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  1. You can find it online or since I'm in Canada I got it at Canadian Tire. Good luck its a great product.
  2. Hi, if you still have OEM exhaust and see some tarnishing at each end of the exhaust. I used AUTOSOL. It cleans up the exhaust amazingly well. Just one gentle pass with a microfibre towel and than use a clean MF towel to polish off and it looks like it came off the production line in Hamamatsu, Japan. Ride Safe.
  3. You will miss the center stand. Original parts would be nice to have. An OEM machine is always worth more. Good luck.
  4. Captain 80's is correct! Line paint test area near the end of the runway near Toronto Airport. Ride Safe.
  5. Graham is correct I am planning on powder coating the wheels white. Since I just got the bike I'm giving the bronze a chance for the rest of season. I did photoshop them white on my bike and I do think they look amazing just as Cogswell remarked. I do not miss cleaning white wheels though as my RWB had them and time spent cleaning my 8th gen is greatly reduced. LOL. But, its something about white wheels on this 8th gen I feel takes it to a new level. Ride safe!!
  6. I've had my VFR 800 Deluxe barely a week and I have to admit the bronze wheels are classy but still want to powdercoat them white in homage to the original VFR 750. MY RWB had the white wheels which everyone loved. It may be a winter project or possibly sooner. Lets take a poll: Do you guys like the white wheels on the white 8th gen. For me its stunning. Thxs Ride safe.
  7. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to finding out everything about the 8th gen in the next year.. There are a lot of members here who are an invaluable source of info and that's why I'm here. Ride safe.
  8. Well, after a long search for an 8th gen VFR in white I finally have one. Its pretty well in mint condition. 19,000kms, 2014 VFR Newish Michelin Road 5s Full toolkit and manuals and it came with Honda OEM luggage which I probably will not use. ( If someone is looking for white Honda side luggage send me a PM) Gave a full detail and cleaned the chain and lube yesterday Oil / filter changed and brake fluid flush done at dealer. She's in tip top shape. Didn't expect the bike to feel much different than my 6th gen RWB but it does. More responsive and flickable. Feels more compact due to radiators at front now. I want to be more aggressive with it in the twisties due to lack of width compared to 6th gen LOL. Brakes are superior and low end grunt is noticeable. Basically I luv it. The fact that I do not have to worry about a stator or RR is a big deal to me. To me the bike sounds different and in a better way than my 6th. I have the stock pipe too. Styling wise, while it won't replace my beloved RWB it is more modern looking and in the pearl white what can I say. Its good to back in the pilots seat. Ride safe everyone. Enjoy the pics.
  9. Well it was a long search but I finally bought a stock 2014 VFR 800f Deluxe unmolested. To me initial responses are good. It feels way more spunkier in the lower rev range than my 6th Gen RWB. Bike has 19,000kms Brand new Michelin Road 5s I have attached a pic and will report back with my impressions as I get more seat time. It feels good to be back in the pilots seat. Thanks
  10. Barring any complications I'm driving 2.5 hrs from Toronto to inspect, test ride a VFR which Im told is in mint condition. 2014 Deluxe with seat cowl and panniers. New Road 5s I regret selling my RWB put I'm pumped to get my white VFR 8th Gen. It will be good to be back in the pilot's Seat. Will post pics once I have the bike if all goes as expected. Thxs
  11. I just talked to a parts guy in my area who was much sharper than the guy at Partzilla. He found the part. He found it in the frame schematic. I ordered it.
  12. Been looking for an 8th gen for a while but now I'm close. The dealer has seat height set in the low position and when I asked if they have the set collar with socket bolt to position the front portion of the seat in high position just behind the tank they said they don't have them. I called Partzilla and they have no listing for this part in the parts schematics. What do I do now? LOL Any suggestions? Does anybody have there VFR set in low position and would be willing to sell me the set collar and socket bolts behind the tank. I have the panniers (White) coming with the bike which I would be willing to sell at a killer price if someone is interested in doing a partial trade if you don't need the socket bolt and collar. Thxs in advance
  13. I am looking at picking up a 2015 VFR 800 with Akrapovic slip-on. Owner has OEM exhaust also. What I want to know is he has the DB Killer removed. I know the Akrapovic slip -on sounds like OEM with DB killer in. Is it loud with the DB Killer removed. Bike has only 2900kms Thxs in advance.
  14. Thxs for the suggestion and if in toronto I would jump on it but buying a bike in the US is not as easy as u think. Don't think I'm into the hassle of importing a bike into Canada.
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