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  1. Skids

    Teneriffe December 2019

    Definitely recommend the both of those. Nice pics keny, looks like some nice roads there in a poorly known (from a biking perspective) destination.
  2. Your first sentence is factually correct (incidentally the same kerb weight as the 800F), however I'd argue your second; I find the wider bars give greater leverage and therefore steering is easier and more precise. As for the last part, well we all see different things in different bikes and it can often be surprising when we actually ride a bike just how different we feel about it. The Crossrunner section on here is not very busy, mainly I think because the bike is not available in N America, but we have many converts from other adventure-style manufacturers including BMW, Triumph and Ducati, who all seem very, very happy with their move to the 800X on another site. And in the end, it is a VFR. Each to their own.
  3. No mention of the wheels on yr lists and yet they're the most striking part? Very nice sound.
  4. Nothing for nearly a month....hope yr ok fella!
  5. That sounds interesting, not heard of it before. Pics or info as and when you get it please.
  6. Found these on a Greek site, Moto-Discovery. Inexpensive compared to the other reflective stripes I could find, VFR-specific and very rapid delivery. They don't quite fit as advertised in the instructions, they overlap when you get back round to the start, but it's easily fixed by reducing the distance between some of the sections. We'll see how they last an English winter. Lots of other VFR/VFR800X bits on there too.
  7. It's what they use at Tyre dealers, it's an electric socket wrench with a hammer action to shock the nuts into releasing. Very powerful if you use one of theirs....indeed you might try popping down to your local Kwikfit or other and asking them if they'll kindly have a go at removing them for you.
  8. I like the fact that LED is instantaneous (almost) On/Off. Much better than the slow rise of incandescent and HiD.
  9. Agree that LED is a better conspicuity aid than either incandescent or HiD-Xenon, but I'm not convinced they put out enough light compared to the others, nor is their beam pattern as good, at least in my experience. The OEM LED headlight on my 2018 Crossrunner stands out very well and because it is split into 2 spots close together, it stands out from cars which are much further apart. The beam pattern is not that good though with just a thin arc of light in front and little short of that. I have supplemented it with a pair of Givi LED spots mounted on the crash bars. Conspicuity is massively increased though even now, there are muppets out there who see 4 bright LEDs and still pull out; this morning there was a prime example of this on my commute. There are some who are very anti-headlight upgrades unless you change the whole headlamp, and some have done some wonderful conversions but in my experience (and lack of ability) simple bulb changes can make a noticeable improvement as long as you are careful to set them up to not blind oncoming drivers. Every VFR I've owned I have converted as conspicuity is more important to me and I don't ride that much at night on dark roads that require the best and strongest beam pattern.
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