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  1. All way beyond my capabilities.
  2. Yes, someone else mentioned this fella a few weeks ago but I couldn't find the thread. Will be interesting to read the experience of someone on here who decides to give him a try (as long as they remember that the restrictions are in the first 3 gears, not 2).
  3. There should be a workshop manual available in the Downloads section. That will have every torque figure you should need.
  4. The issue, at least for me, with HiD Xenon is locating the ballast somewhere. It wont fit inside the headlamp unit which means you have to cut the existing headlamp wires and pass the ballast through the waterproof rubber gaiter. Then there is also precious little space to mount the ballast. I'm not 100% happy with where mine is but it's been there several years and seems to be working. It was a tortuous ordeal, involved pulling the front fairing off completely to access the headlamp unit fully, but there may be an easier way now as I fitted this back in the early days. Modern LED are much easier. The one I recently fitted to the high beam was a simple swap, no external ballast, just plug in and go. I don't know if they're putting out enough illumination yet for night riding nor if the beam pattern is affected by the change in bulb type, but I'll take a look at the beam pattern as winter approaches. And the beauty of LED is no warm up time, it's an instantaneous ON, which is perfect for the high beam flash. For the low beam, HiD is ok as it warms up when you turn the ignition on, after that, it's on permanently but again, beam pattern may be an issue. Fortunately, it wasn't for me.
  5. He's always busy. Sounds like the same work I had done on mine. You won't regret it, transforms the bike.
  6. Highly recommended. Had my first Crossrunner upgraded there too and the new one will be visiting sometime as well. What options did you go for?
  7. Thanks Mohawk. Personally, I'm looking for battery heated gloves, not wired to a heated jacket (already have those and they are really uncomfortable) and I don't want to have to wear my heated jacket in order to have warmer hands. Better technology is leading to smaller/lighter batteries which is clearly better and as long as the armour is good and they're waterproof, as well as warm, then they will do for me.
  8. Yes, I have seen those before but had forgotten about them. More choices here. Reputable dealer, usually very competitive prices too, used them many times before.
  9. I've been looking at these, though still undecided. I have no experience of them nor do I know anybody that has, but the field does look a little limited. Let me know what you decide as I definitely need a pair of heated for the winter commute and battery powered are starting to look very good. Oh, we had 32°C here the other day. 😎 😝
  10. Welcome to the club
  11. The lower mounting plates are different shapes, though the mounting lugs look to be the same spacing.
  12. I can't imagine they're different but cannot say for sure.
  13. M8, before you go off and potentially waste time & money, why not just compare it to another 1200? It could easily be just your interpretation. I also must have missed your centrestand issue; for me, the 1200 is the easiest bike ever to put on and take off the centrestand. Certainly much easier than the 800. What's the problem?
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