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  1. I have been starting to get the new bike itch....that Suzuki is looking good. Nothing in the Honda line up covers this.... -> The VFR800 should have evolved into something like that..
  2. That was my first thought when I saw this....🤣
  3. Was debating to post this, but I have been hanging here 15 years and consider I'm among friends so.... I just recently completed this Valkyrie Rebuild it RestoMod Bling out job..... kinda um... more than a few year project (on/off/on/off) from down to a frame and motor..... With all the chrome it stuff, things dont fit together nicely anymore and a whacked amount of OCD hand fitting goes on to to get it together.... And too much polishing and crazy little minutia, and I'm still sane..... (mbe) (Lucy, my 5th gen is totally pissed at me for all the attention I have not been giving her... lol) Cheers all..
  4. Well jeez, digging some more, the filler neck part fits most all VFR800s 5th and 6th's......so I go to 2009 6th and the cap is 20 bucks. That should work....right? (Why does Honda do this...grrr)
  5. Doing some work and looking to get a new radiator cap... but looked it up... 40ish dollars? What? Have you found an alternate for fair bucks?
  6. Looking good! What is the pipe and where did you get it? thxz
  7. I'm waiting to see one live in the showroom....
  8. I have a dedicated "fork box" that has made a handful of UPS trips between Dayton and Fort Wayne.
  9. Jamie does a great job... I like that I can just send him forks and tell him what I want done. He does the work and ships them back. Its painless, I like....
  10. Following thread for reference.....
  11. May as well add to the thread on detailing....... technology marches on... I keep trying products as they come out, and in the last 6 months or so, Turtle Wax Hybrid Solution products - Shine and Seal, Ceramic Wet Wax, and then the Graphene Flex wax come out fantastic on paint -gloss over the top........ I follow Apex Detail on YouTube, and Brian there does a great job on giving pro tips on detailing...... Cheerz
  12. I have both the VFR and Valkyrie, and both are in the never sell column.... Can't help you much with your decision, but you didnt really say where you're going and how long you will stay?
  13. The change also eliminated titles too... I want mine back... On the badges, not really a fan...
  14. From my foggy memory..From older threads.. I seem to remember someone adapted 6th gen radiators to a 5th saying they had 13% more capacity. Haven't seen anything to confirm...? Just reporting, no experience....
  15. Just sent a stator to CR to rewind. Gary the owner has MS and can't talk that well. His daughter will reply on a phone call and she has email. I did get them on the phone. Leave a voice mail and they will return the call. I'm getting extra long leads so I can add the R/R connector direct, so there will be no wire up soldering or butt connector in the the middle.
  16. Decided to keep it........ Selling a new unused OEM rear sprocket for 5th gen.... $55.00 shipped - US
  17. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/1999/vfr800fi-a-interceptor/right-crankcase-cover
  18. I keep a bottle or 2 of the Honda Type2 ( Honda Blue) on hand and use it in everthing cars and bikes..... Grum.. you made me run out to the garage and check the labels of stuff I have... no expiration date listed.. hmmm... Maybe an Aussie reg requirement? --- Long Life or 3 years on shelf? Interesting..
  19. - Inspect charging system wire harness and check stator to R/R connector. - Identify current model R/R. -Check voltage output at the battery -idle and 5000rpm..... There are literally hundreds of threads on charging system death on this and the other forum.
  20. I didn't realize the Y2K mirrors would fit 3rd gens, good info. I did put them on my old 4th gen and on my '98 5th gen....
  21. @jroberts427In any case, it's worth considering mounting a voltmeter up front so you can watch the trend of what is happening..... There's a good thread on meters mount if you search.
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