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  1. For the 5th gen the FH020aa is fine. link - www.roadstercycle.com Dont do the eyelet connection for the stator like in the linked posts above. Trouble for the asking. Either solder or double overlap butt crimp connector - either with marine heat shrink tubing to cover the stator connection. I like to go over and above what Jack says at roadstercycle,........ I aways over build any charging fixes. Check my photo out... nothing is gonna die there. Other good electric component source. http://www.cycleterminal.com/index.html - I like the MetriPack 630 fuse holder, typically I will build it with 10ga wire. Photo just for the halibut....
  2. So just curious... assuming I still would want to grab one of these... is there any reason to prioritize a SP2 vs a SP1?
  3. Having ridden a CBR1000RR, the power is in the "holy sh!t" range... yah, like everyone else is saying, in a staight line it will wax the VFR for breakfast every time. That said, in the twists, its more rider vs rider. I have personally given a few good lessons to a few sportbike riders in some twisty stuff.
  4. Hi - 13.4 idle and 14.2 @ 5000 rpm is generally fine. Mostly, I dont want to see over around 14.6 ish... 15s make me nervous.... -Dunno if you have already, but installing a voltmeter up front to watch things is a good idea. - Thanks for the pair valve photos.. - The VFRness will be a debate topic, but I will state I am not a fan, pull it. For the R/R, you should be wiring it direct to battery with a fuse to pos, and direct to ground/neg battery. Then for stator connection, either solder with heat shrink tubing or use a high quality automotive crimp with tubing. I am a huge believer in building for overkill. --- A good source for things is www.roadstercycle.com --- Also - http://www.cycleterminal.com/index.html Wire illustrated as the 2nd pic below, ignore the Compufire comments.... no VFRness required. 30 A fuse instead of 40 plz. --(credit JZH) Here's pic of my current '98 with the FH020AA installed. The stock OEM connector is sealed up out of use, lower left. No VFRness.
  5. My butt and my bladder couldnt hold out for the full tank of gas on a setup like that. For me, the gas breaks with the stock tank are good....
  6. Congrats! -- A clean RC51 has been on my bike lust list for quite awhile...
  7. I think it turned out to be a "whose the better rider" contest. A better rider on the 'busa should beat the 7th gen...
  8. ^^^^ Quite a collection there Blesk.... Sporty bikes plus the Harley.. very cool. I can really appreciate someone who understands going slow can be just as fine as going fast. (I resemble that remark)
  9. Scoop that one up! (Although it's yellow)😉
  10. I'm with JZH -- when its time for the OEM R/R to give it up, no wire scheme is going to save it.. adding a voltmeter up front can help you watch the trend of things and possibly save a tow bill. A good many of us have been on this forum 10 years plus and I think the technical expertise here is second to none other motorcycle forum... - General consensus for the charging system fix is to go with the MOSFET or series such as the Shindengen FH020AA or SH847 (series) R/Rs. I havent had the chance to use the SH847 yet, its physically larger and takes some thought for mounting on the 5th gen. Here's my install on my 5th with the FH020AA --- It also follows the consensus on the aftermarket charging fixes. The ground on the R/R goes direct to neg battery terminal and the pos goes thru a metripack 630 fuse box, then direct to the battery. (you can see, near top center right in the photo, same on as JZH is using) -The whole idea is to over build it so nothing can fail. The OEM part is taken out of the loop like below. (Above lower left you can see the OEM plug sealed off. ) . Ignore the compufire notes...(I did run one for 4 seasons before it died.) ---- . (I dont remember whose diagram this is.. may even JZH for credit)
  11. Can u order from US? Partzilla? I never order OEM from a dealer
  12. Stray - thats great! --- You forgot to add the "while I'm at it disorder" -omg i am soooo guilty! (intention to do one small job, but results in a bike tear down) But anyhoo for fun.... - Disapproving Spouse Disorder -- used to have that, but divorced her. No Maas! Gone! Gone! (add evil laugh track here) - Unstoppable Modification Disorder- guilty - Constant Parts Buying Disorder - guilty - Un-fitted Parts Hording Disorder (related to above and can last decades!) - guilty - Selling Unused Parts on eBay at a Steep Loss After Decades of Storage Disorder (again, related to above, Disaproving Spouse Dosorder, and Lack of Space Disorder) - No so much... Cheers
  13. I think candyredrc46 mentioned that pipercross was his preferred filter.. ...just for info, I'm running a BMC filter, that's full width - seems to be fine.....----skip the k&n..
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