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  1. So after converting the dash to LED, my 2000 "dash" turn signals are intermittant. The left one sometimes works. The right one rarely works. I have it all apart again. Cleaned dirty fuses like I did on the 1998, but no difference. Checked the switch. Cleaned the relay connector. No difference. Swapped bulbs to a few other kinds. No difference. It did not do this before the bulb swap. I can get them to work sometimes if I wiggle things (relay, connector, bulb sockets, my left ear...), but not the same things, so I think that is coincidental. Leaning toward just having an old relay. Thoughts?
  2. bmart


    Thanks! I have a spare set and may do them in white. I dislike the gold ones everyone loves!
  3. bmart


    What color are those wheels? "Can we get a side shot!?"
  4. Still looking for used fully adjustable shock for 185# w/gear rider for 2000 VFR800 for reasonable price. Thanks!
  5. Looking good! I wish that I was close enough to join you on that ride.
  6. Skids, looks like you'll have a blast! Admittedly, I did not enjoy any of the cities, just the "other" places. Not LA, SD, SF, SJ. Loved the desert, redwoods, mountains, etc. Each to their own. I was in NZ on a trip in 2005. Rented a (hated it) 2005 VFR800 for ~2k miles through https://gotournz.com/. That VFR rental was one of the main reasons I decided to keep my FJ1200 for so long! Then I discovered 5th gen...with mods. I remember eating the best shrimp sandwich (only!) I ever had out in CA. So many great 50s/60s style restaurants to enjoy!
  7. Perhaps a Skype/Zoom call would be helpful...fun? We do those for our Honda CB-1 group.
  8. I loved riding in CA. But they're crazy people!
  9. It looks like there's more room to move them to the outside of the bars. Try that? ..and use wonderful shorty levers?
  10. Repsol kit looks sharp. Plain silver zzzzzzzz.
  11. Sizes are the same '98-'00, but early ones used that "T" head and later ones the Phillips head (cheaper and don't break).
  12. I wish that someone would give me some bikes to play on!
  13. Does anyone know if these are the right ones for the VFR fairings ('98-'01)? I used up my last two Honda ones tonight. Thanks! Also discovered that my '98 uses screw in plugs on the caliper retaining pins, but my '00 uses rubber plugs. I need to order some things!
  14. What what? We do all of that in the U.S.
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