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  1. Well I bought the bike last year. Previous owner changed oil before I bought it. I changed oil to full synthetic 3 months later and flushed and replaced the brake fluid and clutch fluid. I also replaced the air filter. The bike is in tip top shape. The only thing I did not replace on the bike is the coolant. Bike is fine: fans come on at the right temp and no overheating. Manual says to repalce coolant at 38,400km according to Honda. I just figured I should change it. Bike has 14.250 miles on it. Should I change it or not? What do you guys think?
  2. 07 VFR RWB - Should I stick to Honda coolant or as some have said they buy it at Honda auto dealer silicate free Type 2 Honda coolant.(Which is cheaper.) If its a few dollars more I don't mind spending a few extra bucks either. Thxs
  3. I can't wait to get back on the road. If there are any fellow VFRD members who are close or in the Toronto GTA, i would love to hook up for a coffee and a ride in spring. Or even a meetup at Mosport to watch the Canadian Vintage racing association races. Great racing and some great bikes from 80's and 90's. There are a few 1986 vfr 750 interceptors racing there as well. Ride safe everyone.
  4. Just wondering how long your sprockets and chain last on average on your 6th gen? What chain kits are best for VFR DID or RK I believe OEM is RK is it not? Thxs
  5. Thanks Everyone for their responses and experiences with VFR stators and RR. Ride safe
  6. Is there a general mileage that these VFR stators tend to last? and if you ever need one is the best bet to go with OEM even with higher cost. I don't need one but just panning ahead at some point. I currently have 14,250 miles on my 07 RWB. Also, do VFRs with electrical add ons tend to have more problems with the electricals then bikes like mine which are completely stock and no addons or mods. Thxs
  7. Anybody in toronto GTA want to get together for coffee and a ride as soon as the weather is good I'm in. I have a RWB VFR. Thxs
  8. Still love my VFR

    Oh Wow! That's incredible! What tires did it have when you bought it. Interesting tid bit. Thxs slo1
  9. Still love my VFR

    I have a 2007 RWB which I bought last year. What an incredible machine. Looks, sounds, presence and build quality. I wast just at the Toronto motorcycle show and to tell you the truth nothing in 2018 would make me want to sell my VFR except maybe a cbr11000RR but it does not have the all day comfort my VFR has. Need I say more. Nice pic GRUM. I've attached a pic of Freddie Spencer teaching on a VFR800 at his now defunct riding school in Vegas. Good enough for Freddie its good enough for me. LOL. Ride safe!
  10. Thxs Duc for your input. Much appreciated!
  11. When I decided to buy my VFR I new I was buying used and there would be some wear and tear. MY bike at 14,000kms when I bought it looked virtually new with brand new Pilot road 4s. When people see it they think I just bought it brand new. Previous owner kept it clean but after I got my hands on it I raised it a level and detailed the bike to concours level of cleanliness. Now that the bike looks flawless I now I want it even more perfect and want to change out my windscreen (Surface scratched from cleaning with abrasive towels etc) to a brand new OEM or Zero Gravity SER series. LOL. OEM is $180 Can and sport SR series in $135 Is anybody sporting a ZG SR series shield on their VFR How is the fit and quality. It does not look as thick as the OEM. I know I'm obsessive but i want the bike as perfect as I can get it. To me its new. Thxs
  12. I Have 2007 RWB with about 14,000 miles. I bought her last year. I have checked my battery Voltage and checked V when starting at idle and reving 5000 rpm. It all checks out to spec. Bike starts instantly all the time. Now I know the 6th gens are improved but is the RR going to go no matter what. Is there anyone out there that the VFR RR has not failed. 2002-2009s , Anyone? Just wondering out loud. Thxs
  13. My 2007 RWB VFR 800

    Hi Guys, thanks for the welcome. If there is any Toronto GTA VFRs around and you want to meet up for a coffee and a ride once the weather gets warmer. I'm in. Would love to hook up. I love bikes , talking about bikes and most of all I love VFRs. I'm a VFR pilot. LOL. Going to the TO Motorcyle show tomorrow! Talk soon.
  14. My 2007 RWB VFR 800

    Just want to say Hi. I've been reading all the great posta and finally decide to join. After a long Hiatus from bikes I dove back in with the bike I always deamt of having. 25th RWB VFR with white wheels. I've had over a year now and can't wait to get back on the. It has PR4s, almost mint. I wouls say almsot showroom condition. All stock. Great character. Alittle heavy moving it around the garage but once moving it's a beast and super stable. Changed it over to full synthetic from reg dino oil. Its never ridden in the rain. I find at my local bike hangout that it gathers a crowd more than new bikes. I've has 2strokes, inline 4s and twin but V4s are intoxicating. Over 30 years of riding. I have attached a pic of my beast. Thanks all and asfe riding this year.

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