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  1. I'd love to see one of these make the VFR 2016 calendar!
  2. fabio222

    VFR Trip to Kerry, Ireland

    A few days around the beautiful County Kerry here in Ireland on my VFR 750. Gorgeous sunshine, stunning scenery and a legendary bike.
  3. 108 downloads

    A look at the RC24 VFR 750 by Practical Sportsbikes.
  4. 180 downloads

    A comprehensive look at V4 Honda's over the last 30 years by British weekly magazine, Motorcycle News. This was published in May 2012. This was scanned with a camera phone and then converted into a PDF. Most of the pages are of decent, readable, quality.
  5. fabio222

    35 Going to the Sun

    Great pic, how did you keep the bike so clean on that ride and what is that petrol-coloured sheen from the windshield? A camera trick?
  6. Looks lovely!
  7. That is a gorgeous photo. If I had a hat I would tip it.
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