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  1. ^ Love the blue pipes above - reminds me of this beast...
  2. Nice video series, although I did cringe when he had the engine block in the bead blaster, and left the shift drum and mechanism installed. Also he was a bit rough handling the pistons, throwing them in a pile every time...
  3. Still loving mine too, about to click over 50,000 miles. I also did the DMr front forks with the rebound upgrade, and Ohlins rear shock. Installed the LSL supermoto handlebars to relax my back, and it helped transform the bike by making it way more comfy, and better control when riding like a madman. Also did the Don Guhl re-flash with the competition works pipe and removed the cat, and PAIR system. My friends laugh as I leave huge black stripes out of every corner! It sounds polite at idle, and aggressive when you ride it in the upper RPM range. The only downside is tires only last 2,500 miles tops - the front and rear wear perfectly as the torque an horsepower tear up the rear, and the heavy weight of the bike tears up the front. I also bought the full luggage set for touring, and leave the trunk on all the time as it's really useful, plus cops think it's an old guy's bike when they see it Only issues were a rock through my radiator, and hitting a deer at 70+ mph. Neither was the bikes fault, and the deer lived. Good luck on your search!
  4. I met, and rode with him on one of the Kernville rides. What a great guy and a great rider! He was very laid back, and fun to be around - wow such a tragic loss... Rest in Peace Lance!
  5. Awesome, time to get re-calibrated to two wheeled travel! Hope to see you on a ride again, maybe next summer we can get the old crew back together for another throttle session. Enjoy!
  6. +1 Yes, thanks Miguel, this site has not only helped me gain knowledge on my bikes, but also get through some tough times. I have also met, and rode with quite a few people, even bought bikes from some. I would love to see this site continue, even if it requires a subscription. I wish I could help with the computer stuff, but I'm only useful on the user end when it comes to computers....
  7. I have had good luck with Applied Industrial Technologies, NSK, McMaster Carr, and many online bearing suppliers. You can also get Ceramic, and Zirconia bearings if you want to pay the big bucks! Wheel bearings are easy if you have good tools to measure them, or know the size, or bearing number. Many are in the $8 - $15 range and you can pick the ABEC rating you would like. Tapered roller bearings are a bit trickier, but a few minute web search usually finds you the right info. Saves a ton of money if you have lots of bikes. From the web FYI: The ABEC rating system includes grades 1,3,5,7, and 9. The higher the ABEC rating, the tighter the tolerances are, making the bearing a more precision part. High precision and small tolerances are required for bearings to function at very high RPM, in products like high speed routers that must spin at 20 to 30,000 RPM.
  8. Let us know when you're ready! Highway 23 and 27 look tasty! Also wouldn't mind another Kernville trip... Well, if you need to slow it down at the track, just buy a SuperMoto and hang out at the local Go-Kart track. They are so much fun! You can stuff that front wheel into some impossible situations, and it just pulls you right out - top speed around 70 mph. I use my Tenere as a Supermoto now, on all the tight twisty roads around here. If in doubt, one leg out...
  9. My two best riding buddies had one of each. The KTM is an insane beast! The GT is more refined than the regular version, but if you hit a bump and it makes you pull the throttle, you will crap your pants as the torque and throttle response are insane in 1st through 3rd gears. His was tuned, so it was touchy! It also eats tires for breakfast. The MT-10 is almost perfect, they should make a GT version with larger tank and a decent windscreen, since those are it's only 2 issues - no wind protection and dismal range. Both bikes handle great, and weigh the same. Both good at the track too. The KTM has a very nice bark, and the CP4 has a V-4 type howl. My money would probably go to the MT-10 for Japanese reliability. European electronics scare me, as another buddy had an early GT and the key FOB was iffy, so he eventually sold it for a 990 SMT. Can't go wrong with either as far as the fun factor. Every ride I hade on the KTM was memorable, did I say it was a BEAST?
  10. Scroll down to the Honda oil Filter section.... https://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/FilterStudy.html
  11. Wow, amazing skills and attention to detail! Awesome how you fit everything in there, and made it all functional to the highest order. Any dyno numbers, or a weight, for us "numbers geeks" out there... 😀
  12. Wow, that was quite the adventure, and a scary one at that! Glad you are doing well, and yes, humor does heal... <--- Healing Quickly Like I said to SF, I hope your recovery is as fast as your riding! Looking forward to tearing up the Sierras with you again...
  13. Wow, give my best to Darryl - I hope his recovery is as fast as his riding! Lots of fun in the Sierras with all you guys!
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