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  1. My gen 6 is starting to look and feel like a C&S freshen up is needed. Would anyone like to share any recommendations for resellers of chains and sprockets? Not stuck on any particular brand but usually found DiD pretty solid in the past. Probably going stock (16/43) but would be good if someone allows a mix and match. I'm in Australia btw (Sydney) Thanks in advance
  2. Grum, have PMd you the sounds to see what you think? Cheers
  3. The clutch epoxy trick worked fine, and I've not had a repeat of the revs reaching 4K when placed in first and maybe its phycological, but I do feel pulling away is a tiny bit smoother now. Thanks Grum for all your advice and hope it helps anyone else searching for the same issues. I have one last little niggle that I'll probably post details of in a new post but since you're batting a 100% success rate I may as well mention it now. When I start the bike from cold, it idles as normal for about 2-3 minutes then just as its starting to get bit warm I hear a rattling sound in and ar
  4. Bang on the money once again. The bike has trick aftermarket levers and the clutch one isn’t touching the clutch switch. I’ve built it up with some expoxy and currently waiting for it to harden to see if it does the trick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Nothing happens bar the lights switch off whilst the starter button is pressed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Grum, Sorry for the delay in replying. Re the blinkers, you were 100% right and thank you immensely for suggesting I forget what I was told by the PO. I hit the switch with copious amounts of WD-40 and its perfect now. I just didn't before as the previous owner said they'd done this and more. On the idle issue, I cannot start it in gear with the clutch pulled in and sidestand up so hmm. I'll test and clean the switches tomorrow but I don't think this is the issue at hand. The launch assist works as should do, it's when the bike is cold the issue occurs. The issue is
  7. Hi, I've recently bought a much loved Gen 6 VFR800 here down under in Sydney and am over the moon with it bar tow little issues. When I indicate it's really odd, some of the time it works as normal other times it either does nothing or flashes for a moment and I have to do it twice and/or hold the indicator out to the left or right to see it start. The seller warned me of this and said he'd had the switch all apart and cleaned. I've checked and cleaned all the bulbs and contacts. Oddly when the bike is sitting still the problem seems almost non existent. I thought it was speed or rev related a
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