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  1. Yes there were two done, one for a 5 Gen and one for a 6 Gen. Check pages 7 and 14.
  2. I had that talk with sfdownhill and we are going to bring this and a few other little quirks up with Wade. My guess is any issues we had will be resolved if/when we can get the next minimum order fulfilled.
  3. Delboy does a good job of explaining the process as well as providing a video you can watch. The start of the process starts at 4:15.
  4. I just went through this with a friends 01. Long story short, what appeared to be stuck rear pistons was actually a faulty SMC. The SMC was not allowing the pressure on the line to be relieved when the SMC was released. At first it seemed like to two outer pistons were the culprit and they probably were part of the problem because we had a hard time pushing them back into the caliper by hand. After replacing all three (for good measure) the problem only pointed to the center piston (which is associated with the SMC line). A fellow member here (Sfdownhill) had a used SMC and after swapping that one in, the brakes worked like a charm. Note that I did pull the SMC apart and gave it a thorough cleaning and even put in a rebuild kit but there must have been something that either wore out, was still clogged in the portion that feeds the rear piston. Take if from me, if it’s the rear that is locking up, determine which piston(s) is getting stuck. If it’s one or both of the outer pistons, it’s related to the rear master cylinder, if it’s the center one, then it’s the SMC. Note that when you press the rear pedal, the two outer pistons are applied with full force from the rear MC but the center one will also move but not with the same force, that “extra” force actually gets applied when the SMC activated.
  5. Welcome back! My recollection of the forks, is the bearings and sleeve on the fork tube would need to be removed/replaced, other than that I don’t think there’s any other issue to worry about.
  6. Just a heads up, the weekend of July 13th is the weekend of the World Superbike Race at Laguna Seca.
  7. I so wish I was able to join you guys, I actually had to work this past weekend. I had a big computer crash, 2 failed hard drives, which put my projects behind schedule. I had to use the weekend to catch up a bit and although it helped, still didn’t catch me up completely. Hope to make the next one and get to ride with the group and the thepretender again.
  8. So SF spoke with Wade and he’s trying to convince him to mix the 2 batches, 5/6 and 8 Gens. Trouble is Wade really wants to do one Gen batch at a time at 15 per, but since the 8 Gen number is so low, if we wait for 15, it looks like it would be a while. IF, and that is a BIG IF, we can get a mixed batch of 15, perhaps we can persuade Wade to do a mix batch. I know SF is away this weekend and will be away again most of next week but I’ll see if I can get an official count from him and post it up but in the mean time let’s put the word out and see if we can get 15 per Gen order! Or just 15 total...that would be nice too.
  9. Having rode my 5 Gen all last year at the track, I would never say that the VFR s too slow or heavy for track time. That being said, I have trimmed some weight off and have improved several aspects of the bike but ultimately, IMO, track days aren’t about being the fastest or having the lightest best setup bike, it’s for improving your riding skills and to get better acquainted with your bike.
  10. Bribes are gladly accepted, Lagunitas IPA is always a good bribe. 😉
  11. Welcome Aboard Rob! Sounds like you’ve done some riding! Not sure about the 5 Gen differences, if any but the similarities would be what Dutchy mentions, the Stator/RR. These have a tendency to cause more than a few riders some grief if not leaving them stranded. The current trend is replacing the OEM RR in favor of a newer MOSFET style like the Shindengen SH847 or the FH020AA and removing the connector between the Stator and RR and soldering the leads instead. Plenty of post about this topic so I’m sure you’ll be able to see what others, as well as myself have done. BTW, from the sound of it, doesn’t seem like you kept that 900SS/SP or did you? I still have mine, bought new in 1995 and still running great.
  12. I recall finding this a while back. The guy even gives the parts you’ll need. http://members.home.nl/jfknippels/valve_overview.html
  13. Duc2V4

    Tires on sale??

    Rocky Mountain is my go to for tires online, if not I will get them from Chaparral in San Bernardino if I need them immediately. Their prices are good and I get a small discount for being signed up with them, essentially it comes out like no sales tax. The last set I bought was about a $2 difference from the price I got from RMATVMC. That being said, I believe that a lot of online retailers are now adding in state sales tax. A friend of mine just bought a set from RMATVMC and he said his invoice showed California sales tax. I know that Revzilla is now doing this, as their parent company (read affiliate Cycle Gear) has locations in California.
  14. Duc2V4

    Tires on sale??

    Just received an email from Competition Accessories showing $40 Dunlop rebates.
  15. Note that the 6 Gen kit also applies to the 8 Gen. Sfdownhill and I have been talking to AS3 trying to get them to separate their kits so that the 6 Gen can get a complete set. The short hose that connects the rad cap filler tube to the radiator is not in the kit but is in the 5 Gen kit. On the 8 Gen, the radiator cap goes onto the radiator directly, so we assume this is why it’s missing in the 6/8 Gen kit and that you get the two extra hoses. As for the 5 Gen kit we have provided them with the one hose that connects to the wax unit and one that Honda does not sell anymore and to either make this part of the 5 Gen kit or sell it in kits for 00-01 and leave it out for 98-99. Good news for 00-01 owners is the hose is being made and should be available soon.
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