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  1. I had a 6th gen and never had to change out the CCT but at higher kms many have. Anybody out there had to change out the CCT on the 8th gen. With electricals now bullet proof these 8th gens seems pretty indestructable and reliable. Ride safe.
  2. Great story and congrats on 100,000 miles. Amazing. I would love to hear a history of your maintenance over the years and or failures along the way. I just hit 25,750 kms . I've got a ways to go.
  3. Fork of The credit River just south of Orangeville in Ontario Canada. Best road in the area.
  4. Thinking of getting the SC Project slipon for VFR. Anyone have one? How loud is it compared to OEM with baffle in and out. Hope to expose my beautiful rear white wheel a bit more. Thxs in advance.
  5. Well, since these dealers usually don't know what they are doing here is my 2 cents: Since the air filter was replaced and the tank needs to be lifted for service. If u r not careful you will pull on the breather hose and when you place the tank down you need to be aware to make sure u do not kink the breather hose on the way down. Could this be the cause of the running pitch noise if a breather is kinked. Maybe maybe not. I changed my air filter before season and made sure I did not kink the breather hose. 2nd noise: Could it be the pressure release valve for the gas tank. You will hear that noise when pressure builds up in tank. That could be a possibilty. Good luck
  6. I've been fiddling with my rear preload setting . Its way to firm. Don't mind it in the twisties but going over bumby broken pavement I'm coming off my seat. LOL Stock setting from factory is 7 turns/clicks from softest setting according to manual. I'm down to 6 right now. Where do you currently have your preload set with no touring bags on bike. Thxs
  7. Started out in Toronto and headed 60kms north to Belfountain. Great ride. Great Weather. Great VFR engine and sound. All is perfect in the world. Enjoy the pics. Ride safe!
  8. Living in Toronto Canada and winter weather. I store my bike in October of 2021 and just brought it out of storage last week. I wish I lived in California like u . LOL
  9. Took the VFR for a shakedown run on the weekend. New Road 5s to break in and pearl white wheels to show off. God damn its like having a new bike. It looks so good in person its amazing. All systems check. Glad to back on 2 wheels. Ride safe everyone!! Drivers are not used to seeing bikes on the road as of yet.
  10. Absolutely fantastic wrap on the 8th gen. I would luv it on my VFR with white wheels. I have often dreamed of having a vf1000r in my garage also. Still stunning after all these years. Bikes from the 80s had such better paint schemes than todays blacks and grays.
  11. Does everyone have their plastic cover over the battery still on even when battery tender leads are hooked up. I only had the bike for 3 months and never installed them. Just wondering out loud. This
  12. Welcome back to the fold. Looks like you went from a 25th RWB to 8th Gen like myself. Its a much better bike in so many ways. Ride safe!
  13. The pearl white wheel project is finally over. I just got the bike home and before placing it under cover I took a few pics to share. Its cold here in Toronto. It did turn out amazing. This is how it should have come from the factory. For me it elevates the VFR to a new level. Dare I say it may look better than my beloved RWB 25th I sold last year. Looking forward to scrubbing in those new Road 5s. Enjoy the pics. I will take some beauty shots in the spring.
  14. I just received my fist pic from my shop with pearl white wheel installed and brand new Road 5s. More to come. Simply stunning. What do you guys think?
  15. I had my wheels removed from '14 VFR and powder coated them pearl white to match my VFR. They look stunning off the bike. Awaiting my newly Powder coated wheels is a brand new set of Michelin Road 5s. The set I had on I sold for $200 Canadian. 50% tread left. Not bad. Will post pics once mounted on the bike.
  16. Anybody out there have an Ermax windscreen on there VFR. Is it good quality and do you have any pics. How much taller is it than Stock screen. Thxs
  17. Hitting the curves just north of Toronto. RWB is sold but looking for an 8th gen. Wish me luck.
  18. VFR80025th

    My 25th VFR 800

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