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  1. Haha. No farkling I'm afraid. A bolt detached itself and I wanted to see what type it was.
  2. Thanks Grum. My Search skills were failing me.
  3. Does anyone have a link to a VFR1200 parts fiche please? Thanks.
  4. Damn, beat me on 2 counts; only 60 revolutions and Very Fun Riding sounds pretty lame next to yours.
  5. Attended a very good Skills Day at Cadwell Park racing circuit hosted by the Hopp Rider Training team. Not a track day, as such; all bikes must be road legal. In the morning, groups of 6 led by an instructor, up to 5 groups out at once with no overtaking until the instructor in front acknowledges it and then only on the straights and in the afternoon, no instructors but the same overtaking rules apply. This is a major issue for many as guys on race bikes who are clearly much faster overtaking under braking can cause issues for slower riders. Sadly it was wet in the morning but this did allow for exploring the adhesion of the tyres on a very grippy track. One issue I did notice was near the top of The Mountain, just before the brow, the back end was twitching even though I was not pushing it (at all). I wondered if the front end was going light enough to cause a mismatch between front & rear speed sensors and tripping the TC. If anyone can offer an informed view, I'd be interested to find out what was causing it as it knocked my confidence as I was building nicely.
  6. Excellent work, well done. So happy you finally have her on the road.
  7. Who'd have thought? I was really impressed with Jake Dixon today, took only 10 laps to get within 3 secs of the lead time, then improved his time by over a second in the second FP. Really looking forward to FP 3 tomorrow. Quatarraro seems ok after his crash. But Marquez!!! WTF??? 170mph crash and he walks away!
  8. The more upright seating position certainly suits many of us older riders, hence the constant interest in raising the bar heights etc on the 800/1200 VFRs. It is a shame the Crossrunner is not more widely available as this for me is the perfect answer. I don't understand how Honda think an engine so lacking in character (so I've heard) will sell in the ST corner of the market.
  9. Honda NT1100 confirmed: Africa Twin based sports tourer appears in approval documents | MCN (motorcyclenews.com)
  10. What he says 👆 It is the sensor for the OAT gauge on the dash. Fits in a small hole in the fairing. Up to you if you think it necessary I guess.
  11. Excellent news. Now go out and ride the nuts off it.
  12. I ended up buying the EasyTurn stand. It looked more solid and had good reviews. Arrived quickly, it quite light and the bike turns easily and smoothly. The 40cm one has only a couple of cm gap at either side as the Crossrunner centre stand is quite wide but it's easy to centre the stand. The 1200 fits really easily but is soooooo nose heavy that it is difficult to turn it easily. This makes turning the bike round in a narrow driveway for the next ride really easy and I would happily recommend.
  13. Fitted Givi screen today, will try it on Monday on my commute to work. Looks and feels a lot taller than the Powerbronze I fitted when I bought it.
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