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  1. The only 'opinion' that matters is the the riders, the rest, unless coming from an 'expert', are just opinions. So if you just want to go with the crowd, do so, that's your perogative. I know what I would do, and have done recently, but that's just me.
  2. I don't know for sure but I believe they do.
  3. Surely you mean Sarf Larndon? Do you visit regularly?
  4. Iirc there should be a stamp on the VIN on the frame if its been completed. I think.
  5. I think Sir doth misunderstand. I was agreeing with you m8. 👍
  6. Off on hols on Friday, delayed due to catching the big-C (Covid, not cancer) so not much progress for a while now until we're back.
  7. I messed up the fitting slightly but spotted it before I tightened the banjo bolts. System refilled, speed bleeders fitted and system bled. I've tied the front brake Lever back overnight so will wait and see what happens - this is the point last time where I spotted the leaks. Also fitted a Skidmarx Cf-look chain guard and hugger.
  8. Not going to do that, but thanks. 34 Nm is correct, which, when applied to a shorter 12mm ring spanner is probably as tight as I can make it. Thanks all.
  9. Yes, you are correct m8, a ring spanner will fit but I am a pedant for torquing bolts correctly. Having said that, the male/female joints from the delay valve up at the headstock would not allow for a socket so I used 10mm/14mm spanners for that. Just wondered if I was missing something, a special tool or technique.
  10. How? I've removed the speed sensor take-off and still nowhere near enough room to get a socket on the banjo bolt. Is there some secret way of doing this that someone can whisper, or are you all just going to tell me to "person" up and use a spanner?
  11. True, the poet in me was clearly missing. Yes, the sound envelopes you in a symphony of aural motorcycle nirvana. Is that better?
  12. Titanium I prefer to call it. The DAM sounds ridiculously good too. Every time I cane it (every time I ride it) and hear the noise, a little bit of wee comes out. ☺️😉
  13. Well done to the CHiPs, guy in cuffs and arrested with no-one hurt. Could have been very different.
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