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  1. since you asked........ it looks terrible, your design credentials are woefully lacking, and i don't see even one original idea, just copies of other guys' trendy mistakes. ( few here will criticize your efforts since they don't want to appear unfriendly, no concern for me.) there is no visual balance of masses front/rear i wouldn't even consider riding a bike that fugly.
  2. always the worst place on any bike. 😉 it's best to leave the slave on the cover, just leave the short bolt attached to it. check the service manual for torque specs on the cover, and FOLLOW the proper SEQUENCE. over-tightening could be a disaster.
  3. even if the fuse hasn't blown, dirty connections can overheat and melt part of the main fuse holder.
  4. no one who ever inspected the wiring on a simple chinese scooter would want to depend upon their components, including the in-line fuse holder.
  5. putting in any fuse rated at more than 30 amps could cause a huge, smokey problem.
  6. uncle Luigi say loog-a nize-a. 😏
  7. could be master cylinder leaking pressure past failing seals. to test, pull slave off the bike and clamp the piston back with a C-clamp, then squeeze clutch handle to see if it holds pressure or sinks down.
  8. honestly, where do you think you can use any more than half of that power ? 😑
  9. it's been mentioned already, but wear boots or hard soles or you could hurt your foot.
  10. sounds more like valve tappet noise to me. if a rod knock it would be more apparent at lower rpms.
  11. FUSE BOX COVER 3-D printed reproduction $36 + shipping
  12. simple, cheap and crude but effective.....all hidden under the fairings anyway .
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