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  1. I am looking at picking up a 2015 VFR 800 with Akrapovic slip-on. Owner has OEM exhaust also. What I want to know is he has the DB Killer removed. I know the Akrapovic slip -on sounds like OEM with DB killer in. Is it loud with the DB Killer removed. Bike has only 2900kms Thxs in advance.
  2. Thxs for the suggestion and if in toronto I would jump on it but buying a bike in the US is not as easy as u think. Don't think I'm into the hassle of importing a bike into Canada.
  3. I sold my RWB just before winter and am looking for an 8th gen VFR here in Toronto, Canada. Not having any luck. No VfRs for sale. Only a white 2014 VFR which fell off in the driveway and has a cracked headlight which owner says is all good. LOL Some scratches on fairing near headlight. Owner says its mint. LOL. Headlight is worth almost $2000 in Canada. My point is when I look in the US VFRs are a dime a dozen. I can get any color any mileage with any slipon I want. LOL Just venting. Ride safe.
  4. Hitting the curves just north of Toronto. RWB is sold but looking for an 8th gen. Wish me luck.
  5. VFR 900 or 1000 is possible according to artcle. If true Honda could take this opportunity to lead as in the past VFR was a technology force. Lets hope for the best. https://www.visordown.com/news/new-bikes/new-honda-v4-sports-bike-could-land-soon-2023
  6. I would agree with dutchy the actual color code for the red and blue are not perfect but the scheme design is well done. Not as good as my RWB that I recently sold.
  7. For more pics click below. https://www.challenge-one.com/motos/honda-800-vfr-072015-peinture-hrc-accessoires
  8. What do yo guys think. I feel the 2019 RWB version in japan does not translate as well as 2007 RWB colorway.
  9. Its still not as nice as my 07 RWB but my plan is for a few strategically placed decals to offset all the white. a la 1987 VFR 750 decal set. White wheels of course. I feel it works. Now all I have to do is find a white VFR.
  10. HI, I have found a 2015 VFR for sale with 8800kms Owner is asking $8900 Canadian. Original tires, oil has been changed Original Clutch, brake and coolant. Now I have to change the 5 yr old tires no ifs and or buts. And I would want to change out clutch and brake fluid also. Factoring what I feels needs to be done. Owner thinks tires are good. Would $7800 or $8000 be a good offer. Or should offer be lower. Whats your take.
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