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  1. St. Stephen


    Yes VFR750F3, I'm about 170 lbs. The original shock was toast when I bought the RC-51 in 2016. Took me two years to take a really deep breath and spend the $, but the new shock made a significant and noticeable difference, even for a B- track day rider like me. Kyle Racing sent me the shock with spring and wishbone customized to weight and riding style, they do know RC's.
  2. St. Stephen


    Track day! Sunrise at Sonoma.
  3. St. Stephen


    NH69 Doesn't this look very cool? I will see him, and Bradl, race at PI in a couple of weeks, can't wait!
  4. Only one car between me & spouse. Took the bus to work that winter. Late fall, night shift, light rain, hard right into the shopping center parking lot, lost the rear, low side on the right. Broken rt mirror, scrapes on my pants, walked into work as though nothing had happened. (please don't tell my wife)
  5. In addition to the great advice above, I would also suggest Craig's List or even a motorcycle dealer instead of a barn when looking for the next bike.
  6. That's true Lorne, particularly the southern half of the BRP, around Asheville. Although I grew up (mostly) on the east coast, and have been a Californian for the last eight years, my very first overnight motorcycle trip was Eugene OR (proud SEHS graduate!) to Crater Lake, to Coos Bay, at 17 years old. I do see some similarities.
  7. St. Stephen


    1800 high-elevation miles
  8. You are way too concerned about regulator/rectifier/stator issues. If you just follow a few steps it's easy to solve: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/97039-new-member/&tab=comments#comment-1121138 😎
  9. Wet! Drought stricken, wildfire plagued norcal...and we get a washout! Only 170 miles for me but lots of fun. Thanks Jeff, really appreciate you calling the ride. Great to see you, TJ and Jim again, and meet Mason. Not an RC-51 day...
  10. Mountain View, 253 and 175, looks like a great route for a Tenere 700. Hmmm Fine with me, I love all those roads. But you just eliminated all thoughts of bringing the RC-51! 😎 Thank goodness for 7 inches of Ducati suspension travel! I will not meet at the San Rafael SBUX, but will join the group in Point Reyes Station as I did a few years ago. Specifically, at the gas station at the north end of the main drag at 4th & A Street aka Rt. 1. I'll be there at 8:30. Looking forward to a great ride. edit: watch out for speed traps around the Nicasio reservoir!
  11. Benvenuti Pietro! Good looking 6th gen, and the Ferrari is pretty nice also!
  12. lol! I did notice it was the brake lever, but then I thought "shoot, it's Grum, as usual he must know something I don't!" When I got back to the U.S. from one of the great rides of my life in NZ, I told riding buddies that it wasn't too hard to ride on the left side of the road, but clutching and shifting with my right hand and foot was hell! Some of them bought my story for a minute or two. 😎
  13. RC1237V better bring his 7th gen or we all might be banned from VFRD for organizing a ride without any VFR's! 😎
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