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  1. Looks amazing. Better than the marlboro version. The RZ 500 colorway is also amazing. I want one. If they ever come to Canada that is.
  2. Maybe he would like a Triumph speed triple RR. I've been eyeing one for the last 2 years but can't get myself to sell my VFR.
  3. One last thing. I met Freddie Spencer in person at a motorcycle show before Covid. We had a great convo and he luved the fact i was riding a RWB VFR 800 25th. I told him I always pretended I was him when I attack the corners. We had a great laugh. When asked what do you ride on the street back home? He replied with a grin and a smile: RWB 25th like you. and thats how he signed his book (Freddie Spencer: FEEL) for me; Hey John, keep enjoying your VFR I have one too. Freddie Spencer. F'N Priceless.
  4. Arguably one of the best motorcycles ever made. I never thought an 11.3 sec quarter mile time was slow or 0-100 mph in 7.5 sec. (Cycle World Test) The engine is so refined and the quality of assembly is so above most bikes. Just riding it slow makes me Grin. Engine noise and smoothness and qaulity of controls and paint. Its not the lightest bike but I ride with Ducati V4s and V2 and Aprilia Tuonos and my buddies bikes are always having problems or waiting for parts. In the twisties on the street I'm there with them and if they want to lose me they are going to crash. LOL Its so stable at 140 mph. VTEC noise transition. Good luck, my VFR is my sportbike that I can ride for 4 hrs. And the looks , nuf said.
  5. Well I went to the show. I'm addicted to the drug they call motorcycles. It was sad once again. No new motorcycles except maybe Suzuki GSXS8r. Only positive bought a new REVIT summer riding jacket. Honda stand was sad. No new bikes except for CBR 650r eclutch. Poor Honda. Where is the Honda CB1000 hornet or Yamaha XSR 900GP? We get squat. Only positive , I own one of the best all around motorcycles ever made. Ride safe everyone riding season is getting close.
  6. It will be the best looking bike in 10th or 12th place. LOL
  7. Well, the motorcycle show is here in Toronto this weekend. Debating on whether to go or not. Do I waste $20 on parking and $22 to get in. I always leave disappointed. But since I'm a gear head I need my fix of being around motorcycles. Last year with Kawasaki and other manufacturers missing the show was sad. I left the show thinking If i brought my storm trooper VFR and placed it on a stand it would have been one of the best looking bikes there. LOL. Motorcycling in Canada is a becoming a joke especially how many bikes we do not get here in Canada as opposed to Europe.
  8. Great points by GRUM. Too bad you do not have the OEM screen and exhaust. May I add that the VFR logo on the upper portion of the fairing is not OEM as well. Can't tell but DB killer on sc project slipon may have been removed. Enjoy the new bike.
  9. All the best with your VFR. For me, arguably one of the best motorcycles ever made. Enjoy, its an incredible machine and makes all the right noises.
  10. I think the main reason I miss the RWB is the way the bike looks and colorway. Damn it was a beauty. Grum is right, the 8th Gen is a better machine. To me the 8th gen is slimmer and slightly lighter which overall makes me feel the bike is sportier. Brakes are way better and suspension is stiffer which is what I personally like. 8th gen is more responsive in the lower rev range. The VTEC transition is totally smoothed which I like. I think the RWB OEM exhaust was slightly louder than the 8th gen. A little less top end but I prefer the better throttle response especially at slower speeds where the 6th gen sometimes chugged around. 8th gen with improved electrics cures the one major flaw of the 6th gen that I never experienced. The 8th GEN is virtually indestructable and most bikes today pale in comparison to the VFR in quality of build and refinement.
  11. You guys were right when I said I was selling my 2007 RWB 25th a few years back. You will regret it. LOL I still miss it. Now my 2014 Stormtrooper is a beauty in its own right. That RWB with fully exposed rear wheel, white wheels and under tail exhaust was pure perfection. Man do I love VFRs.
  12. Grum, the poster looks great and your VFR with almost 100,000k looks amazing. Well done.
  13. HI, I thought some might like this sml article I found in Cycle World Archives. Enjoy.
  14. Hi, I put together a poster that I want to mount in my home office. Thanks to Terry for posting the PDFs so I was able to assemble it using the PDFs he uploaded. I will attach it for anyone who wants to do the same. Print it out and have it mounted etc. Thxs VFR Poster.pdf
  15. Came across this and thought I would post it. I'm looking for the full issue PDF. Will post it if I find it. Thxs
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