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  1. That was a great trip report. From time to time I remind some of my younger riding buddies that when ever things all go perfect...…. You never end up with a story. Love the mirror repair.
  2. The down pipes remind me of my first bike,
  3. That was wicked awesome...………. Thanks for posting this.
  4. Very, very sorry you had to go through all that, its quite a bit to swallow in such a short time. Certainly hope its all up from there.
  5. Good post! I read that article when it first came out. Kevin Cameron is a good MC writer, I do enjoy his columns. He did make one small error though, the first gen Interceptors had cam chains as all the other first Gen V4's did. It wasn't until 85 and the VF1000R that they used gear driven cams.
  6. Bridgestone S-22'ss mate.
  7. The hub nut does not need to come off. On my 97 there are 6 bolts with 14mm nuts that hold the rear sprocket on the hub assembly, I assume its similar on your 2014. Here is a video made by a member here that details the whole process, which is really fairly easy. The torque value on the bolts is 33 newtons or 24 ft. lbs. Have at it 🙂
  8. FWIW Learned this a long time ago working on ships. http://mechopedia.com/difference-between-hollow-shaft-and-solid-shaft/
  9. The 86 rear axle is hollow. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Honda-VFR750F-Interceptor-Rear-Axle-86/281659679255?hash=item419439a217:g:hJ0AAOSwxYxUseqc https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Honda-VFR750F-Interceptor-Rear-Axle-86/281659679255?hash=item419439a217:g:hJ0AAOSwxYxUseqc As gll429 mentioned above, run a rod through the axle. On my 85 R I used a solid rod, think it was 10mm and threaded one end then tapped my bobbin and screwed it on, Ran the rod through the axle, think I needed to ream a few imperfections, measured, cut and repeated the same one the other end. On my 97 front axle I just tapped either end and used a flat head socket screw for attachment. I have 4 paddock stands and they all have the both the spool and flat attachments, but the flats are nowhere as secure as the spools which is why I fitted them. Good luck.
  10. FromMaine


    Nice looking 4th Gen, really like the high mount exhaust.
  11. Welcome to the forum, nice looking bike. Wish they had imported them to the US. Try this company, I used them a few times when I lived in the UK in 2015 and had to find some parts for my 91 VFR, they were pretty good .https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/VFR400KH-NC21-1987-JAPANESE/part_194202/ Best, Michael
  12. Just finishing up with packing my saddlebags. Felt a bit nippy and a quick check of the thermometer on the garage showed the temp at about 45, supposed to be mid 30's when I leave tomorrow at 4 am. Sooo... dug out some of my thermals from when I was working in Norway and Greenland a few years back. Looks like I'll need them to get out of and back in to New England. Should be there mid day on Wen. Changed my plans and route as I think I'll take my time instead of rushing down and take in a few roads along the way. See you guys there. Hopefully its warm enough in VA for a cold one.
  13. FromMaine


    Very nice, I'll take 2 Thank You!
  14. Ok, ok. I guess somebody has to be the new guy. I was going to go up to Quebec next week on the bike, but I can do that another time, its just a few hours away. in 9 1/2 years on the Board I have met exactly 2 VFRD members. One down in Portland Maine, the other in London at the Motorcycle show when I lived there in 2015. Time to make that a double digit number. VFR's are in short supply in Northern Maine, heck sports bike in general are up here are as its Twinkie heaven. A quick look online shows Abingdon is 1,000 miles and 18 hours by my preferred route. Could do it, but think I'll probably do a 700/300 split going down. Have booked for Wednesday and Thursday nights for now. Oddly I was through there in May for a MC meet in NC and again about a month ago, so 3 times in a season is probably the charm. When I was thinking about this I went and had a look at my rubber. The Bridgestone S22's look like the have 2500-3000K left in them so good to go. There is another new set in the garage should I have any doubts...……………. Chain, Sprockets are new this year, ran the calipers through the Ultrasonic early May and new pads. I'll check the other stuff this week. Look forward to meeting all of you. Michael
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