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  1. Just wait. I'm setting you up to answer 273 stupid questions when I finally buy that 5th gen. (and Grum. Cogs, Terry...)
  2. Well, duh, I thought everyone knew that. 😉 Seriously, thanks Danno, your expertise is so appreciated. There are so many skilled and knowledgeable VFRD members, pretty awesome.
  3. Geez, how many pitbull stands do you own? Interesting that the silver and black seat/tail plastic reverses color from 02 to 03. BTW, they still need HRC stickers!
  4. Couldn't agree more. To get 300 miles on a tank would actually really change my motorcycle travel, for the better. Of course, the designers have to figure out where to put all that fuel. And looks sell on the showroom floor. But when I read, for example, 3.7 gallon tank, that is an automatic deal killer. I've gone 200 miles on my 7th gen (without intending to!). But really, I fill up at 140 or 150 miles. My bikes have generally gotten 40-45mpg, so that really won't change unless you want to give up performance and get a 700 twin.
  5. I do love the Castrol livery--it looks great, and also it reminds me of the great Ducati/RC-51 battles in WSBK 20 years ago. And the two bikes in my garage!
  6. But Dutchy's getting close to the edge, one more sticker and that RC is a goner. We'll have to ask Colin Edwards for an expert opinion!
  7. BRP with my riding buddy Markus, chatting it up with a biker. Two 6th gens, tires still quite warm!
  8. St. Stephen


    NH69 Doesn't this look very cool? I will see him, and Bradl, race at PI in a couple of weeks, can't wait!
  9. Beautiful, nice job. Do you have a before photo? And, I've been to Cyrpus! Although, at nine years of age, I wasn't checking out the tarmac. 😉 Thanks for posting your great 6th gen.
  10. Well, I can only repeat what Stray said...Wow! Gold Wing might be taking up too much space, since you will probably get a 3rd RC within a week or two. 😉 And, where's the HRC sticker?
  11. New rubber! (disclaimer: this is not a VFR--but close!) Replaced the aging Pirelli Angel GT's with fresh Michelin Power 5's. Why are new tires so exciting? Aside from a 1000 mile 36-hour Sierra trip with some VFRD hooligans, I realized the RC-51's miles have all been local, dry, and track day, so I went for sportier rubber. Also, the rear is a 190/55, which I loved on my 7th gen, vs. the 190/50 Pirelli. First ride today, photos below. Took it easy, but felt great--easier roll-in and better bump compliance. Don't know about edge gri
  12. Wow, garage looks great, we are all jealous. Needs more bikes though. Just put new rubber on the RC, will post a recent photo, but in the meantime, here's a photo--taken in January:
  13. Maybe also riders selling/trading older bikes with friends? No CL, instead informal selling and buying of the older VFR's that never appear online. I've ridden with VFRD members who were riding each other's former bikes. There are plenty of 6th/7th/8th gens available around here, but not so many of the VF/VFR's that are now ~20 years old minimum. And to answer your question scientifically, we should run the numbers. How many were built, how many are left? 5th gen and earlier are just becoming fewer and fewer (I've been the final owner of a few vehicles myself!) You kno
  14. Congrats, you will love it! Actually it seems you already do. 😉 The worst I can say about my seven years with my 1st year 2010 7th gen is that it is heavy, it is totally analog--no TC, ride modes etc. despite the RBW (good or bad depending on your preference), and the only thing worse than taking off the plastic is getting it back on. But it might be Honda's best V4 this side of motogp, the brakes are the best I've ever experienced, and yours is red! For six years it was my only bike, it can do and be everything.
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