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  2. THat's almost as far as the lid will close with my Shoei RF1200 in it. What make and model helmet are you showing in this photo?
  3. Before my JR jacket arrived, I was wearing an unarmored, wind and rain resistant Eddie Bauer jacket, and went on a 2 hr ride. Quick stop before my destination and noticed a side pocket zipper 2/3rds fo the way down... and no more wallet. I was extraordinarily lucky to get it back the next day. It fell out 35 miles from my starting point. I suspect I won't ever get that fortunate a 2nd time, so lesson learned.
  4. 62 deg F ride in this morning... chose not to use the liners for this 30 minute ride. A little breazy-brisk, but I wasn't uncomfortably cool at all. The jacket fit great! The front pocket zippers are of good quality, but in my opinion, zip open and close too easy, so I was hesitant to leave valuables in them, thinking the pockets could open during the ride (they didn't open - but there's a reason for my paranoia). I think the only thing I would do different is design a zipper tuck/hook-n-loop thingy to keep gravity from wanting to loosen them up.
  5. i really have no idea why i put the gloves on. lol
  6. Thx for the response Grum. I'm still scratching my head why Honda didn't craft their factory hard cases to fit a full face helmet (just to barely fit would have been ok too, but the Shoei doesn't even get close.) I really only need a locking mechanism when doing some shopping. The helmet strap thing seems like an afterthought by Honda engineers. The wire is not that heavy of a gauge.
  7. Yeah... but it's all bionic skin I tell ya! lol I could have at least put jeans on for the photo but dang it was really hot n muggy out.
  8. Don’t bash me for lack of proper riding attire. Just wanted to see what the new jacket looked like with the bike. And it was 90 degrees F outside.
  9. Received the missing “helmet strap” from Partzilla today. I think I have it connected correctly. The User Manual is a little vague.
  10. I don't suppose you documented the grip change and wiring to the new heated version? Seriously wanting that Honda heat before Autumn.
  11. That is ONE geared up machine VifferJ! Nice work! Curious if that's a Honda factory trunk? Love the slick seat heat controls (did they come with the seat?) Also curious what that control unit is near the upper right grip.
  12. They offer a CBR version in a red and gray color scheme: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/joe-rocket-honda-cbr-mesh-jacket
  13. That's too bad because if they had a positive following/good rep I'm certain a lot of peeps here would be buying from them. The graphics look really great! I actually sent them a message with a bunch of questions but no response yet.
  14. Before I ordered it, I tried on a very similar Joe Rocket jacket they had in stock, just to size me up in it since each manufacturer has quite the varied sizing charts. It was a medium, and perfectly snug for a track-day, but too snug for everyday civilian road havoc, so I went with a large. I'm hoping it offers the exact room I'm looking for if I need to layer up in cooler months. I almost went with the only other color option, black/gray, but when my wife said she liked the lighter colored one (3 out of the 50 shades of gray), it wasn't only a no-brainer, it was the go-ahead I needed to actually buy it.
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