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  1. Just bump up the rear ride height 10mm or so. That'll effectively shorten the side stand and quicken the steering to boot... Ciao, JZH
  2. My coathanger wire solution was supposed to be a temporary bodge after the plastic buckle snapped. But it worked fine, so I never replaced it with the snazzy welded stainless steel version I had designed in my head. So when the plastic buckle on the other side snapped... Ciao, JZH
  3. Nice. Looks like you've got an ultra-rare un-cut rear fender, the unobtanium seat cowl, a Sargent seat (with the '90s-spec purple "piping"), most if not all of the original fairings and the original exhaust! The paint color, by the way, is called "Granite Blue Metallic", code PB-184M. (Most people think it's black.) Have fun. https://www.vsource.org/VFR-RVF_files/Bvfr750fl-p-mi.htm https://www.vsource.org/VFR-RVF_files/Brochures_RC36.htm Ciao, JZH
  4. Hi there Kenny. The bad news is that there isn't anything that fits directly (apart from the fact that you can use any '90-'97 petcock). The good news is that they're rebuildable without too much effort. To see what's inside, see this thread: https://vfr.bikersoracle.com/threads/psssst-hey-buddy-wanna-buy-an-o-ring.184447/ I've gone on to rebuild a few of these petcocks. I believe I initially purchased a "rebuild kit" from NRP in the UK, but the parts included were just standard O-rings--the hard part is finding a source for the right sizes in the right ma
  5. There's always the carbon fibre option... (Sorry, I can't remember where I got it. Some small-production guy found on the Web, I expect.) Ciao, JZH
  6. I think it bolts to the frame, which is a bit of a problem if you have a different frame... My solution was to space the heavy iron bracket down 30-40mm, which allowed my TBR 4th-gen headers to pass between the engine case and the bracket. In conjunction with that modification (otherwise the rear tire would not clear the ground on the centre stand) I had to "flip the eccentric" in the rear hub to gain 30mm rear ride height. But this solution isn't for everyone--I wanted to increase the rear ride height, and I don't use the metal lower fairing panels, for ex
  7. I realise this isn't especially helpful (!), but here are some pics of the adjusters I was playing with in 2016: The problem is, I don't know which bikes these adjusters actually came from, nor which one I used on my bike... Ciao, JZH
  8. Post a picture of it. I used to have a few different ones from when I was fitting an RC30 swing arm to my RC36-I. ISTR that many Hondas used similar adjusters and similar 20mm pivot bolts, so there may be some options. Ciao, JZH
  9. The fuel filter is not in the tank on the RC36; it is on the LHS of the bike, like in Dutchy's pic (which is of a 4th gen, but it's very similar). Which manual are you looking at? There is a copy of the American Honda one in the Downloads section. Charging voltage is tested at 5,000rpm, and 14v is within spec (13.5v-16v @5,000rpm), and you should see over 12.7v from a healthy, fully charged and rested battery. OEM reg/recs on this model usually fail, btw, so OEM is not what you want in this instance. Ciao, JZH
  10. I don't know of any online VIN checkers that give anything other than the most basic information--which does not include the market designation. But, then again, I'm old school and have paper Honda Parts Catalogues for all of my bikes, so how would I know! I found a .pdf of a ROW 2002 VFR800 Honda Parts Catalogue in my files, however, which confirms what I would have guessed based on my experience with VINs of somewhat older Hondas. In your VIN, "JH2" indicates that the manufacturer is Honda, "RC46" tells us this is a VFR800, "A" I will get to in a moment, "X" is the VIN check di
  11. Big bikes aren't actively discouraged in Japan anymore (one of the reasons why the 400cc class has disappeared), but they don't seem to sell many. That said, it is certainly possible that there was a JDM version of the 6th gen, but the odds of one appearing in Bulgaria are probably rather small. That bike looks crashed to me (the paint looks mis-matched between the front and mid panels). But if you get the VIN you can check its origin. Ciao, JZH
  12. Bearing in mind that I didn't drink at that time (a shocking error of judgement I have long since corrected), I never visited but I would guess that is a photo from that bar in the Mission which was/is a local hangout for SF motorcyclists? I knew where all of the City Bike news stands were (in case they were all gone from my usual) and I recall once picking up a wad of back issues from Brian himself a few years after I had moved away to Europe. I did do the Sunday Morning Ride a few times, and corner-worked for the AFM at Sears Point for a season. Good times... Ciao,
  13. A couple of trips, a couple of suitcases, no problem! Ciao, JZH
  14. The RC36-II front wheel uses 296mm discs with a 58mm ID, 17mm offset. It's kind of an old pattern, so not much to choose from. Other Hondas with 58mm ID discs (and which are not 296mm OD) include the RC30 (310x58x17), NR750 (same), CB1000F (same), RC45 (310x58x21.5) and CBR1100XX (same). That's pretty much it. I once bought a NOS Braking Blackbird wave disc on closeout from Dennis Kirk or someplace like that, hoping to find another one one day and have the option to fit bigger discs on my OEM VFR front wheel. Searched for years and never found another one--at any price!
  15. When did City Bike fold? I used to read it religiously when I lived there in the early '90s. Ciao, JZH
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