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  1. You made me go out to the garage to take a look. I dont have any marks on the right side, but on the left side, there is a bit of a smear mark. Somewhat like JZHs '01, but less visible.
  2. Quite wonderful for Wayne to be able to get riding again. Back in the day, he was on top.
  3. For a delink job and going to different front forks, .. for the rear you do need to change out the master cylinder to a 14mm diameter. Options.. F4i, VTR1000, RC51, CBR600RR. All use the same base castings. - I just bought a '02 RC51 m/c new, I didnt want to have to rebuild. --- The rear caliper pistons need to be working together. I used a bridge line that works fine, and one OEM brake line from the m/c to the caliper, I think I still have pictures in my gallery. - Other guys have just used 2 OEM lines to the caliper and then even others have just drilled out a path in the caliper so just one line is needed, and then one hydraulic port is sealed. All work fine. Please dont forget this step, your rear brake will be crap if you dont. Photos -- I have been running this setup a long time now, and it still works well. Cheers
  4. I have wondered if anybody ever did the conversion....... I do like my fast idle lever on my 5th gen.
  5. I'm running the FH020aa on my 5th gen, and IF it ever gives up ghost, I may try the SH847.... its physically larger and needs a bit of creativity to mount on the 5th gen. - (6th gen is fine with the right mounting plate.) - Current art is to wire direct to the battery, with fuse of course to the pos side and neg to the ground or battery....... agree to delete the stator connector. Its the well known upgrade on this forum..... and the other side of the fence VFRW too.
  6. Many a 5th gen riders have been stranded by Honda's bass ackwards reverse charging R/R and yours is demonstrating as a example. Over time the 12.9 to 13.6v range dwindles lower and you end up stranded. IMHO, the fix wont be at a Honda dealer. They have to abide by the book and its not going to get you there. The real fix is a current tech MOSFET R/R available at www.roadstercycle.com - FH020aa.... there are hundreds of guys here who have done the switch, myself included. - I see you are in the UP Michigan, is there an independent mechanic that could help?
  7. Holy xxxx Dutchy.... No way could I keep a collection like that in my house..... Oh temptation...
  8. Theres one in classified from Richmond VA... 30k.... has lots of good stuff on it and good maintenance...
  9. .I have voltmeter that I leave on most the time and I glance at it near everyday.... Typically after a ride, the static volts are 13.3v at the 5 week point it will be 13.2v so you do have to watch parasitic losses... (got accessories?) (My riding time is way down, cant believe I have gone 5 weeks..) The thing is - I never charged either battery I had, the first went 4 1/2 years and I'm on the 2nd. Maintenance? What maintenance? For winter with a quick ride and full charge on the battery, I bring it in the house and it sits for season with near zero discharge of any kind. When I reinstall in the spring, it fires the bike like a new battery at near full charge. YRMV
  10. Best thing to do would be to install a digital voltmeter up front so you can watch the trend of what is going on. Lots of great ideas in this thread.
  11. Hi ok I'll jump in ... First what is the mileage on your bike and do you have a multimeter? Next... follow the drill and dont half assed it, gimme numbers... Then, its worth it to get a FH020aa for the 5th gen and install from there. Based on your stator data whether to get a new stator or not....
  12. www.roadstercycle.com
  13. Been running a LiFePO4 - lithium iron phosphate 12 cell battery for 6 years and like it. (I'm on my 2nd) Weighs only 2 pounds, doesnt need charging, cranks hard, and for winter I just bring it in and set it on my desk. In sitting for maybe 5 months then, it may lose 0.1 volt. -- The LiFePO4 are the current technology and much more stable than the early Lithium Ion batterys that did have a higher thermal risk. Then again, nothing wrong with a classic Yuasa..
  14. https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/61100-MBG-000ZB?ref=554a18a6fd0031c929e0fa86bb34c206c2888f66 partzilla price are tough to beat
  15. Thanks HS! This place is my daily addiction.. 😎
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