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  1. If the starter cranks then your neutral switch circuit is intact. I haven't looked at the diagram yet, but the issue seems to simulate the kill switch being in the off position. Barring that simple solution, I'd take a closer look at all of your ground points to make sure they are clean and securely connected.
  2. There aren't many of us, I kinda planted that seed... Happy to, will let you know as the development progresses. I plan to add not just a 3rd coolant radiator, but also a larger relocated engine oil cooler and a cooler for the SC oil. Cheaper, likely yes, but absolutely harder to package and will only spool quickly if you use one very small turbo or one turbo for each bank. Turbos need to be placed as close as possible to the exhaust ports and obviously this is an issue with a V4. Packaging 1 in a fully faired VFR would be very challenging and twins you can pretty much forget about unless you go with a wild streetfighter theme. I concur. Not just questionable merges, but a not-so-well-flowing assortment of seam welded steel stampings which have replacing actual tubing. My hope is that the new header is NOT a duplication of these merges, but rather mostly the same as the 5/6 with the exception of the front downtubes, and obviously any minor fit changes needed to be usable on the 8th gen bike.
  3. 6th would be ideal, but fit to a 5th would suffice for my purposes, which is to run a lower front rad on my Torocharged 6th gen.
  4. I understand that I might be asking a lot here... but is there a chance of doing a test fit of the new 8th gen header prototype on a 6th gen before they go into production?
  5. We're talking about soaking the fully disassembled bodies, which is exactly the opposite of a lazy clean...
  6. I stripped all the plastic and rubber off the bodies, so no issues with the soak.
  7. I am parting out some bits from a 5th gen. Some may remember it as Austin's silver & black streetfighter. Looking to sell complete Superhawk (VTR1000) front end - forks, brake calipers and rotors, SH wheel, modified fender, triples with modified steering stops, handlebar conversion, VTR brake and clutch master cylinders, stainless steel brake lines, and I'll toss in the number plate/projector light he made for good measure. This is EVERYTHING you need to do a bolt-on fork swap on your 1990-Current VFR750 or 800 $450 takes it all, will ship at buyers expense but prefer local pickup. Also have the oem 99 catless header with hi mount 2 Bros mid pipe and can for $200
  8. Go to NAPA, pick up a length of bulk fuel hose and a brass 90deg elbow of the correct size for said hose. SAE equivalent will be 1/4" or 5/16" for 6mm or 8mm hose, respectively. Couple extra hose clamps and you'll be good to go.
  9. Aftermarket VFR750 (90-97) radiator with custom brackets, on a 99 VFR800. Coupled with a larger aftermarket (air) oil cooler. No idea if it'll fit under fairings, of course...
  10. I believe he modified RC45 headers to fit. The 8th gen headers are modeled after the RC30 and 45, which both employed front mounted upper and lower radiators.
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