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  1. FromMaine

    New old Honda

    You see them everywhere in the UK, and Europe for that matter. When I was working in the UK a few years back I swapped bikes with one of the guys at the shipyard for an afternoon after work. I had a Red 91 VFR, which he thought was the bees knees, he had a Deauville. It was only 40 miles but it was comfortable, virtually vibration free, easy on the wrists, plenty of storage and wind and weather protection. Plus it got 50+ miles to the gallon, which helps when your paying around $8.50-$9.00 per gallon. For its intended use, which is commuting, it is a 10 out of 10. In 2008, I ended up working in San Diego for 6 months. I lasted exactly 3 days commuting before buying a motorcycle and handing the company car keys back. There was no way I was going to waste any part of my life sitting in traffic. It was a simple bike, a Honda CB650. Easy to work on, I removed and cleaned the carbs and re installed in about 3 hours. Hydraulic valves, external alternator, and starter, shaft drive, decent brakes and an easy riding position. It was light and nimble enough to make filtering a piece of cake. I ended up riding it back to Maine instead of flying. I think you made a great choice for what your doing.
  2. FromMaine


    How true. When my daughter graduated a few years back I drove my Sabre to Las Vegas and flew my daughter there. I didn't want her to deal with the eastern seaboard traffic. We then drove to San Diego, then up the coast on rt 1 and 101 to the Olympic Peninsula, then up to the Canadian border. then down to 90, then 94 to northern Minn. Around the great lakes and up in to upstate NY and across the mountains and back to Maine. She watched girls surfing in Mission Beach. North of LA we would pull off the coast road and head inland and have lunch at Farm stands, fruit, veggies, cheese, whatever was on offer. When I dragged my collector and peg in a corner on Rt 20, she didn't panic. When I stopped for a day just south of SF to work on the bike at a friends house, she took it in stride. We crossed the Golden Gate in the fog and later stopped at a quiet section of road for her to take some pictures of fur seals on the beach. In Northern Calf a buddy stopped by in the morning and took us to a stand of Redwoods well off the beaten path. We had to hike in for 20 minutes or so, but I will never forget the look on my daughters face when we got there. With a high wind warning and hundreds of Semis pulled off the road we crossed the Columbia river Bridge at a 30 degree angle, ill advised to say the least. We spent 3 days in pouring rain on the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound before parking it up in Bellingham. I was sitting in the hotel lobby nursing a beer, having a talk with myself when my daughter walked by on her way to the pool. "Where are we going tomorrow" Ummm, Montana, about 12 hours I replied. "OK" she said. Despite not having any dry gear for the past 3 days, she was undeterred. In 26 days we covered 7100 miles and she never complained once. To say we bonded on that trip would be an understatement. So Thank You Maxswell for your comment, it brought back so many good memories.
  3. FromMaine

    Assorted V4's

    Pics from over the years on V4's
  4. FromMaine

    Tattooed bloke loves the 2018

    I would have to agree with that. I've ridden there often, and when I worked there for 8 months I bought a 3rd Gen as my only transport. Drivers are courteous to bikers, lane splitting, or filtering as its called there, is legal and encouraged. Parking lots that charge for cars always had a designated spot for motorcycles, free of charge. When only street parking, for a fee, was available, you could park on the sidewalk if you were discreet and respectful. Additonally when I stopped at a toll booth in Plymouth on a bridge, the collector leaned out of the booth and asked me where I was from. I got 2 words out and he said, "America", "sir, motorcycles do not pay a toll" Then with no traffic behind me, we had a good chat.
  5. FromMaine

    Best AVAILABLE tires for 3rd gen

    Most tire manf's will have a list somewhere on their website listing minimum and maximum rim widths. If you have the original 8 spoke rim, your rim is 5.5", which should be fine for many 180 tires. My third Gen I had while working in the UK came with a brand new Conti Motion 180 on it. Not a tire I would buy normally, but it was OK for what I was doing, riding weekends during the Fall, Winter and Spring. I put 6K miles on it, but the conditions of cold, wet, occasional snow and grit on the road meant I never really tested it limits outside of a few weekends in Wales. My 4th Gen has the rear rim off my UK bike, long story there. I run Bridgestone S21 Evos, 180 rear, 120 front. 3 compound rear, dual compound front, the centerline is harder for highway riding, the edges sticky for the corners. Great feedback, neutral handling, I doubt I can ever out ride these tires. Not the longest lasting tire out there for sure, but that's not what I'm looking for. But tires are a subjective topic. Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, all make good rubber, I've used them all plus a few others over the years depending on the bike and application. As Cogswell noted, there is a lot of people out there riding with 180's on their 3rd gen rims with out issues. The bonus is, as you might suspect as the selection of 170's is slim, is that you have a much greater selection of rubber.
  6. FromMaine

    back protector

    Thanks for the replies. Should have thought of Knox, I had a 3rd Gen in the UK when I was working there a few years ago and lots of guys used their armour. The Revit looks like it would fit well and appears to be quality gear. Spidi's main contacts are in Italy, but they do have an office in CA. I'll send them an e-mail and see if they have any info on the suit. Everything I can find on the web is in Italian.
  7. FromMaine

    back protector

    Last year I picked up a new old stock Spidi Evoluzione 2 piece track suit. It did not come with a back protector so I've been looking around for one that would fit. Haven't really looked for an original as the suit looks to be maybe 10 years old and there have been some major advances in armour since then. Any suggestion on where I should look? The slot is about 18" X 12" or 46cm X 30 cm. Here's a pic of the suit. Yeah I know, interesting color scheme...……….. Thanks
  8. FromMaine

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Fig. 28 and carb specs.
  9. FromMaine

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Forgot to mention then float height is 9.0mm on the 3rd Gens.
  10. FromMaine

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    I don't have a Factory Service manual, but I've taken a pic of the adjustment procedure from my Clymers. Hopefully this will get you started. I've left the pic as is because rotating it 90 degrees crops it.
  11. FromMaine

    4th Gen fuse box removal

    Thanks again, I finally got it off, but what a mission. I'll re-install it with some Teflon grease to make it easier next time.
  12. FromMaine

    4th Gen fuse box removal

    Thank You, very much appreciated.
  13. How do I do it? Clymers and an online service manual were not helpful. It seems like I should be able to press a plastic bit and lift it off the mount but for the life of me everything I've tried has not worked. BTW I'm trying to install 4 way flashers, and the easiest way, I think, is to tap into the indicator fuse. TIA for any sugggestions.
  14. FromMaine

    Maintenance Poll

    I do all my own work. I have to. Not many local MC shops in my area and the nearest proper Honda dealer is a 200 mile RT. None of them want to see any of my first gens or early VFR's anyway as Honda no longer supports parts for them. Stopped at a dealer here in Maine a few years back on my VF1000R to look at a Scooter for my daughter. The mechanics all came out to have a look at the bike as none had ever seen one before.
  15. FromMaine


    Heck Yeah!

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