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  1. Thank you... as a whole, it sure was a lot of work. But, most of the little jobs that make up the whole could be accomplished by most with simple hand tools. Honda greatly over complicated the wiring harness. The simple way is yellow -> yellow(3x), red -> battery positive with an inline 30a fuse, black -> battery negative. Done.
  2. If the rest of the harness is still intact, you might want to simplify it by running the r/r outputs directly to the battery with a fuse. Delete all the extra monitoring crap. Also, have a peek at my "Ultimate VFR" thread where I detail how to add an oil cooling circuit to the 6g stator.
  3. I banned a bunch of accounts & sent HS a msg to see if there's a loophole that needs closing
  4. We had a bluebird 50f day here today, would have been rude not to wheel the bikes out and knock some dust off. First fire & neighborhood noise making of 2023... 😎
  5. I'm sorry that I had to bow out. Just not in the cards for me, at this point in time. I know I'll regret it. Someone buy an extra and save it for me... lmao
  6. Thank you! I wish I could report some numbers... I tried to get in at Wheeler's during my trip south, but his dynos were both down. I don't have any local to me, and the nearest want way too much for a simple power pull. I was hooing to get a tandem run with a stock VFR800 and mine on the same day/same machine for a true comparison. I do have a great lead on getting an accurate weight - I have an in with a local scrapper who will let me roll it up on a scale. I didn't get to it last year, but later this spring I will.
  7. That fan absolutely crossed my mind as I was pondering all the mods. In the end, I decided against it for a few simple reasons. 1. I'm using the oem fan location as an auxiliary, so top efficiency is less important. 2. In stopped or slow traffic, it makes more sense to draw outside air in, and that's when I'll be using that fan. 3. Cost of adding another part 4. Internet evidence suggested a small chance of catching debris between the fan blade and my (now very custom) radiator made me most hesitant. No room left to add a debris shield. Thankfully, the choice worked out. It was in the mid to high 80s and pushing 90f during the spring ride & very humid too. I had zero overheating issues. I did see some higher temps, but nothing I hadn't seen with the stock VFR.
  8. I was expecting that, but no he never turned around. I quit while I was ahead, turned around and parked it.
  9. One of my Dragon runs with my buddy Travis chasing on his GasGas supermoto. Unfortunately the camera cut off toward the end, just as things were getting spicy. Watch in hi def and you can see the rubber stripes being painted on the corner exits 😎
  10. Short pull through the gears, shifting on boost
  11. I stuck with the same -1 front/+1 rear that I had before. It pulls out of corners very well without revving too high on the highway. I did have to go with the aftermarket 520 conversion to achieve that, as the biggest oem-fit Ducati sprocket only went as high as a stock VFR rear.
  12. I didn't take it as a bad thing... is Trigger's broom akin to grandpa's axe?
  13. Original, untouched and unmodified parts? Not much... motor, swingarm, taillight... some brackets and hardware?
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