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  1. Hi Skids, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Indeed I do m8, been using it for years and that's what I've applied to the mating surfaces.
  3. You should post the date/time...you never know, some local VFRD members may be able to join you.
  4. Skids

    800F/X Ignition Key

    I think his issue is getting one of the new style keys cut. Honda have tried several times and failed. It's not the coding, it's the physical key itself; they just don't fit. Here's a quote from him: I do have the barcode label, it has Alpha character and 3 digit number too so as Grum says I expected to be able to order a new key using that, hence the exchanges with Honda UK. I also thought it could provide the pattern code to a locksmith. The problem has been that I can't find a locksmith with a cnc cutter that can use either the barcode or alphanumeric. Things used to be so much easier in past and not at near £70 a key blank to find out .It could be that the Honda uk people didn't have a knowledgeable person handling my case, but they asked for vin numbers and allegedly contacted the euro center but didn't come back with place that I could go with the blank and said they could not provide a precut key. Just hoping somebody else out there has had success in the uk.
  5. Skids

    800F/X Ignition Key

    Grum Thanks for that, I've passed on a link to your post, hopefully it may help.
  6. A m8 of mine owns a 2015 VFR800X Crossrunner, a bike based around and has lots of compatibility with the VFR800F 2014+ model 8th Gen. He's lost one of his 2 ignition keys. Honda UK have been unable to source a replacement key which works and he is now left with only the one key. They are unable to replicate the cut to allow it to fit the lock. Even if a working replacement key could be sourced overseas, the bike is needed to code the transponder so I'm figuring only UK or near-continental Europe solutions are workable so if any members know of anyone who has successfully had a key cut for the new gen bikes, please let me know. Oh, and 8th Gen/Crossrunner owners, make sure you hang on to that spare key otherwise it could be very, very expensive (ignition lock, seat lock, ECU...…)
  7. Thanks. Yes, I re-read Mohawk's post but wondered how does ACF50 "dry"? It's an oil-based product so surely that could take weeks/months? Anyhooo, short of any other answers and time running out before I need the bike back on the road, I shall smear a very thin coat of ACF50 over both pairs of surfaces, give them a day or so to "dry" and re-assemble.
  8. Resurrecting this thread as I have finally gotten down to removing the bearing holder to try to ease the tensioning of the chain. Needless to say, there was some water in there which dripped out when I removed the holder. The 2 surfaces that the holder rotates on were showing signs of corrosion so I have sanded them down but before I reassemble, should I just leave these surfaces dry or grease them? I know grease may well attract dust etc but it should also prevent the corrosion which caused the difficulty in adjusting the chain. The Service Manual just says to clean and reassemble, no mention of grease or anything else. Thoughts?
  9. Skids

    She's gone.

    +3 All the best Greg.
  10. If it wasn't mentioned, I apologise. The work was completed a long time ago.
  11. Skids

    2015 VFR800X 32k Service

    Outside tolerance is outside tolerance. I used to do the 16k service on my 5th Gen myself, did most of it myself on my 6th Gen but took it to a dealer for the valve shims as I didn't have the lifting tool but the X is so difficult to take apart that I resigned myself to using my dealer. Plus I am really busy atm and as it's my daily commuter, I need her back on the road asap. Yr correct, about the mileage....her 16k service was Jan 18!
  12. Dropped my 2015 800X in for its 32k service yesterday. No major issues with the bike so far, though I do seem to be being hard on my c&s as I will be fitting my 2nd replacement set since new next weekend. Despite the evidence, for my own peace of mind, I am having them check the valve shims and will accept the ridiculously high charge for checking them. They called me last night to say that one needed changing, it's 0.01mm too tight.
  13. I guess you'll need to check with your local dealer to confirm. Best of luck.

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