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  1. Howdy. Do you still have a spare 500 motor? My friend's threw a rod. It's red/white/blue and I think the first or second year. Thanks!

  2. I'll see about getting another batch going. Looking into 5th gen fitment.
  3. I would prefer to produce the centerstand stops in batches if I can - what's the latest potential need for stops looking like?
  4. I believe this patch was pioneered as a result of a customer of mine having his 99 tuned at a dyno shop in Seattle. We had installed an older model PC with ignition control so the header I built could be tuned properly. The shop he took it to insisted that they could not work with the older model PC2 and sold him a PC5. The bike didn't run properly with that one(as we suspected) and the shop worked with Dynojet to get it working properly.
  5. Nice job Kevin Sorry I'm late to the party... I use 1000 & 1500 wet and then buff with (buffing) compound on a foam pad when I restore lenses here. I use a soft rubber block to back the paper when sanding. It's really similar to restoring & maintaining a painted surface.
  6. I'm sorry, I have a lot of other projects going on right now and no funds to drop on buying parts and r&d for a revamped version. I will move forward with this when I can. I believe there is a V1 set for sale in the classifieds here, have a look
  7. Improper installation of the clutch slave at some point. Non-issue as it's not a support point for the rod and not within normal throw range of the cylinder. I would remove the pieces that have split away so they don't fall off by themselves, do your normal cleaning and move on.
  8. The pics? Yes, I took all the photos used for the magazine feature(s)
  9. Did they drop the speed limit to 20-25mph and begin road construction on half the keys? If not, they can't call themselves the northern version yet... lol
  10. The redesign is on the backburner while I fry bigger fish... couple more months at least.
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