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  1. Yeah, "clam shell" is basically the main cover of the WP. Although I think it's rare that the main o-ring fail, but as mentioned, it did for me. When I took the cover off, the o-ring looked old and kind like it shrunk in places. Probably should have taken a pic it. As for the pump itself, when it goes, as they say, it literally leaks or in my case, flows out of the weep hole! When the 6 Gen went out on me, it was literally gushing water out as I rode! I was able to pull over and limp to a place where, luckily, my friend could pick me up on his way home from the track. This is the "clam shell" o-ring gasket that I speak of. Unfortunately I don't recall which WP is for what Gen but the one on the left you can see the silicon I used to help slow the leaking...
  2. I can confirm that the 5 and 6 Gen water pumps are interchangeable. I had swapped my 5 Gen pump onto my 6 Gen when that pump went belly up. My 6 Gen is my commuter and my 5 Gen is my "play" bike, so I just swapped them. As said, easily comes off once the main bolts are removed. That being said, you may have oil leak out at the opening, especially if on the side stand, so center stand or try to lean to the right if possible. My experience has been that when the pump goes, it goes, I have seen the main "clam shell" o-ring be the only issue but recall once or maybe twice that this was actually the case.
  3. I will say that having clean injectors can make a big difference. I actually removed mine and had them professionally cleaned. Did this for both my 5 and 6 Gens. The latter just recently due to my rebuild. I have been keeping track of my mileage for sometime now and for the most part the 6 Gen gets the most use, it's my commuter, however with the pandemic work has really slowed down that I haven't really been doing a lot of commuting. Prior to both pandemic and rebuild the last few MPG readings I got were averaging 41MPG. On the 5 Gen, it was actually higher average, 45MPG. This was due to at least 4 times I got 50MPG and 52MPG trips. I wish I could say what these trips were, meaning long distance rides or local rides, but unfortunately I don't keep that detailed info in my spreadsheets. I should add though, when I do a lot of sport riding, like in the local canyons, I typically get in the high 30's or low 40's. Here's a set of Injectors I had done for a friend's 07. Checkout how bad the injectors were before cleaning! Needless to say his bike ran so much better afterward!
  4. And here's the 5 Gen video. They definitely sound different to me. IMG_7082.MP4
  5. For those following. I grabbed 2 videos, one of the newly rebuilt 6.5 Gen and one of my 5 Gen post crash rebuild. As for the latter, I was lucky to fins most of the parts and pieces right away and I may even had some of them already. Although untouched in the crash, I did swap out the CF tube with some fresh CF. I got the CF tube from sfdownhill in exchange for my mechanical services if I remember correctly. Could have been as simple as some tire changes. No matter, it looks fresher and the original 2Bros parts fit just right. Here's the 6 Gen video: IMG_7080.MP4
  6. My recollection of the differences between the model years (02-05 vs. 06-09) is VTEC on/off RPM changed and a change in fuel injectors. I believe that the FI units have a better spray pattern on later models.
  7. Hello and Welcome Aboard! I'm sure you'll find plenty of good VFR related, even non related stuff here. I'm in the So Cal section of our state but have found my way up North riding with a few good folks who reside in your region, hopefully they'll chime in too.
  8. It seems to. I've ridden with it a few times and no issues that I have experienced.
  9. Thanks. When I started "barrel rolling" I thought, "Oh man, this is it, I'm gonna be hurting for a while!" When my left hand hit the ground and I felt the finger dislocate, I immediately grabbed both shoulders with the opposite hands and I came to a slow roll. I thought for sure broken bones and the like. Nope, not as bad as I thought. Small fractures of vertebrae and dislocated pinky, I'll take that any day of the week, just no broken bones, with all of my off-road riding crashes I went through, I should have been in cast many times. My dad use to tell me he thought I was born under a lucky cloud, have to say, based on several events in my life, I started to think he was right. I definitely don't take my luck for granted though, some folks just get lucky. Yeah, that Duc is one of my favorites, glad I bought it when I did. I've had so many riders who came up to me when at rider hang outs offer me cash on the spot! (Well practically) definitely had a few over zealous fans pester me even after I said no more than a few times.
