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  1. PS. Little Sub-air filter on there can sometimes have quite an influence, although they usually fall apart & don’t filter at all, so unless some previous owner replaced that element with one too restrictive ..you get the idea I’m sure
  2. My ‘95,16.6km/L(6L/100km), check air filter, not likely idle mix screws would have a big effect unless they were so “rich” that an idle would hardly be possible..
  3. may enjoy a new good battery, sounds like you might not have enough current for strong ignition, just enough to sorta operate starter & other loads
  4. if you research further youll find that most opinions have the dielectric as an insulator while oxgard is a conductor, to add confusion consider this.. which is more christian, catholic or protestant? i choose to believe oxgard is the least wrong choice.....
  5. Front likely more worn than rear, best replace both & chain. Look 4 "hook" profile on surface of teeth chain pulls against when accelerating, if they're mildly worn on that surface it's sometimes possible to turn them over & use the other ramp
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