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  1. I haven't been around in awhile either. I'll have to get in gear with Curry and start the arranging.
  2. Cageless, and I had some stop and go coming over Stevens Pass. It always bottles up in Index area, this time the Reiter Road cutoff was repaired so I snaked through that road and came out just above Startup, then inched my way to Sultan where I was able to turn off on the Ben Howard Road. Great event Mike, and be sure to let us know if the numbers don't balance, I'll be happy to help out. It was fun riding with old friends and hanging out with everybody. Curry and I will start working on the Oregon trip, stay tuned. Lee in Duvall P.S. The delay through Index cost me an hour but I was able to weed whack and mow already this morning, and NOW I can relax. P.S.S. Hey Mike, are we getting icons for the bottom of our screens? Hey, I just noticed, I don't have one for the 2008 Koot Hoot.
  3. We'll have to check out routes home from Nelson, maybe you can excite me about some roads in Idaho? I'm bringing a map or two, or three . . ., The Northport Brewery actually used to be in Northport, just a bit shy of the border north of Kettle Falls, pretty decent IPA, I must say. Ask Tony about the beer bars in Seattle?
  4. My soft bags are mostly packed, Jim will be here around 8 am and off we go, all good roads from Monroe all the way to Nelson. Hope I can sleep well tonight, like a kid going to Disneyland. Jeff call me, but we should be in Marblemount around 11:30 to 12. We'll gas up there and head on into Winthrop, park our bikes and head to the Old Red Schoolhouse for some Ruud Awakening, which won the Washington beer fest IPA a few years ago. Great place, new owners, apparently dedicated to preserving the original recipes.
  5. This is a much more complicated question than you may imagine, mainly because I am riding once again with one of my all time favorite riding partners, Jeff and he tends to study maps and finds alternative ways to go, but to answer your question, I generally like to head east through Republic and north from Kettle Falls, there's a side trip across the border just east. Also everyone should know there's a great spaghetti place in downtown Trail, the Collander. Try it for supper as they keep filling your plate and its very tasty food. I still have to work tomorrow, but let us know what your thinking and perhaps we can hook up somewhere . . . .
  6. See my message above, also, if you want we can all meet at this café for breakfast in Tonasket, its getting good reviews and they open at 6 am. Shannon's Cafe & Deli 626 S Whitcomb Ave. Tonasket, WA 98855
  7. Sounds good, I don't want to change your plans, especially since I never was able to lock in this trip until late. We will stay in touch in Winthrop and Tonasket is just an hour or so away if that. The Google Map shows 5 hours for us from Winthrop to Nelson and 249 miles. Seems like a nice way to spend a day.
  8. Africa Twin time, eh? I do a lot of work surveying cell tower sites in Oregon, I'm getting to know the roads very well even around Newport, btw, where I drank way too much beer at both Rogue breweries last year on my birthday. Will be fun seeing you guys in a few days.
  9. Are you guys open to meeting our group riding up from Winthrop to Tonasket and heading east to Kettle Falls roads?
  10. We're still planning a route up there, Bizbat will be riding with me. I'm off Thursday so will probably head up over 20 and stay at Winthrop Friday and then follow Tonasket east to Kettle Falls and north from there. Derek and Tammy, are you thinking about heading south from Osoyoos Friday morning and possibly meeting us at Tonasket, or are you staying in Canada all the way? If Miguel is reading this, perhaps you might be so kind as to insert the great video you made of us riding from New Denver to Kaslo the first Hootenanny. I love the music you put to it. I volunteer to lead a pack of driveling Viffers around that loop again, but this year I'm going to visit the ghost town, just talked to some people from South Carolina who rode a rented Harley into the old ghost town and said it's an easy gravel road.
  11. Me and Bizbat are booked at Adventure, I'm starting to get excited about the trip, we'll have to see how our routes to Nelson all jive and hook up somewhere. Pub meet works for me too.
  12. Hey Superfunky, it looks like Jim aka Bizbat and I are now planning to attend. Are we too late to register at your Eventbright, if so are there going to be some extra shirts?
  13. Sounds good, I didn't ride nearly as much as I'd have liked last summer so am going to try to make both events.
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