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  2. I doubt you would have any issue with 55/60W bulbs as these are very common in other headlights so it seems likely that the standard H4 plug would be specified to be used with these. I have had past experience of a plug melting issue with a single 80/100W H4 bulb however. The headlight fuse is 20A so that will be enough for 240W total at 12V; as you switch from low to high I guess it is possible you could have both sets of filaments live instantaneously so 230W max, just below the fused rating. Like Maxswell I happily used 55/60W bulbs in my bike without any consideration for its electrical health.
  3. Welcome to the asylum garcenw from the land of Low Weather Expectations. Seems to me I bought a few H4 bulbs before I put in LEDs and never had any issues. Never even knew to consider it. I think the R/Rs are sheading so much extra power, the H-4 bulbs may lighten the load on the R/R. But that is a guess on my part. Someone may come along and straighten me out.
  4. The Saint

    Brian manages to get fabulous pictures, in action or standing still. But Brian! Man are you every Speedy!
  5. I’m contemplating using H4 headlight bulbs in my 1998 VFR800. I see from reading the forums that some have fitted H4 bulbs by trimming the tabs of the standard H4 bulb to fit Honda’s oddball headlight bulb socket. My concern is for the wires, connectors, and switches in the headlight circuit. A standard H4 is rated at 60W/55W, while Honda’s VFR bulb is rated at 45W/45W. A standard H4 will pull 33% or 22% more current, depending on whether it’s in high beam or low beam. For those that fitted standard H4 bulbs, especially in hot climates, have you had any issue with melting harnesses? Thanks. - Walt
  6. project 86 750

    that is what I was thinking, i think i will be ordering that new race hindle 4-2-1 system so further tuning will we needed any ways
  7. project 86 750

    looks 2 me that your carbs have a jetkit installed, tuning needed to set it up optimally.
  8. The Saint

    C'mon Max, focus on the incredible riding skill on display in the photo.
  9. just got my $900 usd shipped quote. high mount with titanium 14" muffler, told him to send a invoice :(
  10. Yesterday
  11. 6th Gen Lower Cowling Right Side Mounting Bracket

    Thank you, Lightduty. It turns out I'm an idiot. It's part #8 I needed anyway. It seems odd the way they placed it on that diagram
  12. Hi RDMcD, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  13. 98 VFR for sale

    Photos fo the 1998 VFR I have for sale, March 2018
  14. BMW Roadster

    There was a guy on a call-in radio program that talked about a Cylinder Index. You can include model airplane gas engine, remote control toys, chainsaws, mowers, weed wackers, etc. If I include two VFRs under construction, I've got 20.
  15. Because of the boots & pants I wear, heat from that area was not very anoying. My current fifth came with the heat shield removed. The exhaust in that area is wrapped with some kind of tape. Now, the area is so well ventilated there is almost no heat in the area. I'll post pics when I get my machine back from the shop.
  16. The Saint

    Did you loose your machine with the tennies-color wheels. I've been considering copying you. Do I have your permission?
  17. driving lights on 5th gen

    Deers, bears, mooses. Oh MY! Holy Socks! I won't think Minnesota is so bad after hearing about Maine. Our moose in MN have lost enough habitat, and we've become warm enough for the bad-for-moose-bugs to survive winter. They have pretty much immigrated to Canada. I have seen one bear but not in MN. But we do have deer. And I hate it when hunting wolves is allowed. Just about the only predator of them left. Except for vehicles; especially motorbikes! Ahrrrrgh!
  18. Honestly seems like a great deal for the quality here.
  19. No, there would be no FI light indication for a malfunctioning injector. The ECU doesn't get any "feedback" from the injectors, all it does is provide a path-to-ground (negative) for the 12 volt power that is continuously supplied to the injectors for the period of time (in milliseconds) that it (the ECU) has determined for correct fueling of an individual cylinder at any given moment in time. Actually there are FI light "blink codes" for if the ECU completely loses contact with one of the fuel injectors (a failed injector situation due to a loose plug or broken wiring for example), but there's nothing beyond that. If the ECU loses contact with a fuel injector (a failed injector) the FI light will blink a code and the engine will "fail safe" and will not start. But the ECU will continue to allow the engine to run with a malfunctioning injector. This is what makes diagnosing a failed injector or clogged injector so difficult. Because the ECU thinks it's doing the job properly. Same goes for a failed (or failing) fuel pressure regulator. In both of these cases there is no internal ECU fault indication. Your only indication is external, like your sudden drop in fuel economy and the smell of unburned fuel that shows the engine (or an individual cylinder) is running over-rich.
  20. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    I don't have the numbers, but the previous gen CB1000R 4 lug wheel bolts on to any 4 lug VFR without mods. New model is 5 lug, and I'm curious about it matching the 8th gen myself.
  21. There is no FI light, everything seems to be in order from the cockpit. So I guess that rules out the limp-mode, is that correct? I rode my bike for a little while longer and while I noticed the somewhat drop in the fuel range, I chalked this up to my more agressive riding during that period. Since it started fine and showed no ill-effects I didn't give it too much thought to be honest. I now sold my bike to a very nice gentleman and he reported a 20% increase in fuel economy compared to his previous two VFR1200Fs, I got worried. Would it throw a fault code if the injector/s are stuck open?
  22. You didn't mention the FI Light on the bike's instrument panel. If there's no FI Light illuminated the bike's ECU (and the various sensors that it monitors) are not compromised in any way. Just a thought (pure speculation on my part): fuel flowing through the injectors cools them as it goes through, remember that injectors are actually just as much a part of your bike's electrical system as they are part of the bike's fuel system. In a running-out-of-gas scenario one of your injectors may have overheated as electricity flowed through it without any fuel flowing an is now damaged (the injector's electrically controlled solenoid coil part). Your drop in mileage and the smell of unburned fuel could be caused by one (out of your four total injectors) sticking open. You can hand test the solenoids of injectors individually using a 9-volt battery and a couple bits of wire. Just making contact with the 9-volt battery will cause the solenoid of a healthy injector to move, and you will hear it make a little "ping!" noise.
  23. Mileage increase after running out of gas

    There is a limp home mode on the ECU when a sensor is out of tolerance, MAP sensor, or temp, whatever. It is programmed to just plug in a safe fuel map for most situations and it is often very poor on fuel economy. Perhaps running out of gas reset a sensor that was not reading in tolerance.
  24. No idea.... But a good excuse to say "merhaba!!!" to you
  25. Hi, I noticed a considerable increase in my bike's mileage after I ran out of fuel. I used to get around 200-230 kms (125 to 142 miles) before I saw the fuel light, now I see 170-180 kms (105 to 111 miles). I can also smell unburnt fuel indicating rich mixture. My bike has a derestricted ECU by Guhl racing (higher redline, derestricted 1st and 2nd gear, removed top-speed limiter), de-catted with a Akropovic slip-on and K&N air filter. The bike was dynoed after the de-cat process, the derestriction of the ECU was done after the dyno session though. I can tell with certainty that I did not have this problem before I ran out of fuel. Is it possible that running out of fuel somehow initiated an emergency procedure where the ECU is providing too much fuel? Your feedback would be much appreciated. Arrow
  26. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    Hey Ghostrider (or anyone else), can you find out the PCD and wheel offset for the 1800 Gold Wing (and the new one)? Oh and also the PCD for the CB1000R and 8th Gen VFR? Unfortunately I don't have access to any of those to measure.
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