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  1. Hi once again, quick question is muffler the same in 800F an 800x crossrunner? I want to buy this https://www.hpcorse.com/en/silencer-hydroform-satin-honda-crossrunner-rev0 But I don't know it will fit in 800f or not? Any idea?
  2. I have also older vfr vtec i there is a screw but in the new one it is not existing. How can I adjust it?
  3. Hi what value of rpm should be on hot engine? My some time is even below 1000rpm? It that fine? Vfr 800f 2016.
  4. This change a little bit games rules. So even with really good exhaust sound will be worst than in 6 gen? This is disappointing me.
  5. I own them both 🙂 younger and older crazy V4 🙂
  6. Good morning. I have bought 2016 Vfr. Before I owned 2009 vfr vtec :-). And in older bike sound on external muffers was really good. And single swing arm was exposed. But in New vfr this is so quiet and not good looking. Any suggestions what will be looking and sound good? Also important is to expose as much as possible swing arm. And fix with OEM side bags. Thanks in advance.
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