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  1. Along the same lines, I took this last summer, Laguna Seca WSBK: edit: Corkscrew ;-)
  2. Hard to imagine anyone on VFRD who won't love this story:
  3. Thank you Miguel! Really appreciate what you do to maintain and improve VFRD, it is a great site--visuals, content, and some great contributors. All this from someone who is currently "between" VFR's. How's the budget for 2020? Please let us know if we should throw some money in the pot.
  4. 4corsa, I agree. The 8th gen is a re-packaged 6th. Looks great, but certainly not a new bike.
  5. I do enjoy being a contrarian, and now I'll combine that with some optimism! so: - Honda has not been selling the same re-skinned bike for 20 years. The 2010 VFR1200F was all new. I bought one sight-unseen, kept if for seven years and almost 50,000 miles, and loved it. Honda can do it again. -Honda will spend over $30 million this year developing a V4 hypersport. And they'll spend even more on the project next year. RC213V. -We (U.S.) are just not on the sharp end of motorcycling anymore. No WSBK round this year, unit sales down 5%, cruisers still big market share, MCN shutting down, CW a glossy quarterly--that can warp our opinion. We should not base our read on Honda's V4 future on what we see at the local dealer. I think we'll see a special V4 that most of us will like. But it will take some patience.
  6. News to me, thank you for posting JZH. MCN (U.S.) still actually tested bikes, and had some good writers, particularly Glynn Kerr and Mark Barnes, who I always looked forward to reading. Ironically, I always viewed Rider as the lightweight in this category, but now they're the only monthly left standing!
  7. St. Stephen


    Great shot! Looks like just north of Jenner on 1, with Goat Rock, Arch Rock, and the Russian River mouth behind that great bike.
  8. Haha, well, Philois, I have been to Australia but never on a motorcycle! Specifically two years ago the Atherton Tablelands that you mention, west of Cairns, see photo below, unfortunately with only my rental car in the picture. Oh how I wished I was on my bike--perfect paving, great twists, turns, and elevation changes, and--right after this shot--a supercar (Turbo Carrera I think) on my tail. I let him by.
  9. Dutchy, about 18 months ago I put 1000 miles on the RC-51 in 36 hours with some of the VFRD hooligans here in norcal. I'm not sure I could ever do that again!
  10. Earlier today, 46 between Paso Robles and Cambria, self-explanatory. one man gathers what another man spills...
  11. I admit I did start laughing hysterically as soon as I read the title of the post! No offense meant to you, Voided, just a blast from the past as you know. It has been a hoot following SF and Duc's header thread, look forward to seeing your dyno runs, best wishes.
  12. Haha! It's true that I don't aspire to your garage workspace. But I still aspire to your bike collection!
  13. Agreed--I've always thought that would make a great thread--garage photos from you, Seb, Cptn 80's, Terry, Grum, fromMaine, JZH, Duc, BLS, and all the other VFRD members whose work spaces and bike collections I aspire to!
  14. Cogs, I agree, the ADV is another marketing tool ("everyone will think I'm on a three month trip to southern Chile"), not too different from CPA's convinced they are badass dudes on Harleys. Most ADV's never leave the pavement. And the beak is not a great styling choice! But yes, I ride an ADV, after 30+ years of continuous VFR ownership. So? My 2017 Multistrada is my current sport-tourer, just like my VFR's were. Similar hp, and I even run exactly the same tires as I did on my 7th gen, (Michelin Road 4's, same sizes front and rear). Slightly more comfortable riding position, but I use it in exactly the same way as I did my VF700, VFR800, and VFR1200F. It's a great all-around bike. Do not underestimate an extra 75% more suspension travel! It's great on the back roads. Modern electronics too ( I really do use and appreciate at least two of the ride modes, the TC, electronic suspension adjustment, and a few other bells and whistles). It weighs maybe 60 lbs less than my 7th gen, and about the same as my 6th gen. So...that's pretty much my defense of ADV's, hard to believe I wrote it! But--to me--my ADV is a sport-touring bike, that's how I use it. (however, there still is an old sporting Honda in my garage...)
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