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  1. Fitted my oem clutch lever and it started fine in first gear. So it's the lever. Strange, as it's been working fine since I fitted it over 18k miles ago.
  2. Won't start in Gear

    Cheers Mohawk.
  3. Won't start in Gear

    I've just put the oem clutch lever back in and it works perfectly. wtf? What is it on the lever that closes the contacts?
  4. Thanks Grum. I'll also swap in the OEM lever to see if that makes a difference.
  5. Won't start in Gear

    Woodie, what needed cleaning? I've taken the switch off mine but it looks clean, though I have sprayed it with Contact Cleaner. I can see the 2 contacts but have no idea how to tell if it is serviceable or not. Nor what makes the contacts move. I've got aftermarket levers on but they've been fine for 000's of miles. I'll put the oem clutch lever back on and see if that makes a difference.
  6. Won't start in Gear

    Woodie, seems you & I have the same issue m8.
  7. Thanks m8, I'll give that a try when I can. The wires don't look as if they are removable so should I strip the insulation back?
  8. Grum, cheers for that m8. Sadly my knowledge of electrickery is limited to watts = volts x amps so I'm not sure I'll be able to use that info but it looks as if at least one person will. Removed the clutch switch but don't understand what I'm looking for or what to check.
  9. VFRD now worky thanks!!

    I've been struggling on the work PC as well as the home laptop.
  10. VFRD now worky thanks!!

    Don't know if this is related, and I've read nothing on the forum about this, other than this thread, but I've had trouble accessing VFRD recently. The site was down for several days last week, confirmed to me by a m8 who is also a member here and just now the browser timed out several times trying to reach here. I've had no cert warnings. Could be a local issue I know, but seems strange, especially last weeks outage with no mention of it when the site came back up.
  11. long distance comfort

    I've done a 600-mile+ day coming back from Italy on my 08 VFR; when it's important enough, you get through it! I would have no issues at all attempting 600+ miles, despite my age, on my current steed; an 8th Gen engine with an upright seating position. Such a shame they don't import them to the US. <smug.gif>
  12. Uncut key needed

    Thanks guys. A m8 has found what look like a compatible blank on ebay (he can clearly search better than I can) for £3.99 so I've ordered that and will see if it works.
  13. Uncut key needed

    I recently bought a 45 litre Honda top box. It came off a 2008 Transalp. The key is an ignition key, part # 35121-MFJ-D00, which also fit a range of other bikes from that time. Because it has a transponder for the HISS ignition in it, Honda want £41 for an uncut replacement but I don't need the transponder, just the key bit. So far I have not been able to find a supplier for the key. Does anyone know where I can source a replacement, transponder not required? Thanks.
  14. Winterised 2002 (UK)

    Nice work m8. Heated jacket connector? Essential for me when it's around zero! What tyres are those? I have Roadtec 1s on the 800X and they grip like a grippy thing in the wet/damp! How's about LED headlamps? Very conspicuous.
  15. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Depends how many times you get on/off I suppose. And of course you need the heated jacket or fleece or gilet to go with the gloves so it's the most expensive option but also the absolute best at staying warm in very cold weather. Sub-zero and toasty warm is a very nice feeling. I've had major issues with the Honda heated grips on my 15-plate 800X, had the controller replaced twice under warranty and they're still nowhere near as good as the Honda ones fitted to the 1200. So your grips could an issue too. Oxford grips have a good rep AFAIK, you could consider changing them.

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