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  1. Hear, hear, matey ! No, i won't say all non-OEM parts are not as good; but, with no testing we know of, why assume any extra risk of failure in manufacture or materials defects ? I won't use Chinese parts on anything i ride, including an old winter-ridden '86 Yamaha. Just based upon what i've observed and experienced, comprende ? Now, about my wheel spoke miscount... my bike was sitting in a workshop over 10 miles distant, and i hadn't visited it in months due to winter weather. Appreciate your correction as i do hate inaccuracy--almost like a lie-- in myself, although i sometimes tolerate it in others. Wasn't it the eminent Dr. Johnson, i believe, who quipped in a 1770 dinner at the Black Swan with great men men of that age that " An inaccuracy is as good as a lie, Sir, eh, Dr. Boswell ?
  2. OK, just don't use Allballs for wheel bearings ! spend the $$ on OEM quality. the mechanic was somewhat fullashit. why recommend any non-stock, lower-quality replacements ? just saving money isn't worth it. a better shop would have offered to order OEM parts for your repair. what grease on the bearings ?
  3. Depends upon various factors. The bike is too lean from the factory, so factory settings may not apply.
  4. Big engine repair!

    might have avoided valve damage if you had removed the clutch cover access hole and slowly turned the crank BY HAND and stopped turning if you felt resistance. not to have tried this was another mistake
  5. Tips for Flaring Chain Master Link? Just Broke Mine

    I'd run it as-is but keep inspecting it often. With one good rivet and one half-good, the side plate won't come off, and that's the only possible problem.
  6. Starter doesn't run with clutch in

    Thanks. old man squirrel learned somethin new today !
  7. It's the classic trade-off: you pay half as much for Chinese bearings but need to replace them twice as often. Quality bearings come from USA, Germany, Japan, Sweden ONLY.
  8. VFR 750N

    What's the purpose of an oil cooler if it's very close to hot exhaust pipes ? An oil heater ? Can't cool 220 temp oil near 400 degree pipes, eh ?
  9. Cheap Chinese garbage i wouldn't use, bad steel, poor quality control.
  10. Starter doesn't run with clutch in

    Possibly a bad neutral switch or fried diode.
  11. STOCK WHEEL 5-spoke your 8-spoke wheel was fitted on some gen3 models originally.
  12. Taping up the airbox holes will make your bike run richer, not what you need.
  13. at 34K your steering head bearings may need attention, cleaning and regreasing or replacement. Wheel bearings too need checking.
  14. i don't think it's possible to reach the (rider's) right rear or front carb's mixture screw with carbs installed on the bike.....but i could be wrong. Cooling hoses are in the way, it seems. with holes in the airbox top it's almost certain you have a jetkit. read the tuning instructions online for dialing-in jetting. mixture screws are usually set at about 2 1/2 turns out if you have stock idle jets.
  15. you know the rear wheel is a replacement from another VFR ? Good work getting it going. Why the tape on the fuel tank top ?? how many miles ?

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