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  1. Sounds an anti-stall "feature!" 😇 Is that what the manual says it should do?
  2. Thank you. I'd hate to show up if it were cancelled or moved. 🎯
  3. Electronics, as mentioned, particularly the charging system including wiring and connectors. Bikes have rubber on them and rubber ages. Check hoses (should be supple), tires (should be under 5-ish years old and not have dry rot/hardness to touch/fingernails), etc.
  4. Will there be a way to stay in touch about this rally if the site is G-O-N gone?
  5. Thank you for doing this for us for so long. Is there any chance to get a download of all of it? I use it often to search fro solutions...or problems.
  6. Additionally, most people "perform" differently on one side from the other. What I've seen is that people carry more lean to the left. My thought (unemcumbered by any facts!) is that most folks are right side dominant and their brains are protecting that side. I'm inferior at both sides. 🙂
  7. Right. Mine get scalloped when I suck at braking properly and get worn flat at partial lean, so I get a high spot on each side of the flat spots, which really sucks when you need grip there!
  8. Of few of mine from the past. For whatever reason, pics of this seem to be hard for cameras to capture.
  9. There's a pretty big difference from leading and trailing edge, yes, but moreso that it isn't round left to right. That makes high and low spots that a rider can feel with the change in effort. And, the high spots, of course, provide less grip. Admittedly, many don't notice these things, which is why I was asking. (Genuinely curious, not poking the bear. 🙂 )
  10. And you don't notice the crazy wear pattern? That would have driven me mad thousands of miles ago. 😇
  11. Anthony Gobert...there's a sad story.
  12. Is there any value is getting rid of as much 14 ga as possible and replace that with 12 ga? Any idea why one of the R/R wires is copper while the other two are silver? I do have a Rick's MOSFET R/R in the trunk where it has been for a long time as a spare, but with the measurements I've taken, the Stator and R/R appear okay.
  13. Also worth looking in radiator cap before you drive it anywhere. 🙂
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