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  2. I have no experience with the DTC, mine is standard. I had fueling issues in 1st and 2nd gear, I solved that with an aftermarket pipe to rid myself of the exhaust flap thing that seems to be the issue, and then I got full power by using a gear tricking device that always reads 3rd gear or higher. Seems the lower gears had bad maps, i forgot what they call the device it just plugs into the gear indicator wire harness. It was like the revs would drop out between gears and it was really unnerving. I have no idea how the DTC handles that its all fly by wire and might not even be a problem at all. The wieght is a problem if your used to carrying lots of corner speed, obviously its different now. The biggest thing is being smooth on the throttle, the bike is front heavy, it wants to turn but the wieght makes flicking it side to side problematic, it is really stable though. However on really bumpy roads its not so compliant, stiff forks and shock. I have 70k on mine and its been a very reliable comfortable bike, I have been in downpours and its just fine in the heavy rain. Some guys reprogram the ecu to get full power in all gears, and to map the fuel for more power and less smog compliance. I am happy with the way it fuels now. I use Pilot road tires for good milage and a good trade off for grip. Dont turn in like a sport tire but offers good grip, I am not that fast anyway.
  3. HMM that looks like a frankenviffer! Featured
  4. Ahh looks like they are having some server issues...I am no stranger to that. Gotta constantly upgrade and reinvent it or things stop working. That is the nature of software now, they licence it by time, if you dont keep up your licence it drops and you cant use it anymore. ..Buy a new licence and opps this is no longer supported, that is no longer supported, need this new operating system, which needs a new lamp stack linux array, needs more power, needs a faster processor, its a never ending cycle. Its caught me out a few times with VFRD. I Hope Michael sorts it out soon. I dont visit VFRW much..shoot I dont visit here enough and I run the thing. One thing I know is this covid-19 have reintroduced me to my own creation. I have logged in more, fixed more issues, and been present in conversation quite a bit since they issued stay at home orders. I have been working on this site quite a bit this last month.
  5. Check the mini switch under the brake lever. It comes off with a screw. I found mine was toast on a ride in tennessee. It may have been that way for a while and just putting in the new bulb brought it to your attention. Mine had completely disintegrated with use.
  6. HispanicSlammer


  7. Proper headspace is required, you need to make sure there is the correct volume of air.
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