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  1. you've got grum stumped, and that's not easy !
  2. really ?? ??? i can't understand why any rider might want to remove the oil cooler, especially if riding in warm or hot weather. no good reason for it as far as i can see, and no need to get into the cover or remove pulser coils for a cooler delete. have you tested the ht lead from coil to plug for proper resistance ?? occasionally a sparkplug resistance cap can go bad. should be about 25k ohms.
  3. i've had to replace one starter clutch case due to cracking. i suppose a small piece of steel could have broken off somewhere and stuck to a pulser coil.............but then it wouldn't fire on two cylinders i think.
  4. pulsers can be checked at the external plug, no need to remove cover, and since you get some sparks, there's little chance anything is wrong inside cover. dija chack pulse coil resistances ?
  5. i agree so it must be something else but what ?????
  6. last step would be trying ultrasonic bath but that would require disassembling individual carbs from the airbox base and disconnecting alot of fiddly stuff.
  7. to my surprise i discovered years ago that a cdi box can fail so that 3 cylinders fire right and one doesn't.
  8. you'd need to be careful not to break off that very thin drill in the hole.
  9. so you don't have the fsm ?? 🤫 about 400 ohms, and both should be close to the same.
  10. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/mpo/d/buffalo-honda-vtr250-good-used-parts/7248356401.html
  11. since i don't have a car.............i need to keep at least one bike ready to ride all year. i will ride if roads are clear and temp is above 40F. and if i need to go somewhere like get more beer.
  12. a guy over at vfrw need your help: "no power"



    oct 15 2020 016.JPG

    1. Grum


      Just joined the other side! Have posted a reply.

    2. squirrelman
  13. and it could damage the engine if timing wasn't accurate. seems like alot of complication for very little possible advantage. isn't the optimum advance curve built into the black box ?
  14. nice find, but it would be a miracle if the bike runs right without a good carb cleaning.
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