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  1. Mattie660

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    It was not the idea to get an aftermarket pipe, because the original looked ok. It was just the sound was a bit of a let down - you know people looking at you when you get on your bike, and maybe in anticipation of some wonderful Ducati-esque sound, and what do they get ? a bit of a let down really. Ok when the thing is on the move and into the revs a bit, it sounds ok. So ordered this Arrow, with a bit of a bend in it to keep the gases of the luggage. That original mesh heat resistant tape stuff was, er, in the way, so got left behind ! I am sure it will be fine like that !
  2. Mattie660

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Thanks for the pictures and the post, just what I am looking for. I wanted the Arrow but was worried about clearance with the Honda panniers, which I intend to get sometime. So have ordered a pipe like yours with the carbon tip, for the same reasons - cool.
  3. Mattie660

    Picture Thread

    Welcome to the forum. The tank protector in picture 1 is a Honda part, that I got from my local Honda dealer. I looked it up in their parts catalogue and ordered it from them. It took about a working week to arrive at the dealership and they gave me a call to collect it - cannot remember the cost - but only a few quid. While I am here though, a picture from recent trip, taken in south of France near the Ardeche Gorge region VFR in lavender by 660 Mattie, on Flickr
  4. Mattie660

    Picture Thread

    A miscellaneous picture thread, for those who like taking pictures as well as riding bikes. I think the Viffer looks good from this angle, taken here crossing the Pyrenees from Spain back into France. Going up by 660 Mattie, on Flickr

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