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  1. Which VFR's are the hardest to work on?

    I think its just a matter of familiarity... I can strip the body off in roughly 20 minutes, tail in 5 with a beer buzz. Anything else, its a matter of just do it... I guess I can say that since I have been wrenching on cars/bikes a long time.
  2. rectifier finished on my 2001 vfr800?

    @MechN Here's a quick check testing for charging systems and you can use it for your stator... but I do agree with JZH and Max... your R/R is toast. Park the bike, test the stator and go from there. GL
  3. Rear Brake Issue

    Right = 27mm (1 1/16) Left =22mm
  4. I fixed marriedman's 2007 - 6th gen stator that borked itself at about 14K... Seems like there's a run of bad stators for 6th gens...
  5. Very poor rear brake

    Dunno if you caught my previous post, but if you are delinked, the stocker master cylinder doesnt have enough "oomp" to get it done. All the clean it work you are doing is great, but is not the fix..... - You need to go to to a 14mm master cylinder....
  6. Very poor rear brake

    So if I understand you correctly, you have eliminated the proportioning valve out of the system and your setup is now more like a standard brake system common on most bikes? Your rear is straight from the master cylinder with the brake lines direct to the calipers? - If so on the rear, many of us have converted from the delink to standard style brakes, including the rear. -- Specifically for the rear you need to change the master cylinder to a 14mm - very common available - RC51, Super hawk, F4i, CBR600. (ok, I dont remember the mm cyl size, but its the most common Honda part.) I just bought a new RC51.... - Change out the M/C and you will get the improvement you need. Other options are to go with a single line and use a short bridge between the caliper ports. -- check my gallery for photos...
  7. Proof 5th gens are the best

    Throwing gas on the fire?
  8. Complete brake failure on a VFR800 5Gen

    Sponsored by an insurance company....... dumbass!
  9. Merry Christmas.jpg

    Hello - What bag is that on the tail? Thxz!
  10. Day rides in the Phoenix area?

    Its been around 15 years ago, but riding into the Superstition Mountains, running on the north/south road 191, meandering into New Mexico, by Silver City with the HUGE mine pit and then going North on 180 was a great ride. - I had a buddy living in Phoenix and I rented a Valkyrie for the trip.. -- I cant connect all the dots, but going by the border on one side and coming back on the other was good fun. It was kinda in the high plains and windy as all get out. First time I ever saw wind fences. Also of course the desert was hot, hot, hot.
  11. Front brakes seized

    Another idea is to check for crud in the front master cylinder. - Do a suck the fluid out with a syringe or turkey baster thingy, clean the shit out of the interior of the reservoir with paper towels and qtips, then air blast the holes where the fluid goes to the cylinder, and adding my usual - clean! clean! clean! - Sometimes dirt or whatever will block the return of fluid and lock the brakes. - Very common.... GL
  12. Should I have buyers remorse?

    Very nice example 5th gen. I will echo comments from some other members and say the "98" & "99" are the more coveted 5th gen...... I have a "98".
  13. R1 R/R

    Over time the 5th gen R/Rs have a high fallout. but with that said it looks like yours is working fine for now. I dont like telling someone to replace a working component but you can plan for that eventuality. - Most people will go for the FH020aa R/R on www.roadstercycle.com - Is not a plug and play deal, but you will have to do some minor wire up work... - For now the best thing you can do is add a voltmeter up front so you can watch what is going on. Then you will know when its time to consider doing the charging fixes. - There is a great thread on this site on all the voltmeter ideas people have done. You can get one cheap from ebay. - For the VFR its one of those must haves... GL
  14. Extreem Heat shielding on a 5th gen

    Not one to leave much to chance - the seat would get hot so- a what the hey.. .did the seat too.... Used ThermoTec material... A convenient chess board turned out to be great template material.... Template First pieces fitted... Progressing.... The whole deal completed..... So -- I can say that all the fuss did the job and worked out fine. Got in longer rides at end of season.... - Maybe in the spring I wont take it apart again and get some solid trips going! Sources... https://www.heatshieldproducts.com/automotive/auto-heat-shield-guide http://www.designengineering.com/ https://www.thermotec.com/products/heat-shields-and-protection Cheers

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