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  1. Cool. I've turned friends, both motorcyclist and non motorcyclist alike, into Itchy Boot fans. I'd like to think I've contributed to her YouTube subscribers count some. 👍
  2. I’ll start off by saying I like adventure motorcycle videos on YouTube. A long time ago, while searching for motorcycle related content, I came across a motovlogger from the Netherlands by the name of Noraly Schoenmaker aka Itchy Boots. I won’t bore you with the entire story of her life (however I do encourage you to explore and learn about her), but the short story is she gave up her past life in the Geology profession as a Geochemist and purchased a Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle in India and started her adventure to the furthest most parts of the world. If you’ve not seen her YouTube channel by all means give her a chance and watch some of her videos. She has such a warm and magnetic personality and a wonderful way of including you in her adventures. There are a lot of adventure motorcycle vloggers out there on YouTube and I’ve tried watching others and I confess I subscribe to several, but Noraly’s – Itchy Boots I have to say is my favorite. She is up to season 5 now so if you would like to start at the beginning you may get binge watching burnout. May want to spread her videos out over several weeks. Visit her website, donate money, purchase merchandise, or just watch her videos. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Watch out you’ll get hooked! 😉 Let me also say that she is all alone on her adventures. She doesn’t have a crew that follows her around and films her. She does ALL the film work, drone filming, music placement and all film editing herself. All this while maintaining several social media sites she has started i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Blogging on her own website etc. It’s indeed not all fun and games for her it’s a full-time job/project. “Good morning Internet!” “Let’s go!” A couple videos that will introduce Noraly and her adventures to you. “Wasn’t all rainbows and fairies”
  3. I made this small tribute to the HONDA TRANSALP. The pictures of the white TRANSALP is my bike. I couldn't seem to get any participation from others in the TRANSALP forum community to send me pictures of their 1989, 1990 TRANSALPS and give me permission to use them that I had to end up using only images of my bike mostly. If you like my little tribute give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Sit back turn up the volume and have fun. I hope it'll make you smile.
  4. Well, it can happen while just going a steady speed between 35 to 40 mph. It reeeealy happens when I was decelerating. When I was coming down the mountains and decelerating it didn't matter on hard corners or straights this shake occurs. No, I'm not gonna take my hands off the bars - not a good thing to do. Motorcycles don't inherently shake in the frontend. At least not on my bikes it doesn't. This shake is way out of the norm and will need to be addressed. I'm sure it's the ContiMotion front tire. I'm currently working on another motorcycle purchased and it may take some time to get back to the VFR.
  5. You're very welcome for the article. I found it very interesting and thought you guys should have the opportunity to put your eyeballs on it. Like I mentioned I've always subscribed to heating up the engine first then draining the oil. Now, I can confess, and this is the truth I've often thought in the back of my mind "Does it really need to be hot?" After all I'm not in a race when I'm draining the oil so why in the world would I need it to drain really really fast? Now, and over several oil changes on several different motorcycles now, I'm really into turning on some music, having a glass of ice tea (or whatever you prefer to drink) and just taking my time changing the oil and filter. I'm just NOT in a huge hurry. You're welcome also for the article indeed. Glad you found it worthwhile. Yes, it's not going to hurt you to change the oil when it's cold. You can take comfort in the fact that you are indeed getting rid of more contaminants in your oil drain than you would by heating it up and distributing those contaminants throughout the engine and not draining them as you should. Just think, now you don't need to spend time warming up the engine only to have to deal with hot oil when you drain it. All that to get it to drain faster. Are you part of a pit crew????
  6. I was going to post this in another thread about what oil type to use but that thread was really spread pretty thin and I see that you guys were pretty tired of it. So, I came across this article a long time ago and found it very interesting to say the least. It's like anything in this world there are varied opinions for a lot of subjects. Keep and open mind and read this article and see what you think. I was one that would always warm up an engine before draining the oil, but I've reconsidered that old myth if you will. HotorColdOil.pdf
  7. Thank you everyone for your great responses!!!!! Put about 200 miles in the mountains today and, man, the head shimmy is worse when coming down the mountain. When there is a load on the frontend the steering will shake very noticeably. It's not a ride stopper but if you not concentrating on what's happening and have both hands ready one could loose control. At this point it's a noted factor and I'm not liking the shimmy. I will do as you guys have said and check the triple tree the head bearings the axle bolt spec for tightness. I can't seem to shake the thought and I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that it's the ContiMotion front tire. Let me get into it and see what's going on. Now, it might take me a few days I've got some other things that need to get done. Stretching my legs today after riding several miles.
  8. This Gen. 6 is new to me and I finally had the chance to put a few miles on the other day. Well, at speeds between 35 and 40 mph I get a side-to-side front wheel shake. It's not a huge shake but it is very noticeable. The tires are new Contimotions and maybe it's the tires? Any thoughts? I'm sure a steering damper would eliminate that but is that necessary? Any ideas or thoughts would be great.
  9. I was changing the oil in my NTM Gen 6. As I was below putting in a new filter I notice that the Evaporation tank didn't have a hose on it. The Service Manual doesn't mention anything. Just curious, am I missing an intake hose?
  10. Yes, I saw the pieces of film you can purchase online. I think it was eBay. I did, and am, giving that some thought as well. That's why I'm posting the Tank Protector question here so I can get all this cool feedback. Looks good even if it did take 2 months. That's great to know. These are bits of information I'm looking for!
  11. Man, you and me both bud! Yeah, that protector is BIG. Nice indeed. However, you remember me stating that this protector will be going on a 25th. Anniv. edition model and I have the blue tank top with the red accent stripe below that. If I can avoid it all together I would rather not cover over the red stripe. Yes, I know I can lower the protector so that it will not cover the red stripe, but the BIG protector wouldn't allow me to do so - agreed? That BIG carbon look protector does look very cool.
  12. I know, I know something as simple as a Tank Protector, how dumb - right? Yeah, I realize this is a personal vanity question but I thought I would ask since I want to replace the clear "PROGRIP" that's on my Gen. 6, 25th Anniversary, model currently. You ask: "Why do you want to replace the current protector?" Well, 1.) I want to make this MY VFR and remove the PO's tank protector and 2.) The currant clear PROGRIP shows the dirt that collects behind and around the edges of the protector. Now, one of the considerations to the choice of a Tank Protector is: remember this is a 25th Anniversary edition VFR800 so there is the blue top on the gas tank along with a red paint strip below that. So, I would rather not place a protector over the lower red paint strip if that makes any sense? Yes, I have seen pictures of VFR800s with the Honda OEM ST1300 Honda protectors and I'm not totally apposed to that protector but for now let's entertain the idea of these protectors for the grins - right? Give me your vote? I sorta wish we had the capability to conduct a poll on this forum. Guess I need to live without that capability? Here are the Tank Protectors I've come across thus far. As a side note you can get anyone of these Tank Protectors from eBay right now. Now, the below images are not in any particular order this is just how I loaded them from my computer. Protector 1. Protector 2. Protector 3. Protector 4.
  13. Thank you Grum! I like your explanation! Certainly allows me to understand the issue far better than I did. Thank goodness you solved that problem. I hate electrical gremlins. Always seem to cook my brain and mess up my day(s). Good for you. I'm tellin' ya dirt and grim can really do a number on electrical connections! Been there done that.
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