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  1. doesn't make sense to replace a battery without checking the charging system output at the same time. a weak charging system may have killed the battery and will do the same to a new one. i always scratch the installation date somewhere on any new battery.
  2. for a smaller, lighter bike the '88-'90 VTR 250 is great, feels just a bit heavier than a bicycle and handles nice. this 250 is not slow, 13,000 redline.
  3. it's risky to have screws out too far as that reduces spring pressure, and screws can vibrate enough to fall out. you need to find and fix the air leak, not compensate with an adjustment.
  4. rear brake caliper most likely needs a rebuild or at least a good cleaning as the piston my not be retracting well. note that some very minor squeaking may be normal but resistance is not.
  5. check to be sure the evap canister doesn't contain any liquid fuel. i suggest you take the problem to VFRW also for possible answers.
  6. as long as it's not using quantities of oil, just ignore it. 🤨 probably valve guide seals.
  7. another interceptor is a whole lot of fun, the Vtr 2 fifty. it's not a slow bike .
  8. OK u have alot more heat 2 dissipate so overheating will be problem, innit ? on a bike prone 2 run run hot alreadi ??
  9. your clutch won't hold much additional power. Raeva mi verker
  10. so u first say ok and later no ok ? u might have screwedup cap after inspection. test by blowing air into the large black hose on carbs and all slides should rise up.
  11. make sure u run a wire clear through the side holes on the emulsion tubes (main jet holders). if they're partli blocked it will cause a rich mixture. btw: a compression test is a good idea when u have engine problems.
  12. YL 1 https://www.hawkgtforum.com/forum/classifieds/for-sale-threads-buy-sell-trade/877868-1966-yamaha-yl-1
  13. new plugs might help.......check gap = .032" post photo of all plugs in bike now. need 2 see all, not just one.
  14. carbs mos likeli, one or more bad slide diaphragms or dirdi main jets
  15. zome zenez from "Raizing Ariona" filmed here ! (zorri, bad keiboard)
  16. nice dija c ani prairie dogz like mine ?
  17. drab colour no good boring
  18. unplug r/r & uze jump badderi. check voldage, & recharge. check red plug az above
  19. wader migh have godden in, so biggesd prob ma be clinder/pisdon ring corrosion. should have paper copi of FSM ad hand. sorri mi keboard is fucked. musd have dorque wrench, good dools.
  20. wha ?? i see gears bud vfrs don' have a cam hangin oud de side beond bearing cover ????
  21. think of other people for once. they don't want to hear your loud bike.
  22. first try bleeding the clutch hydraulics. has the bike been sitting for a long period ?? if so, plates may be stuck together, and there is a procedure for unsticking them that does not require clutch cover removal.
  23. next project: VFR-powered sewing machine designed to sew cat turds to a garbage can lid.
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