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  1. Telferizer. Having said that, it can't compete with $11.
  2. Welcome to the forum. A great looking bike there, hopefully you'll enjoy your miles together. If you are looking at upgrading things, you should consider suspension imo. I've had mine done by a specialist overt here and there are plenty of owners over there who have used Jamie Dougherty (and others) and I don't recall reading any negative responses, only glowingly positive ones. Mine now feels more like an 800, which considering the weight of the 1200 is a good thing. Anyway, all the best with your new ride, please keep us posted with your progress.
  3. I have one and use the Sport db killer all the time......the sound is gorgeousssssssss!
  4. Fair enough. The seat is easily sorted but the 800X is definitely not an off-roader, just a VFR800 with a more upright riding position. Best of luck with the purchase.
  5. Best of luck with the new bike. Did you also consider a VFR800X Crossrunner? If you find you don't like the Beemer, we have several ex-BM owners who prefer their Crossrunners
  6. Hi Skids, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Indeed I do m8, been using it for years and that's what I've applied to the mating surfaces.
  8. You should post the date/time...you never know, some local VFRD members may be able to join you.
  9. I think his issue is getting one of the new style keys cut. Honda have tried several times and failed. It's not the coding, it's the physical key itself; they just don't fit. Here's a quote from him: I do have the barcode label, it has Alpha character and 3 digit number too so as Grum says I expected to be able to order a new key using that, hence the exchanges with Honda UK. I also thought it could provide the pattern code to a locksmith. The problem has been that I can't find a locksmith with a cnc cutter that can use either the barcode or alphanumeric. Things used to be so much easier in past and not at near £70 a key blank to find out .It could be that the Honda uk people didn't have a knowledgeable person handling my case, but they asked for vin numbers and allegedly contacted the euro center but didn't come back with place that I could go with the blank and said they could not provide a precut key. Just hoping somebody else out there has had success in the uk.
  10. Grum Thanks for that, I've passed on a link to your post, hopefully it may help.
  11. A m8 of mine owns a 2015 VFR800X Crossrunner, a bike based around and has lots of compatibility with the VFR800F 2014+ model 8th Gen. He's lost one of his 2 ignition keys. Honda UK have been unable to source a replacement key which works and he is now left with only the one key. They are unable to replicate the cut to allow it to fit the lock. Even if a working replacement key could be sourced overseas, the bike is needed to code the transponder so I'm figuring only UK or near-continental Europe solutions are workable so if any members know of anyone who has successfully had a key cut for the new gen bikes, please let me know. Oh, and 8th Gen/Crossrunner owners, make sure you hang on to that spare key otherwise it could be very, very expensive (ignition lock, seat lock, ECU...…)
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