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  1. FromMaine


    Really like the fairing on my 4th Gen, Really liked the 8 spoke and white wheels on my 3rd Gen in the UK. Kept the rear rim when I sold my 3rd Gen, interesting story, very bemused English buyer. Now finally a needed fork seal job, new tires, and a precautionary replacement of stem head bearings after 75K meant it was time to finish melding the two. I ended up painting my 4th Gen front although I have a 3rd Gen rim. So 4th Gen in Italian Red, with 3rd Gen rear, and white rims. A high mount exhaust for the TBR can would be nice, but we'll see.
  2. FromMaine

    Assorted V4's

    Pics from over the years on V4's
  3. Well, that's interesting. I hadn't even considered doing something like that. In fact, I may even have a lock that I used with a chain on my CB650 when I was working in Calf. that may fit. Still may go with a disc lock with alarm, but glad I asked the question, as I received an answer that I would never have expected. Thank You!
  4. The short clip in the Guardian article was great! I'll have to add that to my list of MC films. Thanks for the post.
  5. I'm looking at buying a disc lock for my 97, but I'm 1700 miles away from my bike at work, so can't measure the diameter of the vent holes in my rotors. Does anyone know off hand what size they are? Advice on particular make locks or models would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. FromMaine

    Old Tires

    If you order before April 30 you can get a rebate on a number of manf's tires. Dunlops is $40 per set. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/l/2019-Dunlop-Mar-Apr-Rebate-Info?il_source=tire-offer-landingpage&il_medium=main-2019-dunlop-mar-apr-street-promo Roadsmart 3's from Rocky Mountain would be $298.11 delivered to your door, less rebate would be $258.11. If you have to have them installed by someone, then your $350 estimate seems about right. Less than an hour ago I ordered a set of Bridgestone S-22's for my 4th Gen. from Rocky Mountain. Less the $60 per set rebate they come in at $170 delivered to my door. I do my own mounting and balancing as I go through a minimum of 3-4 tires a year, and by the third time I mounted a tire I had paid for my paddock changer and balancer. FWIW in addition to having very good prices, Rocky Mountain handles sending in the rebate for you, which is one less thing to do and a nice gesture on their part. Good luck with your new rubber.
  7. FromMaine

    Dragon 2010

    4th Gens rule. Especially Italian Red 4th gens. 🙂
  8. Great trip report. AZ has some nice roads.
  9. Hi FromMaine, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. Congratulations Jamie. Your advice and expertise have helped out many V4 riders over the years. I certainly see this as a positive step. Best of luck!
  11. FromMaine

    Old Tires

    Personally, I would replace. The tires may look fine but the compounds tend to harden over time. Tire technology has greatly improved in the last 10 year's, so give it a try. For me. Bridgestone S21's have been my go to tires. Dual compound front, triple rear. Solid,stable, great feedback, reasonable wear. They have a rebate going on now for $60 a pair. I get mine from Rocky Mountain as they submit the form for you. Comes out to around $176 a pair to your door. There are S22's available now, I may try them on my 4th Gen. Plenty of other good choices from Pirelli. Dunlop, Michelin, etc. also, have a look around. .
  12. FromMaine


    Dragging hard parts 🙂
  13. When I found out Bridgestone was coming out with the S-20 years ago, I e-mailed the company asking when they would be available. I eventually got one of the first sets when they finally were available in the US. They absolutely changed how my Vf1000R handled. I now use them whenever I can, my 4th gen is on its 7th S20/S21 rear and 4th front. I don't have a truck or trailer, so if I want to ride in Western NC, its leg over and grind it out. The 3 compound rear and dual front make this doable as its 1271 miles each way just to get there, and its nice to have some rubber left when I do. The only thing I have noticed is that if its 20 F (-7C) or below the rear gets really squirrelly. I left here a few years ago in mid April at 4:30 am in 19F, and took it easy until the tires warmed up. Well they really never did and I ended up laying off the rear brake and engine braking until I finally got to NY. Once the temps were up, no problems. Can't really fault Bridgestone or and manf. for compounds that don't perform well at those temps. A quick look at Rocky Mountain reveals there is now a S22 version, and they qualify for the rebate, may have to put a set on the VFR.
  14. FromMaine


    Finnish camouflage…….. Motorcycle? what motorcycle...….? Nice looking ride Keny!
  15. FromMaine


    Hi Stray: Thanks for the kind comment. She's a rider, not a trailer queen as she has about 125,000 kilometers on her. You will be pleased to know the rear rim is from the UK, it was on my 3rd Gen I had while working there a few years back.
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