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  1. I had a similar issue but with my 01 and like MarkDetroit, I adjusted the wax idle lever and all was good afterward. As far as PAIR, Snorkel and Flapper goes, I’ve seen many post with different results to say for sure whether these make things better or do nothing. On my 09 I will say, the only thing I was able to tell from the snorkel delete was a louder bike with a deeper growl. The PAIR delete however was only necessary due to using the auto tune feature of the Rapid Bike tuning module. Disabling at the least, is also necessary for Dyno tuning as well. As for the flapper, I also didn’t see a real difference there either so both the flapper and snorkel went back on. I will say where I really felt a HUGE difference was when I had the injectors removed and professionally cleaned. The bike started right away and ran so much smoother! TurdFurguson, as for your first world problem with shipping, yeah the cost of living in Paradise, right? Although I will say that looking into shipping from the mainland to Australia, that cost seems to be exponentially higher! Well good luck on resolving your issue, I’m pretty confident you’ll get it worked out. Cheers.
  2. I believe the next run is for 8 Gens but sfdownhill can confirm whether we can squeeze in another 5 or 6 Gen or not.
  3. Although most here on the forum wouldn't think So Cal being a place for wet weather/waterproof gear, this winter we had an enormously rainy season, we even had some snow at elevations as low as 3000 ft.! Anyway, to say the least, I was in search of waterproof gear and/or reconditioning the gear I had. As most would probably have assumed, Goretex is considered to be the gold standard for keeping dry but I found the info in this video to be very surprising. Even though our heavy rain seems to have subsided, we are still getting the occasional shower, we even had hail last Wednesday, I think this info is still useful for those not quite of of the woods just yet.
  4. I just sent out PMs, if you have made your deposit and are expecting a PM regarding this first round of headers and did not get a PM from me, please PM me and let me know and I'll make sure I get yours out to you. Getting closer folks! Cheers, D
  5. Hi all, just wanted to give everyone an update. I finally got a lull in my work schedule and was able to get pricing and work with SFDownhill on all the costing numbers and options you have selected. On that vein, I will be sending out later today, PMs to all of you who have gave your deposit and shipping info with the information we have received. Ideally we have it all correct but that is where you will come in. Once you get the PM. please look over the info and make sure we got it right. As far as the headers go, we spoke with Wade yesterday and this morning, he anticipated being able to deliver the first batch by early next week, we have no reason to doubt that will happen, so we anticipate being able to pick them up and get those that will have passivization done dropped off shortly after we take possession. I'm sure everyone is chomping at the bit as much as we are, all I can say is the last mile is the longest mile! Hard to believe this has come to fruition, let alone almost here! Cheers, D
  6. Knowing that the rear has at least 1 piston activated when applying the front (at least while the front wheel is rotating) I hardly ever use the rear brake, unless I really need to stop hard and fast and I do not seem to have more wear at the rear than at the front. When I first brought home my 5 Gen (I bought it used), the rear brake was very wooden and didn't work well at all. Turned out the two outer pistons were scarred and had caused the seal to get chewed up and the rubber began to gum up the piston movement. This meant that the pistons would move out but not back in and thus created a drag on the rotor. I ended up rebuilding both front and rear calipers as well as MCs, even the SMC and replaced the hoses with SS lines and so far I have great braking performance but no abnormal rear pad wear. With the bike on the center stand give the rear wheel a spin and see if there is a lot of drag on the rotor. If so, I would pull the caliper off and check/clean the pistons.
  7. Sounds like some sound advise has already been given but I think I'll odd a comment on the vibration issue. If it only happens when using the rear pedal only and not with or in conjunction with the front lever, I have experienced a vibration too. I appears that it comes from the front left caliper, it seems that when the center piston is the only piston applying pressure to the pad (as what happens with the rear pedal being pressed) it can sometimes vibrate in the caliper. When I feel this happening, I just do a light squeeze on the front brake lever and the vibration stops. I can also make it go away if I press harder on the rear pedal but I prefer the light squeeze of the front lever. I believe that the two out pistons creates a more equal pressure on the pad and helps quell the vibration. That being said, I would pull the seat off and look at the PCV bleeder as well as the rear and front SMC bleed points and see if there is fluid leakage, as it sounds like the system has air in it. Where that air was introduced at is the big question. Worse possible scenario is that there is a hole or slit in the line. Also, what does the rear reservoir level look like?
  8. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a non VFR vote on this forum but that being said, I have never had a power issue with either of my VFRs (01 & 09) and range has always been very decent avg. 40MPG/200 miles per tank (09). These numbers are usually for my commuting with an extra 50-60 lbs on top of my 170 lb geared up weight. Handling has been very good as well, I do not notice any weight issue but I’m sure if I hopped off the VFR onto a lighter bike, I would feel the difference. Like most things, you only know what you know, so not being able to test ride, might be a beneficial to you as you will not have any comparison notes. Unless you’re one to always wonder what you’re missing, I think either bike might work for you but for me, the VFR has been great, so much so that I now own 2!
  9. Hi all, just wanted to let you I am working on getting the totals for passivization, bungs, center stops and shipping together. I've been trying to do this when I had the time after work but after being in Montana all last week and coming back to a full plate of work this week, it's taking me some time to gather all the data and numbers for you all. Please be patient, I'll have the totals shortly, if only this work thing didn't get in the way all the time!Insert other media
  10. I know there usually some growing pains with updates, so I'm not complaining, just wondering where the PM inbox is? Having trouble locating it...😀
  11. Well as luck would have it, the site went down when I was back at home and I could not access the link Marc provided and then I was out of town again all day yesterday. That being said, with great friends like sfdownhill, he was able to place the order for his and my kit! Thanks SFDH!
  12. I’m still traveling but should be back home soon. I’ll probably place the order on Sunday when I’m all settled it back at home. Thanks for putting this together Stray and thanks Marc for helping us out.
  13. I agree with SlickWeevil, I have the OEM center stand on my 6 Gen (Commuter/Tourer) and took off most of the "heavy" bits on my 5 Gen, including the center stand. I use the 5 Gen as my "fun" bike, as well as track day weapon. When in the garage, I have several stands I can use, from Pit Bull (SSSA Rear stand and Headlift/Fork stand) to an ABBA Skylift. The latter is basically for when I need to do long term task, the former for things like tire changes or typical maintenance.
  14. I’ll go for a ceramic kit as well.
  15. MotoAmerica is now going to be on FS2. https://exhaust.racerxonline.com/2019/02/11/fs2-will-be-the-new-home-of-motoamerica
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