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  1. of course you replaced the bulbs when they didn't light up ? power for tail lights comes from a brown wire on the ignition switch, so you could try pulling the bottom (electrical) part of the ignition switch to inspect/clean the contacts.
  2. Honda reduced wire gauge on and after gen 4's.
  3. issat right ? not 17" ?
  4. My first bike ! good original condition. 4500 miles. runs great. please click below: https://www.hawkgtforum.com/forum/classifieds/ebay-craigslist-off-site-parts/870600-fs-yamaha-1966-yl-1-2-stroke-125cc email: squirrelmanxxjerry@outlook.com
  5. I've owned this for 25 years, always maintained, clean, and a strong runner ! https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/d/buffalo-rare-sportbike-1986-vfr-700/6804862711.html
  6. My buddy bought this last March from a dealer-guy with a big van and long trailer just full of exxxotic 400's lately shipped from England. Buddy got this NC super-cheap, since we don't know if it will run or not and no title, unfortunately. i hope to get it on the road for a couple test rides this summer.......but i have SO many other projects. 😪 He also got his hands on these two sweethearts from a selection of late-80's CBR and VFR 400's. He's ridden the CBR a couple times but not the VFR, which isn't running at its best. He really wanted this clean NC35 too but he was running short of $$$$, having bought a record 3 bikes in one day !
  7. You hangin with a rough crowd there, homey, and risking too much by street racin' just for braggin rights. too young to understand the dangers i guess ? 😒 drinkin', druggin' dealin all wich u hoodbillies, pooty soon de po-lice sho up ! 😱
  8. Here in USA the HF O-ring kit #10 is the one to use. with a new ring, the fuel tube has a slightly tight fit into the carbs. usual failure is due to rust particles bridging the width of the ring, allowing fuel to seep past.
  9. if your nighthawk is worth $2000, a clean, good-running VFR700 would be fairly priced at about $2200-2400.
  10. what's your nighthawk worth ?? the VFR will need a carb cleaning but it has a rare centerstand and is a bargain at $1600. just be sure the engine turns freely.
  11. we have a nice NC23 here too, haven't started it yet.
  12. maybe you bought a bike that's too big for you ??
  13. the bike is SO GOOD it makes no sense to worry about cosmetic fairings.
  14. most likely a clogged idle jet i'd guess 😣
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