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  1. Not sure if this is exactly your model but hope it helps.
  2. Given everything you've done and checked. I would fit a new Starter Relay, given it's age and the problems they can develop, it needs to be taken out of the equation, easy to just fit a new one then reassess the issue.
  3. Yeah, Good luck Skids it's been somewhat of a battle but surely you'll be right now with the new lines and connections.
  4. Engine Off noise - is completely normal and its the tank venting, pressure relief valve flutter in the fuel cap. Can sometimes sound like your fuel pump is priming. All 8gens do it, I'm sure the 800x would be the same. Running noise - if it wasn't there prior to the service, take it back to them and have them sort it out. Check for any fairing panels they may have removed, make sure all fairing screws and clips are correctly installed. Perhaps they might have overtightend your chain, this can create strange noises and vibrations!
  5. The 8gen uses the same bolts. The 8gen Service Manual states to drill the head of the bolt or use an equivalent removal tool. Wouldn't bother replacing with the security bolts.
  6. Agree with JZH and rhoderage. Find yourself the equivalent 8mm bolts with Allen key socket head. You never know when you might need to replace a faulty Ignition Switch, trying to remove the one way bolts could be a nightmare.
  7. Great effort Dutchy. That "wee dram" will have you tip toeing through the tulips in no time! Cheers
  8. Mine as well. The trap is with the statement of "making sure the axle is flush with the left fork leg". They all seem to end up around 1mm in from being perfectly flush. The tightening of the left fork pinch bolt is the final process after fitting brake calipers and pumping the forks, this will position the left fork leg, then the pinch bolt is finally tightened. Suggest to delete your Steps 2 and 4. Once done, check for free wheel rotation.
  9. Hi Cogs and Terry. The 8gen front caliper is the same. There are two locating collars that lock the caliper to the mounting boss, and the bolts, as suggested, retain the caliper to the boss. Picture doesn't show it too well!
  10. Hi VFR78. I think there can be no doubt that Honda are protecting themself against litigation, especially given the vitally important job these bolts do, Honda can't afford to rely on good common sense and trade skills as these are not that common! Specifying a one use recommendation is there only sure way of covering themselves. Doubt you'd ever get a proper technical reason from Honda. Perhaps its over torquing and/or the rotational stress from radial mounted calipers under extreme braking conditions that might cause the stretching effect. The bolts being hollow might be to reduce unsprung weight and/or improve caliper heat dissipation. Each to their own, but the way I look at it is, if the bolts have never been over torqued, are closely inspected before installation for any sign stretching, and a small amount of Loctite blue 243 threadlocker is applied all should be fine. Can't say I've ever heard of a caliper jumping off its mount from properly installed bolts be they old or new, however, I'm sure someone will come back at me with an example! And YMMV.
  11. Did a bit of a search. These bolts seem to be as rare as rocking horse shit in Australia! According to Honda's recommendation of one use only, you'd need 4 new bolts every time you either drop the front wheel off for a new tyre or to fit new pads, and that these bolts are used on multiple bike models, there should be thousands of these bolts readily available, there just isn't! No wonder they are rarely if ever replaced! Part Number 90131-MEL-000 Flange Bolt 10×57mm.
  12. Veteran, obviously you've just had a very mature age birthday Cogs! Congratulations.
  13. Pity there's no info about the bolt being stretched. Was it done for demonstration? Was it incorrectly torqued? Perhaps the N-m torque value was incorrectly read as Ft-lb? Was the bolt faulty from manufacturer? How many reuse cycles had it done? What would be the state of the internal threads after such over tightening? I inspect my caliper bolts before reinstalling, none have ever looked anything like the photo, I'd certainly bin it if it did, will continue to keep a close eye on them. As mentioned I never over torque them and use a little 243 threadlocker when installing. I guess there's a similar analogy to those who believe chains should only ever be replaced with new sprockets! Just for the fun of it! Took out one of the caliper bolts. 90,000k's and with brake pad and tyre changes has now done seven removal and installs. And most certainly.....YMMV.
  14. Tightened firmly but never over tightened and with a little threadlocker eg. Loctite 243 applied to the threads they'll last years and years........Have never replaced the caliper bolts on the four VFR's I've had, front or rear. Still here to tell the story! As always YMMV.
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