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  1. FromMaine

    Is Motosport the cheapest place for new tires?

    I had a quick look at your link. That price is for a 110/70/17 front, 160/60/17 combo. Your bike tires should be 120/70/17 front, 180/55/17 rear. If you go to the drop down menus for sizes in your link you will see the 120/70/17 cost an extra $61 dollars, and the 180/55/19 rear an extra $9. This makes a total of $298 before rebates. Riders domain shows the proper combo for $267.74 before rebates. They also ship for free over $79.
  2. FromMaine

    Close Encounters

    Nice looking VFR, and a great photo. Devils Tower in Wyoming.
  3. FromMaine

    VF1000R front rotor hardware

    Good! Made me smile. Somewhere in my garage there is a starter clutch repair kit and 4 brand new carb boots.
  4. FromMaine

    Breaker to replace 30a fuse?

    Eaton Bussman are quality products, I wouldn't have any issues using their stuff.
  5. FromMaine

    French Riding Rules

    You may have seen this already, but apparently lane splitting has been legalized in SOME parts of France, interesting. There is also a link further down that itemizes the other new rules, and yes it appears you need reflective stickers on your helmet. https://www.drive-france.com/blog/new-motorcycle-rules-2016/
  6. FromMaine

    French Riding Rules

    In 2014 I took a friends bike from Oswestry Wales to Imperia Italy in 48 hrs. The chunnel is the way to go IMO. When you arrive at the entrance you will go through French Customs and Immigration right there in the UK, which is great. IIRC EU citizen to the right for a quick wave through. I had to go through the other passport section , but the guy just looked at my American passport and said welcome to France (cheeky) and nice bike ( Yamaha Vmax). You will be directed to the first car as bikes are all offloaded first on the other end, which is great, your not stuck behind 500 cars not knowing where they are. I would advise that you fill up in Folkstone before boarding as there is nothing at the other end, just huge cloverleafs heading to the various motorways. You don't want to be looking for a fuel station there. The laws you mention were supposed to go in force in 2014, but because they could not produce enough one time breathalyzers, and the refusal of French motorcyclists to wear high viz vests while riding (later amended to have in possession) they were kind there but not. We did not know this so we picked up some inexpensive vests at a MC outside of London. WE tried to buy breathalyzers before leaving but Mark said he got laughed at when he asked. Being a former motorcycle mechanic both our bikes had spares/tools as necessary. the bikes had GB plates so that was fine. No paper registration as the UK is all electronic, but we figured it must comply with EU laws. We did have proper insurance and the needed tax disc, which is electronic now also. Both our bikes had standard English lighting, but we were mostly on motorways. None of the cops we saw gave us a second look. Don't know about now. One thing I do know, is that in general when stopped in another country they want to see that the plate, insurance and license all match your name. I assume that you have an EU license, but if for some reason you do not you should get an International license, which really isn't a license, but a translation of your own. I think the BAA would be where to go. Having one got me out of a jam with the Carabinieri a few years back. We did notice there was not much lane splitting in France so we did it the French way. I personally would head for Normandy by motorway then get off there. There is not really much to see between Calais and there. If I was going to spend some time in or near a city it would be Bordeaux. I'll have a look for my French maps and see if I can be more specific. Hope some of this helps get the ball rolling for you.
  7. FromMaine

    Breaker to replace 30a fuse?

    Had to look up the company. Seems like a stand up guy as he says on his website you don't have to buy from him to call if you have a problem. http://roadstercycle.com/ Looking at the listing for the kit, I see the Breaker, but no specs are listed. My initial thoughts are how that auto reset breaker will hold up to vibration as it is a moving part if it can open and close the contacts. Secondly, if it does pop, its going to have to go through a thermal cycle before the contacts come back. That can be fairly quick or achingly long depending on the unit. I would have a look at the unit and try to identify it first to see if its built for rugged duty and has a quick reset cycle.
  8. FromMaine

    London calling...

