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  1. Those usually pop up on ebay for around 75-100 per side. Considering they are 800-900 from Honda, that would be your best bet.
  2. It looks like the mounts are different, as well as the side trim, but both bikes have the same engine/frame. If you're building a naked/stretfighter then it would not be too difficult to figure it out, especially if you have the skills that Coxy has shown.
  3. Did some deer hunting on my bike last year, going abut 70, thanks to the large soft plastic sides of the VFR1200, we both walked away...
  4. I'm stuck in the 80's cars too....
  5. I think you can get them here.... http://www.nrp-carbs.co.uk/honda_carburettor_diaphragms.htm oops, just read that you already contacted them...
  6. Yep, sorry, I keep doing it to add fluid, but yes, need to remove the spring, spacer, spacer washer, and top adjuster (manual calls it the fork bolt). The 1200 manual also states that when you re-install the rebound adjuster, to back it off all the way, counter-clockwise. Also if the pre-load is all the out it will be easier to engage the fork caps.
  7. So you DID listen to some of that metal I sent you... I came home to an empty house yesterday, which is rare now, so I was able to get about 8 songs in at full volume! Looks like the VFR club has turned into a Multistrada club.....too bad Honda has lost their way, now they answer to the bean-counters in the finance department. Although looking at the new 1000RR-R, maybe their is hope, but I'm not holding my breath. Start planning your post-covid19 rides now, and stay safe and healthy!
  8. Always! Been working insane hours lately as we are making parts for the machines the detect the virus. AND ALL THE TRACK DAYS ARE CANCELLED!!!! Hope to see you you out there (at the track) later this year, or maybe we can get a nostalgia ride going over the summer. I noticed Brian sold his wheels, and assuming his bike. Also saw Greg's bike on Craigslist... Stay safe and healthy Noel!
  9. As I became a better rider I had to add fluid to each side of my fork so I would not bottom out. If you can lift the bike up, so there is no weight on the forks: Get a large srynge, and put a plastic tube on it. Measure from the end of the hose up 160mm, making sure the hose is fairly straight. Undo the large outer nut on one side of the forks. Lift the cap out of the way. Insert the hose to the 160mm mark and suck out any excess fluid. Tighten down top nut to specified torque. Repeat for the other side. If the bike still acts funny, then something else is wrong. If you cannot lift the bike all the way, you can unscrew the top caps and suck out 1 syringe full of fluid for each fork, and retest until the bike acts normal. **Only do one side at a time with the help of an assistant or the bike may fall over. Document how much has been removed from each fork in case you go too low. ****The problem with this method is you will never really know if you have the correct amount of fluid, but it may get you by until you can measure it properly.
  10. Hahaha, that was pretty good stuff. I grew up a metal head, but that genre is almost dead now. If you want some obscure METAL, and similar you need to get away from the commercial stuff...I helped out a friend hanging signs when work was slow back in 2008, and some kids worked for him were in a band called Mammatus, and I told him the music I liked was no longer made. He gave me some of their CD's and it was like Pink Floyd/Zeppelin/Ozzy all mixed into one. I started listening to obscure stuff and if you let you-tube play in the background some really good stuff comes up! Here are a few of my favorites since all the rock bands I grew up with are no more....except Ozzy Enjoy! STONEHEAD The End Men of Retribution Mama Always Told Me The Last Drink NIGHTSTALKER Sweet Knife Children of the Sun Use This Is U Half Face of God WINDHAND Forest Clouds Two Urns Orchard Woodbine THC (TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION) Turn It Up Dirty Finger Moonshine APOCOLYPSE ORCHESTRA The Garden of Earthly Delights These three have really good female vocalists in metal bands.... IGNEA Alga DEVILSKIN Never See The Light Little Pills Revolution ELEINE Enemies Also check out these bands: A Pale Horse Named Death Acid King Blind Dog Borracho Earthless Earthride Eternal Elysium The Egocentrics Egypt The Machine Mammatus Mexicoma Mezzanine Mountainwolf The Re-Stoned Samsara Blues Experiment Savanah - ("Deep Shades" album, and "The Healer" are the type you can just play the whole album) Slaprocket Solace Somali Yacht Club Sons of Otis Stoned Jesus The Sword Truckfighters White Hills Witch Zed
  11. +1, as the 94-97 bikes had 200+ changes from the previous version ('90-93), almost ground up re-do on the whole platform. Frame, engine, swing-arm, wheels, bodywork, and suspension were completely different. Then in 98 they redesigned the engine for fuel injection. The rest of the bike changed too. Aside from mirrors and oil filters, only clips, nuts and bolts are the same. Buying a different generation bike for parts would not be very useful, unless you were gonna build a franken-bike hybrid....
  12. I bought Galfer, as I found one on Amazon for $75, but had to pay full price for the other ~$275. I ended up using them on my RC51 instead, as they do not have the ABS mounting holes. The EBC are the cheapest, unless yo go with Bike Master or Arashi, which I'm sure are both from China. Braking sells a set too, but they are almost $500 for the pair....expensive, but better than the $700 for the stock versions... Be careful, as I found out with mine, even though they say they fit the 1200, you may have to drill ABS ring mounting holes, which is simple, but should fit the bike as stated...
  13. Sweet project for some mandatory down-time. Gotta fix those bubble gum and gorilla snot repairs someone else tried to do....had an FZR400R many years back, and I'm sure that one is just as fun. Enjoy, and share the progress!
  14. I was unaware that Ohlins made that shock for the 1200.....
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