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  1. Thank you for all you & Duc2V4 have done!!! Most people will never realize the amount of work it took to bring this to fruition. The hours, days, weeks, months, years of effort... like having second job but not getting paid for it! You did what none of us were able to in the past... What you have done is amazing and our community can never thank you enough! I look forward to hearing from you on the 5th gen headers! With my sincere gratitude and respect, Russ
  2. Nice! Just in time for Christmas... ... makes me wish I had a 4th gen!
  3. FedEx emailed that my 8th gens should be here today... so excited!
  4. The front sprocket is interchangeable between 5th & 6th gens. IIRC, the 5th is a 17 teeth front and the 6th is 16 teeth, both bikes have same number of rear sprocket teeth (43t). Switching to the 6th gen front sprocket is common 5th gen mod to give better acceleration because of the gear ratio change. I advise replacing both front and rear sprockets when you install a new chain to get the best results and longest life from the chain.
  5. You are correct, sir... the Rapidbike can use the narrow band OEM sensors with a standard map or the upgrade Autotune with a wideband O2 sensor. Heh, heh, heh... Bung-holio!
  6. 5th gen motors and gear boxes are practically bullet proof. The PO might have changed the gears and not the chain. Go with a new set of chain and gears and you’ll be happy. They are maintenance items and they wear out...
  7. Go with a new chain and sprockets set... especially, if you don’t know how old the current ones are
  8. I’d be surprised if it is not your chain and sprockets. 6th gear low rpms accentuates the issue because of the power pulses from the syncopated firing order engine. That, plus tight and loose sections of chain can give weird sounds. If you hear hoof beats think horses not zebras (unless your in Africa!). How many km on your chain and sprockets?
  9. Some states put a prefix letter on the title ( A=1, B=2, etc.) to indicate how many times the vehicle has been titled. This may give you an idea on how many previous owners.
  10. Sorry, 5.5 gen and 6th gen have two stock O2 sensors... I think 8th gen has one. I apologize if I caused any confusion. The same explanation applies though.
  11. With this arrangement You can use a single Rapidbike wide band O2 sensor in conjunction with your 2 stock O2 sensors. The Rapidbike will send a constant message to your ECU that everything is cool with the fuel mixture and and you won’t get any error codes for missing O2 sensors while the wide band sensor will adjust the actual A/F ratio to whatever you target. This will keep you from throwing “Check Engine” error codes and entering “Limp Home” mode because the O2 sensors are actually reading a too rich condition (if you target 13.1 A/F ratio for optimum power). You are correct though, putting three 18mm bungs would have been more flexible because it would have allowed the use of two wide band O2 sensors for those who wanted too but you would have to have wired in resistors into the stock O2 sensors wiring harness to trick the ECU into thinking the stock sensors are still there. The current set up is the most user friendly and easiest to set up for the greatest number of people.
  12. Hi Guys, Any update or possible ETA on next available lot of headers? Do we need to obtain additional orders? Thanks!
  13. Hi Guys! I have read this whole thread and I don’t recall if it is stated... what type of stainless steel is used in the construction of the headers? Is it 304, 314, 409, 430, etc.? I was thinking of having them electropolished and the metal finisher needs to know which stainless steel alloy is used. Thanks!
  14. Great looking vintage bike! Welcome to the forum!
  15. Wow! Must be incredible living in an area with such natural beauty around the next bend! I’m jelly...
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