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  1. Hi Urban. Thats an interesting comment you've made. I would have thought by the time a CCT could give you "running issues" the cam chain would be rattling like crazy! Well..........just hope whatever is the cause that one day your VFR is finally running on song in all aspects, you'll then know you're in motorcycle heaven!!!! Cheers.
  2. Hi there VFR80025th. That there is one beautiful RWB, it deserves the Best. Have a look at the PowerBronze range of Airflow Double Bubble windscreens they are top quality and have a great range of colours. The light tinted version has a nice VFR logo on it. Those white rims are fantastic wish I had em for my own RWB a few years ago instead of the standard black. Cheers
  3. Ya scarring me Rectal, fronts so far worn! I make sure that I have a good look at the pads at least once a month. A bright torch with your head and wheel in the right spot and you can view the edge of the pads. PLEASE check them regularly, would hate to hear you suddenly had metal to metal just when you needed them in an emergency! Safe riding.
  4. Hope I'm not talking garbage But are you sure that is the correct Asv lever for an 8gen ? No wonder its not activating the clutch switch correctly.
  5. Yes 57,000k's and still not down to the wear markers. All my riding is country stuff, virtually no stop start city crap at all. Just checked my records on two other OEM front pad replacements on my previous 6gens 53,000ks and 55,700ks. Country riding sure has its benifits. Who wants to use brakes anyway, they only slow you down!!!!!!! Cheers
  6. Grum

    Cold startup quirk?

    Sounds like you no longer have an issue. For info I'm sure I've read somewhere, that during the first crank revolution on start all cylinders get a squirt of fuel. Three seconds on the starter button doesn't seem too excessive. Just make sure you hear the fuel pump prime every time you turn on the ignition. Cheers.
  7. Surely they'd only look good in the packet as about 99% of the pad is obscured by the caliper!
  8. If you do refit the OEM lever. Take note of the clutch lever position as to when the switch activates pulling the clutch in and when it deactivates as you let the clutch out - listen for the switch click. Compare this to the Asv lever. Provided the clutch switch is working as per the OEM lever, there can be no reason why you could have lost the 250rpm increase on clutch release.!! The only way the ECM knows what's happening with your clutch is via the clutch lever switch. The clutch switch should deactivate at or near the friction zone on release which is about where you'd want the extra 250rpm to kick in.
  9. Hi All. After 57,000ks and with a 1800k upcoming trip, thought I'd replace the original front pads. I've always been a fan of the EBC HH's and 9,000ks ago I replaced the rear pads with EBC FA488HH's. A few days ago I fitted two sets of EBC FA390HH's ($59.95 a set AU!) to the front, I have to say, I am very impressed with these new pads, there is just so much less effort on the brake lever required for the same amount of braking compared to the original Tokico pads. Just thought I'd pass this snippet of info on, EBC HH's are a great brake pad, so impressed I won't use anything else. YMMV. Cheers.
  10. Grum


    How can paper towel remove stuck on road tar and chain lube? You really need something to dissolve that stuff. Post edit... Ok so these paper towels have a degreaser fluid in them correct?
  11. The 250rpm increase relies on being in gear and clutch switch being de activated as you release the clutch. It's easy to verify if your bike has a center stand. It's a fairly subtle effect. Can you hear the clutch micro switch clicking as you pull in and release the clutch (engine off)? Get your ear close to the clutch master cylinder you should hear a faint click as the switch activates and de-activates.
  12. Have heard this happening with non OEM levers. Check your lever if its not activating your clutch switch. This will also disable your ability to start the bike in gear with clutch pulled in.
  13. Grum

    Cold startup quirk?

    How many miles has the bike done with the current Spark Plugs? If they are overdue for replacement, new plugs might help. Cheers.
  14. Grum

    Cold startup quirk?

    Hi Jstehman. Riding the 20miles you state will definetly Not cause a flooded start situation. The reference you made was to a guy with a 7th gen who just rolled his bike out of the garage to wash it then started the bike rode into the garage and stopped the engine. The next time he went to start the bike he had the flooded situation. Rich fuel mixture had not evaporated from the cold combustion chamber causing an over rich non combustible situation for the next cold start. Are you using Premium High Octane Fuel? If you are then this might be your reluctant start issue. High Octane fuel is less volatile than standard unleaded fuel, so particularly in cold climates with a cold engine this can have a definite effect on starting ability. Run your bike on what your owners manual specifies, there is no gain to be made on a VFR by running Premium Fuels. In Australia I've run standard unleaded 91ron as specified by my owners manual for many years without problems. I have never used Ethanol added fuels. Cheers.
  15. Grum


    Just use a rag soaked in Kerosene, great for removing brake dust, dirt and dissolving road tar and chain lube. Cheers

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