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  1. Why are you replacing the cover? Is it simply because it’s scratched up from a drop? Or are there other issues? Mine looked much the same after a stationary drop (klutz) so I covered it with an R&G protector.
  2. You can still buy K81s (TT100) also, for bikes like the Kwaka W800. Really starting to show our age here.
  3. OK! OK! The next question is why did Mr Honda change the interval? 1. Have there been improvements in the materials in the top of the motor? Are the older bikes still stuck with the shorter interval? 2. Did years of experience with the motor finally identify that they were happy with the longer interval? (Now about the same as an FJR1300). 3. Did marketing say they were losing sales because of ongoing maintenance costs and needed to change the interval? (just like Ducati did). If it’s not number 1, I’ve wasted some significant dough!
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pushing any barrow. In fact the longer interval would suit this retirees bank balance much better. Unfortunately, I’m probably the only anal Viffer rider who’s interested.
  5. Seems pretty strange that Gen 6 was 24,000 kms all the way and Gen 8 was 24,000 for at least 4 years of it’s life. Why would it change. I have tried to get a handbook from the Japanese Honda site, ha ha. Not so easy!
  6. Even more confused. My local Honda dealer is still saying 24,000 km or 16k miles. Could be a printer cockup! Where is Mr Honda when you need him?
  7. In the 1970s Dunlop K81s were the go to tyres for Kwaka Mach iv production racers. Not as many options back then!
  8. I think the OP (Loftur) gave up on this chat a while back. He wasn’t happy.
  9. I have used Dunlop Roadsmart 3s since removing the OEM D222s. The OEMs were frightful and downright dangerous, but I think the RS3s are fine. I have read the opposite opinions and was wondering what exactly do riders feel is wrong with them. I’m not hooked on RS3 but when the front and back never need replacement at the same time the default is always matching same with same.
  10. There is a lot of chatter about this on the web. It would be great if someone could dig out the “official” Honda document that extends the check interval. To confirm it’s not just “fake news”.
  11. Are you sure about the 24k miles? My docs say 24k kilometres. There might be a bit of confusion there.
  12. I have an SW - Motech rack with a Givi top box on mine. It was less than half the price of the OEM and looks OK. I also have the OEM panniers and they make the Viffer a perfect tourer. Full price in OZ is very, very expensive, but I was lucky enough to score them second hand from a guy who trashed his bike while riding without them. His wife stopped him riding so he just wanted the memories gone. I was lucky and got the as new pair for $600.
  13. I have had the valves on my 8th generation checked twice in the last 57,000 plus kms. No changes were required. It is a time consuming and expensive job. In Oz it cost about $1400 including full service, air cleaner and new iridium plugs. As my bike gets older it is becoming hard to justify the cost, but I want to push the mileage up to 200,000 if I can, so I’ll continue coping it. My previous bike was a Kwaka ZX6R Ninja, much like your CBR. It was a great bike and as fast as all get out, but the VFR beats it hands down on overall use-ability. Not as fast or quick in the twisty bit
  14. Fantastic, who would want a GS when you have a VFR. Thanks for the info. I have always thought chunky tyres on my bike would make for more freedom when out and about.
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