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  1. well to get back on the road I needed to replace the filter on there...….Unfortunately it was another K&N 204-1 (An yes I did tighten it with the nut...…..) I know better now. I just found it very difficult to remove and tighten filter without the nut.(I'm Lazy......well not really) I just find changing an oil filter shouldn't be difficult, I do have a oil filter wrench but was so difficult to move around an get in placed on the filter. I do like the small wrench you pictured GRUM Thx Ill try that (stop at local store or auto parts store to find one) Yes the other day I was very lucky my whole back tire was coated with oil. Lucky I didn't have many turns to my house.
  2. - Thank you everyone, I've been looking over the bike again and again. an all seems to be coming form the oil filter. (at first a very small leak) so I tightened the filter to give a better seal/seat (maybe 1/8 more turn) really snug. well HUGE Failure. only 5 miles down the road an oil all over exhaust and back tire is now coated with oil I need to clean. without rechecking again. the only thing I did was tighten oil filter an now huge oil mess everywhere (It's the filter). ok so I really like the K&N because of the nut on the end. does the stock filter have the same nut. Highflow racing filter doesn't. (So strange though I've had 3 Highflow filters no issue (just pain changing) an 3-4 K&N and 2 of the K&N where bad). I will be taking some Pictures an hope someone can see what I don't. THX All
  3. I have used K&N and a generic brand name to change filters an I keep getting an oil leak. does anyone else have this issue. I feel it's blowing passed the rubber seal/seat an then oil just drips down on exhaust. Some give me Ideas on how to fix is what seems to be a very stupid issue.. UGH.....
  4. When I bought my 2007 and my 2015 I had to ask both times (And yes they did have them) The dealerships (Some not all) see a opportunity to resell them at cost to make money. I had to ask for my tool kit too on the 2015 (which I thought was crazy) But when you buy the bike that is yours.
  5. Same here I do about a 80 mile round trip 4 times a week one day In the car. I only ask because I see so many out here. manual said GN4 Honda (that's straight motor oil not even synthetic) I hear some like it because runs smoother. (Ill assume they mean less vibration?)
  6. Been trying to figure out the Best to use. I know there are many out there. 4T, 6T, Honda Pro, etc... Just wanting to know what others use.
  7. Update to the Werkes Exhaust WOW. high way speeds sounds like stock not loud. but at idle Beautiful Deep Clear take offs sound sweet. Love this Mod. (I'm going to swap back to Stock and do a record before and after. (So amazed) Its about $200 more than Coffman but love the look and sound I feel I got a good deal.
  8. I did attach to the stand Leg but I need a different rubber than spark plug boot it wants to melt an smoke 🤨. thinking of taking to weld shop and weld a small bracket for the round stopper
  9. Well it's been raining here the last few days, but, I got a chance to put the muffler on. OMG I love the sound. deep sound and not to loud just on the stand. I have to go on the road to get a good sound idea. I'm hoping for the best. an have yet to use the rubber stopper on the stand. I have the perfect idea a 90 degree spark plug boot an clamp Per Duccmann (Thx). was disappointed that for the price they could have included the muffler gasket insert. (a little bit of a pain to get off new exhaust).
  10. Never thought of that. Thx. That's a better idea.
  11. Just got mine in. Werkes USA. Bought mine stainless an added flat black. Can't wait to see an hear differences. I'll make a video an do my best to hear an see differences.
  12. I have the Deluxe and the Center stand stopper need to be fabricated on this muffler (Now I hate you center stand)LOL
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