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  1. Might have to move to Japan! They still seem to make them.
  2. I’m with Grum. I have experienced split chain o-rings a couple of times. The centrifugal forces at the drive sprocket would probably be enough to throw a split o- ring into the accumulated gunk inside the cover. If you clean up the old chain you might find where it came from. It looks a bit like an XW ring from an RK chain.
  3. Sorted! The weep hole is in the pump housing, so coolant coming from there indicates that the mechanical seal within the pump might be failing. Thanks All Strud
  4. Thanks Buzz, I think the pumps are essentially the same and I can’t understand why replacing the whole pump would solve a leak that seems to come from the pump cover plate area and that O ring. It seems to me that beyond that O ring is coolant and the pump, so how will replacing the pump itself have any impact. It is just that the manual says put in a new pump. I am well short of a competent spanner man, but just can’t see how a new pump is required. When you replace the pump, the manual talks about spinning the impeller to seat the drive shaft, so you are actually working in the coolant chamber. The only other seal is the outside plate O ring.
  5. Thanks Greg. Your right, I am now finding it hard to sleep at night!
  6. Checked the drain bolt in the pump cover and there is nothing coming there. The weeping is coming from under the water pump cover plate, where it meets the main water pump housing. The manual shows a small weep/bleed hole there (page 8-9). I have done 42,000kms, with the valves and coolant replacement as per the manual. I am a bit concerned, because 2 years ago I met a young guy with the same 2014 Viffer and he had just had the pump replaced after only 10,000 or so kms. I quizzed my friendly Honda mechanic about it and while he said it was not common, it has happened to others. Maybe I just have to buy a new pump and slot it in. Should not be a real issue. Heading up the Stuart to Tennant Creek then Townsville next July and don’t want the trip to turn to Grubs.
  7. I have just noticed some coolant weeping from the bottom of the water pump housing. It’s not flowing out but enough to show colour on my finger. The maintenance manual says weeping is “normal”, but how much is normal. It’s not pissing out when the motor is running but there is is odd drip when the Viffer is parked. Overflow Tank levels drop about 3mm over about 1000kms of riding. Should a new pump be on order ????? Has anyone noticed the same “weeping”??
  8. VFR78

    My 2001 VFR800

    Great photos, I can even smell the bacon and eggs at Spencer.
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