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  1. This is a genuine Honda OEM seat for a 6 Gen. Asking $75 plus shipping. Shipping will be from Anaheim.
  2. Selling a "Barn Find". The infamous Wolf Under Tail exhaust for the 5 Gen VFR. I don't have much details on this kit other than I'm not 100% all the parts and pieces to mount it are here. In fact, the under tail piece was given to me by fellow forum member 'vfrcapn', who happened to have the piece.. If you're adventurous and have some mechanical ability, it might be worth grabbing. I do have the installation instructions but would definitely say it will require some ingenuity to get it in place. This is being sold "as-is" but the parts appear to be in good condition. Going to set the price at $600 plus shipping but would be open to negotiations. Shipping would be from Anaheim, CA.
  3. I have a Two Brothers low mount exhaust and link pipe for a 5 Gen VFR. Comes with a special mounting bracket that would replace the right rear passenger foot peg. Otherwise, I believe that the rear foot peg assembly could be used to mount the can to. Comes with springs and exhaust clamp. Asking $175 plus shipping. Shipping would be out of Anaheim, CA.
  4. This is a like new condition Delkevic PR1828 exhaust can and link pipe. It comes with mounting bracket and exhaust clamps. Asking $150 plus shipping. I do not have any details on this other than what you see in the pictures. Shipping would be from Anaheim, CA.
  5. This Pit Bull stand is the fixed handle version but does support swapping the hub pin. The pin currently on the stand is meant for the OEM VFR and OEM NT650 Hawk rear hubs. Asking $100 + shipping. If you're in So Cal you can always swing by and pick up here in Anaheim.
  6. I have up for sale a single sided swing arm stand that has the pin that will fit OEM VFR rear hub or OEM NT650 Hawk rear hub. A few people said it looks like either a Lockhart Philips or a TBR stand but I don't know for sure, but it is very sturdy. Offering it up for $60 + shipping. If you're in So Cal you can always swing by and pick it up here in Anaheim and save money on shipping.
  7. Long story short, I'm sorting through all of the stuff fellow member sfdownhill had left after his passing. I have volunteered to help find new homes for his motorcycles and motorcycle parts to help the family out. I'm still sorting through a lot of stuff and believe me there's a LOT of stuff to go through. So be on the lookout as I will be posting stuff for sale soon, I'm still taking inventory and pictures of what's in my possession. That said, I found a 8 Gen rear wheel and this front wheel that matches the color of said rear wheel, but I do not recognize it, anybody know what bike this front wheel goes to?
  8. I'll look at my OEM 6 Gen seat then. I currently have a Sargent on my bike so I was gauging it on how that one looks in comparison, as it has a storage section underneath to store manual/documents. Thanks guys.
  9. Hey all, I'm going through a bunch of motorcycle stuff that forum member sfdownhill left behind after his passing. I'll most likely be posting stuff for sale for his family, and I know what most of the parts and pieces got to. That said, this seat looks like it might be for a VFR but not 100% sure. I know it's not a 5 or 6 Gen seat, so can any 8 Gen owners confirm it is or it isn't for an 8 Gen? Cheers
  10. When I get back home from my new job orientation, I’ll start to look into this again. Right now l’ll be heading home soon. My plane lands at 9PM tonight then I need to be up and on the road about 4:00A-4:30A to be on the road to Vegas to help get Lance’s stuff brought back to my place in Anaheim. Probably be beat as all get out on Sunday but once I get back to normal hours I’ll be sure to get back on this. Cheers, D
  11. Sorry for the delay, Seb and I did have a discussion about this and threw around some ideas. We were going to follow up on this, as right now though, I have been really busy with work, finishing at one company and starting with another (No break in between). This and some personal things I have to deal with but we haven’t given up on the topic. One idea that Seb had was maybe a key fob, kind of like a dog tag, as a possibility. This way it would be more visible than a header plate, as a plate would require some additional work to put it on the header, plus finding a place to put it where one could see it. Another thought was maybe something to go on the top triple clamp, but again here how to have it mounted. Just some ideas to toss around. I’m also still in the process of helping the family out with all of Lance’s motorcycle stuff, he had quite a lot of it. I’ll be helping clear out his garage and “Moto Shed” and will most likely take possession of some of his bikes to help sell them. This Saturday I’ll be going to his garage and grab the bikes he had there. If he has any VFR goodies, I’ll most likely be posting them up for sale here on the forum. All the money will go to the family.
  12. DJ, can you post a pic of the item you’re talking about? I may actually have that part in my box of removed goodies. As for your conversion to a cable choke, I’d have to double check, but I believe you’ll need to swap out the water pump to the 98-99 model, as well as the thermostat housing of the 98-99 models. These parts do not have the ports that connect to the wax idle unit hoses. Can’t remember if I have the 00-01 version of the TBs or the 98-99 model TBs in my “spare” parts bin, but you would most likely need the 98-99 unit, as it has the lever that the choke cable connects to. You would also need the left hand controls housing that has the choke cable lever. Ironically, the 00-01 housing actually has the cutout for the lever, Honda just put in a plastic ring in place of the lever, but can remember if they left the cable hole open or filled it in. I can look into that later today and get back to you.
  13. That is great picture of Lance, a face and smile I will always remember. Thank You Grum!
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