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  1. Man, that is hard to look at! Glad you seem to have a good sense of humor/karma about you. Dropped my 4th gen for the first time this past May in my driveway. My homemade sliders saved the plastic. Found out though I could not lift it by myself and had to go get a floor jack. Positioned the jack and had to figure out how to lift the bike enough to get it under the slider so I did not damage anything. Close your eyes and imagine a monkey and a football, because that's about what it looked like. 11 years ago I dumped my VF1000R on a gravel road in Arizona (don't ask) and managed to pick it up and be on my way. Kind of hard to realize I'm not the guy who can pick up his own bike anymore.
  2. That is amazing, rising 738 ft above mean water in 107 miles, that is a lot of locks. I'm Bluewater so I only see the Panama Canal, and the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic is easy. Well the Atlantic does suck in the Winter, but that takes some attention to detail on a river with a full load to traverse that to any point. The Hydro power Station looks huge, I'm sure you could fit every dam in Maine in it with room to spare.
  3. I took this pic a few years back to remind a buddy of mine from the south who was heading north that he could in fact find one of these in the road. Highway, back road, any road. I came out of my post office in town years ago to see a full grown one saunter by. Reaching up to 7 feet at the shoulder and 1,500 lbs, this is not Bambi. The State of Maine installed this life size replica in the north bound section of our one and only highway at the Kennebunk service area as a reminder to tourists. The state does not have game fences on the highway and the cut backs on the secondary roads can be as little as 1/2 the length of a Moose, if its even cut back at all. They can be on you in a heartbeat. If you have to be out at or after dusk in northern New England, bring your A game and some driving lights you can angle to the side and slightly upwards as your headlight wont help much.
  4. The first pic is my 91 VFR I had while working in England, it on what's called a transporter bridge, or ferry bridge in Newport Wales about 6 years ago. The bridge was built this way as the estuary it crossed had a 20+ foot tide and dried out at low water, so a floating ferry was not really an option. It was built tall as there were factories up river that delivered their goods via sailing vessels so the masts had to clear. This was built around the late 1800's. Their are only a few in the world. The second pic is a stock photo of the "ferry" hanging from cables as it crossed the estuary. It does look like an old time ferry. It was kinda cool, I used it a a number of times over a weekend in the area. Pics are not in order, sorry.
  5. Mate, for the record, You are still nailing it. Many, many Thanks for your service to this community. Best..........Michael
  6. Having 2 VF1000R's and an 86 and 87 VFR this is great information, thank you both.
  7. FromMaine

    November Ride

    Nice shot. Rode it in 1978 on my CX500 and in 2010 on my VF1100S Sabre with my daughter. Both times as part of a ride from Imperial Beach to the Olympic Peninsula.
  8. Welcome to the Board. You landed in the right spot in my opinion. I have found the members here to be exceedingly generous with their time and expertise. Give them a chance to prove it🙂.
  9. Looking for a small piece of Kangaroo leather to repair a pair of gloves. In 2010 I bought a pair of Frank Thomas gloves w/ kangaroo palms that I ended up really liking. Wore them for about 40K until holes appeared in them. Tried to repair with Elkhide but it never felt right. Frank Thomas was out of business by then, but managed to find a pair here and another in the UK and bought both. Now have worn out another pair recently and am down to 1 pair of used gloves. Would like to see if I can get a few more miles out of the pair with holes if possible. Think a piece about the size of a legal envelope would be enough. Have looked online, but does not appear there are many Kangaroo's in this Hemisphere. 🙂 PM me if you have anything.
  10. Update: After 12 hours went out to the garage and had a look. The lever had not budged a mm from the night before. No leaks everything seemed fine, removed the bands and pumped the lever, plenty of room between the grip and lever when pulled in hard. I had the bike elevated so I gave the wheel a spin. felt a little resistance, but there are new pads upfront so I thought they might just have to seat. I decided to remove the left caliper and see how the wheel spun, it spun freely. So I removed the pads and started pumping to see if one piston dragged while doing so. I pumped until the end and they both fell into the plastic basin below at the same time. At no point was there any resistance at the lever. While waiting for the fluid to drain I was trying to figure out why there was so much resistance the day before. I looked into the bores and they were perfectly clean, no corrosion. The seals were intact and seated properly. I removed the caliper and put it on the bench and took out the seals, the grooves were shiny like new. I threw the metal parts in the ultrasonic and had a think. No idea why I had issues at first, when I finally got the piston to move and could not remove it when it was almost out, well maybe it was not as straight as I thought it was, or some unknown operator error on my part. All I knew is that I now had a functioning caliper in front of me. I put everything together, bled the system in about 5 minutes and gave the wheel a spin. It was better, but I still could feel a tiny bit of intermittent drag. I'm going to leave everything as is and test ride it in the morning on a short ride and see if it settles in.
  11. Welcome, glad you stopped by. Grab a beer. That is hands down my favorite motorcycle livery. Yes, I think all riders of a certain age lusted for anything two wheels with that paint job.
  12. Your father was lucky in my book, lots of guys killed by wearing wedding rings, but also watches, gold chains, belt buckles, tools and one guy who was using his computer down in the engine room when something happened and 400 volts ended up at the receptacle. I've done26 Atlantic crossings, six in the engine room because of short manning. We were required to do an hourly walk through the engine room and inspect the engines Generators and record readings. I made sure I never had any metal on me, not even a few coins in my pocket. Won't ask what happened but glad you are here to talk about it. We do fire drills once a month on the ship, some times without notice. All of us are also required every 5 years to renew our SOLAS certs, a week long set of courses that include 2 10 hour days in a full nomex suit, boots, helmet, gloves, full mask and a Scott pack on your back. I won' go into the details, but nobody went out for a drink after on those days. My garage is 12 X 24 and made of wood, even the floor. I have a fire extinguisher on one side mounted by my bench, then another on the other side near my parts racks. in between are my bikes, didn't want to be caught having to climb over or around especially if the fire was near the extinguisher. I am 15 feet from the house and we have 3 more in there.
  13. Pulled the last caliper out of the ultrasonic, let them dry, then hit both pins with my brass wheel. Always do, but doesn't hurt to see it posted for all to read.
  14. Trust me, I am definitely in the market for replacements or alternatives. I assume you had to fabricate carriers for the Nissin 4 pots? If you could elaborate I would be very interested in reading what you needed to do. Many thanks. Michael
  15. Finished bleeding the system this evening and had my 3 heavy duty rubber bands (the type they use on lobster claws, this is Maine after all) on the lever before I came in for the night to read this. I'm well aware of necessity to double check, and test not just the brakes, but any maintenance done on the bike. I do appreciate you mentioning it though. For the record I am a tea drinker, have been all my life, PG Tips is my go to choice. Lived in Falmouth, Cornwall for almost a year back in 2015, our ship was dry docked at one of A&P's dry docks, but Pendennis did all the work. Bought a 91 VFR to get around on. Yard rules were we could not be on the ship when the yard quit work. So we had every Friday from Noon until 7 am Monday morning, unheard of as we are a 24/7 operation when running. I saw a lot of the southern part of England and all of Wales during that time, only missed one weekend because of frosty roads. Cornwall is much like Maine, small towns, strong fishing tradition, , rocky shores, lots of guys shipping out to make a living,, epic winter gales, over run by tourists in the summer and funny accents🙂 BTW, my wife has been a nurse for 45 years now, 25 straight in ICU, 8 in the Operating room and now Cardiac Rehab as she needed a break. I'm an expert at getting advice🙃 Michael
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