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  1. Grum

    vfr800 11 14 2019 (13) b.jpg

    The Long and Winding Road That leads to................A Great Ride!! Very nice capture.
  2. Grum


    Ah the serenity! Very nice shot
  3. As others have had the issue, would appear the problem might be a cause of the original OEM screen and/or the plastic used around the panel. Perhaps, if your saying you have a double bubble aftermarket screen fitted this could help alleviate the issue, and possibly, the damage may have been done while the previous owner had the OEM screen fitted? Is the current screen tinted at all? That might also help!
  4. Grum

    Switched Live

    Hi Skids. Thats a great install, very neat and an excellent light show. The titanium colour of your bike looks very nice indeed. My only concern, and it's a long term one, is that the "cigar type" plug is not the best at keeping out moisture. With rain or washing your bike you could end up with water ingress into your 12v DC outlet causing corrosion and potential damage to your 12v outlet. Perhaps a good coating of dielectric grease around the circumference of the plug might help weather seal it. What's your thought?
  5. Is this issue the same near the other turn indicator? Looks to me like the previous owner may have purposely melted a channel to mount and run some wiring behind the panel perhaps for a small digital voltmeter, or digital gear position indicator. Just guessing! Post edit - seems like the windscreen effect may be a real one. A guy with a 929 Fireblade attributes a melting dash to the screen.
  6. Grum

    Switched Live

    Assume you will be using a plug similar to this. The center is the positive and the outer contacts are the negative. PM regards your March visit, take you up on that beer
  7. Grum

    Switched Live

    Yep. The center connection in your plug is the positive so yes the positive 12v wire for your lights needs to connect to the center connection. The ground wire simply connects to the other connection in the plug.
  8. Grum

    Switched Live

    Hi Skids. If you have no other use for the 12v DC socket then you should have no issues wiring up a suitable plug (both power and earth) to suite the 12v DC socket. Seeing you are only drawing approximately 2amps would think this is not an issue. I wonder if your owners booklet specifies the power or current rating for the 12v DC socket? There's no need to worry regards " blowing a set of £300 lights" you can't damage them by connecting them to the 12v DC socket, it's just a case of being sure the socket can supply the load. Worst case scenario is you blow a fuse.
  9. They look bent to me, they should both be at the same angle as the foot peg.
  10. What is the state of your chain? Would experiment with its tension then test ride. Too tight, too loose, lack of lubrication, worn out can all create strange effects and noises.
  11. Grum

    Polish Forrest

    Very nice shot, kinda has an oil panting effect, interesting trees.
  12. Beautiful stuff, thanks for posting it, well done Yamaha for setting the bike up for him. Ride on Wayne.
  13. Highly recommend the 8gen and in your case the Deluxe version. It's the best of the four VFR's I've owned, many improvements and all the Electrical gremlins plagued by the 5 and 6gen's are sorted. Done 70,000kms and running like a dream, very reliable bike. Happy to bore you with all the improvements if you want, just ask. Very nice picture that. Cheers.
  14. Did a check with Partzilla. The 8gen bearing part numbers are the same as the 6gen so I guess there's no reason why the above kit wouldn't suite the 8gen.
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