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  1. I think you just did. Still raining in the PNW?
  2. Best wishes didit, I've enjoyed your posts over the years. Check in when you have a chance, with an underwater pic or two if possible.
  3. Couldn't agree more ducnut. Zack (and Ari Henning) are the real deal. They have rich motorcycling backgrounds, both professionally and family, and present useful information in a straightforward and entertaining way. Spencer, their videographer, is also very good. And if you're just looking for motorcycle entertainment the Alaska and Dumb & Dumber segments are highly recommended.
  4. Well that's an adventure Jim! Now I have look up cutting over 108 to 4--not that I have the bike to do it. Must have been beautiful but slushy. Bike looks great and well-accessorized.
  5. My back yard! I'm thinking you're maybe missing the Pacific Ocean Danno. Nice photos.
  6. St. Stephen


    shots from the road
  7. Well, yeah, you are technically correct, but sometimes, as on the 10 day trip I referenced, you just have to connect the dots and get from A to B. Kinda like Myrtle Beach to Blowing Rock. If all I wanted was great twisty roads I would never get beyond a 50 mile radius of where I live. I guess my point is that music/sound/podcasts are a plus when on long motorcycle trips where the slab is inevitable sooner or later.
  8. While I generally agree with bmart's comments, I have made an exception. Four years ago I was riding State Rt. 95 in Nevada--straight, hot, boring. For hours. Got to know every last feature of the electronic controls of the Duc that can be manipulated while moving. Discovered that the 2017 Multistrada will not travel at 64 mph, according to the speedo--63, yes, 65 yes, but never two to the 6th power. Anyway, you get the idea, boring as hell. As I was getting close to Vegas and the temp hit 107F, I decided that maybe music was worth trying. So... I purchased a Scala Q-Solo, and some great Etymotic ear speakers. Can't communicate with other riders (which I have no interest in), takes phone calls (I've done this exactly once), but the sound is very good and it pairs easily with my phone. After three or four hours on 95 I was really ready for a long extended China/Rider! I probably only use this setup three or four times/year, but it does help prevent insanity on those long stretches of slab. On Thursday I'm heading south on a one week trip, and I will definitely bring it.
  9. Too late, my bid was the winning one! Blinks. Shakes head. Wakes up. Damn. 😎 That is just so good looking. Can it be that the Honda engineers made the most exotic, most functional bike possible, and it just happened to look stunning? The wheels (particularly the rear) are soooo close to the bodywork and the frame, just super compact! and...well, I should stop now. Starting to think about where I can dig up 22K pounds... edit: So cool that it has that mileage!
  10. Couldn't help myself, anything for a smile. I grew up in New England so I get it. Hope you enjoy a great Spring for riding, that white 8th is beautiful.
  11. Not sure I understand this thread. Are you saying that there are certain times of year when you just park the bikes in the garage for months and don't ride? Doesn't make sense.
  12. Dutchy, you're just jealous since my minibike was more powerful than your Gileras. 😉 I'll try to dig up a pic but I'm not sure if cameras had been invented back then.
  13. Do lawnmower engine powered minibikes count? If so... 1. The most basic ICE-powered vehicle possible, blue metal tube frame, no suspension, centrifugal clutch, a foot pedal that pushed a curved metal plate against the rear wheel for the only brake, and a Tecumseh lawnmower engine. My Panigale at 11 years old! 2. Bonanza 100cc Hodaka two-stroke powered minibike. It had an inch of front suspension travel! Can you say wheelie? 3. Suzuki TS250.
  14. Cogs, you have described my feelings about top cases exactly!
  15. St. Stephen


    Harder than changing out the crankshaft. Removing and replacing the 7th gen plastic.
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