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  1. Hey Grum, went for a ride, waited till the bike is over 200f, till the fan kicked in, etc. Rode for a good hour or so. Stop and go traffic, and so forth. The old R/R wired up to the stator does WAY better than the 847. Even at 217f, while riding the voltage was 14 and above, at idle it was about 12.9. Compared to 847, which, as I mentioned before, was giving me a voltage of 12.6 at 5k rpm at over 200f. Something aint right with the thing!
  2. Well boys, I actually just installed my old R/R back (crimped it to the stator this time, getting rid of old connector) since I have a two day trip coming up and no heatsink plate just yet (Mello Dude, Id love to buy one of your plates, please!) the 847 sure is weird. I wont give up on it just yet, perhaps once I change the C/B for a 30 amp fuse, and have better heatsink it will do its job..or not. Who knows. I gotta say, Custome Rewind sounds like a good place to send a stator to. Gonna go for a test ride and see how everything is!
  3. Hey! Im sorry youre having the same issue. May you please link me to this plate from mello man? I cannot find it. I will be doing the fuse replacement today aswell. I have a 2 day trip coming up. And honestly am thinking of just wiring in my old r/r. There was nothing wrong with it either. Just thought this one would be better.
  4. Thank you so much! Will run all stator tests in the morning. Two questions. 1) should I remove that base plate between rr and frame? And bolt rr directly to frame for better connection? Because the heatsink of the rr is qaaay bigger than the baseplate. 2) I already have that fuse connector. So thats good news! What do I do exaclty? Cut out the circuit breaker and install this instead? Once again. Thank you so much! I was L O S T.
  5. Hey Grum! This is the kit I have, pic attached, I believe, I do in fact have what you're talking about, the re-setting circuit breaker. I got this kit from roadstercycle.com, I have read here that the website, and the owner, Jack, is the guy to go to when it comes to r/r's, So I went on there and bought the best one. The kit also came with a metal baseplate, since the r/r is bigger than the OEM, so the metal plate is connected to the frame, and r/r to the metal plate. (I will attach photos aswell) in the 3rd pic, you can see there is def a huge gap between the r/r and frame, that the metal plate creates. Perhaps thats the issue? I'd love to hear your thoughts. As far testing AC voltage, I will get back to you first thing in the morning! its 2am here in NYC, and my neighbors would absolutely kill me. Haha!
  6. Hello! thank you so much for your reply. Let me do my best to answer you. -I have crimped the 3 yellow wires from R/R to Stator, since I cut out the connector. -The fuse holder is OEM and has not been touched, however, it is clean, and there is no sign of burnt out fuse or fuse holder. I am not sure what a self setting c/b is, I am sorry. The only other accessories I have added, is my voltmeter, and the SH847 full kit which I got from Roadsycle. com. The kit comes with the pos and neg wires which add on to the battery. The r/r does get hot. But not hot enough for me not to able to touch it. I have measured the AC voltage on all 3 wires when the bike was at about 175F, all were around 21/22 at idle, and went higher as I revved the engine to 5k. I hope this helps!
  7. Hello all! Question, as I am lost...when my bike gets hot, I seem to lose voltage. I have the SH847 installed, and a stator from Ricks. I know that's not the best stator, but its all I can get at this time. I installed the r/r about a month ago, and the stator just 3 days ago. Here is my issue. When bike is cold/started the voltage is at a steady 13 or 13.1, at 3 and 5k rpm, its at 14.3 or 14.4. So all checks out there. I have checked the stator for shorts, and did "the drill" all checks out. I have tried two dif batteries, and the issue persists. When my bike gets hot, I am riding at like 12.8v at almost full throttle! I just dont know where to look anymore. I checked the fuses, I checked connectors all around (unless I missed some?) and they're all nice and clean, and good to go. I try my best to take care of this bike, so I really would love some input. This usually happens over 200f. when I parked my bike, and let it cool to 175, the voltage started coming back, 13.5 at 3k/5k rpm, I sure if I let it sit more, it will be back to normal voltage. Basically, the hotter my bike the less voltage I have, and I am worried I'm going to mess something up. As far as what I have connected to the battery, its just the r/r connections, and the voltmeter. Any tests I can run? any connectors I need to check...please let me know! If you are wondering why I even did all these upgrades, is because I had some aftermarket crappy r/r when I bought the bike. So I changed that out. After a month with the new R/R. I noticed a decrease in voltage aswell. To a point where my batt was at 11.8 with bike turned off. I checked my oem stator, and it had shorts between coils. So I got Ricks stator. It all checks out in lower temps, but when it heats up, I get worried...I have a 2 day trip coming up, Id just like to see whats going on. Thank you!!!!!
  8. Hello everyone! first of all I want to thank this discussion board for its existence. As it has helped me fully engine swap, (same gen 5 V4) and upgrade my Gen 5 from the condition that it was in, to the beast that it is now! I have no ran into a little problem, and the people at Power Commander can't seem to help. I have a full Black Widow headers/tip and a K&N air filter. I was wondering if anyone here have, or know someone that has a MAP that would work best for this combination? I have been given a generic map from the PC guys. IMHO I feel like there are better MAPS out there, everyone recommended I go to the forums instead, as someone may have something, if you do, please reach out! Bike pic is of me cruisin' on my gen 5 beauty at an abandoned air strip. (I love this thing)
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