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  1. I had wondered what happened to your museum piece 4th gen you got last year, beautiful bike....... ......I miss mine.....
  2. VFRW has been definately slowing to a trickle, very few of us check it and post anymore. I look at it out of habit....
  3. CycleTerminal is my favorite goto vendor for things electrical for motorcycles.....
  4. Why not order OEM parts from one of the major large suppliers?...I usually pull up several tabs and look at all of them at once..... RonAyers Partzilla.com ProCaliber Rockymountainatvmc.com Partsfish Throw in favorite......
  5. I believe I just shortened it to OEM length, it functions normally....
  6. I did the same....used a new RC51 rear master and hacksawed the threaded rod down to length.....
  7. It's been over a year since I worked with them, but I had a stator rewound at Custom Rewind out of Birmingham Alabama. I don't know if they are still in business, but Gary the owner has MS and can't talk that well and his daughter does the communication. Works by phone call only. BTW the stator works out fine, and I got extra long leads to add the Furakawa connector direct......no intermediate connector or solder. Hey @ducnut, didn't you recently live around Chicago ?
  8. Whoa welcome back.....quite awesome stuff going on keep at it! We wanna see you finish and ride it.......motivation enough? I love bike build threads
  9. I was in a simular situation on my Valkyrie front brake rebuild. The thing would not bleed solid....forwards, backwards whatever. Turns out a caliper clip spring fell out of its slot, (new pads) and I was just working against its spring force......until I discovered it. (Duh!) Now it's far better than stock.....
  10. I won't claim the latter starter motor will work, but Honda parts over and over and over use the same parts multiple years, and list the part N/A for the older bike, while continuing to use the very same part on the later years.....Very annoying Mother Honda!!
  11. I have also ordered fasteners from ProBolt time to time, and I just marvel at how excellent the parts are, like fine jewelry.....when the application demands it, definitely a goto vendor.
  12. Send a PM to HispanicSlammer....he is owner of the site and can help you out...
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