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  1. just as the title says...ebay is stupid priced. I'm trying to keep the cost low because these bikes need a lot. If I don't have any luck, I'll grab one from the other bikes I have. thanks
  2. wow, probably the best looking 4th gen I've ever seen...need that 3rd gen wheel tho....
  3. OOOOO So tempting. What spring weight is on it? I'd probably have to swap it-I weigh #135.


    Thanks for your time,



    1. mcrwt644


      I'm not sure what spring.  I'm 165, and it's a hair soft

  4. I like the mix of old and new with the building
  5. EVERY single time I try to improve the performance of the front of my 4th gen, I regret it. For me, it just isn't worth it. I had an F4 front end on my last 4th gen, but other than the brakes, I hated it. Of course I didn't have time to properly set it up, but I digress. I drop the front 6 mm, change the fork oil and called it good on Charlotte. I can't haul A$$ here in VA like I use to in CA anyway
  6. mcrwt644

    92 VFR750 At Mill Bay

    yes, agreed, very nice quality picture and very nice looking 3rd gen as well
  7. mcrwt644

    ADV Viffer

    makes my shortcut through the woods pale by comparison, lol
  8. mcrwt644


    Charlotte the 'pig'
  9. mcrwt644


    no fair! show off!
  10. It's a beautiful place to ride. In all my time in San Diego, only went out there once, but it was nearly a 400 mile round trip in one day. Down town San Diego, out some canyons x'ing route 8 up to Julian, through some more canyons and somehow ending up on Palomar.
  11. mcrwt644

    front tire wear

    I had those tires stock on my f4, and they did the same thing, didn't last but a few thou
  12. mcrwt644

    Bye-Bye VFR

    I believe I know that turn...Palomar, slow side? I put my gen 5 down in like the 5th corner there pushing a bad suspension set up.
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