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  1. squirrelman

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    if you haven't heard the engine run, i'd suggest that you make a compression test before anything else. you'll also need to remove cam covers and check for damage to cam lobes or bearings. if compression numbers aren't good enough, your project will get alot more complex and expensive. good luck !
  2. not much to do up in minnie-soda, eh, but cribbage, ice fishin, wisky and warmin up by the fire ? no fun unless you have winter resto project to finish.
  3. squirrelman

    RC36.2 (4th Gen) Fuel Injection discussion

    since fi has so few actual benefits over carbs, and since so many fi bikes are available now, it seems impossibly difficult and senseless to try a conversion. anyone who can't get their carbs working and tuned to 100% of their potential hasn't got a chance with a complicated, computer- and sensor-driven fi system that was never designed for their bike.
  4. squirrelman

    Happy Holidays everyone

    Happy new year from my gang to yours 😎
  5. squirrelman

    Switch Casings

    someone once suggested puttin peanutbutter on the switch, but too many squirrels could cause chaos and entropy.
  6. squirrelman

    87 700 fuel pump relay intermittent failure?

    i wouldn't even leave my driveway with a Chinese fuel pump !🙄
  7. squirrelman

    VF500 as a winter hack

    just about the nicest and cleanest-looking 500 i've seen on this site ! my Honda's are garaged in the (long) winter, and i ride a trusty '86 Yam Radian 600 in cold and nasty conditions.
  8. squirrelman

    Adding ABS

    just get a newer bike with ABS cuz you can't, in practical terms, convert.
  9. squirrelman

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    Pet ?? Off topic, but he's a Cymonys ludovicianus, i.e. black-tail prairie dog !
  10. squirrelman

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    what happens if you don't use distilled water and fail to change coolant often enough..............
  11. squirrelman

    Super weird starter issue

    usual cause of a clicking relay with no start is a low state of battery charge. starters themselves rarely fail.
  12. i bought a wrecked GSXR at an auction years ago and found that the frame around the steering head bearings had gone decidedly oval-shaped.
  13. with forks hit as hard as that i'd suspect cracks or other damage around the steering head bearing seats or a bent frame. 😭
  14. squirrelman

    Anything wrong with my engine?

    you can also use a spray bottle with water to check header heat and may need to lie on the ground next to the bike to check the rear headers.
  15. not needed. my VFR's are over 30 yo and both rad hoses and brake lines are all just fine. steel-braided lines seem to increase braking power, but often feel wooden at the lever (IMO) with less feel than stock.

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