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  1. When I found out Bridgestone was coming out with the S-20 years ago, I e-mailed the company asking when they would be available. I eventually got one of the first sets when they finally were available in the US. They absolutely changed how my Vf1000R handled. I now use them whenever I can, my 4th gen is on its 7th S20/S21 rear and 4th front. I don't have a truck or trailer, so if I want to ride in Western NC, its leg over and grind it out. The 3 compound rear and dual front make this doable as its 1271 miles each way just to get there, and its nice to have some rubber left when I do. The only thing I have noticed is that if its 20 F (-7C) or below the rear gets really squirrelly. I left here a few years ago in mid April at 4:30 am in 19F, and took it easy until the tires warmed up. Well they really never did and I ended up laying off the rear brake and engine braking until I finally got to NY. Once the temps were up, no problems. Can't really fault Bridgestone or and manf. for compounds that don't perform well at those temps. A quick look at Rocky Mountain reveals there is now a S22 version, and they qualify for the rebate, may have to put a set on the VFR.
  2. FromMaine


    Finnish camouflage…….. Motorcycle? what motorcycle...….? Nice looking ride Keny!
  3. FromMaine


    Hi Stray: Thanks for the kind comment. She's a rider, not a trailer queen as she has about 125,000 kilometers on her. You will be pleased to know the rear rim is from the UK, it was on my 3rd Gen I had while working there a few years back.
  4. FromMaine


    Thanks Miguel, that is a sight for sore eyes right now. There is 2 feet of snow on the ground now and since it snows until late April here its unlikely I'll be taking another pic like this anytime soon.
  5. Welcome aboard. Glad to have another VF1000 owner around.
  6. What shock did you use? Nice looking ss line on the clutch slave. That's going to be a pretty unique daily rider when done.
  7. That Sir,...……….was the right call...……😉
  8. Nice work. Good to know about the RR starter switch, I'll keep that filed away for the future.
  9. FromMaine

    DSCF2722 - Copy.JPG

    Still really like that bike, road it cross country in 2012. Surprisingly able despite the riding position Bit of a blunderbus against today's sniper rifles, but not bad for a 35 year old Honda.
  10. VF1000R. These are my 2. Edit: Captain 80's beat me to it.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with Jeremy, its only one lobe. I'd get it running and see how it sounds. Probably could ride it for a while before needing to do anything. Here's a few on ebay should you want to repair now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-VF-750-F-Nockenwelllen-Nockenwelle/173322659220?hash=item285ad5e594:g:7LsAAOSwVuNa~Z0s:rk:2:pf:0 This one is in Germany, not sure where you are in Europe but might be easier to get if you're in the EU. Not sure which head yours is bad on so check with the seller for specifics. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1984-HONDA-INTERCEPTOR-VF700F-VF-700-ENGINE-FRONT-CAMSHAFTS-CAM-SHAFTS/371737555489?hash=item568d48f221:g:v48AAOSwLF1X2ono:rk:4:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1984-HONDA-INTERCEPTOR-VF700F-VF-700-ENGINE-REAR-HEAD-CAMSHAFTS-CAM-SHAFTS/381773253970?hash=item58e3758d52:g:fxwAAOSw8w1X2ooy:rk:6:pf:0 These are in the US. The ad says he ships Internationally The 84 700 Interceptor cams are the same part number as the 83's. https://www.cmsnl.com/ This company cmsnl. is in the Netherlands and carries a lot of NOS Honda parts. They are expensive but seen to have cams in stock https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/ock. Finally the is David Silver spares, they are a Honda NOS and used parts specialist. I used them when I was working in England. Good company and the prices were not to bad. Good luck.
  12. Would agree with the posters above. Years ago you could send him a CBR600 shock and he would modify it to your needs. for a first Gen. Heres a pic of a VF500F shock he sold. He offered them with and without the remote reservoir. His pic of the non remote is down on his website, but I think this shows its pretty close.
  13. 🍺 Yep, pretty much nailed it. Did the same thing when I got my JIS screwdrivers about 6 years ago. I even had the one that was an impact screwdriver. I can still hear the crickets chirping after my proud post. 😉
  14. Welcome to the Board. The guys above have offered some very good advice, check your valve train first. If satisfied, then proceed. I bought my 83 VF750 as a non runner with many of the same problems you have identified. I'll try to answer those questions you have as I can. I swapped my 18" inch rear rim for a 17" off a VF1000F. This was a direct swap. I did have to use the rotor off the 750 instead of the one on the 1000, but the fitment was perfect. You retain the 750 spacers as they work fine. The VF1000F rim is .5" wider which allows it to run a 150 which really opens up your tire choices. I also did the math and changed the rear sprocket from the 44 tooth to a 42 tooth. this kept the gearing almost the same as oem. I do a lot of highway driving at speed and did not want the engine running at a higher rpm for long periods. We did not get the VF1000FF (Bol D'Or) here in the US, but the specs indicate the rear rim from one of them should work also, check them out. I left my 16" front on as I really like the turn in with them. I also kept them on my 2 VF1000R's. and 87 VFR. There are still a few choices in this size. I rebuilt my front forks and kept them stock. The rear shock was still strong so I kept it also. A 5600 km ride to NC and a bunch of runs on the Dragon, 215, 151, etc. left me satisfied that I did not need anything suspension wise yet. I do have a CB929RR shock on the shelf though when it comes time to replace the rear. "Note" I weigh 66 kg, so stock suspensions almost always work for me. I removed my entire brake system and sent the calipers and front MC through my ultrasonic cleaner, then replaced all the seals. I dumped the sintered pads that came with the bike and installed new Carbon/Kevlar pads instead. I also replaced my brake lines with Stainless Steel lines. This proved to be the right combination for me. I prefer the progressive bite of the Carbon/Kevlar over the feel of the sintered pads, although they do tend to work better. There is also ceramic pads out there, but I have no experience with them. So I would advise that you clean and use the oem setup with pads of you choice and some SS lines before binning the whole lot and starting from scratch. In a perfect world you would still be able to use your SS lines if you decided to install different calipers. BTW, I think the rear oem caliper is fine as is with Carbon/Kevlar pads. I bought my 97 VFR out in Iowa and drove it to Colorado for a MC meet the back to Maine. About 8000km total. I had a pair of organic rear pads waiting for me when I got home as the bike came with sintered all round. I had the rear lock up on me a number of times as I just could not find the sweet spot on the rears. I'll be the first to put my hand up and say it was Operator Error as I know many guys who swear by them. I guess my point is try a few things with what you have now before moving on. Does the bike have an aftermarket exhaust? Check the airbox, my bike came with a full Kerker exhaust system, and when I pulled the tank to get to the carbs I found the top of the airbox had about 50 10 mm holes drilled in it and a K&N filter. Pulling the carbs revealed the jets were 3 sizes to large and the needles stock. I brought the jets to stock, bought a stock airbox cover and the bike started right up. As far as buying a parts bike, well...…….if you do all the mods you are talking about, F3 front end, F2 wheels, different swingarm and stripping the bike of fairings there isn't much left outside the engine as a spare. If you keep the bike oem and can afford and store a parts bike, then by all means. Lastly, despite English not being your first language, you have done an excellent job describing your position and questions here. I think you will find the members here to be patient, knowledgeable, generous with their time, and proficient with their answers. Post a picture of your project when you can.
  15. FromMaine

    serious run off

    I honestly think the 4th Gen VFR in Italian Red is the nicest looking mass produced bike ever made. Sure I'm biased, but still I never get tired looking at them. Great pic!
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