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  1. My VFR is a 2014 and is getting long in the tooth. Unfortunately, getting a tri colour to Australia from Japan, to replace it, was way too expensive. Getting up to R1250RS prices, plus.
  2. Brad71, I am 225mm shorter than you. My VFR has the seat set on low, to make it possible to flat foot when stopped. The knee bend is comfortable enough to allow 7 hour days on the road, if riding interesting roads, when you tend to be moving about on the bike, but not great on freeways. Lifting the seat gives an extra 20 odd mm of leg room, but I doubt that would help you too much. Foot peg lowering kits are also available which would probably give you another 15 to 20mm, without any real issues with lean angles, unless your last name is Rossi. I think they look a bit dodgy! Helibar or Honda bar risers are available for a couple of hundred dollars but again only lift the bars about 20mm. I am a lot closer to 70 than 65, but find the standard height comfortable enough for long tours (Sydney/Perth/Sydney - 2017). The VFR is perfect for the vertically challenged, like me, but maybe not you. Unless yoga and tai chi are your other hobbies! Having said all that, the VFR is a cracker and some guys ride them for close to 200,000kms, without major issues. Picking one up for under $10K, with under 30,000kms should be easy enough to do, and get you plenty of years service. A 2015/2016 should be as good as new. I would make sure the valve clearance has been checked (others might disagree) if it’s done those kms.
  3. The Kwaka seems to get a lot of positive reviews, but I wonder about the handling. They have put “Special” Bridgestone tyres on it to lighten the steering, why? My VFR has about 50,000 km on it and it is still a cracker. Wouldn’t know what else to buy.
  4. Hi VFR78, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. What would everyone do without Grum. Next time I’m in trouble I’ll ship the Viffer to Victoria!
  6. Cold and a bit wet down here in OZ, just as the lockdown eases up🥶.
  7. Mr Grumpy, Yes. The Rippa Grips just slip over the standard grips. Use a little soapy water. You will need to trim the Rippa Grips for length, with some scissors, to make them look shmick. Try Motorrad Garage website for supply. They have a warehouse in Sydney and are about $20. You could probably also get them from a local shop.
  8. I have had Pussy/Ripper Grips for the last few years. They seem to protect the originals and the grip heaters are unaffected. If your grips are still passable try some Ripper Grips.
  9. The BMW F800XR looks like the ideal sports tourer, but with a 15.5 litre tank, won’t get you far without a refill. Fuel range on the Viffer is stupendous. I have done an 11,000km jaunt across Australia, and back, on mine and it performed flawlessly. Also, the motors of the BMW F900R and XR are made in China. I know that should not be a problem, but the VFR800F motors must have a better pedigree. I have also been told, by a previous owner of a BMW parallel twin (now on a Tenere), that things like radiators can be mounted on plastic that can fail. In his words “a Japanese engineer would commit Hara Kiri” over some of the design flaws. My 2014 VFR has close to 50,000kms on it and I was seriously considering the Bimmer as a replacement, but every time I ride the Red Rocket, I think it is the perfect all around bike. Sure, it doesn’t have a slipper clutch, cruise control or ride by wire, but it is a great bike and I can’t understand why it hasn’t sold in boat loads.
  10. A great read. GS riders at track days always seem to be fast, whatever their tyres. I don’t understand why!
  11. Might have to move to Japan! They still seem to make them.
  12. I’m with Grum. I have experienced split chain o-rings a couple of times. The centrifugal forces at the drive sprocket would probably be enough to throw a split o- ring into the accumulated gunk inside the cover. If you clean up the old chain you might find where it came from. It looks a bit like an XW ring from an RK chain.
  13. VFR78

    My 2001 VFR800

    Great photos, I can even smell the bacon and eggs at Spencer.
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