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  1. +1, as the 94-97 bikes had 200+ changes from the previous version ('90-93), almost ground up re-do on the whole platform. Frame, engine, swing-arm, wheels, bodywork, and suspension were completely different. Then in 98 they redesigned the engine for fuel injection. The rest of the bike changed too. Aside from mirrors and oil filters, only clips, nuts and bolts are the same. Buying a different generation bike for parts would not be very useful, unless you were gonna build a franken-bike hybrid....
  2. I bought Galfer, as I found one on Amazon for $75, but had to pay full price for the other ~$275. I ended up using them on my RC51 instead, as they do not have the ABS mounting holes. The EBC are the cheapest, unless yo go with Bike Master or Arashi, which I'm sure are both from China. Braking sells a set too, but they are almost $500 for the pair....expensive, but better than the $700 for the stock versions... Be careful, as I found out with mine, even though they say they fit the 1200, you may have to drill ABS ring mounting holes, which is simple, but should fit the bike as stated...
  3. Sweet project for some mandatory down-time. Gotta fix those bubble gum and gorilla snot repairs someone else tried to do....had an FZR400R many years back, and I'm sure that one is just as fun. Enjoy, and share the progress!
  4. I was unaware that Ohlins made that shock for the 1200.....
  5. If I can find it, I will add a link...there is another thread on here somewhere, and I think they are the same part, but the paint codes are not the same. The 800's were solid color bikes, and the 1200's were metallic, at least here in the US.
  6. I like it! Would be nice to get that bike down to ~450lbs! Just turned 30K miles on mine, and plan on another 30 at least. I saw one for $3500 the other day, and got the wheels turning in my mind, but already have too many projects on the back burner. Definitely gonna be watching this one!
  7. Reset the ECU Disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Reconnect, then start the bike and let it run until the operating temp gets high enough to kick in the cooling fan and turnoff. Let it cool down. The key is to not touch the throttle at any time during this cycle, including whenstarting the bike. Just press the button. If that does not work, go back to your old throttle body and retest....
  8. I could make some, but it would not be profitable....the previously mentioned 3D printing would probably be the best....and beefing up the bosses would help too! Upper boss is 24mm from edge and lower boss is 26.75mm from edge. Bosses are ~108.5 center to center
  9. Upper boss = 18.8mm tall Lower boss = 16.8mm tall Both bosses angled slightly toward flange 80mm wide
  10. Stumbled across mine the other day, and thought, "I could make these..." now I can't find the damn thing. Maybe I dreamed it....anyway if I find it again, I will let you know if I can make it....
  11. Others have run them, they have stiffer sidewalls, and maybe a slightly tougher compound. Personally I think they would be overkill unless you were doing a two-up trip with luggage. For reference, the FJ is 650+ lbs, and the Connie, and ST are both over 700lbs. The big BMW's are in that range as well. The VFR1200 is 593 fully fueled....(non DCT)
  12. Road 4's and 5's are great, as well as the Angel GT's which seem to have the best feedback and grip of all of them. I mount and balance my own tires, and all my friends come over to do theirs. They leave me any half-used tires they change out, and I had an unlimited supply of sport bike tires for summer use. S21's, S22's, Q3's, Q3+'s, and even an unused Bridgestone racing (BT16?) rear tire, which I destroyed it in 850 miles.... The sport tires work well on the 1200, but do not last long at all. When buying new, I will stick with sport touring, for longevity, and if the current trend continues, I will only need to buy them for winter time, which is not long here in CA....
  13. Hi RC1237V, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. Just watched the "crappy video" and it looks like the bike is coming along nicely! Also, if you turn it up, I swear I can hear Pink Floyd playing in the background - good stuff! I am also realizing with the bad case of MBD I have, I all of a sudden cannot afford to upgrade my bikes, as I am just having enough free time and money to maintain all of them.....
  15. It finally happened! I powdercoated the wheels at work, and they came out nice. All new wheel bearings, seals, brake rotors and tires. I know it's not pristine, but it has all the tasty bits I wanted. Having so much fun riding it, I don't know if I will go back to the clip-ons.............just have a few pieces of bodywork, and new headlights to replace the old. the RC Tuono!
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