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  1. I believe this patch was pioneered as a result of a customer of mine having his 99 tuned at a dyno shop in Seattle. We had installed an older model PC with ignition control so the header I built could be tuned properly. The shop he took it to insisted that they could not work with the older model PC2 and sold him a PC5. The bike didn't run properly with that one(as we suspected) and the shop worked with Dynojet to get it working properly.
  2. Nice job Kevin Sorry I'm late to the party... I use 1000 & 1500 wet and then buff with (buffing) compound on a foam pad when I restore lenses here. I use a soft rubber block to back the paper when sanding. It's really similar to restoring & maintaining a painted surface.
  3. I'm sorry, I have a lot of other projects going on right now and no funds to drop on buying parts and r&d for a revamped version. I will move forward with this when I can. I believe there is a V1 set for sale in the classifieds here, have a look
  4. Improper installation of the clutch slave at some point. Non-issue as it's not a support point for the rod and not within normal throw range of the cylinder. I would remove the pieces that have split away so they don't fall off by themselves, do your normal cleaning and move on.
  5. I'm short on cash these days, but feel the need to do my part. If someone can buy one of my windowed VFR800 clutch cover mods I'll kick $100 back to VFRD toward the 2020 budget. PM me for details.
  6. The pics? Yes, I took all the photos used for the magazine feature(s)
  7. Did they drop the speed limit to 20-25mph and begin road construction on half the keys? If not, they can't call themselves the northern version yet... lol
  8. The redesign is on the backburner while I fry bigger fish... couple more months at least.
  9. I am once again starting a run of parts. I need 10 people minimum to commit to get this run going, more are welcome! I will make a $50 VFRD site donation if we hit 10 buyers, $5 for each after 10, plus FREE RETURN SHIPPING in the USA! (if you're outside the USA, I will mark down your total shipping by $14) If we get 15 people to commit I'll knock another 5% off! This offer covers all generations of VF & VFR. The only exception is the 1200DCT model. If you are a VF/VFR owner, the window can be made to fit your bike! Fits other bikes also, please ask about fitments! Generally speaking, if the bike has an aluminum cover and a hydraulic clutch, I can add a window. What I require to perform the mod is: 1. Your clutch cover, or a spare cover, shipped to me. I usually have a spare 90-97 750 cover and 800 covers on hand to speed up exchange times. 2. A total payment of $250 via PayPal gift - pm me if you need to pay another way Turn around time will be 1-2 weeks max, usually faster. What you will need to do to complete the mod: 1. Make down payment of 50% 2. Ship your donor cover, or drop ship a donor cover via ebay/etc. 3. Make final payment when mod is complete 4. Paint or powdercoat the cover (I can help with this) 5. Install with new gasket As showcased in other threads, you may also paint or powdercoat your pressure plate to display the color of your choice. Currently, I do not offer paint or powdercoat services personally, I use a local shop for powdercoat and the cost for that is $100. Feel free to send me a PM, but please make sure you post in this thread if interested, as I will use this thread for tracking purposes. A number of pictures and additional info can be found here: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/68201-clear-clutch-window/& These have (unfortunately!) been crash tested and I am very happy to report that adding this window mod actually makes the clutch cover STRONGER and less susceptible to crash damage that could leave you stranded! I do keep spare parts on hand to get you back on the road at a fraction of buying a new OEM cover. Please also check out my Facebook page @SebspeedCustoms & also on Instagram Thanks for looking!
  10. ***Disclaimer - this is not a bike I built*** I bought this last week, it turns over but is a non-runner due to what I believe is an ignition/spark issue. I haven't confirmed or done any troubleshooting, but it has fuel and air and only fires 1 or 2 cylinders, so there's that. It was running earlier this year. Nice clean bike, attempted clone of my blue VFR. As with most projects it's worth more in pieces than as a whole, so here's the list I'm offering: 8 spoke rear wheel 300 SOLD Clutch cover 300 Fox Twin Clicker shock 250 SOLD Two Brothers left exit header 450 SOLD Rearsets 30 Tail conversion "kit" 300 SOLD Tank w 1/4 turn cap 100 (non-oem/Chinese) KTM Duke 390 headlight with 50mm fork clamps and LED bulb swap 100 SOLD Koso DL-03SR speedo (not sure yet, may keep) Koso Super Slim Style Thermometer (not sure yet, may keep) Frame/motor/swingarm 500 (clean title, powdercoated satin black) 05-06 CBR600RR front wheel 100 brake rotors for ^ 75 rear brake system 100 (duc brembo master, ss Venhill line, stock caliper) Clip ons 50 CBR triples with VFR/V4 logos cut in 150 Wiring harness "kit" - switch controls + harness 150 Carbs 100 Spare motor 100 Shipping extra. Will combine prices on multiple items. I haven't listed the forks, front masters (duc brembo), ss lines, front calipers, rad or coolant hoses because I may use them on a project. Spare motor
  11. You do realize the factory welded it together, right? I've welded beer cans together on a dare. No reason a competent welder couldn't add a threaded boss to a swingarm. Rivnuts/Nutserts would be my go-to non welded option, although I've also machined lift hooks with custom axle blocks for them to bolt to. Both options are preferable to a through-axle mount, simply for the convenience of being able to remove the wheel while on the lift.
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