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  1. Duc2V4

    Tires on sale??

    Just received an email from Chaparral Motorsports with a Winter Tire Sale. If you are registered member you do get a discount, I think it is 5% on tires, I just bought a set of tires and they came out to only a $1.12 more than if I bought them from RMATVMC (that's including CA sales tax). Only difference is I had to drive 50 miles to get them versus waiting 2 days for them to show up. Factor in gas, then maybe it's more than the buck difference but I did get them the same day. https://www.chapmoto.com/motorcycle-tires
  2. Welcome Aboard! Sorry can’t help with the sliders or panels. On the latter, I just searched the forums and eBay for the best ones I could find. There are many options when it comes to plastic repair, in fact there was some recent post about it, so you might find the post by searching through the recent post.
  3. Just to give the group an update. We have scheduled the Dyno tune with Yosef at Attack Performance for Saturday January 26th (Yes I know, that's a ways off) They came highly recommended and he was very helpful and seems very knowledgeable. This, plus logistics of it made it our best option. Yosef said will be investigating with Dynojet to determine if making the best of a PCIII or getting a PCV to work would be worth while. If the latter works out, this opens a door for others who have been having trouble getting the PCV to work with a 5 Gen... For the curious, Google Attack performance, WSBK, MotoGP, Josh Herrin...
  4. Thanks, Keith, you were a big part of making this happen! Lance will be updating the list later this evening. I think we are at 18 with yours and 3DCylces request. That was quick!
  5. Duc2V4

    New Member From the Bay Area

    Yes to some but they are getting harder to find and thus the sale price goes up, which makes them less desireable to all but those who REALLY want one. The width is the same as the more recent models, 5.5” width, it is the 94-97 models that went down to 5” width. Congratulations on your new to you ride, 40k isn’t a lot miles for these engines so you should have plenty of smiles ahead.
  6. Duc2V4

    Fix Broken Plastic Tabs

    I have a picture of the code from one of the side panels of my 5 Gen, let me see if I can dig up the picture off of my computer and post it up.
  7. Duc2V4

    Happy Holidays everyone

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the other salutations!
  8. Duc2V4


    Thank You and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well
  9. Duc2V4

    FNG from SoCal

    Welcome Aboard! Are you behind the Orange Curtain or in LaLa land? BTW, a friend of mine is selling his 2007 Anniversary Editon. I believe he said it has 60k miles. Has a few extras too.
  10. Duc2V4

    Motorcycle addict from Arkansas USA

    Well the sellers remark about a known plague may be somewhat accurate. The electrical system has seen it's fair share of gremlins, so you may want to start with checking the wiring harness for overheated and/or melted connectors. There are thousands of posts about the subject but to cut a long story short, go to www.roadstercycle.com and take a look at the SH847 or FA020AA regulator rectifiers and perhaps their wiring kits as well, you'll thank yourself (and/or the forum) later. Like Marriedman said, anyone who restores bikes his alright in my book as well. With that, I'll say good luck and keep us posted as to your progress and of course, if you have any questions, post them up, plenty of knowledge here. PS. If you don't have the Honda factory service manual, go to the downloads section of the forum and grab it.
  11. Duc2V4

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    There is a VFR800 owners forum on Facebook and a member who bought one at an auction. He was restoring it, I'll post a pic...
  12. Duc2V4

    New? member from Ontario, Canada

    Welcome back! Looks like you found yourself a nice machine.
  13. Duc2V4

    Schuberth and Held Parking lot sale

    I have an SR1 as well and it feels really close to the same helmet, I’m sure the minor differences will reveal themselves over time. I use my SR1 predominantly at the track so I might use the SR2 for street riding. Although I really didn’t need another helmet, the price was just too good to pass up!
  14. Duc2V4

    Schuberth and Held Parking lot sale

    It was actually the SR2 I bought, which is even a slightly better deal if I remember the original pricing correctly ($899). They did have a few C3-Pros and quite a few E1s (The ADV version of the C3-Pro). All of the S&Ds were $250, otherwise the closeouts were $375, which for C3-Pro or E1 was a good deal as well.
  15. Duc2V4

    Re-waterproofing gloves

    The pair I was wearing were Rev’it Summit 2 H2O, not sure how they compare to the Stratos one for one but they have a small gauntlet and meant for medium temps. They use Hydratex, rather than Goretex though. I’ve eyed Rukka too but still in limbo as to what I’m going to try next. Knox is my usual go to glove but Rev’it has had some good choices I like too.

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