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  1. Ughandi

    Genoa Bay VFRD

    Love me some white 6th gens....
  2. I have this weird scrape on my calf where the footpeg went inside the top of my boot (Alpine Stars SMX-6) to dig into me... But that's it really. Just a low speed fall that hurt my pride. 😭
  3. Story time! You know you're having a fun day when the F1 light comes on because the Honda engineers are so impressed with your skill with turning a throttle for four minutes straight over 100 indicated (totally talking about metric units... I swear... officer) So after 150 miles of some intense riding, and food back in the system, I'm nearly home and decide to test my oh-so-refined "Supermoto Skillage" as I'm turning into mi casa.... so I lockup my delinked rear, wring her in to the left... kick out the rear to the right.... but oh no! I'm coming in too hot! Nothing a dab of front brake cant fi... *CRASH* ... There goes my perfect evening... So you know the whole 'tree falls in the forest' thing? Yeah. Does NOT apply to motorcycles. Can confirm. Shoutout to EMGO for still supplying 5th gen mirrors for people like me, who want to find the limit of their bike, and their own stupidity. 😭
  4. Thanks! She happily revs at your compliment! ugh... maybe... but only AFTER someone else here parts with Seb's rearset adapters, or a set of discontinued Harris rearsets... Ergonomics is my priority right now.
  5. WOW! Great writeup. Will not likely do this myself, but thanks for adding to the public knowledge pool!
  6. That is some impressive eye-candy...
  7. Why must all the things I want be limited-runs 😭 Thanks for the pointer for that "Harris" set. I sent them an email, and put a watch on ebay for them. My Classifieds listing is likely wishful thinking... but who knows! I may get lucky. As for the rear cush drive, I read a lot of archived forums for that, but IIRC the conclusion was that the sizing didnt quite mate up right... But if it can be done, I'm not foreign to big-item swaps... (would be a good excuse to do that ZX10r or 929 shock upgrade since "I'm already in there" -- the most financially dangerous phrase said in builds 😄) Ah! If you ride hard, you will love the De-link! I did mine (rebuilding both masters -- F4i rear BMC, and rebuilding all calipers + drilling) and HO BABY I can stoppie the front and skid the rear now! The skill ceiling raises quite a bit after the delink, and I get FAR more stopping power in the front -- I paired it with the sexy "Braking" SK2 rotors. Good luck with the build!
  8. You could always add them. Adding O2 sensor bungs aren't foreign to most welding/exhaust shops. I added one per cylinder ~4-5 inches downstream from each exhaust port on my WiLD set. Made adjusting AFR's a lot more predictable for my guy.
  9. I will pay DUMMY money for those bad boys. If you are willing to sell, I am willing to buy. Name your price.
  10. Ah yes. Chinesium. The strongest material on Earth.
  11. oohh... rearset pegs on a 5th gen..... tell me your ways!
  12. Howdy! Selling my OEM 5th gen headers. Including O2 sensors and the cat is still in great shape! All worked nice and dandy before taking off. Rust is skin-deep, but could use a good sandblasting and powdercoat to freshen up. Good for all you California riders or those who like our polar ice-caps. $80 + Shipping/Handling from Tampa, Florida
  13. Upgraded to the F4i RMBC. No longer need it. $30 + Shipping from Tampa, FL
  14. Pulled off of my 5th gen, and a set from eBay. Had all 8 cleaned and flow-matched, and kept the set of 4 most identical in performance. These are all freshly cleaned. $70 + shipping from Tampa
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