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  1. Have you tried David Silver spares? They specialize in used and NOS Honda parts. They started out as breakers years ago but have really grown into a pretty large supplier for old Hondas. I worked in England for just under a year in 2015 and bought a 91 VFR and used them a few times for bits and pieces, good guys. I did look on their website and put the part number in for the side stand spring, but no luck. But I think it would be worth a phone call as the parts are so small they may have them, but not in their system. Here's the link. https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/parts/by-part-number/hpart_50541MT4000/ Part numbers Side stand spring # 50541-MT4-000 Center stand spring # 50525-MY-7000 Foot peg spring right # 50635ML7700 Foot peg spring left # 50645ML7700 Apologies if you have tried them already, if not keep them in mind for the next time. Good Luck.
  2. FWIW, the wintergreen oil and rubbing alcohol work well. I've tried it on a couple of my first gens carb rubbers as they are no longer available. Worked the charm.
  3. I agree with Maxswell, travel to and from may be a problem. I have to go through 9 states to get to Franklin, some of them not doing well at the moment. I don't mind if I get turned back on the way down, but if any of them put travel restrictions in place after I got there I'd be toast. I can't even run up to Canada and head east from there anymore. I haven't canceled anything as yet but I'm going to think long and hard before I swing a leg over the VFR this May.
  4. Yep, I'm jealous. Not quite there yet here in Maine, not much snow around but tons of sand on the roads. One good rain storm and the bikes are coming out.
  5. Riding around Northern New England I never get tired running into the odd covered bridge. Nice album, nice VFR.
  6. Thanks Terry: Had a look, whiteout stills seem to be available despite my last bottle drying out years ago, I'll order one. Also seems to be a lot of stuff called "Correction Tape" online. Seems to be the PC way to say I made a mistake without actually saying I made a mistake. Never saw it before.
  7. This is a very good thread. Last checked my valves 16K miles ago, all were in spec but some on the edge. Bikes got 82K miles ( 132,000 km) on it now and think I may need to replace a few shims this time. Not ever having to do a bucket and shim adjustment as most of my bikes are older, I have been reading up as well I can on it. But I'm curious about the statement in the post above about painting the anti lash gear before removal. I assume its to index the gears, but what do you use? I've used grease pencils as markers and whiteout when we all used typewriters in the past, but is there something I need to know. Any advice on this would be helpful. Actually any advice on this process would be appreciated. I've assumed things on my bike in the past that have ended me up in the Hospital for 4 days 1300 miles from home. Worse yet I've assumed a few things that have made me the topic of conversation around the fire with a few beers 🙂 So, please feel free to chime in with any advice. Thanks.
  8. There is a pair on Ebay UK for 30 pounds, around $39 USD. Seller does not say if he ships International, or give a price for shipping in the UK. You would have to contact him. I have not had much luck getting things shipped from the UK and have had to rely on friends there to accept and reship the package. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Honda-VFR750F-VFR-750-F-RC36-Grab-Bar-Pillion-Handle-1994-1997-MZF/184198393698?hash=item2ae3146f62:g:xC8AAOSwhRZeYJkf CMSNL in Holland appears to have some new old stock ones at the eye watering price of 118.5 Euros each, about $135 USD. shipping not included. Probably not an option. https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-vfr750f-1994-r-usa-california_model7617/partslist/F++1601.html#.XmhUDW5FzIU David Silver Spares in the UK and the US has a good selection of used and NOS parts but only has a right hand one at the moment for 75 pounds, about $97 USD. I used them when I worked in England in 2015 and had a 91 VFR750. Good guys but prices are all over the show. Check often. https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/VFR750FV-1997/part_82312/ Lastly, your best bet might be a salvage yard. There was a good one just outside San Diego when I worked there and needed parts for my CB650. Can't remember the name but I can find out if interested. I'm sure there are many more in Southern Calf. have a quick look and make a few calls. Best of luck.
  9. Terry is right, its pretty thin out there for the stock sizes in a matched set. I bought a set of Pirelli Sport Demons for my 86 VF500F, but have not used them yet. I bought them based on my experience with my 87 VFR which I used Sport Demons on because of the 16"/18" combo. They are bias tires and you will never confuse them with radials, but all in all they performed fine. Otherwise you would have to either sneak a 120 on the rear as part of a set or change rims. A buddy of mine out in San Diego who is part owner of a bike shop swapped a pair of 17's onto his 86. Think they were F3's. The machining was extensive and there was a swingarm conversion/modification and the front rotors/calipers still needed alignment. Unless you have a lathe and milling machine and the resources of a proper MC shop its probably impractical, certainly was for me...………..:) My oem rims looked fine after looking at all the mods needed. Good Luck.
  10. I bought an 83 with 26K a few years back for $250, so Leon is spot on. Tank was intact but rusted, cleaned it with some Phosphoric acid and let it dry for a week or so, Went through the carbs, fork seals, MC's, calipers, sprockets, chain, new battery, 3 yellow wire fix, grafted a VF1000F 17' rear to the bike for better rubber selection and recoverd the seat. Ended up with a fun to ride bike. This may not be your first Gen Interceptor, but keep you eyes open, they are great bikes. And yes they are definitely a piece of motorcycle history.
  11. FromMaine

    20190623_211201 b.jpg

    4th Gen beauty.
  12. Really nice looking example! Glad to see bikes like this in OEM condition.
  13. OK, I've booked a room for Thursday the 14th, as noted I have another Motorcycle related event that weekend about 160 miles away. I'm really only doing this to make Sweeper forever regret offering me free beer :+). My door to the hotel is 1161miles, I don't own a truck or trailer, so It will be a long day on Wen, then a short hop Thursday, hopefully there early afternoon. Of course 12 hours after booking I get a message can I join a ship in Italy. I cannot tell you how many MC trips I've had to cancel because of work. Turns out though the timing is fine and should not be an issue, which is good as riding my bikes doesn't pay particularly well. Look forward to meeting a few new faces and of course the great group from last Fall.
  14. Good point, I need to check my valves again. Last checked 16K ago, Everything in spec, but trending towards adjustment. Bikes got 83K now, so it may be time. Owned a second, third and 4th Gen and never have to remove the cams, a testament to Hondas engineering more than my maintenance skills I think. If I do have to go in, it will be my first time doing a Bucket and Shim bike as all my first Gens are screw and tappet. Read up on it about 18 months ago before I checked my clearances, guess its time for a review.
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