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  1. I had to use their universal Snakeskin and cut my own for my Crossrunner. I think it's a little far for the nearest Crossrunner owner to ride to Nevada.
  2. I don't suppose you have a cousin in a West African country who has discovered that I am owed millions £££?
  3. Hi Sunde. I fitted a Beowolf rad guard to my 1200 shortly after I bought her 6 years ago and I haven't even thought about it since. It sits there, looking great and must be doing its job so I happily recommend it. VFR1200 Manual (10 onwards) Archives | Beowulf Performance Products (beowulfuk.com)
  4. Great choice, welcome to VFR Land!
  5. Those do look rather good. Looking forward to the pics.
  6. Having the suspension serviced at the same place i had it modded, MCT Suspension near Stowmarket.
  7. That's 2. 😆
  8. Skids

    Dolomites 1.jpg

    Oooh, that's an old one.
  9. Indeed, an amazing bike. Welcome.
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