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  1. Who's idea was it to put ethanol in gasoline anyway? Sta-Bil? That reminds me I need to take Grandma (1994) out for a good ride, and run the generator for an hour or so.
  2. If you've got clogged jets pulling the carbs off/apart is really the only way. Anything I have with carbs that sits gets the fuel shut off, and float bowls run dry before storage.
  3. If it coincides with my picking up headers let me know it's not too much trouble to bring my variety of mufflers down with me for fitment experiments. Old school TBR, Scorpion, and GPR high mount. As long as the pipes line up bracketry/hangers is easy fab.
  4. I ordered a couple sets of the ZX7R gaskets from the jungle, but I have no problem getting in on a group buy since I like to keep things like that in stock. Sucks to get hung up on a build or repair for lack of something so simple.
  5. Since the two systems are completely separate hydraulically I would suspect you have an air bubble in the rear system. Very common because the rear system is difficult to bleed. I bet if you bleed it again you'll get some air out, and the problem will improve or go away completely.
  6. 98-01 are all the same. The difference in L vs R is the secondary master cylinder. The piston bore sizes are the same L & R. Any site that has a decent fiche will show what you need.
  7. Just an FYI I have removed, and reinstalled the center stand on a 5th gen without removing the headers. It takes a bit of prying, and cursing but it's doable. Fortunately I have separate work, and play bikes now so don't have to do that again.
  8. ZX7R gaskets appear to be the correct size, and type.
  9. How long stators last depends on a lot of factors, but those of us who ride agressively in warmer climates tend to burn 'em up sooner. I have found the OEM units to be of better quality than aftermarket replacements.
  10. Got the pipe back on the bike yesterday. The ceramic wool has a more subdued tone than the fiberglass. I don't think it's quite as dense. The fiberglass I removed was still in good structural shape, but pretty carbon fouled. Now to see how long the ceramic lasts.
  11. I have had the 847 kit on my '99 for a couple years now. That, and an Eastern Beaver headlight relay/accessory fuse block kit. Takes a huge load off the wimpy stock wiring.
  12. New battery, stator, R/R, and bypass the stock charging system wiring. It's the only way to be sure.
  13. The outer shell of the pipe matters a lot too. Different shell material, and length means different resonant frequencies. You could really go down a rabbit hole.....
  14. If you're getting 10K out of a PP/PR combo a 180/55 will be fine on the rear. You may notice a slight difference in turn-in, but it's not anything more than a fresh set of tires. Last time I shopped 170/60 was still available in PP, but that's been a while. I prefer those for handling on the 4th gen. Unless I'm putting on straight miles that's what I mount.
  15. Just bought some ceramic wool to repack my TBR carbon. I'll report back on the results when I get it done. This will be the second repack of this pipe since I've owned it. 1st was done with standard fiberglass. It was quiet (as TBR pipes go) for about 10K then started to get too loud for me. I love the sound of the carbon pipe. It has a nice "bark" to it when you get the revs up, but is relatively mellow at lower revs.
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