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  1. Same in Oz. Sellers are asking $8,000 to $10,000, but no one is buying.
  2. I like the black on red. Have been mulling it over for a while, to turn the old Viffer into a new Viffer!
  3. Ah yes. I forgot to mention the plastic trim, thanks Grum. Be careful removing them. There are two slide out tabs, a rubber grommet and a couple of bolts holding them in place. There are also three rubber “buffers” inside them that can easily dislodge and drop into the “guts”, if you are too ham fisted.
  4. No cable tether on my Gen 8. The tank moves freely up to about 45 degrees without a problem. Maybe the undertank breathers etc are incorrectly routed. Rear bolts don’t need to be touched unless removing the tank completely.
  5. You will have to double check the sprocket sizes and chain length. Unless the swing arm or wheel bearings have collapsed, or the output shaft is somehow loose or bent, there is no logical reason, I can think of, for too much slack in a new setup.
  6. I’m with Dutchy. I have been running Roadsmart 3s on my 8th Gen for the last 45,000kms and get over 20,000 out of a rear. They hold their shape well, unless you do lots of freeway miles. Roadsmart 4s are now available in OZ.
  7. What about Ago and Mike the Bike. I’ve ridden the IOM circuit (slowly) and know those two must have been good all rounders.
  8. He might never be back if he keeps opening French Doors with his bung arm and busts the plate!
  9. Fantastic Grum, you should start asking for money!
  10. Bloody luck escape. Maybe he should “pull the pin” now and spend all his millions cruising the Mediterranean. He is 40 plus and proved he can ride a motor bicycle rather well.
  11. Everyone has their own preference. Metzeler, Avon, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop all make some good sport touring tyres. Rule number one would be to match the front with the back, if possible. Different brands behave differently. Plenty of comparison tests on the net.
  12. Returned from 4700km ride through outback Queensland (Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Moree, Roma, Augathella, Quilpie, Windorah, Longreach, Emerald, Miles, Inverell, Port Macquarie, Sydney) and spend a couple of hours debugging the Viffer. Luckily the Covid-19 restrictions post dated the ride. Whew. The country folks were well organised and kept everyone under control. Changed the oil and filter and cleaned up the chain. Used Honda HP4 10W30 for the first time in 53,000kms. Have been using Motul 7100 10W40 for the last 47,000km and wanted to check if the Honda recommended grade cooled the mot
  13. It gets pretty hot in Oz too. Mid 30c riding is pretty common. You just do it.
  14. Eromanga Outback Queensland
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