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  1. Grum

    Museum Condition 5th Gen

    For a serious track bike ya gotta check out the "Zook" it comes with a "playful heart". On a serious note - a wonderfull collection of classics.
  2. Grum

    The new(ish) VFR in town..

    Very nice Simon. Not the fastest colour but a very classy lady indeed, love the Perl White. Safe riding. Congrats. Sorry no white ones available!!
  3. Grum

    Slightly Hesitant on Acceleration

    Hi Smufbud. Thats great news your Viffer is behaving itself again. I'm surprised that new plugs fixed it when they had been recently replaced! Are you sure the plugs removed were the right type and temperature range? Just wondering! Enjoy your ride. Cheers.
  4. Grum

    Please help me fix my overheating.

    Good luck with it Urban. You've covered everything now.
  5. Grum

    Slightly Hesitant on Acceleration

    Hi Smurfbud. Absolutely do Not do it like above, frankly IOM that looks crap! Cut the end caps off around the existing wield, gut the canisters then at the back of the end caps you've cut off, grind away and remove the inner baffle pipes that protrude into the outer pipe, you'll understand what I mean once you've cut the end caps off, you just want to remove that last bit of baffle pipe going into the end caps. Get the end caps nicely re wielded refit the heat shield and you done. They will sound Fantastic and looked beautifully stock standard. I've done this twice and it's well worth the effort. Cheers
  6. Grum

    1994 tach dead

    Ummmm, sorry Marsman and Dutchy, but I think the OP has a Tacho issue not a Speedo. However that is good info. Cheers.
  7. Grum

    Please help me fix my overheating.

    I would be hoping the water pump impeller is stainless steel, but it certainly should be looked at.
  8. Grum

    Please help me fix my overheating.

    As VFROZ mentioned, time to have a good inspection of your water pump. If the system is aluminium then where has the rust come from?
  9. Grum

    Please help me fix my overheating.

    Hi Urban. I take my hat off to you for your persistence, and can understand your frustration. Hope I'm not stating the obvious here but considering how marginal even a healthy cooling system is on the VFR, have you confirmed that all the radiator cores on both of them are completely clear, after all, you did identify rust in the system, serious blockages might not be shifted by flushing agents. You've just about covered everything, as Cogswell stated make sure you really get all the air purged from the system. Would it be worth hooking your bike up to an exhaust gas anyliser just to see if you are running lean? I've done a few track days myself but can't recall ever having any overheating issues. My 2007 RWB had Staintune exhausts similar to your's and did a couple of track days at Phillip Island with it, no issues. Good Luck
  10. Hi Headshrink. Sorry but still think you're worrying about nothing. However, if I was desperately in need of knowing when this system operates, I would disconnect the electrical plug from the control valve, rig up a 12v lamp ( low wattage or LED and resistor) to the connector and temporarily mount the lamp where I could view it while riding. Whenever the lamp turns on is when the valve would energise which would apply vaccum to the diaphram to close the flapper. This test would ensure the ECU output was working, and by riding under various conditions you would soon learn when the flapper is activated. Just a thought, and a simple thing to try. Cheers.
  11. Grum

    Hot weather fuel problem?

    Check the 6 fuel pump mounting nuts for even tightness, possible fuel pump seal leak issue see page 7-9 in the Service Manual. Check there's no weeping from the quick disconnect coupling. Are you getting any high positive pressure build up in your tank? Note - ALWAYS When lowering your tank make sure you take up the slack of the breather hose by gently pulling on the small to big breather hose connector (right hand side) as you lower the tank. Very easy to kink, crush, block the breather on the 8gen, leading to tank damage. Good luck let's know what you find, you need to get this sorted ASAP. Cheers.
  12. Grum

    Slightly Hesitant on Acceleration

    Hi Bud. Looks like the ideal spot, just prior the the one way valve for the Vairable Intake system. As for you plugs it could be oil residue left when the plugs were replaced, bit of excessive oil used on the threads, possibly discoloured due to the heat being transferred up the plug body, or it might also be damaged o ring on the joint collars under the camshaft holder allowing small amount of oil into the plug well, otherwise the plugs look good. Did you confinm the gap was in spec? Have you confirmed there are no Vaccum leaks on the Scott Oiler hose and fittings? Have you also confirmed the Throttle Bodies are properly fitted with no leaks?
  13. You almost have it. If you follow your arrows further down you will see they join together. So as mentioned a loss of ground on the G/Bl wire will cause your issues. Also have never had the Instrument Panel apart but cracks on the joints where the pins meet the board are common issues or cracks on the board itself.
  14. Hi Bud. According to my drawing the G/Bl earth wire does feed the Tacho as it loops through both main instrument connectors. Have a good look at the wiring of these connectors for bad crimping loose wires, poor connections etc. Perhaps you might be loosing a power feed 12v to the instrument panel, needs checking as well. Good luck
  15. Grum

    Engine oil recommendations

    Very interesting Megadan, thanks for the info glad it sorted out your issues. As they say " Oils ain't Oils Sol" sorry, but that was a quote from a Castrol oil TV add we had Down Under many moons ago!

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