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  1. That was a brilliant video, thanks for posting it. I rebuilt the entire front end on my 97 this Spring, and by reading and trial and error finally got it right when re-assembled. But nothing I read was as clear and concise as this was. +1 !
  2. Thanks for the input. I have ordered some packing and will give it a go.
  3. That came out really nice! I would be curious to hear what yours sounds like with the Kerkers. One of my R's has Kerkers and I'm not a fan. I wonder if it would be worth the effort to try and repack them.
  4. Welcome back. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. For oem parts, I have good luck with https://www.discounthondaparts.com/ Tires, chains, sprockets, aftermarket stuff https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/ don't be put off by the name, they have the best selection and prices on MC tires. For discontinued, NOS or used parts https://www.davidsilverspares.com/ Pretty good selection. I used their parent company when I lived in England a few years back to get some things for my 91 VFR that I had there. If the US shop doesn't have what you need they can check with the UK store as they have a larger inventory. I also have used this company for some stuff, but they are more expensive https://www.cmsnl.com/ As far as fairings go, you can try these guys if you cannot find anything e-bay. I have not used them. http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/hondaz/VFR7501994-97.htm I would confirm that it is your starter that is the issue. If its sounds like a bunch of ball bearings in a blender when you hit the button, its your starter clutch. Both your starter and starter clutch are rebuildable, and you can save some money. There are a number of tutorials on youtube for both. As Rangemaster noted, you can also have a shop do it. I had to have a shop do my 83VF750 a few years back when I was leaving the next morning at 4 am to head to NC. They charged me $100. Not sure about replacement throttle tubes. Buy good chain like RK, D.I.D., or EK, stay away from the cheap Chinese stuff. Use oem fork seals and really clean and polish the tubes. I prefer Carbon/Kevlar pad personally. If in doubt use oem. I would take the calipers apart and clean them really well. I use an Ultrasonic cleaner then dry the seals and soak them in brake fluid and reuse them. Obviously replace if you want to. I have a K&N filter on all my bikes but one, the 97, and its getting one this year. HiFlow is good also. Look on ebay, they pop up from time to time at a lot less than retail. You didn't mention tires. Have a look at the date code,https://www.utires.com/articles/read-date-code-motorcycle-tires/ they may look fine but are probably pretty hard by now. Nothing nicer than a new pair of radials on a VFR. Hope this is of some help, good luck. Michael
  5. Hi FromMaine, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. Welcome Rob: Great find and a great choice. I had a 3rd Gen when I was working in England and it was just a fun and easy bike to ride. Bulletproof engines with gear driven cams that were sporty enough to keep up with most crowds, but still usable for around town. For some reason the VFR's were way more popular in Europe than they ever were over here. Which is great if you live in the EU as parts and accessories are readily available and relatively inexpensive. If you do run into a problem with sourcing a part, which I doubt with 14K on the clock, look up Davis Silvers Spares in the UK. They specialize in used and NOS parts for Honda only and will ship to the EU. Happy Trails. Michael
  7. Thanks for the replies. I may well have a look at having it repaired. My brother is a welder, first on nuke subs, then nuke plants, now jet engine parts. If I take the collector off and cover it in ice cold beer, it may attract his attention. My job got extended by a week so I'm at the airport, not headed to Maine, but south to Lauderdale..............well, guess it pays better than riding my motorcycle.
  8. .Holy Cow! I just went through Bath a few minutes ago on Concord Trailways...……...You must be prescient. On my way to Boston, fly out early tomorrow to Jacksonville. Fairly quick one this time as its only 3 weeks. I'll be in touch when I return.
  9. Anyone ever put a 3rd Gen set of pipes on a 4th Gen? The part numbers are different, but there are some pretty clever people on the Board so thought I would ask. Thanks.
  10. Part number 18380MZ7003. PM me if you have something available. I'm away for 3 weeks working in Jacksonville FL shortly, so it may take me a day or two to respond. Thanks
