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  1. It's your bike, you do with it/to it as you choose. TBH, the valve check is not that difficult on the 5th Gen (I've no idea about earlier gens, but they can't be that different) so you don't have to adjust them, just check them to give you peace of mind. But as I said, your bike, your choice, but please don't assume that because you've "heard" that they don't need checking really, some do. My 98 needed at least 3 exhaust shims changing every 16k service. YMMV.
  2. I have EBC rotors fitted to my VFR1200F and they are superb.
  3. Rust free? Oh how we dream of that! Beautiful bike, glad you got her home safe.
  4. M8, I'm no mechanic but I was able to service my own '98 VFR800, even the 16k valve service. What you need is the Service Manual (in the downloads section) and someone to show you what to do. After that, it's not difficult.
  5. My '98 needed 3 exhaust shims changing every 16k up to 130,000 miles.
  6. Thanks Danno, that looks good.
  7. I suspect there are, but which of them are quality?
  8. Can anybody recommend a digital voltmeter for the VFR to fit a 30mm hole? UK based please.
  9. Can't imagine Honda will invest money in making the VFR engine Euro-6 compliant so close to the date when so many countries have promised to stop selling petrol/diesel engined vehicles. 😢
  10. I think you have a bit of a tab issue going on here.
  11. Well done, great thread and photos too. I had a set of Staintunes on my 6th Gen and loved the sound. I'm taking more of an interest in the 5th Gen threads, esp ones like this, as I am hoping to purchase an 01 model soon and spruce it up a little, much as the OP has.
  12. Yes, it could be just that. The rest of the bike looks very good. A friend has given it a once over as it's over 100 miles away.
  13. No, it's a dealer and I want to get things straight in my head before I pick up the phone.
  14. Would a rough respray of the rear sprocket, hub and lower shock mount cause you to forget this as an option despite the fact it is in very good condition though a bit pricey. I'm a little concerned that if they've spray painted them what else have they tried to hide? 2001 Honda VFR 800 F Long MOT, Delivery Available 781cc for sale for £3,300 in Keighley, West Yorkshire (autotrader.co.uk)
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