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  1. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Hahaha, I wish - I basically babysit adults for a living..........and fabricate parts.
  2. Just saw this, might need a bit of going through, but looks to be pretty clean. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1990-honda-vfr750f-interceptor/6537808715.html
  3. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    They are! But then mentally preparing for the Monday onslaught, requires additional decompression............
  4. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Yes, just have to mount them. should be warm this weekend, which will make them easy for me to get onto the rims......
  5. Tires again !!

    Just remembered......I have S21's on the RC Tuono and love them, so Bridgestone is not as sour as I thought - just those stock tires (BT-016's ?) were so horrific..... The PR5's came in today, so I will post initial impressions as soon as I wrestle them on, hopefully this weekend!
  6. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    I like these rides being on Saturday, so Sunday I can decompress before having to go back to work!!!
  7. Hi RC1237V, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. Tires again !!

    Some others have mentioned that to me as well, but I'm worried the ride will be more harsh, and I can barely muscle a regular GT on to the rim when changing tires. Some of the roads around here are horrible, while others are perfect. The 1200 is a heavy bike, and much of the weight seems to be on the front. Although I notice that when lifting the bike, so with me on board, it may be different. The other factor may be the amount of torque and power the bike has. My 3rd gen wears out two rears for each front, but the 1200 is a 1:1 ratio every time! I seem to prefer feedback (slightly) over grip, but am finally getting used to trusting my tires. That being said, I need all the help I can get, and good tires help a lot............
  9. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Hahaha, the 1200........... Funny I was just looking at my purchase history and I have done tires on 4 bikes this last year, plus the 1200 eats 2~3 sets per year....ouch! I may bring the RC Tuono to see how it will do on an all-day ride.............
  10. Tires again !!

    Just wore out my Angel GT's in 2600 miles. Very good tire, predictable with awesome grip. Better grip than Pilot Road 4's, but less feedback. I also got 4500 miles out of the Road 4's. Going to try the Road 5's this time. They were $50 more for a set, but if they last as long as the Pilot 4's or better as they claim, then it will be money well spent. Still have to try the T30 EVO's, but after the slippery stock Bridgestones, I am reluctant to try another tire from them.
  11. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Had a nice 200 mile warm up ride today with Greg and Jeff. My tires are shot now, so I will order up some new skins!
  12. Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    I don't know, but whoever it is, they copied my Punisher Honda Logo.............
  13. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    I'm in...........been a long time!
  14. Custom Paint Job options - black and gold?

    Not mine, but found in a google search.

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