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  1. squirrelman

    Tapered Head Bearing Help

    bearings too loose will usually CLICK when using front break hard and will cause the steering to wander side-to-side if too tight. new bearings may need readustment after the first 600 miles.
  2. squirrelman

    No headlights No fuel pump

    High resistance caused by corrosion will overheat and kill the thing. you can see the corrosion starting here on the top left terminal.....greenish.
  3. squirrelman

    Engine oil recommendations

    must NOT use energy conserving oil in motorcycles ! 😫 photo is my black-tail prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) named Cheeky. very sweet and friendly, he insists upon sleeping next to me in bed !
  4. squirrelman

    87 700 fuel pump relay intermittent failure?

    very often a melted plug like yours will destroy the stator if any two wires contact each other.
  5. squirrelman

    Engine oil recommendations

    in a hot climate it's best to use what Honda recommends, and that's 10W40 or 20W40, isn't it ? 10w30 is for cooler northern latitudes.
  6. squirrelman

    Raising fork legs in triple clamps of 2nd Gen

    10mm is about the limit.
  7. squirrelman

    Steering issue?

    So you rode your VFR from OH to AZ ? 😎
  8. squirrelman

    To be different !!!!!

    Well, i'm wrong again. sorry !
  9. squirrelman

    To be different !!!!!

    People who paint their luvly alloy frame black: 😱 It's a bluudy disgrace it is !!
  10. squirrelman

    Anchor Bar in Buffalo 070716

    That's where the Buffalo wing originated !! yes, the mc display is impressive, but damn, them wings be expen$ive .
  11. squirrelman

    Leaking fuel pump

    But i HAVE worked in shops, fixed many V-4's in the Honda line (Magnas, Sabres) and still never saw it. thanks for the fire warning though. of course we're talking OEM pumps only, not Chinese replacements, which i would expect to leak ??
  12. squirrelman

    Leaking fuel pump

    Guess i should have stated that i never saw the problem in 28 years of owning and working on many VFR's.
  13. Good on the unfortunate guys who must work outside ! 🙄
  14. squirrelman

    Leaking fuel pump

    This failure is very, very unusual ! 😱
  15. squirrelman

    Penske shock for $50???

    Rog started making shocks to gain whatever small advantage in the Indycar series, and always has the best engineers.

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