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  1. Stopped to take a pic of the VFR on my ride this past Sunday. Forks of the credit River S of Orangeville ON. Damn this bike never gets boring. I love it. Ride Safe!!!!
  2. I'm planning on changing out my rear pads with EBC HH FA261HH Anybody have any experience with these. or do you prefer OEM which will be pricier Thxs
  3. I'd like to thanks everyone for chiming in. I will keep the chain lubed and clean and if I can no longer adjust for slack before end of year I will replace the chain and sprockets. Much thxs.
  4. I'm using kerosene to clean and Motul C2 chain lube. Don't know how previous owner lubed. I bought it with 17,400kms and it has 25,800kms currently. I have never ridden it in the rain. Don't intend to. Garage kept and washed once by hand when I bought it. Since then I just Detail the VFR before every weekend ride, Its practically showroom condition. I'm not sure I will be able to adjust the chain for slack due to the position of the rear wheel and sprocket. I will keep it clean and lubed and hope the slack stays in check and I hope to replace near end of summer. My only concern is the sprocket is at the mark where it indicates to replace chain due to adjustments and chain stetching I would think. Does that sound reasonable. Thxs
  5. Can't take pics right now due to bike in front of car in garage.now but I lube around every 600kms and clean every 1000kms. Teeth on rear sprocket look decent. I definitely cannot pull chain away from rear sprocket at all. I have 25,800kms on the bike. It is oem chain and sprockets. But as I said sprocket is now in position where it indicates to replace chain. I'd like to finsih off season with this chain and sprockets and then change it out before storage. Thxs
  6. I do want to change the chain as well as sprockets but after my last adjustment and clean and lube I'd like to get all the life out of the chain that I can. I know its at the replace chain marking on the swingarm (Due to stretching) but is this dangerous if I continue to ride with it or do I need to replace it ASAP. Thxs & Ride safe.
  7. Hi guys, I have about 9000kms on my PR4s and they have performed great. I ride as aggressive as I can on my VFR and probably ride more straight than twistys due to where I live in Toronto. So since i'm getting some flattening of the rear tire I get spooked when leaned over due to the transition from the flatter part of tire to the extreme sidewall. You guys get the same feeling. Bike kind of dips down once over the flatter area of the tire and it spook me out at times, more so at slower speeds when leaned than high speed sweeping corners at 120kmh and over. Anybody want to chime in. Thxs and Ride Safe!
  8. VFR80025th

    RK Chain & Sprocket Kit for 2007 VFR

    I've always heard DID and RK are about the same quality. $200 Canadian is about $150 US so it probably is a decent deal.
  9. VFR80025th

    RK Chain & Sprocket Kit for 2007 VFR

    Hey thanks. I took a look and have seen lower on Amazon too. $165 DID Chain & Sprocket. Inititally I thought the RK kit was a deal but it may not be. The DID kit for $165 seams reasonable although my rear sprocket will not look stock. Honda wants $126 Canadian for the rear sprocket alone. Thxs
  10. Hey guys I found a chain and sprocket kit by RK for $200 (Can$) brand new in packaging from a private seller near me. RK530XSOZ1 RK Ring Chain 110 - I'm not sure but is this for the links. Rear sprocket has 8 and 10mm holes - VFR is 10mm right? Looks like a great deal to me - cash. Whats your take? I will probably wait til end of summer to install and use up current chain and sprockets. Thxs and ride safe.
  11. I just had my chain slack adjusted. 2nd time in about 5000kms. My mechanic pointed out that the chain was adjsuted but it goes up and down slightly when rotating the wheel. Which he showed me (stretching) He said he's seen chains a lot worse and I keep it lubed every 500kms. I probably can finish the summer but would you put in a new chain without changing sprockets. It doesn't make sense to me to put a new chain on sprockets with 25,000kms of wear. What do you guys think?
  12. VFR80025th

    My 25th VFR 800

  13. I currently have PR4s on my RWB VFR. Great wear and grip. Anyone have the new T31s and previously had PR4s and can give me a comparison. I don't need new tires this year but planning ahead. They tend to be cheaper than Michelin. Thxs.
  14. Go to 1:30 of video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eEAHygMT9U
  15. Thxs guys for your responses. Much apprecaited!!!!! Ride long and safe!!

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