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  1. If I move to an 8th gen or add a buddy to my RWB at the end of this season i will be powder coating them black. What do you guys think?
  2. Congrats. I have a RWB myself. How many kms? The wheels need to be white! LOL It is the best bike I have ever owned. The Gentlemens sportbike. Enjoy and ride safe!
  3. MY RWB VFR has been the best motorcycle I have ever owned. I have had it for 3 years. Not one problem. No electrical issues. Nice! New shoes this year Road 5s and new Yuasa YTZ12s. She has 32,000kms or 20,000 miles. I may move onto to an 8th gen but it does look a little boring but the white is growing on me. The RWB is hard to beat looks wise. May consider 2020 Suzuki Katana 1000. But this is all up in the air but I do love VFRs and Vfour engines so 8thgen VFR is in the running. I will powder coat wheels white or black if I get 8thgen over winter. Nothing is written in stone but that is what I'm thinking right now. Thxs Ride safe.
  4. 2007 VFR 800 RWB - 30,000kms Never replaced Stator or RR. Machine has been perfect during my ownership. Good Luck! and Ride Safe!
  5. I was riding near the airport in Toronto and shot this pic. This bike never gets boring to look at. Road 5s are scrubbed in and I am impressed so far. Ride safe.
  6. Thsx guys, but I don't think I'm going to pull stator cover off just to check if its burnt or not. I have talked to many VFR owners who have not had any RR or Stator failures on their machines. (Especially 2006 and onwards.) Some with way over twice the mileage of my VFR. Mmmmmmmm!
  7. The bike has been flawless. To begin the year I have installed a set of Road 5s and a new Yuasa YTZ12s Previous battery was fine but it was 4 years old and PO put in a no name battery. I say your coming out. No Stator issues no burnt wiring (RR). Nothing. Can these Stator issues and wiring issues (RR) be related to those who ride in the city and all weather conditions. (Rain) I never ride in the rain and never in stop and go. Just open roads and high speeds. So no high heat buildup. Just a thought. Thxs and Ride Safe!
  8. Well I've put some miles on these Road5s and I have a pretty big smile on my face. Great grip when leaned over and super stable at high speeds. Over 230kmh. Ya ya why are you riding that fast. LOL Any how you will pay more for the Michelins but to me they are worth it. U get what you pay for. Good luck.
  9. Wow, what a difference over my PR 4's. My VFR felt downright tippy after getting used to riding on a squared off rear. PR4s served me well and probbaly could have lasted another 1500 km . These feel stciky compared to the PR4s I'm still scrubbing them in but even hard stopping I can feel the difference which translates to so much more confidence when jumping on the binders. My VFR is my sportbike. I do not tour or go long distances but I want a tire that will last 3 -4 years. I' will chime in again at how the bike behaves at more extreme angles. Ride safe.
  10. Enjoy the video. Its a cool find and the silver to me still looks amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSgQYjGdghs
  11. Hi, just wanted to find out is the bolt that goes loose and pops out causing bike to fall or lean lower when stand is extended. Is it #13 on the parts schematic I have attached. Is that the bolt that tends to loosen. The 2 pics attached have me confused one looks like it screws in from the outside. The other pic looks to me like it screws in from behind with a nut on the stand side. Can someone clarify this for me. 13 is the offending bolt is it not. Thxs
  12. There is never a day that I get off my VFR and don.t look back at it in how amazing this machine looks and is. Ride safe everyone for 2019!!
  13. Hi, if you have replaced yours with a taller screen and have the original OEM screen 2006-2009 I would be interested to buy if you want to sell.. I would hope its close to mint condition. Message me if you have one and want to sell. Thxs
  14. Thxs everyone for chiming in. All excellent comments. GRUM: I know its nice not to have to worry about any electrical. TIUTUS: YES the RWB is special Don't get me wrong. I love my 2007 At 18,000miles or 28,000kms I always worry about what if and when I break down due to an electrical gremlin. I Hope not. I never ride in rain or traffic. Less heat less stress on RR and stator. I always check my voltage on my battery every week and I plan on checking all my connecters before this summer riding starts. Plus a new Yuasa is ready to be inserted. There have been some that have never had electrical gremlins. Maybe I will be one of those. Thxs
  15. I have a 2007 VFR RWB and I love it. I've considered at times going to the 8th Gen but the looks hold me back compared to my RWB which always gathers a crowd wherever I go. Top speed is less and it seems it is not as quick according to another member I talked to who owned both. In general what do 6th to 8th gen owners feel about the switch. Thxs
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