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  1. It would appear so. My 91 I had in England a few years back had amber lenses, and as Capt. 80's pointed out so did the German bikes.
  2. until

    I'm in. Booked for Wen/Thur the 19th and 20th There is a first Gen get together that weekend in Cruso NC near where the BRP and 276 intersect, I'll be there Fri/Sat. Looking forward to this, I hope our Canadian friends can make it.
  3. Welcome to the Board. Never to late to pick up a VFR. Nice looking example that sounds like it was professionaly maintained. Great group of people here, someone always seems ready to help, so don't hesitate to ask questions or for advice.
  4. Wales is a great place to be on a motorcycle, thouroughly loved the place. Sold that bike, kicked myself and bought another on this side of the pond Kept bike and daughter🙂 Regarding my profile pic. At that point I had 12 motorcycles, 2 scooters, a large tool chest, Portable Generator, and if I poked around probaly a Partridge in a Pear Tree in the corner. At 24' X 12' the place was stuffed. It was late April so I pulled a few bikes so I could replace the wiring harness on my V65 Sabre. There was no snow in the forcast and in the low 30's (1C) so no problem. Of course i
  5. Admittedly, its highly unlikely, but I have to ask anyway, has anyone fitted an 88-89 rear grab bar on their 86/87? It would be handy to have in my opinion. A tow through the parts fisches shows different part numbers for both the seats and rear cowls for the 2 variants, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would not fit, I think🙃 There is a ton of knowledge and experience on this Board, so when I can not answer my own question, I ask here. Thanks.
  6. Hi Grum: It was -13C here yesterday, the day before we had 25cm of snow, on top of the 50cm we got the week before. It snows here about 7 months out of the year. To be honest, you are not riding in those conditions. Yes, they salt the living daylights out of our roads, but my bikes are not on them during this time, well mostly🙂 What is a problem is that I live about 1/2 a kilometer from the ocean. Over time, things just rust whether on the road or not. So, I try to keep up with it by treating things as I do common maintenence, like brake pads, suspension, tires, etc. Fa
  7. If your footwear includes shoelaces you're doing it um.............................. Just PM me🍻🙂 JK mate, My brother, who is a welder on Nuke subs and Nuke powerplants is a bit of an artist with any grinder. Me I'm always 1/2 second away from an ambulance trip.
  8. My 91 on a great 3 day trip to Snowdonia and Northern Wales a few years back,
  9. Sussex Motorrcycles offer while you wait service, Who does that anymore! The price you paid with insured shipping is very, very good. There is a reason I recover my own seats, I can't afford not to. There is a shop that used to be in Maine but has relocated to Calf that will repair, recover or modify your seat. Labor rate is $125 an hour plus materials and shipping.
  10. Well, we are ummmmm, well, ummmmmm........getting a bit older.🙂 The Title sucked me in like an 8 year old to an Ice Cream stand.
  11. Complete and utter Respect. I may have a quiet conversation with him about his choice of riding gear, but that would be about it. I may think I'm Core with V4's, until I see something like this and am reminded I still have work to do, 👍
  12. Why not recover your seat yourself? Buy some decent Naugahyde or similar and have a go. Its not that difficult once you figure out how to stretch it properly. Heres a link to a post on anther Board I wrote up. Hopefully it will give you the basics. How to: Recover your seat (v4hondabbs.com) BTW, I was paying $8 per yard for the Naugahyde which would do 2 seats, and probably less than a $1 for the staples to do a single seat, so its a budget friendly job. Just a thought.
  13. Who knew? Apparently plastic CAN rust. Euro plates on the cars, so thankfully its a long way from me.
  14. Hi Bluehawk: Yes, I have a 1977 550, It was the first motorcycle my daughter ever rode on, so I'm not allowed to sell it🙂 Nor my VF1100 Sabre she went cross country on. I lived in England for 8 months from Oct. 2104 till the end of May 2015 in Falmouth. The ship I was working on was going to be drydocked during that time so while fueling up in Gibraltar, fingers crossed I bought a 1991 VFR on Ebay. The owner turned out to be a stand up guy and even delivered the bike for gas money. The first week was figuring out registration, insurance etc.. Of the 30 week
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