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  1. I never liked the bar ends on the 5th gen, I found them on the cheaped out, wimpy side. I'm running 4th gen bars and ends. The design is more substantial.
  2. Ok Cogs...Allright you talked me into it.... going Yuasa, Made in Pennsylvania. Amazon order.... (Geez, what dont they have? lol) https://www.amazon.com/Yuasa-YUAM6RH4H-YTX14H-BS-Battery/dp/B000N5ST3C/ref=pd_di_sccai_1/131-8651496-4106231?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000N5ST3C&pd_rd_r=202b994c-e64c-4781-aa9d-956d74bc4cb9&pd_rd_w=CjihG&pd_rd_wg=pV4ej&pf_rd_p=5415687b-2c9d-46da-88a4-bbcfe8e07f3c&pf_rd_r=T1V4YSY30M20NT72N8JV&psc=1&refRID=T1V4YSY30M20NT72N8JV For grins, walked to the garage to look at the OEM, and whatya know? Yuasa too. It only lasted 13 years..... --------------------------------------------- To @14thumper - mostly on things you get waht you pay for and those cheapo battery are lead acid..... for me, I wont go that way, I bought a cheapo once for my VFR and it pissed acid on my swingarm. Classic saying, one bitten, twice shy. - There's probly a Yuasa size 12 for reasonable money for your bike...... check cold cranking volts and amp hour rating to compare when you do...
  3. I was wondering about Batteries Plus - I like to go there because they bend over backwards to give me great service ..... They have a what they call a Xtreme AGM ($89) and then a Duracell AGM $129) .. --- Need a battery for the Valkyrie... Anybody have experience with these? -- I'm good for now on the 5th gen with a LiFePO4 battery
  4. Wow 7000 miles! Great trip, thanks for the write up. Over was time period did you do this? btw - 7k on one set of tires? I never get that...
  5. Double check it so the bolts aren't jamming into the cross piece below it.
  6. I am sitting in the garage, and you made me pull one off....No way they are 8mm.... it's number 44 in the fische.... but any 6mm x 1.0 x 12 mm length will do it. It's not a critical bolt. I just have a hex with a washer on it. Chances are it's a Hillman part from Lowe's. - I wouldn't spend money just to get OEM in this spot.
  7. Sarah, Best wishes on your new adventure for the charging system. If you get stuck, you have this group of crazies to help.
  8. Can Am would definately be of interest, but so would Miata, and Slingshot.... But I am waaaaay far from that, 2 wheels is life..
  9. When I did mine, I thought there would be plenty of interest. But for naught, not enough to keep making them, even at a very fair price. - - I still could, but would have to be sets of 10 and the price tag would have to go up....
  10. Please do a full system charging test... search for a thread called "the drill" You need to test the entire system.
  11. If F4i forks...you need 6th gen triples and bars, and its a near drop in....... brakes...954..F4i, RC51... someone will have to confirm CBR600RR.... Then.....stock wheels, rotors and spacers......and F4i fender. If VFR upper tubes with VTR Lowers......stock 5th gen triples and bars (or 4th gen, 41mm)... brakes VTR Calipers, no mods.... brakes very minor grinding on lower bracket boss...954,. F4i,. RC51 and again not sure about CBR600RR. Grab master cylinder to match calipers..... Sticky wicket..... fender... you'll have to figure a mount if the stock fender is used... I used to sell them, but they would be far too expensive nowadays for any one...... Don't forget to mod the rear too...
  12. I have avoided FB for security and privacy reasons, but I still wonder about joining......
  13. ^^^^ Nasty job coming in my future..... 😎
  14. Old discussion we have hashed several times..... but really its not a question of what is better, its more of what is personal taste and preference..... Beers on me guys....
  15. You stole it, very nice. Had this one for a few years....
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