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  1. Someone give you a wedgie today? j/k Generally agree, I wont let a dealer tighten a licence plate bolt...
  2. Whoa..... does it look like a muesum piece? Does it run? Look in the gas tank, do you see any rust? Dude dont freak out on this, you have a great bike... Change the oil, get new tires... ride it!
  3. I like the tank just fine....but that rear fender thing.......
  4. Probably a hundred choices on Amazon.....
  5. Sweet bike! Looks fun! Give us a ride report when its time.... Got any mod plans for it?
  6. I like that idea....
  7. Windscreens are very much a personal taste item and not a one size fits all. I like my DB screen ....the stock is hanging on the wall..
  8. Way back in the threads on the same topic...I forget what year for 6th gen, but Honda upgraded the caliper bracket to eliminate the wear out. --- The guy who posted the thread- installed the upgraded bracket on an older 6th.....(possibly the calipers too.)
  9. ^^^^^While VFRD is my favorite, I do look at the other side of the fence too. It's 2 different flavors... Plenty guys here are also on both sides of the fence.
  10. That's not good dude...you need to get your charging system up to snuff first before you can work on headlight problems. I see you are running with the "self distructing" OEM R/R too. It's time to plan for an upgrade.
  11. Mohawk nailed some of the questions in my mind about going all out for EVs... and the other thought is - this is supposed to be helping the climate change thing. But on a big picture scale, if it becomes the dominate way of transportation, are we just swapping one pollution source (I.C.) for another, the large electric generation plants? Just commiseration and curiosity..
  12. Just checked VFRW -- its right at the top of the page...
  13. There was a thread discussion long ago about seats.... whether you had a Sargent butt or a Corbin butt..... Guess I have the Corbin butt... have used them on any sporty type bikes I've had... For me with the seat, if you are just slabing or semi droneing, easing back into the seat "pocket" is comfortable. But then, if you are in attack mode in twistys, scooting up to the tank and moving around works with the front shape of the seat.... BUTTOCKACY---(whoa, new word) Complaint on the thing is its crazy damn heavy. I have screwed around to see if a seat builder could duplicate it on the stock seat pan..... ------- Then again, haven't tried a Sargent, I would if a chance came up for a comparison..
  14. I like the ProHonda HP chain lube, been using for years. Has Teflon and Moly, dries with no sling, keeps the chain clean. Wouldnt mind trying the Motul Paste.... In general, hate chain waxes, it just attracts dirt to stick to the chain, and is a goey mess. To each his own, but PB Blaster? Not me.... Lessee.... best oil, tires, brake fluid, batterys, chain lube..... beer....
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