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  1. Michelin Road 5

    So I can now say that I have run them in a few conditions. Commuting, Highway, the Track and rain! This past Thursday and Friday I was doing some corner working at Streets of Willow. Unfortunately my 5 Gen, although being track ready, is not quite street legal at the moment. Normally I go with one of two friends who have either a truck or trailer and we go together. This time I had to fly solo, at least to the track. Fellow member Lint had a similar situation, in which he had to ride there too. I probably could have chanced taking the 5 Gen, but with expired tags (FEB/18) I thought it best to not do it, so I rode the 6 Gen. I was thinking about putting the Pirelli Super Corsas back on but since it was supposed to rain, and it did on my way back, I felt better using the bike with the Road 5s. Two reasons, I felt much better about riding in the rain with the Road 5 and I thought what a better test of grip than to be on the track! As far as a track tire, I wouldn't buy these for that specific purpose, the Super Corsas are much better for that but will say they held up great! Although I really didn't push that hard, the level I did push them at was probably more so than I would have on public roads, so I'm pretty confident that these will be fine for how I use the 6 Gen. Hoping the mileage is on par with the PR4 that I have been using (10k+ miles) As far as wet weather, we hit a little rain about half way home (Rosamond to Anaheim) and they felt fine, even had a slight panic breaking moment when I got off the freeway and braking felt like normal, not a lot of standing water but enough wetness to give one pause about squeezing the binders too hard. When pressured at 36/42, they do feel a little hard and allow you to feel most bumps and ripples in the road but with a good suspension, nothing that would be bothersome IMO. I kind of like the feeling actually.. At the track I went with my usual pressures I use in the Michelin RS tires I have on the 5 Gen 32/28 and this felt fine to with these tires. My understanding is that they are similarly constructed as the RS but with wet weather and higher mileage in mind. All in all, I really like them, especially for what their purpose on the 6 Gen is for, so I'm really hoping that they are high mileage tires like their predecessors. Here are a few pics of the tires at the beginning of the second day, this was after my first session.
  2. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    One of the hoses is no longer available from Honda #23 in this parts list
  3. Won't start in Gear

    I guess not all levers are created equal... I often use IPA too but here's the brand I use...mostly for my well being!
  4. 5G-6G water pump question

    Figured I post up the pics I took. Take a look at the 6 Gen O-ring (lower pic, unit on the right) I think I know why it was leaking. Going to see if I can get a replacement O-ring, I think this WP is till good, other than the O-ring. 5 Gen maybe too. \
  5. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Same kit I have, 13 hoses. The ones for the wax unit are not there.
  6. I have a similar issue and have a plan to use a small block of SS and use the existing lines as-is but adding a short jumper line. I did a proof of concept and it looks like it will work. Ultimately it will be a lot cheaper than de-linking (I know some here are biting their tongue) and since I am not really interested in the de-link, more so the ability to add a quick shifter with my Rapid Bike module, which requires a shift mechanism similar to the CBR, this is the easier way for me to do this IMO. Below is a pic of the block with the test lines I hooked up. Essentially the block has a small hole that goes end to end and then I have a shallower 10mm hole at the ends that was tapped with a 10mm x 1.25 to allow the banjo bolt to connect the line(s) to the block. The main difference between this mock up and the actual setup, is that the two lines (hard line and SS line) that currently attach to the MC will attach to one end of the block and the small jumper will connect to the other end and then to the MC. I bought two 5/8" square blocks about 2.5" long, one for the mock up and in case I made a mistake, the other will be the "production" unit. The two blocks cost less than $10 shipped and the small jumper line is going to cost $49 (from HEL). I'm still waiting for the HEL line to ship and the time to make the new block but I can see this working out well...I hope!
  7. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Can you let us know if your 01kit came with the hoses that go to the wax unit? I keep forgetting to follow up with AS3 but my kit did not come with these hoses. If I recall there are two hoses and one is no longer available from Honda! My guess is that these are “universal” 5 Gen kits and are made to fit 98-01 but only the hoses that are common between all 4 years. Now that I’m typing this it is a reminder to follow up with AS3 but it would still be good to hear back from you regarding the hoses not part of the kit I received.
  8. 5G-6G water pump question

    Don’t recall the price I paid for the new one but it was less than $260USD I’m pretty sure. Hopefully the low km 04 will be good to go for you,
  9. Michelin Road 5

    I have but too early to give an opinion, I’m barely in the scrub in phase but should be able to put some twisty miles soon.
  10. 5G-6G water pump question

    Upon opening the units up, no change with the two units I have (01&09)
  11. 5G-6G water pump question

    Although I pics, not in a place to upload them until later BUT after opening the two up, I cannot see or measure any difference. The only thing on the surface (literally) that appears different, is a marking. On the 5 Gen, it reads 3MV9 and another that reads TT25 On the 6 Gen, it reads 6MV9 and KA26. This is on the back side of the unit that is normally close to the engine side. I hope this helps.
  12. 5G-6G water pump question

    All external measurements are identical. Bolt hole pattern, shaft thickness, length and notch are the same. Have not opened them up but imagine this would be the only area where the could be different. Standby for that report...
  13. 5G-6G water pump question

    Hmm, I think I still have the two I replaced for both bikes. Can’t do it until tomorrow afternoon but let me see if I have them and see if there is any difference.
  14. gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    This may be due to the fact that the 6 Gen uses 5 of the 6 pistons where the 5 Gen only uses 4. Although the two systems look similar, they are indeed different, particularly when it comes to the front system.
  15. The pattern I noticed over the years is on the average somewhere between 40-50K miles. Mine went out at about 42k if I remember correctly. This of course can vary from bike to bike but I will say that the RR should be swapped sooner rather than later. This along with beefed up wiring and removal of "questionable" connectors that seem to melt over time, is probably the best way to prevent being stranded. As far as adding items to the electrical system draw, in theory this should be beneficial, to a certain degree i.e. not to draw more than the stator can put out, as the more you draw from the stator, the less the RR has to scrub the voltage off as heat. I have a few items I have added to my 6 Gen, that is a couple of cameras w/USB adapters, a couple of accessories (heated gear and larger horn) and a Rowe Electronics Power controller (PDM60). So far I am at 70k miles and have not had any issues at the moment (knock on wood) but I did add a volt meter to keep an eye on things.

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