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  1. Skids

    Switched Live

    Sounds like a good idea, thanks. The bike colour is actually matt black. Not my first choice, I'd have preferred the white again, but beggars can't be choosers.
  2. Skids

    Switched Live

    They do that. Still.
  3. Skids

    Switched Live

    Absolutely. I've been commuting for 2 weeks without them since I sold my old Cr and noticed a big difference, especially when filtering/lane splitting. Wouldn't want to be without them. Plus they fill a gap in the headlamp coverage too.
  4. Skids

    Switched Live

    2 hours later.... Managed to remove a lot of excess wiring loom and the On/Off switch too. Thanks again Grum.
  5. Skids

    Switched Live

    You Sir, are a star. Thanks. Mrs Skids & I will be spending a few days in Melbourne next March. Happy to buy you a large beer!
  6. Skids

    Switched Live

    Grum So just to confirm: I can connect the live/fused wire from the lights to the red wire on the male plug and the other wire from the lights to the remaining wire on the male plug?
  7. Skids

    Switched Live

    Still waiting to fit these lights but the 2017+ Crossrunner has a 12v DC socket fitted as standard in the LH fairing below the bars. On the previous installation, the live wire was soldered to a switched live and the other wire from the lights went straight to an earth on the frame. Rather than stripping and soldering to the switched live beneath the 12v DC socket, could I wire the lights to a male cigar plug and plug it into the socket? I don't use the socket for anything else but I'm not sure if the connection that went to earth previously can go to the socket??? Seriously don't want to blow a set of £300+ lights.
  8. Skids

    Switched Live

    The heated jacket is direct to the battery as it came with leads for that. Heated grips are fitted, yes. Had no issues on previous bike with all of these loads so hopefully....
  9. Skids

    Switched Live

    14W per bulb so 28W in total. Any idea of the exact location of the optional connector?
  10. Skids

    Switched Live

    Grum, appreciate your help there m8 but I'm afraid you might as well have written the majority of that in Latin. I'll take a look for the draw of the lamps.
  11. Skids

    Switched Live

    My knowledge of electrickery is not great. I'm after some help with powering a set of Givi LED spots to my new-to-me 2018 VFR800X Crossrunner - it's mostly the same bike as the 800F so I'm assuming (sic) that the electrics are pretty much the same too so hopefully there's an 800F owner out there who may be able to help as well as anyone else. I need to attach the spots to a switched live feed. They have their own On/Off switch, but I tend to leave this in the On position. They will be mounted on a set of Givi crash bars which wrap around the engine so access to the area beneath either the left or right side fairing will be best. If anyone knows where best to tap (is there an aux feed?), especially if you have pics, and also what is the best was to splice into an existing feed without damaging it too much, all help gratefully accepted! I'm 5 mins off junction 10 of the A1 if anyone feels like riding over to help out. There would be remuneration, of course! Cheers.
  12. 6 hours in the saddle to collect her. Much more comfortable than the ST versions.
  13. Swapped my white 2015 VFR800X Crossrunner for a newer 2018 model with only 3000 miles on the clock. I managed to put 44000 miles in 3 years on the old one so I guess it'll be the same for this one too. Nice matt black with colour-coded luggage including the larger 54l top box. As standard now comes a fairing-mounted 12v power supply though I will be fitting an under seat heated jacket supply and I have yet to fit a set of Givi crash bars and mount some extra Givi LED spots. At some point, I'll probably fit a DAM end can too.
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