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  1. I admit I did start laughing hysterically as soon as I read the title of the post! No offense meant to you, Voided, just a blast from the past as you know. It has been a hoot following SF and Duc's header thread, look forward to seeing your dyno runs, best wishes.
  2. Haha! It's true that I don't aspire to your garage workspace. But I still aspire to your bike collection!
  3. Agreed--I've always thought that would make a great thread--garage photos from you, Seb, Cptn 80's, Terry, Grum, fromMaine, JZH, Duc, BLS, and all the other VFRD members whose work spaces and bike collections I aspire to!
  4. Cogs, I agree, the ADV is another marketing tool ("everyone will think I'm on a three month trip to southern Chile"), not too different from CPA's convinced they are badass dudes on Harleys. Most ADV's never leave the pavement. And the beak is not a great styling choice! But yes, I ride an ADV, after 30+ years of continuous VFR ownership. So? My 2017 Multistrada is my current sport-tourer, just like my VFR's were. Similar hp, and I even run exactly the same tires as I did on my 7th gen, (Michelin Road 4's, same sizes front and rear). Slightly more comfortable riding position, but I use it in exactly the same way as I did my VF700, VFR800, and VFR1200F. It's a great all-around bike. Do not underestimate an extra 75% more suspension travel! It's great on the back roads. Modern electronics too ( I really do use and appreciate at least two of the ride modes, the TC, electronic suspension adjustment, and a few other bells and whistles). It weighs maybe 60 lbs less than my 7th gen, and about the same as my 6th gen. So...that's pretty much my defense of ADV's, hard to believe I wrote it! But--to me--my ADV is a sport-touring bike, that's how I use it. (however, there still is an old sporting Honda in my garage...)
  5. Didn't mean to sound critical of COTA, just meant to say that it's the only one left.
  6. Racing isn't a big topic on VFRD these days, but I have to mention that Dorna has posted the 2020 WSBK schedule, and Laguna Seca--the only North American round--is off the schedule. Argentina is the only race in the western hemisphere. I know that Laguna Seca and SCRAMP do not have their act together these days, but hey, COTA is now our only world championship road race. Maybe I'll move to Spain...
  7. Wow. Thanks for posting Duc. I had a chance to chat with Wayne at the Sonoma motoamerica race a few months ago. He is just such a smart, articulate guy. Sooo much fun to see him out on the track, and the smile on his face.
  8. Waaaay off topic Africord, but since you brought it up, the "roll back the odometer" scene was filmed in my wife's uncle's garage in Highland Park IL. 😎
  9. Thanks Sweeper, just donated. And thank you Miguel.
  10. Hi St. Stephen, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Looks like V4 is the future of Ducati. Thanks for posting Africord. Kind of ironic that we are reading it here on the best V4-dedicated forum I am aware of. Honda? Bueller?
  12. Good find Marvelicious. And you make a good point. But when I see these "brand new" bikes on the floor (admittedly 2014 is an extreme example), I think about how it might have spent those five years at the dealer(s). Probably not with loving care. And I do replace tires that are more than five years old. And fluids. Etc. Tough choice between 1998 and 2014 if you are looking to buy though.
  13. That's great, it means I still own a V4! Loris and Randy, very cool, both looking good. I have to figure out how to get to Assen in the next few years. As great as Mugello?
  14. Thank you VFROZ for posting this. Two years ago I traded my 2010 7th gen for a 2017 Multistrada, and tried to explain it here on VFRD in a post called Talking to Myself. I'll get my thoughts together and do a comparison on your thread. But I'm happy with my decision so far, about 13,500 miles in. A few hours ago, Klamath River mouth, northern CA:
  15. I'll be there. Can't say I have really kept up with American road racing lately, but Wayne is giving it his best effort so I'll go. Saw him in the pits at Laguna WSBK this month, he looks great. Dale Quarterly was probably the most fun to watch last year, wheelies down the straight every lap while winning the classic division. I will try to post a video below, DQ smoking for victory: IMG_4109.m4v
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