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  1. someday the manufacture and sale of gasoline will be prohibited by law.................... it's easy to find flagrant examples of anti-social riding on youtube, any group ride will suffice.
  2. that way madness lies. installing a loom with all components in place is a difficult and frustrating job best avoided if possible. on he other hand, splicing wires is dead easy.
  3. a stuck-open thermostat or anything that keeps engine temperature below optimum will waste fuel.
  4. screw fb ! they discriminate against and won't accept people who can't afford or don't want cellphones.
  5. guess you didn't get the memo: that phrase has been retired due to old age and overuse.
  6. i do rebuilds on vf and vfr carbs also from this and the other vfr site, my work is guaranteed, and prices are reasonable. been doing carbs since my early days as a sportscar mechanic starting around 1964 .additionally, i have a special technique that does a superior job of bench-synching and eliminates the need for using gauges in 99% of cases.
  7. lol ! i used to spend 3-4 months every winter in arizona and loved riding there but those happy days are gone forever. the photo above was snapped at the exact location where several scenes of "Raising Arizona" (Hi's trailer) were filmed. my avatar !
  8. the most accurate and reliable way to check coolant level is to look under the radiator cap on a cool engine. there are various reasons why the overflow bottle might NOT be a good indication of coolant level.
  9. chances are that any ebay set of used carbs may have problems and need a proper cleaning at least.
  10. just me........ but i don't like letting my bike sit and idle for that long. i've gone through many cases of non-running fans, once a bad ground and ALL the other times a bad switch.
  11. almost certainly the float needle is leaking in that carb. if you remove the top of the air box and the filter you may see wet fuel bubbling up from the needle hole under the slide.
  12. a lot of riders install a switch in parallel with the radiator temp switch to better control water temp in traffic. old thermo switches often fail.
  13. there are at least 2 dozen ways this project could go BANG !
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