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  1. It was one of those things...I didn't really have a plan for it, but I thought I could fit it to one of my bikes some day (like the NR rear wheel that is now on my FP--that also required bespoke engineering). With enough machining I could fit the top yoke to another bike, but it would probably mean having a custom lower triple made as well as some sort of bushing arrangement to fit 50mm forks at the top. It's a bit much. Ciao,
  2. Spain North-South

    So sorry to read this, Brad. GWS. Ciao,
  3. not starting

    I agree with Grum. A good battery should work fine after an overnight charge (assuming the charger works!), so your reg/rec may not even be a problem. What kind of reg/rec was fitted in 2006? Do you have a voltmeter? You will need one to deal with a VFR charging problem--if it is indeed that. (Post pics, if you can. It's much easier to diagnose problems with pictures to look at.) Ciao,
  4. ...Just what are the relevant dimensions of the NR750 top triple clamp? (Do I have to mention this is not my bike? ) Well, I have, and now I know. Because eBay very nicely sent me this: The fork spacing is 214mm, the offset is 40mm, the stem hole is 33mm ID and the top clamp IDs are 54mm. You read that right. The super exotic Honda NR shares top triple clamp ID dimensions only with various Buells... And a 40mm offset? The same as various VFR750s and VFR800s (and unlike the CBR900 series with USD forks, which have 30mm offset and 50mm ID top clamps). But I wonder if the unique NR forks have an extra 5mm offset at the axle (like the RC45), because 40mm seems rather lazy for this kind of bike. Perhaps not. Maybe the VFR-style geometry was the "result of a decade's perfection"? I wasn't sure if I could do anything with the clamp, but I kinda assumed that it would have had either a 30mm or possibly a 35mm offset. But I was completely unprepared for the fork clamp dimensions! The only place this thing is going in on my wall... For completeness, here's a picture of the bottom yoke (which I don't expect to ever be able to measure!) And here's the special, no-longer-obtanium special tool required to remove the steering stem nut: Ciao,
  5. headlight keeps burning out

    I've used non-motorcycle H4 bulbs in my bikes for years and years with no issues like this. Check your charging system output before connecting more expensive electrical items to it... Ciao,
  6. Viffer no more...

    Er, when was that posted, 2001? Ciao,
  7. The strength-to-weight ratio of tubing is much better than solid bar. There's a reason no one (else) uses it to make sub-frames! By the way, you can disassemble that TBR C-2 oval end can and shorten it. TBR did just that when they sold shorter versions of the same end can. Ciao,
  8. Post your Voltmeter mount pics

    Old thread, but just saw this. The meter reads 5-15v, which is a bit low, considering that "in-spec" goes all the way up to 14.8v on this model of VFR. Anyway, the wire gauge required for a voltmeter is not large at all. Use the smallest wire that is sturdy enough to survive the motorcycle environment. Ciao,
  9. I wouldn't call that a "violent hit", but I agree it does look like he did hit him. When I watched the race it just looked like Zarco inserted himself in a place Pedrosa did not expect to find him, and then I read many comments from people who insisted they had not touched at all. I don't know why I didn't just assume Zarco had hit Pedrosa--he's done it to other riders many times before! Ciao,
  10. RC36II exhaust on a RC36I?

    Are you sure that's a late collector? It looks like the early version (same as you've got already). The function of the large expansion chamber was probably to reduce sound. I haven't done it either, but the consensus view on the old List was that the entire late exhaust system would swap over, but this would have to include the later version end can (which might need a new upper mounting bracket). As noted above, the center stand also may not fit. Ciao,
  11. I didn't think Zarco actually touched Pedrosa? Anyway, it shouldn't matter who MM clattered (though obviously knocking the Pope off the Popemobile was a bad idea...) Ciao,
  12. I think the OEM sensors are located in the two collectors, so using one of those positions would not give you readings from the whole engine. That's usually the case, anyway. Ciao,
  13. Caliper Stretch Bolts?

    That is a good theory, but it doesn't explain why Honda didn't just use this kind of instruction (copied from the front of a Honda Workshop Manual): Rather than this one: Perhaps they wanted dry thread lock to be used, rather than wet thread lock (which could throw off the torque reading)? Or perhaps there was some other reason (e.g., fastener deformation)? I generally just use titanium these days... Ciao,
  14. VFR1200 shock installation

    You may recall from our experience making the modified shock mount for my bike that the top mount on the 3rd gen is not the usual removable clevis used on many other Hondas, so the different length is probably just down to the different mounting method (stroke being identical). The 3rd gen was a heavier bike, which would suggest a heavier spring rate, but it also may have been the result of fine-tuning on Honda's part. However, these are not OEM spring rates, but simply what Ohlins decided to use on their replacement shocks. Race-Tech used to have measured OEM spring rates on their website; not sure if they still do? Ciao,
  15. Vfr 750 - 92

    Possible, but unlikely. Even finding an Italian-spec headlight in Sweden (not already attached to an Italian-spec VFR) would have been challenging! Unfortunately, with bikes from this era it is not possible to determine their original destination market from the VIN alone, though surely Honda knows. Does the wiring harness have two bulb holders, or just one? There is a unique wiring harness for the Italian-spec bikes (pn. ends in 770), which I have never seen, but in theory could have just one bulb holder. Ciao,

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