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  1. Kinda drooling over the garage queen '01........
  2. Wow, I didnt know my 13 year old delink post was still active. Not sure its all valid anymore either and its primarily for 5th gen...... I think the OP is talking about a 6th gen..... I'm sure guys have dropped in F4i forks on 6th gens, and probly have done the F4i fork lower with VFR uppers too. Dont forget to take care of the rear brakes too with a master cylinder change to 14mm.
  3. I would agree to that.. I'm sure I have some very special places that there's no frickn way I will remember where they are! (Mbe a couple beers will fix it?)
  4. Consider adding a digital voltmeter up front so you can keep an eye on the system health.. I would do a stator test to get a data point on that too.
  5. That's pretty much it.... the "fuse b" you are talking about can be left as is... .you can see a glimpse of it on upper left on the battery box of my photo... I agree its a wimpy damn thing, and I admit as to contemplating replacing it with a more robust MetriPack630 part, built up with 10ga wire. But it seems to be ok for the moment, so I have other things that are higher priority. I dont know how the connections to the stator look like on the super kit.... But the preferred way is solder and marine shrink wrap. --( I do all my own wire it stuff.).. The main point here and I want to stress is.... do a good craftsmen like job to get it together... . btw - your mount plate is due to arrive at your place on Friday/Saturday....
  6. You will disconnect the main R/R connector and leave it hanging.. like the lower left in the photo below...
  7. Hang tight dude..... With the new R/R you will need wire as below.... If you are getting the super kit, a breaker fuse is provided, so you use that and delete the one you are using... If you are doing a wire your own.... I suggest using a MetriPack630 fuse holder listed in the middle of this page... use the 12 gauge... http://www.cycleterminal.com/fuse-boxes.html I am just guessing, but it sounds like you have a fuse holder that is undersized.... Wire diagram....
  8. Awesome stuff! Would be kinda scary a bit as he got near the top. Some of the spots where it was blind and no indication which way the road goes. Congrats to him!
  9. Wow! That 3rd gen is fantastic! Looks new like off the dealer show room floor...
  10. Marvelicious..... agree yours is a good way to go too... I 'm still at I like the meter on its own remote circuit so I know the battery is good before I do anything and power the bike. Cheers
  11. Ok, so this is my current method... others will lobby for adding a relay in the circuit, but I think thats overkill... there's 4 or 5 ways to do it.. Ideas..... - Look at the back of your meter, it probably ID's with lead is a positive (POS) and which is a negative (NEG)? - For a mounting area, most guys with your style of meter will put it on the black plastic cover that goes over the instuments - left side, theres lots of room... I did this one for marriedman.... - You will probly need a trip to Autozone... - I like to - wire direct to battery with a 1 amp fuse inline on thje POS side. see what the part store has.. There's several choices of simple fuse holders that go inline. - Also for the POS side, install a toggle switch, there has to be 50 choices at AZ --- you can mount on the black cover or I just have mine mounted under the seat. - So... POS side goes ----- meter/connector/wire/switch in line/more wire/fuse holder with fuse/ wire to battery with ring terminal. >>>>>>>>>>>- Can you do minor crimping and heat shrink or at least tape? - NEG side, you can take the lead and just bolt it to ground or run the lead to the battery. Nothing complicated. - So NEG side..... meter/Connector/lead to ground or battery via ring terminal. - Buy some 14 or 16 red wire and conncetors that will plug in to the back of the meter, then also a few ring terminals, to hook up to the battery. - The Wires can run down the left side of the 5th gen harness, makes it ez, its already there... - A few zip ties to keep it neat is very handy, they are cheap... - Also will need black... The idea of the setup is so you check battery status before you power the bike. So it goes.. switch on, battery good? Yes? Power and start bike. Then of course, shutdown is opposite. >>> Does that help? or need more? 😎
  12. There's a thread called -- show us your voltmeter install pics. --- I have been searching for it, but cant find it. On yours, it should be an ez install, but guessing you will have to decide on where you want it. Potentially you will need to drill a 1 1/8 inch hole in the body some place for a mount.... Wiring is ez...
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