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  1. I think candyredrc46 mentioned that pipercross was his preferred filter.. ...just for info, I'm running a BMC filter, that's full width - seems to be fine.....----skip the k&n..
  2. Hi mello dude, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. mello dude

    Wiring a Rapid Bike and a Voltage meter/USB charger

    Agree with that, I ordered one for my car, maybe I'll stick one on the bike too.
  4. mello dude

    Wiring a Rapid Bike and a Voltage meter/USB charger

    Ted -- Check Amazon for voltmeters - there are only about a hundred choices..... Moose's note on the switch..... its personal taste, but I have a switch on mine. (you can mount a switch anywhere) That way I can check the battery before the key is flipped on and know if the battery is effed or not. With the relay in the rear... at the flip of the key your drawing power before start. Its splitting hairs either way is good. Here's one with a switch already in it....kinda cool.... https://www.amazon.com/BUENNUS-Motorcycle-Voltmeter-Waterproof-Universal/dp/B07HCQRHTD/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1547256826&sr=8-16&keywords=voltmeter+with+switch There is also a thread on -- show us your voltmeter pics thats really good....
  5. mello dude

    Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    Hey MiniCarver --- I think you may have the near ultimate VFR there with the 6th based and 5th engine plus 8th wheels and monoblocks.. >>>>Wow, just frick'n WOW! --- If I get your way, I would love to see it in person. You Carvers blow me away..
  6. I sell a custom mount kit for 6th gens. PM for info.... Adding info - I now have mount kits for both the FH020AA and the SH847 --- Perfect fit, No hassle mounting. Bolt it up and go.
  7. I fixed a 2007 with 14.5K and stator dead.....
  8. mello dude

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    Hi Nodak.......come spring, give us a ride report on that new Gold Wing 😀
  9. mello dude

    2015 VFR800X 32k Service

    On your valve --- 4 ten thousands? (inch)--- To each his own, but I would ask how much with and without..... I may be tempted to wait for the next go around, since I do all work on my bikes myself. .... - Looks like you are a mileage champ, you'll get there soon enough...
  10. mello dude

    2006 Makeover Project

    Very sweet! I like the black/gray split with the red pin stripe and how it extends across the tank.
  11. mello dude

    battery or stator or both?

    If you have a 6th gen, my bucks on the stator...... Here's the drill.... do it and you could save some headaches...
  12. mello dude


    Looks great! What is that tail pack?
  13. mello dude

    Need a little help from a sixth gen owner

    Hi - What I was referring to is if you click the link, on the related fitment list is both the 6th gens and 5th gens - seems to indicate the hose fits both. I cant confirm from personal experience.

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