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  1. I like that the fork lights appear to be rectangular.
  2. I just did the velcro thing to the aft round rubber stops, and added a layer of cushion to where the fore rubber stops make contact and it works great... no more cowl rattling.
  3. Am definitely interested to find out how you like the Cardo after you get some rides in, and not necessarily connected to other riders... i was looking at the Packtalk Bold w/JBL but it's A LOT more money. I really want to know how good the audio is (for music, and travel instructions), how effective the wind-noise cancellation is, and how responsive it is to voice commands directly to the Cardo or your mobile device.
  4. Mabye this was it: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/kootenai/recreation/recarea/?recid=66051&actid=43
  5. Do you recall how much was being charged for them?
  6. 130 mile round trip to see my 78 year old Dad on Fsthers Day. Stops in Elkhart Lake zipping past Road America, and at Sheboygan’s Lake Michigan marina. Also had some new custom key tags made thanks to my neighbor. $12 each but I love them!
  7. A little update on the Joe Rocket VFR mesh jacket... I’ve been quite comfortable in temps as high as 89F. Airflow is really good and if you want to ride on a cool day, with or without the threat of rain, just insert the rain liner. No need to layer up at all. Zippers are staying put as well. The only thing I’m not sure of is how to get the little dead bugs out of the mesh... think I’ll try a vacuum before I wash the thing.
  8. Great shot of the sun tucking itself to bed. I wish I could be more disciplined to stop for opportunistic photos. Someone should start collecting the best of the best VFR landscape photos and put a calendar together... maybe sales proceeds could go towards the VFRD website expenses.
  9. Any chance you can post a pic of the previous owners mod?
  10. Does this look like it's missing any pieces underneath? I see the rubber stops, etc, and though my hand is covering the right side somewhat, it is the same as the left. The rear most part of the seat cowl doesn't sit staticly. I can press down and the plastic makes hard contact with its mount like it's missing a rubber piece of some kind so while I'm hitting bumps in the road, it's making minimal, but hard contact. Best I can tell, everything is there per parts breakdown diagram. I might need to craft a cushion of sorts.
  11. I think the white 2014 would look amazing in black, and striking in white (never liked to clean white rims though thanks to the '86 model), but I have to say the dark bronze is kinda cool too. I think there's a white stock 2014 model still for sale in my hometown here... really low miles and pristine. I'll check to see if it's still 4-sale.
  12. ThrottleStop - Elkhart Lake, WI - (the custom seat on the BMW is made by Bagster... might have to look into that brand.)
  13. Great article! Enjoyed reading all of it, so thanks for the post JZH. So far, I'm quite happy with the JR VFR mesh jacket. It's remarkably comfortable in warmer temps. Haven't worn it in the rain yet, but hard to avoid that during unpredictable Wisconsin summer afternoons.
  14. So... this past Saturday morning my wife hears a variety of motorcycles cruising up our street and parking at my neighbor's house. 6 riders were planning a day trip to Elkhart Lake (Road America track town), Kettle Moraine area, I asked to tag along (my first group ride in 15 years). The idea was to visit a REALLY cool place called Throttle Stop https://throttlestop.com/ in this beautiful little resort town, have lunch at a Tiki bar, then cruise the county roads up and around Lake Winnebago, eventually back to Oshkosh. We stayed off the main highways as much as possible of course, keeping
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