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  1. that's been my motto since forever.
  2. many racers prefer the lower friction of a ball bearing setup that provides more sensitive feedback of front tire traction. found this out when talking with factory team mechanics at an AMA race.
  3. not all that common really. the volatile parts of fuel deteriorate, and carbs will clog and grow oxide crystals.
  4. best thing is to follow directions in the honda owner's manual to drain carb float bowls for storage periods.
  5. Hornet was also the launching point for the 1942 B-25 doolittle raid on tokyo, the first us bombing of japan. WATCH :
  6. my first bike, starts and runs great https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mpo/d/buffalo-yamaha-classic-1966-yl/7413892089.html $1450 fob buffalo, ny
  7. ^^^ quite observant, as usual. i bought that bike knowing it had been pranged up front, and after i got it running right and rode it around for awhile, sold it quickly.
  8. alot of riders wouldn't get what a 250 VFR is all about, but you do ! i've also had 3.
  9. thanks, the original photo print is even better. and the lighting conditions were perfect for that shot. the copy cut off most of the peaks, which are fully shown on the original photo.
  10. 4 peaks in the background location where part of "raising arizona" was filmed
  11. misalignment there is a sign of a crash or heavy tipover.
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