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  1. On October 10, 2019, jkboyd said: On my 5th gen I went with Jamie's recommendation and used 6th gen fork tubes with F4i lowers. I really like the setup. This is more what I'm trying to do. Now if only I knew who Jamie is...? Edit: figured it out. Jamie is from DMr.
  2. This isn't *quite* what I'm trying to do... But this might be an option. If I'm understanding it right, the f4i tubes are only 5mm shorter than the 5th/6th gen tubes. That's pretty insignificant. On edit: I hadn't even considered the steering lock. I just figured I'd deal with stuff like this as it came up. Thanks for the heads up. Edit 2: So, based on my research, f4 forks have 587mm tubes. The VFR800 (5th and 6th) has 628mm tubes. This is much more than a 5mm difference. Is the fork length difference made up somewhere else?
  3. Ah...that thread leads into a couple others. Plenty of reading to do. Thanks!
  4. Okay, I guess I'll just have to go for it and find out for myself...
  5. According to what I've read, the 5th gen, 6th gen, and f4 (not f4i) wheels and rotors are interchangeable. I'll probably use an f4 fender, cuz it will bolt to the f4 lowers. I'm not a fan of the vfr fender.
  6. So, I've been doing some studying...and I came up with this idea. I want to know if anyone has done this, and how it worked. I have a 5th gen. I'm thinking about using triple trees and tubes from a 6th gen, with lowers from a cbr600f4i. And guts from...both??? I have never worked on forks, and don't know what's involved, but I have a leaking seal, need new brakes, and the weather just turned nasty. Time for an upgrade! Edit: Based on my research... The gen 5 vfr has 41mm x 628mm tubes The gen 6 vfr has 43mm x 628mm tubes The cbr600f4i has 43mm x 587mm tubes The gen 5 vfr has 120 mm of travel The gen 6 vfr has 100 mm of travel The cbr600f4i has 119 mm of travel The cbr600f4i also has rebound adjustment and takes 4-piston calipers (and I want to de-link) Edit 2: For those who haven't done this, but are familiar with fork rebuilding/changing/upgrading, does this sound like it will work? Should I start buying parts and go for it? Or did I miss something?
  7. Yeah, I see, I misread that. Thought it included the 5th gen.
  8. So, I ran across this chart: https://organ-donor.org/motorcycle-data/fork-tube-diameter-list/#tube41 It shows the 4th gen VFR and the VTR 1000 to have 41 mm fork tubes. And it shows the 5th/6th gen VFR and CBR-F4 to have 43 mm tubes. But when I measured mine (5th gen), I got 41 mm. Is the chart wrong? Or do I have 4th gen forks on my 5th gen?
  9. Is this still available? All my local options fell through.
  10. My wheel and tire are still on the bike, so can't take these measurements. I ride it regularly.
  11. What are the differences between the F4I and vfr800 front wheels? I have a friend who just picked up a wrecked vfr800 to use the engine for a go-cart. I'm going to see what's going to happen with that first. I don't know what shape the front wheel is in. It looked fine in the pictures. I might even end up buying the whole bike from him.
  12. So the run of 5th/6th gen VFRD headers were all the same, right? So any of that run will fit a 5th gen or a 6th gen, right? There weren't some built for 5th gens, and some tweaked for 6th gens, right? Trying to be sure I understand this correctly.
  13. Here's something I found on wemoto.com. Sounds like I'd prefer GG pads, but with bigger calipers/shoes. Of course, I'd have to try them to know: Brake Pad Frictional Formulation Brakes work on the crude principle of friction between two surfaces. To give a uniform measure of the frictional characteristics of a Brake Pad the SAE J866A test procedure is used to give a two character code e.g EE FF GG HH. HH or GG HH Pads These have the highest coefficient of Friction and are ideal for high-performance motorcycles and race track use. Some modern performance motorcycles specify HH as standard. HH Pads can sometimes prove grabby, scary in the wet and ineffective in every day use when they fail to reach a good operating temperature. GG Pads This grade of Pad is a great all rounder and will perform well in most conditions. GG are softer than HH pads and bed in quicker on worn discs. Mixing HH and GG Pads Many manufacturers specify HH for the front of performance Motorcycles with GG in the rear. This is because GG pads can give you more feel and control of the back brake. It is not considered safe to use HH in the rear with GG pads in the front. Obviously Pads are only as good as the condition of the whole braking system. When first used, brake pads can sometimes give poor braking, as residual moisture from the manufacturing process works its way out and the pads bed in. It is best to bed in pads with gentle use and very heavy initial use can result in glazing, a condition where the resins in the pad crystalize with resulting poor performance and squeal.
  14. Here's a quote from a post from an RC51 site: I looked at the caliper and master cylinder specs in the service manual. SP1 - Master Cylinder 19mm, Caliper pistons 34/32mm SP2 - Master Cylinder 17mm, Caliper pistons 32/30mm SP1 Brake Rotor Thickness 4.5mm SP2 Brake Rotor Thickness 5.0mm So... When you say "19 radial" are you talking about the master cylinder? I'm 6'2" tall, and weigh around 185 pounds. The guy I bought the bike from was into racing (or at least spending time on the track). He looked to be about my weight. Maybe he set the suspension up for himself, because I haven't. I've heard people talk trash about the VFR800 suspension, but this is the best handling street bike I've ever had. That may not be saying much, cuz all my other bikes were substantially older, but I've had no complaints. I just want to upgrade it to see what it could be.
  15. Yeah, got it, might as well collect the parts and just do it all at once. I like the VFR front brake feel, but wish it had a tad bit more power. So, when you talk about "feel/power" I'm thinking you mean plenty of power, but with enough lever throw to modulate the brakes...?
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