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  1. Nice to see positive response! Last time I brought this up ppl were up in arms saying "oh won't it drag on the ground" (no it is above the header), "oh won't a tumbling pebble move the lever and dump your oil causing you to crash and burn and die" (not possible), "oh won't that allow bad ppl to drain your oil when you aren't looking"... seriously... I like the fumoto a lot. Only 2 negative things I'll say is it reduces the drain hole size, so your oil will take longer to drain. And if the threaded body is longer than the threads in the pan, you will not be able to drain 100% of the oil. For those reasons, I prefer to buy the largest available valve and then drill & tap the oil pan for the larger size. While the pan is off I check the inside to make sure all the oil can drain. If the valve body extends above the floor of the pan, I trim it down flush. After that, happy trails. Fumoto also offers versions with a nipple extension which allow a hose to be pushed on prior to opening the valve. Oil flow is controlled by the lever, not installation of the hose.
  2. This needed to be reposted as I've just learned that only a few people stepped up and took care of their extra burden. Lance and Darryl have put a huge effort into getting this done and I find it quite insulting that there are people in this community willing to take advantage of these 2 hardworking generous guys. How many other people here would literally spend thousands of dollars of their own money to get some cool stuff for the small group of buyers here? The answer is very few! Does it suck that the price went up? Of course! Is it fair to make these 2 nice guys bite the big one for the sake of a dozen ppl saving $32? Uh no!! Let's get this done folks. It's the right thing to do, and it may just bring that wind back to the sails of additional header production.
  3. Nice little weight savings there!
  4. Thanks. CBR1000RR and yes, yes it is... There are videos in the build thread, search my posts
  5. I'm willing to bet you're not giving enough throttle input. The less time your rev counter spends in the transition zone, the smoother it becomes. Change your shift points accordingly.
  6. Oberon is also very nice, and less than half the price of the TSR.
  7. So sorry, these sold last week. New updated version coming later this year though, stay tuned!
  8. Pretty sure he's got a 5/6 - 8th has radiator down there and therefore larger holes in the vee, to allow air flow
  9. Shipping is probably $24 or less, I can mark as a gift to save you the border fees.
  10. As far as fit to the bike, they are the same. The difference is in the piston size. As discussed here you'll have to determine which size is best for you based on which master cylinder you're using and your desired feel/operation.
  11. It doesn't appear to be top coated with clear powder, you might try having them shoot you a sample with clear on top. It will change the look of the base coat, most always lightening it a few shades. Might get you close enough - if so, they can simply top coat your parts for the same effect.
  12. Yes you can, same pattern. I have a spare billet slave available for $100
  13. @cruzinaz owns NU Wheel at 3880 S Palo Verde Rd Go see Kent, tell him you wanna go ride, and tell him I sent you 😄
  14. I'm 99% sure the oem 8g front pipes will clear, based on studying pictures and judging where the pipes are in relation to the motor. It remains to be seen if Wade's pipes will leave enough clearance. I do have a plan A and B roughed out, just in case.
  15. At least 3 of those 8g headers are for 5th/6th gen bikes because we want the splayed front tubes to accommodate a low mounted front radiator. To me it makes more sense to batch these with the 5/6 header run. I owe an update on centerstand stops. I've been busy bouncing around other jobs in my shop but I will get to them!
  16. Parting out the stuff I don't need from a 99 VFR800 that will be a long term project for me. It has a CBR600F4i aluminum subframe fitted with a modded CBR600F4i tail. The end was reshaped. I didn't do the work, but it doesn't look bad. Both tank and tail were repainted with spray paint. I'm thinking 100 for the complete tail (seat, tail, sub, filler panels, lights, etc) and another 100 for the tank since it's in good shape. TAIL/SEAT UNIT IS SOLD, TANK STILL AVAILABLE! 1999 swingarm & wheel $300 2002 swingarm complete with brake/hub no shock or wheel $200 Shock is no longer for sale. Prefer local pickup, but will ship if I have to. Wheel, swingarm, 929 shock will be listed in the future as well so let me know if there's interest. I have a 2002+ complete arm stashed away too that I would part with.
  17. Last I heard, more buyers were needed to make the 8g system happen.
  18. Side note @Mohawk, I used to make the titanium (2, 4, & 6 bend channel) floor supports for the 747. Also exterior door corners, interior thresholds, drip rails and a slew of clips & brackets for 747/777/787.
  19. I have (2) final sets left. There will be no more, at least not of this design. Bright (bare milled) or brushed finish, $158 shipped in the US or $150 + actual shipping worldwide
  20. I fabricated them from scratch, from aluminum stock.
  21. I'm running a billet Brembo 16x16 clutch master on my 4g streetfighter with OEM slave. The difference from stock is amazing, in terms of ease of pull, feedback, and modulation. I have a RCS16 master and 38mm Oberon slave for my 6g, but have yet to install them and get miles in. I've got a TSW clutch slave here if somebody wants to try it. PM me for details.
  22. Fortunately, that is a luxury afforded you by your geographic location. Crime rate with regard to motorcycle theft (and therefore also insurance policy cost) is exponentially higher in Arizona than in Kansas. OP's best bet is actually to secure indoor storage where the bike is out of sight and preferably behind locked doors.
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