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  1. FromMaine

    serious run off

    I honestly think the 4th Gen VFR in Italian Red is the nicest looking mass produced bike ever made. Sure I'm biased, but still I never get tired looking at them. Great pic!
  2. Have a quick look on ebay here in the Sates and these showed up.




    Not the prettiest but looks serviceable. I would contact him to verify what he means by some damage, hopefully its the pitting on the top. He says he ships to many countries also. Regards, Michael

    1. race549


      I sent you a PM with everything I have.

  3. Will do Skids. Have not finalized dates yet as I don't know my work schedule for March. Will pull the trigger soon though as I have to renew my certificate no later the third week of March. In 2015 I did manage to meet up with a Board member at the London motorcycle show. I also met Jim Moore the editor and Gary Hurd the Tech consultant of Practical SportsBikes as they had a sweet little VFR400 project bike on display.
  4. JZH: Many thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I am in the UK on a regular basis for work and occasionally for personal reasons. In fact I'm due to be there in late March as I have to renew some paperwork with the MCA (Maritime Coast Guard Agency). If time permits I'll stop in and see some friends and co-workers on the South Coast and definitely try and plan to be in London on the weekend so I can stop in at Ace Café for a mug of tea and some bike talk.
  5. Thanks mate, I'll keep that in the noggin for next time. That little tidbit of info was never conveyed to me during my stay in the UK.
  6. Fast Bikes, Ride and Performance bikes are all still around, though ironically the later is merging with Practical Sports Bikes next month. SuperBike is also around in digital format (that I think was the one I had in the UK that went digital right after I subscribed). https://www.fastbikesmag.com/ https://www.ride.co.uk/ https://www.performancebikes.co.uk/ https://www.superbike.co.uk/
  7. For the record. #10 Honda CBR900RR #9 Suzuki RGV250 #8 Honda CBX1000 #7 Suzuki RG500 #6 Suzuki GSX1100 #5 Yamaha FZ750 #4 Yamaha RD350 YPVS #3 Ducati 851 #2 Honda VFR750F #1 Kawasaki Z1 Great Photo!
  8. I was based in Falmouth while working there, and I have to say I was impressed with the sheer number of different motorcycle magazines and magazines in general in England. I would stop in at Waterstones once a week to peruse any new offerings. You also have a weekly Motorcycle newspaper! MCN (Motor Cycle News) I had a standing order for a weekly copy there also. Parking for Motorcycles in Council lots is free, which is enlightened to say the least. When I stayed in Salsibury, Exeter, and some of the other bigger Cities and there was no parking close by, I just stuck the motorcycle on the sidewalk next to the hotel, and out of the way and no one ever bothered me. Crossing the Tamar Bridge early one Sat, morning I stopped at the toll booth and , took my gloves off and started to open my tank bag to grab a fiver. The Toll collector leaned out and asked "where are you from sorrr." "America" I replied, but hey, I had an English plate. "why do you ask", "motorcycles aren't required to pay a toll sorrr". Since there was no traffic behind me we proceeded to have a nice chat. Filtering or lane splitting as we call it, is accepted and done well in England. I worked in Calf a few years back and quickly bought a bike to get around on as there was no way I was sitting in S. Cal traffic, so I was familiar with it. In England though I found drivers to be more aware and courteous. Filter up to the head of the line at a traffic light and without exception the drivers around you would let you get clear before they pulled out. The UK has got a lot of things right about Motorcycling that will never be implemented here unfortunately, I truly enjoyed the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. If I have one thing to critique, it would be speed cameras, they are pretty much everywhere. I had a vague understanding of them, but it wasn't until one of the guys at the shipyard saw me go by up in Exeter that I got the full picture. He waited until I pulled into the motorcycle lot on Monday am and gave me a full understanding of the difference between speed cameras and average speed cameras. Since my registration address was one I had to move out of 2 weeks after I got the bike on the road I had to gently ask the crewmembers living there now if I had received any "official" looking mail...…….for the next 7 months. I mean really, if you want to hand out tickets, put a cop on the road. :)
  9. Maxswell: Yes, they are a quite expensive subscription here in the States. I pick them up occasionally if I can find it and I see something interesting. They are $10.25 an issue here. when I was living in the UK in 2015 I had a subscription, and it wasn't to bad, around 30 pounds a year. But I gave it up when our refit on the ship was finished and we headed out, I wasn't going to pay the overseas rate. I had another subscription to a UK motorcycle magazine, and 2 months in I got a letter saying that from the next issue forward they were going to be digital only. I tried it, but to be honest having to have reliable internet connection or use your data on your phone, which is expensive in the UK wasn't really my cup of tea. Have you ever tried reading a magazine on a phone? Its a joke.
  10. The Dec. issue of Practical Sportsbikes Magazine has an article on the 10 best engines from 1970 to the early 90's Honda was well represented with #10 CBR900RR #8 CBX1000 #2 VFR750F https://www.practicalsportsbikesmag.co.uk/magazine-issues/december-2018 Thought it would be of interest as I consider it to be the best motorcycle magazine out there. Hard to find in the US, but some Barnes and Nobles do carry them.
  11. FromMaine

    New Member From the Bay Area

    Welcome to the Board. Nice looking pick up, and only 40K to boot. Had a red 91 when I worked in England, really liked that bike. When I moved on 8 months later I sold it, without the 8 spoke wheel, to a bemused new owner. The 8 spoke is on my 97 now here in Maine :^)
  12. FromMaine

    New member from Italy

    Welcome to the Board. How appropriate that you have an "Italian Red" VFR in Italy.
  13. FromMaine

    Tires again !!

    Agree completely with that assessment. 2 years ago I left at 4:30 am in -8C, headed to West Virginia and found my rear had virtually no grip at all. 50 miles in I finally realized my tires were not going to warm up and like you let some air out of them. It seems as if the center compound on the rear gets pretty hard in the cold causing the grip to be less than ideal. The other 2 compounds seem better, but I would not push the bike below freezing to find the limit. In warmer weather the S21's are fantastic, best rubber I've ever had on a bike. The S20's that preceded them were excellent also.
  14. FromMaine

    First Modern Superbike: 1983 Interceptor 750

    Well written article. I like mine a lot, compared to what I was riding in the 70's this thing is a starship. I bought mine 10 years ago as a non runner, cleaned the carbs and went through brakes, clutch, cams (good) and rode it down to western NC. The bike is a hoot on the backroads. The only thing I have done to it since is swap the 18" rear rim for a 17", and only to make getting rubber easier. For the record a VF1000F rear rim using the 750's rotor and spacers will bolt right on.
  15. FromMaine

    Heading Home. Old pacific Hwy

    Thanks mate, I'll bug my brother the welder (nukes, now jet engines) if something like that is possible on a 4th Gen.

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