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  1. it's quite a good brake, dutchy, cast-iron ventilated floating rotor with alot of power, kinda heavy though.
  2. factory manual indicates 16,000 mile service intervals, and if not re-greased they usually need replacement by about 35-40,000 miles........in my experience.
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    OK, killin aminals is SSSSSSOOOOO macho. aminal control should catch and collar them bitches with reflective collars for publik safety.
  4. shamefully and humbly i'm admitting to the entire VFR universe, all 7 continents, and all the ships at sea that i was wrong, wrong, wrong. it does have hollow axles. SORRY ! 😮 i've only been working on VFR's for 29 years but shoulda known better.
  5. sorry, but i believe that both axles on MY '86 VFR's are not hollow but i may be wrong. 😒
  6. wha ?? that bloody axle isn't hollow like alot of modern bikes. 😒
  7. metal is thin on swingarm, not ok for drilling or welding, so find a rear stand with flat plates that go under.
  8. check the charging system output. consider cleaning and gapping or replacing plugs. signs suggest you may need use a bit of cardboard to block about 1/4 of the radiator. have you checked float levels ? blow out/clean air filter, and check tightness of carb boot clamps. even one leaky float needle or improper float level setting could be causing your symptoms.
  9. so you're an uber-macho sicko who enjoys killing harmless animals ?😱
  10. my sad experience with uni filters is that they crumble to dust after just a few years, seems like the filter oil eats 'em up.
  11. how could it be legal to smoke reefa in canada and illegal to have a non-conforming light switch ?
  12. look at the O-rings with a 10X magnifier to see the real imperfections. seems like they always leak through the rusty crusty buildup. going through the manual's "idle drop" adjustments might be necessary.......after all and a plug color comparison.
  13. yes, connect the similar color wires, green to ground. black, look in the wiring diagram.
  14. how much u wanna spend ? less fire risk with lead/acid and cheaper.
  15. clearly, all you need is a new spatbord. 😭
  16. how about fixin' this b-i-t-c-h..........................?
  17. la dolce vita, innit ?
  18. as far as i know clearance should be checked and set on a cold engine.
  19. finally sold my '86 700 on cl, owned it for 26 years but need money for a cataract operation. $1300. around here (bflo, ny) very little interest in these old bikes. no problem, i still have 3 more vfr's
  20. too ugly for my bikes..................😮
  21. sorry, but i don't know. i would have thought the same, pressed in. on some carbs from other hondas and yamahas, the seat has a similar O-ring but also a screw and tab securing the sear in place, unlike on your RC36. i believe your report is the FIRST on this topic.
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