  11. A couple of days ago I was returning from riding in western North Carolina and was in Northern NJ as it was the most expedient way to get home. Normally I avoid those roads but I'm on a plane to Jacksonville for 3 weeks of work in a couple of days and just needed to get home. I was on 287 doing 70-75 in the middle lane when a car in the right hand lane cut in front of me to pass. He waited to long and was really close so I throttled back. As I did. I saw something in the road, it was the size and shape of about 3-4 packs of playing cards taped together. I tried to lean hard to the right but the front tire clipped it. A millisecond later I heard the loudest bang I've heard in 40 years of riding. The rear tire may or may not have lost contact, but I don't know as the impact sent my helmet and shoulders over the windshield and I was busy trying to find my seat again. I glided to the right, but there was no breakdown lane, just about 30 inches from the white line to the edge of the pavement. I did a rolling inspection of my front tire and it seemed as though the suspension was fine. The rear seemed to have air, so I decided to get out of there as I was getting buzzed by 18 wheelers about 18 inches from me. I figured even if one of the tires was toast I could probably find a better spot to pull over. I hit the throttle and instantly knew where the bike was hit. It sounded like 3 straight pipe Harleys chained together. Man, I had the bike apart a few weeks ago doing forks, stem head bearings, wheel bearings, and while the fairings and all that was off I cleaned up the exhaust system, and patted myself on the back that it was still solid. It took a while, and though loud, I made it about an hour later to a service plaza on 87. I first checked the tires very slowly and surprisingly the were ok. There was a scuff on the sidewall of the front where I had glanced of the debris but otherwise they were fine. Next I checked the flange where the collector connects to the pipe, it was solid. Forward down pipes, ditto. Put the bike on the center stand and stuck my head under with a flashlight to look at the collector. Houston, we have a problem. I took me a few very loud hours to get to the hotel where I was staying, but luckily there was a Wally World down the road. After checking in, and yes, all the employees heard me arrive. I ran over and found something called Steel Stick, an epoxy/steel putty. It was only rated to 300F, but it just had to work for 425 miles. The hole was the size of a golf ball, so I wasn't sure it would work, but had to try something. It was the consistency of play dough when mixed so I used half to fill the hole, then made a thinner piece to give more surface area and better adhesion. I guess it worked as the bikes in the driveway and only my TBR can annoys the neighbors, not an open exhaust :+) Sitting around later that evening after applying the Steel Stick, It dawned on me I had passed around 20-25 18 wheelers loaded with huge steel beams and about the same number with large pre stressed concrete structures. I'm pretty sure given the force of the impact and the damage done it was a bit of steel that just fell off some truck. So maybe it was best if it took out the collector as if it had hit my foot or leg, it could have been a real life changer. I wear TCX racing boots and leather armored riding pants as result of a bad crash 12 years ago, but I doubt they would have been much good in this instance. Well, that's it for now, I'm off to Classifieds, hat in hand, to see if there is a spare 4th gen collector gathering dust on the Board. Be safe out there.
  12. FromMaine


    Really like the fairing on my 4th Gen, Really liked the 8 spoke and white wheels on my 3rd Gen in the UK. Kept the rear rim when I sold my 3rd Gen, interesting story, very bemused English buyer. Now finally a needed fork seal job, new tires, and a precautionary replacement of stem head bearings after 75K meant it was time to finish melding the two. I ended up painting my 4th Gen front although I have a 3rd Gen rim. So 4th Gen in Italian Red, with 3rd Gen rear, and white rims. A high mount exhaust for the TBR can would be nice, but we'll see.
  13. FromMaine

    Assorted V4's

    Pics from over the years on V4's
  14. Well, that's interesting. I hadn't even considered doing something like that. In fact, I may even have a lock that I used with a chain on my CB650 when I was working in Calf. that may fit. Still may go with a disc lock with alarm, but glad I asked the question, as I received an answer that I would never have expected. Thank You!
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