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  2. St. Stephen

    Picture Thread

    Great shots, great trip. I know it's a 7th gen, but...
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  4. Hi VFRJEDI7, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion


    My Honda Vfr 1200FD ready for a ride.

    Broken final drive fill plug! Yikes!

    Nice. My windscreen is from eBay and I got it for around $22. Not cheap quality at all. My rear tire hugger was put on about 2 weeks ago and funny it's a puig. Have to say I love my bike! Riding brings so much pleasure and enjoyment. Real freedom when ever you want. Just hop on and twist the throttle.
  7. despicabledan

    PC3 USB

    Hello All, Selling this used PC3 USB that I recently removed from my 2006 VFR. This worked well on the bike, and the only reason I removed it was because I wanted to install a PC5 with autotune capability. Included are the programming cable and factory o2 sensor bypass plugs. price is $200 and you pay for shipping. Thanks for looking.
  8. The only thing immediately coming to mind might be the main ground from the battery negative cable up to the frame under the tank. If you have hot components (too hot to touch) there's resistance somewhere - grounds are easy to overlook. Oxgard can go a long way to helping with that. I separated just about every connector on my '08 and treated all the pins with it - including all fuses. No problems at 30,000 miles (knock wood).
  9. RVFR

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    On a side note here, CBR1000rr triples bolt right up. Still need to get rid of the stops though.
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  11. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    Oh! A thing I just did this year was to add captive spacers. Check out CaptiveSpacerManUK on eBay. He sells them as f/r kits, but I explained the situation and he sold me a set of only front SP1 captive spacers. Maybe he can even custom cut you a set if you want a mismatched wheel/fork/axle? If you can figure out the spec, of course. They are aluminum and suuuper lightweight!
  12. Yes I know there are a thousand comments about the electrics on this bike and I have found great info in the past. This time I'm out of time and patience. 2005 VFR800 ABS VFRNESS installed, recall completed, new battery stator and r/r replaced previously. Symptoms are similar to everyone else, no light problems. intermittent battery fails to charge. crispy main fuse b wire and hot VFRness fuse. I have tested the wires themselves and all seems fine. OK, Here is the drill Volts Idle-14.41 5000-14.41 ?? Stator (Engine off) A-B .3 B-C .2 C-A .3 Stator to ground All infinity Stator Engine On Idle A-B 19.XX B-C 19.XX A-C 19.XX 5000 A-B 73 B-C 72 A-C 68 R/R (following this video) positive to Stator A 1.68 B. 1.68 C 1.68 Neg to Stator A .434 B .434 C .422 Reversed leads Neg to Red A .429 B .433 C. 434 Neg to green A OL B OL C OL I have a new stator and R/r and battery harness on their way. Would like to do fewer things than more. One week until 5 day trip.
  13. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Just got home from a great weekend of riding, we stayed in Sisters OR, some great roads all around there, the lava fields are pretty cool, good times!
  14. Hi, I'm looking for something like this, where did you connect it? Do you have the instructions? Thank you
  15. Marvelicious

    PCV Base Setting

    The "benefits" of removing the snorkel and the flapper aren't universally agreed upon... The generally accepted assumption of the shade-tree mechanic is that "more air is always better", but I haven't seen any convincing proof that the VFR can use more air at low RPMs. Just my 2 cents... If I understand correctly how the PAIR valve works, you make it entirely redundant by warming your bike up fully before riding it, which is a good idea. At that point it is just a pile of extra junk that never does anything. On the rare occasion that you leave in a hurry and it does activate, it hasn't moved in ages and will probably fail, possibly in the open position (which would be bad). I can't speak to the maps unfortunately, though I'm frequently tempted to upgrade my PC3 to a 5.
  16. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    After I asked the question, I realized I knew the answer. The 7G bottom tripple has to be different as the forks are slimmer on the bottom than the top, oposite to the SP1. I know about the stops, seems easy enough to modify. My rear is already higher by about the same, I'll play around with the forks and see. Thanks for all your help people.
  17. Thumbs

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    No it's not legal to reduce your E4 to E3 the approval covers the whole bike in theory due to things like induction and general engine noise Youll invalidate your warranty of course by touching anything When the warranty is up then it's yours to play with, keep the OEM system for when you sell it, etc
  18. V4Rid3r

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    The RC93 (2017-present) has a stop in the cat, not in the link pipe... I would like to fit a SC Project to my 2018 VFR, but it´s Euro3 and my bike´s Euro4. Does anyone know if it´s ok to fit an euro3 exhaust on a euro4 bike? Don´t want to waste money on a pipe and lose power or have problems... my viffer still got 2years warranty. Local Racer any significant differences between stock and the black widow, besides sound and weight? How´s the bike running? Thanks
  19. V4Rid3r

    Picture Thread

    Nice pics mate! How loud is that exhaust on the V4? It´s like a straight pipe?
  20. Not a fan of the looks on the neoprene... The protectors I have just touch a little bit the oil cooler when the steering is turned all way, not a problem because they bent the tip 😉 Cheers V4 Rider
  21. Egg on Leggs

    Egg on Leggs

    Quaintly English.
  22. Urbanengineer

    Dirty Kill Switch Ends Ride

    It’s a common Honda issue across the whole Honda line of bikes.
  23. Urbanengineer

    Staintune re-release

    Exactly... it’s just a slip on in the end it comes down to style and the noise that comes out. I specifically looked for a VFR with Staintunes exhaust though. If only it didn’t have all of these issues though lol.
  24. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    You probably already know it, but you'll have to cut off the stock SP1 steering stops and fabricate new ones. You can see Capn's on the right.
  25. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    Top is 954, bottom is SP1. The VFR would have a different offset to them, so no go mixing them. As I mentioned earlier, I think the 7G lower triple is different diameter on the forks to the SP1. But, find someone to measure the diameter of 7G forks where they are clamped to make sure. Maybe you could end up with the same offset as you had on stock 5th Gen by using 7G triples. And I don't know either offset numbers. CornerCarver got me into that setup. Low front, tall rear (5mm shim on the top of the shock), but now he's gone away from that type of setup and a more neutral front. I still like it this way, though. The only clearance issue is with the clutch master cylinder. The forks are literally as high as they can go because the clutch master is in the way as you maybe can tell from the pic. But other than that, maybe my Pit Bull front end stand is a little bit harder to fit the pin into the stem? But's rare that I use the stem lift since it's capable of lifting from the forks too.
  26. oldbaldsob

    Added a 2008 VFR 800 to the stable

    Warren, is that you? From the SV Portal?
  27. Duc2V4

    Added a 2008 VFR 800 to the stable

    Welcome Aboard! Definitely do the drill, as the Stator will eventually give up the ghost at some point, some seem to go forever but others can leave you stranded! Mine gave up around 45k miles but fortunately I was within a few miles from home and a friend who came to my rescue. Thanks Recalcitrance, your presence is surely missed here.
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