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  1. I wouldn't say the 800X is any type of off-roader or even gravel bike, but it is a comfier version of the VFR800 which is the most refined and best VFR800 so far, IMHO. After 41500 miles on my 800X, I'm still loving it.
  2. Such a shame the VFR800X Crossrunner is not on sale in the US. We have large numbers coming to the 800X from other bikes, particularly BMWs & Triumphs, who pronounce they wouldn't go back. YMMV.
  3. Don't assume, it'll make an "ass" of "u" and "me" No, it tastes shite!
  4. They do one you can wee into now?
  5. Part of the problem is too many people are unable to see that others are not being serious. Suzuki make some great road bikes but right now, it's their Moto GP GSX-RR that is rapidly developing into the best all-round bike on the track.
  6. May I refer the Honourable Gentleman to my previous post!
  7. Can I please point out that Honda Service Manuals are not written by anyone speaking English as their first language, and certainly not a Brit. I'd also like to point out that there is no such thing as the "British English" language; there's the "English" language and there's what you lot speak!
  8. There's a Service Manual available in the downloads section. It has an electrical diagram.
  9. Honda do a great range of 500cc bikes, you could do worse than start there, but my first bike (after 20 years away) was my first VFR800 so I'd be tempted to look there, especially if your friend is "mature" and hopefully can control his wrist.
  10. Phoenix is some distance from rural Hertfordshire, but thanks. My Bose headphones are fine.
  11. I thought the OP had difficulty with in-ear defenders, hence the mention of noise-cancelling headphones, not in-ear ones.
  12. This day and age there must be a non-intrusive noise-cancelling system available to fit to a helmet??? The Bose noise-cancelling headphones I have are pretty good but you obviously can't fit them under a helmet.
  13. I'm so disappointed! He posted a link with RC45 in the title and it's in Dutch! 😟
  14. This wasn't supposed to be a topic about MM.
  15. I have 45ltr boxes on both my VFRs, both of them have the backpad which my wife seems to be happy with. It is removable so I'm sure you could buy one and retro-fit. The 45ltr box that came with my 1200, brand new, uses the ignition key. The 2nd-hand one I fitted to my VFR800X has a separate key as I chose not to go down that route as I'm not sure how easy/cheap it is for 2nd-hand bikes/boxes. The main issue with piling up kit on the boxes (you can get racks that secure to the lid to strap things to) is the weight. The racks are quite limited in the max weight they are recommended to carry and whilst I'm sure many of us routinely overload the rack, at some point it is likely to fail. It happened to me many years ago and my topbox and the contents were left strewn all over the highway when the arms on the carrier snapped (not an OEM carrier).
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