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  1. 99.99% no doubt about it.
  2. Keep us posted on how you go PLEASE.
  3. If at least your HISS light was flashing that means your Main 30amp Fuse is OK. To have all your other items Not working either points to a faulty Ignition Switch or its wiring OR a very suspect battery. Unloaded battery terminal voltage is not a good indication of its capacity, it's ability to supply a load. Properly load test the battery OR replace it, it's now 5 years old. For Info - The 8gen has a very sophisticated R/R charging system, extremely reliable and provides a very constant charge voltage of 14.5v Check this charge voltage once your bike is up and running.
  4. Hey Thumbs. That makes no sense at all, UNLESS!.........Do you have the HISS system on your bike? If so, do you have any other key tag/transponder devices on your key ring? This can interfere with the transponder key antenna signal and inhibit your start.
  5. Clutch Switch is only used for the in gear, side stand up, clutch pulled in start logic, and the ECM uses clutch position info for Take Off Assist (the 250 rpm increase as you let the clutch out in gear). Clutch switch has no effect on major electrics. Also Kill Switch won't effect, lights,instrument panel, horn etc.
  6. Certainly agree with you that the Engine Stop Relay will kill all your EFI stuff, But, according to the OP. " i cycled the ignition off and back on and nothing would light up, no dash, headlights, horn, indicators, taillights nothing." The Engine Stop Relay won't effect these services.
  7. Hi 4corsa, main relay! Are you referring to the engine stop relay? Relays, all 6 of them are interchangeable, handy for fault finding.
  8. Do you have any non standard accessories wired to your bike? Think you should methodically follow power from battery using the top part of this drawing. Would definitely try another battery. Does your battery volts die as you turn on the ignition? Get your battery load tested if you have any doubts. The 8gen is very reliable in the electrical department. The two Main fuses 20 and 30amp are not in the fuse boxes, they are at the Starter Relay hidden under a black plastic cover you'll need to lift off, are you sure you have confirmed them Both to be OK? Here's a simple voltage chek, locate your Clock/Haz 10amp Fuse (R/H Fuse Box), probe it with your voltmeter if you have 12v then the Main Fuse 30amp is OK. Now turn Ignition to ON and measure 12v at the Tail/Meter/Turn 10amp Fuse (L/H Fuse Box) NO 12v = Faulty Ignition Switch or wiring. Lets know how you go. Good Luck.
  9. Great effort Kochan. Sounded like a very tricky one to sort out, so many hours of checking and re-checking your valve timing. Hope you can now enjoy many miles of trouble free riding, you deserve it!
  10. Hey Speedball. Thanks for sharing your wonderfull trip with us, especially for us oversea er's . Man, you guys are spoilt rotten with such amazing riding areas, your photos of the trip are GREAT. Glad you got your speedo sorted with no damage to the sensor! A new mirror and your baby will be lookin gorgeous again. Safe Riding. Cheers.
  11. You look very colour coordinated Shoutybloke, you could only ever have a red one! Great shot. Cheers.
  12. Just for the hell of it! Have you tried starting your bike with Side Stand UP and clutch pulled in? And is the Neutral light working correctly?
  13. Fair enough. Reckon you should check the ECM Grounds and 12v Power as suggested above. Also have a good look at the wiring and state of the main Fuse at the Starter Relay. Heat stressed wire and overheated fuse legs have caused strange problems, bit of a known weakness.
  14. Hi Halfrider. Sorry about the mention of downloading the Service Manual, it was on this site for a while then mysteriously dissappeared. Hopefully the link here will get you the PDF version that was available for download. Cheers. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=67493
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