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  1. Assorted V4's

    Pics from over the years on V4's
  2. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    You are correct. A quick check of the wiring loom shows the other half of the connector is 6 pin. So apparently a 5 pin will work as I had no issues with starting, lights, etc. Just no parking light option.
  3. driving lights on 5th gen

    I used the fastening points for the fairing so I did not have to alter the plastic. I made a bar out of some 3/4 X 1/8 aluminum pieces and used nylon ferrules to lower it to the desired position. There are no clearance issues with the fender. I wired through a fuse directly to the battery and installed a lighted switch, the red one on the left in photo 2, to remind me when I shut down the bike to turn them off. The lights are 35 watt halogens that many auto stores and Wal Mart carry. They were $19 and I had maybe $5 in aluminum, wire, inline fuse etc.
  4. driving lights on 5th gen

    I don't have a 5th Gen, but I do have a bunch of V4's. They all have auxiliary lighting. All are mounted to the frame or fairing, and are independent of the oem wiring. Despite living in one of the foggiest places on the planet, they are not fog lights. They are for Moose and to a lesser extent Deer and Bear. Maine is the most heavily forested state in the US at 90%. Many of our secondary roads resemble tunnels in the woods as they are not cut back very far, so at night a fully grown Moose walking out across the road can really ruin your day. I have my lights angled out to the side maybe 15 degrees and up about 10. The average car or motorcycles head lights will not pick up a Moose's eyes reflection, as they are around 8-9 feet above ground. At dawn, dusk or night this may be your only way to see them as I can personally attest they blend it to the woods pretty darn well. My 4th Gen, with auxiliary lights , extra turn signals, no cut frame sliders and not seen, extra brake lights (they are for the fog) :)
  5. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    Yes. Undo the metal clamp on the wires and pop the cap off. Its only held in place by 3 indents. You can then clean the contacts and dielectric grease the unit. Both my R's, Vf1100S, Vf750F, VF700F have "Park" settings on the ignition. My 86 VF500F does not. It is a 5 pin connector as pictured. So I guess you are correct that the 6th wire is for that function. FWIW the key code for my VF500F is A10.
  6. TCClass_040514_126.jpg

    Great photo, another millimeter and you're dragging hard parts.
  7. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    I have a working spare and a parts ignition for my first gen V4's, both have 6 pin connectors. My key codes are C37 and C96 respectively. I noticed yours has a 5 pin connector and key code C06. I tried to reference which bike model used that code, but came up empty. Physically, my switches look the same as yours, as has every switch for a mid eighties Honda I've ever seen. So, I guess you would have to find which models used a 5 pin connector.
  8. New here

    That is a great looking bike. Very nice work. One of my R's has Kerkers on it, I' really don't like them. Harley guys cover their ears when I go by. The other R has F-1's, way down on the decibel scale, but I was over them also when I rode to California and back a few years ago. Have never heard a Hindle on a V4. If you get a chance, it would be interesting to hear what it sounds like on your bike. Edit. Welcome to the Board, should have said that first :)
  9. Hwy46, California

    That photo looked so familiar for some reason. Wasn't until I read the caption that I realized my daughter and I were on the stretch of road back in 2011 when we went cross country. Got off Rt. 1 headed north just before Cambria to stay in Paso Robles for the night, then next morning headed back to the coast again on Rt 46.
  10. VF1000R front rotor hardware

    I was packing some gear in my garage yesterday before the second Noreaster in a week rolled us, when I thought I'd have a quick look at my spare R front rim. Didn't remember it having the rotors but thought it might have the bolts. Well it is missing one rotor, but the other was there. So much for my memory........... So if the set you are looking at doesn't work out, I can get you half way there I've got a 4 foot snow berm at the end of the driveway and its still coming down, so would be a day or two before I could get to the PO.
  11. At Cliffords Tower

    Nice Photo.
  12. VF1000R front rotor hardware

    Maybe try these guys, they are selling a front rim with the fastenings. You could ask them if they'll sell the bolts separate. https://www.ebay.com/itm/84-Honda-Interceptor-VF-1000-R-Straight-Front-Wheel-16-x-2-50-FastFreeShip-/292020709166 Or these guys, they are selling both front rotors off an 85R, maybe they have them? https://www.ebay.com/itm/85-Honda-VF-1000R-Front-Disc-Brake-Rotor-A/162908917338?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D50687%26meid%3D00aa39e65a2044fcb60e228683ce3456%26pid%3D100642%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D162908917338&_trksid=p2045573.c100642.m3226 Good luck.
  13. Angled Valve Stems

    Yeah, the rotors took a beating for sure and the tire on the mirror while setting the bead was, ummmm different. Also when he flipped the tire and immediately ran his finger around the bead without giving it a thorough look made me duck. If the bead on that side decided to seat while he was doing that I'm quite sure the video would have ended with a emergency room visit.
  14. I have bought a number of used V4's over the years and have found some botch jobs when it comes to carb and airbox modifications. Since you suspect its running rich and have some experience with carbs, I would recommend the following. 1. Identify you have the right carbs. Might as well start at the beginning. 2 bikes I bought had the wrong carbs in them, one was even 2mm smaller on the inlet than oem and they still managed to fit the them. In Canada you should have VP35A's. You can find the stamp just above the float bowl gasket, probably the right side is easiest to see. 2. Verify your jet size. You should have 125's. I have seen a lot of screw ups over the years from 6 sizes to big, 2 sizes to small, front and rears swapped to 2 different sizes when all 4 should be the same. All these bikes ran like crap if they even started. I have not pulled a float bowl on my 4th gen while in the bike as I just pulled the carbs for a clean. I have though on my V65 Sabre, V45 Interceptor and both VF1000R's. It can be a b****, but if you can pull one and verify you have the right jets you should be good. You'll need a 7mm socket for the jet. 3. Good call covering the holes. They aren't helping the bike run better. I have brought all my bikes back to oem as far as airbox and carbs go. Even with K&N filters in all but 2 and lots of aftermarket cans, they all run just fine and the plugs look good. If the carbs are right, try running the bike with the stock airbox and see how it goes. Then if you want to take the snorkels off, let the bike sit for a day then try starting it from cold and running it on the road. That way you will have a base line as far as any difference in performance. I'm posting a page out of my Clymers with the carb specs for reference and for laughs what the airbox cover looked like on one of my VF1000R's when I took the tank off. Guess I should thank the guy as it ran so bad when when I tried to take it for a spin that I got it for $500 less than he was asking. Put a proper cover on and oem jets, new tires and serviced the usual, and rode it 7800 miles to Calf. and back without a hitch. When you can, spend an hour or so checking the rest of the bike over. Over the years I've found an axle nut and caliper bolt that I easily removed by hand, a bolt on the shock missing its nut and had stared to back out, a front tire put on backwards, a fork with no spacer....................you get the drift. Good luck with your project.
  15. Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

    That's to bad. Was only there once in 2012 when I took my daughter cross country. Didn't stay very long as my daughter was bored :) but seemed like a pretty cool place.

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