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  1. I do a lot of tire installs for myself and friends, not as a business but because where I live there are not really many options for installs, and if you are not on a HD you are not welcome anyway. So I paint my wheel weights to try and match the rim. Just painted these last night for a buddies VFR, his rims are kinda steel/silverish. He spooned his own rubber on, we'll just balance in my garage. The color is called steel, Just a note, the cap color is quite a bit darker then the actual color if its not obvious in the pic. Hopefully the second pic shows somewhat of the actual color. I have painted my own rims with Rust-oleum's White and Black appliance epoxy with good results. They also offer a stainless steel option, which I have not tried, but may be a better match for all I know. Hope this is of some help.
  2. Love that color combination. Certainly think if you have that level of paint expertise available it would be logistically easier, and financially less expensive to go that route. Everything done in country, no language miscues, no currency swaps with fees, no shipping issues with possible damage enroute, no customs headaches, no VAT. You are welcome to ask me how I know, but you probably already know the answer, 🙂
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  4. 86 VFR750, 12K . Wasn't really looking at adding another bike. This was a project bike owned by a friend of mine, who passed away this winter. It runs, but has been sitting for a while (it has zero mile Dunlops that are dry rotted). Its all there except 4 fastenings. That said its been down on both sides at some point, then mostly restored. Looks good at 6 ft., but definitely a Rider.
  5. Interesting color combination, kind of reminds me of some of the old Lucky Strike Racing liveries.
  6. The owner of this website has a 2010 VFR1200, and he's put some miles on it. I'm sure he would be an excellent choice to give you honest, objective answers to your questions. I just sent him a PM with a link to this thread, hopefully he will chime in.
  7. FromMaine


    That is a really nice shop, looks like really good lighting. Any idea what the first projects going to be to break it in?
  8. Pretty pedestrian list, and more than a day as I've been juggling chores, weather and the bike. Removed Swingarm, sprockets, chain. Cleaned all, inspected and greased bearings and reinstalled a couple of days later. Removed clutch rod, buffed, greased and end for ended. Cleaned output shaft area and put all back together. Reinstalled airbox with new filter. Cleaned and reinstalled all footpegs, polished right side heat shield, partially disassembled seat lock mechanism and lubed cable and lock. Re-installed battery box, coils, solenoid. Chased down fault on 12 volt external power outlet. Removed wiring and controls for heated gear found in harness. (PO I guess). Removed, disassembled rear caliper, and sent through the Ultrasonic. Drying on bench.
  9. Yes. I'll send you my details. We are under stay at home until end of May now. If it does lift by then I'll be busy first couple of weeks in June but anytime after.
  10. Well spoken Cogs, have to agree, Miguel is doing the heavy lifting around here keeping this up and running for all of us to enjoy, and be wiser about our bikes. Many Thanks Miguel. Yes indeed, I belong to 2 bike forums, this one and a First Gen. V4. Both are member supported, which kinda resonates with me and how I approach riding and belonging to a certain group. Nothing wrong with VFRW, seems to be a well run site with some knowledgeable people, but I've never felt the urge to join. Although I to just passed the 10 year mark, up until last Oct. I had met just 2 VFRD members, one in Portland Maine in 2010, the other in London, England in 2015. Last Oct. I rode down to Abingdon VA. for the Fall ride, and well, met a bunch of like minded members who convinced me (unknowingly) that I needed to make it to at least one vfrd meet a year. So, lets get this show on the road🙂
  11. This is all I can find in the Honda Service manual. The diagram and the instructions seem to show the disc and rear axle removed as a unit.
  12. 82,700. Checked the rear rim for slop by hand, no wobble, then with a dial indicator (.002 difference 360 degrees at the bead). So All I really was going to do was clean and fresh grease.
  13. FWIW, In the US, the 83 was a VF750F, In 84-85 it was a VF700F, a sleeved down version of the Interceptor meant to beat the Harley tariff on bikes over 700 cc. The part number for the collectors and the mufflers are exactly the same, but a search for a VF750F collector/ muffler in the US is unlikely to show the 84/85 listings. I'll post one listing as an example, this is a pretty nice one, but he only ships to the US. He did note it will fit a 750/700, but others are listed for 700 only. If you had to have it, PM me and I'll see what I can do. There are other, less pristine but intact examples that will ship internationally .https://www.ebay.com/itm/84-Honda-VF700-F-VF-700-Interceptor-front-muffler-pipe-exhaust-headers-collector/272771752157?hash=item3f8276a0dd:g:ZV8AAOSwQYVZclrb A few years back I bought an 83 sight unseen while in the middle of the Atlantic working. It was in about the same condition as yours when I finally got to see it. It had a full Kerker system with a few holes in it, faded paint, neglected Master cylinders and calipers, rusty bits everywhere, but it was complete, fairings and all. First I checked the cams, many early Honda V4's had cam wear issues, but not all. Some that did eventually had them replaced by Honda, but not all. Have a good look at yours before proceeding to far. Mine were fine, the bike had 16K miles IIRC. Satisfied that I could make it mechanically sound I just did the normal new to me bike maintenence, clean the carbs, brake system through the UltraSoinic, fork rebuild, drop the shock, clean and grease the rear suspension, bit of paint here and there, recover the seat etc. The only real problem I encountered was one of the PO's had rejetted the bike, badly. Even though it had a full Kerker system and a K&N air filter it ran like crap with larger jets. Installing the oem size cured any running issues immediatlely. When finished I rode the bike 2600 miles to North Carolina and back, with an additional 700 miles on 129, 151, 215, Wayah Road, 276 etc. It was a hoot to ride. When I got back it was time to bin the tires, they were radials, but a mismatched set of IRC in the back and a Conti on the front, neither which were not made anymore. The 18" rear and 16" front made for challenge as far as sourcing decent rubber. A bit of research showed that a VF1000F 17": X 3.5" rear rim was a direct swap with the VF750F rear with the exception of using the 750 rotor on the 1000 rim. This opened up the tire selection quite a bit and I fitted a set of Bridgestone S-20's on the bike, this was the best thing I did to improve the bike. I've often wondered if a VF1000F2 rim would work, basically the same bike as the VF1000F US bike but with a full fairing, different seat and other minor tweaks. We never got them here, so not much info or hands on experience available, but maybe someone over your side would know. In the end I think you could have a fun bike for not a lot of expenditure, so fix it up and ride the clappers out of it.
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