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  1. Nice one! The bike will benefit from the loss of the PAIR system too.
  2. You wont regret the suspension work, same as mine. The guys at MCT are excellent. Are you aware there is another option than Don Guhl for the reflash? There's a link in my sig to Sabsteef, based in Holland but he can work remotely via a laptop with a cable you have to buy. Please note I'm not recommending him, I've not had mine flashed (yet) but he is an alternative. There may be others.
  3. Such as fine sight indeed - reminded me of the The Eagles track. On my way home this evening, an RSV4 came up behind me so I let her past. And yes, that's the view from the cockpit of a VFR800X Crossrunner (for all you dudes across the pond!). 😝
  4. Hi Matt and welcome to VFR ownership. I don't believe you need a PC if you have O2 elims fitted. I fitted them to my 08 VFR and never fitted a PC and she ran beautifully. I also removed the PAIR system completely, blocking off the PAIR valves with a set of Mello Dudes blocking plates and again, she ran beautifully. As for the VTEC transition, some VTECs have a rough and noticeable transition, some have a fairly smooth one. Sounds like yours is the latter. If yr not sure, bring yr bike up to me and I'll see how it is. I'm near J10 of the A1.
  5. Yup, that did it. Can't believe I didn't spot that, this is not my first rodeo. Thanks again bud.
  6. You may have just hit the nail on the head m8, thanks.
  7. I'm refitting the wheels on my 1200 after having 2 new tyres fitted. I'm trying to position the exhaust clamp that hold the DAM end can back onto the bike pipe but the clamp looks like it will interfere with the centre stand when the bike rolls off the centre stand. Could someone with a 1200F fitted with a DAM end can kindly take a photo of the positioning of the exhaust clamp so I can see where it will position so it doesn't interfere with the centre stand? Thanks in advance.
  8. The reflash is cheaper than PC + Maps/dyno, I think by more than 50%. There are links to both Guhl and Sebsteef in my sig block, try contacting them.
  9. Yes, bars went on last week and it is such an improvement for me. What suspension work are you having done?
  10. The Helibars on mine are definitely worth it, they saved the bike for me as it was becoming increasingly difficult to ride for long periods with the strain on my wrists and back. Rather than decat and PC, have you considered getting the ECU flashed? You can have the restrictions in the first 3 gears removed and the top speed limiter, plus other things too. There's a guy in Holland able to do it remotely via your own laptop/PC. There's a link in my sig below. I'm not recommending him as I don't know him, just pointing him out. There's also Don Guhl in the US who has a good track record with members on here but you have to remove the ECU and send it to him in the US.
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