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  1. Hi Kamillus, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. SW Motec have an online configurator for their custom seats: https://sw-motech.com/Sitzbankumbauten (Should ask for your region and language preference on your first visit to the site.)
  3. The RC93 (2017~) has a different exhaust. It is quite a bit more potent sounding in lower revs and looks better than the round pot of the RC79, too.
  4. Hi! (new member here; first post) Instead of a deflector I chose to swap the screen with a double bubble. Improves wind deflection and aerodynamics for me going anything quicker than 60mph. I'm roughly 5‘9, and living in Autobahn-country am traveling at speed often. The swap is done within minutes (ensure to have a plastic tool for removing the panel though). The screen is a UK made Powerbronze Airflow in dark tint. (£65)
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