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  1. squirrelman

    Surging at 3,500rpm

    Unplug the connector on top of the starter relay to inspect for dirty, corroded, or overheated connections, as resistance in there will reduce charging.
  2. Dija loosen the fork caps while they were still on the bike ? u shoulda cuz you're gonna be replacing fork oil.
  3. squirrelman

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    It helps alot to lube the boots and the carbs where they slide into the boots.
  4. squirrelman

    This One Weird Trick To Bleed Your Clutch

    It always helps to fully retract the slave piston using a C-clamp while bleeding.
  5. squirrelman

    Battery dead after riding

    While you're riding, a good charging test is to push the horn button. Horns hate low voltage and won't sound right if the battery is running low.
  6. Tighten both leads on the starter solenoid, and check/clean the connection at the end of the negative lead (chassis ground).
  7. squirrelman

    Issues running once warm

    Pickup coils are heat-prone too, so check resistances both cold and hot.
  8. squirrelman

    1986 VFR carbs

    Been there, done that ! It takes hours and hours and about a gallon of beer!
  9. squirrelman

    Issues running once warm

    check charging voltage b4 and after the problem starts.
  10. squirrelman

    A Shout Out for Pro Bolt Fasteners

    Made in China ?? 🙄
  11. squirrelman


    show us the numbers and curves, please.
  12. squirrelman

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    no need to cap them, no creeping if properly assembled.
  13. squirrelman

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    it's not a very precise setting as eyesight, judgement, and measuring errors all factors in, so tolerance runs about 1/2 mm either way.
  14. squirrelman

    3rd Gen Carb Jet Sizes

    surging is usually a lean indication, so try opening up the idle mix screws about 1/2 turn or try #40 pilot jets.

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