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  1. You guys attack projects that most people would throw away. Kudos!
  2. Of course, but that doesn't mean it is what he's looking for. I'll stop helping...
  3. Too much is going cheap with parallel twins today and in the foreseeable future. I can't imagine my CB-1 as a parallel twin or big single. The R7 is a joke in comparison to its namesake.
  4. https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/microtel/bryson-city-north-carolina/microtel-inn-and-suites-bryson-city/overview 828-488-7900 Let us know how you make out.
  5. That looks like big fun! I'm frequently surprised at how close people are comfortable riding to one another.
  6. I stopped telling street riders this as they never follow my advice. I do use it for track guys who are just there to have fun, when I coach. They tend to then use it on the street. Weird...😇
  7. My whole family has work glasses for decades...except for me. Only last year/this year have I notived any degredation, initially with peripheral vision. It stinks. I used to see "everything."
  8. I'm two hours into trying to book this properly through their 800 line. Is there a backup location to stay at? I'm reminded why I stopped staying at Wyndham properties...ugh
  9. "Firstly there are significant differences between 98/99 and 00/01 models." Does this miss any? 2000: Honda VFR800i gets minor update; slight frame changes, modified clutch, refined fuel injection, more durable electrics, improved mirrors, HISS security system, wax enricher circuit.
  10. More details please. My vision isn't quite 20/20 anymore and I surely noticed a lack of peripheral vision accuracy in the last year or so.
  11. Italian pahts? How long until it failed? 😁
  12. My Suzuki 750 was the same. I'm not sure I've had a bent rotor on any other bike in my life. Those ones bent all of the time.
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