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  1. I think we owe "Tightwad" a big thanks and kudos for starting us all down the journey for thinking about upgrades for the poor Honda charging system. I did use a VFRness for a couple years. So to Tightwad --- Thank you for getting us all on the path that we can do much better. The VFR charging system of death has been going on for a decade or two, and I would sit and read all the try this and try that posts. Just seemed guys were suggesting a dart board. Then on a nite of a beer buzz, I got an OCD fit and screw it. As a dumazz geek foole of many car/bike wrenching mods and fix it of multi-decades, I decided to consolidate and write a straight up easy test it procedure and somehow it got called "The Drill" Its probly not 100%, but its not bad..... So yes the stator is part of testing for charging system health... but short and sweet it goes --- battery good? ---- connectors?--- stator test? ---- R/R test? As below a link .... the number of guys who has used it has got to be in the hundreds...
  2. Making notes for my future ground block to do list...
  3. Consider going to www.roadstercycle.com IMHO - There was a time when the VFRness was the thing to have, but if you go with current art of R/R replacement, it isnt needed anymore.
  4. Oh my... cant help, but offer my sympathys... .
  5. Very nice 4th gen.... I still have much love for the 4th gen, I owned one and put 30K miles on it. Back then, I was on it constantly and had several riding buddies that we would go out near every weekend. Except for a Corbin saddle, I left it stock and rode the hell out of it. I did change a R/R once as that was the only maintenance required. I checked the valve clearances at 24K and all were in spec. Carburation wise, ever time I checked the plugs, they were the most perfect tan color you could ask for. No tweeking needed. Enjoy!
  6. Welcome! The classic tongue and cheek note here.. .photos or it doesnt exist 🙂 - Looks like the previous owner nailed the good upgrades.. - General note, if the PO did the proper redo/upgrade with the R/R, the VFRness isnt needed.
  7. How's it going Zoom? Havent seen you post in awhile. Does your cute daughter still have you wrapped around her finger? 🙂
  8. ^It was just a general comment about the common design as a whole.... Sounds like on yours, just guessing..(my caveat... I'm very much a hands on, see it, smell it guy). you need to pull the rear and do some bench work to get the pistons to move equally...
  9. An interesting tidbit.. on the ST forum for ST1100s/ST1300s .. There is a lot of threads about the SMC and the rear brake locking up.. there have been crashes... It goes as crazy as an oil thread... It seems the same problem is inherent to the basic design across multiple platforms.
  10. If anybody is up to experiment, if you have a loose spring, I could ask a local spring supplier I know to see if they would make a stiffer spring....
  11. Here's the best all purpose fender eliminator cleanup kit..... That said, I still like my 5th gen job..... ditch the stock plate lite for a small LED..... I made a little bracket to hold the light and to mount the plate... Stuff it up as high as you can get it. The wiring is stupid simple - just use the stock leads and butt connect it up. No sweat. Caaaarrrfully cut the stock fender...Its surgery, dont effe it up. (I may have even used a dremel cut off wheel) Scribe the cut lines. File for clean up. All assembled. Drilled the plate mount holes direct into the fender plastic. Careful again. The reflectors are long gone. Odd - I can react to my own post.. 😀
  12. I'm sure Mohawk was just joking in a sense. He didnt say buy a different bike.... If you have hung around these forums enuff, you have figured out Mohawk is a top notch moto geek. I too have sworn off any Honda with a CCT and also have the gear cam drive addiction, but I'm open minded to learn something. I am finding this thread interesting. btw - some guys have built 6th gens with GDCs..
  13. Looks good.... you made me run out to the garage to take a peak at my c'stand and side stand. Yep, they are nasty rusty looking pieces... Probly now a winter paint up job.... - Start up a thread for when you install the header...
  14. Looks great! Thanks for the tip on the SprayMax 2K Epoxy Paint...
  15. Saw this also on another bike site.... should we start a new thread since I'm sure its like kicking a hornets nest?
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