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  1. I noticed it disappears for a few seconds after you rev it. Have you tried 10-40 oil? Both my 1200 and my DRZ 400 were so noisy with 10-30 that I switched to 10-40. Both bikes had less than 10,000 miles on them when I noticed this. Worth a shot for $40....
  2. When I did mine, I removed the valve covers before reading the manual, and never took off the throttle bodies, or fuel rails. It would be good to clean down in there though....
  3. Wow, looks like a good option. Engines are the same except for cams and ecu. The rear foot peg exhaust mount might be slightly different, but that could easily be worked around. Price is great!
  4. From the parts image, it looks like they have springs to tension them, and should be fine at 9,000 miles. Did you check your valve clearances yet? When you do, you can rotate the engine, and see what might be going on. Also, you can try 10-40 oil, if they put anything lighter, expect noise. Mine always made a racket with 10-30, then I switched, and now it much quieter. Referring to the engine as a whole, not just the timing chains.
  5. Thanks! Here's a few more...
  6. Rode off-road from Hwy 108 ( Near Pinecrest) to Highway 4 (Arnold) on Hell's Half Acre Road, it was 63 miles, but took around 3 hours with a few wrong turns on the spaghetti fire road system. Then we decided to ride over Ebbets Pass (8,736') on highway 4. Then we took a right on highway 89 and over Monitor Pass (8,314'). After gassing up in Walker, we took 395 south and then headed back over Sonora Pass (9,623') back to our campsite. Over 200 miles of twists and turns.
  7. Just installed a new garage door opener with a camera and app that tells me when someone opens the door. Took the beast for a hot-lap. Replaced a bad light fixture. Cleaned the garage. Had a few beers in the process. All 5 bikes need an oil change, then back to the BUDGET street fighter. Also looking at picking up a 5th Gen... Running out of excuses...
  8. Looks like you left out the 7th Gen... If I could only have one, that would be it! Power of a toro-charged 800, and everyday reliability. Does not feel it's weight, and with LSL bars you can really row that thing through the corners! More comfy than the others too...and can still haul the beans fully loaded with a passenger. Way better brakes, easy exhaust valve adjustments, never a chain to clean/adjust/replace, and parts still available! It's biggest downfall is the looks, and what people think of the weight, and range. They aren't really an issue in the real world, as opposed to what the numbers look like on paper.
  9. Wow, that bolt is special, it's 10 X 57 and cost $15.55 each. The 1200 has radial calipers as well, and uses a 10 X 67 and they are only $3.84 each...
  10. Maybe Honda was worried some folks might use the inferior Triumph bolts... Working on cars for a living for quite some time, and wrenching on cars and bikes all my life, I don't think I've ever seen a bolt that bad. Seen some with stripped threads, buggard up threads, corroded, rusted, pitted, and bent. I'm also a machinist, so I do notice things on fasteners way more than most people. almost looks like inferior metallurgy, or waaay over-torqueing many times in a row. Usually, the offender will rip out the alloy threads in their nice aluminum mating part first. Let's see what Danno says, he's seen more than I have...
  11. ^ Yep, you found the answer yourself. It's not grinding you are hearing it's the starter struggling to turn the engine, making lots of noise because it is reaching its limit with the available voltage and amperage... First thing I said to myself the second I started the video was, "Wow, he has the clock on his 3rd gen!"
  12. I miss my screaming yellow zonker, but still get to ride it occasionally as I sold it to my riding buddy....
  13. Hey Jefferson, if you're going that far, there is more to be removed from the other side while still having some protection....
  14. Nice project, I have to get back on mine soon! ( It looks like I am coming up on 1 year of no activity 😨 ) I like the last two with the rear VFR400 Rothmans fairing, and the old school fairing up front. Maybe could find a nice LED front rectangle light to fit, you will have a retro-modern bike! LED's are super light, as they have plastic housings. I will be watching this thread, and looking forward to your final creation!
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