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  1. ^^^Things that make you go hmmmm....
  2. ^^^ 1100??? Holy xxxx! My butt goes dead at about 500. Although, I have been accused of being a deadbutt before....
  3. Lowe's also has a good selection of SS metric A2 bolts ... I have used plenty...
  4. And a flash of plasma matter came from the sky, and two glorious motorcycles appeared.
  5. I've done the naval jelly thing too.. but sometimes with lack of patience, I like a small brass wire round brush that goes on a dremel or drill and fits in the bolt head...Also, HF has stuff like this. But anyhoo, a bit of WD40, shove the brass round in the head, fire the dremel or drill for 30 seconds or so. Cleans it fairly well. Quick and painles and you don't have to take anything apart..... It's not permanent of course...... Just an example....
  6. The newer R/R's run just warm to the touch and a fan is not needed.
  7. I sooooo have to get a ride on an 8th gen.....
  8. Thanks for that. It's good information......
  9. So....Philois....what is a classic breakfast for Australia?
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