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  1. I notice this thread has gone unanswered. Can anyone help?
  2. Hi all I need to replace the front discs on my 2014 VFR1200F and was wondering what make/model would be recommended? The OEM brakes are outstanding so not necessarily looking to upgrade, just looking for quality replacement that at the least maintains the awesome stopping power. Also, they need to be available in the UK. Current choices appear to be OEM, EBC X-Series, Brembo and Galfer (too expensive). Cheers.
  3. A topbox on that bike is sacrilege! 😲
  4. You deserve a bigger garage m8. Brilliant work, keep us posted please.
  5. Brilliant news, so pleased for you amidst all the current gloom.
  6. Hi Skids, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Hi and welcome to the site and hopefully back to VFR riding. I'm not sure if you are a dedicated sports tourer rider but I'm on my second VFR800X Crossrunner and it's the best VFR800 I've owned by a margin. It's an identical engine to the 8th Gen VFR800F with the same running gear but an adventure-style upright riding position. It's not hugely well known, even over here but one I would highly recommend considering and there are a lot of good deals on them. Whatever you decide to buy, do let us know and post a pic when you can.
  8. Never had any issues running my Keis heated jacket and gloves on any of my VFRs (5th, 6th, 800X and 1200F).
  9. Don't worry, sub-100 mile range wouldn't stop me getting one. It's the cost that is!
  10. I cannot understand why the Crossrunner is not available in the US. I've owned and ridden 5th and 6th Gen VFR800s and the new 8th Gen is the best of them all but as I progress in years, I find the weight on my wrists troubling on an ST bike but the Crossrunner solves that problem. It's the same engine and running gear but an upright seating position and the extra leverage of wider bars mean it's even easier to chuck around. The suspension needs some tweaking but other than that, it's an utterly brilliant bike, as an increasing number of riders, many ex-BMW boxer twin or Triumph ADV riders are finding out. I really feel for your loss!
  11. Not quite true, they're still available over here. https://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/range/sport-touring.html
  12. What he said! Plus you might consider replacing the alternator, though it's easy enough to do when the engine is re-mounted. Good luck and please keep us abreast of your progress.
  13. On my 4th set of Metzeller Roadtec 1's on my 800 and will be replacing the rather old set of PR4's with Roadtec 1's on my 1200.
  14. Skids


    Agree with Grum, lovely bike, great photo!
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