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  1. Thank Grum. There are four bearings in the back, so it’s not a easy job!
  2. I’ve put a Kaoko and the low Motopumps on it for the trip. Years are catching up with me! I think the only benefit of the Motopumps might be in my head, not my body.
  3. Only looking at the rear bearings. I replaced the fronts when I had the ding repaired and wheels painted. Just because it was simple to do. The back runs smoothly. Maybe my mechanic is talking out the other end. My FG2 XR6 has 102,000kms on it and he’s never looked at it’s bearings! The bike has 62,000kms on it and all seems good. Just concerned that if something goes wrong in the boonies I have to park it under a tree and catch a bus.
  4. No issues yet, but a local mechanic (cars) has suggested that sealed bearings are usually done by 60,000kms. I’m heading off on a 9,000km trip into Central OZ in August and was wondering if new bearings should be on the “to do” list before heading off. Currently, I’m just doing all the fluids, chain & sprockets, filters, tyres and brake pads.
  5. Question Grum. Are you still on the original wheel bearings?
  6. I couldn’t sleep at night. Hate the look of bugs. Even seek out car washes when on the big tours.
  7. No, but I’d like to know. I’ve been using rubber feet from a stool, since I picked mine up second hand.
  8. Hopefully the red mist stays in the garage!
  9. That’s the plan, as long I keep my marbles!
  10. SCM Bike is still running great. It’s a keeper, until I rob a bank.
  11. I’m in Sydney and have had it done twice at my local Honda dealer. Apparently no change. First time they had the bike for two days, second time only one day. Not sure if the second visit was well done. All up spent $2,500 on those services. Can’t see it being worth it anymore, because I’m over 60,000 km and the bike value is getting closer to the service cost.
  12. I’m booked in for a track day in October and I’ll be 69 then. Starting to think I’ve lost my marbles. Crashing the Viffer would be heartbreaking, crashing a 69 year old body might be more permanent.
  13. I guess it depends on what you use the bike for. If track days are your thing, then the stand should probably come off. If you use the bike for sport touring, it should probably stay on.
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