  10. Oh no, that 5 Gen was resurrected and is my go to "fun" bike again. I probably should have documented that rebuild too but the pain seeing her in that condition was too much. I just wanted her back together as quick as possible. You can actually see a slight glimpse of her in one of the photos above. I'll see if I can get pics of her when I grab video of the 6 Gen.
  11. Thanks. As far as the crash. The track was "Streets of Willow", which at the time was still in OK shape, they have since repaved it but have not been on it as of yet. The turn I was coming out of was the "bowl" a fast right hand curve which takes you to a little chicane. Two things that were both my fault, one, I didn't do a proper warm up lap, so cold tires! The other is that little chicane, if not on the middle part of the track, can be really dusty near the edges. I came a little too close to those dusty edges before I started my lean to the left, touched the front brake to do my trail braking and viola! cold tires, meet dusty track, meet braking...BOOM! instant crash. The funny part, if you can call it funny. When I got up, the guy that I was following had also gone down but at a later part of track, so when one of the other riders came up to me said "Hey, are you alright? Steve went down too. Both you guys crashed" I immediately thought "OK, so it wasn't just me" but later found out he low sided on a turn just on the other side of where I crashed. He mentioned almost the same thing as me, he went to trail brake and down he went. Sometimes the wind is really bad at Willow and can often make the track very "dirty" so caution needs to be taken. This is one of our jobs while corner working reporting sections of the track we feel are getting "sketchy" and also to report when students go down. Another. maybe not so funny thing. When they asked if I wanted the medics to come by and check me out I said yes. Figured just to be safe as adrenaline can often mask injuries you might have and don't notice. The one thing for sure I knew I had, was my dislocated left pinky. I initially thought it was broken but realized it was only dislocated. I popped it back together and then made my hand into a fist and it popped back out. When the medics came over, I asked them if they could reset my pinky, the responded with "That's out of our scope. The best we can do is put a splint on it or tape it to your other finger, otherwise you'll have to be driven to the hospital". I said, that's not going to happen (I really wasn't feeling too bad this point) so I popped it back into place, put my hand up to them and said "Tape it!". This is how I ended up at the end of the day.
  12. 6 Gen ECU, Injectors and coil on plug. The only thing I have that is 5 Gen is the motor, everything else is all 6 Gen. Thanks for the Ducati compliment. I bought that brand new in 1995 and I plan on keeping it until I can ride no more. 🙂
  13. ust like "missing" a step, what mechanical project be complete without a minor mishap with tools? Well, not to miss out on that opportunity, I decided to drop my SSSA wheel stand onto my middle finger when I was trying to move it out of the way. Well, with that out of the way I had only a few more things to do, one was get my 2 Bros mid-pipe end expanded to be able to fit the "WyLD" headers. Took it over to a local muffler shop, asked the guy down in the work pit if this was something he could do and how much. He said "Do you have it with you?", "Yep", "Give it here, I'll do it right now". "Cool, how much?". "Nothing, it'll only take me a few minutes". I ended up handing him the last $10 I had in my wallet and went home with the modified mid-pipe. For some reason can't find the video of her running, so I'll have to recapture that and post it later. Thanks for following along. Cheers!
  14. As we all know, when things go too smoothly, there has to be something we forgot or missed, right? Right! Seems that rather than terminate the VTEC spool valve, I just removed it. Well, that little oversight will trigger the FI light to stay on. Well, a call to fellow VFRD member Christian, he pointed out what he did so, I had to do some slight disassembly and get that spool back in and mount it somewhere. Yep, somethings missing... ...This! OK, now let's get this more put together...
  15. With the original motor removed and all of the coolant hoses put on the replacement motor, I went to work getting that installed and tightened up.
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