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  1. Nice exhaust length, with passenger peg assembly removed and no centre stand. Sweet! ride safe.
  2. They r asking $9000 canadian around $6500 US give or take.
  3. HI, a leftover 2014 vfr 800 has popped up for sale. My question: With a brand new bike that is 6 yrs old what fluids need to be changed. Does breakin oil stay in or out? Coolant? Brake and clutch fluid? What fluid should go or stay? Tires? Over 5 yrs old. It is not at a dealer oddly at some used car shop in an industrial area. I was told it was stored indoors from a Honda dealer gone out of business. Thxs
  4. Paint the wheels white and keep it. If I had that mileage on mine I would probably keep it. I currently have 23,000 miles on her and will sell soon. Ride safe!
  5. All point well taken and true. Grum u r so right its all about that V4 and how it makes u feel. Maxwell I may indeed be back with a 2014 or 2015 so do not count me out. I feel the RWB is a machine that cannot be kept to myself. it is a machine that should be shared amongst owners. LOL. A rolling piece of art. I am mulling over a Katana 1000 that if I do the plan is to go white wheels ala RWB. Either way I'm not gone yet and just got back from a quick ride and when i got home I always say to myself. I'm not worthy. LOL Ride safe!
  6. What would we do without you GRUM! Ride safe.
  7. luv the NR and 83 cx honda 650 turbo. I rode one and its a blast . BTW: I'm selling my RWB in July. I have a buyer already waiting in the wings. if I find a white VFR like yours with low kms I may go for it or 2020 Katana 1000. If I find a 2014 or 2015 I will powdercoat wheels Black. Just to make it look meaner. I'm not a fan of bronze. Ride safe
  8. Well guys I have tentatively agreed to sell the RWB. I have agreed to sell it to a friend who has been pestering me to to sell it to him. Its a tough decision but I feel the bike has to be physically gone for me to start a search for a new bike. I just feel it's time. 2014-2014 White VFR, 2020 Katana 1000, Honda Cb1000R, Ninja 1000sx? I Just don't know. It has 36,500kms and in showroom condition. 4 best years of my riding career. We have tentatively set early July for the sale which gives me some time to enjoy before she is gone. Just want to say whether I buy another VFR or something else that this site and all who attend have supplied me with an incredible amount of info. I will keep u posted if I do in fact get another VFR. Has to be white though. Ride safe! Ride Safe.
  9. Yes, the VFR has been my favorite bike I have ever owned. I've owned it for 4 years and have been looking for a new bike for 1yr but I cant seem to find a bike to replace it. CB1000r is a close but I have to buy the fairing and paint the wheels right off the bat. Still on the fence. I do have a second choice: Katana 1000 but there I have to replace the bars, too high for me and a tail tidy right off the bat (Also for CB) Both also do not have a center stand. I Will keep u posted if I pull the trigger but I am a methodical buyer. I take things slow and calculated. LOL Ride safe.
  10. This thing never gets boring to look at. I am considering adding a Cb1000r to the stable with a quarter fairing. Wheels will go to white of course. What do you guys think? It does have prequisite SS swing arm ala VFR. Ride safe.
  11. I have 2 Joe Rocket jackets and both have been amazing. JR Phoenix 12.0 with removable liner. ans MY Brand new: JR Honda Sports Mesh jacket with armour that is amazing for summer with CE armour including spine. Looks super sharp. Good quality at good price point. Ride safe
  12. I want to adjust my idle, noticed it s a tad high 1400 rpm. I've tried to gently turn the screw knob but it doesn't want to turn but I do not want to turn it too much and feel I might break it. Maybe I'm not turning hard enough. To be sure: You turn the whole knob not the phillips screw head correct? I have been gentle with it when I've tried to turn the knob. Any advise on exactly how to do it. Thxs Ride safe
  13. Before I replaced my sprockets and chain with an RK X ring chain last year I used to use Kerosene to clean my chain and it did an incredible job. When I replaced sprockets with chain on the RK literature it said not to use Kerosene to clean Chain withn orings. So now I am using Motul chain clean .(O ring safe) Lots of videos by experts say to use kerosene i don't get it. What are you guys using. to clean chain?
  14. Is there an avg for fork seal replacement. Just wondering out loud. I've got 34,750kms or 21700 miles on my RWB. Was going to sell it but I have decided to keep it for this riding season. After the motorcycle show in Toronto I left saying jeez my VFR looks better than most bikes. LOL I do like Suzuki katana but with a sml tank I just don't know. VFR has been bullitproof. No issues, especially electrical, nada! Have I been lucky? Looking to take bike out of storage next week or so. Ride safe!
  15. Shout out to any VFR riders any gen who want to hook up with other crazed v four fanatics like myself. Come spring maybe we can get a few of us for a meet in GTA - Airport area not downtown LOL. If you r interested chime in. Thxs 2007 RWB VFR 800
  16. What do you guys think? Depending on which color I end up with the wheels will be powdercoated black. To me, the black wheel makes either color VFR look more aggressive.
  17. Would love to see white wheels on a red VFR. Thinking of picking up a 2014 or 2015. I'm not sold on which color because to be honest it looks boring compared to my RWB but maybe if I paint the wheels the bike will look better to me. White - i will paint wheels Black (looks more agressive to me) Red - either black or white wheels A pic of my current beauty! Thxs
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