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  1. I used to do "Fly and Rides"...fly to a location, rent a bike...(don't seem to be able to do that anymore.). Quite a while back, flew into San Francisco, rented a brand spanking new 5th gen .......3000 miles, loop up Hwy 1, into Oregon, lots of wandering. ....Into Yosemite...... Glacier Point.....what? Yep ...rear flat tire... (wow) a bit of adventure.... (Park Rangers are awesome)
  2. The OEM R/R runs hot.... it may cook your PCV..
  3. I am probably just as crazy about my bike(s) appearance...(I get asked quite often on my 20 year old 5th, "Is that new?")... and I like to try darn near everything to test out how it goes... I admit I have gone down the Ceramic Rabbit hole of products, and they are quite nice. But I do like a good Carnauba product too, and I will have to try the Bowden's if I can get it. I also have an OCD stash/list of stuff for about any surface cleaning and polish and situation. A big shout out to Autogeek in Florida for their huge selection of detail products. Cheers all.. B
  4. Hi I think you should check for "Sebspeed Customs" on FB if you are on there. Google may get you there too. I think you have to provide a clutch cover for the work. Seb doesnt check this forum much anymore.... 😎
  5. Looks like a great project and your moving along fine. 2 cents - dont delete the oil cooler, find a replacement! These bikes run hot.. A while you're at it... if it runs check the charging system. That's the weak spot on most VFRs... Keep at it and keep posting.
  6. I am amazed that shops are still selling them..... Also, recently I was at cyclegear picking up a few things and I end up talking to a BMW guy about to grab one off the shelf. Gave him the warning about the filters, told him he could go down by using one. He gave me a scoffed look at said, "K & N is quality" -- very sad, ok bud, sorry I mentioned it. (Ok, die idiot)
  7. I knew that......Boring, safe seems to be the mantra......Soichiro Honda must be rolling in his grave.... Rebel 1100? Gimme a break....
  8. Yep, every year for the last 10 (15?) years.... like I have posted before gimme the 8th gen in Japanese RWB, gold wheels, Ohlins, VFR999, 130 hp, brembos.. Dammit Honda are you listening?
  9. Spiegler is in my back yard and they will build brake lines to any way you want if you give them measurements and spec out what fittings you want. Of course, the more hoses, the more cost... I have learned from experience that copying the exact OEM routing may not be the best way to go.
  10. Gimme this bike, with Ohlins USD forks plus shock, VFR999 engine with 130 HP, Bronze wheels, and I'll wet myself....
  11. The Japanese version RWB is it for me for 8th gen. (But gotta have the bronze wheels.)
  12. November is usually about it and then I get set for some winter maintenance...... It doesn't seem to snow in Dayton anymore.... or if it does it melts off in a day or two....
  13. Or do both... I did on my 5th gen...
  14. I haven't looked at it in awhile, but there's a video that shows putting a bolt/nut in each bobbin, and a dab o WD40 in the contact area, and then taking a socket wrench to tighten the bolts together and rotating each one to ensure that they can all move, not locked or corroded or whatever. Mbe try that?
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