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  1. Ditto... I’m in for 5th gen and 8th gen sets. PM sent.
  2. BR - it’s cool to come back after a year or so and see some things haven’t changed... it’s quite comforting actually. I’m glad to see your still around! I look forward to connecting and catching up on a ride someday
  3. I’m glad to be back. I can’t wait get back and ride the Smokies again... eastern TN is where I wanted to move to for the riding but the wife wanted Florida. ... so we moved to Florida lol i look forward to getting back and connecting! I’ll definitely look you up when I’m in the area! Im actually a couple of hundred miles closer with my new address than I was riding from STL
  4. I’m glad the fork tube adjustment is working well for you... it really improves Handling on most of our bikes...
  5. All of my bikes are V4s too... I’m digging the groovy classic variety though! if I had the room I’d include a similar Beemer and many other examples of two wheeled Nirvana!
  6. You can change my order to two (2) 5th/6th headers if that helps move the needle closer to production. I’ll buy an 8th gen for front rads at a later date. Let me know where/when/how to place deposit or pay in full.
  7. I have 98-99 headers with the welds ground flush on my bike. Losing the cat makes a very noticeable difference in sound, weight, and top end pull. We are trying to get another batch of performance headers made so if you are interested we need the numbers.... and they are better than 98-99 and they are stainless
  8. Have you considered getting in on the stainless steel performance headers? if you are going to do the work might as well bolt on some ponies in the process...
  9. It should fit... plug and play! I believe that during the performance header trial and fitment work they observed about 3/8” difference (shorter) in length on the 6th gen collector exit length. I would be surprised if that made too much of a difference. Would you use the stock 5th gen muffler or aftermarket?
  10. +1 on the fork oil... I would change it rather than topping off, it is likely 28 years old! Get new tires and you will feel a big difference. Yours are waaaay outside the service limit for m/c tires unless they were changed in the past 5 years. Depending on your size/weight you may want to install springs while changing the oil. Have you checked static and rider sag heights?
  11. Put new tires on it and raise the fork tubes in the triple tree (lower the front) and it will ride and turn much better... and it will stay stock 😉
  12. Rush2112


    Great picture! Reminds me of the field of poppies from the Wizard of Oz!
  13. Rush2112


    Foot peg wins! I was grinding off the excess peg feeler... loL Edges on both side pegs were sharp as knives by the end of that day... both my wife and I have scars on our lower legs from brushing against them in the garage. Now, I wrap old t-shirts around my foot pegs when the bike is being stored in the garage.
  14. I can’t believe I’m seeing what I’m seeing.... actual, live in the flesh (stainless steel), new performance headers for the VFR800’s! I hope the more recent owners of VFR800s appreciate the gravity and significance of this accomplishment! If I had any plans for more kids I would name them after these two fine gentlemen! Thank you seems like too small an acknowledgment.... we should have a ride, throw a party, and consume mass quantities! All I can do for now is thank you and acknowledge and support your efforts. Next time I’m in your area of the country dinner and drinks are on me! Please put me down for two sets of headers; a 5th gen full system and an 8th gen version... I already told the book keeper (wife) I’m getting them so let me know where to send the money. I know I’ve been gone for a while... I’d like to let my friends on VFRD know that everything is ok now and I’m stoked to be back! BTW... it took me three days to read through this thread! .... and I loved every minute of it!
  15. Dutchy, that is SWEEEEEET!!! I buddy of mine won a KTM supermoto on a magazine contest along with a year end invite to the finals in Las Vegas... but I would take a MotoGP Assen weekend over that! Good on you!!! We expect nothing less than full on umbrella girls and GP bikes pics!!! Congrats!!!
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