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  1. Yup that was me on the red 1200 the Veefalo, we saw you ride past us at the madriver burger hut, you guys must have gotten past the construction before they closed the road. We got stuck there till 5pm.
  2. Located in between the airbox and the front frame where the headset is. Involves removal of side plastics, tank plastics, unhooking the tank wires and fuel line, then remove the top of the airbox to get to the ecu. I have pics of it from when I did a valve inspection.
  3. HispanicSlammer

    Two Pack

  4. I just did a valve clearance check, removed the rear cylinder cover, sure enough the oring was missing. I put a new one on, buttoned up the bike, started it up...no smoke. Thanks so much for the help. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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