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  1. And yet my 22yo with <9000 miles had only done 400 miles in 16 years, zero in the last 6 and it was fine to ride. Of course I've changed all the consumables but it didn't worry me at all. Far better that than worrying about how well its been looked after over far more miles.
  2. Sorry, no clue m8, I've never seen a de-linked system so wouldn't know where to start.
  3. Yup, a very lightly tightened calliper bolt through one of the disk holes will secure it in place. And I think you meant Chapter 15 of the SM, not 5.
  4. I assume you mean this method below using air pressure. Yes, there are tools you can get like pliers in reverse that you pull the piston out with. I'm sure someone has another method though.
  5. There are kits available - Honda VFR 800 Fi-1 01 Parts at Wemoto - The UK's No.1 On-Line Motorcycle Parts Retailer - I used these guys for my Fi-1 brake overhaul If yr servicing the brakes, why not replace the brake hoses with braided lines? I'd recommend Galfer!
  6. Hey Dave. As Grum says, nothing special to look for after all it's the best VFR800 Honda produced (except for the Crossrunner, of course ).
  7. Givi do one MY MOTORCYCLE - HONDA VFR-1200-F-10--16 - D321S - Givi but you may find you also need one of those wind deflectors that sits atop the existing screen. Alas, screens are very individual - we all have differing arm length, back length, neck length, seating position, helmet etc so what works for one person wont necessarily work for another and the annoying things is that you can't really test ride a new screen before paying for it, unless you know someone with the same bike who has that screen. I have the Givi above but I've also fitted Heli-bars. I'm 5ft 10". I have recently fitted one of the screen deflectors I mentioned above but haven't really had much chance to try it. For what little riding I have done on the 1200 recently, it's not brilliant but it's ok.
  8. Yes, I read that. Don't wait for any wisdom or solutions from me.
  9. As my hi-level GPR pipe has finally arrived and I can measure the internal diameter of the link pipe, can anyone remember what the external diameter of the WiLD headers at the link pipe joint are please?
  10. Some new goodies for my 01.
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