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  3. HispanicSlammer

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Tony you wouldnt happen to have made gps routes for those rides in the mailer have you? somthing I can download to my zumo, old as it is.
  4. gll429

    87 700 fuel pump relay intermittent failure?

    the relay just turns on the power to the pump when the bike is on.. .so yes it could have been bad or just stuck one day.. the pump itself has very little pressure and simply stop pumping with resistance.. you need to check the points under the black cap and make sure they are flat. you can lightly file them. or place fine sand paper in between and put it out.. the weird thing about these pumps.. they are set up sideways.. and with time they develop leaks.. which flow into the "top" aka electrical side of the pump and SHORT IT OUT......makes it stop pumping.. until the gas evaporates then it starts up again.. now the fun part..depending on other conditions the pump can catch fire! happened twice to me and a few other people.. i now mount mine vertically..when not by passing it all together..
  5. HispanicSlammer

    On the Energy Loop

  6. Lee 2002


    It isn't a Honda, but my '68 Yamaha is an absolute hoot to ride. You pull into any gathering of people on that Yamaha and you'll quickly have a crowd gathered around. I can't even begin to describe how much fun it is. 100cc and 9.2 hp of pure FUN !!!
  7. keef

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    When I mounted the RC51, I had the original lines modded (shortened) by a local hose shop. For the generic aftermarket oil cooler, I had a mate weld AN fittings to the OEM engine fittings, then made up the braided lines. Sebs idea though, not mine. Something to remember though, double thick cores are better at high speed, and not so great at low speed. I learnt that with my custom rad.
  8. Is it possible for the relay to work intermittently, or does it just fail? Bike died last week obvious fuel delivery issue. Without reading into this, I didn't do any flow tests or test the relay. I just bought a fuel pump. Installed it, it ran fine, but only lasted 19 miles on my morning 42 mile commute. Figured then (after reading some stuff last night) that it might be the relay. Only problem is after jumping the relay, it seems to be working whether jumped or not (jumped, constant power, not jumped, only runs with engine running). I then tried the old fuel pump and it flows perfectly (inlet to pump, outlet to glass beaker). Both pumps seem to be working so I can only assume that the relay is not working all of the time. Per the title: is that possible? Thanks, Scott
  9. EX-XX

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    Wow, they must be dirty, as they look stock to my (admittedly jaundiced) eye. Still, coated and wrapped, they'll definitely not be affecting the cooler too badly.
  10. FJ12Ryder


    Yes, the SuperCub has been produced in the multi-millions, and most of those go to third world countries where they need cheap transportation: cheap to buy, cheap to operate. But I just don't like mopeds as serious bikes. Ick.
  11. keef

    My 399 lb VFR848

    I have seen a complete 1098 swingarm (including hub/rotor/caliper, etc) on an aus track junkies site for $100aus. They are still out there.
  12. keef

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    Those headers ARE ceramic coated, just old and dirty. They are now also wrapped. It's stand alone - I had an RC51/SP1 mounted there, but went even bigger when my custom front mount radiator couldn't keep up. I've now gone back to a TL1000R rad.
  13. EX-XX

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    Personally, I like it! That said, I'd be considering ceramic-coating those headers to reduce heat soak. Is that run in series with the original 'cooler, or as a stand alone unit?
  14. bayarearider


    I see a Monkey in your future...
  15. EX-XX

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    I recently scored an RC49 oil cooler and lines from Japan. The RC49 is the 5th Gen Police bike made from 2001-2008. There are a number of differences between the Police bike and a regular 5th Gen, including the use of a 3-row 'cooler, and - I'm hoping - similar/identical oil lines to the regular 5th-Gen. We'll see when next I do an oil change/have the fairings off, and attempt the swap. I suspect that another Viffer enthusiast has the same idea in mind, as I saw another one on the site I use, and it, too, was snapped up. As for the RC51 'cooler, I also have one of those, and reckon there'd be more mucking around to fit that, as the LHS hose connection is more angled than the Police bike's one or the 6th Gen, as far as I can tell. That said, I'll keep the RC51 cooler for when we - eventually move to a year-round warmer climate.
  16. Cogswell


    Honda's marketing in the day was brilliant, creating an idealized image of what life was like for young people that could be found on their SuperCub. I thought I read once that the S.C. is the most produced vehicle ever - even more than the VW Beetle. The little 90 cc mill is the Energizer Bunny - just keeps going and going. I recall a thread on ADVRider where a couple rode their S.C.'s to Alaska and in a number of other countries around the world - just amazing. I suppose that when my sportbike days are over and my recreation is confined to RV parks that I'll want a Super Cub to putt around on. For that it's the right tool for the job. For whatever reason, they have a certain attraction that's hard to explain.
  17. bayarearider


    Wanting to reclaim some of that Vespa market share.
  18. St. Stephen


    Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Have discounted the Kill Switch as this will inhibit your starter from cranking and kill the Engine Stop relay which in turn removes all power from the Fuel Pump, ECU, Igniters and Injectors. You don't have these issues. So perhaps simply flicking the kill switch is just resetting the ECU momentary till the fault returns! Have you done the ECU power and ground check yet? Make sure on the grey plug of the ECU the B1, B2, B14 and B26 are solid grounds use your meter low ohms check to ground, ignition to Off. With ignition On. Make sure you have a solid 12v at B12. Leave your meter in this position and establish wether this voltage disappears when the fault condition is present, an intermittent loss of 12v at B12 could cause your symptoms. Have a VERY close look at the wiring of the two ECU connectors, check that no pins or sockets retracted, no loose wires, no shorts, all sockets and pins look good etc. With ignition on gently flex the wires at the back of the ECU see if this induces or inhibits the fault condition.
  21. FJ12Ryder


    Yeah, I saw those. To be honest I thought they were pretty lame when they came around the first time. Especially the SuperCub, the Trail 90 wasn't too bad, and was almost like a real motorcycle made small.
  22. Stray

    VFR800 rear hub

    JZH, I was referring to Mohawk’s clever solution to a wider bearing and his custom home-made seal. That was genius. Both an improvement on factory (wider bearing) and an impressive way of tackling it. You may be right about greasing the hub. I’m not sure but instinct says to grease. Clearly there is room for arguments on both sides. Ducati say grease it and Honda don’t. I’m going to apply a smear of extreme pressure molly grease (my do-it-all grease) because I think it will do more good than harm. And I ride in salt. Hopefull it won’t turn into sandpaper. Stray
  23. Cogswell

    Front rotor damaged

    There is a pair on ebay from a '14 with a claimed 2,700 miles for $230 US. Beats the heck out of $700 for just one. Then use Mowhawk's procedure to mount the ABS ring and you're in business.
  24. bayarearider


    How about some Back to the Future?
  25. fink

    Wiring Up A Power Socket.

    I have one of his fuse boxes excellent bit of kit indeed. It’s hiding below the autocom unit on my bike. I also used to make up a harness similar to his 3 fuse one.
  26. slo1

    Trailing in

    BEST presentation ever on the subject......... http://canyonchasers.net/video/howto/trail-braking.php
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