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  1. Stainless bolts are very rust resistant type 18-8 is good, and type 316 is marine grade, which is even better, and made for salt water exposure. Stainless Steel has a high Nickel and Chromium content, making it much less prone to rust than regular steel grades. Just beware if you use a stainless bolt AND nut, you need to use lube, otherwise they can gall and seize. Available at McMasterCarr.com in almost any size and length.
  2. Awesome, I love being on the road for a few days! Those rolling hills are just begging for some front tire lofting! Too bad all the good roads here are fire scorched....☹️
  3. You may have to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then reconnect, and start the bike without ever touching the throttle, and let it cycle the fans at least once. That should reset the ECU. Make sure you do not touch the throttle! If you cannot do it when cold, try it in the afternoon, or after the bike is warmed up a bit.
  4. Brian a Ducati guy? Last I heard, he was an Alfa Romeo guy....I guess he likes those pasta machines. Although I will be the first to admit, they do have top-notch performance and style like nothing else!
  5. Hahaha, some how we managed to keep them upright! I was thinking about the old crew, gotta get a ride in one of these days...
  6. Stopped by the Donnell Reservoir on the way back and it was over 100 degrees at least a half hour outside of Sonora, all the way to San Jose. coming back on Corral Hollow Rd we were very spirited with throttle application through the canyon. As we entered the rural part of Livermore the was a CHP blocking the road with his lights on. We thought someone called in our shenanigans, but it turns out there was an active shooter, and the road was closed. We had to back track in the 108+ temps to 580, and go North to Patterson Pass Rd, then back up through Livermore. My Sena melted off my helmet in L
  7. The landscape makes me think of camping on the Moon, or even Mars when the skies were red from the ash and smoke later in the day. The picture with my bro-in-law does not even do the scale justice. Those peaks are about 2,000' above the lake, not quite as impressive as Half Dome or El Cap, but pretty close!
  8. Threw the dirt wheels on the DRZ SM and packed it up for a 450 mile trip to Leavitt Lake form San Jose. I was gonna take the VFR1200, but the trail to the lake is a steep rutted loose rocky trail, only a few miles long, but the GS even had some trouble. Hotter than hell this weekend, but mesh gear, ice, and plenty of water made it bearable. Luckily I only have an 80 mile range, so we were stopping just before running out of water in the camel back. Went with my brother in law, on his BMW F800GS. He is fairly new to riding and does not take freeways, so we took a few back roads
  9. FYI.... VFR1200 X front cam 14110-MGH-640 VFR1200F front cam 14110-MGE-010 VFR1200 X front cam 14120-MGH-640 VFR1200F front cam 14120-MGE-010
  10. I always put a 14mm, 12mm, 10mm and 8mm socket along with 3,4,5,6, and 8 mm allen wrenches/hex keys. Those alone will take apart most of the bike
  11. Also forgot to mention, when you go back to your 5th gen, you will think something is wrong with it when you twist the throttle. The 1200 will re-calibrate what you think the correct amount of forward thrust is....😆
  12. The 1200 is an awesome bike! It does have some things that miss the mark, which is why it did not sell very well. Good thing is you can get one will low mileage for $6-8K The bike is ~600lbs, but once you're rolling it doesn't feel like it. The ergos are different for everyone, and I found the bars would be better if they were lower or higher and being a bit on in years, I went for higher and got the LSL supermoto bars, and wow what a difference! Comfort and control. The power limitations in the first two gears is very annoying if you like to tear it up. Baz
  13. I think for the right price tilting motor works will turn your bike into a self standing 3 wheeler. Not cheap, but rides more like a bike than a Can-Am.........
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