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  1. I thought I would post this link in the 6th gen as well as first gen. I remember as a 20 yr old dreaming of owning an VFR 750. Years later I ride a RWB 25 th VFR. I'm satisfied. Enjoy the video, it makes me grin just watching it. Click 142 Top left for VFR as well as many other classic Honda. RC 36 122.
  2. VFR80025th

    86 VFR - Honda Collection Video

    I thought I would post this. The bike that started it all. Enjoy! You can view Lots videos VFR is 122 and 142 and many more Enjoy! Top Left Corner just click.
  3. Now that winter is here in T.O my mind is wondering on how to make the VFR even better for next year. Now I want to keep the bike OEM. I am the second owner and for some reason my windscreen has some hairline scratches. PO must have used dirty towels or rags to it when cleaning. I've taken scratch remover to it and it looks pretty damn good. 8.75/10 compared to new. But my obsession to return this bike to perfection begs me to order a NEW OEM windscreen for $240 Canadian. Kind of pricey . You guys think its worth it. I've looked at a Zero gravity and have heard the fit and thickness of those SR VFR screens does not match OEM The rest of the bike is almost showroom including underneath, swingarm area and rear brake area etc. Should I pull the trigger? I also just picked up a new Lid for next season Shoei RF1200 flagger TC 6. Thxs
  4. I've got at least 13000kms or 8125 miles on my current PR4s. Granted the rear is squaring off but I still have it on the bike. I thought the T31s would last a little longer but thxs for your review.
  5. if you do could you give me a quick review on performance and wear. I currently have PR 4s and am interested in changing tires next summer to T31 or Michelin Road 5s. Thxs in advance.
  6. VFR80025th

    Another successful Year

    RWB VFR is stored and asleep for another year. Any year is successful when you don't have an accident or drop your bike. I still say best bike I have ever owned. I have had no issues except for coupler on the speedo. Replaced and speedo was back in action. Have the battery on trickle but I think I might be buy a new one over the winter. When I bought it pre owner said it was 2 years old I've had it for 2 years I figure why tax electrical system with a weakening battery even though it pumps out 12.65 V at rest. Why take a chance so I will start the year with a new Yuasa and probably new Pilot Road 5s or Bridegstone T31. Currently have PR 4s that have been great. rear tire is getting squared offf so I'm not getting the true handling feel that the VFR delivers. Front looks good but I replace in pairs. Have a good winter and for those still lucky to be riding ride safe. I want to thank everyone and anyone who chimed in when I posted or asked questions. Thxs
  7. Could be someone on the forum but I thought I would post. Bike looks great in action. Thxs and ride safe.
  8. I have a 2007 RWB with oem bulbs. How long can they go? Are they difficult to replace? Nothing is too easy on this bike except chain lubing. LOL Thxs
  9. Excellent work! Thxs Auspanglish
  10. Hi, would find it interesting data to find out how many Gen 6.5 (2006 -2009) have not had any electrical woes. Also, to find out why? I remember one member posting that having a healthy battery leads to no electrical issues. Running your VFR with a weak battery taxes the electrical system. Not sure but sounds like it could hold some credibility. Because of this I check the V on my battery, under startup and at 3-4000 rpm under load ever 2-3 weeks. It takes a few minutes and I do it along with checking my tire pressures. 2007 VFR -28,000kms or 17,500 miles. No electrical issues. Feel free to chime in your mileage with or without electrical woes (issues at what mileage?). Thxs Ride safe
  11. I have 28000 kms on my RWB VFR 800. Its been 2 great years of riding. I'm riding much more than I thought I would about 5000kms a year. Now, I have it in my head to ride it less so I don't pack on the kms but I bought to ride it. LOL Ride safe!
  12. Hi Guys, went out on my early morning ride and noticed my digital speed indicator is all over the place. Not accurate at all. Does anybody know what the reason could be. 2007 VFR with 28000kms or 17500 miles. Battery after a week of not riding was at 12.6 Volts. I check it with a Volt meter every 2 weeks. (Yesterday) Any help or guidance of what it could be would be appreciated. I was about 60 km away from home when I noticed and it made me nervous. LOL. Thxs in advance.
  13. I would think that a lot of VFR riders are sport touring and riding longer distances. I may be wrong. As most of you may have noticed my rear passenger pegs and grab rails are off to save some weight. LOL! Seat cowl always on. Never ride with a passenger. MY VFR is my sportbike. Didn't want a GSXR CBR etc (Dime a dozen and look Blaaah) I still love my speed and don't need to ride the fastiest thing on 2 wheels. I love exclusivity, refinement and drop dead looks and my VFR gives me all that. On the street i don't have to scrape the side of my fairing to proove I am a good rider. Take it to the track if you need to proove something. The VFR gives me the comfort I want in a highly sporting package. That why I ride a VFR. The Gentlemen's Express.
  14. VFR80025th

    Low K 6th Gen

    Besides my 25th RWB VFR the one other VFR I would like in my garage is your storm trooper VFR. Beautiful machine. Enjoy and ride safe.
  15. Looks Decent! Wheels need to be black or white thoiugh.

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