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    Sanding down VTEC Lifters? $34 a Bucket? What!?

    Maybe have them machined at a local shop? Or using a lapping tool? I have sanded normal shims down myself and measured with a micrometer to get my old 5th gen shims in spec. Just taped a wet sandpaper to a piece of glass and sanded it in a figure 8 till it was down to the correct thickness. But these buckets are a pain in the ass. Not many vtech owners seem to mess with valves I have found. Put it in a vise and get a sanding disk small enough to fit on a drill and sand away? Might not be flush than? Just brain storming, I dont want to think you want to deal with the outside of the bucket you might sand it too thin and it will break but the thickest part of the underside?
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    Day out after a wash

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    Close Encounters

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  8. I got a message that Maxwell had stalled his reputation, could not give them or recieve likes at all. I spent and hour playing around with setting to no avail. Then I realized that the whole member group that contributed donations could not get likes or give them. So I deleted the group and started a new one, some reason there was a secondary setting that put all of the donators in the same settings as a webcrawler bot? So I thought starting over would clean all that up.....then I forgot to give permissions to do anything...so just fixed that too. In any case all is ok now...the forum is working. Installed the latest version last week, fixed tap a talk, just installed the latest version of the skin too, so there are some new changes..which I am not sure of all of them. Should be up to snuff now. HS
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    Old Half Way House, Putty Rd

  11. HispanicSlammer

    Tapatalk issues?

    I posted a topic. Bottom line is tap a talk has not released a plug in yet. I upgraded the forum a week ago. Will install the plug when the get it to work.
  12. HispanicSlammer

    Amado Skull.jpg

  13. 4.3 ipsboard was just installed the other day, tap a talk has not released a version for it yet. Soon as its released I will install it and get tap a talk connected again.
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