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  1. 'scuse me but your full attention belongs entirely upon the road, not waiting for a booty call. cellphones do not belong anywhere within a rider's view. it's another modern addiction you need to kick.
  2. usually means chain is worn out, needs replacement.
  3. maybe send your vacuum slides to danno for diaphragm replacement as he seems quite competent and has the necessary experience.
  4. did anyone suggest to synch the carbs ?? poor synch will have the engine idling unevenly, which causes clutch noise as plates bounce fore and aft.
  5. jbm (jdm ?) supplies those parts, and i believe they will install them if you require so contact them.
  6. yes, jets have a hole from top to bottom.
  7. i was chasing a slide problem on a set of recently-worked-on '86 carbs and discovered that the spring had bent over when cap was replaced carelessly and symptoms were just as you describe.
  8. rider screws up by not having correct tire pressures then congratulates himself for finally figuring it out.
  9. contact the company that sold you the parts for instructions
  10. maybe, maybe not. gotta pull it apart to check. make sure all 4 springs are the same lengths.
  11. suspect that slide's diaphragm is pinched and not correctly seated in its groove.
  12. OMG, u don't have the service manual ???? some bloke might give u an answer, but always smart to check the bible.
  13. to lube throttle shafts set the carbs on their side and place some oil where they merge into the carb body and let them sit for a day, then do the other side and let that sit for a few hours, allowing oil to feed down to felt washers. especially important if carbs were soaked.
  14. soaking carbs is no cure all, usually unnecessary and may lead to frozen-solid throttle shafts during storage.
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