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  1. Also, get rid of that battery ASAP - if there is damage inside, and it shorts internally, it will turn into a ball of molten lead. If it had enough amps to start your bike it can still perform a suicide mission in your bike or even in your garage. My two cents:>>> Buy a Yuasa or other quality battery, I know they are more, but a fire under your arse while riding or a burnt down garage are not worth the $50 savings of a cheap Amazon/China made battery.
  2. Zero volts is strange, maybe the bump in the road caused an internal battery failure, where one terminal does not connect to the plates inside the battery. Even old messed up batteries read half a volt or so...
  3. BTW, this is the beer section of the grocery store where I get my brew.... 20210112_175221.mp4
  4. Have to rebuild the forks on the 12Hundo, and have the oil, seals, and bushings, so hopefully get that done tomorrow. The parts finally came in for the tank, so might get that done this weekend too. Final headlight bracket might be awhile, as work is really busy now... Working on some beers right now. 😋
  5. From Maine: "Years of experience generally mean years of having to figure out how to get up and running again." and "Some who don't know me laugh" From Grum: "That said, always be well kitted up for a puncture..." My Input...have some eggs handy too, for a different kind of puncture........😲
  6. Awesome, thanks! I did not know they made heat shrink tape - good to know! I will get an LED flasher relay too, so my turn signals don't hyper-flash.
  7. I wrapped each connector bundle, and have some braided sheathing when I finish the last few details. Some progress made...
  8. Thanks Danno, I am trying to simplify as much as possible, so that will help. There are so many wires for this bike...here's how it looked this morning...
  9. Almost forgot....NOW it's time for some refreshment! No beer when reading wiring diagrams....
  10. The only issue I ran into was the high beam and low beam only work if both relays are in place, even though I only have one bulb. I don't know if the bulb is different from the VFR, or if I can wire it differently. I try to put the VFR bulb in tomorrow, and see if that helps. Otherwise I may just have to leave both relays intact. I will use the NASA method recommended by Danno to shorten up all the wires tomorrow. I made a print for my headlight bracket so I can mill that out on Monday. Just have to tidy up some stuff and front will be done for now. I will eventually make some side panels, mou
  11. Had to cut out a section of the SALVAGE TITLE frame to clear the headlight connector. There was about 1/8", but I would rather be safe than sorry. I rigged up a jig using some parts from the RC51 Tuono ignition lock. Worked out well...
  12. Hooked up the dash wiring, oil light, neutral light, high beam light, turn indicators, shift lights, tach, fuel gauge, and speedo all work as planned. I won't know if the low fuel light works until I get low on fuel. I will still need to program the gear indicator once I can ride it for more than a few minutes, without wires hanging everywhere... Also have to try to remove and replace the temp sensor without taking the tank and carbs off. Looks like I might have a shot at success... The protective film is still on the gauge, so it looks kinda funky...
  13. Made some mock-up headlight mounts from my extra radiator brackets I had laying around....
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