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  1. squirrelman

    Super weird starter issue

    usual cause of a clicking relay with no start is a low state of battery charge. starters themselves rarely fail.
  2. i bought a wrecked GSXR at an auction years ago and found that the frame around the steering head bearings had gone decidedly oval-shaped.
  3. with forks hit as hard as that i'd suspect cracks or other damage around the steering head bearing seats or a bent frame. 😭
  4. runs strong !! https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/d/rare-sportbike-1986-vfr-700/6740236676.html
  5. squirrelman

    Anything wrong with my engine?

    you can also use a spray bottle with water to check header heat and may need to lie on the ground next to the bike to check the rear headers.
  6. not needed. my VFR's are over 30 yo and both rad hoses and brake lines are all just fine. steel-braided lines seem to increase braking power, but often feel wooden at the lever (IMO) with less feel than stock.
  7. squirrelman

    VF500 Dynojet kit

    Dyno runs can be hard on engines so there's some risk. what's your hp guess ?
  8. squirrelman

    Back on a VFR!!

    Can't ya just keep the phone in your backpack or pocket ?? it's a distraction nobody needs.
  9. squirrelman

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    I have a set of gen3 carbs for sale, freshly cleaned, new fuel tube O-rings, adjusted, synched, leak-tested and ready to go. no fuel in them since rebuild. questions ?: squirrelmanxxjerry@outlook.com
  10. squirrelman

    Anchor Bar in Buffalo 070716

    this place is the international STANDARD on how wings should be !
  11. squirrelman

    No spark issue. Suggestions?

    unplug all the connections to the spark box and clean contacts.
  12. squirrelman

    No spark issue. Suggestions?

    OK, how long have you ridden the bike since new battery ?
  13. squirrelman

    No spark issue. Suggestions?

    About 96% of slow-turning starters are due to low battery voltage, tested yours ?
  14. squirrelman

    No spark issue. Suggestions?

    look at the wiring diagram and test that you get +12v to the black box when key and run switch are ON. also test that the green wire there has zero resistance to chassis.
  15. squirrelman

    Coolant under bike on a hot day

    suggest you try replacing radiator cap as it may not be holding pressure. fill overflow bottle to LOW mark only to leave space for coolant expansion.

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