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  1. The seals and dust cover go in one way or are they angled to retract the piston or not. Thanks.
  2. I got mine from ebay. Great price point. Some issues with windshield otherwise fit was good.
  3. Did you ever get any info on the maps for the header.  Thks nick

    1. Neo2122


      I just did! SF and Duc finally got all the maps and are selling copies for only $50! They made a post in the thread about it if you haven't already seen it. Shoot them a message and they will get you all sorted out!

    2. VFR750F3
  4. Pm me also. i am interested in the tune for the 6th gen. Ty.
  5. I removed everything ie D-LINK. I have all the hardware from my 6th gen. Let me know what you need Bike had less than 10K on it.
  6. Are available for 4K saw them on ebay.
  7. That is a lot of oil. Both my 1986 vfr750 which has sat for over 10 years has no oil leaks. My vfr800 02 no leaks. I would check and tighten the valve cover especially the rear, oil pan, oil filter, oil drain plug, side covers. Tighten gently you do not want to break any bolts.
  8. Used a hole saw and drilled into the tank first marking it a marker and then through the tank into the airbox. Drilling somewhat on a angle I then went to the muffler shop and they welded some exhaust pipe long enough to stick out the top and bottom of the tank. To make up the difference with fitting the fiberglass tube i just wrapped it with black tape ie electrical till it was snug wrapped it again to hold it in place no clips like the rc45 racer . Use foam tape to seal airbox to tube to somewhat create some pressure.i drilled a hole in the airbox in the back and screwed in a 90 degree brass fitting and attached a appropriate sized vacuum hose to the carbs to equalize the pressure. The gas tank eventually rusted out and had a new one made out of fiberglass from cobalt racing in ohio which also leaked and had to get that sealed again. Your way is much more easier without all the headaches i went through.
  9. The tail is awesome by the way. I did a rc45 conversion on my 86. I wish i could adapt that tail my 6th gen.
  10. I bought mine from ebay no problems. Same price out of us exotic 1 motorports racing. Galfer wave knockoffs? After 4 laps at roadamerica chatter went away. Due to zero streetriding. In combination delink braided lines and nissin 19 radial master cylinder amazing bite probably better than my rc51.
  11. you can download the repair manual in downloads.
  12. did you recenter the forks per the honda manual.
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