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  1. YES! This is the best VFR forum with a good layout and the friendliest and most helpful members! 😢that it is ending.
  2. Coming here late. I watched your video. Nicely filmed and presented with a lot of enthusiasm. 226,130 views and lots of positive comments. A LOT of people liked what you did and I'm sure that you inspired a few to do something like this. Loved your DIY 'on the bike lathe' 😀 A Street Fighter For $577 ! Dude, you need to be congratulated for that and for saving a VFR from the wreckers. You obviously had Helluva lot of fun with the project and that's what matters!
  3. Hi Ughandi, Somehow I did not get an email alert for your post. Glad to have been of help. Many others on this great forum have done the same for me. How about some pics of the fairings on your bike? Ross
  4. I own a CBR1100XX as well as a VFR800 like yours. On the XX forum the most experienced forum members have advised against using All Balls and comment that they have not had good results with switching to tapered head bearings. This topic is potentially controversial so my input would be to use OEM Honda parts. These are not very expensive parts and the head bearings last a long time. At 30,000km I would not expect your head bearings to need replacing unless the bike was misused. Mine were replaced at about 60,000km.
  5. Hornet? No! No! No! This is the Hornet. https://canadamotoguide.com/2022/06/07/coming-soon-a-new-honda-hornet/ Please post pics once your bike is up and running. Glad to hear that fairings will be on the way for you soon.
  6. I meant that I would be interested in the Convertibars if they do not work for you, not the lines.
  7. Yes, Helibars are a stupid price for what they are. Good marketing, just like Corbin seats. Let as know what your riding experience is with those risers. I had put them into my Watch List on ebay. Better to buy adjustable Convertibars if one is going down that route. I have not seen a single person who regretted buying Convertibars. Can't say the same for Helibars. The only thing is that your outlay is high up front as you do need to change all lines to get the best benefit. They are adjustable 4" up (possibly higher) and 4" back and the angle of clip on is adjustable too. https://www.convertibars.com/product-p/honda-vfr-800-98-99.htm AND, you can adjust the parameters in a few minutes with an Allen key when on the road so you 'tour' or 'track'. Not sure if these have been mentioned before on this thread. Apex clip ons are similar but their clamp is not as good as Convertibars. This was pointed out by a competitive cyclist on another forum who knew something about seat clamps. I think he said that Apex thread into the metal and will eventually fail, whereas Convertibars don't. I can't offer any opinion on that. https://www.apexmfg.com/all-products/apex-clip-ons/apex-3-riser-clip-on-set Windshield trimming may be required with both these.
  8. Thanks. So if they are powder coated definitely not a good idea to use metal polish unless one wants to do it on a very regular basis as it will most likely damage the powder coating/
  9. Here is one more company for you. You can search the forum to see if anybody has used them. https://www.nicecycle.com/Honda-VFR-800-Fairings-s/97.htm This what they claim under the FAQ tab at the bottom All About Quality: We sell and stock only the best motorcycle parts! We use only the highest grade ABS plastic available! Our fairings are individually inspected before shipment, our quality control is unsurpassed. Our fairings are painted by skilled professionals with years of experience. Side by side with OEM you cannot tell them apart. NiceCycle Fairings offer superb fitment; the best in the aftermarket fairing industry. Heatshield insulation is included with all fairings that require it. We do NOT guarantee a direct color match with factory OEM bodywork.
  10. Hi Terry, Nothing wrong with caring for what you own. Meticulous about caring for your bikes is what I would call it rather than an addiction. I have had exactly the same attitude since childhood. If any part of the bike doesn't look pristine I have to deal with it if possible. It's always such a pleasure to see well cared for items. That's probably why I was so struck by how good looking your bike was. I feel it's even more important then ever now to keep things in good shape, with limited natural resources on their way out. May I ask what you used on the Red VFR's 'natural' rims? I have always been unsure if they have any coating from the factory that I would damage. Just this week a guy at the Honda parts counter recommended a product called Nevr-Dull® for metal. You actually have to use gloves when using it so it probably polishes by a chemical reaction rather than an abrasive one. I acquired a well maintained CBR1100XX last year that needs some cosmetic TLC.
  11. Does your bike live in a showroom. Wow! You really keep it nice looking. The frame, rims and muffler look like new. My Yellow '99 has black wheels and I am almost tempted to strip the paint and polish them when I look at yours. Aftermarket fairings are always going to be a compromise one way or another. That's why I am always on the lookout for used undamaged fairings in my area at a reasonable price.
  12. Ughandhi, Just by chance, I came across this post on the cbrxx.com forum (I have an XX as well as the VFR). Adeyren, the poster is a very friendly and prolific poster on this site as well as he owns a VFR too. Gives you an idea of Auctmarts fairings. https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/auctmart-fairing-install-experience.28103/ You are based in San Diego, so I guess you are in the Navy.
  13. Makes me happy if helps you. We are all kindred spirits.
  14. Many people on this forum have been happy with auctmarts on ebay. They do not have 5th Gen in stock but probably have the moulds for it in China as they used to sell them. They will custom paint for you. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?%2Fprofile%2F30461-thebigtea%2F= https://www.ebay.ca/itm/303754167804?amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA0GXNUQg3R4kLFpo%2FdtxSvRDvH3Bkwv%2FcjzeX846uxN%2FYbBaQ1L98G2j%2ByBo7i8L6DGTWMtonyTZ827bIfUjvXgN960a5TOI9yKdgarfmUpZReUU09CkQYU%2BFO8VDzBTq1N01GN6qnbmI9SsTTmLjpHMpxxOhzQWrxh%2BekRraDf5SelD%2FLtZIHDhdhuDx9eHM%2BAb7CoM0IRGDvt7c2nxJ1nyBN3AkIek6rkowbW%2BtaH9qYFkvL5YYvaH0%2BnbsLMkEL69P6V9M1iBuR17mtqkGEfs%3D|tkp%3ABFBM6P_wtrBg&vxp=mtr https://shop.auctmarts.com/ OR If you are willing to spend $$$ a USA company in your home State. they are very open to phone calls. https://www.airtech-streamlining.com/honda-fairings-seats-fenders-parts/VFR8001998-01.htm It all depends on what your riding and your 5th gen is worth to you! I have seen some really crappy ABS fairings from China. AuctMarts and Monster are the only companies that I would trust, based on other peoples reviews. Ebay prices for damaged fairings are just daft! Hope this helps.
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