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  1. 90-93 tank has a straight body line on the side. 94-97 tanks has a contoured, curvy line Filler cap is in roughly the same place on both. Depending on how the cover is sewn, it may or may not fit both.
  2. Thanks for the pics and write up Darryl! The part is cut from 6061-T6 aluminum, Solidworks says the part weighs 3.42oz, and the bit on the end is a nylon bolt and nut. I supply 4 extra nylon bolts & nuts with each part.
  3. Hold that thought - the main reason for my redesign is to adapt a more modern (and therefore more widely available) rearset, likely from a newer CBR. So don't buy anything just yet...
  4. Cool, thanks for your interest! I plan to have them ready around New Year's.
  5. The Two Brothers header didn't use a gasket. Slip fit joint.
  6. Thanks, I have a couple copies on the way from a friend in the UK!
  7. Mine are air over hydraulic and run ~$950 with delivery, or more if you decide to get the side extensions. If you think you might use the sides, then bundle them when you buy the lift as they're a lot cheaper that way. The lift comes with the wheel vise and the extremely handy jack. I bought both of mine from TCML. But since you're on the west coast you might get better service from Aplus. https://www.apluslift.com/ I bought my first one around 2005-06, second one last year. Both were shipped to business addresses - key to saving $ on freight.
  8. I can think of so many reasons why that smaller stand would be useful for most people. I can also not comprehend getting rid of my lift table. So much so that I've done the opposite... I bought a second!
  9. I developed this kit while in the process of building a 4th gen track bike. A pair of cnc cut 6061-T6 aluminum plates along with spacers and stainless hardware allow a Ducati 848/1098 standard or race subframe to simply bolt on to your unmodified VFR750F frame. I currently have 1 kit available for $175 + shipping. I also have 1 standard Ducati subframe available for $75 + shipping.
  10. Nice to see positive response! Last time I brought this up ppl were up in arms saying "oh won't it drag on the ground" (no it is above the header), "oh won't a tumbling pebble move the lever and dump your oil causing you to crash and burn and die" (not possible), "oh won't that allow bad ppl to drain your oil when you aren't looking"... seriously... I like the fumoto a lot. Only 2 negative things I'll say is it reduces the drain hole size, so your oil will take longer to drain. And if the threaded body is longer than the threads in the pan, you will not be able to drain 100% of the oil. For those reasons, I prefer to buy the largest available valve and then drill & tap the oil pan for the larger size. While the pan is off I check the inside to make sure all the oil can drain. If the valve body extends above the floor of the pan, I trim it down flush. After that, happy trails. Fumoto also offers versions with a nipple extension which allow a hose to be pushed on prior to opening the valve. Oil flow is controlled by the lever, not installation of the hose.
  11. This needed to be reposted as I've just learned that only a few people stepped up and took care of their extra burden. Lance and Darryl have put a huge effort into getting this done and I find it quite insulting that there are people in this community willing to take advantage of these 2 hardworking generous guys. How many other people here would literally spend thousands of dollars of their own money to get some cool stuff for the small group of buyers here? The answer is very few! Does it suck that the price went up? Of course! Is it fair to make these 2 nice guys bite the big one for the sake of a dozen ppl saving $32? Uh no!! Let's get this done folks. It's the right thing to do, and it may just bring that wind back to the sails of additional header production.
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