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  1. Great Yarn. I’d better go out to the Viffer and get it sorted for a big ride. Alone with your “horse”, in the boonies, can be the best of times. Shame about the gun toting in the States. Here in OZ only the coppers and mostly hardened crooks seem to have them. Like everywhere, we have our fair share of nutbags, but going shopping is not “usually” an issue. Enjoy and stay safe.
  2. None of this proves that 24,000 miles is correct, or that 24,000 kms is correct. Local Honda dealers or distributors regurgitating handbooks means Jack Shit. It’s obvious that the handbook proof readers don’t even know what Mr Honda recommends. It’s clearly also so “important” that no one at Honda really cares. So now I don’t care and vote that we all adopt a 100,000km check interval.
  3. Bloody hell, very confusing. I have been sticking to the 24,000 kilometre version of the manual and at 60,000 kms have had the clearance checked twice. No adjustment required either time. So on that basis, 24,000miles seems adequate. I have to say though, Honda is doing a pretty piss poor job of managing their records and technical advice.
  4. I like the idea of the Coffman, but would have to remove/grind off the old pipe hanger, on the passenger foot rest, to make it look like it was meant to be. The unused bolt hole would keep me awake at night.
  5. VFR78

    Cycle Shell

    I’ve never seen one, but if it can fit a Hardly Driveable, as in the photos, you should be OK, without a top case.
  6. I have had an SSB Powersport Lithium in my G8 for nearly 3 years. I don’t trickle charge and have never had any issues. It didn’t cost any more than a Yuasa.
  7. Very interesting. Unfortunately, I showed my wife (CEO) and now I’ll never be allowed a new bike!
  8. Not stupid! Just a typical motorcyclist always wanting to muck about with your bike. I’ve headed down similar roads on many occasions.
  9. If I did it, there would be bubbles🤪
  10. Wanted to go down that way on our trip to the Island Classic last year, but the fires sent us inland. Off to the Snowy Mountains for a three day trip at the end of February and will go from Sydney to Nowra then back across to Queanbeyan, so we will get a chance to see how that area is recovering. Went to Mudgee a few weeks back. Some of the bush on the Bells Line of Road looked like it will never recover. They must have been hot fires.
  11. I’m always casting around for a replacement of my 8G Viffer, but can’t find too much that can match it. - Centre stand for tyre fixing, - 21+ litres of fuel (up to 450kms on a tank) - runs just as well on 91 Ron. - perfect weight for long distance touring (light bikes get knocked around by B doubles) - fast enough for this old fart (230kph +) - fantastic exhaust note (Arrow Slipon) - integrated pannier mounts, - ABS for the tough times, - and comfortable enough for 800km days.
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