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  1. Dude... AMAZING!!! You’re an artist making mechanical music! ... and I like the “2112” when the gauge came to life!
  2. Thank you, Terry! That was very kind... I read your PM, I think you have me confused with GloryRacer in regards to who changed your tire at Hog Tie... Unless I was reeeeally drunk... lol
  3. Dutchy, that is SWEEEEEET!!! I buddy of mine won a KTM supermoto on a magazine contest along with a year end invite to the finals in Las Vegas... but I would take a MotoGP Assen weekend over that! Good on you!!! We expect nothing less than full on umbrella girls and GP bikes pics!!! Congrats!!!
  4. I'm out... work and weather conspired against me. I started a new position on Monday and the VP handed me a load to handle before the weekend. Have fun and stay safe! ... and dry if possible
  5. +1 ... and on the 8th gen headers pictured they have the rear down pipe slip fit connections backwards; the upstream pipe should fit inside the downstream pipe for optimum exhaust flow. In addition, with this configuration you are more likely to have leaks and blow by past the slip fit connection. It looks pretty the way they have it but for exhaust gas flow performance it is backwards.
  6. IIRC... it isn’t the stud spacing but clock orientation of the exhuast studs; the 6th gen studs are clocked different to the 5th gen, that’s why spinning flanges solves the issue.
  7. Rush2112

    Sweet Beefy Swingarm

    Thanks, Man! Now I just need to make some time to get it on the road!
  8. I found the ST exhaust gaskets referenced somewhere during my previous research into performance headers for the VFR800; unfortunately, I never got the chance to try them with a set of performance headers so they are still in the little plastic Honda pouches...
  9. Thank you for considering me in the offer... I really appreciate it! That's the kind of camaraderie you only find here at VFRD! I found a sport bike rental place I may use.
  10. I'm in... I have meetings in Atlanta the week after the Spring Ride. I'm flying into Atlanta 4 days early for my meetings and renting a car and driving up to Franklin (about 2 hours according to Google Maps) Now I need to rent a bike for a couple of days... I look forward to seeing everyone!!!!
  11. Did you consider using the stock exhaust gaskets from an ST? I believe they will align with the 36mm you are looking for... I forget if it is the ST1100 or 1300; I have a set in the garage I’ll see if I can find the part number
  12. +1 on everything Cogswell said. It’s a great story and I wish the best of luck! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress... 🍿
  13. Hmmmm... those 304 SS dimensions look familiar Did you consider using the stock exhaust gaskets from an ST? I believe they will align with the 36mm you are looking for... I forget if it is the ST1100 or 1300; I have a set in the garage I’ll see if I can find the part number
  14. I just read this thread and I think it is awesome how you are giving your VFR a new life. Good luck on the reconditioning! There were a couple of questions throughout the thread that I may be able to provide some insights: Regarding valve clearances, the valves usually tighten up from recession into the valve seats from millions of impacts. Older metallurgy allowed valves to stretch which also led to valve tightening but modern valves generally don’t suffer from this as much as in the past. Regarding the force of valve impacts, intake and exhaust impacts are not necessarily the same. The speed of the valve is dictated by the cam profile, the duration and lift of exhaust and intake cams are often different so the valve closing speeds can be different; in our 5th gen engines cam lift and duration are the same (8mm and 225 degrees) for intake and exhaust so this simplifies things. The valve materials are different so they have different densities and they are different sizes; therefore, the intake (29mm) and exhaust (24.5mm) valves have different mass so they have different momentum when impacting the valve seats. This is likely why you see a difference in intake and exhaust valve clearances. Quick observation on your R/R replacement. R/R use the subframe as a heat sink to help dissipate heat so they need to mount with the back of the R/R flush against the mounting plate to facilitate heat transfer. It may not be an issue since the one you are using is so oversized and may have enough cooling with the fins surface area but it is something to look out for especially on long tours. If the R/R gets too hot turn on your high beam headlights to help reduce the shunt load on the R/R. sorry for the zombie resurrection of previous topics... they were new to me tonight
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