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  1. mello dude

    Look ma! No cables

    Phenomenal job!
  2. mello dude

    00-01 Engine in 98 VFR800

    That be me... I bought mine in here in Ohio quite a while ago, then to discover later its a CA bike. At the time, why would anyone think a CA bike would be in Ohio? Anyhoo, I have a 49 state ECU, and in the mbe someday column, purchase the 49 state cams. (Or not..,...,... I'm in the just ride it mode. - I tear the thing down too often on a whim at any minor annoyance.)
  3. What he said... 😎
  4. mello dude

    00-01 Engine in 98 VFR800

    I think I'm with Kev.... simple explanation... Use the core engine, dont use any fueling gear from the 01 and then all the running gear from your '98 - ECU, throttle bodies, fast idle stuff... dont forget the headers.. . etc and more etc and mount it to the new engine. Dont add complexity that isnt needed. Go from there.
  5. mello dude

    Penske shock for $50???

    Wow, stole it!!
  6. I admit I'm not the guy who goes after wreckers, but that said by the time you got it palatable, you got 1700 or 1900 in it and thats the price of a goer thats reasonable up front. GL - wish the best..
  7. Well, since we're screwing the nut on this....
  8. Ha ha ha ha - btw - JZH - on the flip the bolt around - great idea!!
  9. The Swell Brothers - lol! 🤣 - --- I have noticed as the years roll occasionally the phenom of CRS. (damn) - Your in a spot and you know you know it, but cant recall. Its fun once in a while while talking to someone to claim I have CRS and see if they laugh or give me the deer in the headlights look. Baby boomers instantly laugh, millennials are the deers. 😎 -
  10. Max - I am not exactly sure what you are looking at, but look at the fische on the swingarm assembly. I may be wrong but I think you may be trying to break a "nut" that isnt there. Its a long pivot bolt that goes though the entire swingarm. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2001/vfr800fi-a-interceptor/swingarm
  11. mello dude

    RK Chain & Sprocket Kit for 2007 VFR

    Checking partzilla https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2007/vfr800-2ac-interceptor/rear-wheel And ProCaliber https://shop.procaliber.com/oempartfinder.htm?aribrand=HOM&arian=MOTORCYCLE#/Honda_Motorcycles/VFR800AC_(07)_INTERCEPTOR,_JPN,_VIN%23_JH2RC461-7M900001_TO_JH2RC461-7M909999/REAR_WHEEL/VFR800-07-JPN-AC/2Y14MCW601AMCWAF1700J Partzilla and ProCaliber are my "Go To" places for Honda parts. Partzilla free shipping after $149 and ProCaliber $99 for free shipping.
  12. mello dude

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    2 cent tidbit, for some reason, my 5th gen is also a CA model, and I didnt realize it until 4 weeks after purchase.(You wouldnt think a CA model would be in Ohio!) Anyhoo, I thought there was no difference until I rode marriedmans 49 state bike, and holy shit, 7k to top is much stronger. So the intel on that is .. we find out via VFRcapt is that the 49 state cams have a 1 mm taller lobe lift. So I have been cursed at some point to grab 49 state cams and add to mine, although my free time is scarce... I'm in the "just ride it" mode for now. (I did pick up a 49 state ECU.)
  13. mello dude

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    Question on your 50K mile 5th gen - is it a California model?
  14. mello dude

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    Ooooooohhhhh - so you were yanking our chain. 😎 - You scored a most excellent 5th gen and looking good. - Sounds like you had a great trip!
  15. mello dude

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    So... what did happen?

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