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  1. Just South of SF, and North of Santa Cruz, if you drive inland for 15 minutes.... Alice's on the weekend...(during the week it's just a commute stop)
  2. I have done a lot of car and motorcycle trips up and down highway 1 in California. North of Leggett is "Avenue of the Giants" which is an old growth redwood forest which is pretty cool, about 25 miles long and parallels highway 1 (101 in that section). Many spots to jump back on the freeway if you get enough. Anything North of that, I have not been... From Leggett to Morro Bay should not be missed. Plan on 2-3 days just for that part, (~500 miles) with plenty of stopping and viewing the scenery. There will likely be fog in some spots and clearing in others as the microclimate weather is unpredictable along the entire coast. You could have end of the world dense fog, then 20 minutes later you come out into the clearest skies you've ever seen. This will take you south along the coast, eventually through San Francisco, past Alice's, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, etc... Many side roads to explore, not sure what you're driving or if Mrs. Skids is into performance driving, or if this is purely sight seeing... Going south past Morrow bay takes you inland for awhile. Then you will be near Solvang, look to Google to see if it's for you. Further south is Santa Barbara, Ventura, then you're into Los Angeles area, where my interest stops... Let me know a bit more about what you want to do, your expectations, etc... The news makes it seem that we all carry guns, but that is just a distortion of reality. The areas you will be travelling will be safe, except maybe LA and Seattle... Most people are just trying to live their lives, it's the few morons that screw it up for everyone else. For myself, and to my kids, I let them know when they are traveling out of town before stopping for gas, make sure you get your situational awareness in check so you are not surprised by some idiot local looking to jack you. Only had one issue in my life, but glad I was aware and just moved on to the next gas station. Just good to be aware and vigilant, since you are in an unfamiliar place.
  3. Wow, that was quite the adventure, and a scary one at that! Glad you are doing well, and yes, humor does heal... <--- Healing Quickly Like I said to SF, I hope your recovery is as fast as your riding! Looking forward to tearing up the Sierras with you again...
  4. Wow, give my best to Darryl - I hope his recovery is as fast as his riding! Lots of fun in the Sierras with all you guys!
  5. Much of Highway 1 is literally built on the cliffs of the ocean, it was and is always going to be a battle to keep it open. If you're there on a good day, not much else even comes close!
  6. Had to re-hash this post, as the last one was archived. Anyway, looks like mother nature is at it again!
  7. I *think* the fourth gen and 3rd gen exhausts are interchangeable, as I have read on this forum that the 4th gen stock exhaust is an upgrade to the 3rd gen with that large set of "intestines" below the back of the engine. I may be wrong, so verify before breaking out the credit card...
  8. That bike looks so frickin' good with those white wheels! I say go for it, as it will make the back of the bike look "lighter" aesthetically, and as you said, it will expose more of the rear wheel.
  9. Yes, it was nice to meet you and Tirso, adding a few new faces to our old crew! Brian and I took a 62 mile back way loop to Skyline, adding another 1,000 turns to our day, where I turned around and he headed to Alice's. Good to see everyone on a great ride with lots of twisty time - thanks to JeffyJeff for organizing!
  10. Got home just in time to lube my chain, adjust the shifter, and clean the bugs off the front of the bike. Packed up and ready for tomorrow!
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