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  1. Duc2V4

    Michelin Road 5

    LOL, I just responded to your post over at VFRWorld. But for those he prefer to stay on this site, here's what I wrote. Well too early to tell on mileage but they do seem to be wearing well. I actually used them at the track and although I really didn't push them too hard (I was on my commuter bike) I did use them more than I would have on public roads and I felt more than positive they'd do the job on the streets and canyons. I even got in a little rain ride on the way home from the track and had a slight panic stop, the tires didn't even flinch, bike stayed upright and slowed to a complete stop. Note that these are a little stiffer than previous Michelin "Road" tires so you do feel the road a bit more but for me I actually prefer this over the previous versions. As it is still too early to know if I'll get the same mileage as the PR2 and PR4 I used previously, all indications show I should be in the same ballpark (10k+). I'll also add that with the PR2 and PR4 rears, I mated a Pilot Power 3 front, however this round I went with the Road 5 front and rear. The Road 5 are close to the Power RS and I have those on my 5 Gen and they have been great so far, so I figured I try the Road 5 front this time round. So far it's been fine but I didn't like the earlier PR front tires.
  2. I'll have to agree with FJ12Ryder, I much prefer the feel of the brakes with the SS lines, vice the rubber lines. This goes more for my 2001, as it is almost 10 years older than my 09 and even that one has the SS lines. I'm more on the side of having and not needing, then needing and not having. This is really important with brakes, IMO!
  3. Duc2V4

    Cornering question

    Maybe this might be something good to read on this subject matter (see link below). I have and read quite a few books on riding, ‘Twist of the Wrist’, ‘Total Control’, ‘Sport riding techniques’, just to name a few but nothing beats personal instruction by a quality instructor/coach, IMO. Also, practicing is very important, I often practice some of the skills taught or read, even when I’m not riding. https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/your-vision-and-riding-motorcycles
  4. Duc2V4

    Maintenance Poll

    Although I would normally have done this myself, the insurance company and my vacation kind of dictated that I drop off the bike at a Honda dealer to have it repaired after someone knocked over my 6 Gen in a parking lot. I probably could have argued with the insurance company about it but since vacation was higher on my list, I just dropped the bike off and had the dealer make the repairs. Pretty simple, replace the front cowl, front sub frame, left side panel and right side mirror, nothing too complicated, right? Well work was done while I was enjoying my vacation, bike was ready before i came back, went to pick up the bike, click the starter and it wouldn’t start. Hand the bike back over, they bring it back into the garage and try to figure it out. The first question out of my mouth was, “They did test ride it, correct?” “Oh yeah, it’s probably something simple” About 15 minutes later they came out of the garage and said they’d have to keep it overnight as they couldn’t figure it out and it was right about closing time. Of course I get grilled as to when the last time it was ridden, how was it running, etc. I told them that I’d been riding it since it was knocked over (which was a couple of weeks) and even rode it to the shop and all that was wrong was cosmetic damage and a slightly bent front sub frame. So I get a call the next morning and they say they got it running, it was a loose ECU connector on the harness. Go figure huh?
  5. Duc2V4

    Maintenance Poll

    I pretty much do everything I’m able to handle in the garage space and tools I have available. Sometimes I’ll go out and buy the tool(s) just so I can do it myself. I grew up taking things apart and putting them back together, got into engines right about high school. I had a job at an off-road shop mounting ATV tires and doing top end tear down and rebuilds on two stroke motors while I was attending motorcycle mechanics at the occupational center. When I did some desert racing, I was responsible for doing all the work on my ATC, that went for top ends, crank cases, suspension, carburetor, the whole lot. Not much has changed but luckily I haven’t had the need to split any crank cases (knock on wood) and now that I have a tire changer and wheel balancer, I seem to be the go to guy when friends need tire changes. So far other than the actual rebuilding of the rear shocks, I’ve been able to do all of the mods on both my VFRs, probably why I have a huge attachment to both of them.
  6. Duc2V4

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    I’ve ridden my 5 Gen with these hoses on for at least 4 track days and other than having to retighten the hose clamps after the first two days, all is good.
  7. Fellow member Lint went from Michelins to the Bridgestones, not 100% sure which models, but I believe it was the PR3 and T30 EVO but he felt the Bridgestones were a better performing tire. Hopefully he’ll chime in soon with the details.
  8. Duc2V4

    Which tires for upcoming track day?

