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  1. Could be worth checking condition of sub-air filter, I once put a “better” (denser) piece of foam in my ‘95 & it took me ages to track down why it was running so weird. Restricted the air flow to the carb diaphragms as it turned out...
  2. PS..mine failed @ 80K miles
  3. oddly enough thats my thinking/plan also, will measure & mark bad coil(use heat "gun" to induce fail mode). shouldve done that when discovered but was so relieved to finally solve that i forgot until days after. briefly tried ohms yesterday so guess your thought came through somehow, even without checking in here for a few days!! good to know I'm not the only one obsessed with these old bikes...
  4. next idea was going to be asking you as ive come to know theres a bunch of 700s in your collection. thanks for the follow/confirm
  5. learned a bunch of stuff about resistance & heat(most of which isnt in shop manual), things i never wanted to know & likely will never need to know again. Also, frustrating how many of the parts are NLA, ebay to the rescue!
  6. As tag sez, acts exactly like kill switch clicked to “off” after 20-30 minute running. Restarts perfectly when cooled for 15-20 minutes. Many frustrating days later glitch identified as one of the two pulser coils (inside/under) clutch cover going open w/heat & back to 550-ish ohms when cooled. If you want a long version PM, just hoping this post can save someone the pain/expense of grasping straws while chasing & needlessly replacing parts in frustration.
  7. 60-55 bulbs get too hot for the plastic sockets(parts no longer available new from Honda), but if the bulb prongs fit right any socket will work, as you say. Other sockets could even be made of plastic that’ll stand the heat better, who knows for sure. You can get away with 60-55 bulbs but are likely to eventually have issues, as Honda planned/designed housings & reflectors around the 45-45 bulbs
  8. Front likely more worn than rear, best replace both & chain. Look 4 "hook" profile on surface of teeth chain pulls against when accelerating, if they're mildly worn on that surface it's sometimes possible to turn them over & use the other ramp
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