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  1. Duc2V4

    Michelin Road 5

    No problems here. BTW, recommend front is 36 PSI, maybe back off a couple of pounds. Check the wheel to see if it’s still balanced and check the front wheel bearings as well as steering stem, just for good measure.
  2. Duc2V4

    A Shout Out for Pro Bolt Fasteners

    I bought some of their safety wire bolts, these are bolts with predrilled holes for safety wire. They also have a “dual drive” bolt, it’ll take an Allen head or a traditional socket/wrench, which are really cool too.
  3. Duc2V4

    The new(ish) VFR in town..

    Welcome Aboard! The temps on a 5&6 Gen can be up in the 200F range in most situations but I do not know if those temps are normal on the 8 Gen. Yesterday coming home the outdoor temp was 94F and I was moving at highway speeds (70-80MPH) and my gauge, when I toggled over to engine temp read 205F. I know if I’m at the track and pushing it, the temps stay in the 210-220F range, even in 70-80F ambient temperature range.
  4. Duc2V4

    back protector

    I have a Knox Contour back protector that you strap on your back that I would be willing to sell, if you're interested. Also I just listed in the classifieds an Alpinestars jacket with separate Bionic Air back protector that fits into a jacket pocket. The Knox one is the non-race version in this video
  5. I have a Medium Alpinestars AST Hi-Viz jacket for sale. It's roughly 3 years old (at least that's what I recall) but in good shape. It was my commuter jacket for Summer and Spring and sometimes Fall. It is a textile jacket with good airflow but thick enough for keeping you a little warmer than pure mesh. There is no wind or water proof liner but does have the pants attachment zipper. It has shoulder and elbow/forearm armor (I believe it's A*s Bio Armor) with foam chest and back pads. I'm selling the jacket for $60 and I also have a Bionic Air hard back protector that fits the back armor pocket. Selling the back protector separately for $25 or grab both for $75. Buyer also pays shipping. Front View: Back View: Inside View: Chest and back soft armor: Hard armor parts: (Shown with separate back protector) Hard back protector:
  6. Duc2V4


    Nice! When you say sponsors, did they actually give you product or money? In exchange for...?
  7. Duc2V4


    I can’t post it at the moment, not near my computer, but I have pics of how I did my Denali Sound Bomb mini that I can post tomorrow. Although this is on my 6 Gen so may not be the same for your 8 Gen but may give you an idea. EDIT: I have added pictures to show where I put mine on my 6 Gen. Hopefully you can find similar space on your 8 Gen.
  8. Duc2V4

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    I did send them an email about the ones I was missing and never heard back from them. This was around the Christmas holiday season, so that might be a factor and to be honest I just never followed up afterward. It's low on my priority list at the moment but if I can remember and it's early morning here (late afternoon for them), I might give them a call instead. At least talking with a live person, they cannot say they never got the message. The only concern I have is that the hoses in question (wax unit) are no longer available from Honda. If they need samples to pattern from, I would imagine they would need someone to provide them. Since the only ones I have available are on my bike, not really eager to remove them and send them their way. Not only is time a concern but what if they get lost in shipping?
  9. Duc2V4

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    The only hoses my AS3 kit was missing was for the wax unit (98-99 models don't have this) even though the kit said it was for 2000-2001, never did follow up with them...Hmm
  10. Duc2V4

    Tires for my 98

    Pilot RS is an awesome tire! I have been using them at the track on my 5 Gen and put on 1100+ miles (purely track time) and they just about done both front and rear. I prefer these over the PP3s I ran previously. Going to invest in another set soon.
  11. Duc2V4

    my yellow VFR

    You should post what you did in the rear set adapter thread. I ended up using a piece of stainless steel block, drilled it through the center and then tapped the ends with a 10mm tap. Then put this in place where the original MC sat and tied a short line from there to the new MC position. Pic is posted in the thread. I’m interested in seeing what you did.
  12. So best I can give you is weight via a bathroom scale. Looks like a little over 8.5 lbs. without bearings, seals and spacer. Since I had those loose, I popped those onto the scale and it’s just a little over 9.5 lbs. Note the space I have is the steel one not the aluminum one but would think only a matter of a few ounce difference. Negligible IMO. Hope this helps. Weight with bearings, seals and spacer Without bearings, seals and spacer.
  13. One cool benefit of the PCV is that you can load two maps into it and using a contact closure, provided you’re not running the auto tune module, you can switch between them. This is great for anyone who wants to try out a different map and do a quick A/B comparison or two have different profiles loaded for different performance levels, without having to break out a computer.
  14. With or without bearings and seals? I have the one that came off of my 5 Gen but I believe the bearings and seals have been removed. I won’t be home until tomorrow morning so I couldn’t weigh it until then.
  15. The 8125 is the correct one but if you can find the 8125L, not LL, the nipple is just a tad longer than the standard 8125. The longer nipple allows the bleed hose to stay put better than with the non L version. Note the the LL is meant for the PCV bleeder that is under the seat, so you would still need at least one of those. Two are only required for ABS model bikes.

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