    Didn't mean to come across as pedantic. Read your thread and did not see the info you now provided, so I started at the beginning. You obviously have a handle on it. Batteries in the US all have some type of date code, whether its as simple as 04/14, April of 2014, to a code that is similar to a tire date code, which you will need to look up, but there should be something on the unit to identify its. manf. date. Its how they identify if its still in warranty. If it 4 or more years older, it may be on its way out if not on a battery maintainer. I did manage to salvage my 4th gens battery last year when I shipped out and did not get a chance to remove it before winter, by bringing it inside the house and putting it on a trickle charger. it was at 11.8 volts at that point. I charged for it a day, then rested for a day for a week. . I got this summer out of it with no problem. Then it died this winter. So if you can figure out you batteries age you will be better informed as to what will be best for you. Again, good luck, and I hope its a simple fix
  9. FromMaine

    London calling...

    Since you have a multimeter, I would check the voltage output at the R/R first to eliminate it as the problem. On a VFR it should be between 13.5 and 16 volts above 2500 rpm, I assume a Triumph would be some what the same. I know you may not have the luxury of time, but if you could, put the battery on a trickle charger for a day. If it doesn't take a charge or voltage drops rapidly, then there you go. If though the battery does take a charge above 13 volts and stays there, then you might want to start looking for a short in your wiring that's draining your system. Would be a shame to buy a new battery only to have the symptoms still there. Ask me how I know that :) I know exactly what its like to be in your shoes. I was working in Calf. living in an apartment with no garage, no tools and bought a 1983 CB650 to get around on. I was a challenge to keep it on the road. I remember running to the drug store and buying a hairbrush as I could not find anything else on a Sunday evening to clean out my carb jets. Good luck, I hope its a simple fix.
  10. On my 4th Gen. swapped out my 45/45 's with H4 55/60 's about 4 years ago. Reason I did was I could not find an oem bulb anywhere near me. Nearest Hondas dealer is a 100 mile RT. No wiring problems, but a few months before that I had the fairings off, so I went and cleaned and dielectriced every connector I could reach as a preventive measure.
  11. FromMaine

    Assorted V4's

    Pics from over the years on V4's
  12. FromMaine

    driving lights on 5th gen

    I used the fastening points for the fairing so I did not have to alter the plastic. I made a bar out of some 3/4 X 1/8 aluminum pieces and used nylon ferrules to lower it to the desired position. There are no clearance issues with the fender. I wired through a fuse directly to the battery and installed a lighted switch, the red one on the left in photo 2, to remind me when I shut down the bike to turn them off. The lights are 35 watt halogens that many auto stores and Wal Mart carry. They were $19 and I had maybe $5 in aluminum, wire, inline fuse etc.
  13. FromMaine

    driving lights on 5th gen

    I don't have a 5th Gen, but I do have a bunch of V4's. They all have auxiliary lighting. All are mounted to the frame or fairing, and are independent of the oem wiring. Despite living in one of the foggiest places on the planet, they are not fog lights. They are for Moose and to a lesser extent Deer and Bear. Maine is the most heavily forested state in the US at 90%. Many of our secondary roads resemble tunnels in the woods as they are not cut back very far, so at night a fully grown Moose walking out across the road can really ruin your day. I have my lights angled out to the side maybe 15 degrees and up about 10. The average car or motorcycles head lights will not pick up a Moose's eyes reflection, as they are around 8-9 feet above ground. At dawn, dusk or night this may be your only way to see them as I can personally attest they blend it to the woods pretty darn well. My 4th Gen, with auxiliary lights , extra turn signals, no cut frame sliders and not seen, extra brake lights (they are for the fog) :)
  14. FromMaine


    Great photo, another millimeter and you're dragging hard parts.
  15. FromMaine

    New here

    That is a great looking bike. Very nice work. One of my R's has Kerkers on it, I' really don't like them. Harley guys cover their ears when I go by. The other R has F-1's, way down on the decibel scale, but I was over them also when I rode to California and back a few years ago. Have never heard a Hindle on a V4. If you get a chance, it would be interesting to hear what it sounds like on your bike. Edit. Welcome to the Board, should have said that first :)

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