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  1. St. Stephen

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    Geez yes, the end of FP4! How long can that front tire point in the wrong direction? At 70 degrees lean? The entire corner apparently. In five or 10 years all riders will have "pucks" on their legs from hip to ankle! And elbows of course. FYI, except for a nice ride south from Montrose the next day I did not run 550, because of the fires. One lane for quite a while heading north out of Durango, so I did 160E to 149N (epic) to 50W. Yes, I'm up for a Montana ride, never been there except for a car ride on the interstate. Did you hit this gas station?
  2. St. Stephen

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    Hey, you said only 400 miles/day! I would have recommended northern Montana as a route if I knew. 😎 Durango was smokey a week ago but all was fine once you got up and out of town:
  3. St. Stephen

    Maintenance Poll

    Agreed. Bike shops can be pretty bad but they are under tremendous cost pressure, which, among other things, leads to them hiring very cheap labor. A dealer near me prints the following at the bottom of every service receipt: "Fast. Cheap. Done Right. Pick Two."
  4. St. Stephen


    shots from the road
  5. St. Stephen

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    Haha, no, I guess not all those states. But three 400 mile days barely gets you home on I-10 all the way. I should also have mentioned it's HOT (107 as I rolled through Vegas Monday, and upper 80's to high 90's yesterday in AZ). And I hear that 191 in eastern AZ is epic, but have not ridden it myself yet. Have a safe trip, don't pass a gas station, and have a blast! Yes, definitely up for the Sierra ride depending on dates. I've become lazy just looking for Brian to post a ride, not very fair to him, but I'll be there if the dates work.
  6. St. Stephen

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    L, you have skills, I know, but you only have three riding days. Not a lot of time to hit many of the states you mention. The SW US is so vast. I do, however, have a few recommendations, having landed in Flagstaff this evening and ridden some new roads I enjoyed: Monday, 168, from 395 out of Big Pine in CA (my way heading east) into NV, twisty, beautiful and empty. Today, AZ Routes 96, 97 and 15. 89A was great too if not for the tourist brigade. Earlier today:
  7. St. Stephen

    So I might have done a thing......

    Looks great, you have some fun rides ahead!
  8. St. Stephen

    NYC to ATL road trip

    When you get the new tires mounted, maybe check the tread every 500 miles or so? Or maybe just lean right more often. 😎 Glad you made it safely to your new home.
  9. St. Stephen

    Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Sorry to miss this ride, great video RC. Those turkey vultures don't move very fast when you catch them lunching on road kill! That stretch from Pt. Reyes Station to Tomales is my favorite, especially if you catch it before all the rental Mustang convertibles show up. I'm ready for the next ride, thanks Jeff.
  10. St. Stephen

    Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Hey guys, I have to bail due to family obligations. Watch out for speed traps near the Nicasio reservoir! Here's a PCH photo from a couple weeks ago for inspiration:
  11. St. Stephen

    Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Jeff, no worries, glad you called the ride. I'm a MAYBE--with my son and daughter-in-law in town I don't yet know what we're doing Sunday a.m. Hey G, retirement didn't last long!
  12. St. Stephen

    Tires again !!

    Not exactly. Moved from the east coast to KCMO for work in 2008, riding the 6th gen out. Found out pretty quickly that north-central Arkansas has some great, great empty roads. Push Mtn Road on the 7th gen, a few months after purchase:
  13. St. Stephen

    NYC to ATL road trip

    Have a great ride, enjoy.
  14. St. Stephen

    Tires again !!

    Push Mountain Road, aka 341! My favorite road in the central time zone! Always tried to stay in Mountain Home so the ride began and ended on that great stretch of pavement. I recall passing Gloryracing (with pillion) in opposite directions near Big Flat, two red 7th gens, what are the odds? Thanks for the memories Rush2112. Anyway, now that I've highjacked the thread...I will be purchasing a pair of Road 5's in early May for the Ducati, will report back.
  15. St. Stephen


    Great shot, my back yard. PCH to Tomales to Dillon a great ride whether from the north or south. Love those pipes!

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