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  23. Shwat

    Diagnostic help

    Don't take it as gospel. I know nothing!
  24. Grum

    knock on rev

    Hi anth85. Same goes for the PAIR control valve. Try un plugging the electrical connector of that and see if that removes the noise. Reckon it will be one or the other making that popping noise.
  25. Howesnet

    He's coming home

    Hi all. Haven't been on for a while. As some of you may remember, I had to part company with my white G7 last year due to financial commitments. Well, back in August, things sorted themselves out. I saw a nice cbf1000 at a dealership that I was quite interested in and what just happened to be parked up next to it.... This little 2010 beauty. I've mad a few mods to her since I've had her and, again due to money, it's taking a bit of time but the last bit to go on is some new indicator bulb's. They're clear glass bulbs so you don't see a big blob of orange through the indicator lens. Hopefully they'll arrive this week. Once they're in I'll take some more photos to show you all my sexy girl as she is now
  26. Grum

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    Hi Ken. Sorry can't answer where the plate should be on a 2012 VFR1200F, never owned one. That blows me away that you guys don't have that stamped on your bikes. Must be an Australian requirement, our cars are also identified the same with month and year made. Just for info, here's my 2009 6gen built Jan 2009. Cheers.
  27. BiKenG

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    Well I've never seen the actual manufacturing date marked on the plate like that. Normally you have to go cap in hand to the manufacturer to get that information and Honda UK want £30 (each bike) to do that and provide a dating certificate (sometimes needed for 'Historic' vehicle classification). In the US there's usually a large 4 digit year shown, but that's the model year. I have seen this on bikes in the UK, but I'm not now sure what the actual requirement is here. I just checked two 2012 bikes and can see no plate at all, although I have no recollection of removing them. Where's the plate supposed to be on a 2012 VFR1200F? I like the idea of the month and year of manufacture stamped on all plates. Should be mandatory in all markets. It would really help as the bike ages and also provide a clear understanding to any potential purchaser of how old the bike is, irrespective of when it may have been first registered and used (which is always stated on the registration doc). Not that dealers ever are ever economical with the truth about that. 😀
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