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  1. Pic seems to show missing keeper/cotter piece on top of valve stem, where could it go assuming the bucket/shim above?maybe there was only ever one @ original assembly, which worked ok until the over-rev? Curious the valve didn’t drop low enough to smash piston catastrophically...
  2. NOT another oil debate, but if you’ve put in a synthetic oil of car (automotive) type, drain & replace with motorcycle specific or diesel version conventional oil. You’re grasping straws anyway, can’t hurt to try. I cured a similar issue years back by this method, haven’t used a synth oil since!
  3. My’95 developed a “sticky” start button years ago, being lazy I put a short piece of surgical tubing behind the lever/button, acts like a return spring & still works well. If my digital abilities weren’t so lacking I’d send a pic, hopefully you can visualize.
  4. Most likely suspect (culprit) causing your issue is the “rebuilt” slave cyl, wrong parts/kit, piston in there not the correct dimensions, take it apart & compare to original part(s)? Grasping @ straws, but if everything else is correct...
  5. Tough to have enough, easy to have too many😬..
  6. Twice the price, half the rides. The rich continue as usual, only growing fatter faster these days..
  7. Wires from/to pulse coils, come thru cover gasket surface in a sorta grommet type rubber “plug”, not unheard of for oil to escape there. Sealer around the cut-out in cover can help...
  8. Picture of an ngk cr9eh-9 will clarify any possible confusion here..the heads are missing quite a few threads from factory for some reason
  9. There’s a sensor for ign that takes its pulses from the start clutch, if it fails pretty likely to be only when hot. PIA to track/“diagnose”. Guess the cam sensor might do the same but have only seen the lower one quit intermittently so far. However, my failure was a much older bike’(86). Miserable experience!
  10. Hi airwalk, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. I had similar symptoms (with starter clutch) on a couple of my vfr years ago. Checked for worn/cracked components, etc. Even replaced parts(plunger springs, rollers) to no avail. Turned out the synthetic oil in them was apparently too “slippery”, changed to Dino diesel(Rotella 15-40) & problem vanished instantly. Could be a straw worth grasping if all else fails...
  12. Yes, shows how procrastination can pay off in a way, also that luck isn’t always the bad kind. May not be a favourable comment on my maintenance practice though!
  13. Changed shock. About time too, 317K km! Bottom needle bearing good but bumper totally shot, can only imagine what it’s like inside..dr
  14. Looks like Fraser valley/chilliwack./abbotsford vicinity?
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