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  1. RC1237V

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    About to re-assemble, but the Lite Tek kit came with O-ring #006 (2x9.5x13) and O-ring #012 (2x9x13). It seems like one set will be extra? I cannot tell which set goes on the air tubes as the old O-rings are so shrunken, that they do not measure anywhere near the size of the new parts. Anyone know which is correct, and where do the 4 remaining O-rings go? Also, is there any carb assembly lube, or just put them on dry? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. RC1237V

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Is it ok to not put the caps back on the ide screws, or will they creep out of adjustment over time?
  3. RC1237V

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Thanks Squirrelman, I will be ordering the #40 jets...........
  4. RC1237V

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Is there a +/- tolerance?
  5. RC1237V

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Show Fig. 28 please.....
  6. RC1237V

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    Ok, so I have the lite-tek kit and a new fuel pump as the old one was leaking from the electrical connector. Bought all new float valves and seats, floats look ok. Carbs are all separated, and one of them is apart. Here is what I found: Main Jet: 135 Pilot Jet: 38 Needle: #3 Fuel Screws: 2 and a half turns out Two Bros header and pipe Factory Ignition Advancer K&N Air Filter The bike ran like a banshee up top, and would pull hard at any rpm, but when cruising around, if I would get back on the gas, or try to rev match, there would be nothing there. Also it would surge while cruising steady-state, don't know if it was rich or lean. It did idle fine and start every time. Looks like the Factory racing set up sheet has everyone using a 40 pilot jet, but none are CA bikes. Is the 38 pilot for CA cams, or same cams, just lean pilot for emissions? Can the fuel screws correct the surging and off/on gas issue? Anyone have the "Common Service Manual" that explains the float height adjustment? Thanks!
  7. Hahaha, I guess I should wear my glasses...............
  8. Those carbon side covers are tits, where did you get them?
  9. Nice job! Any idea on the amount of weight reduction?
  10. RC1237V

    New old Honda

    Is that the bike that replaced the Pacific Coast?
  11. RC1237V

    Rear rotor alignment

    Something is awry, if the carrier is warped causing the rotor to become closer to the mount, the pad on the caliper would seem as it should be tight on the left side, not the right side......
  12. RC1237V

    Rear rotor alignment

    Or, is that picture underneath the bike? I see a hydraulic line....never mind, just realized they moved the hydraulic caliper on the DCT.........
  13. RC1237V

    Rear rotor alignment

    It looks like that is the parking brake for the DCT, and the caliper appears to be loaded in the opposite direction of the rotor being offset. Maybe the caliper is locked up, or was installed incorrectly by the technicians when they did the driveshaft recall......definitely worth a disassembly and inspection.

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