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  1. If you decide to fix the wheel, we have a member here that specializes in it. @cruzinaz Website: https://www.nuwheel.com/ Ask for Kent Can't wait to see full completed pics!
  2. Pick whatever fully adjustable (non-linked brake) forks suit your fancy, get them on the bike, get them tuned by a good suspension shop + the rear to match, then spend $ on good braking components. Most importantly, a good radial master cylinder and ss lines. If that sounds expensive, you're right. lol But it's cheaper than buying a new bike.
  3. I ran mine without the spacer for a bit. I didn't like the excessive play and the noise of the bracket smacking back and forth. Over time, the steel locator can wear on the aluminum caliper bracket, so I made the spacer and started including them. The Extreme Creations kit does not articulate the way the oem setup does. I tried to fix that in my version to make it a little better.
  4. I wish I was able to do that at home... I put that tire on right before heading to Tennessee for a week. I was halfway into the wear bars at 800-ish miles, and the left outer edge sipes disappeared at just over 1000mi. They were very, very fun miles... 😀
  5. That wheel looks awesome! And -7lb is great!! The forged Marchesini/Brembo 1098 wheel I am using weighs 9lb. What made you decide against using the caliper bracket insert?
  6. What's your end goal? There are a ton of choices to make, depending on your goal.
  7. So... 150+ non-electronically tamed horses sound fun, until you have to replace rear tires every 1000 miles...
  8. I forgot to mention, that's an old pair of Icon gloves that have titanium knuckle plates. I was trying to get a pic with sparks coming off my knuckles & knees.
  9. Riding the best roads in the country, again
  10. Thank you Did you measure the length vs the stock side stand? It would be nice to know
  11. Interesting, thanks. Did you try fitting the CBR stand to the VFR bracket first?
  12. It was mostly empty, so not too bad. I only mounted it to use the backrest for a 2up ride, it's off again now.
  13. The suspension revisions are working well so far
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