am back. Not only that I am officially returning to VFRD after nearly 2 months break but I have also ridden my Hawk last weekend and had FUN! Let me restate that; I had major fun riding! Something I have almost given up on.

      Most of you have been riding your whole adult lives and riding is not only a hobby to you, it is part of you. But I started riding three years ago and even though I have encounter some setbacks, till this spring I loved riding with whole my heart. However, I have always considered riding as my hobby. As a hobby which suppose to make my life better, more fun and more rich. Life is too short to do something which we don't fully love.

      My love of riding received a first major scar this spring: I lost a friend on the racetrack. He was a total stranger who offered me his help after I lowsided at CMP track last year. I still remember hearing his "Hi, my name is Todd, do you need help?" while I was duct-taping my roadrash from ripped jacket. He helped me straighten up the shifter and we kept in touch. The next time we saw each other was the day he died.

      With 9 months delay, I can say that Todd's death shook me more than I have realized. It rooted fear in me which was fueled by seeing and hearing about others getting hurt over and over again. If I was to summarize this year - it would be one big accident report. I became sensitive to every broken bone, every roadrash, every lowside. And even though I did 10 track days this year, I became slower and slower and slower. Suddenly, I have acquired this 'grandma' riding style on the road, frozen with fear that behind every corner there is car standing in my lane, or major sand trap or deer staring at me ... I was crippled with fear not only for me about also for my fellow rider.

      So, at the end of this year, I rode more and more by myself. I could not bear the feelings of responsibility for others on the road and my lines were crippled by my own fears. It all culminated this fall at WDGAH. In a freaky accident Love2rideh82crash was taken down by a truck crossing into our lane. I was done. I finished the weekend, locked the VFR into a garage and took a break.

      Until the last weekend, I pretended that motorcycles do not exists. As a last instance after 2 months break from riding, I decided to go to CMP track to see if I can still have fun. I also felt like I should go for the memory of Todd. I went and I had fun! I had much more fun than I expected and the most fun on track I can remember. Suddenly the whole track connected into an uninterupted line of turns and I felt one with the bike riding around! I was giggling like a little girl in my helmet and keep on giggling ever since smile.gif

      Granted I was not the fastest one and through out the weekend, I have never exceeded about 60% of my riding abilities, but I had no "oh-shit" nor 'blond' moments. I could have maybe go faster, I could have brake later for the turns and I could have lean further, but I am no Rossi nor Stoner. I decided to ride for fun and I had amazing blast riding well within my comfort zone.

      I was proud of myself when, after bandaging Ricks arm, I was able to distance myself and go back to riding without the year-long fear. I did feel bad for him but the feelings were not crippling my lines nor my mind. And when a total stranger came to me and said "Hi, my name is Todd", my heart stopped for a minute though but I suddenly knew that my life went a full circle. I probably will never win MotoGP :idea3: , but I am back! :wheel:

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