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  1. I am a member of the Crossrunner (VFR800X) FB group. That seems to work very well so I guess it all depends, although I am not a regular user of FB, it does have its uses. On another bike (mainly VFR) forum, all the 'helpful guides' were written up and posted in a separate section, so they weren't lost amongst all the rest. Horses for courses.
  2. Not seen this before, looks great and saves all the hassle of actually changing to a single nut. Yes, I know the clever ones amongst you will revolt at a suggestion like this but for us mere mortals, a more practical aesthetic option. Customer Gallery - Rocket Ron Moto (rocket-ron-moto.com) Some very nice-looking projects too. Projects - Rocket Ron Moto (rocket-ron-moto.com) If anyone has used them, any reports, good or bad?
  3. That's what I thought you meant! 😉
  4. The world is flat? Covid was a hoax?! What.....?!?!?
  5. Sadly the writing has been on the wall for a number of years now. Luckily for us all on here, we know how long they last if well looked after and we know their value, not necessarily in cash terms, but more emotive ones.
  6. Hi Skids, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Glad you got it sorted (and glad I didn't have this much hassle when I did my 5th Gen). You'll surely notice the difference when you've bled them.
  8. As Dutchy says, easy to do. I use a car jack with a small piece of wood on top then support the bike with it under the exhaust pipes.
  9. Big improvement on my 01 5th Gen brakes. Almost as good as the 1200 now. Definite improvement on my 08 6th Gen when I did them a few years ago. Let us know how they are when Yr complete.
  10. Great that you've got it off and so glad mine came off so much more easily. I know I don't have the skills or tools if it hadn't.
  11. They are a bugger those, but I recall mine came out relatively easily so sorry, I can't assist. Hopefully someone with some ideas will be along soon.
  12. Thanks. Yes, I bought an xl for the 1200 which ensures it fits over the top box, and I think a m for the Fi-1. Very nice, soft indoor covers.
  13. Admittedly, the pictures look a lot darker than it was. 😆
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