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  1. Welcome! You have a very nice collection of bikes there!
  2. That was my fault, the FedEx web site auto-filled your address in and I thought I had double checked before clicking the "ship" button. Sorry guys, I'll try better next time!
  3. Wow! sounds like quite a few of you have received your goods already. Have to say I got scolded the other day on Facebook when I posted about these being done and that I was helping get them boxed up. I was accused of being HIGHLY irresponsible for even leaving the house, let alone meeting up with someone. Apparently me shipping out "crappy" headers (the term they used) was a higher priority to me than the safety and well being of others. I retorted in my usual sarcastic tone but had to put on a serious face and explain the entire situation. It probably didn't help that I had said I ignored the "stay at home order". Which at the time was, you can go outside and walk/walk your dog, visit public places but no gatherings of more than 10 or more, maintain good distance and cleanliness discipline. All of which were complied with. Heck, I even brought my own packing tools (tape gun, gloves, etc.) so that SFDownhill and I would not cross contaminate. This was in addition to keeping 6 feet or more away from each other as well as being outdoors! Anyway, not a big deal, no one was harmed in this venture, everyone is getting their stuff and best of all I can now relax and know that I made some VFR folks very happy! I will add I did have a similar post here to the one I had on FB but decided to delete it, I'd rather not make any "enemies" on a world class top notch forum! Cheers, D
  4. Well PMs with tracking numbers have been sent out to all those expecting a header or headers. Please PM me if you were expecting a PM with a tracking number but did not receive it. CHEERS!
  5. OK folks, my bad but I'm sure I will be forgiven shortly. I was supposed to update everyone who bought headers yesterday that their package was dropped off at FedEx and should be on its way to them. Unfortunately this applies only to the domestic shipments, as we use the USPS for international shipments (much cheaper) but getting to the Post Office has been a challenge (see below). Rest assured we will do our very best to get ALL shipments out this week. I'm multi-tasking at the moment, as I'm working from home, like I typically do ironically, but for some reason today and yesterday got real busy with conference phone calls, emails and support calls. So I may not get you a PM with your tracking number until later today. That being said, stay safe and healthy and let's hope this pandemic will blow over soon! Cheers, D
  6. Well, you may think that shipping to Australia is too expensive, there are a few companies, and I can say now that we have shipped to Oz a few times already! Go to https://www.myus.com/ and sign up with an account and they will give you a US address that we can ship to for much less than direct to you. The previous folks we sent to, the US shipping charge was under $100, If I recall correctly. What it cost from there to you, that is something you would need to investigate. But as an example of shipping direct from us to you, it's in the realm of $600-$800, so the savings is huge.
  7. Well I know it's feasible, as that's where I first saw the left side center stand stop, it was on my friends 2001. Question is, what's involved? I have no doubt you have a handle on this!
  8. For starters, you will want to reach out to Sebspeed (a forum member here) and obtain a center stand stop. That is, unless you want to remove your center stand or have another option. Secondly, the exit pipe of the headers diameter is 2" O.D. so if your Staintune mid-pipe opening is smaller than that, you'll want to take it to a muffler shop and have them expand the end to 2" I.D. to slip fit onto the headers. If the mid-pipe opening is lager than 2" I.D., you can either use a gasket or a shim to make up the for gap. For my 5 Gen with a 2 Bro high-mount can, I ended up using an aluminum shim that was 1/16 inch thick by 2" wide and just made a cylinder out of it and slipped it over the header, slipped the mid-pipe over that and it works like a charm!
  9. Yes we do. I'll send you a PM with the info on how you need to proceed.
  10. Tough call. I can say to ensure you can say no, don’t test ride it! That’s like taking a pretty girl out for a coffee, one thing leads to another and then you find yourself waking up next to her trying to figure out... “How did I end up here?”
  11. Check out Oxford. They have different style of grips, Sport, Touring, Adv. I have a set of touring grips on my 6 Gen as this is the bike I commute with. That being said, heated grips are nice but a good set of gloves is also needed for total warmth. I have a set of Knox Zero 3 gloves and these work well unaided but are a little thick to allow much warmth from the heated grips to come through at maximum strength. All in all though, I like both and have used them together a few times and the grips with moderate gloves too. The coldest I have ridden with both in use was about 30F-35F coming down from Anaheim to San Diego. I'm sure this is no where near temps in the colder half of the country but works well for me.
  12. Nice. Is that shipping container your garage?
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