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  1. Sadly, a DAM end can will make your situation worse, with much more revving of the bike. You can ease the situation somewhat by inserting a plug thingy in the hole at the back, but mine seems to keep falling out whenever it's in my garage.
  2. That's great to know. My only reticence in doing it is insurance.
  3. Nice story, you should post more. A massively underestimated bike with a stonker of an engine and excellent handling once you've tweaked it (or replaced it). I will never sell mine!
  4. Have you tried these https://www.mandp.co.uk/products/scottoiler-crampbuster-regular-throttle-rest-539501, work great for me.
  5. Skids


    2 clean bikes (and 2 dirty cars!)
  6. Seeing as the equivalent Crossrunner topic has been closed.....bled the front brakes today and cleaned up the pistons. Fitted some Speed Bleeders whilst I was at it which made the whole process so much easier.
  7. My local Honda dealer claims it is still 16k miles.
  8. A necessary evil, sadly. I do ride through the winter but I'm usually stumped at some point as they don't de-ice the roads near to my house, only the main road through the village. Even if I can get out of the village, other roads may have had some preventative salt spread and that washes all over the bike. They even add molasses to the salt over here to help control the spreading and this conversely seems to make the road surface slippier and it lasts for weeks requiring lots of rain to wash it off the surface. The bike has to have regular washes during the winter, cos
  9. If only there was room over here for such large garages. Excellent work Miguel.
  10. I'll let you know if i continue to have the extremely slow loads or failures to load, but this morning.......super quick.
  11. I wish.... Not above 0 deg C all day and -8 tonight. Whilst most of the ice and snow has melted in the bright sunlight, there's black ice patches everywhere so the bike is warmly tucked away in the garage for another few days yet.
  12. I take it you ride dirt tracks a fair bit?
  13. Which begs the question why do the OEM grips NOT work well enough on the Crossrunner? Or more importantly, why has Honda refused to do anything about the poor grip heating on the Crossie when they have already acknowledged that they know the bars sap the heat away. They know this because the Africa Twin had the same issue so they changed the bars and the issue vanished. My 1200, 4 years older than my Crossie has fantastic heated grips so why don't they work on my other Honda? Sorry for the thread drift, but as you can see, it makes me SO angry!
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