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  1. Admittedly, the pictures look a lot darker than it was. 馃槅
  2. Got home Saturday in a 400-mile ride back, sadly down the motorways but was impressed with the 1200 and how, even at higher constant speeds, the fuel consumption meant I was able to get almost 200 miles out of the 18.5 litre tank. I've added a few photos taken from my Sena 10C Evo camera/intercom. I've never tried this before and as I hadn't planned to use the video camera as it depletes the battery very quickly and so it wasn't set up properly. You can tell because the picture isn't level. Next time I go away I will set it up as it is a good way of catching scenery without stopping. The Crieff Cloverleaf is a great idea and is part of a larger Crieff plan to get more visitors into the town but it doesn't give you the best roads in Scotland, only some of them and if you are going to ride all that way, you at least want as many of the best as you can get.
  3. The views, the roads, all fabulous. Yes, there are some average speed managed roads and the police ride unmarked bikes but keep off the major roads and you are less likely to meet them. You just need to pray for dry weather.
  4. An excellent and uneventful days riding around some glorious roads and scenery. Spent most of the day in 3rd and 4th gear but the bends demanded it. We took the Western route of the Crieff Cloverleaf, A85 west out of Crieff, A82 to Glencoe, A828 to Connel, A85 and A819 down to Inveraray then A83/82/85 back to Crieff. A little over 230 miles, cloudy but warm with a little drizzle on the west coast. Rain forecast tomorrow so we'll see, maybe take an easy day, go visit the resting place of a dear comrade. We'll see.
  5. Nice touch in the B&B we're staying at. A Loch Lomond malt, very smooth. Such a shame my wife doesn't drink whisky.
  6. Just arrived in Crieff. Amazingly, the sun broke through as we hit the Scottish border 馃槑
  7. A few of us are meeting up in Crieff, Scotland for a few days of riding the Crieff Cloverleaf next week. Pics to follow, though I warn you I don't do pics often or well. Weather forecast looks a little wet (well, it is Scotland) but hopefully the rain will keep away.
  8. Sadly it's not just volume that kills yr hearing, the range of frequencies and tempo of exposure can really damage hearing as well. You can't always hear that, which is why, if you really want to protect yr hearing into yr old age, you need hearing protection if you ride a bike regularly. My Shoei is supposed to be very quiet, but on the odd occasion I don't put the ear plugs in the noise is surprisingly loud. I've stood on the flight deck of a US carrier (2 actually) during flight ops and the noise is immense. Also tried to sleep below the cat 馃ぃ no chance. My job didn't help but I've managed to only lose a small portion of higher frequencies so not too bad at the moment. Staintunes are awesome, but then so is the DAM. But earplugs are a must for me. YMMV
  9. Took her out for a bit of a run this morning, just to make sure everything is working as it should. I'd forgotten just how smooth and flexible this engine is. I don't know what exactly is responsible but it is butter smooth at low revs/low speed. I can sit there happily in 1st or 2nd at 25000rpm purely on the throttle and she's easy to control. I'm guessing that the 'new' Starter Valve balance sequence has done the job but maybe it's a combination of all the things. Who knows. Either way, the engine is a peach. The brakes are also phenomenal. Not quite the planet-stopping power of the 1200 brakes, but not far behind and I love the balanced braking you can get when gently slowing using the linked-brakes; I'd completely forgotten about that as neither of my other 2 VFRs has it. Suspension is very stiff, at least compared to what I'm used to on the Crossrunner. Felt every single bump on the back roads, but she feels very solid. I may have to play around to see if turn in a little quicker. All-in-all, so pleased. Thanks all for the help.
  10. Out of interest, do those numbers work with a smart charger? I keep my 01 permanently attached, so can I disconnect for 30 mins and the readings should be the same?
  11. At least he was honest. For me, it isn't my cup of tea but it's your work and you wouldn't do something you didn't like. Anyone who puts their efforts into reviving an old and ill-maintained VFR should be applauded so well done m8. Enjoy your new ride.
  12. Justin, no I didn't keep a link to where I purchased them but here's the box with a QR code. Plug and play.
  13. Oooh yes that is on my other list, just forgot it.
  14. She's all done (for now). In no particular order: 路 Full brake caliper strip & clean 路 New caliper seals 路 Fit braided brake hoses 路 Clutch bleed/braided hoses 路 New brake pads (Honda) 路 Front & rear suspension service 路 LED lights conversion all round 路 Blue LED dashboard lighting 路 Fit voltmeter 路 New Iridium spark plugs 路 New oil/filter 路 New air filter 路 Coolant flush 路 PAIR delete 路 Snorkel & flapper mod 路 SV鈥檚 路 New Metzeller Roadtec 1 tyres front & rear 路 Techspec tank grips 路 CF-look chain cover/hugger 路 SS bolts (fairing, axle + pinch bolts, brake disc bolts) 路 Mirror extenders 路 CF-look fuel filler, tank pad & key cowl vinyl 路 New number plate Still to do/considering at some point: 路 Hi-level end can + VFRD headers 路 PC III 路 Mosfet r/r 路 Find & fit clear LED indicator bulbs (flash orange) 路 New number plate 路 Comfort seat (Top Sellerie) 路 Brake levers 路 louder horn 路 16-tooth front sprocket 路 Oxford Products sat nav mount on steering stem Most of the above is blingy, very little has made the bike lighter or more powerful but that wasn't the aim, mainly because I have neither the knowledge or skills to accomplish the sort of things Mohawk and others have managed to do. The main point was to refurbish a bike that hadn't really been ridden for 16 years and keep it such that it will still be as rideable in 20 years time. I've yet to go on a decent ride with her as it's been 34 deg C / 90 deg F yesterday and today so a little too warm for my liking but I will be getting her out for a good run soon. Massive thanks to all those who have proffered advice, you know who you are, this was a big thing for me and she's pretty much turned out as I wanted, so thanks.
  15. Flushed and refilled coolant and which idiot forgot to buy in replacement washers for the 2 drain holes. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔
  16. Thanks @Grum and @Tirso, I recall reading that thread when it was posted but figured it was wrong. I shall re-adjust in the 'opposite' sense.
  17. SV's done, once I'd located the Carbtune - haven't needed it for a few years. Easier than I remember as well. I forgot to mention the beautiful intake roar as I opened her up on the way home from the testers, thanks to removing the snorkel. I deliberately left my earplugs out to listen for it. 鈽猴笍
  18. And she passed with no advisories. Just coolant flush and refill and the SVs to do now, then refit the side panels. I'll post pics when this is all done.
  19. Have you done a battery voltage test? Ignition OFF, engine at idle, engine at 5k rpm I believe is the usual method. Sounds like it's battery related possibly caused by R/R.
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