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  1. Well thanks everyone who kicked in these last two days I was able to renew the software license that expired and thus upgrade to the latest security update. Thanks
  2. It's been very unexpected, the outpouring of support. I missjudged it.
  3. Well folks, the well has dried up on me. I ran out of funds 2 months ago and have been paying out of pocket to keep this place funded. I must admit I have not logged in regularly but I do log in to fix things when I see them or get notifications for. Fact is in the last 2 years donations have not met our budget goals. I had some surpluses from the previous years I just kept in the paypal account and that I just saved. Last year I moved the server to a cheaper service and saved $900 buck for the year so I budgeted accordingly. I only met 77% of the budget in donations and used up all the surplus to fund the rest. So far this year my records show only 2 made as of the start of the year! the goal is 2K $$ to keep this place funded for the year. I have a zero balance in the paypal account as of 2 month ago. I love vfrd but its too expensive for me to fund on my own. All the records can be found here https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/donate/goals/&page=2 If you still find this place of value to you please help out. Jeez I hate sounding like National public radio, or Public TV but this place have never had adverts and has always relied on member donations. Thanks Donate here Miguel (AKA Hispanic Slammer)
  4. If I was a glutton for verbal abuse I would. Last time I sent out emails I had a huge number of returns with nasty grams telling me not to email them again.
  5. I replaced the expired ssl certificate, and renewed the software licence. Looks as if the current system will not need to be completely upgraded as I thought. Which triggered me in the first place. That is a couple day affair and a hugh pain in the ass, Linux always has something extra you have to do to get what used to work to work again when you upgrade. The problem is I just don't have the time I used to for this. I got about 100 or so messages I have yet to wade thru. But my weekend is almost over. It's been raining relentlessly so I can't even go for a ride on my new bike. I am a bit confused as to my resolve, my feeling is I don't want to give up my baby, but I just don't have the time I to put into it this place deserves. I had a few offers to take over..but I..I don't know these folks. Bottom line.
  6. It's over 1000 gigs hence the difficulty in moving to another server.
  7. I have notice that will require a major update, and a renewal of certificates, more license fees. It's going to be a lot of work and frankly my interest have moved on. Last year we did not meet the goal, keeping vfrd going has been a lot of work over the last 21 years but I think it is time I moved on. It was a passion and not a business. My goal was never to make money, I did it because I loved vfrs. But over the years I became less and less interested in riding. I even almost stopped riding. I bought a second bike and renewed my love of motorcycles a couple of years ago, with a smaller lighter bike. Every time I got on my vfr, my neck, knees, back and well it hurt. So I sold the vfr a couple of weeks ago for a more upright bike. 2020 ktm 1290 gt. I had 89k miles on the veefalo, I got the best miles out of her. But it's time to move on. Honda has.. Thanks for all the friends, good times, rallys, meet ups, Frankenstein vfrs, turbo builds, tire and oil posts. I just don't want to do this anymore. I will keep it going until the certificate expires. All good thing must come to an end.
  8. I spent the time with 5 friends, we had a really good time. I needed a relaxing vacation, I rode 5 demo rides most were so so the Aprillia Tuono, that ride was insane..factory sponsored demo ride was absolutely insane. We were really flogging those bikes. Possibly replacing the veefalo. I'm debating on the mt-10 sp, or the ktm 1200gt. Both have semi active suspension. I like the Yamaha reliability and easy parts. But I really like the ktm. The Tuono is not comfortable to ride for me..fun though. I need more relaxed ergos now.
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