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  1. I like that the fork lights appear to be rectangular.
  2. Am definitely interested to find out how you like the Cardo after you get some rides in, and not necessarily connected to other riders... i was looking at the Packtalk Bold w/JBL but it's A LOT more money. I really want to know how good the audio is (for music, and travel instructions), how effective the wind-noise cancellation is, and how responsive it is to voice commands directly to the Cardo or your mobile device.
  3. Mabye this was it: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/kootenai/recreation/recarea/?recid=66051&actid=43
  4. Do you recall how much was being charged for them?
  5. 130 mile round trip to see my 78 year old Dad on Fsthers Day. Stops in Elkhart Lake zipping past Road America, and at Sheboygan’s Lake Michigan marina. Also had some new custom key tags made thanks to my neighbor. $12 each but I love them!
  6. Great shot of the sun tucking itself to bed. I wish I could be more disciplined to stop for opportunistic photos. Someone should start collecting the best of the best VFR landscape photos and put a calendar together... maybe sales proceeds could go towards the VFRD website expenses.
  7. ThrottleStop - Elkhart Lake, WI - (the custom seat on the BMW is made by Bagster... might have to look into that brand.)
  8. THat's almost as far as the lid will close with my Shoei RF1200 in it. What make and model helmet are you showing in this photo?
  9. Thx for the response Grum. I'm still scratching my head why Honda didn't craft their factory hard cases to fit a full face helmet (just to barely fit would have been ok too, but the Shoei doesn't even get close.) I really only need a locking mechanism when doing some shopping. The helmet strap thing seems like an afterthought by Honda engineers. The wire is not that heavy of a gauge.
  10. Received the missing “helmet strap” from Partzilla today. I think I have it connected correctly. The User Manual is a little vague.
  11. I don't suppose you documented the grip change and wiring to the new heated version? Seriously wanting that Honda heat before Autumn.
  12. Found the rear grab rails that were actually included with my used 2014 purchase; also ordered specialized USA Veteran plates... could be 8 weeks before processing is complete though. I attached an example of what the plates look like, which will look really slick going on a pearly white 800!
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