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  2. Hawks

    Jamie has done my Shawk, vfr750 Shawk Forks, and cartridges/shock for another 4th gen.... He is awesome :)
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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope they spoiled you and ya had a great day. Good Luck with the bike and keep us posted. Cheers. Grum.
  5. not starting

    small trickle chargers won't do much for a discharged battery overnight. you need to try a 1 1/2 amp charge for about 10 hours b4 binning the battery.
  6. Front end upgrade to ZX6R 2007 units. Kawasaki ZX6R 2007 forks rebuilt and installed in Yamaha R6 2015 yokes. Same fork distance on both models. First ZX6R forks were dismantled. Piston rod and internals washed out with thinner and diesel. Pumped many times to clear out debris in adjustment valves. R6 stem was 8mm too long so I had it pressed out in Erith, cut down by 8mm and reinstalled with Loctite. That’s a 30 tin press but only about 3 tons were needed. Stem is held in by a metal o-ring so a new channel had to be carved into the stem before reinstallation. Turns out one of the forks was bent at the top yoke position and binding the slide (at the top) when bottoming out. I decided to grind down the internal bump to free the slider. Used sandpaper at first but was not making much progress so used grinding stone on Dremel (very carefully). Protrusion marked with green sharpie. Now I can monitor progress and stay on target. You can see where the bump has been ground down. Decided to crosshatch the stanchions with scotchbrite grey pad to reduce striction as they were too smooth. Very ghetto setup with stanchion mounted onto bamboo and spun in electric drill, but it works! Have to move hand up and down at correct speed to achieve 45• crosshatch. WD40 spayed into pad throughout. Fork components reassembled. This is how the old bits came off... Lots of cleaning with thinner and diesel... Strange scratches on spring spacer from fork action. Then reassembly with new seals, inner bushings (outlets looked fine) and new Fuchs SRF 5 Oil. Also installed 1.0 springs for my weight (used Racetech online calculator fir both spring rate and oil weight). Made a seal driver from ABS tube (XJR airbox snorkel cut lengthways and milder to ZX6R tube with heat gun). Made damper rod tool with an old M10 bolt and nut. Made spring/damper rod stopper from a thin piece of ally with a groove cut in (old backing plate from VFR regulator rectifier). Proper tools old would have made the job easier and faster but I got there in the end. B&D workbench was invaluable, as was a pillow in the floor to push hard against! Stray
  7. Finally got to remove the linked braking apparatus today - took hours! Just wanted to adjust gear lever but this happened... Struggling to remove OE subframe as it gets stuck on undertray and wiring. Wanted to trial fit CBR600 F4 subframe but couldn’t get the old one off. Not it sure how yet but want to keep seat lock as it matches ignition key. Drilled out our ignition from old top yoke to fit on R6 yoke. 8mm drill bit too small - needed 9mm. Then mole grips to remove remainIng stud.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hello All, Just done a brake delink and removal on my 5th gen and it was a real b@llache. Had to unbolt and reposition rear subframe to get the mid section proportioning valve out. All I wanted to do is adjust the gear lever but then... I was thinking to trial fit the CBR600 F4 subframe while everything is apart but can’t quite figure out how to remove the old subframe. It seems stuck on bits of undertray and electrics. Hoping to reuse use the battery tray/undertray so don’t want to butcher it. Any tips from those who have removed their OE 5th gen subframes? Thanks in advance, Stray
  10. Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    Thanks again, Candy.
  11. Close call - well caught!
  12. Spain North-South

    Tough break, Auspanglish. Sorry about your injury and my poor-taste pun. Get well soon.
  13. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Booked a room today at the Chief Motel. It finally got into decent riding weather this weekend, so I finally got the bikes out!
  14. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    Gig, that bike is AWESOME! Credit to you, mate. Hard work and well-deserved top result. Stray
  15. When to replace clutch?

