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  1. i have alot of good used parts for VTR 250s including bodywork, tanks, and a titled rolling chassis.
  2. i don't agree, and believe valve air leak has nothing to do with with valve timing as long as it's within standard specs. you can visit my website: imightbeanidiot.com
  3. the hissing test is no-cost and doesn't need gauges or an air compressor like leak-down. it's easy to feel the piston on compression stroke approaching tdc where there shouldn't be any hissing sound.
  4. cheap improvement: drain forks, wash out with solvent and replace fluid. steering head bearings will need replacement
  5. if the valves are leaking you can listen at the airbox or exhaust pipe while turning the crank slowly with a wrench and hear hissing.
  6. u need to discover what is responsible for low compression, rings or valves.
  7. "might" was my out cuz i was far from sure about my statement. thanks, grum. i've never read one of your posts that wasn't spot-on.
  8. i believe the fuse might blow if the two wires from the start circuit are incorrectly placed, left-to-right.
  9. how many miles on the bike ? it's easy to determine if rad hoses need replacement, being either too soft or too hard. total mileage matters more than years.
  10. no need for fancy, hard to reach expensive stuff........
  11. what happened to the tail ? looks like it was chopped off with an axe, not aesthetically pleasing at all.
  12. yosh=too friggin loud 4 me. pipes are nice but.........
  13. without the air box and filter they usually run too lean for good performance.
  14. too bad some trendy young hipster's tail ruined it.
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