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  1. I tried your technique of turning the handlebars fully to the left and pulling on that bar as you lift with your righthand on the rear pannier bracket while pushing down on the center stand peddle today. Worked GREAT! Yes, I know that every video will tell you NOT to turn the front wheel in any direction, but I'm telling you it felt much better for me to do than leaving the front wheel straight and not using that handlebar as some sort of leverage. I will definitely be turning the handlebars to the left and using that bars side to help pull the bike backwards and onto the stand!!!! Thank you so much for the advice on using that technique. A real confidence booster.
  2. True. I found the passenger peg a bit too low for me as well to get a proper hold and lift as I'm pushing down with my foot.
  3. For me anyway. If I were to use my left foot I would be twisted around.
  4. Been practicing "rolling" the VFR on to the centerstand. For me anyway this is a heavy motor. I wanted to make sure I can lift, roll, on to the stand with the panniers on. It can depend on where I place my right foot on the lift peddle as to how well it will work. If I place my foot on the ball there's a balance issue so I end up putting more of the arch of my foot on that peddle, just behind the ball of my foot. Also you need to have somewhat stiff soles on your shoes. My PUMA tennis shoes where not having it. As Lorne said to use the pannier bracket I did. At first I didn't think I had access to that bracket with the panniers on but I do. This makes it much easier to roll back while lifting at the same time as well as pushing down on the lift peddle. Still this is a heavy motorcycle and as I push the lift peddle to the concrete floor I get this uneasy feeling that it wants to fall away from me to the right. I know I'm just being a puss and I need to get over it. I will, I just need to place it on the centerstand more often. Thanks, again, everyone for the great responses to my naive centerstand lifting issues! 😎👍
  5. Awesome guys!!!! All the great advice is super. I have a couple other motorcycles with centerstands that are not of any issues, but for some odd reason this 2007 VFR800 seems a bit awkward lifting to that stand for me. Maybe it's because I'm afraid of having it get away from me and fall on the right side while I'm placing it on the stand. I need far more practice then I originally thought. I have placed it on the centerstand before (without panniers) but yet I didn't feel comfortable doing so hence the asking if there was something I was missing. Everything you Gentlemen have suggested is fantastic and I will try them all until I can feel more confident with placing this motorcycle on the stand.
  6. I've sure given some thought to rolling the back wheel onto a small piece of plywood (3/4 thick maybe) or something to assist me in lifting it. I have a rear seat cowl so that makes it difficult to hold on in that area. Really I don't find much of anything to hold on to for lifting. Unless I remove the luggage cases. Makes me remove the rear cases every time I would like to lift the rear for chain maintenance. I guess if that's what needs to happen in order for me to keep it from falling away from me.
  7. I did search for this topic but I guess I'm the only dumb one that is asking this. Okay, you have to admit the Gen 6 is a heavy motorcycle, right? I'm always afraid to lift it to the centerstand for fear it will get away from me and fall away from me to the right side. Is there a technique that you guys have a handle on that may give me more confidence in lifting this motorcycle to the centerstand without it getting away from me? Any suggestions on this subject would be great. I know you guys are gonna say lift more weights 🤣.
  8. That Sargent was causing me to get cramps in my right hip pretty bad and it just wouldn't go away. The first time I climbed on with the OEM seat I could feel a huge difference right away and as I road some miles the foam rubber underneath has a really great spring back that gives me a more comfortable ride. I'm just weird like that I guess. I much prefer the OEM seat by far.
  9. Thanks bud! Gumby, my travel partner 😎👍. I was debating on placing that decal on the seat cowl or the lower fairing up front (almost wish, now, that I put it up front). Glad you like it it does look pretty cool. One good thing, it's not permanent. Came all the way from England. One [decal] on each side of the seat.
  10. I wanted to replace the aftermarket Sargent seat the PO had installed with an OEM seat on my 2007 25th anniversary and I'm glad I did. I know a lot of you guys like aftermarket seats, but this Sargent wasn't working for me. The Sargent's design has a sunken mid section that was causing me some discomfort. I was finally able to put some miles on the other day with the OEM seat. All I can say is "wow" what a better seat for me. The padding underneath has a certain spring back that really makes it so much more comfortable for me. I know you guys will think I'm crazy but that's just how it works for me. I'm very glad I purchased the OEM seat. 😎👍
  11. I came across this video a few days ago.
  12. Yep, certainly understand the too many premise. (1) 2016 KTM RC390 stock (1) 2015 Kawasaki KLR650 (Candy Lime Green OEM paint scheme) stock (1) 2007 VFR800 VTEC 25th anniversary edition (RWB OEM paint scheme) stock (1) 2002 Kawasaki ZX9R Ninja (Candy Gold Spark OEM paint scheme) stock (1) 1989 Honda XL600V Transalp (Pearl Crystal White OEM paint scheme) stock (1) 1983 Yamaha XV920MK Midnight Special Virago (Midnight Black OEM paint scheme) full Yamaha dress
  13. Kbear

    Music anyone?

    Man, if I only could I really would. Sounds like we would have way too much fun! 😎👍 Thank you for the invite!
  14. Kbear

    Music anyone?

    Isn't it great how we can all have our own way of viewing things. I find music makes me concentrate more than if I wasn't listening to music.
  15. Kbear

    Music anyone?

    You and I would get along well. I don't listen to rock music. I listen to artist like Nora En Pure, Miss Monique, Ben Bohmer and many others. I subscribe to several YouTube channels such as Anjunadeep, Work Music Lab, Monstercat Silk, Betical Music and several others. I have a pretty extensive collection of music; it would take a long time to list them all. Good to know that there is someone else into this genre of music. Also have been into ambient music for a lot of years.
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