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  1. i'm sure that guy is very good, but.......... i do carb cleaning/rebuilding too, charge less than that guy, and i just finished cleaning and fuel tube O-ring replacement on 2 gen 3 bikes................ unless people are seriously OCD, they don't need their carbs totally stripped down to each nut and O-ring as very often only one or 2 small jets need cleaning and the bike will run fine. i do alot of carb work, and most need very simple cleaning of idle jets and maybe new float needles, and that's all. i could make more money if i insisted on a total a stripdown of every carb that came in, but i just do what's necessary (and a couple of preventative things) to get my riders going again as quickly and as economically as possible.
  2. Honda may have bought that part from an outside supplier, just like they do with wheels.
  3. OK then you never lube your chain or use the rear brake................
  4. too much work to keep kleen. then you give up and wheels look dirtty.
  5. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mpo/d/buffalo-yamaha-classic-1966-yl/7372989188.html
  6. it could be as simple as replacing 3 small springs at minimal cost. get it in your hands and apart to check.
  7. if the front end took a hit hard enough to bend the wheel, chances are that the steering head bearings are dented and need replacement.
  8. shaking helps bring trapped air bubbles to the top.
  9. OH, jeez i wuz thinkin about '86 forks.............😚 i'ma dimdum
  10. not smart to just replace a battery without testing the charging system output both cold and hot first.
  11. i have an '86 starter clutch in fine condition for sale but it's not cheap.
  12. EMULATORS are a big improvement.
  13. without the shield the rear brake fluid could get too hot to work.
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