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  1. I’ve had mine checked twice and no adjustment has been required. I wonder if the bikes with tight valve clearances were put together like that.
  2. VFR78


    I can’t understand how a full exhaust would, in itself, effect the VTEC. My understanding is that it is predominantly controlled by oil pressure change, which an exhaust should not alter. There is probably also a bit of “electrikery” involved, that might best be explained by Grum and others. Given that you would have had to plug and unplug a few things, to get the old headers out, and new in, you should first check all those things are back as they were. I’m as much of a mechanic as I am a rocket scientist, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. Others here will chime in soon!
  3. VFR78


    What type of exhaust?
  4. A shame that its not around 18 litres, otherwise I think its a great bike. Down here in Oz, you need something that will get you further than a couple of hundred kilometres on a tank, if you head in to the boonies!
  5. Hi VFR78, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. You could ask the same question of Kawasaki and Suzuki!
  7. Get a 520 DID ZVM-X. Probably as good as the original 530!
  8. It was said in a Motorcycle Mag, after a test somewhere in the Dolomites, at very high speeds, I think. I have often thought about the Versys, as an update on the Viffer, but it’s a bit tall fo me.
  9. What, if any, significant maintenance have you done over those miles? Mine is at 65,000 km and I was wondering what preemptive maintenance I should consider, to avoid moving to a new bike.
  10. Honda had to do something, now the Viffer is no more, and all the others have Sport Touring options.
  11. I have read that the Versys can get a bit wayward at high speeds. Very high speeds, that is, which means up around 200kph. Otherwise, the Versys seems to be pretty good.
  12. Finally, after inclement weather and COVID lockdown, I managed to get my coached Track Day done, at the very tight Luddenham NSW course. Plenty of foot scraping, but not a sign of the centre stand hitting. The very long foot peg feelers give you plenty of warning. Getting your bum of the seat and your shoulders over, keeps everything safe.
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