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  1. Sorry all, I have been very busy(still am, actually). I can get going on the 6th gen parts but I have not been able to make time for figuring out the 5th gen solution. Interested parties can email me at sebspeed2003@yahoo.com, please put "centerstand stop" in the subject title and include your screen name/real name/mailing address in the body and I will respond with my paypal info.
  2. I can adapt my design to work for the 5th gen. I need to work out pricing over the 6th gen version for the extra hardware to make a complete kit.
  3. 05 R1 forks are comparable to stock VFR length: ~730mm from axle center to top of fork cap.
  4. How much of the clip on are you engaging? (how much are your forks proud of the top of the clamp?) I'm drawing custom triples and plan to drop them 19mm from the VFR surface.
  5. This right here is extremely useful. It lets me see that the planar surface the CS bolt torques down on, is coincident with the leftmost edge of the 5th gen cushion. I can use this info to modify the 6th gen design for 5th gen use. Based on p/n's in my notes below, the 6th gen bolt can replace the 5th gen bolt. Changing the bolt will allow fit of my stop to the 5th gen bike. I'll need to add a block at the front of my stop to engage the 5th gen cushion, or perhaps a bolt with nylon nuts could be used in place of that extra bit... I'll have a think on that. I will also need to include an extra bolt and washer to hold the stop on the 6th gen bolt, as in the 6th gen configuration, the fairing and fairing bolt retain the stop. I could probably source the bolts locally and include them, or everyone could buy their own. Suffice it to say, the cost of the 5th gen stop will be slightly higher than the 6th gen part. 5th gen BOLT, FLANGE (10X50) 90106-KBG-000 6th gen BOLT, SPECIAL (10X47) 90130-MCW-D00
  6. No self-respecting "first world" job shop can compete with China. I'd make more money working a minimum wage job for a day than trying to make a handful of those for $17, and that's the sad truth. IF someone had an automated cnc and better programming software than I do (ie, someone who has invested $50k+), AND they got an order for hundreds of these, then it might be worthwhile. My plastic part is fine at almost 50k with aftermarket sprockets for most of its life, I wouldnt hesitate to buy another for 50k of use.
  7. I can definitely confirm that these will NOT bolt right up to a 5th gen. It looks like half the battle is the shape of the cushion, and the other half the method of attachment. I *think* the 6th gen bolt that these attach to, which is not present on the 5th gen, could be added to the 5th gen by R&R the left cstand bolt with a 6th gen bolt. I have not had time to confirm this. As for the shape of the cushion, the current stop design pushes against a section that does not exist on the 5th. But, the stop could be modified to engage the 5th cushion (further inboard) by adding a block or even maybe a simple bolt to reach inboard and engage the 5th gen cushion. That's what I could gather in a few minutes of looking at both, as mentioned earlier both 5th gens I have here do not have centerstands, so I'm stuck eyeballing. My shop is full and the bikes are in pieces, it's not ideal for developing parts
  8. No minimum order, just want to run as efficiently as possible Let's say last call end of this week?
  9. Lead time 2-3wks from when we reach saturation on a list of buyers. Shipping to Oz on 1-2 runs about $20usd. $50/ea price includes $8 shipping cost, so your cost would be $62 for 1 unit to Oz.
  10. You can make a bracket to attaceh the coils to either side of the intake plenum. Just be sure to run a ground wire to the frame as the oem coils need to be grounded.
  11. Hi all, I can do them for $50 each shipped in the lower 48. $10 discount on a pair - if we hit (10) I can drop the price to $45 each and a pair would be $80
  12. Anyone else need a centerstand stop? I've got 3 total interested so far, unless I missed someone. I can do them for $50 each shipped in the lower 48, or $42 plus actual cost to points globally. I'll try to make a couple extra anyway, but times are tight so I can't sit on a bunch of inventory.
  13. Howdy. Do you still have a spare 500 motor? My friend's threw a rod. It's red/white/blue and I think the first or second year. Thanks!

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