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  1. Welcome Danno. You've provided more tech help prior to introducing yourself than I have, well, ever. Always appreciated. Had to decide, on a tight budget, on my first VFR. The tariff-beating VF700 won out over the VF500 simply because I decided I couldn't live with the dayglo red seat. Yours looks just right.
  2. Hey, if you are trapped inside due to Covid/snow right now, and want some epic VFR riding inspiration, the thread on this ride is still up on VFRD: Forums>Rider Groups - Ride Planning>USA - West>Golden/Silver State 2015, or: BrianF is a professional grade photographer, and I will guarantee you will enjoy his pics, particularly on page 4 of the thread. Thanks Jim for the egg comment, you made me look this up!
  3. Gosh, my memory is that we were deeply concerned. 😉 Not sure anyone had seen that solution before!
  4. Not only is what you bring impressive, it all fits into that little camera bag! But you forgot to mention what you take with you on every ride: the skill, knowledge and experience to use those tools when problems arise. I have far less of that type of stuff to bring along! But my multi-day trips are alone more often than not, and I of course search out those desolate places that lack cell service. My tank bag always has a battery-powered air compressor and a tire repair kit (Dynaplug), tire pressure gauge etc. On overnight trips I always bring a Weego--compact Li battery which can
  5. Thanks Viffer. 4.5 years ago, Sonora Pass, everyone you see in the pic is a VFRD member. Same day:
  6. Thanks again Miguel. Eight or nine years ago I was somehow blocked from the site. You spent at least an hour helping me fix the problem, going back and forth on email (turns out it was SW Airlines). Incredible. Thank you not only for a clean, visually appealing site, but most of all for attracting so many knowledgeable, helpful and interesting posters. When you finally need to replace the Veefalo I'm all in!
  7. Geez Cogs, you forgot to mention the asteroid that will no doubt hit hit the earth next week. 😐 Maybe this will provide a little optimism for the future: https://www.motorcycle.com/features/the-lightfighter-electric-superbike-is-back-and-better-than-ever.html also, while I totally agree with all your points re Honda, we should note that they do spend >$30M every year on a V4 world championship bike.
  8. Thought so, looked familiar. I agree, a great piece of equipment, makes it easy for one human to easily load and transport a bike. And it stands up on casters, using only maybe 7 or 8 sf of valuable garage space. Here's my 2003 Honda towing my 2003 Honda:
  9. Great trip, and nice write-up. Is that a Kendon one-bike trailer?
  10. Happy solstice Cogs! It's not a photo essay, but here's a solstice photo, taken at noon today. Overlooking Tomales Bay aka the San Andreas Fault. 51 F when I left, no heated gear necessary, but I will admit to turning on the heated grips.
  11. Every time I get a new set of tires I ponder getting my own equipment and doing it myself. This thread (thanks RC79) has got me thinking about it again. But with "only" two bikes, and my mileage down this year, I'm on the fence once again. One advantage no one has mentioned is that when you change your own tires, you don't have to change both at the same time--a real plus. Whether because of uneven front/rear wear, or a puncture, tires rarely reach their final mile in unison. And I just won't make individual trips to my shop to change a single tire, only to return a month or two la
  12. This is definitely one of the better beer threads I've read this year. Nice that you threw in a few bike photos. 'Scuse me, getting thirsty...
  13. When I lived in New England, the Princeton NJ area, and KCMO for a few years, there would always be that glorious January day when it almost hit 50. Worth calling in sick...check tire pressure, rip off the trickle charger, rummage through riding gear closet, and ride! The V4 just sounded different though, never quite acclimated. Here in NorCal summer is perfect, but if you are on a popular road (aka PCH) the rental Mustang convertibles and 50 ft. RV's kinda kill the vibe. Winter therefore is great, and our locals are generally very nice about pulling over when we appear in their re
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