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  1. I have the option to display a map, a google map, but it also includes some serious hoop jumping and constant updating api and developer tools. I just dont care to do all that extra work, its a pain in the ass and frankly does everyone on vfrd want that feature? Its a bit intrusive showing map coordinates where photos are taken, I want to maintain some privacy for people not aware they have geo data attached to thier phone or camera. I do not want to share member data with google to be honest. I give people the option to log in with google or facebook but thats up to the user, this is completely different it allows google to search the database...nope.
  2. HispanicSlammer


    featured, thats the Veffalo there in the middle, my bike.
  3. Invisionboard sent out a notice that there was a patch, and a new version for upgrade to address some security issues. So I installed it like a good admin, and of course it broke the website, the java scripts all stopped working and it broke my custom skin. So i at least got it working again, but my skin is still in need of fixing. I have to reinstall that from scratch. Nothing goes smoothly with this place much anymore...I reinstalled the forum from a fresh download and not it seems to be working like its supposed to but i still have to reinstall the skin again and make some new background pics oh well, I will find some good ones in the gallery and start over, yall post some really great pics in the gallery I have plenty to chose from! I just have no more time to work on it today I have to actually go do my real job now.
  4. BAAA! I thought I had that licked last month, I just reissued a new one and installed, is it working now, looks like it is on my end, but somebody always has a problem.
  5. Southern Colorado those are the Spanish Peaks along the front range, Looks like the photo was taken near the town of LaVita. I live maybe 70 miles north.
  6. wow lots of people responded, I was wondering what happened because my paypal notifications blew up! we were squeeking by and I was quickly running out in the account actually very timely!
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