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  1. This is a very handy list, for the USA. Eliminating the stator connector is an easy way of reducing the number of potential points of failure in the charging circuit, but if one were so inclined one could instead replace that connector with a sealed one suitable for higher current. The fact that it is sealed should alone take care of the corrosion issue, such that using 6.3mm blade terminals (e.g., Delphi Metri-Pack 630) might end up being totally sufficient. Ciao, JZH
  2. Distance Powersports must be a new name for someone--I've certainly never heard of it. Most US-based shops get parts like that from distributors like K&L Supply or Parts Unlimited. Honda probably uses the same manufacturers as they do... Ciao, JZH
  3. Oh, well aftermarket headers could be any size, not always exactly what the OEM was at the time. Predator also made "OEM replacement headers" for the 5th gen. I think that's what I have on my UK-based 5th gen. Delkevic, too, IIRC. And then there was Black Widow (Sandy Bike Spares)... But if that's an actual pic, they'll be fine. Ciao, JZH
  4. But if you're in Croatia you may be looking at German- or Swiss-market RC46s, which were sold with (optional--the "HECS3" version) catalyst exhausts in '98 and '99. Honda explained the changes made to the Y2k model in the 2000 Press Information brochure: "The pivotal key to the difference in the performance of the VFR’s ‘standard’ and HECS3 configurations could be found in the design of the exhaust system, particularly in the vicinity of the catalysers themselves. To work at optimal efficiency, the catalysers must reach a certain temperature threshold that permits their catalytic elements to function properly. This is especially important at start-ups, and can be a problem in very cold weather conditions, since the catalysers are positioned relatively far away from the engine and therefore take longer to reach their optimal operating temperature. The exhaust system for the current HECS3 system overcomes this problem by using narrower tubing to help accelerate this pre-heating process. This may be a competent fix, but the smaller tubing has the additional effect of restricting maximum power output somewhat, so the HECS3 version of the VFR ended up being approximately 8PS down in maximum power compared to the standard version. While not a major drop in power, and certainly better than any catalyser system developed until now, this was not what the VFR’s design team was hoping to achieve. The solution to this problem came in the form of a new development made for the CBR1100XX Super Blackbird’s fuel injection system." (That new development was the "new automatic bypass starter" system.) So you can find OEM early RC46 exhausts with CATs and O2 bungs--if you're looking at one of those early "low-emissions" models. Ciao, JZH Honda VFR800FiY Press Information.pdf
  5. EICMA 2022 is still going on--are you there now? It would be interesting to compare the current show with my experience there, [checks notes] 19 years ago... 😲 I would have guessed that electric-motor bikes would be the big thing at EICMA? Ciao, JZH
  6. You can rest the bike on the downpipes without damaging them. With the bike on the center stand, I mean. You can certainly achieve a very good balance with a manual stand of some kind--there is no benefit to spin balancers apart from speed. That said, usually only the front wheel is very sensitive to balance. I've run the rear without weights at all, back when I didn't have an adapter. (You can make a simple adapter using shcedule 40 PVC pipe fittings.) Ciao, JZH
  7. JZH

    RVF 400

    It's the later model, with the yellow RVF graphics. Just like mine! Looks completely unmolested, apart from the end can. Good find. Ciao, JZH
  8. Good research! I shall keep that in mind should either of my RC46 cooling fans bite the dust. (Also good to know the overheating was not a supercharger-related problem!) Both types of connectors are available from places like Eastern Beaver and CycleTerminal, FYI. Ciao, JZH
  9. The same reason many people buy standard parts (like bearings, which Honda doesn't manufacture) from Honda. However, there isn't the same concern over quality... Ciao, JZH
  10. The problem with AllBalls is that they don't make bearings. All they do is buy bearings from the "most economical" source and package them for retail. You could do the same thing, pay less and get higher quality bearings. Your choice... Ciao, JZH
  11. HISS was not used in the North American markets, but it was used in Australia and Europe. Unfortunately I have not really looked at my UK bike's HISS system, so I cannot speak with any knowledge about it, but one question springs to mind, which is: was the replacement digital display module the same part number as the OEM one? I had thought the HISS system was only tied to the PGM-FI (ECU), rather than to the digital display, but the HISS receiver ring connects somewhere, and it may somehow connect via the digital display. Also, I believe the odometer reading is controlled by a chip in the digital display, rather than the ECU, so it wouldn't entirely surprise me if it had some relevance to the HISS system as well. Assuming you've still got it, it may be worth temporarily swapping in the old digital display, just to rule that out as the issue. Ciao, JZH
  12. I never got around to LASIC, but a couple of years ago I did get a new contacts prescription which lets me read close up (e.g., the speedo) using one eye, and see far away with the other eye. Seems to work for me, but it was a little weird at first. Ciao, JZH
  13. Sadly, only '90-'93 screens will fit '90-'93 VFR750s, so keep looking! Ciao, JZH
  14. Silicone hose is very thick-walled. It even comes in black. Some experimentation could find an ID size which fits snugly without slitting or zip-tying? Ciao, JZH
  15. Awesome, thanks! Very straightforward. How far does the cowl open? Ciao, JZH
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