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  1. JZH

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    It's still wrong. Motorcycle models change with "Model Years", as reflected in the bike's VIN, not calendar years, so the fact that some MY 1998 bikes were sold in late 1997 has nothing to do with the specification of the motorcyle, which is tied to the Model Year, and reflected in the bike's VIN. But you can rest assured, that isn't the only error in the Haynes manual... Ciao, JZH
  2. I don't think it was me. We know the front wheel is in-line with the frame. So the only question is whether the rear wheel flange, when the swing arm is mounted, is 1" offset from the frame's centre line or not. I haven't measured that... Ciao,
  3. JZH

    2019 Model colour scheme

    Oops, I was referring to the one Dutchy posted. But this one is close to the original US-spec RC24 paint sheme. I'm in love with the NSR250 Rothmans. MC21 or MC28--I'm easy. But it's absolutely everything a 90's era coffin nails race rep paint scheme should be--and on a nasty two-stroke, too. Gotta have one! Ciao, JZH
  4. JZH

    battery or stator or both?

    Seems we're hijacking the thread slightly, but check this: 2014 VFR800F 2002 VFR800 VTEC 1998 VFR800FiW I suspect the 8th gen engine case is also drilled (so a retrofit is looking unlikely), but it is funny that the stator covers have always had that large blank pad area now being used for the oil feed... Ciao, JZH
  5. JZH

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I've certainly mentioned this a few times, too, but to be fair to BW, their SBS days were a long time ago. They're making the effort to produce something decent for an old bike, so let's give them the benefit of the doubt. (But of course, verify!) Ciao, JZH
  6. My spare 5th gen rear wheel measures 98mm from the mounting flange to the >outside< of the rim on the machined side. I don't have a spare 5th gen wheel without a tyre, so I cannot measure it properly (which would be to the >inside< of the rim, given that wheels are still measured in inches for some unknown reason...) Using my best fuzzy logic, therefore, the correct measurement is probably 3.75", which (given the 5.5" internal wheel width) means that there is probably a "positive" offset from centre of 1.0". I have previously measured other Honda SSSA wheels and found that they had the same offset (e.g., my 5.5" NR wheel and a 4.5" NC24 wheel), so without measuring those wheels again, I would guess that they all have a 1" positive offset. Ciao, JZH
  7. My 6th gen swing arm measures 176mm between the arms; 282mm outside. My 5th gen swing arm measures 175mm between the arms; 274mm outside. (These measurements are for the swing arm itself, and are not intended to be precise; bushings, bearings and spacers determine the true width.) Ciao, JZH
  8. JZH

    2019 Model colour scheme

    Not really very close to Rothmans. Obviously, there's the Japanese flag thing, but beyond that I really don't get this scheme. No resemblance to any factory racer I've seen, either, so, eh? Ciao, JZH
  9. JZH

    battery or stator or both?

    I wonder if it's retrofit-able? Engines are very similar...but I assume they've drilled the case, because I don't see any specific part in the microfiche that would spray oil onto the top of the stator. Ciao, JZH
  10. JZH

    battery or stator or both?

    What did they change? Ciao, JZH
  11. JZH

    Feeling lucky?

    As a proud owner of a Fusar (tee shirt), I think I will wait on this one... Ciao, JZH
  12. JZH

    battery or stator or both?

    If it's your money, replace everything! If it's my money, I'd test first, and the first thing I'd test would be the battery (which sounds weak from your description). Ciao, JZH
  13. JZH

    The bike that started it all

    It's #164 for me.. 2-stroke engine, USD forks, SSSA and available in stylish yellow, too! Ciao, JZH
  14. JZH

    Double Vision

    The TTS kit was 837cc (rounded up to 840!), but I'd never heard of anyone doing an RC24 before. Now I have! Ciao, JZH

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