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  1. Thank you! I didn't know this was here. I have a paper one...
  2. Thanks, guys. I'll check all of those before the next ride!
  3. Found many fuses looked like these. Cleaned them and the fuse holder. Also the DIODE ASSY., THREE WAY (SUMITOMO) 31730-MAS-601, which looked like a fuse to me.
  4. A VFR, a CB-1, and a Suzuki ride into a bar, and the bartender says, "what is this, a joke?" Anyway... I finally got out on UGLYRED, the 1998 VFR you all talked me into keeping, for the first ride since months ago. It functioned fine, but there were peculiarities in the dash display, but not other systems. The clock would periodically reset itself, as would the two trip meters. I've never seen that before on...anything. Voltage remained correct at ~14.7V, like always. It was 12.5V when I rolled it out, which was a little odd, as I charge it every two weeks. The Motobatt battery is just under 3.5 years old and they seem to go 6-8 years without issue. I checked the battery terminals; the fuses and other connectors are up next (tonight/tomorrow). Then I remembered a post, which I couldn't find despite my best searching, about corroded connections in the board that makes up the dash. Does this sound related? Any other good ideas? Grounding connections? I did not need another bike task on the winter list! Red. I hate red!
  5. I have non Genmar risers. They're fine, but the levers can't be tilted down to teh right spot. That seems like the largest bug with spacer style instead of new bars.
  6. Most large hardware stores have an equivalent. Ebay and similar are even cheaper. Size what you need and order those and some spares for later.
  7. I can't stand red, but many of you love it! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2014-moto-guzzi-v7-racer/
  8. Joe at Cycle Terminal helped me last time and was great.
  9. Mobil 1 4T has served me well for many years, available nearly anywhere. I've also heard some nice things about Valvoline's motorcycle oil. Both say good for wet clutches right on the labels. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mobil-1-Racing-4T-Full-Synthetic-Motorcycle-Oil-10W-40-1-qt/16767829?athbdg=L1100 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Valvoline-4-Stroke-Motorcycle-10W-40-Conventional-Motor-Oil-1-QT/16879749
  10. Search the forum. The info is in here...somewhere.
  11. Right. Regardless of the damage done elsewhere!
  12. You can thank the Germans for the "good-n-tite" method!
  13. https://www.teslarati.com/energica-electric-motorcycles-q3-sales-lineup/
  14. You can do more than one arm wiht a connector, or use a flexible arm. https://rammount.com/ Maybe this? https://rammount.com/collections/ram-flex-rod I have ine on the tank bolts, but there are other options like the triple tree center, clutch/brake master cylinder mounts, etc. Let us know what you decide!
  15. <--- green with envy. Have fun!
  16. RAM-B-201U-C Aluminum 5.75"'' Mounting Dual Socket Arm Long 1" Socket Arm, ~$20. They're all different because I wanted to see the important stuff on the dash of each bike directly, if at all possible, or during normal riding movement, and still be able to use them with gloves on (Love those cheap spare phones & Osmand!). Rider's view:
  17. I hate the X rubber band thing. Phones just have too many buttons on the side. Buy the one for your phone or at least a captive hard plastic one. Here are a few of mine.
  18. Looks awesome! Any pics/video to share?
  19. You should be ashamed at all of that garage space. I'm now up to 7...and can still walk around.
  20. I've never had a kit work properly using the directions. You'll likely have to sort it out on your own.
  21. 250. There's a lot of chatter about all of the improvements on the 300, but most skilled riders seem to think that no one would notice. And I never even use the 250 power!
  22. My VFRs got a little Honder brother the other day.
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