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  1. the #1 thing to avoid in oils is "energy saving".
  2. better to optimize main jets first, then play with needle grooves.
  3. with a dry system the mc must be bled at the banjo bolt FIRST.
  4. allballs is cheap chinese commie trash maybe ok for head bearings, not for wheel bearings !
  5. normal voltage in a battery (with key off) should be close to 12.6 volts, so use your volt/ohm multimeter to check. recharge with 1-amp charger for 6-8 hours. if voltage does not rise to 12.6 the battery is bad, but check your charging system output too.
  6. too hash-stoned to remember where he parked ?
  7. so you think it's effective then and it has your enthusiastic, unequivocal endorsement , ay lad ? whats the crack ? how's the crack ?
  8. ^^ you can raise the mc even higher by removing it from the bar and holding it up by the lever while tapping the line and banjo bolt. this worked for me many times.
  9. the biggest problem riding a bike that small is the train of cars behind wanting to pass.
  10. since you asked........ it looks terrible, your design credentials are woefully lacking, and i don't see even one original idea, just copies of other guys' trendy mistakes. ( few here will criticize your efforts since they don't want to appear unfriendly, no concern for me.) there is no visual balance of masses front/rear i wouldn't even consider riding a bike that fugly.
  11. always the worst place on any bike. 😉 it's best to leave the slave on the cover, just leave the short bolt attached to it. check the service manual for torque specs on the cover, and FOLLOW the proper SEQUENCE. over-tightening could be a disaster.
  12. even if the fuse hasn't blown, dirty connections can overheat and melt part of the main fuse holder.
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