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  1. This issue has finally been sorted. It appears the Honda dealer (and several other Honda dealers by the sounds of it) did not realise that Honda do supply replacement keys which are then HISS coded as above. Thanks for the inputs guys.
  2. On the other hand....both of my previous 800s (98 & 07) required shim changes, the 98 was close to the minimum shim available before she passed. I think the situation has gotten better with the newer engines, but until you check, you don't know. Is it worth risking the engine? Unless you are prepared to replace it.
  3. Quickly, go out and buy a lottery ticket! Thank goodness you are ok.
  4. Hi Bob. I don't rate the Akra, but mine came with one attached. I fitted a DAM to my 1200 and love it. I've had the TC engage a couple of times but usually due to over-exuberance with the throttle over surfaces I shouldn't but otherwise, it never activates. Perhaps I should try harder. In the real world, the newer model is faster than the older....it has more useable torque in the right place, is lighter and handles better. The 800X is an even better bike!
  5. I took Mrs Skids out for lunch on the VFR1200 Sunday. It is an outstanding machine, with the suspension upgraded it corners like my 800 and hits 3-figure speeds with such ease yet is refined, composed and easy to ride. I truly don't understand what you expected out of the VFR1200, other than what we got (except for the ridiculous and unwarranted bad press at the launch). The Kawa is a different bike completely, and costs a sh1t-load more too so I can't see a valid comparison. But I'm really glad you like it, it is a stunning piece of engineering.
  6. Skids


    Salcey Forest cafe for lunch.
  7. M8, I read a review recently of the Shoei Neotec 2; the interesting bit is - The secret of reducing noise in a helmet is getting the fit as tight around the neck as possible. And indeed, this is why flip-lid helmets are quieter than full-face helmets. Because you slide you head into a flip-lid, the neck-roll sits very close to the neck. If air can’t get in, noise stays out. I think you've mentioned previously that you've tried lots of helmets, but maybe a decent flip-lid will make enough of a difference on top of your mods? Just a thought.
  8. Agreed! But the principle seems already set if the Africa Twin and HD have them as accessories.
  9. It's not an additional input I want, it's an 2.5mm mp3-style output so I can fit my in-ear speakers instead of the in-helmet speakers. The mount for my Sena SMH-10 has one. Cheers.
  10. Does anybody have anything they think I should know about the Shoei Neotec II as I am considering it as my next helmet purchase? Both positive & negative welcome. I have one question: does the Sena i/c system allow you to use in-ear speakers connected via a standard mp3 plug like my externally mounted Sena SMH-10, or is it in-helmet speakers only? Cheers.
  11. I wonder if there's anyone on this site, or others, who has the skills/workshop to consider manufacturing these under-headlamp deflectors as a marketable accessory? Or is it worth going to an existing accessory manufacturer to consider producing? Anyone in a position of knowledge? I'd certainly consider buying one.
  12. I wonder how much this affects your experience and why you are needing to lower your screen so much. Hope that is taken in the way it is meant!
  13. Welcome to the site and to the VFR. The beauty of the VFR, which is why we all love them, is that they make us all look good (except for those riders who really ARE good, but thankfully they are few and far between ) I think you'd struggle to get a better value bike for that money than you have, I'm sure you'll enjoy many miles together on those fabulous roads.
  14. Discussion here.
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