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  1. VFR80025th

    RK Chain & Sprocket Kit for 2007 VFR

    I've always heard DID and RK are about the same quality. $200 Canadian is about $150 US so it probably is a decent deal.
  2. VFR80025th

    RK Chain & Sprocket Kit for 2007 VFR

    Hey thanks. I took a look and have seen lower on Amazon too. $165 DID Chain & Sprocket. Inititally I thought the RK kit was a deal but it may not be. The DID kit for $165 seams reasonable although my rear sprocket will not look stock. Honda wants $126 Canadian for the rear sprocket alone. Thxs
  3. Hey guys I found a chain and sprocket kit by RK for $200 (Can$) brand new in packaging from a private seller near me. RK530XSOZ1 RK Ring Chain 110 - I'm not sure but is this for the links. Rear sprocket has 8 and 10mm holes - VFR is 10mm right? Looks like a great deal to me - cash. Whats your take? I will probably wait til end of summer to install and use up current chain and sprockets. Thxs and ride safe.
  4. I just had my chain slack adjusted. 2nd time in about 5000kms. My mechanic pointed out that the chain was adjsuted but it goes up and down slightly when rotating the wheel. Which he showed me (stretching) He said he's seen chains a lot worse and I keep it lubed every 500kms. I probably can finish the summer but would you put in a new chain without changing sprockets. It doesn't make sense to me to put a new chain on sprockets with 25,000kms of wear. What do you guys think?
  5. VFR80025th

    My 25th VFR 800

  6. I currently have PR4s on my RWB VFR. Great wear and grip. Anyone have the new T31s and previously had PR4s and can give me a comparison. I don't need new tires this year but planning ahead. They tend to be cheaper than Michelin. Thxs.
  7. Go to 1:30 of video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eEAHygMT9U
  8. Thxs guys for your responses. Much apprecaited!!!!! Ride long and safe!!
  9. Manual states to inspect at 16,000 miles or 25,600kms Change at 32,000 miles and 51,200kms. My 2007 VFR RWB is at 24,000kms or 15,000 miles. I plan on sticking to Honda recommended change out interval. When have you guys changed out your plugs. Bike runs mint. Thxs and ride safe.
  10. VFR80025th

    2018 Honda Demo Ride

    I attended a Honda demo ride on the weekend. NO CBR 1000rr or CBR 600RR So I took out a CBR 650 f just to see what it was like. Now it was a nice bike and all and good riding position but it fell a little bargain basewment compared to my RWB VFR. Smoothness and power there was no contest. Now i APPRECIATE MY VFR EVEN MORE now.
  11. Since I got my 2007 RWB VFR i have been using 91 Octane along with full synthetic. She loves both. Is everyone using 91 or as the manual says 87 is good enough I must say after taking bike out of storage and even with stabilizer after I went through that tank of gas and put in fresh 91 the bike ran even better and it was noticeable. Chime in and ride safe.
  12. I was just thinking out loud and wondering what tire I would use when my current PR4s are done. Do I rebuy PR4s which have been amazing or do I go to PR5s or try the new T31's. Anybody want to chime in on new Bridgestones also, Are the PR4s discontinued or do they continue to be manufactured alongside PR5s. To be honest wear has been amazing and I've never had an issue with traction. Price would also be cheaper I would assume for PR4s since PR5s the newest and greatest is out. Thxs Ride safe!!
  13. Just got my first ride in and it was incredible in Toronto. Bike started up like a champ after 6 mnths storage. Adjusted those tire pressures and I was off. Lots of bikes out there. If there is anybody in Toronto, Northyork GTA. Chime in and we can hookup for a ride and cofffee one of these weeknds. Thx Ride safe!
  14. Hey guys, I though I'd post a few pics of me and Fast Freddie at the Toronto Spring Bike Show (first time in Canada) Book signing. We had a great convo as you can see and he was impressed when I told him I rode a RWB VFR 25th. Guess what and you guys won't believe this but he said he has a RWB VFR800 at home and that's what he rides. Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!! I bought his book and this is what he wrote inside. "John I hope you enjoy my story! Keep enjoying your VFR 800. I have one too! Smiley face. Signed Fast Freddie." NIce guy great meeting him. I thought some of you might get a kick outta that. I sure did. I also brought my seat cowl and he signed it. Someone might appracite that down the road if I were ever to sell it. Ride Safe!
  15. I've ridden a lot of bikes in my lifetime and I know the VFR is not the fastest bike around but you cant say its slow. I think the best numbers I'ver ever seen were done by Cycle World (Attached) 1/4: 11.2 at 121mph 0-60: 3.1 sec Couple that with drop dead good looks of my RWB and I see myself with this bike for the rest of my life. Unless Suzuki resurrects the Katana (LOL) - Not an official Concept bike by Suzuki - again like the one shown in Milan this past year.

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