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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been traveling for work almost the whole month of May. I just got back home today (June 1). I’ll PM you tomorrow when I hope to be more acclimated to home life again. Cheers
  2. Ah man, I wish I was home, I would have made it a point to join you to Solvang, as you would be passing through my neck of the woods on your way from SD. I’m on travel for work right now. I’m in Hawaii (Oahu) and it’s been nothing but rain since I got here. There’s a Cars and Coffee event that they do once a month that is hosted at Honda HQ. Not only do you get to visit the museum you also get treated to special guest as well as all the cars that show up. Ride safe and enjoy Solvang. Cheers, D
  3. Ian, I was the person who partnered with Lance (sfdownhill) on the building of these headers but unfortunately he held onto most of the data and handled most of the electronic files such as the tuning maps. I am on travel at the moment but can see if I can help anyway I can when I get back home next weekend.
  4. I took my 2Bros slip on link pipe along with our headers to a local muffler shop. He had it done in less than 10 minutes, handed him $10 cash and was on my way. It was completely uneventful.
  5. I was able to. Lance (sfdownhill) had one that he let me ride up on Angeles Forrest Highway. Brilliant machine, almost felt telepathic!
  6. You really did quite a bit there. How do you like the defeating of the V-TEC? I kind of did the same, but I did it with putting a 5 Gen engine into my 6 Gen frame, with the added benefit of gear driven cams, I like to hear the gear whine 🙂. You'll definitely have to update us once you get to test ride it.
  7. For some reason I did not see your post, so my apologies. It has been a while since I did the original install and even when I swapped out the 6 Gen motor with a 5 gen motor. But looking at the bike just now I recall that I actually pulled of the rear set so I could get better access to the heat shield bolts. The one difference between the 5 and 6 Gen rear braking setup, the 5 Gen has a hard line the rear master cylinder, where the 6 Gen only has a standard brake line, so it's a just a little easier to move out of the way.
  8. I have a GIVI 257FZ rack and a M5M top plate. It was used and taken off but I believe all the rack hardware is there but I you'll need bolts for the top plate. I'm selling as a complete kit, instructions included. (New from GIVI the rack goes for $127 and the top plate for $68.) I'll let both go for $120 plus shipping (OBO) Shipping from Anaheim, CA.
  9. Typically I'm a Shoei wearer (Currently a GT-Air2) but over the past few years I ventured out to other makes. Schuberth was my first step into both another make but also into a modular helmet. I bought the C3, then the C3 Pro, I skipped the C4 and C5 and went with the AGV Tour Modular. In between that, I also bought the Schuberth SR1, and found a screaming deal on the SR2, so I bought that model too. These two were my track day helmets and the SR1 proved to be a great helmet but ultimately sacrificed itself for me in a high speed crash at the track. I actually came out pretty unscathed, other than a dislocated pinky and torn up gear, I came away walking upright and no limping. Along this time frame, I saw and fell in love with an AGV K5S and bought it on the spot. I know, I know, get to the point D! Other than the first C3, which had a little "hot spot" in the forehead area, which broke in after a few weeks of riding in it almost daily, all of the helmets had a very snug fit. They still do, but they're slowly getting more "wiggle" room but not enough to feel unsafe. My daily helmet is the AGV Tour Modular and the street/sport helmet is the K5S, and off and on I'll go back to the Shoei. But if I'm being honest, I really prefer the AGV helmets over the Shoei now. For some of the same reasons mentioned above, light weight and great field of view. If/when a helmet feels a but too tight, I'll wear it around the house for a while and see if I start to feel fatigued or if I stop noticing the feeling. One of my Shoei helmets, which I bought online, was like that. I was at that time, was in between sizes, so I went with the smaller size but immediately new I went in the wrong direction. I wore the helmet in the house for about 15 minutes and new by that time, it was the incorrect size. Returned it and got the next size up. Still snug but not overly tight. Anyway, I hope this was helpful.
  10. If you are still in need of an ignition, I have a 3 piece set, Ignition, gas cap and helmet lock/seat release, meaning one key for all three. Not sure what year it's from but I can look into it and see if I can get something off of it to tell for sure. Maybe you can take a picture of the connector end of the ignition wire, so I can see what the connector looks like.
  11. Well, after roughly six months of being able to ride again, primarily commuting, no "real" ride yet, but hey, at least I'm able to ride...or am I? Had another little hurdle thrown at me, hand surgery. Seems my left hand suffered from "trigger finger". For the most part, my hand worked like normal except when I used it in a fist for grabbing something. Essentially, it would "lock up" on me, and it was difficult to straighten my hand back out. Ironically, riding a bike and working the clutch didn't seem to be affected by this, so that was the good part. So last Tuesday I had it operated on. Figured it wasn't going to get better on it;s own, so I went forward with the surgery. I had two options, option 1, full anesthesia, option 2, local numbing and be wide awake. Well, after my "other" operation, I felt fully comfortable being awake for this one, especially since that was an option. So that's the route I took, numb the hand, and operate away. Much like my other surgery, the afterward was uneventful and believe it or not no pain! None, not even a little ache. There is some discomfort when making a fist, which is encouraged, well, at least to move my hand like normal as much as possible. That to me was expected, as the affected area was a bit swollen and I did have a sutured wound. Although I technically still ride in this current state, I am encourage to not ride until at least 2 weeks from the surgery date, so not a 9 month wait like the last one. So with dealing with a bunch of "life" stuff and work, I at least have stuff to occupy my time, and it's already been a week, so this time things seem to be moving faster at least. On another positive note, I helped a friend of a friend acquire a 98 5 Gen for $2,900.00! It was listed and was located about 10 miles from me so I went to check it out and if he didn't want it, I was going to buy it! Well, he ended up buying it and I helped him get it freshened up, as it had been sitting for a few months. There was few little pieces that needed attention, that I was able to fix/resolve for him and while he and I were talking, he tells me that not only is he a ski and snow board instructor, he also does motorcycle training. Well, needless to say, we became fast friends! I agreed to help out on a few other things and he said he would give me some one on one rider training, so I took him up on that the Saturday before my surgery. Let's just say, although my street skills are good, I can definitely use some "training" time, I am a little bit rusty after not riding for a while. Oh yeah, prior that Saturday morning we went to the 'Cars and Coffee' at the American Honda HQ in Torrance, CA. Anyway, good to be alive folks! IMG_3358.MOV.mp4
  12. Another find I found in the stuff sfdownhill left behind. Looking at Dyno Jet's website, it shows this version is for the 6 Gen, so if buying for your 5 Gen, double check with Dyno Jet. My recollection is that it will work, but my memory is a bit more "fuzzy" post brain surgery! Asking $200 USD plus shipping for the PCIII and the battery cable adapter.
  13. I was able to download the RB software from their website. I don't recall if I had to provide a serial number or not. Message me, I have an install file from Dec 2023, if you still need/want it. D
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