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  1. Sweet photos! Keep it up!
  2. I will need another member to confirm, but I thought I saw that 8th gen slip-ons will fit 5th gens.... Kinda opens the door...
  3. The 5th gen looks great in black, very nice! Wow, a Kerker pipe too! Ok now, you gotta post pics of the RZ350..
  4. If you were in the 48 states, I would guess to say you probably could shop around some. But Hawaii? No clue on that.....
  5. Quick note - agree the FH020AA is the MOSFET shunt R/R...but it does not get hot, I can put my hand on it, and its warm yes, but not hot..... It still functions fine as it should. Plenty have been sold with no issues and its still a viable option. Also the thermal images above are with an older shunt (non MOSFET) OEM R/R and the Series R/R is a Compufire design. I believe the bike is an Aprilia. But is still a good data point. (I did run a Compufire for 4 seasons) And again for the halibut... Here's my install of the FH020AA... - at the time I got this, I was in a hurry to get the bike on the road, so I went with this because I knew I could get it to mount quickly. I did consider the 847 at the time, but I didnt want to invent the mount up. In retrospect, I bet one of my 6th gen mount plates would do the job in the OEM spot!
  6. Agree that the SH847 is the latest technology and the ultimate way to go, although it's physically larger and takes a little creativity to mount. That said the Fh020aa is fine too, and the stock size, an easy mount. I'm running it now. IF it ever dies, I'll jump to the 847 and work out a good mount scheme.
  7. Another post for the just for phun column... Favorite road signs. Which way are you going? - "Gotta go south, no north, no south"
  8. I'll put money on the R/R is dead, its notorious for that year bike.. Run this charging system check out... The grab a new R/R from www.roadstercycle.com And as typical the stator connector is probably burn... Cheers btw - I have a factory muffler in the closet, I'll trade you even for the one you are running now.
  9. Before my number one riding buddy, up and moved out of state, we would hit 555 North to South 7 or 8 times a season. He's on a ZX9 and I 'm on my 4th gen, and I would lead. Come in from I70 to Zanesville and head south. We would do the whole thing in about 90 minutes. After the run we would have to stop a convenients store..... we were always wiped out because the level of focus needed to pull off the blasting stunt we just did, a good break was a must.
  10. Tim, keep in mind, Hocking Hills is a touristy destination.... if you go, early Tuesday or Wednesday is best. Weekend? Too many cages.....
  11. For grins posting one of many head spinning twisty maps. Better have your head in the game.
  12. Tim, thanks for the Ohio riding report, great stuff. Jeez, I havent been out that way in way too long, my mileage is way down, seems like I do more wrenching vs riding. SE Ohio is indeed motorcycle playground, all that area from 555 to Marieta, I used to love hauling ass on 26S to Marieta. Gotta get back in the groove.
  13. Great stuff, keep posting up any work on your builds.
  14. Hi - If you want stock OEM.. https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/90112-MT4-000?ref=258e646a02ed8f52f3e64397760b8d527e239b41 If you are nutz as we sometimes are..... take your pick... these are beautiful... Gold is titanium.... https://www.probolt-usa.com/stainless/stainless-steel-bolts-dome-head.html
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