    The Q4 is supposed to be a track day tire with emphasis on grip and not longevity and is a single compound, my guess it’ll probably last about the same as a Super Corsa. The Q3+ seems to be the tire of choice for many track day riders, it’s what the California Superbike School uses on their student bikes. Those bikes get ridden day in and day out all day long. Granted most of the students are not pushing themselves, especially early in their time on the bike but the bikes get shared between the the group sessions. Basically the bikes are almost on the track constantly, with only a few minutes between sessions. Don’t know how many miles they put on them before changing but they seem to hold up pretty well. Although I haven’t been a fan of Dunlops in the past thinking of trying either the Q3+ or the Q4 for track day use. I’m currently running the Michelin Pilot RS and so far have about 10.5 days if count it right (Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Las Vegas and Streets of Willow). They are just now starting to show significant wear on the sidewalls. Center looks decent though. I have been happy with them so far but might drink the Dunlop kool-aid to do a comparison.
  9. Duc2V4

    Pedrosa Out and Lorenzo In at HRC for 2019

    I recall a few races where he and MM, he and VR had some fights for the first place finish. I believe it was the last time JL won in Mugello, where he just beat MM by a fraction of a second and there was Philip Island where MM just edged him out. You might even recall MM‘s rookie season when he passed Lorenzo at Lorenzo’s corner to beat him. Maybe it’s not every race but there have been a few and they were close.
  10. Duc2V4

    Pedrosa Out and Lorenzo In at HRC for 2019

    As much as I don’t like JL, I was cheering for him to win at Mugello. I actually miss having him fight at the front with the usual suspects, it’s a much better racing series when there is more than just a couple at the front battling it out. Mugello was a throw back of the old JL, getting the whole shot and walking away from the group, which ironically doesn’t make for exciting racing, but none the less was good for the series as it throws in another possible contender for the podium. That is, unless this was a fluke and just a perfect set of circumstances, which is possible and we’ll need to wait for the next few races to see what transpires. As far as Dani, not sure what all the hatred is towards him, he always seems to one of the nicer riders out there. I will say this, if it wasn’t for bad luck, he probably wouldn’t have any luck at all. So many times he was a contender for the crown and something always got in the way. In all honesty, I would prefer the seat next to MM go to Crutchlow but Honda, perhaps it’s Repsol, sees JL as a better option. Time will tell I guess. Now, on to the next race!
  11. Duc2V4

    Hit & Run

    Wishing him a speedy recovery!
  12. Duc2V4

    Track day

    The track is the perfect place to take your everyday bike, it allows you to learn more about you, your bike and just about every aspect of riding in a much safer environment than on public roads. After I low sided coming off a freeway off ramp, my 5 Gen was totaled. I bought it back from the insurance company and have since been using it at the track, as it hasn’t been re-registered under a salvage title. Being able to flog the bike around the track gives me more confidence when I ride my 6 Gen on the streets, even if I don’t ride it very aggressively...well most of the time.😉
  13. Duc2V4

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    How did these two hoses look after the 90" bend they need to have?
  14. Duc2V4

    Ducati SS

    The new one is actually a nice bike and handles very well, it just has a different characteristic that I didn’t like. When riding in street traffic, the RPM range was too buzzy and even though the mirrors on my 900 are close to useless, unless I bring my elbows in to my side, the ones on the new one vibrate so much in that rev range, that they are completely useless, unless you’re good at deciphering blurry images. It’ll be a few weeks before mine is back in my garage, let alone me riding it, so we’ll see when we can make that happen.
  15. Duc2V4

    Ducati SS

    I’m sure it had something to do with your size or bike setup. In the first few years I had the bike I used it to commute to work, one commuting to Santa Monica from the San Fernando Valley is brutal in a car and second, most of my projects were in Malibu! A motorcycle was the perfect vehiclefor these two scenarios. I had no problem with doing this for a while or even taking a round trip to Santa Cruz, of course I was in my 20’s, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. Although the bike does well on long sweeping corners, more so than tight switch backs, it is still a fun bike to ride. However in the more tighter sections with a lot of switch backs, it can take some muscle to ride, this may be be because I’m now in my 50’s but I still enjoy the occasional ride in Malibu with it.

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