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  1. FromMaine


    I met up with Kel a few years back in Portland Maine. His bike is even more stunning in person than the pictures show. The attention to detail and the artistry really doesn't reveal until you see it in person. I was on my Vf1000R, which instantly looked like the worlds worst beater, parked up next to his.
  2. Thanks, that's a great tip, now I don't have to go out and find the worlds smallest alligator clamps……….🙃 Did not get a chance to trace the wires and check connectors but did start the bike and measure voltage at the black wire while running, and it was 13.4-13.5v. plugged the relay back in and the fuel pump stopped working. Shut it down before I drained the bowls. So I'm thinking its not picking up the feed from the spark box. I'll check that and the connectors for the black wire tomorrow before running a test on the relay. Many Thanks again.
  3. Yes, the jumper bypasses the relay entirely and provides power to the pump. The pump has a pressure switch and cycles normally. Voltage at the relay connector is 11.2, my volt meter says my battery has 12.4, so there is a loss. I'll check this out. I'll try again later today when I won't wake the neighbors to see if the voltage increases at the black wire. Not sure I can get alligator clips on terminals on the relay, have a look at the pic, they are in the white plastic connector that is epoxied into the unit. Probably can sneak some small leads in there if I'm careful.
  4. Grum: Yes, I've read both the Clymers and Honda service manuals, both focus on the fuel pump itself rather than the relay, which is why I hoped someone here had figured out a way to test them. It is a safety feature, but I guess if you don't drop/crash your good to go...……......I cant be trusted to not do either though. :^) I just got back from the garage and had a look with my flashlight, 1 wire to the fuse box, 1 to the Spark unit and 1 to the pump. I'll tear into it tomorrow as its after midnight and 1C with slushy rain and I'm feeling wimpy. BTW I did fi
  5. Cogs: Looking at your diagram it looks like a 4 pin relay. Lots of tutorials in Youtbe on these as I've read quite a few. Many of these type you can take the cover off and see the contacts. Mine is not like that. As you noted I to had my suspicions that the original might have been fine when I plugged the new one in and got no response, hence my wanting to see if I can test it. Grum: As you noted the relay on my bike is a 3 pin, and yes I think it is electronic as its potted in Epoxy unlike the other type relays. I did not know it was
  6. This past August my 4th Gen died in the parking lot of my hotel in downtown Buffalo. It seemed like a fuel issue, and confirmed the float bowls were empty and I could not hear the fuel pump come on. Well the same thing had happened on the Mass pike the previous year, but I was getting buzzed by semis at 70mph and it was so noisy I did not figure out the problem until after I got towed to my brothers in NH. I figured it out and made a jumper and put it into the connector and drove back to Maine no problem. I replaced the relay and all was good. Well I had the jumper in w
  7. I can't even imagine, I hope you are able to replace it.
  8. Athena Gaskets show a part number for the VFR750F. They are an Italian company and do all their own manufacturing. I spoke with them at the Milan Motorcycle Show back in 2016 and they were very helpful in finding a few things for my VF1000R. Here's a link. http://www.athenaparts.com/eng/products/view/6474/complete-gaskets-kit They have a US office in Bohemia NY. If you click on the link they show a contact button at the top, in there is a contact number and a Technical Help number. Would be worth a call to see if they can supply one, although I think you would have to o
  9. The pic of your grin with the bike in the back says it all!
  10. I just went out and weighed a 3rd Gen front rim I have hanging in my garage' Without rotors but with bearings it came in at 13.3 lbs (6.02 kg) I'll try to remember to weigh my 4th gen front when I swap tires.
  11. Just went out and had a look at my 86, Samuelx is correct, the emissions decal is located under the seat.
  12. https://shop.auctmarts.com/fairings/1x12.html Have a look at this site, they make fairing kits for lots of bikes, I just posted one of the VFR800 kits for illustration. Years ago they did offer fairings for the 90-93 VFR's but they don't list them now. May still be worth while contacting them. I have no experience with them so cannot say how good they are.
  13. FromMaine


    Yeah, the Strada. All I ever saw of it was a brake light in the distance. Cant imagine trying to keep up with him on a VFR.
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