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  1. I have a factory set from my 2002 vfr800 with 10k on the clock. What is your offer.
  2. 190 for 6 inch. I had 190 50 on 6 inch for rc51 stock. I went with 55. Bike handles better with 55. For vfr800 stock 180. Also the tire might rub against the chain with 190. If you want the widest tire go to each manufacturer's web site and see how wide each 180 tire is. Not all 180 tires are 180 some larger some smaller.
  3. will be be any weight loss by changing calipers and adding a bracket. also i assume this will fit 6th gen
  4. congratulations on a job well done. i also wished you used the nissin rear caliper from a rc51. it would of cost a lot less.
  5. i have andreani cartridges which were in 2002 forks i removed them and i put them in cbr600f4 lowers because i went with nissin 4 piston calipers. therefore the only parts i am using are the fork legs.
  6. i decided just to drill and tap keeping the 10mm bolt. the 8mm bolt is a little too short.
  7. Can you post a picture and dimensions of the sleeve and were you purchased it.
  8. When i installed the blackbird FPR my bike kept flooding out. Pitch for 6th and blackbird are the same. Once you put correct map you will be happy.
  9. I bought a Motion Pro Throttle Tube #01-0094 works awesome. It was only 9 bucks shipped. Mine fit with no problems on my 02.
  10. https://japan.webike.net/products/22997473.html try these if your fork mount are 80mm. you will save alot of money on calipers on ebay. calipers are less than a hundred bucks ie nissin 4 piston mounting stock are 60mm. they fit the following bikes with different rotor size: (cb400sf 296mm rotors nsr250r 276mm and cb1000sf 310mm rotors). are you selling your other rotors that did not fit?
  11. I have progressive insurance they insure the custom parts up to $3,000 standard a long as you can back it up when you file a claim ie receipts and pictures.
  12. $20.00 k&n vfr800 air filter paypal accepted. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.
  13. Brand new one still in package some small scratches $125.00 plus shipping papal accepted buyer pays fees
  14. $125.00 paypl accepted buyer pays fees.
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