    Thanks everyone I'm having no issues so I'll spend my time and money on something else. Maybe new brake pads front and rear. Those roads up there really put a hurting on them. Looking forward to this trip.
  16. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    Fabulous. You're quite a craftsman!
  17. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    Very very nice. I have a very similarly modded VFR. I was thinking where is the big bore kit then realized the 848 designates the rear hub mod. Love this bike.
  18. Spain North-South

    I know what you're talking about and can sympathise. There is a little to much of that going around. You'll be up and around before you can say VFRD. Just don't try to say it too fast. :)
  19. Hawks

    Heres my VTR story: Prior to having the R1100S in the pics I posted above, dad had an R100RS and a VTR (we called the Firestorms in Canada). I went to get my licence the day after I turned 16 (I only waited that long because my birthday was on a Sunday that year). Dad insisted that we go for a ride that night, and since the Ascot wasn't ready yet he had to decide what I was going to ride. Heavy, slow steering BMW or light, powerful Honda? He decided on the VTR which did not please mom one bit. He gave me the run down: dont be an idiot, respect the throttle, just follow me. I was nervous as hell. The most powerful thing I had ever ridden at that point was the lawn tractor, followed closely by my XR100. Anyway, I promptly stalled it and dropped it on its left side in the driveway. Total distance 8". Dad was pissed, he is meticulous about his stuff, but brushed it off as best he could. We bent the clutch lever straight and I managed to get going the second time, and we had a really great ride. Here's the man who taught me everything. Clearly a good influence. Like father, like son
  20. Hawks

    Nice find! I’m jealous... although, right now I don’t have room in the garage for another bike so all I can do is window shop. FWIW.... I like it without the stickers
  21. Hawks

    Well thanks for all the SH talk guys. I just happened to see a very neglected '05 at a dealership with low miles that needed a home. Can't believe what I bought it for. Those bikes sure aren't respected like they should be. I always have liked them and enjoyed riding them. The graphite silver was a one year color which I thought was slick. The PO removed the Superhawk 996 sticker which is still available from Honda, but to be honest I almost like it better without it. It has a set of TBR carbon cans which sound incredible and it looks like the PO also installed an aftermarket front fender. Other than that it is pretty stock. And so it begins lol 12000 miles Needs tires- putting my Michelin Road 5s on here to try. Needs a new chain and sprocket Needs a new battery and might as well replace the reg/ rectifier while I am at it. Needs a carb clean and possibly re-jet the carbs Needs all the fluids changed so I might as well swap out the old rubber brake lines for SS while I am at it Jamie is just up the road from me and a SH suspension guru owning one himself so I might as well have him dial her in suspension wise. I am not digging the giant stock turn signals in the front and probably need a bit more turn signal in the rear for safety. Looking forward to getting this poor girl back on the road!
  22. Getting to it.... I had a birthday and my girlfriend and daughter made me go eat steaks and hang out ;) Spending the day with my daughter, but tonight the fairings come off! Sorry for the delay, they actually make me work when I'm at the office :/
  23. Have You Ever Wondered...

    Too bad you can't easily use it, cause it looks pretty cool! Especially with that top nut. Are the clamp bolts recessed? Cause I don't see any bolt heads on yours or the installed one.
  24. When to replace clutch?

    It's all pretty subjective. I had a major rebuild of my '99 at 92,200 miles because of a crash and decided to replace the clutch friction discs only. I had damage to the cover and wanted to replace it, so since it was coming off I got new stock frictions. I measured the new discs each and as a full stack, then the old ones the same way and could find no appreciable difference in thickness with my calipers. Oh, I did change the springs too. Measured them new and old, same thing - no difference. I did some part time work in my friend's bike shop a few years ago and did see some pretty roasted Gixxer clutches with low miles. But that is from lots of wheelies and hard launches and general Gixxer-ness. So if you aren't having any issues, leave it alone until you start having trouble. Or if you plan to install a SebSpeed Clear Clutch Cover!
  25. Spain North-South

    Thanks for well wishes guys. I'm fine apart from the fracture, which isn't too painful if doing as told (resting, foot up). Apparently I was lucky within my misfortune in that often both maleolae break (tibial and fibulal) and that there was no displacement of any bones or rupture of any cartilage or luxation of any joint, so should be a relatively short convalescence with few complications... so long as the bone knits. Two months max hopefully. The bike suffered minimal damage. Mirror flung off its stem, was already needing replacement anyway. Right indicator busted. Front fairing stay is surely ever so slightly bent to the left so will need rectifying, but I was to be disassembling that anyway to swap out the headlight lenses to go from left to right sided deviation of the beam in order to register the bike in Spain, so just have to have the stay straightened while I'm at it. The bike does fall over with minimum damage compared to the VFRs I owned. So, that's life with premature senile uncoordinated moments!
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