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  1. I've had fun with it so far. I try to get through one or two every winter while I'm holding down a job. lol A few I've done:
  2. The tires on my '98 are nearing end of life, especially the rear (~3500 miles per RS2 rear). The tires on the '00 are original and unpleasant to think about riding on. 🙂 My '98 had RoadSmart IIs, which I am in love with. They aren't available anymore, but IIIs and IVs are. I have one set left in the closet and am not sure which bike they will go on. Probably the '00 as it isn't riding as is (not is it on the road yet). I truly had no issues on the GPR-300 set on the CB-1, but the typical dunlop feedback wasn't in play. If I were riding the VFR more (too many bikes!) I'd try the RoadSport IIs and report back. I haven't ridden any Metzlers, Bridgestones, or Michelins that I've liked. I generally ride the VFR pretty hard solo or two up and have even had it coaching at some track days (with proper tires, not STs which uslaly start to give up before turn 2!).
  3. When can we start a new poll for current options? 🙂
  4. That looks like a blast. I think that my perfect retirement job would be getting a barn full of bikes back into service and sold.
  5. Iron Pony has none. Pretty sure than unless a local store has some with recent date codes, the RS2s are gone. Nearly everywhere is within a few dollars per tire, so I'm going to do the norm and wait for that Fall rebate. The stockers are still on there...from 1999ish. lol
  6. You're right. I mistyped. Waiting to head back from Dunlop on a few questions. It would be great to hear from anyone who has used any of these on a VFR. I love my Roadsmart 2s, but they're long off the market. Looks like $60/set difference from Roadsport 2 to Roadsmart 3. Not that much if they last longer.
  7. And ensure that the cable/shaft turns freely before you burn through another plastic nut.
  8. I used to run the GPR300 on my 400 and they worked fine. the Q3+ just gives a little more feedback. Wondering if the Roadsport (the one in between the GPR and Roadsmart) is perfectly adequate on a 5th gen. Under $200 for a set. Roadsmart 4 are ridiculously overpriced. I wish I could get a current date code RS2 pair. Thanks! Dunlop Roadsport 2
  9. Care to provide years or p/ns that work? Direct plug in or rewire? I'll be awake soon & will search!
  10. Is there any info on the weight difference from stock to aftermarket slip ons, or stock to aftermarket header/cat? My '98 has a staintune. The '00 is currently stock. Looking at a few Delkevic slipons. (advice welcome!) The sound clip sounds great.
  11. Thanks. $240 though. I'll also look up other options.
  12. And I apprecizte them. I also got some opinions from a bunch of Internet friends (VFR owners) on another list. lol Looks like it is staying and I'm on the hunt for a few aftermarket goodies which seem to be getting harder to find. Thanks all!
  13. Got it. Thanks! Also found this which mentions a frame change, but it looks non-U.S. HESS was non U.S., I believe, but also see modified clutch. Thoughts? (Sorry...I like to track things!.) "2000: Honda VFR800i gets minor update; slight frame changes, modified clutch, refined fuel injection, more durable electrics, improved mirrors, HISS security system." It isn't all bad...3k miles.
  14. Thanks for this. Are you saying R/R only, or with the VFRness for the 2000?
  15. You'll laugh...red. I absolutely hate red and have owned a 1999 and 1998 for a total of nearly 12 years and ~30k miles. I've even thought of just swapping the bodywork and selling the low mile 2000 as red!
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