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  1. How'd this go in the end @ShipFixer? Things all good again?
  2. I have an Excel sheet on my Google Drive which works fairly well. It's better for "official" maintenance schedules, it's not as accommodating for things you'd do in between the scheduled services but it's workable and easy to access from your phone. This is what I use for my NT700V.
  3. Fellow Irishman here (well, Corkonian). Have you taken a look at YSS shocks and springs? They get good reviews and aren't bad, price-wise. They're rebuildable too. On my VFR 750, I replaced the factory forks springs with springs from Progressive Suspension USA (I can't find the ebay store I got them from, it was about 6 years ago or so). YSS and Hyperpro also do progressive springs and are easy to find. Anyway, I replaced the oil (which was like water) with Motul 10w fork oil (different brands have different viscosities, Motul's 10w is different from, say, Castrol's...i
  4. Nice collection. I also have an NT, it's the Deauville over here. 60,000 miles up on it through all sorts of weather and some touring on continental Europe. It ain't fast but that's not the point with it. It starts and gets me where I need to be every single time. And allows the VFRs to stay dry 🙂 . Also, this Yammie guy on Youtube, he's a fool.
  5. I'm guessing I can't just wipe lemon juice over the pipes then haha!
  6. This explains the colour of some parts of my NT700v exhausts. @Magneto - What is passivation? Can it be done at home?
  7. Hey all, Been a while since I've posted here but am glad to see some of the familiar usernames from over the years! I hope you're all doing well. I bought a 2003 VFR 800 a year ago, haven't been able to put up many miles on it really and was just wondering what the story is with the stock exhaust pipes. Are they stainless or are they mild steel?
  8. This is a great idea. Last February, as I was tackling an issue with mine, I didn't realise that you could leave the tank bolted at the back (the hinge). The tank fell... I think people heard me shout for miles around. Thankfully, somehow, the tank was only barely scratched on a bit you can't even see really. Miraculous.
  9. I'd love to see one of these make the VFR 2016 calendar!
  10. fabio222

    VFR Trip to Kerry, Ireland

    A few days around the beautiful County Kerry here in Ireland on my VFR 750. Gorgeous sunshine, stunning scenery and a legendary bike.
  11. 119 downloads

    A look at the RC24 VFR 750 by Practical Sportsbikes.
  12. 186 downloads

    A comprehensive look at V4 Honda's over the last 30 years by British weekly magazine, Motorcycle News. This was published in May 2012. This was scanned with a camera phone and then converted into a PDF. Most of the pages are of decent, readable, quality.
  13. fabio222

    35 Going to the Sun

    Great pic, how did you keep the bike so clean on that ride and what is that petrol-coloured sheen from the windshield? A camera trick?
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