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  1. It is funny that you type that. I feel similar to my GS700ES. I still think it is one of the more handsome motorcycles made to this day...but I may be alone! At least we're not off topic...
  2. My portal is still like new, but who doesn't want a spare portal... Queue Dr. Who music.
  3. Here in the states, you can't give those ZX7S bikes away. Just too many better choices available. That 600 will be just great. Congrats!
  4. Looks like assm #5, no? So many people lost the tool and use a screwdriver and hammer...or the wrong spanner. Humans...the worst. At least Starship was a big success this morning. That's not nothing.
  5. This made me curious. Here's the one for the 5th gen.
  6. Service Honda shows the same. Interesting.
  7. I started with two riding buddies. All of us unskilled, untrained, and riding like idiots. One got a 600cc Fazer (mini V-max...in looks), one got a 500 Interceptor (not sure what year), and I got a GS700ES. I still love the looks of that bike (similar to my many FJs). I hated red then, too, so choices were somewhat limited. It was indeed a time of great mechanical progress. https://ridermagazine.com/2016/06/22/1986-yamaha-fzx700s-fazer-road-test-review/ https://www.rideapart.com/news/407636/honda-vf500f-interceptor-please-thankyou/ https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_gs700es 85.htm
  8. Pics of your rotors would help us help you also. If all else fails, grab the brakes hard and fast in the rain... (j/k!)
  9. Not my bag, baby, but I know that some of you guys like these.
  10. On my 5th gen, the pad plates were identical (so they could physically mount), but the pads were not. Different thickness and shape. I imagine that the front generates a LOT more heat under braking.
  11. Our government insists that ethanol is fine. You probably just have a broken camera...or broken eyes.
  12. Megaforce was a terrible movie, but it did have flying motorcycles in it. And the 707 song. That's something.
  13. Certainly inexpensive if they don't interfere with controls. Hot idea...
  14. Red? My eyes. MY EYES! lol Folks laugh, but something as simple, light, and easy as a rain suit top/bottom make the rider so much warmer. Just the top gets most of the work done. Again, retaining core heat and remove the ability for the wind to wick heat away.
  15. A direct comparison may yield useful results. It just never made sense (or worked well) for me.
  16. Maybe...I don't say it to be mean, but we don't engineer much that works well like this. Seriously, you want warm blood, so heating (or insulating) your core goes a LONG way to being warm. If you have cold hands, you want them insulated from the cold/wind (hippo hands, wind block, etc., for instance) to reduce heat loss, and to directly heat them. Heated grips are mostly heating the bars, not your hands. I hear you on the wires. When riding back in New England, I used to run heated vest/gloves. They were a PITA, but let us comfortably ride down to 18F. Below that, they just couldn't keep up. With the right unheated gear, staying warn into the 40s would seem pretty easy. We'll full vented gear down into the mid 50s at the track without much of an issue with just a base layer underneath. Unless it is really cold, heated grips/seats seem much more like gadgets to me.
  17. Nail on the head! Heat the body core and the surfaces in the wind (back of hand...not inside of hand/grip). Heated grips are...a really dumb idea, right up there with winglets on street bikes. 😇
  18. Thanks...not everyone gets my humor. 🙂 From what I've read, ethanol starts to degrade in ~2 weeks. New vehicles seem okay with that for years, but carbs change everything. Real fuel starts to go bad in many years with degradation (from what I've read) after many years (2-5?).
  19. Wet or AGM, you'll be glad that you did. Li, no need, but no harm.
  20. I'd recommend looking at multiple reviews, as most found it to be snake oil. What was that old oil additive from the 80s that turned out to kill engines? lol You may also like Lucas and Seafoam products...which also seem to do nothing positive.
  21. Until I can afford to make my own...it is what we have. E-free doesn't get used much, so moisture gets in. If I had a single bike, it wouldn't be an issue, but as they are...they can sit for a long time.
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