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  1. Thxs everyone for chiming in. All excellent comments. GRUM: I know its nice not to have to worry about any electrical. TIUTUS: YES the RWB is special Don't get me wrong. I love my 2007 At 18,000miles or 28,000kms I always worry about what if and when I break down due to an electrical gremlin. I Hope not. I never ride in rain or traffic. Less heat less stress on RR and stator. I always check my voltage on my battery every week and I plan on checking all my connecters before this summer riding starts. Plus a new Yuasa is ready to be inserted. There have been some that have never had electrical gremlins. Maybe I will be one of those. Thxs
  2. I have a 2007 VFR RWB and I love it. I've considered at times going to the 8th Gen but the looks hold me back compared to my RWB which always gathers a crowd wherever I go. Top speed is less and it seems it is not as quick according to another member I talked to who owned both. In general what do 6th to 8th gen owners feel about the switch. Thxs
  3. Just using Michelin and Yuasa as a simple comparison of 2 top companies in their respective product categories. Thats all.
  4. In Canada, YTZ12s is $209 compared to Motomaster Eliminater at Canadian tire $139 plus $10 core charge. I still feel Yuasa is the best battery money can buy which is what the bike came with from factory is it not. Same reason why I have a set of Michelin Road 5s waiting to be installed on my VFR instead of Dunlop Roadsmart 3 which I can get for almostt half the price. To me Michelin is a supeior tire. JMHO
  5. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/...-powersports-battery-etz14s-0271575p.html#srp Aftermarket battery is $139 if you like to save money but what is interesting is the weight. Motomaster Eliminator battery is 9.4 pds and Yuasa is 8.1 pds Is 1.3 pds saving worth the extra money. Too me. Yes.
  6. Or can I stick with existing valve stems. What is the norm? Thxs
  7. I see 6th gen with all kinds of rim colors but the 8th gen not so much. I think the white VFR would look great with white or blk wheels. Bronze is a little blah. Any one out there with black wheels on there 8th gen. Thxs
  8. Thanks guys. Partzilla has stator for $205 US or $273 Canadian and obviously Ron Ayers is even cheaper by a bit. I guess when I need it I will be ordering from US. Thxs
  9. I called to find out. In Toronto at Ready Honda powersports: $417.00 Say what...... A little excessive don't you think. Stator gasket is another $27 They have us by the balls if you want OEM. Anybody have any cheaper suggestions for us Canadians.
  10. Picked up some Michelin Road 5s to replace my Pilot Road 4s. Can't wait for spring. I'm inching to scrub these babies in.
  11. LOL, You guys are funny but correct. LOL!!!
  12. If anybody has a YTZ14s on their VFR800 VTEC. Does it visibly turn over the VFR quicker than the 12s. Just about to order a new battery for spring. There is not much difference in price. Thxs
  13. No electrical issues but I am planning on upgrading my battery this winter to a YTZ14S for the extra CCA and I want to upgrade my RR to the RoadsterCycle FH020AA RR. Does this RR mount easily in the OEM location or do I need to get a mounting plate also. Foe anybody who has done this mod could you please chime in. Thxs
  14. I am referring to 6th Gen , 2006 and onwards. Thxs

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