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  1. Thanks for that. The Black/White wire is the main 12v power for the Injectors and the Flapper Solenoid. The ECM takes care of the Ground controlling side of these devices. No wonder you had Injector issues, Good Find. PAIR valve wiring doesn't go through that 10P connector.
  2. Further to Mohawks good suggestion is to confirm you have a solid 12v feeding coil 2 on the Black/White wire. The ECM switches the Ground side of all four coils. Make sure you have good continuity of the Yellow/White wire (coil 2) back to the ECM Black Connector at A21. A faulty Ground for the Sparks you would suspect it would effect all of them, however, make sure All the ECM Grounds are good and bonded back to the battery negative terminal. Every Green and Green/Pink wire at the ECM should be a Ground make sure these are good. Inspect both ECM plugs and sockets for any sign
  3. Hi Madfox. Just curious, did you note the wire color code for that oxidized pin?
  4. Know nothing about a PCIII but I have read where there have been running issues caused by bad Grounds for the PC. So have a good look at the wiring for it and make sure both power and ground wires have good solid connections. At least you've identified the culprit to your engine dying issues. Cheers.
  5. Maybe worth having ALL injectors professionally cleaned, checked and flow balanced. Fuel in oil and white smoke can be caused by an injector not closing off properly. Assume you have good fresh fuel and no condensation issues? Also make sure ALL vacuum hoses are good, no cracks kinks or leaks. Good Luck.
  6. Strange assumption you are making here. Firstly you are able to ride the bike and have no other issues other than the instrument not working! How can you be riding the bike if your switch is faulty? Secondly I can't see how your Ignition Switch will create a short in the panel. You haven't mentioned the Grounds Check suggested. You also need to confirm that you have 12v with Ignition on at the two Brown/Blue wires at the panel. Saying "connections look ok" doesn't mean anything to me! Fuses can look ok when they are actually open circuit when measured fo
  7. If you download the Service Manual from the forum it shows how to gain access to the instrument panel. Not too difficult. Good luck.
  8. Have to agree with you, having this issue would drive you nuts. What does my head in is that many owner's don't have the problem. I've travelled thousands of kilometers up and down boring highways coasting around the 5000rpm zone and just fine tweeking the throttle locker for constant speed - never any surging issues. Given such very consistent build quality and tolerances I would have thought this issue would be far more consistent, to the point of every bike having the problem, but that clearly is not the case. Maybe the U version 6gen for Australia and New Zeal
  9. The picture is only showing the suction filter on the pump input side, the main filter is on the pump output. Given the state of it I guess its a good indication the main filter wouldn't be too healthy. Had a bit more of a read regards surging and bogging. Some more interesting things that 6gen owners claim to have greatly reduced or cured their issues apart from fuel filters. - Air intake velocity stacks incorrectly positioned. - Dying battery. - ECM connections poor or high resistance. - Spark plugs. - Poor Starter Valve synch. Guess Kalikiano
  10. Appreciate your comments Shipfixer regards potential design flaws with Honda closed loop for the early 6gen. I guess what I'm really getting at is that there is heavy evidence (and this particular thread is a classic example) that a very common (but not always) cause for a bike to start surging and bogging is fuel delivery and this is what should be assessed first before jumping to a PC or RB potentially masking a fundamental root cause of the problem. YMMV. Cheers.
  11. Interesting ShipFixer, I wonder if these issues you talk of are peculiar to the USA version. The riding group I was heavily involed with for 15 years or so had VFR owners of 6gens, there were at least 6 or 7 6gen owners that purchased their bikes from new including myself, I had fairly close contact with them, appart from the odd cct, stator/RR and a bad tank of fuel, I cannot recall anyone complaining of what your describing. Frankly, if I'd purchased a new bike with issues like this I think I'd be demanding a fix or refund! Like I mentioned my mates 5gen had none of the issu
  12. Hi Kalikiano. Strongly suggest before going down the path of fitting a PC or the RB that you check the fuel filter and pump etc. It's common with any bike to cause the issues you have by poor fuel delivery. I'm not saying conclusively that this is the cause in your situation, but it certainly needs checking. Note, your bikes fuel filter is almost 20 years old! My three previous 6gens and current 8gen have never experienced your issue. A friends 1998 5gen which I've ridden recently is stock standard and runs just fine, no fueling issues at all. Bikes don't come from
  13. Great work there Justin. Fantastic looking bike, many happy miles ahead of you for sure.
  14. Hi sunnersau. Welcome to the forum, you'll have to post a picture of your bike. You need to first check the state of Fuse E 10amp. Make sure this hasn't blown. Failing that, you need to check at the connector of the Instrument Panel that the Green/Black and Green wires are properly Grounded. You need to be sure that these wires have zero ohms measured back to the battery Negative Terminal. Do you have a multimeter? Also the full Service Manual for your bike can be downloaded from the forum if you don't already have one. Are you able to do the abo
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