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  1. RC1237V

    New old Honda

    Is that the bike that replaced the Pacific Coast?
  2. RC1237V

    Rear rotor alignment

    Something is awry, if the carrier is warped causing the rotor to become closer to the mount, the pad on the caliper would seem as it should be tight on the left side, not the right side......
  3. RC1237V

    Rear rotor alignment

    Or, is that picture underneath the bike? I see a hydraulic line....never mind, just realized they moved the hydraulic caliper on the DCT.........
  4. RC1237V

    Rear rotor alignment

    It looks like that is the parking brake for the DCT, and the caliper appears to be loaded in the opposite direction of the rotor being offset. Maybe the caliper is locked up, or was installed incorrectly by the technicians when they did the driveshaft recall......definitely worth a disassembly and inspection.
  5. RC1237V

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Welcome! The previous owner may have blacked out the windscreen because the lower third is inaccessible, and gets water spots from washing the bike. I went with a dark tinted screen as I have the LSL bars, and almost always ride with a tank bag so there is no way I can get low enough to see through the stock screen anyway. As far as the Monkey-Butt syndrome goes, I wear cycling shorts under my riding gear, and if it's really hot, just powder up - Gold Bond seems to be the best, but any baby powder will work. Enjoy the new ride, and thanks for helping out our veterans!
  6. RC1237V

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    I did pass Icehouse Road on the way back home from previously mentioned trip..........hint, hint Too bad I was in my truck!
  7. RC1237V

    Recommended routes for gettin’ outa Texas?

    Hahaha, I've been there! Been looking on the map for it for about 10 years now, as I thought it was on 395, but now that I see the route it is all coming back to me. Lance, nice purchase and nice long ride! Just got back form two track weekends, renting an Africa Twin, and did Reno to Gold Lake off road with the wife on the back. Then went to Tahoe to round out the week. Looking forward to another ride with the Bay Area VFR guys......last one Jeff and I were on our own..........
  8. RC1237V

    Isle of Man on this week

    +1, and my bucket list is getting longer and longer.................
  9. I'm 52 and just started doing track days! Also, learn how to wrench on your bike! You may make a few mistakes, but they are generally parts bolted to other parts, and that's also how you learn how and how not to do these repairs. I did my forks with the help of a friend, but yes you can send them to Jamie as he does great work. The clutch probably needs a rebuild kit in the master or slave cylinder. The chain and sprockets aren't too difficult either. Watch a few videos, ask some folks here, and dig in. Take your time, and have your daughter help you if she would like to. It's a great time to teach mechanical concepts that can be adapted to other ares as well. Friction, torque, transfer of power, how multiple parts together perform a complex task, etc.... I just mounted and balanced a set of tires on the track bike in my garage, and two years ago I was paying over $50 a set to have that done. After 8 sets, I have saved way more than my equipment cost!
  10. RC1237V

    Anybody do track days?

    Just did my first track day on the SV650. Could not get all the way over on the 6 year old tires, but gave it some good effort. All my other bikes have a 190/55, but the SV has a 160/60 which has a much different feel to it as you lean in. Mounting new tires tomorrow, and will see if it helps this weekend. Had a great time, and booked next weekend as well!
  11. Good advice! Make sure you "un-stake" the nut as best you can before removal, and yes an impact will have it off quickly. If I remember correctly I just re-torqued with the bike in gear, and staked the new nut. Plan to do an oil change at the same time, unless he just did one....... Make sure to coat your clutch plates in oil. Some people soak them overnight, some just assemble them wet, but make sure they are completely coated - no dry spots. Follow the instructions in the manual and you should be fine. Hondabond, or Yamabond semi-drying compound is also good on anything that can leak oil, as it always stays gooey and keeps a nice seal. A thin coat on each surface just before assembly will do. Torque gently in sequence per the manual, first finger tight, then wrist-tight, then to spec. Takes about 2 hours taking your time, plus any fairing difficulties.............
  12. RC1237V

    New owner review 2010 non dtc

    Yes the snakeskin is the same TechSpec grips that I have. The carbon Honda pads look good but are not grippy at all. I made the mistake, and had to cover it up, as they are only good for scratch protection and looks...... The Guhl ECU flash will most likely fix the throttle response, and the power limitations in the first two gears. I did not go through the trouble of a power commander, and don't think it needs it, as Don (Guhl) got it right the first time! The LSL bars will make it comfy, as well as a 2012+ seat or aftermarket.
  13. RC1237V

    Bleeding question

    Just remembered - I have also heard that tapping the caliper and brake levers with a screwdriver (handle end) while bleeding helps release trapped air bubbles............
  14. RC1237V

    Bleeding question

    +1 I bought the plastic version, when I could not bleed my clutch line. Tried for a week. I even built a positive stop, so the slave cylinder was like a brake caliper, rather than spring loaded. I was ready to give up, then tried the Phoenix. Reverse bled in 5 minutes and has been perfect ever since. The bubbles naturally rise, so reverse bleeding seems like the best choice. You can also vacuum bleed with the phoenix as well. Someday I will get the $350 metal version, but this plastic one still works fine, so I will spend the cash on parts!

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