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  1. Well, this caught me by surprise, I was putting new rubber on the bike in preparation for the Franklin trip when I decided I had plenty of time to give the calipers a refresh. So after the rear went on I pulled the caliper took it apart and sent it through the Ultrasonic. Everything looked good and came apart easy as I had rebuilt them all last year. Put the new front tire on pulled the left caliper, everything went fine until I put some oak in place of the pads backed up by some 1/8 stainless steel plate made for this job and put my air hose where the banjo bolt goes and gave it s
  2. I'm going to wimp out and dich the 800/400 mile idea in favor of 3- 400 mile days. I'll leave early Monday and arrive on Wednesday afternoon. I turned 66 a few months ago, and its beginning to show. 🙂
  3. FromMaine

    ADV Viffer

    Yes to everything above. The trees look different, but it could almost be Maine. The creek beds are occasionally better than our roads.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I rechecked Power Bronze's web site and there it was. Operator Error/ Missed ID on my part. I asked because I've been thinking of replacing my Zero Gravity see through red one with some thing a bit more restrained. But power Bronze only offers a tall touring type for the 97that I had on my 91 in the UK. Removed after a week or so and installed the oem one which was less buffety on the highway. Had a look around for Ti fastenings on line, hoping to find a kit for the 97, but I did not. I assume your sourced them individually?
  5. Nicely done! I have to admit I have a thing for Red/Blue VFRs with white wheels. Your windscreens look interesting, thought they might be Power Bronze but did not see them in the catalogue. What brand are they? You easily have more invested in Ti/SS fastenings than I have in a couple of my bikes. 🙃 In 2015 I lived and worked in the UK for about a year in Falmouth Cornwall. While sitting on the ship fueling up in Gibraltar I bought a 91 Red VFR on Ebay. A few days after we arrived in Falmouth, the owner was kind enough to deliver it to me for gas money. The V
  6. The 91 VFR I bought in England in 2015 came with a fresh set of Conti Motions. Not my first choice of tires, but I gave them a go. Between Oct. and May of the following year they performed better than my preconceived opinions of them. Good enough when it was wet, capable when dry, not so good in the cold.
  7. Yeah, stepped out to my garage 2 days ago to see snow quietly falling. No test ride that day. Spent the day installing new brake and turn signal additions. Started the bike just to hear the sound.
  8. until

    I need a ride right now. In fact I need 3.......................ish May SMR in Franklin then a first Gen GT in Cruso NC. June AHMRA races in Millville NJ July, Pick up my 13 year old niece in PA and drive back to Maine and stuff her with Lobster Rolls, Chowder, and local corn for the month. August TBD, maybe ride out to SD, the only state in the lower 48 I have not been to. Sept. Maine, maybe up to Eastport, Madawaska, Houlton etc. A proper loop is easily a 1,000 miles.
  9. Correct, and well presented. The Y2K bikes used a different style and better looking mirror IMO, but used the same mounting foot print. A passing car on the other side of a small road in New Hampshire took out my right mirror with a stone last summer. Did not break the glass but took out the knuckle. Half a roll of electrical tape kept me on the road, but the mirror buzzed and it was redneck as... Ordered a replacement but have not installed it yet as I had my OEM's on after I got home. Not sure if it was a misprint or what by the Canadian sup
  10. I do not know the code I was faced with the same question when I brought my 91 3rd Gen rear rim back with me to install on my 4th Gen when I moved back from the UK. I had bought a 3rd Gen white front rim, but quickly realized I was giving up floating discs if I did so. The rear also needed a freshen up after a long Fall/Winter/Spring in the UK. So, casting about, I came up with this. Specialty Appliance Epoxy Spray Product Page (rustoleum.com) It says Epoxy on the label, but enamel in the description. It is easy to use, repairs well a
  11. Well written and well presented. I always say to anyone who will listen, the only thing we take with us from life is our experiences. Money, Job Title, Possessions in the long term are meaningless. If you can close your eyes and remember the thrill of being back on your favorite motorcycle, the drone of the bike through Kansas, the excitement in your children's eyes when you get back home, that's something that will remain with you. About 9 years ago I flew out to Washington Iowa from Maine, after installing a new rear tire and dinner with the PO I headed t
  12. Yeah, know what you mean. We had 6" of snow here last year on May 10th. Its 1,161 miles from door to door, so its a 2 day trip. When I went to the Fall get together I split it 800/400 so I arrived at a decent hour. Don't own a truck or trailer, so its two wheels there and back, Lots of layers and waterproof gear.
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