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  1. bmart

    Music anyone?

    Me too! For no good reason, "sitting on the dock of the bay" come on my sing-list a lot.
  2. bmart

    Music anyone?

    No discourse. Interesting to hear opinions. I have one guy I stopped riding with because of it. Everytime you stopped an needed to ask about food, pics, peeing, etc. it was a project for him. Valuable riding time was being lost...
  3. bmart

    Music anyone?

    I see your problem now...you're riding in the wrong places! lol
  4. bmart

    Music anyone?

    Of course, but you asked about if we do it, not if we condone it. 🙂 I don't.
  5. bmart

    Music anyone?

    Never. Way to distracting. I see riders who do this get distracted all of the time on the street and track.
  6. Makes me wonder if it is just one, or a batch...
  7. Planning to get in a 1/2 day Wednesday. Have to roll home by Saturday to prep for track day Monday.
  8. Some should sell kits for monkeys like me...
  9. This is an endless game, comrade. I have varying bars on most of my bikes. They're all better than stock, but none are even close to great.
  10. And it matters that you measure when the battery is 100% charged.
  11. I enjoy my 5th gens. Still, I wonder how I'd feel about my FJ if I were able to ride it again now!
  12. I couldn't find a thread for funnies/memes/videos so just posting here.
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