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  1. I have a Continental Road Attack 3 180/55-17 for sale. It was mounted to the 6" Ducati 1098 rear wheel I swapped to my 2005 VFR800 for just under 100 miles. I swapped it out for a proper fitting 190/55-17. The tire was mounted & demounted with professional automated tire equipment, it is otherwise as new. I only swapped it because the 180 profile was slightly stretched on the 6" wheel and I didn't want to run on the edge of the tire prematurely. The tire is in storage with a friend in Maryville, TN and could be picked up there or shipped. Asking $170
  2. Thanks, I do want to sell mine. The "couple mods" line isn't a link yet, unfortunately.
  3. I used ST1300 cables recently when I swapped to a Superbike bar on my 6th gen. The 1300 has correct free play for FI setups while the 1100 parts are better suited for carb installs. The 1300 cables ended up being a tad long for my installation. I do plan to raise the bar up in the future, so that will take care of itself.
  4. We have a member here @cruzinaz who has owned and operated a wheel sales and repair business for 30ish years. He's done numerous wheels for me at very fair prices. https://www.nuwheel.com/ Call and ask for Kent, I'm not sure how often he checks in here. Tell him Sebastian sent you. @TimC this is the guy I was telling you about for your BMW wheel.
  5. I think I need another 8G style header. I'm not in any rush, just voicing interest for future consideration.
  6. Loosen the 1 bolt holding the handlebar on. Remove the bar from the fork, slide the tube off the bar. No need to undo cable ends.
  7. Branded oil weight unfortunately doesn't mean much, you need to determine proper oil by centistoke or cSt rating. Have a look here: https://www.peterverdone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Suspension_Fluid Traxxion recommended Maxima 7 125-150 oil when they built my shim stacks for my Racetech G2R comp and Traxxion rebound valves. The Maxima oil has a cSt of 26.70, which I was pleasantly surprised to find very close to the 50/50 SS-7/SS-8 blend I was using before (cSt of 26.455)
  8. I have a pile of leftovers from the rebuild of my 2005. Not dead set on any pricing but I don't want to throw them away. All parts were/are garage kept but have about 49,000mi on them. All are good serviceable parts, no crash damage. I have: Stock forks - at least one needs a seal but the chrome is nice and I believe I have a full set of oem bushings and seals for rebuilding them. $100 SPF Front axle $20 Top triple $20 Front wheel with bearings/collar/spacers $100 Front rotors $75 Rear wheel $100 Full brake caliper set with pads (cut rubber lines) $60 SPF Rear brake fluid reservoir $5 Throttle cables $20 Airbox $20 SPF Coolant hose set $20 Master cylinders and levers $75 Left clip on (with weights) $80 Right clip on (with weights) $80 Bar ends $10 Stock fuel pressure regulator $10 Throttle body set for parts $30 Oil cooler $20 Clutch slave + stock line, bolt on & use, $40 Low mileage oil cooler $50 SPF (2) stock seats $20 each Stock header, complete, very solid, $40 - have new crush washers and gaskets needed for installation if desired for additional $ 2005-06 CBR600RR wheel with rotors/bearings, rim protector coated Gold $175 Not really interested in shipping any of the big stuff. Make an offer on a bundle or the entire lot. Send a pm or email for pics. The wheels come with free michelin rim protectors - fine for mockup, but I wouldn't ride on them. Thanks
  9. Hi Ross, as Sweeper said that tank was real carbon twill wrapped over a steel 6g tank. Multiple layers of resin, and clear top coat to protect.
  10. No dipstick, I added a clear tube to indicate oil level I bought a complete used A&A kit, one of the original 6g kits. I made the oil cooler from a 6g radiator. New larger SH847 rr is mounted on the left side of the frame now. I didn't get a chance to make a thread for my rebuild before leaving on a trip, but I plan to make a list of mods with pics when I return.
  11. Mods in store and done, along with a rock guard.
  12. A pic from the other day. I have since installed the upper cowl with lights and am just waiting to get in the paint booth to finish the right side panel, then it will be done.
  13. Strange coincidence... I just pulled my "new old stock" carbon fiber one out of my toolbox to install it. Rivcyko (Travis Paul) is on facebook and last I heard, he had just a couple left. The molds are long gone.
  14. Just go get a couple M8x1.25 bolts in the same length from your local hardware. Install them with medium loctite. If someone really wants to steal your bike, it's definitely not the lack of security bolts that will stop them. Sucks that you have to eat the cost of the 2 Honda bolts, but 2 regular ones will be cheaper than any tool that Honda sells.
  15. Nice that you don't have to balance it. I am installing on my 2005 VTEC which still has fairings. I had been collecting parts for about 10 years and I got the itch to put them all on it at once
  16. I have an earlier model Rotrex from the original Toro production run. I did the oil relocation to save time in the future in case it's needed, and because I was re-plumbing the system to add the cooler anyway. Rotrex states in their texts that an oil cooler is mandatory on installation, so I figured it can't hurt. I have been taking pics along the way, I'll post them later when I get the bike done and I can relax a little. Do you have someone that can balance the rebuilt rotating assembly for you?
  17. I did, I mounted a new tank on the right side behind the fairing. I also reconstructed the cooling system with a different radiator configuration so I could add a cooler for the Rotrex oil.
  18. What do you have cooking? I'm interested to hear your findings. I am aware that the newer iteration of the C15 does not use a shaft oil seal, and so all the oil needs to be located below the centerline of the shaft. I've taken that into account with my current installation. I've also added an oil cooler for the Rotrex oil.
  19. I spoke to Yaman at RBUSA this morning. He was not able to answer my question directly but passed it on to hq in Italy and they responded to say the RB3 files ARE compatible with RB Evo and Race. It's as simple as opening the file and sending to the connected unit. That made my day today!
  20. Found what I needed thank to @Cogswell
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