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  1. These little beauties arrived today 😎
  2. I neglected to open the original replacement package so I didn't spot the shorter pipe. Lesson learned. Yesterday's pipe is the correct length.
  3. Hope not, the replacement was here when I got home from work just now so I'll get around to fitting it sometime and let you know.
  4. Skids

    Music anyone?

    For me, I'm not sure about noise cancelling headphones as I'm concerned already that the ear plugs deny me too much aural information already. I use a pair of Westone UM10's plugged into my Sena headcam. Works brilliantly.
  5. Skids

    Music anyone?

    I know what yr saying, but we are all different. I always listen to music or a podcast, unless Mrs Skids is on the back, then I listen...... For me, it occupies that part of my mind not concentrating on riding and stops it from wandering. If I didn't have it, I would find my focus distracted by a wandering mind. Plus all my professional training has involved listening and talking whilst operating in a complex environment so it's what I'm used to. YMMV of course.
  6. Well......fitted the first pipe, that was fine, 2nd pipe was too short, they sent one of the pipes that attach to the SMC. So a quick call and they are manufacturing the correct pipe (I hope) and shipping overnight. Sent them a copy of the parts fiche with a huge arrow pointing to the correct pipe 😆. Whilst their CS is good (when they put the correct pipe in the package), I'm rapidly losing confidence in their product so I have ordered a set of Galfers, the last one in the shop, as a back-up as I have a sneaky suspicion that these new pipes wont work either. I can always sell the Galfers if they do work but it's worth the expense to guarantee I have some brake lines that work (I fitted Galfer to my old 6th Gen and they were great).
  7. HEL came up trumps in the end, manufactured a brand new set of pipes yesterday, shipped them overnight and they arrived today. They think that the threads weren't formed deep enough so there was no way to get the 2 ends of the pipes to meet and seal. It'll be at least this weekend, possibly later before I'll find out though. Busy boy!
  8. Skids


    A beautiful sunny Sunday so the Crossrunner gets a bath.
  9. Skids

    My babies

  10. Here's the Galfer solution. Not heard back from HEL yet.
  11. Looking for something to keep the dust off. I've seen an R&G one for <£25 - anyone got one? Does it fit ok? Quality? Any other makes - preferably UK-based. Cheers.
  12. Thanks m8. Let's hang on and see if Galfer can help.
  13. Done that, thanks. Even though it's not a Galfer kit, it seems they think some sort of gasket/olive is necessary so I'll see what they say. Meantime, it appears a replacement pipe is not an option over here as everywhere I've looked, it's not available. But looking at that link Dangeruss posted, they are available in the US and at about a third of the price they would have charged over here.
  14. What they said, way too high a gear at those speeds. Perhaps you are focusing too much on fuel conservation and not enough on matching gear to speed.
  15. I've done just that and it still leaks. Are the solid brake lines that go from the headtsock to the back replaceable? I couldn't find them on the parts fiche to get a part #. Seriously hacked off now as this is holding up all progress on my bike. Any thoughts, anyone?
  16. These are the ones I bought. Honda VFR800Fi, VFR800VTEC, Crossrunner PAIR's removal Kit | eBay
  17. On my 08 VFR, I completed the PAIR delete, installed O2 elims and completed the flapper and snorkel mods and it ran pretty well at low revs on a neutral throttle, not perfect, but much better than before the mods. I recently used ebay to obtain the PAIR delete kit from a UK supplier for my 01 VFR and it's fitted very well. I haven't finished the bike yet so can't comment on how it rides.
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