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  1. I have an RF1200 L with upgraded thicker crown pads that hugs the face ohh so nice... But man I tried on the K6 & K6S and love how light they are. I would have the K6S in L only if they offered thicker pads as it rotates a bit too much, and the M is a no go. Shame they axed the MS/ML sizing from the K6 (ML fit me *perfectly*), else I would have tossed my Shoei this past summer. Enjoy the lid!
  2. AirTech Streamlining hooked me up. They make fiberglass/carbon fairings for nearly every bike in existence. Made in USA, and the folks there are legendary for their work on speed record bikes. They are located just outside San Diego
  3. Got hit from behind & insurance is making you feel some kind of way? Buddy slam dunked your ride out of the parking lot and just perfectly bent your frame? Ship me your entire 8th Gen front end! 😆 I'm looking to convert my beloved 5th gen to a 6th gen triple clamp & 8th gen forks, brakes, wheel & splashguard. You too can partake in my never-ending desire to modify this bike from *barely* this century! Prefer pickup in Houston, TX. Will drive in a ~300 mile radius.
  4. Sup VFR-Nerds! Pro Tip: If you want something on ebay (Say, a Brembo brake master cylinder 😁), and the seller does not allow for the "Make Offer" button, simply "Add to Wishlist" and wait a few days. I have had luck on sellers dropping 10-20% for a "Private Offer" on many items I have wishlisted. Just watch your email. Shiny side up, Rubber side down!
  5. Muchos gracias for the replies, folks! 🥳 Oh I yearn for the day I have some of that... Ebay has many for cheap! (Of which I shall take advantage of)
  6. (Roughly in order of importance) I'm looking for a good combination of adding lightness, adjustability and braking feel (Radial calipers, if possible) Those super duke front ends would look radical on a 5th gen... I'm somewhat aware that you know how to make triple clamps, Seb. Could you hit me with some reality of what I'm getting myself into here?
  7. Howdy VFRD!! For all of you grease monkeys that have swapped front ends on their 5th gens (Forks, wheels, calipers, Custom triple clamps, rake angles, the works!), would you mind telling me about your setup? I'm looking for inspiration, but the rabbit hole goes deep, and I can no longer see the light. Any tips on compatibility, desirable features, weight, and sourcing parts are welcome! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for adding to the community on some kit like this! However, $240 and I still need to source my own caliper is a tad rough... Any known bikes that have takeoff rear calipers that would be a 1:1 for something like this? I would love to justify this solution should I be able to source a caliper on a few dimes, so I can spend the dollar on the bracket you made here.
  9. Whoever is performing the archive, I am more than willing to setup a NAS at home to host an offsite backup image/mirror. DM me. I've dabbled in computer networking before, and I could make it so. --- EDIT: I may be able to use this FOSS tool called "HTTrack" and make my own mirror of the site. - I'll determine the size of the download, and I'll be off to buy a buncha hard drives. - I'll likely perform the task within a VM so I can work the process in tandem. I dont have many CPU cores, but It may help ++ If anybody has an ET for the hard sunset of the site, PLEASE let me know so I can gage how much time is remaining to get this done. It will accelerate my decisions.
  10. I'd be more than willing to spit up a monthly fee to keep this knowledge base memorialized. How's that archiving going?
  11. Been shuffling through life lately, and have since moved to Houston for a new job, so bike things have been on hold, including getting these bespoke fiberglass fairings attached. I'll be back in the garage in the coming weeks, but I expect to have it all together this summer.... Will be back with an update here once I make significant progress! TL; DR: Nothing to report.
  12. It's Fuel Pump Friday, everybody!! Partzilla took a HOT minute, but they did deliver! Out with the old... etc,etc. My inner pyromaniac tempted me to light the old filter up, but I resisted. And as assembled, she stands strong It did go in a bit easier than it came out, most likely due to the new rubber having an ultimate tensile strain of greater than 1.00005 Onwards and upwards!!
  13. Well done! Thank goodness my tank did not have scurvy like yours 😄 Thanks for the free knowledge!
  14. I'm ~$95 in on bits. Partzilla miraculously had all the rubber bits in a kit for $20, then I added the lower hose for another $5 and a new O-ring for the fuel level bobber for $4. Quantum's kit of the inline filter, sock, and tank seal went for $45. The kit also includes hoses, but some reviews on various websites quoted poor stability of their hoses in a gasoline bath, thus the OE hose replacement from Partzilla. The rest of the quantity is chocked up to shipping. I'm typically of the tenacity of "If it aint broke, then break it" ...so don't follow my lead and just enjoy your ride if she works dandy 😄
  15. I'm not gonna be hurting, but man I hate paying so much for a part that probably cost $4.00 to manufacture. (-__-') Did more digging, and turns out Quantum has a "Fuel Pump Repair Kit" (Filter, socks, and tank seal all for $45.00). I'll probably go with this, then order all rubber goodies from Partzilla. Will report back. https://www.highflowfuel.com/quantum-fuel-pump-repair-kit-w-fuel-filter-tank-seal-for-honda-vfr800-efi-1998-2009-replaces-16700-mcw-d02/ Thanks for those part numbers too! I'm counting my blessings after seeing that photo.😅 ...That is rather crispy. Please do! Not just for me, but a forums lurker in 7 years will also find it useful! I did make a small bend on the lip - I'll be sure to straighten it out! Thanks!
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