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  1. Bye Jack you will be missed! You were a good friend and a fun guy to tour motorcycles with.. HS
  2. I have decided to prune the membership of anyone who has not logged in since 2015. They can always sign up again.
  3. This newsletter is exposing alot of things wrong with the server that I have been able to get fixed in the last week. It also exposed a lot of bum email addresses from members who are no longer active, I will be using my logs to prune old accounts with undeliverable mails mailbox unavailable, this should also make the database sleeker and faster.
  4. Todays Featured Bike doubled July 9, 2014 440 views 5 comments Recent Popular topics New guy from Arizona RyleeV4 8 hours ago Hello everyone! Recently picked up an 02 non abs vfr800. It's my second try at a VFR in my 22 years of riding. I had a 98 new from the dealer and loved the bike. Followed that with 5 years on a nak… 33 views 4 comments Gear shift lever wont move londontom 16 hours ago Hi guys! I would ask your opinion/help about the next... Strange thing happened with my bike. It seems my gear shift lever is jammed or something. Couple of days ago I couldnt start t… 16 views 3 comments Help torquing up front cam covers Kafrondo September 2, 2019 Hello All, First time poster and new member. I've just opened my 2012 VFR1200F for a valve clearance check. I've just got to taking off the throttle body off and after a really hard time managed to… 271 views 6 comments New donation from RyleeV4 RyleeV4 8 hours ago Hi RyleeV4, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion 0 views 1 comments Latest Classifieds Wanted - Choke cable 1986-87 VFR BluRoad 14 hours ago Looking for a new or used choke cable for the 1986-87 VFR700/750. OEM or aftermarket, as long as it's intact and serviceable. Shipping to IL, 60002. Thanks! joe.nelson@ymail.com WTS: '97 VFR 750 (Reno, Nevada) jakeordie 15 hours ago Selling my '97 VFR 750, straight & clean example with 18k miles. Never crashed or laid down. Utah title and currently unregistered. Main fairing removed for naked project, oil cooler dele… VFR800 POWER COMMANDER 3 EX WITH QUICKSHIFTER VFR750F3 Saturday at 04:15 PM $200.00 plus shipping Paypal accepted buyer pays any additional costs. Power commander 3 ex with quickshifter. Wanted - Bar End Weights '86-87 BluRoad Wednesday at 09:47 PM I'm in need of some bar end weights, one or more. To fit the 1986-87 VFR. Any color, any condition, as long as they thread into the stock handlebar. Shipping to Illinois, 60002. Part number 531… LF Cluster Visor 4th Gen ChikhaiBardo March 15 I'm looking for this guy to complete my project bike rebuild; https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-vfr750f-1995-s-england_model5648/visor_37110mz7008/ Part #8 in the included diagram. Th… Recent Downloads YSS Fork Spring Table Mohawk December 13, 2019 Having spent ages trying to find compatible fork springs for an older bike, I came accross this list on the YSS Thailand site & thought it would be a great cross reference for anyone looking for a … 290 views 2 comments 2002 VFR800 Engine Management Schematic Ladajo August 2, 2019 This version of the wiring diagram has updated to show the actual wiring as found on a 2002 VFR800 California Model. 367 views 0 comments 2002 VFR800 ECM Pinouts Traced v1.1 5July2019.xlsx Ladajo August 2, 2019 This spreadsheet documents the ECM ECU pinouts for a 2002 VFR800 California Model. 366 views 0 comments Next VFRD Event 2020 Memorial Spring Ride 14 May 2020 - 17 May 2020 HispanicSlammer 2020 VFRD Memorial Spring Ride May 14-17 Franklin NC Microtel Inn $55 to cover cost of meal, shirt, tent and chairs. - extra meal + $15 - extra TShirt + $17 Be sure to… 0 comments VFRD Mission Statement For owners of the Honda Interceptor and related Honda V4 motorcycles, for the purpose of mutual help concerning safe riding, maintenance, and performance of their motorcycles. Contributions - VFRD is a member supported website with no commercial advertising Unsubscribe here Edit your settings
  5. I was having issues with mails sent from the server not validating the domain name and so are being marked as invalidated. I think I have that fixed now, I hope. I would hate to see mails getting blocked and losing connectivity. I tested several today this morning and some bounced back as invalid and so i did some research and added some more spam controls and domain checks so I hope its fixed now.
  6. I was not sure how it would go over, but now that I have added controls so people can opt out its bringing back some long time members who have forgotten about us.. Glad to see some familiar names in the online list this week.
  7. Ive been there! Featured
  8. Well so far I have had 5 people tell me to delete their accounts! Resolves 5 old accounts anyway! I did add an unsubscribe link, I had to manually add that since the tool did not work for unsubscribe, and I also added a link to your settings so you can do more with your account as well. I thought there was a way to delete your own account but that was an older version of the forum, I cant find it? You can also unfollow content other then the newsletter. I am going to keep publishing the newsletter once a week unless i get bombarded with hate mail. 5 so far is not so bad, these people havent logged in for years and no longer even ride. I understand, us hoodlums still ride vfrs! Sore and our back hurts but we still ride! I am just trying to bring vfrd back to life a little. Oh and sorry for the double publish thing, I did not realize clicking publish would send out a whole new copy, there is a difference between publish and enable! opps.
  9. Last year I was getting complaints that people were not getting the email notifications they subscribed to for followed topics, they were not getting notified of private messages, and new members never received the validation email so they could not register. I studied the problem and tested the email system. Turns out the email server software I was using did not have email validation so VFRD emails were going strait to the spam box or being blocked completely. To fix this I started using sparkpost email validation, It worked for the last year. However now they shrunk the size of free emails to 500 a month, and to upgrade it was another $14 bucks a month just to send emails? I thought to myself is vfrd really sending out that many emails? so I poured thru the logs to see if somehow the server got hacked...no it did not people really did have that many subscriptions. So when It reached 500 emails poof cut off! So I was back to my original problem. A few months back I rebuilt the server completely to comply with the ever changing forum software, this time I used plesk server software instead of the old server software I had been using before, plesk is built for hosting several sites and is very powerful but its alot of architecture and runs a bit slower, however it has a nice email platform, that "low and behold" has email validation built into it. So I spent most the night trying to get this plesk email thing to work, cause it just would not work...finally success its sending emails and they are not being bounced....so far! I also started sending out a weekly newsletter with current topics, classifieds, downloads, and of course the featured bike of the day. Why not? Maybe some long time users who have not been on for a while might see something interesting and come back and rejoin our community. As usual VFRD is a member supported website with no commercial advertising. I hope this improves email thruput and people get the notifications they need now. I hope the newsletter is useful too, still polishing up that part of my work. let me know your thoughts on the newsletter, too many too little hate it dont hate it, I need to put in unsubsribe links but as of now its not working, I am not sure why that part is not working, its just prints out "unsubscribe" and no stinking link? Work continues.
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