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  1. No, just happened again today. In 4th gear, moderately heavy on the gas after a freeway transition, jerked me forward into the bars. Unpleasant and does not inspire confidence in the bike. I have not taken it into the dealer yet.
  2. I checked the oil and level is right between the lines. The power loss is severe enough to jerk me forward when it happens,
  3. Throttle is being applied, but this does not happen when the throttle is first applied, it happens exactly when the vtec transition occurs, and only when the vtec transition occurs, so I'm fairly certain that it is tied to that system somehow
  4. Last time it happened I had been riding for over 10 minutes, in 5th gear accelerating on the freeway, at the transition, brief loss of power (bike jerks/hesitates for half a second) and then more power as the revs climb.
  5. Thanks everybody, looks like it'll have to go into the shop. Any idea what could cause the hesitation? EDIT: I'll check the oil level tonight to see if that is good, seems like it could cause the issue
  6. Does anybody else experience a brief loss of power when transitioning to VTEC? It does not happen all the time, and does not seem to be related to which gear or what speed, but when going past the VTEC threshold I seem to sometimes have a very brief reduction in power before picking up sharply as the RPMs rise. It is very jarring when it happens, and does not inspire confidence while riding.
  7. What is the device you have mounted between the handlebars?
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