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  1. Sent him a PM but haven’t heard back from him.
  2. Thanks. I'll see if I can look up that name.
  3. So I happened upon a bike that I am breaking down for the motor and a few other bits. Most of which have been saved, taken or sold. However, one item that I am contemplating on keeping or perhaps selling, is a rear hugger. I nor the previous owner knows much about it, as it was already on the bike when he got it. The way it was mounted was kind of haphazardly IMO, as the mounts that have bolts that you can tighten down were zipped tied to the rear brake hoses along the top of the chain guard. Additionally, there are two holes on the part that would sit on top of the swing arm behind the shock, that had a bit of wire that was tied to one of the shock mounting bolts!! I believe that there are mounts or mounting adapters that are missing but without knowing the make/model, not positive I would know for sure. Anyway, if I can find any possible missing bits (i.e. mounts) I might keep it, otherwise I would be willing to sell it and have the new owner figure out how they would mount it. Here are some pictures of the hugger, unfortunately though, I didn't take pictures of the way it was mounted, other than the one shown on the bike.
  4. Welcome Jroberts3! Congratulations on your find. Hopefully it won't having you crawling down a rabbit hole but as you said, this forum has great resources, so I anticipate this group keeping you top side! Good Luck!
  5. JW was actually always part of RMATV, they just decided to use the one name. I found the association one day a while back, also thought it was odd the two web sites looked so similar. That aside, currently I’ve been buying from Chaparral in San Bernardino, Ca. They’re somewhat local to me and I get a member discount on certain items. Last 2 sets of Road 5’s I bought from them. When I did a price comparison to JW/RMATV, they were maybe a few bucks more but they had the tires in stock, so I grabbed them from Chaparral. Here’s their website. https://www.chapmoto.com Hopefully they haven’t gone to pandemic level pricing like a lot of places seem to have done. Cheers, D
  6. It fit, so had to be looks. 🙂
  7. I'm 99% sure I made the swap, perhaps more than once. I think the first time I went from my 5 Gen to my 6 Gen after the 6 Gen blew out it's WP at the track. Here are some pics of the two. Don't ask me which one is which because I forgot to document that. So if you can't tell, I don't think your bike will either. 😉
  8. The minimum is still 15. There was a misunderstanding with the builder but ultimately the builder's pipe supplier is the culprit here. That being said, sfdownhill and I are taking a little break from this for the moment. Never say never but probably won't be for a while, if we do go again. This last run seemed to take forever just to get in the orders and then to get them completed seemed prolonged as well. I'm glad to be part of it and can't thank everyone enough for being patient and even purchasing them. Also like to add a big thanks to CornerCarver, his loaning us his 2 Bros headers helped this all get off the ground. Cheers
  9. I have a front sub-frame that is off of my 2009 VFR800. It was bent slightly when the bike was knocked over in a parking lot. All of the tabs and mounting holes are in great shape. Holding it up I am having a hard time seeing where it is bent. I would imaging once it's on the bike it would become obvious. I was able to straighten out a bent front sub-frame on my 5 gen so I would imaging this one could be brought back into place as well. Asking $40 plus shipping
  10. I have the left side fairing off of my 2009 VFR800. It was scratched up pretty good when the bike was knocked over in a parking lot. Other than the scratches, it's all intact. Asking $75 plus shipping
  11. I have the front cowl off of my 2009 VFR800 for sale. It was scratched and had a small bit broken off near the top when the bike was knocked over in a parking lot. I managed to do a rudimentary repair so it wouldn't look so bad. It's overall condition is decent and other than the fore mentioned repair, is intact elsewhere, Asking $50 plus shipping.
  12. I have a black colored aftermarket 5 Gen front fender with Repsol sticker on it. For the most part the fender is in good shape but the mounting holes look like they could use some minor repair. Asking $40 plus shipping.
  13. I have two 5 Gen OEM seats I'm looking to sell. Both have some slight blemishes on the seat cover. One you wouldn't know if you had the seat cowl cover in place. Either one I'm selling for $75 plus shipping.
  14. I have some aftermarket inner cowl bits for a 5 Gen. They are the dash cowl, the left and right side upper covers (near mirrors), the left and right inner cowls that go on the inside of the front cowl and side fairings, as well as the front inner cowl that goes in front of the headers between the left and right side fairings. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT GENUINE HONDA PARTS SO THEY MAY NOT COLOR MATCH YOUR EXISTING COWL PIECES IF YOURS ARE GENUINE HONDA PARTS. 2 Upper cowl bits ($10 plus shipping) 2 Inner side cowls ($20 plus shipping) 1 Dash cowl ($25 plus shipping) 1 Front inner cowl ($25 plus shipping)
  15. I have two 5 Gen Rear Seat Cowls in Red that I am looking to sell. Both are in decent shape, other than minor scratches, scuff marks but all tabs are in place, One I'm asking $75 (Seat Cowl 1) and the other $65 (Seat Cowl 2, which has little more scratches than the other). Buyer also pays shipping. I labeled the photos Seat Cowl1-# and Seat Cowl 2-# so you can tell which one is which. UPDATE: Seat Cowl #1 has been sold. Seat Cowl #2 is still available. $65 plus shipping. Both cowls have been sold. Cheers, D
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