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  1. It's got a few issues, blown fork seal cheap to replace, the oil change was a motha, 3 drain points and separate oil tank. 10 w 50 required by ktm. Dry sump like a dirtbike. Nothing g serious. Who would have thought its easier to do an oil change on the 1200 veefalo. Then I rode it, the vee twin has a thunder coming out of those Akropovic twin exhaust. Gobs of torque, it's not the I dont need to downshift torque of the veefalo but a 450lb bike compared to 650lbs it so much more nimble. I was riding up a hillside road in town that's a 15% grade for almost half a mile.
  2. I rode a 1280 KTM in Austin a few years back at the demo ride KTM tent. I really loved the awesome motor and supple suspension. It was way way way out of my price range. So I forgot all about it. Reverse course a couple of weeks ago I was bored at work on my break, scrolling thru cycle trader on my phone, just a bunch of boring metric cruisers and squid owned bikes. I decided to look at my local dealership online inventory. Oh snap they had a 990 Super Duke with 10k miles on it, and 5300 dollars. Just so happens I had the cash, fast forward. Turns out a squid owned it previously. R
  3. HispanicSlammer


  4. I had to change name servers on my domains, so vfrdiscussion.com seems to be working, but vfrd.com has not populated yet. The security certificate is still good, but I might need to renew that too, we will see. Hopefully it will last the full year I renewed the certificate for.
  5. I ended my contract on the old server and now I have moved vfrd to a new faster server. I am finding bugs as I go, if you find any report them here please.
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