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  1. Que? https://www.motorcyclesports.net/motogp/video-pedrosa-crashed-after-violent-hit-with-zarco/
  2. And you've responded in stereotypical stuffy VFR owner fashion... while correct, it was overthought... my posting was simply an attempt at injecting some humor... Two wrongs don't make a right, but remind me what penalty Zarco received in the same race for the same move? I was a bit taken back by MM's onboard video - in stark contrast to all outside angles, you can see the bobble on the brakes in the wet where he was diving into the corner later, and, amazingly, you can't see VR in the peripheral.
  3. Hello Again From Middle America!

    Welcome back man. I'm still up for helping you get that project done...
  4. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    Looks good, front wheel next?
  5. So I might have done a thing......

    Core Moto is good stuff, use them for all my custom projects. Love the dished head banjos they supply. They are fast too.
  6. Triumph Eccentric Swap (pic heavy) (not complete)

    Download the photobucket fix for your browser (google it)
  7. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Lighter weight, smaller packaging, potentially better spark. I'll leave it to someone else to prove that. although common sense seems to dictate that as fact when you look at both designs. I switched for the first 2 reasons. One more would be future-proofing... the '08 CBR coils are 10yrs newer than the oldest 5th gen coils which are now 20... All that said, I've got a set of '99 coils for sale. LOL
  8. Need Electrical Help

    I've used this site, they supply quality parts. I've used Chinese connectors in the past that had less than desirable fit and function. Cycle terminal parts are oem fit and finish.
  9. Do I need a new screen name?

    Timmythexcop? Or primerpunk... hmm...
  10. RC49

    I bet he can. PM me details & I'll ask. You breathed rarified air... only 15 kits in the world so far!
  11. RC49

    Factory is not always the answer. I have a friend that will make anything you want on high quality materials. I've been working with him for over 10yrs. Want me to ask?
  12. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    I didn't trim anything. I pushed them in very firnly, felt & heard the plug thread engage. Felt the grommet at the top engaging the bore at the top too. They do not wiggle or move at all. It takes some good effort to pull them out, and when you do, you can feel most of the resistance is from the bottom end engagement with the spark plug top.
  13. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    2008 CBR1000RR cops in a 99. Rock solid. Engages threads.

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