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  1. 2002+ 2014+ Outer Diameter:296mm-310 Inner Diameter:58mm-94mm Bolt Hole Diameter:10.4mm-? Bolt Hole Distance:37mm-? the inner diameter is different will not work
  2. True it is to enrichen themixture. The Dynojet needles are adjustable.
  3. The original question was asked and answered incorrectly. Either way the original poster was concerned about spending more money on a wideband with the RB. If you take either the PC5 or the RB racing and put them on a dyno and CUSTOM tune them while spending a ton a money for a couple horsepower its not money well spent. If I remember correctly 800 bucks from Attack for the header dyno. Either way in Mohawk's case it is not because his bike is not stock. Original poster has a stock bike with a header and probably a air filter and block off plate etc nothing major. Mohawk has cams velocity s
  4. i have some adjustable clipons for sale.
  5. I have used both Braking and the Chinese knockoff rotors which I converted both to full floating in order to minimize rotor warp. I liked both. I only recommend the stock brake pads from Honda never had a problem. I did have problems with EBC HH pads and EBC race pads and Braking pads.
  6. For one you cannot increase the timing on PV5 which help quite a bit on the Gen 6 two I was under the assumption per the the Rapid Bike web site that : "The Racing module’s most important benefit is, the so-called Auto-adaptive feature, that is the ability to correct automatically the injection map adjustment by reading the signal of the stock O2 sensor (lambda) while riding the bike." And I see the O2 compensating in the software. Honestly in my humble opinion I love my sixth gen track bike which has a RB racing previously a PC3 I noticed a major difference in the entire rev range w
  7. or try this https://www.moorespeedracing.co.uk/motorcycle-handlebars.html
  8. I have some bar risers for sale if you are interested.
  9. Got them on ebay. They are cheap. I keep some regular bulbs in the car just in case they burn out. Chinese bulbs. I installed them in Oct. You will hear the little fans running when you turn off you ignition, but on cold days they do not run sometimes. Now my HID's in my Rc51 are super bright that also but that all depends on your headlight design. The RC51 and VFR800 have some big ass headlights with big reflectors inside. https://www.ebay.com/itm/9005-HB3-6000K-White-COB-LED-Headlight-Kit-High-Low-Beam-4side-Light-Bulb/363093965370?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trk
  10. did you turn on the high beam? i put these in my solara they are cheap. I have hids in my rc51 though. Is the glass fogy?
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