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  1. +1 Yes, thanks Miguel, this site has not only helped me gain knowledge on my bikes, but also get through some tough times. I have also met, and rode with quite a few people, even bought bikes from some. I would love to see this site continue, even if it requires a subscription. I wish I could help with the computer stuff, but I'm only useful on the user end when it comes to computers....
  2. Looks like you got it sorted. I have seen other posts with 7th Gens (VFR1200) acting up with dash light issues, idle issues ABS light issues, and many were just low batteries. Seems like that Gen is very sensitive to available current, from low batteries. So far have not heard of wiring or stator issues with those bikes, but time will tell....
  3. I have had good luck with Applied Industrial Technologies, NSK, McMaster Carr, and many online bearing suppliers. You can also get Ceramic, and Zirconia bearings if you want to pay the big bucks! Wheel bearings are easy if you have good tools to measure them, or know the size, or bearing number. Many are in the $8 - $15 range and you can pick the ABEC rating you would like. Tapered roller bearings are a bit trickier, but a few minute web search usually finds you the right info. Saves a ton of money if you have lots of bikes. From the web FYI: The ABEC rating system includes grades 1,3,5,7, and 9. The higher the ABEC rating, the tighter the tolerances are, making the bearing a more precision part. High precision and small tolerances are required for bearings to function at very high RPM, in products like high speed routers that must spin at 20 to 30,000 RPM.
  4. That is a nice loop, so many good roads up there! That's a sweet bike, maybe we should get another Bay Area Roll Call Ride going....
  5. Let us know when you're ready! Highway 23 and 27 look tasty! Also wouldn't mind another Kernville trip... Well, if you need to slow it down at the track, just buy a SuperMoto and hang out at the local Go-Kart track. They are so much fun! You can stuff that front wheel into some impossible situations, and it just pulls you right out - top speed around 70 mph. I use my Tenere as a Supermoto now, on all the tight twisty roads around here. If in doubt, one leg out...
  6. Great video's, explaining the importance of the "captive" side fork leg versus the "free" side fork leg. Although in the first video, he had the caliper bolts finger tight, then backed them off 1/4 turn. He tightened them AFTER setting the "free" fork leg, while holding the brake lever. In the second video, which might be older, he had the caliper bolts finger tight, and tightened the calipers first, then set the "free" fork leg. Seems like this could cause a bit of brake drag... The first video seems better to guarantee alignment of everything. The long travel Tenere 700 seems to always have issues when re-setting the front wheel. I will try this method, as it seems to be the way to go. Thanks Danno!
  7. My two best riding buddies had one of each. The KTM is an insane beast! The GT is more refined than the regular version, but if you hit a bump and it makes you pull the throttle, you will crap your pants as the torque and throttle response are insane in 1st through 3rd gears. His was tuned, so it was touchy! It also eats tires for breakfast. The MT-10 is almost perfect, they should make a GT version with larger tank and a decent windscreen, since those are it's only 2 issues - no wind protection and dismal range. Both bikes handle great, and weigh the same. Both good at the track too. The KTM has a very nice bark, and the CP4 has a V-4 type howl. My money would probably go to the MT-10 for Japanese reliability. European electronics scare me, as another buddy had an early GT and the key FOB was iffy, so he eventually sold it for a 990 SMT. Can't go wrong with either as far as the fun factor. Every ride I hade on the KTM was memorable, did I say it was a BEAST?
  8. Oh, forgot to mention while the power on the MT-10 is awesome, the range is dismal. Makes even the 7th gen seem like a long range touring bike. The wind protection is not good either, but I'm sure someone makes a screen for it.
  9. I have a 3rd gen, and was going to upgrade to an 8th gen as well, but after riding it, there was nothing that screamed "Big Upgrade" to me. I could not see paying $9K for something I already had in my garage, so I actually bought a 7th gen. Insane upgrade on power, and brakes. A bit more weight, but once you're going it's not noticeable. No Vtec, easy valve adjustments (only 1 cam per bank) no chain maintenance, USD forks, radial brakes, very comfortable, especially with the upright bars. Range and weight are the only real drawbacks. Some say it's not a "real" VFR, but Honda built it, and it says "VFR" right on the bodywork, and it's the closest VFR engine to the RC213V that I can afford. Personally, I think the 8th gen is a really good bike, but it's basically 6th Gen technology (I.E. 2002) with a few refinements, and things have moved on alot since then.. The SuperDuke GT's and MultiStrada's are in another realm, I have ridden both and they are top notch! Their only real Japanese competition is the Tracer MT-10 from Yamaha. If you get the SP model you don't even have to upgrade the suspension. You can put bags on them as well. The crossplane engine sounds and acts like a V4! The Tracer GT looks good, and I rode the previous version, but not for any distance, but it seemed like a decent bike for fun and travel. The (EXPENSIVE) Ninja Z H2 is also a fun-crazy engine, but the suspension will leave you wanting if you start dipping into the fun-zone 😀 Other than that, it's Expensive Euro's, Sport Bikes, or ..............ADV bikes - some of which are sneaky good at ripping the twisties! Good luck on your search!
  10. Scroll down to the Honda oil Filter section.... https://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/FilterStudy.html
  11. Wow, amazing skills and attention to detail! Awesome how you fit everything in there, and made it all functional to the highest order. Any dyno numbers, or a weight, for us "numbers geeks" out there... 😀
  12. There was a thread on here a few years ago, where someone had issues with windscreens and tried several. I think he ended up putting a ~1" air dam below the headlight as he found air was coming up through the tunnel by the forks. See here: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/88647-new-owner-need-help-with-windscreen-its-too-tall/
  13. ^ Yes certainly book ahead, since Covid, camping is the new hobby it seems. Used to be great to go out in the middle of nowhere for the weekend, now it's crowded even in remote areas! Good thing you guys are coming out in the summer time, this was Alice's today! Compare to the pics I posed of it above (page 1)... Welcome to Wallyfornia!
  14. Just South of SF, and North of Santa Cruz, if you drive inland for 15 minutes.... Alice's on the weekend...(during the week it's just a commute stop)
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