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  1. Hello from Poland

    Dzien Dobry Malpa. Always loved the Candy Red and Gold wheeled 6th gen real nice colour combination. Agree with Tiutis that's some pretty precise garden and entrance work, very nice home for the VFR! Do Widzenia.
  2. Very nice shots Fink. Great scenery and Lady in Red looks her best as well. Must be a good feeling to be out of hibernation and seeing the sunshine. Cheers.
  3. Clutch lever

    Hi Anthony Undo the pivot lock nut, now back off the pivot screw, it shouldn't be screwed in firmly, just to the point where it tightens then back it off a little, as this clamps down on the clutch handle surfaces causing the creaking, the lock nut can then be tightned making sure you have a screwdriver held in the pin so it doesn't move as you tighten the lock nut. Make sure its all well lubricated. I've had the same issue. Let's know how you get on. Cheers.
  4. Everybody has their own favourite coolant. However just as you have suggested I have always used the Honda Type 2 coolant purchased from a Honda Car dealership. It is premixed, and Silicate and Borate free. Just like Oil's ain't oils the same can be said for coolants. Just like you I was happy to spend a few extra bucks knowing I was using the recommended Honda product. Completly drain it and replace it. Its a 2007 model if you are unsure if it's ever been replaced then just do it, it may be loooong overdue. Cheers.
  5. Cooling Fan Operation Test

    Hi PetePower. Thats strange! You sure you met all the conditions I mentioned? I've done this numerous times while the bikes on the centre stand. There is a 5 to 8sec delay for the fan to kick in provided RPM is above 2000 and engine temp is greater than 45degC, bike in neutral, the cooling fan should switch in, assume your cooling fan is OK? My bike should be exactly like yours as we both have the 2014 8gen. Try again and let's know how it goes, very curious. Cheers. Grum
  6. Hi Skids. I have to take back what I said before about the internal contacts shouldn't be exposed! I took the switch off my VFR800 and it looks exactly like yours, have to say I've never come across a switch like this with exposed internal contacts, this will allow dirt and crap to get onto the contacts and cause high resistance contacts over time! which might be what your problem is. So all you need to do is pull the slide on spade wire connections off (no need to strip the insulation back) and place a meter across the switch connections just press the switch plunger to activate it (you should physically see the contacts make and break as you press and release the plunger) and make sure you're getting zero ohms resistance each time you activate the switch. If that works then your Clutch Switch is OK. If you have some switch lubricant or WD40 a squirt of that on the exposed contacts might fix it if dirt has gotten onto the contacts. Cheers.
  7. Hi Skids. Looks like your switch is stuffed. The internal contacts should not be exposed like that, appears part of the switch housing is missing! With the switch mounted back onto the clutch you should hear a faint but audible click as you pull the clutch in at some point. If you have a multimeter remove the two wires from the switch and with your meter on low ohms scale place the probes on the two switch contacts, activate the clutch and when the switch activates the reading should read zero ohms for a closed switch. You could physically compare the switch with your other bike, they should be similar. Also you can just press the plunger on the switch and see if the contacts make. Good Luck. Cheers.
  8. Hi Skids. I'm making an assumption here that the start logic is the same as the 8gen VFR800F, and you can't start it in any gear not just 1st. The In Gear start logic relies on the series ground supplied by your Side Stand Switch in the UP position AND a closed (pulled in ) Clutch switch along with a functional Clutch diode. All three of these items provide the series ground needed for the Starter Relay to pull in when you hit the start button. So start by checking your Side Stand Switch, Clutch Switch and that the clutch diode is not open circuit. There is NO neutral switch like previous VFR's. Neutral detection is via the status of all three Gear Position Switches if ALL three are closed this equals Neutral. However neutral detection is NOT looked at for an in gear start. Cheers.
  9. Won't start in Gear

    Hi Woodie. There's a bit of contradiction in what you say! You say the clutch switch works because it won't start unless its pulled in, But then you say you can only start it when in neutral! If you are in Neutral the Clutch Switch has NO say in the matter. When in gear the Side Stand Switch AND the Clutch Switch (when pulled in) provide a series ground path for the starter relay. Assuming as you've said the Side Stand Switch is OK then other than perhaps a broken wire, Highly suspect your clutch switch is not operating properly for an in gear start. Cheers.
  10. Hi All. Just a bit of trivia thats not mentioned in the owners or service manual, its a simple method to verify your cooling fan ops. Bike in neutral, engine temp above 45degC, RPM above 2000 and after a delay of about 5sec the cooling fan should spring into life and remain on until RPM is less than 2000. Just for Info. Cheers.
  11. How long is a piece of string???? There's lots of variables at play here! However going through my maintenance records I have generally gotten between 32,000K's to 36,000K's. I always (and successfully) run two chains to a set of sprockets, I am fussy about my chain tension and chain/sprocket lubrication. Personally like the EK Gold Link chain as to wether EK is better or worse than other manufacturers, I wouldn't know. Cheers.
  12. If you're bike is cranking over nicely, would appear your battery is ok. Give the flooded engine start procedure a go and see if it will cough and splutter back to life, might help if you jumper a car battery to your bike battery. You may also have gathered a fair amount of condensation in your tank, perhaps emptying your tank and fresh fuel might also do the trick. The flooded engine start procedure is described in the owners book. Good Luck. Cheers
  13. long distance comfort

    Hi Landlover. Guess the easiest answer is, it won't be much different to your 2007 VFR! My impression with the 8gen was the seat felt a little more comfortable. Have done many a long day trips on the 8 and 6gen, the longest being 853k's in a day on the 6gen and a few 400k plus days on the 8gen. Apart from a bit of sore arse and achy knee joints long distances don't worry me. I generally have a stop for a drink or just to stretch the legs every 150 to 200k's. It sounds like your body shape and age is similar to me. If you are looking at upgrading from your 07 to an 8gen, you won't be disappointed. Happy Riding. Cheers.
  14. Still love my VFR

    Hi Dave. Staintune indeed they are. Sounded great, but Bloody expensive at the time. There have been lots of comments on the forum regards 6 to 8gen comparisons. Gadget wise you get - Heated Grips, Self Cancelling Turn Indicators, bright LED Headlights, all new fancy instrumentation, ABS, Traction Control, larger front discs, lighter weight, narrower width due to the side radiators moved to the front, better fuel economy, better 4 valve transition, gear selection indication, really neat OEM pannier fitment, great improvement on the Electrical Issues the 6gen used to suffer from, easy knob adjustable rear suspension pre-load, you also have the option of fitting a Quick Shifter to the 8gen, Hi and Lo seat height, etc..... Ride wise - The 8gen certainly feels lighter and a little more nimble through the twisties, silky smooth gear box and fueling is excellent. My only criticism is the suspension feels a little too harsh no matter what the setting. My overall impression, after 50,000k's is that the 8gen, is a more refined machine over the 6gen and I'm extremely happy with it. Cheers. Grum.
  15. Still love my VFR

    Nicely put Dave, my sentiments exactly. Now on my 4th VFR800 an 8gen and just love it. Guess it's all been said before, but bang for your buck, it's a gem. Ease of general maintenance, styling, build quality, great fuel range, center stand, single swing arm with simple chain adjust never mis aligning the sprockets, and just a sweet symphony from a beautiful Vee4, etc etc............ I do sometimes miss my own 07 RWB. Cheers. Phillip Island March 2008.

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