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  1. MaxSwell, We are pretty lucky here, get to ride all year. Coldest we get in winter is about 5 degrees C early in the morning.
  2. Thanks. Just taking more anaesthetic onboard. Should be right for a ride in January!!
  3. 28 degrees C in Sydney, and not a cloud in the sky, but too much Christmas cheer in me, to allow me onto the Red Rocket! Muddy Chrisbutt and a Happy Nude Yacht!!
  4. Ride it! Rain, hail or shine you will enjoy every minute. It’s meant for it! 500 mile days are not a problem.
  5. You seem to have it right. 345 is supposed to be for your bike. 310 isn't. The ASV site gives the same number.
  6. Changed mine at 33,000 km. They still had plenty left on them. I don't play in the traffic much and 10k was in one across Australia run. It depends very much on your style or type of riding. Some riders do not hammer their brakes.
  7. While we are on brakes, I would like to try to fit braided lines, but are unsure how they would effect the ABS operation. Venhill do lines from the Modulator down to the calipers only, whereas Galfer replace all lines, except the hard lines. Hel don't seem to offer an option at all! My previous bikes did not have ABS, so it was a simple swap. The improvement was remarkable. Has anyone done the modification? If so, did it go well?
  8. I am not a mechanic, but it doesn't sound too bad to me. If it was running on 3 the idle would be rougher. If it runs OK on the highway, but is jerky, it might be the final drive or possibly sticking throttle cables, not the motor itself.
  9. No! Sorry. Would have to lie on my back on the floor and take a photo showing the back side of the calipers. Looked best in the packet and on day one! Now they just look like everyone else's filthy pads!
  10. Grum, I put Brembos in mine. They are red! Look trick, but that's about it. We are heading to The Island Classic this year, unfortunately only one Viffer. The other guys are on Hardley Rideables an Bimmers. See you there !!!!
  11. VFR78

    New Battery?

    I have a lithium in my G8. It is an SSB Powersport and was actually cheaper than the equivalent Yuasa. There are, of course, other lead acid batteries out there, for a lot less than the Yuasa. I only went for the lithium as an experiment, to see if I noticed any difference in the cranking or weight reduction. Haven't noticed any change.
  12. I have an SW-Motech rear rack and. 33litre Givi top case. All that was about half the price of the OEM rack and top box. The specs for the Givi setup suggest a load limit of about 7-10kg, so I only carry wet weather gear, phone, wallet, under layer etc in it. The rest goes in the OEM panniers. The OEM panniers cost a bit but look good and don't leave ugly brackets on the bike when you leave them at home. I managed to get some second hand from a punter who trashed his Viffer without them on it. I have ridden across Australia with the setup and found no issues with stability, even at 200kph+. (passing Road Trains on the Nullarbor) not that I would recommend those speeds on a regular basis. I think Mr Honda suggests max speeds around 80kph. Some people seem to have problems with the SW-Motech racks, but my has given no trouble in over 30,000 kms. I did, however, replace the mounting plate quick release fasteners with SS bolts, before the Nullarbor ride, for peace of mind.
  13. If you don't have ABS, then a race setup is likely all you will need. That is two lines from the master cylinder. Help can probably do that for you.
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