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  1. I have a 1986 VFR750 with a Hindle/Sudco 4-1 exhaust. The canister is a fake carbon fiber never had a problem with it. I also have some knock off shorty AR carbon canisters never had a problem with them. In the event the carbon bubbles you could always remove it and or have it powder coated in high temp black. I have powder coated several headers.
  2. VFR750F3


    Nice Ohlins shock. I went with the Mupo with drop in 25mm fork cartridges. Transformed my RC51. Now it does not handle as well as my RRR blade. Are you under 200lbs is they why you went with the link.
  3. I used All balls racing on three of my bikes VFR800, 750 and RC51. No problems. I also replaced the bushings.
  4. I did the SP2 calipers with a 19 radial for my VFR800. Both my VFR800 and RC51 have the same calipers different master cylinders, The RC51 has a convential 17mm master cylinder works very well. The key is to use braided lines. As for forks send them to Daugherty or buy some Andreani drop in cartridges or simply put the right springs in them with new oil and set the sag.
  5. Does anyone have this file? I need a copy. TY.
  6. 2002+ 2014+ Outer Diameter:296mm-310 Inner Diameter:58mm-94mm Bolt Hole Diameter:10.4mm-? Bolt Hole Distance:37mm-? the inner diameter is different will not work
  7. racetech makes a tool to hold the cartridge
  8. True it is to enrichen themixture. The Dynojet needles are adjustable.
  9. The original question was asked and answered incorrectly. Either way the original poster was concerned about spending more money on a wideband with the RB. If you take either the PC5 or the RB racing and put them on a dyno and CUSTOM tune them while spending a ton a money for a couple horsepower its not money well spent. If I remember correctly 800 bucks from Attack for the header dyno. Either way in Mohawk's case it is not because his bike is not stock. Original poster has a stock bike with a header and probably a air filter and block off plate etc nothing major. Mohawk has cams velocity stack etc. He is extrapolating every bit of power for his mods. Keep in mind dyno number will change day to day and month to month ie humidity temperature etc you cannot compare apples to oranges. If you are going to compare anything dyno runs should be on the same day with both systems.
  10. i have some adjustable clipons for sale.
  11. I have used both Braking and the Chinese knockoff rotors which I converted both to full floating in order to minimize rotor warp. I liked both. I only recommend the stock brake pads from Honda never had a problem. I did have problems with EBC HH pads and EBC race pads and Braking pads.
  12. For one you cannot increase the timing on PV5 which help quite a bit on the Gen 6 two I was under the assumption per the the Rapid Bike web site that : "The Racing module’s most important benefit is, the so-called Auto-adaptive feature, that is the ability to correct automatically the injection map adjustment by reading the signal of the stock O2 sensor (lambda) while riding the bike." And I see the O2 compensating in the software. Honestly in my humble opinion I love my sixth gen track bike which has a RB racing previously a PC3 I noticed a major difference in the entire rev range with the RB nevertheless a few horsepower on top in not going to make a difference in everyday scenarios even when you use a wideband O2 which is faster and more precise.
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