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  1. If you don't have ABS, then a race setup is likely all you will need. That is two lines from the master cylinder. Help can probably do that for you.
  2. VFR78

    Front rotor damaged

    Try Galfer. They have ABS disc pairs for about $600. US. They are wave rotors, so will add some bling.
  3. The only thing to check is that the line kit incorporates the ABS modulator. The Galfer kit seems to, but HEL have not sorted it yet. Once you have tried braided lines, you won't go back. A lot of bikes come standard with braided lines, so it isn't an overkill.
  4. VFR78

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    Good choice!
  5. VFR78

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    Grum, What happened to the IXIL?
  6. VFR78

    Ignition sistem

    Sorry Petar, but this seems very dodgy!
  7. VFR78

    Ignition sistem

    Maybe the dealer should/did report it!
  8. VFR78


    I now have my second set of Roadsmart 3s, front and back. They give great mileage and so far have performed well. I guess a track day would be the final test. They do well in the sports touring comparisons, but I have seen comments that say the quality can be a bit variable. Not noticed in my sets.
  9. VFR78

    Ignition sistem

    Sounds like it IS a stolen bike!
  10. VFR78

    Viffer no more...

  11. Rossi on the Duke KO'd Stoner on the Honda one year, in poor conditions, with a similar rebuff in the pits. There is no doubt that MM is a fantastic bike rider, but he does seem to do quite a few dumb things. He must be penalised because it might kill someone, but it is hard to imagine it changing him. It seems to be in his DNA. It certainly looks like we are in for an exciting year.
  12. VFR78

    Melb - Canberra and back

    Adprom, Great photos. A road I have travelled a few times while heading to the MotoGP. We are lucky in this land. This is a stop at Dead Horse one year. Ausplanglish, A lot of typing in that and I think my beard is about as grey as yours!
  13. VFR78

    My 2001 VFR800

    Great photos, I can even smell the bacon and eggs at Spencer.
  14. VFR78

    long distance comfort

    I rode my 8th Gen across Australia and back, last October. 10,000 kms. Mostly 500 to 600 km days, with a couple of 800km days thrown in. The bike was great. I would do the trip again tomorrow, if possible. I am closer to 70 than 60, so the body is a bit worn out. The bike has standard pegs, bars etc, with the lower seat. Comfort on the Viffer is probably a function of stature. I am only 5'7" or 1.7m. Yep, a short arse!

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