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  1. Howdy! My 5th gen "Hornet" is going to see the motorcycle treadmill tomorrow at Proven Power in Tampa! So I'd think it would be fun to see what kinda power yall think I might be laying down! Let me know below! (I feel like a youtuber saying that. lol) Relevant Mods: - K&N "small" filter - VFRD Catless Headers - Staintune Muffler - and a full fresh tank of Shell 93 octane I'll be sure to post that juicy baseline vs tuned plots we all love to see afterwards! (PFA)
  2. Can I hijack this post to ask someone to explain to me what the R/R and the Harness actually do, and why loads of posts on the forums are about upgrading them? (new 5th gen owner here wanting to know what the buzz is all about)
  3. following. Interested in entire fairing kits too if someone wants to post their testimonials.
  4. Depends if you want to do fat burnouts without shredding the rear brake ;D
  5. Can someone remind me if the 5th gen and 6th gen WiLD headers are the exact same design or not? I'm looking into buying a 6th gen set off of another user, and want to know if there's any fitment issues between the generations.
  6. It would be really cool if we can get WiLD or VFRD stamped into the headers from you guys. Gotta represent the forum squad that made this all possible! (yes I'd pay a few bucks to make it happen) Any thoughts? Is it feasible?
  7. Just sent in my deposit! 😄 I can't wait for y'all to get started on the next batch-o-pipes!
  8. It was simple, really. Fridge is now low on beverages though ;D I have got to head to bed, though. Cant wait to hear from yall after sun-up!
  9. Howdy! I just spent nearly 6 hours reading the whole story from this and the original thread back from 2016 (one heck of a story that is!). I JUST saw this comment and I do NOT want this ship to sail without me! I just purchased a clapped 00' veefer a month ago, and have been repairing her ever since I've picked her up. For those who have their's already, what mufflers are you running? I'd like to know what's out there! (I need to create an account really quickly so DM's are available, so give me a hot minute.) Thanks! 😄
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