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  1. Which ones? Macallan 18yo, Glendroanach Parliament, Balvenie Doublewood, Ledaig 10 yo?
  2. I got a tee-shirt. Not exactly what I put my money in for.
  3. Not normally, no, though the North American models may be different to the European ones.
  4. Welcome. Yes, some of the best biking roads in the world.....when the weather is nice. 😉
  5. Has anybody else just received this email? View this email in your browser. Exciting changes are coming! Hello Fusar app users, We're excited to announce that the Fusar app is about to undergo some very exciting changes. In fact, there are a number of serious updates already in the works. Everything is fair game this time around. In order to maximize the benefits of these updates, we want to hear from you. We're also willing to make it worth your while. We've included a link to a brief user survey below to take your input and suggestions into account. It takes just a few minutes to complete the survey and in exchange for doing so, we'll buy you a coffee from your coffee shop of choice. You read that right. No catch, just a quick survey in exchange for some free java. I want free coffee! We look forward to hearing from you! Copyright © 2019 Fusar Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Fusar Technologies, Inc. 78 John Miller Way Kearny, NJ 07032 Want to stop receiving these emails? Unsubscribe from this list.
  6. Skids

    Suspension Refresh

    Stopped for lunch at a cafe in the middle of Suffolk....what a difference. I've clearly been riding around the deteriorating suspension for quite a few miles. Best money you can spend on a bike!
  7. Brought my 2015 VFR800X Crossrunner in for a much needed suspension refresh this morning. At 40,000 miles, she's in need of it! But as she's only my commuter, I've gone for a service and refresh with the focus on the front so new springs, oil and a service and just a service to the rear shock.
  8. Skids


    Brecon Beacons, Wales
  9. Nice looking tarmac.....European money?
  10. Can't argue the science, yet life seems to have a way of showing us everything is not black and white (pun intended - night/day ). I have a HiD-Xenon bulb in my VFR1200F; never been flashed yet, it's much more obvious (safer) than the standard incandescent and has more than enough strength and coverage for night riding. I fitted a set to my old 08 VFR800, and they were the same. So whilst I agree with the principle, it appears you can 'get away with it', though obviously it can be hit and miss as to the outcome.
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