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  1. Hi Skids. Ok it does appear the previous owner would have had this done to lower the seat height. You can purchase lowering plates that do the same job but hopefully they wouldn't block access to the adjuster. So it does appear yours needs a rotation of one position clockwise to have it back to normal position. My 8gen is exactly as your last drawing and the small arrow must point forward. Can't offer more than that!
  2. Well ok then. If ever I feel my rear brakes "Suck", I will definetly consider the steel lines. Since I do a brake flush/bleed every 12 months, just haven't had anything to complain about with the 8gen rear brakes even after 77,000k's. Again YMMV. Cheers.
  3. I'm obviously missing something! But what is the benefit in going to all this trouble for the rear brake line replacement on a relatively new bike? After all, it seems like a lot of it is steel line anyway! I understand especially for the front system it will give a more positive brake feel and possible greater hose life. But is there much to be gained by doing the rear? Never had any issue or need for rear brake hose replacement especially on relatively new bikes! I'm not talking of race track applications here, just normal road use. Just wondering, YMMV.
  4. Hi Terry. I think our two head lift stands from two different companies appear to be so identical perhaps they were made in the same factory! Glad I got the faster colour!
  5. Have a head lift stand made by Kaneg, check out their web site, they have a huge range of stands. Find this is just brilliant for dropping the front wheel, works great combined with the bikes center stand. Not sure if this is what you're after.
  6. Sorry m8 no can help. But keep your eyes on any motorcycle wreckers around you, you never know your luck, might get a full instrument panel cheaply. Or you can carry out a much neater track repair on your original, it's not at the point of being scrap just yet!
  7. Very nice photos flya750. Agree with you just love my own dreamy 8gen.
  8. Well I guess you're showing us all this stuff because you didn't do it! That's horrible pcb track repair. Best ya tidy this up as well! Any other good wiring mods you've found on the bike???. Electrical reliability is sitting on a knife edge with your bike!
  9. Some serious attention required on that lot, what a bloody mess. Either a proper wire repair or new wire bypass, needs to be sorted ASAP.! Surely that's not your bike is it Kiwi.....? Good luck with the repairs.
  10. Grum


    Absolutely superb, oh to get my hands on one of those! Beautiful shot of a truly beautiful machine.
  11. Wow......very bad case of MBD you have there VifferJ! Lucky you. Registration fees, insurance etc just makes having a museum of motorcycles way too cost prohibitive here in Auz. Looks like you've got all the right advice. AGM batteries are fine sitting idle provided they get a good charge every month or there abouts. If your batteries were Electrolyte Flooded, old style wet cells, you'd need to be more diligent. Cycling your charger amongst all your toys is fine. Cheers.
  12. Think this needs a little clarification! The Fuel Cut Relay doesn't provide a power pulse! It provides solid 12v to the Fuel Pump if Ignition pulses are detected at the relay. The pulsating of the fuel pump is a characteristic of this type of pump.
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