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  1. I wrote to the guy a while back. No answer. Seems like another scam from Columbia.
  2. I agree. Nearly all of my friends ride. I'm on multiple bike mailing lists and forums. And still, I nearly always ride alone. People seem too busy vacuuming the cat or something. One day we'll be too old for all of this. The old days!
  3. I'm not sure why reading a ruler is so difficult, but I can't seem to find someone who can do it accurately consistently. My gal helped last night while the bike was warm. She paid close attention. It is absolutely much better than it was prior. No way to adjust fork damping easily, but the rear shock needs some damping tweaking. Currently rebound set to 1.5 turns out from full in...but I think that the non adjustable compression is the real bugger.
  4. Finally got out for a local ride yesterday to test the Belarus risers. They are a lovely product and comfort was surely improved, and for a lot less $ than other options. I'm content. While the bike was warm, it gave me a chance to make some sag setting changes front and back, albeit sans gear...so they may need to be even tigher. Rear shock 31mm rider, 10mm bike (from 48/26) Front forks 35mm rider, 25mm bike (from 43/29) Short local ride coming up!
  5. 14 hours from CLT, no? 11 too far for me...
  6. Perhaps where Captain Hook makes trouble?
  7. We see a lot of funny things drawn on the lights at track days! We usually suggest numbers. lol
  8. I'm green with envy! I loved my trips to ride out of San Jose.
  9. One of the things common in switching and comparing tires is that we end up comparing old tires to new tires. Still, I always love my new tires. I was surprised that the Roadsmart 3s were so slippery out of the box. I don't recall that on my 2s. Still, they scuffed in quickly and have been great since.
  10. 5th Gen is: Stock 17/43 or .3953 I run 17/45 or .3777 You suggest 16/44 or .3636 The differences aren't huge from yours to mine. I know that mine will wheelie on command and never runs out of steam...so close enough! And,"I like big sprockets (on the back) and I don't know why...." Have fun with this! Change bikes, sprockets, tires, etc. https://www.gearingcommander.com/
  11. Wouldn't it be great if forums worked that way. lol I'm trying to find the resistance spec of the cooling fan on my little CB-1 on Al Gore's Internet....nothing.
  12. Plenty of info on this forum in the 5th gen section. The big thing is probably the charging system. Address that if it hasn't been done yet. Next up would be comfort, for me. Seat, bars, suspension, luggage. Post pics of them!
  13. Mine stink, but track day guys seem to like to watch them! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLwIt1teeX05K1TrK8Cwug/videos YouTube kills the quality, so I stopped trying to overcome that.
  14. When you're bringing back a deadish battery, hook it up in parallel to a big good battery (car) when charing it. You may be surprised by the results.
  15. Nice video. We should hire you to take similar ones for all of us. Mine stink! You have RiNo. We have NoDa (North Davidson) where people go to get shot. That isn't in the brochure. Charlotte is quickly working to be something between Atlanta and Detriot.
  16. BMC is fine. I've used them before.
  17. I can't speak to that brand, but we see QS failures with regularity at track days. I prefer to do it all manually anyway. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  18. You would hate my bikes. On all of them, I have...wires!
  19. A clear layer of "car wrap" would alleviate the worry, no?
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