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  1. Looking good! Glad you're posting again, please keep at it.
  2. Yes they're the same.
  3. I always get the hard copy of the factory service manuals of my bikes and write in the blank pages in the back date/miles/service done and any extra info related to the work done. ------ works for me....easy stuff and a good record. If I take any photos, then create a folder on my PC and sometimes upload to Smugmug on those longer projects.
  4. Having done the deed...parts is parts..... .....Stock 5th gen parts > Wheel, axle, spacers, rotors, axle bolt, fender....need fender bracket fab. ( I used to make these.) 5th clip-ons, triples .......VTR Parts > Lower fork legs, axle clamp bolts... - I upgraded the springs and valves. > Brakes - RC51, F4i, CBR600, 954, match the master cylinder - makes it easy.(mine are RC51) Custom brake lines (Mine are Spiegler, they are local to me.) Notes.... Minor grinding needed on lower area of calipers and lower fork leg mount boss....Top of moun
  5. Yes, it's the Superhawk fan, I'm running one. Somewhere back in the threads, was a mod adding 6th gen radiators to 5th gens..... I seem to remember that the 6ths are 13% larger was stated in the thread. Here in Ohio it, doesn't get over 90 degrees that often, so I haven't really needed to screw with hot running that much. Mbe if I lived farther south, that would be something to consider.....
  6. The tail looks great! Could you show the bracketry you used?
  7. Sounds awesome! Were the sirens in the beginning for you?
  8. My understanding is the deluxe has- - heated grips - side stand - Auto turn off turn signals Am I missing anything? If true, I would have no problem with the standard, and just adding a side stand, the other 2 items, I wouldn't want anyway. Ok, mbe would try heated grips sometime...
  9. ----------- Thxz for the laugh...
  10. There are so few roundabouts in Ohio, I really don't know the traffic rules for them. Who yields to who? Locally, county engineering is planning to tear out a 4 way stop and replace with the roundabout because of "accidents". (Really? Crashes from a dead stop?-- Yeah, just wait until the roundabout is put in.)
  11. I saw the word Valkyrie and well , I'm a sucker..... I own a VFR and the Valkyrie..... Part of the joy of motorcycling is meeting like minded riders....... Jeez sp00ks your 5th gen is gorgeous!
  12. I hope you are right, but with the Euro 5 emission requirements, probably not gonna happen. It already killed off part of the Honda product line.
  13. That would awesome to try, But the thing is.... could a 1200 convert to a chain drive? (No shaft for me... )
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