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  1. Question from an ignorant human here: Is there a way to adjust ignition advance on the 5th gens? I would love one more tuning parameter besides the fueling map. And maybe be able to squeeze a few HP out before I blow my motor doing so 😆
  2. ooh... do share some photos with the class
  3. That's the magical thing about this bike... you can have your fun in the twisties, and not break your butt to and from said twisties (oh and the sound too... dont forget that!)
  4. I dont even want cash for it now. I just want it gone, and throwing all of this into the Gulf of Mexico makes me feel a little bad for the manatees. All I ask is that you pay for shipping, and donate $10 to the VFRD forums for the purchase. I want no money from this. I just dont want to see a turtle try to swallow a brake line. Items: 5th gen OE Headers + 02 + Cat (could use a little love -n- scrub, but nothing a good sand-blast and powdercoat cant fix) 5th gen Rear BMC SOLD! --- 5th gen Injector set (freshly cleaned & tested. I did so with a set of 8, and kept the 4 bestest & closely matched ones. all of these still work) 5th gen oil cooler and hardware 5th gen LBS all brake lines 5th gen fuel rails (remarkably clean) 5th gen Forward bank cylinder head (cams, valves, and Spark plugs included (yahoo!! 😆)) I live in Tampa if you want to pickup, otherwise I'll ship from Tampa.
  5. Going boldly where no Viffer has gone before! 😁
  6. --- I got this DID X-ring 520 chain and some spare riveting master links: --- ---- ...and these sprockets in factory gearing: ---- ---- No sir. I prefer to wheelie the old fashioned way... with MORE POWAAAHHHH ... and for those who want to be in the know... more power is WELL on its way... Dropped off spare throttle bodies, boots, and (two) airbox(es) at my tuner for a good ol' re-radius, chamfer, sanding, and some other pixie magic.... should be good for something measurable when we retune ;D ---
  7. Thank you for being patient with my internet illiteracy, everyone. My 520 is on the way now!
  8. Ughandi


    GET LOWWW I have a pic of me at this same bend, going the other way
  9. Howdy again! In looking for a 520 kit for my 5th gen, I CANT FIND ANY (that claim to work with my 2000). I suspect that the rear sprockets on the 6th gens should fit the 5th gens since the rear drive is basically identical... Do the ancients in the VFRD forums agree with me? If you have performed your own 520 chain conversion on a 5th gen, please leave your assessment of your kit below!
  10. Ughandi

    Genoa Bay VFRD

    Love me some white 6th gens....
  11. I have this weird scrape on my calf where the footpeg went inside the top of my boot (Alpine Stars SMX-6) to dig into me... But that's it really. Just a low speed fall that hurt my pride. 😭
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