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  1. the chances that these vibes could be a result of carb imperfections nears zero.
  2. something may be loose, so go around and check nuts and bolts holding things together.
  3. if you somehow lost or displaced the rubber buffers at each side of the fuel tank, it can vibrate/resonate at certain frequencies.
  4. Scotsman happy he didn't need to spend any ca$h. 😀 Good work, mate.
  5. ALWAYS drain and FLUSH the tank on any newly-bought bike !
  6. what company makes pistons for a 1000cc conversion..............or is that a lie ? expect overheating.
  7. inspect air filter, and inspect sparkplugs to see if colors look good and are all the same. consider replacing plugs with new. could be partly-clogged idle jets or something else in carbs. good luck.
  8. alot of great stuff miracle-working chemicals cause cancer, if you care. MEK for example.
  9. suggest reading the MSDS on this (or any) product before using.
  10. will probably need to replace starter lock-out diode.
  11. great condition, red of course. $88 obo. squirrelmanxxjerry@outlook.com
  12. best not to delude yourself or invest time or money in a VF500 unless it passes a compression test FIRST thing ! if yours runs with no disturbing noises, it's lucky. you can't shift properly cuz during storage the clutch plates have stuck together. they can be freed-up by technique without taking anything apart. ride and use both throttle and rear brake at the same time to break the plates loose. or place front wheel against a wall and, in gear, give it some gas.
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