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  1. Noise I think. Easy to disable, just remove the cable.
  2. Great looking bike and pleased you are so happy with it. I recommend the Techspec grips, I have the Snakeskin ones and they are excellent. My DAM end can sounds utterly brilliant and makes the lower end feel a little smoother too. Keep in touch.
  3. Thanks M8, just needed confirmation, that was all.
  4. You don't have to own a Crossrunner to have a say in this; it's virtually the same bike as the 8th Gen. Anyone? Bueller?..........Bueller?...........
  5. Is rotating the plates a recognised method of adjusting the height of the rear shock?
  6. I bought my 2018 Crossie in Oct 19 and have done nearly 10k miles on her since then, commuting my 104 miles a day up and down the A1 highway, for which she is perfect.I therefore don't get to go x-country around the twisties very often and when I do, I find I can cope with the handling.Popped out to clean her today and decided to stiffen the suspension slightly and see how different if felt. I went to adjust the rear shock and saw that I couldn't access the adjuster as the shock arm plate on the LHS was in the way. I had a look at the Owners Manual and Service Manual (for an 800F) and they bo
  7. Watched that a while ago, helped me change my mind about chain lube and auto chain lubers.
  8. Well when this whole pandemic is over and we can travel again, when you pop over for your next European holiday, drop in for a coffee and you can have a ride!
  9. I thought there were issues squeezing the motor in? Cam covers somesuch. Anyway, I quite like the gas mileage on my Crossie and the Vtec is really nice when it kicks in. Now how's about a 1200 engine in a.......
  10. I think he meant running 4-valves full time on a Vtec engine that wasn't designed for it. I can't imagine that going well at all. For anyone who wants a non-Vtec VFR-engined bike, there are indeed earlier versions which run beautifully on 4 valves throughout, and they are fabulous engines. However, the Gen6/8 Vtec versions of the VFR are better in almost every other way, so you'd have to do some serious farkling to get the best of both worlds, like fit a 5th Gen engine into a 6th (or 8th) Gen frame. Now if only someone had done that..... TBH, the 8th Gen engi
  11. I was thinking that the Winter would be a good time to do it, but then as soon as it's done, I'll want to get out on it. Maybe better to wait until next spring, ride the bike for a while to get used to it again, then get Seb to adjust it and ride it back-to-back to get the full effect. That's the beauty of not having to send yr ECU away, you can ride it adjusted the same day. Yes, €260 is a pretty good price.
  12. Great news. Please let us know how you get on with Sabsteef. I am considering it for the spring of next year. @Thumbs - why have a module when you can set the ECU to do everything you want and no need to disconnect when you visit a dealer? Doubtful even the insurance company would know if you hadn't told them.
  13. I have to apply some form of lube to help mitigate against the winter weather and chemicals they apply to our road surfaces. It's not even cold over here yet I went to work in the wet last week and there is already the dreaded white spots growing in various places and even some parts of the chain are showing telltale signs of external rust.
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