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  1. my first bike, starts and runs great https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mpo/d/buffalo-yamaha-classic-1966-yl/7413892089.html $1450 fob buffalo, ny
  2. ^^^ quite observant, as usual. i bought that bike knowing it had been pranged up front, and after i got it running right and rode it around for awhile, sold it quickly.
  3. alot of riders wouldn't get what a 250 VFR is all about, but you do ! i've also had 3.
  4. '92 ZX-7 i usta own white hawk i usta own VTR250 that i ride alot
  5. thanks, the original photo print is even better. and the lighting conditions were perfect for that shot. the copy cut off most of the peaks, which are fully shown on the original photo.
  6. 4 peaks in the background location where part of "raising arizona" was filmed
  7. misalignment there is a sign of a crash or heavy tipover.
  8. that's right ! acid in old oil can eat bearings. i've seen it in person.
  9. ^^ obviously, i made the same mistake twice, not a good sign to foul things up bass akward. sorry for any misinformation.
  10. if you lean the right side of the bike against a wall or something suitable there's no need to drain the oil. often, the only things required to fix a wonky starter clutch are 3 small, cheap springs, easily replaced. be careful not to loose the shaft and fat washer from the idler gear assembly.
  11. this is my sweet little prairie dog, and he insists upon sleeping next to me in bed every night.
  12. yes, remember the DN-01 ? (Do Not buy 1)
  13. our man, grum, is the best electrickal fixer i've found on ANY bike forum, and we're lucky to have him.
  14. ^^ same here. thank you for your VERY GENEROUS contribution !!!!
  15. thanks for the excellent advice, kbear. i know you're correct, but i'm just not in any financial position to spring for a new helmet and will continue searching for the eye shields and mounting hardware to get these 2 back in service. on another helmet (1992 arai kevin schwantz replica) the arai company stated that i shouldn't use a helmet that old and that they supported parts for their helmets for no more than 7 years.
  16. thanks for the info. do you know the model number ? i'm trying to find eye shields and mounting hardware,
  17. trying to rehabilitate 2 old shoei helmets and need to know the model numbers.
  18. it depends alot on the mileage since things wear out with accumulated overall use, and all bearings have a natural life span, wheel bearings might need replacement at certain mileages, something less than 40k for example or whatever. steering head bearings (imo) almost always need replacement over 35-40k miles unless they were maintained according to service manual specifications and were regularly inspected and re-greased at specified intervals and slightly readjusted. hey, i know nuttin.
  19. if you stored the carbs upsidedown sometimes float needles may stick to their seats and won't allow fuel in.
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