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  1. Skids

    Picture Thread

    And we went up to Yorkshire for a long weekend the other week. It was really sunny the day before.
  2. Skids

    Picture Thread

    Fitted some Thurn Motorsports crash bungs, fork & hub protectors to the 1200 at the weekend.
  3. Skids

    VFR800 rear hub

    Thanks guys. I shall take a look.
  4. Skids

    VFR800 rear hub

    For me, it's to free up the chain adjustment....it's very difficult to move it and I'm having to resort to using a hammer so cleaning the surfaces and applying a little lubricant seems to make sense.
  5. Skids

    VFR800 rear hub

    A good friend of mine "in the know" has said to grease it too and I trust him more than anyone else I know.
  6. Skids

    VFR800 rear hub

    Thanks for the replies guys, though I'm now not sure whether I should grease the hub or not. I will certainly clean the surfaces and take a look at the torque arm too, but to grease or not to grease.....that is the question?
  7. Skids

    What Slip on for a 2013 1200F?

    Nice rear end Sir!
  8. Skids

    VFR800 rear hub

    Hi all The chain adjustment on my 2015 VFR800X is getting quite stiff so I plan to dismantle the rear hub to see if needs cleaning up. I'm fairly happy with the dismantling but just want to check that it's ok to sand it down to clean it and does it require greasing before re-assembly? If so, what type of grease? I have some Castrol LM grease in the garage. I'll also check the brake torque arm for any deterioration. Thanks.
  9. Skids

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Welcome to the site. Any photos of the bike?
  10. Don't know about the Dunlops but currently using Metzeller Roadtec 1's and prefer them over the PR4's.
  11. Skids

    What Slip on for a 2013 1200F?

    I don't recall the cable being difficult to remove. The top end is visible when you remove the seat, the lower end comes away when you remove the OEM can. No need to spend any money.
  12. Skids

    PAIR valve disabling

    Ok, your choice. But it improved the low-end fuelling on my 07 VFR making her much smoother, easier and more enjoyable to ride.
  13. Skids

    Spain North-South

    Glad to hear things are on the up, do keep posting on your progress. Although I have ridden in southern Spain, I know I really need to do some exploring of the rest of the country, at some point!
  14. Skids

    PAIR valve disabling

    The quick/easy way is to block off the system using a suitably sized marble. The better but slightly more difficult method is to remove the PAIR system entirely.
  15. Skids

    Help with Honda OEM quickshifter

    Have a look here.

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