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  1. Count me in as suspiciously curious. I'd likely helicoil all the things to prevent this 200lb monkey from doing dumb things to what will surely be a piece of art. Can anyone smarter than me chime in on conductivity of dissimilar metals for the purpose of grounding the electrical circuit?
  2. Since your brakes are good now, you should make her faster ;D (dont listen to me. I cant stop modifying things.)
  3. OOH! while it is still out, be sure to shave some of that meat off the outside!! I lightened two of mine by sending them to Puerto Rico via a guy that knows a guy... shaved 250G off of one(now a magnetic tool holder), and 450G off the other(in the bike now - 8k miles since, dynoed before and after yielded a 2 HP gain, rev-match downshifting was never so much fun.)
  4. I'll play devils advocate and say they do have their place. Our V4's are rather complex machines. Not completely unserviceable, but certainly a harder bike to work on (My old i4 carbed Katana was easier!). If you disagree, take off those V4 throttle bodies and have fun putting them back on & plugging everything back in. 😭 P-twins are SO simple for maintenance. Super approachable to new wrencher/riders, less parts overall (fewer cylinders, duh), and parts availability/compatibility from using the same engine in many chassis (eg, R7 vs MT07 ; Rebel 500 vs CB500F) ... but do not forget there are dope AF P-twins!! The KTM 890 Duke "Super Scalpel" being a glorious example of a thrilling P-twin. (I have a crawler on eBay awaiting for someone to sell their Brembo adjustable brake master cylinder next time one goes down...) There's more points i can make about weight, COST (You can buy a solid new bike for $7k - what a time to be alive) fuel efficiency, etc... but just remember that the more people riding is better for all of us (and not learning to ride on 636's... to increase their odds of survival), so I say bring on the P-twins!!!
  5. 😭 it still doesn't resonate with me... lmao no, but also yes This is the path to manifest destiny isnt it? ... all roads lead back to i4's...
  6. Hmm.... hard to fit that on a custom plate... Sure thing! I'll detail the work that needs done too. My father recommended this too... I get way too much attention on this thing for it to be named after a ghost I think....
  7. ... and it's back to the lab again, yo 🎵
  8. Howdy! After crossing 7 months of my viffer being down, I figured it was time for Hornet to get a sister and get me back to some throttle therapy... So I adopted... Say hello to my new to me 2009 Buell 1125R Me and Mr. Buell share the same first name (and he spells it correctly), so I fully believe it was fate to obtain one of his creations someday. Working on this machine has thus far been painless for the simple things (air filter, spark plugs, adjusting suspension, and a few odds and ends to clean her up) ; lots of torex, but I was already prepared since my cage is Bavarian. Surprisingly, all bolts I have interacted with have been metric! #themoreyouknow. Overall, this bike is SOLID. I rarely experience build quality like this- Every little piece was built with purpose... I bet Erik is proud of his creations. She is still unnamed, so I am open to any and all inspiration!
  9. Woah... better you than me to tackle that carb job!
  10. And now since I have properly hijacked my own thread... let's bring 'er home I bring to you ladies and gents... Fiberglass 5th Gen Fairings! Feast your eyes: (dont mind the wacky aspect ratios... I'm snipping these from my instagram.) They are much less flimsy than the OE ABS duds. Weight is comparable if not a hair lighter. Thank you Air-Tech Streamlining for the new lease on life for this bike. ...And thank you to @RossR for pointing me their way! Now to finish that Coil-on-plug conversion, and get these bad boys fitted!!! 🥳
  11. I second this. Lots of naked's and british bikes here in San Diego these days.
  12. Just gonna gloss over the supercharger bit, huh? 😆 Great solutions! I particularly like the extra fan on the 'wrong' side of the bike... may add that one to my evergrowing To-Do list...
  13. there are benefits... packaging, manufacturing costs, fuel efficiency.... KTM 890 is an example of a beastly P-twin ... R7 is a tragedy, I agree.
  14. I get that comment frequently at meets... It juuuuust a name lol Yes! Very exciting that they will bring back the Hornet model! I shall... Plastics will be ready imminently. Currently fighting a non-start issue. likely been sitting too long and the gas got gummy somewhere. ( still fires up on starter fluid.)
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