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  1. Welcome Jess, I’m sure you will find this forum very helpful, I know it’s pointed me in the right direction many times.
  2. Hey all, for those who have received their 5/6 Gen Two Bros replica headers but no center stand stop, take notice that we were able to get Sebspeed to come to the rescue! Sfdownhill, myself went to Seb and asked him to build us something that would not only be sturdy but also looks good. Well, not without a lot of effort getting the package retrieved from my mailbox (This is a long story and one with a lot history!) Anyway, the package arrived on Friday, I was finally able to retrieve it on Saturday and installed it late afternoon. Of course with the weekend holiday obligations, I am finally able to report that, not only are center stand stops ready to be shipped, they are exactly what I would have expected coming from Seb, quality engineered and looks great. So with being said, the install may seem a bit more complicated at first but once you understand the parts and pieces to it, the install was a breeze. The design is such that the stop fits over the left center stand hex head bolt and uses the hex head to get set it in place. On my first attempt, it seemed like the hex head was just not lined up in a position that would allow the stand to slip right on. Hmm, what's this a fabrication issue? Nope, just need to either loosen or tighten the bolt so that the hex bolt and stand hole line up just right. For mine, I loosened it just enough to get the alignment to work and used the fiber washers and stainless steel washer to fill in the small gap between the fairing and center stand stop. All in all I think this solution is perfect for me and my taste so I hope those who have center stands coming, will appreciate this design and look. Cheers. The fiber washers to fill in the gap between the stop and the fairing. I used some grease to keep them held in place. This is basically how it sits on the bolt and presses against the rear cush. The easy way to get the stainless steel washer installed. Place the bolt through the fairing, then the washer onto the bolt and then screw the bolt in. Viola! all done. Looks good and works like a charm.
  3. Johnpon, shipping to Greece shouldn't be an issue we have sent headers to England, Norway and even Australia. The shipping cost can vary greatly but what seems to be the same, a customs fee was charged to the recipients. The fee was typically based the value given on the customs form. So if the value is for the actual cost, roughly $800 USD, your fee could probably be determined by using that as your value.
  4. Not true, I’ve bought my Skylift with the kit that fits over 300 different bikes. I’ve used it on both my VFRs (01&09), my 95 Ducati 900SS, a CBR1000 and modern era Ducati. All told I paid about the same price I would have if I bought the Kendal Lift that folds up vertically. Something that I was considering at one time. Being that space is at a premium and not having the ability to keep my car parked in guest spots overnight (HOA rules require home owners to use the garage or car ports), I needed the ability to keep the bike on the stand and move it out of the way in the event I cannot finish my project in one day. Or in the case of a recent project, which took several weekends to complete, the Skylift has been the saving grace for me. In all honesty, if I had the room, I’d probably have one of each type of stand, as there are some benefits with both.
  5. Well, we’ve known his talent for some time, I guess it’s time for the rest of the world to know as well.
  6. Yes, it would have been. SF took delivery of it a while ago and done a few extra treatments to it on top of the headers. It was in his possession for a while. I'm sure Samuelx was happy to get it back!
  7. Hey all, were not ignoring you, just a bit hectic on our side of the fence at the moment. SF and I have not had a chance to pow wow and come up with a plan for the next run. Please be patient, not always easy with work and family obligations thrown in the mix. Cheers, D
  8. Sorry, life, work balance isn’t where we like it to be at the moment. SF and I have been busy with other things at the moment but we’ll be posting up soon, most likely in a new thread. We are also trying to negotiate with the builder to see if we can lessen the minimum order but that negotiation is still on going. If the minimum doesn’t change, then we will need 15 to get the next run in and depending on how soon we can collect 15 orders will dictate whether is this season or the next. Right now with the few inquiries being made, it looks like we are still needing double digits to complete a 15 order minimum.
  9. Yes there were two done, one for a 5 Gen and one for a 6 Gen. Check pages 7 and 14.
  10. I had that talk with sfdownhill and we are going to bring this and a few other little quirks up with Wade. My guess is any issues we had will be resolved if/when we can get the next minimum order fulfilled.
  11. Delboy does a good job of explaining the process as well as providing a video you can watch. The start of the process starts at 4:15.
  12. I just went through this with a friends 01. Long story short, what appeared to be stuck rear pistons was actually a faulty SMC. The SMC was not allowing the pressure on the line to be relieved when the SMC was released. At first it seemed like to two outer pistons were the culprit and they probably were part of the problem because we had a hard time pushing them back into the caliper by hand. After replacing all three (for good measure) the problem only pointed to the center piston (which is associated with the SMC line). A fellow member here (Sfdownhill) had a used SMC and after swapping that one in, the brakes worked like a charm. Note that I did pull the SMC apart and gave it a thorough cleaning and even put in a rebuild kit but there must have been something that either wore out, was still clogged in the portion that feeds the rear piston. Take if from me, if it’s the rear that is locking up, determine which piston(s) is getting stuck. If it’s one or both of the outer pistons, it’s related to the rear master cylinder, if it’s the center one, then it’s the SMC. Note that when you press the rear pedal, the two outer pistons are applied with full force from the rear MC but the center one will also move but not with the same force, that “extra” force actually gets applied when the SMC activated.
  13. Welcome back! My recollection of the forks, is the bearings and sleeve on the fork tube would need to be removed/replaced, other than that I don’t think there’s any other issue to worry about.
  14. Just a heads up, the weekend of July 13th is the weekend of the World Superbike Race at Laguna Seca.
  15. I so wish I was able to join you guys, I actually had to work this past weekend. I had a big computer crash, 2 failed hard drives, which put my projects behind schedule. I had to use the weekend to catch up a bit and although it helped, still didn’t catch me up completely. Hope to make the next one and get to ride with the group and the thepretender again.
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