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  1. Grum

    Bad battery cell or someting worse?

    Kill switch activated = No cranking.(for a 6gen)
  2. That's heartbreaking Rollos and ya can't even blame yourself, some other prick did it for you. I just hope you might have insurance to cover the damage and repair, good luck hope your pride and joy is fully repaired ASAP.
  3. Good point you raise FJ12Ryder. It did appear that I might have been getting some air via the threads, but that didn't concern me, I had a reasonable flow of fluid without opening the bleeder too much. End result was no spongy feel just as you'd expect for a good bleed process. Any air drawn through via the bleeder threads is probably not going to cause an issue IMO.
  4. Grum

    Battery: YTZ14s vs YTZ12s?

    Just for info - Talking to a friend yesterday who has a 2008 6gen, still has the original Yuasa YTZ12S and going strong. Not bad for an 11 year old battery! Cheers.
  5. Grum


    Thanks for the update TMFSR. Glad you've seen the light! Yes stranger things can happen, at least it was a simple fix. Enjoy your ride. Cheers.
  6. Grum


    Nice bike TMFSR, same as my very first VFR, wonderful memories. Let's know what you find with your headlight issues. Cheers.
  7. More Questions? What is the state of your Battery? Remove the battery charge it (if possible) and have it load tested, it may have developed an internal short. Is your bikes wiring stock standard? Have you confirmed that both A and B 30amp fuses are OK? These should have blown to protect the wiring of your ignition switch etc. Do you have the Service Manual? It can be downloaded from the home page. Unplug your Alternator output lead from the R/R (3 yellow wires) make sure there are NO short to ground. Your R/R may also be in a sorry state! Your initial connection of the "Jump Box" was that correct polarity???? You may have cooked your charging system. Good Luck - Sounds like you're going to need some!
  8. Nice shot. The RWB = Best looker by far, sorry if I'm biased!
  9. Grum


    Given that your Hi Beam is operational. I would be suspicious of the Lo Beam Relay, assuming you definetly don't have two blown Lo beam filaments! The fact that you have Hi beam means fuses and headlight power are O.K. It may be just coincidence with your fairing removal, if you had say dislodged a plug, other functions would also not be working. You can simply swap the Hi and Lo Beam Relays for fault finding, probably the first thing I'd try. Failing that you need to verify volts and grounds are correct at the Lo Beam Relay Base. Generally headlight issues are easy to find and don't require "intense diagnostics"! Nothing more than a multimeter might be required. Oh yes forgot to mention!!! The cost of this advice!........You are required to post a picture of your 2005 VFR. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. Grum

    Battery: YTZ14s vs YTZ12s?

    Yuasa technical manual states. "For example, a battery with a CCA rating of 270 will start a large displacement engine under most conditions. A battery with a rating of 310 CCA, and used in the same application, would start the engine more reliably especially in cold weather." So I guess if the 14S is virtually the same price it could be the better option especially for cold weather starting. The 14S is the recommended battery for the VFR1200. Both are excellent quality AGM batteries (Yuasa brand). 14S=230 CCA's 12S=210 CCA's I've certainly had the Yuasa 14S in the back of my mind when my 8gen battery needs replacement, but price will be a factor in choosing between the 12S and 14S. Cheers.
  11. Grum

    Fi cold starting

    Are you hearing the fuel pump prime every time the ignition is turned On. Also, what fuel is in the tank? Premium high octane fuel can create issues starting, especially in very cold conditions as it is less volatile than standard fuel. VFR's don't need Premium fuel.
  12. Tried out my new $20 Vaccum Brake Bleeder Kit, worked a treat. Then the Red Lady needed a wash, while I had one of these .!! Cheers.
  13. Grum

    800F/X Ignition Key

    Hi Skids. Thats unbelievable that Honda UK can't help him out. I just recently almost had the need to purchase a new blank key. I had made inquires at my local dealership and they had the correct blank key in stock if I needed it. The 8gen Owners Manual states - "To make a duplicate key and register it with you HISS System, take the spare key, the key tag, and the motorcycle to your dealer" Has he still got the Key Tag with the key number? I think this is simply a cutting code identifier, Honda could cut the key based on this code if you didn't supply them the spare key. There are specialists Locksmiths out there that can copy the cut of a Wave Key as well as having access to the Honda database to cut a key based on the Key Tag number. Also the key registering process is probably the same as the 8gen which is also the same as the 6gen. Attached is the 8gen procedure. He just needs a correct blank, have Honda or a locksmith cut it to match the original, then have Honda or himself go through the registration process of key to the ECM. Cheers.
  14. Grum

    New guy. help needed

    That's a good find. Surprised that turning the ignition off then on again would effect that kind of fault! Make sure you clear all your Fi fault codes as it is also strange you would have accumulated so many codes with just a bad fuel pump connection. Good luck.
  15. Wow that's been a long while... Sure hope they have exorcised all demons from it. Good luck, keep us posted on how she goes. Cheers

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