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  1. Send a PM to HispanicSlammer....he is owner of the site and can help you out...
  2. To the OP......check CycleTerminal for connectors and electric gear. To your title, um, for a charging circuit...Can't recommend anything... If you need wire, I use marine grade wire, source Del City.
  3. Never liked the idea of a resettable circuit breaker......I'm running a 40amp Metripack 630 fuse holder, I purchased from CycleTerminal. Then also I prefer to do my own harness work and use marine grade wiring....source....Del City.....another good electrics company. (Jeez, dont use any wire from AutoZone)
  4. Cogs.....I did get it from Roadstercycle.......connectors and R/R only since I do my own harness work....looks like winter 2017.......I have never had any real correspondence with Jack..... Possibly if you wanted to end run around Jack, you could find out where the FH020AA is used on production bikes (I think Yamaha and Suzukis) and order from RonAyers or Partzilla. The Furakawa connectors are available from CycleTerminal as well as the Metripack 630 fuse holders.. Found at site called gummycarbs..... Saying 2013-2015 CBR500R uses the FH020AA and FJR1300 2015+ also ....... RonAyers lists the CBR part at $127........ FJR part at $197.....
  5. Mostly the adapter plates are for 6th gens, although it could be used as a heat sink for 5th gens...... I have traded notes with Cogswell on the 847, and left me head scratching with the voltage behavior totally weird...... Other charging notes........I changed out my OEM stator for a rewind, by Custom Rewind last November......it didn't need it, but I wanted to see waht it was like...sometimes I do stuff just to satisfy curiosity... The stator wires have no connector except directly to the R/R.......no solder, crimp or anything. I have a few good rides on it, and as a comparison, roughly OEM range was range was 13.7 to 14.4 volts. (I have a voltmeter mounted up front by the tank bolts) I am finding the rewind stator range more like 13.9 to 14.7....does it mean anything....dunno, I won't claim it.... More fodder......so before the SH847 came to be, the FH020AA was the go to... and lots of guys installed it...including me..... I hadn't heard of any problems with it.....and I'm probly on 5years on mine....maybe it's still the better choice.....
  6. I won't let a dealer tighten a license plate bolt.......
  7. Sooooo....waht is it? Gotta photo? 🙂
  8. ^^^^ Still like the creativity of the above, I'm gonna try that next time I need the front end in the air....
  9. Thanks! -- I appreciate the shout out on this.... I have plenty of inventory on both plates for the FH020 or 847... need to sell to break even....
  10. Oh, but really I'm not a sir... maybe SOB, bastard, dumbass, wackjob, asshole... but most definately not a sir...
  11. True, it's a VFR forum, but hang out long enough and you'll find most everybody here loves all kinds of bikes and posts that go with it. All bikes are cool..
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