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  1. Definitely 54mm. The VFR1200 lowers I'm using on one of my bikes are 55mm, but they can still be shimmed to use "regular" 54mm Honda USD forks. If the triples were 53mm, nothing would fit! Ciao, JZH
  2. Sorry, never heard of the brand, but I think it is highly, highly unlikely that it is made anywhere other than China, if that is important to you. There are similar powersport battery "brands" in many countries, and all they appear to do is strike deals with battery manufacturers in the PRC, possibly spec the colours and the labeling, and presto!: a full line of impressively branded and marketed powesports batteries for the local market. Ciao, JZH
  3. I'm not saying this is the seal (I don't even know if the shaft is 12mm!), but I also recall someone suggesting a long time ago that the shaft seal could be pressed out and replaced. Something like: https://www.amazon.com/Uxcell-104-12-Single-Spring-Mechanical/dp/B00CZ6ENHI/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=mechanical+shaft+seal+12mm&qid=1553593242&s=gateway&sr=8-2 It would be a matter of removing the shaft and bad seal from the housing (using a press) measuring it carefully and finding a matching seal. I think it is likely that the seal is a common part because, like bearings and seals, Honda usually doesn't manufacture basic parts--they just source them from somewhere in Japan. In the case of the shaft seal, which is not available as a separate part from Honda, the pump manufacturer (Honda probably outsources that, too) would have been the one to source the shaft seal, but I think that would just increase the chances of this being a standardised part. I would guess the biggest problem would be pressing the shaft out in the first place--it may not even be possible without destroying the pump. Ciao, JZH
  4. They're stainless steel, large head pop rivets, but tapping the holes for stainless steel M4 button head screws is my favourite solution. Ciao, JZH
  5. It's a tight bend, so you cannot replace it with bulk hose. I currently have a long loop of fuel line, arcing the other direction (towards the centre of the engine) and back around to the LHS, where my fuel pump and filter still reside. The next version of my fuel line, however, will use one of these clever little stainlesss steel u-bends, available from beverage dispensing equipment suppliers (it is used in beer lines by home brewers, as well as commercially): The size I'm using is 3/8", which is close to the OEM fuel line size (but check before ordering--it has been a long time since I've had OEM fuel lines!) Ciao, JZH
  6. I prefer SP1 6-spoke front wheels as a match for the RC36 8-spoke rear. They are like hen's teeth, but they come up on eBay from time to time. There's one now, but it's pricey: 223442764704 Ciao, JZH
  7. I didn't know they had camping at Sonoma...but it has been a long time since I've been there. However, there are probably a lot more motel choices around there than around Monterey. Have fun! Ciao, JZH
  8. TBR end cans are not generally known for being "too quiet"! Ciao, JZH
  9. I tried to answer a couple of days ago, the the forum software was less than cooperative... I haven't checked all of the possible front wheels (especially the three-spokers, which I don't like), but the only other one I can think of that might fit is the 2008-on CB1000R. There was one other bike--can't think of its name right now, but it had essentially the same wheel as the SP2. Aaarrgghh! Sorry. (It wan't a very common model, though, so I don't think it will expand your search very much.) The flat spokes of that wheel match the standard RC46 rear wheel fairly well, I think. Ciao, JZH
  10. I cannot see the need to duplicate a three-line set-up in braided, when a 2-line is cheaper, simpler and easier to bleed! Ciao, JZH
  11. Isn't it the same as the "Bros", a popular grey import from Japan, "back in the day"? There are both 400cc and 650cc version of the Bros out there...many in bits, I imagine! Complete rear ends seem to be going for £100-150... Ciao, JZH
  12. There are a lot of rebuild kit options on eBay, with varying contents and prices. There used to be someone selling stainless steel replacement link tubes, but I didn't see them today. That seller might sell or know the o-ring sizes, but you can also simply get an assortment of fuel-resistant o-rings and see what fits. Ciao, JZH
  13. That would be you, I suppose! I remember following your IB progress all those years ago. I think you had mounted some PIAA 910s or something like that? Pre-HID days... I'm a former Compuserve Ride Forum member...not sure if you were there or (more likely) on the Big List? Ciao, JZH
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