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  1. Good find Marvelicious. And you make a good point. But when I see these "brand new" bikes on the floor (admittedly 2014 is an extreme example), I think about how it might have spent those five years at the dealer(s). Probably not with loving care. And I do replace tires that are more than five years old. And fluids. Etc. Tough choice between 1998 and 2014 if you are looking to buy though.
  2. That's great, it means I still own a V4! Loris and Randy, very cool, both looking good. I have to figure out how to get to Assen in the next few years. As great as Mugello?
  3. Thank you VFROZ for posting this. Two years ago I traded my 2010 7th gen for a 2017 Multistrada, and tried to explain it here on VFRD in a post called Talking to Myself. I'll get my thoughts together and do a comparison on your thread. But I'm happy with my decision so far, about 13,500 miles in. A few hours ago, Klamath River mouth, northern CA:
  4. I'll be there. Can't say I have really kept up with American road racing lately, but Wayne is giving it his best effort so I'll go. Saw him in the pits at Laguna WSBK this month, he looks great. Dale Quarterly was probably the most fun to watch last year, wheelies down the straight every lap while winning the classic division. I will try to post a video below, DQ smoking for victory: IMG_4109.m4v
  5. Hi Jim. I'm pretty far from you, in the north bay, but unfortunately I would not recommend the Honda dealers up here in Sonoma County anyway. I was happy with Mach 1 in Vallejo when they did a recall on my 7th gen, and I would enthusiastically recommend P & M Motorsports in Petaluma (independent shop), but once again, not near you. VFRD members such as RC1237V, jeffyjeff and bayarearider probably would be more helpful than me if they see your post.
  6. Heading down from the north bay early Sunday a.m., then overnight in Monterey. Honda continues to suck in WSBK so I guess I'll root for Rea to continue his comeback, or VDM.
  7. Great shot. When I lived on the east coast time off from work meant Skyline-->BRP-->Dragon-->Cherohala. The southern half of the BRP is particularly fun.
  8. I'm headed to Laguna Seca early Sunday morning 7/14, so Sat. 7/13 will probably work for me. At worst I'll bail early. Don't take Brian's availability too seriously, he probably just has to visit a gf in Fresno. 😎 Remember the CHP officer who pointed out the suicide Aprilia on the rocks to us?
  9. So right Sweeper. The two-page spread reviewing $500 watches was probably the last straw! Cogs, I agree. A few print articles led fairly quickly to a VFR purchase, see below. Now, the thrill (of a new mag) is mostly gone.
  10. A few minutes ago my final issue of Motorcyclist arrived. I've only been reading it for maybe 10 years, not like Cycle World, Cycle News, or, back in the day, Cycle. But I enjoyed it. I knew it was toast, but it was kind of jarring to see: Yeah, I have two years left on my subscription (the refund will be here any minute I'm sure), but it kinda shows me, again, that Bonnier does not have a clue. It would be fun to know how many actually sent back a card to subscribe!
  11. Great route Jeff, thanks for organizing. 365 miles for me, got back at 7 after dodging that 680 traffic with you, and now I'm the proud owner of a brand new stylish yellow bungee cord!
  12. Wow, Brian is back from the dead. Or at least reincarnated. And I didn't even know KTM made a "Road King," who knew.
  13. Hey Jeff! Glad you are in North America. I'm in, see you on 6/22.
  14. Why wouldn't you check and adjust the valves every few years as Honda proscribes? That you--and the engine--survived just fine doesn't really answer the question. Time and money, obviously, but that's true of all improvements we make on our bikes. Seems weird to upgrade to carbon fiber or lighter wheels or a clear clutch cover, but be happy to ride with a few slightly tight exhaust valves. Minor incremental performance and rider satisfaction in both instances.
  15. St. Stephen

    Peel's Ferry

    What a fun trip. Leave KCMO, lunch in Springfield, some fun on 125 (finally some curves!), and then on to the Peel Ferry! (which is in Arkansas). Then...Push Mountain Road aka 341! Still one of my top five roads, anywhere.
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