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  1. Mobil1, preference #110(longer) but #108(oem length) is fine, changed @ approx. 10k km or every other 5K km oil service.
  2. Tedious pulling clutch cvr but sounds very similar to an issue I solved on my ‘86 by changing pulsers. With everything else you’re saying there’s not much to lose by replacing them, sometimes the test #’s can be misleading...
  3. Very low or nil compression would do it. Curious to learn if this ever is solved/resolved...
  4. Due to availability circumstances, I’ve accidentally/incidentally found acceptable changes by using slightly larger tire on rear & smaller on front(about 10mm +/- sidewall dimensions). Sorta a bonus that came with having to compromise when replacing tire(s), like the lyric sez, can’t get whatca want?, get whatcha need !
  5. Wow! Could be an excellent find, mine is a 700 minus that unobtanium centre stand. Pretty sure I’m jealous!
  6. Approx 345-350 W but you’re right, hard to find that spec. I’ve discovered it somewhere before but can’t quickly find again, my 86 shop manual(genuine honda) sez 350W. Unless you’re referring to output@ idle the voltages are low, should maintain approx. 14.5V 2000-5000 rpm
  7. You’re right, seems very difficult to find that topic on this forum/site, lotsa discussion elsewhere if you wanna wade through all the claims of “superior system” that exist. I have 1(cameleon), but only because I’ve failed to locate a centrestand for my ‘86. Bit of a PIA to install & keep delivery system adjusted so it oils correctly.
  8. Hi airwalk, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Add load(s), oem bulbs, heated grips &/or garments, extra running lights, etc. Or try sourcing series type RR in Quebec(RM Stator)
  10. Front likely more worn than rear, best replace both & chain. Look 4 "hook" profile on surface of teeth chain pulls against when accelerating, if they're mildly worn on that surface it's sometimes possible to turn them over & use the other ramp
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