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  1. A previous owner likely did this to “improve” (richen) mid-range throttle response
  2. Not likely burnt/leaky ex valve, compression would show it. Has it always run like this or? Maybe a wiring issue between Ecu thingy & injector? Seems you’ve covered other possibilities, maybe big air leak downstream of injector(“insulator”)sleeve to cyl head..
  3. airwalk

    86 VFR 700cc

    Went down this rabbit hole with mine a few months ago. One of the pair of pulser coils would fail hot, replacing it solved the problem. They’re only available in pairs, used(eBay?), so you’re gambling the replacements won’t have the same flaw. Took me weeks to track & solve, hopefully squirrel man & myself can save you some stress!
  4. Have them on my ‘96, only a few dry rides so far but they seem fine, maybe a bit quicker profile than Michelin’s. Seem agile on turn in/lean..
  5. Mobil1, preference #110(longer) but #108(oem length) is fine, changed @ approx. 10k km or every other 5K km oil service.
  6. Tedious pulling clutch cvr but sounds very similar to an issue I solved on my ‘86 by changing pulsers. With everything else you’re saying there’s not much to lose by replacing them, sometimes the test #’s can be misleading...
  7. Very low or nil compression would do it. Curious to learn if this ever is solved/resolved...
  8. Due to availability circumstances, I’ve accidentally/incidentally found acceptable changes by using slightly larger tire on rear & smaller on front(about 10mm +/- sidewall dimensions). Sorta a bonus that came with having to compromise when replacing tire(s), like the lyric sez, can’t get whatca want?, get whatcha need !
  9. Wow! Could be an excellent find, mine is a 700 minus that unobtanium centre stand. Pretty sure I’m jealous!
  10. Approx 345-350 W but you’re right, hard to find that spec. I’ve discovered it somewhere before but can’t quickly find again, my 86 shop manual(genuine honda) sez 350W. Unless you’re referring to output@ idle the voltages are low, should maintain approx. 14.5V 2000-5000 rpm
  11. You’re right, seems very difficult to find that topic on this forum/site, lotsa discussion elsewhere if you wanna wade through all the claims of “superior system” that exist. I have 1(cameleon), but only because I’ve failed to locate a centrestand for my ‘86. Bit of a PIA to install & keep delivery system adjusted so it oils correctly.
  12. Hi airwalk, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  13. Add load(s), oem bulbs, heated grips &/or garments, extra running lights, etc. Or try sourcing series type RR in Quebec(RM Stator)
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