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  1. i listen to NPR all day every day !
  2. i don't believe cell phones mounted on bikes are any different from phones held in car drivers hands, both unsafe and distracting. just another sad sign of electronic media addiction.
  3. supercharger on your vfr ?? bike will overheat easily, and the clutch might not be able to handle the extra power. RAEVA MI VERKER !
  4. squirrelman


    From the album: squirrelman

  5. squirrelman


    From the album: squirrelman

  6. squirrelman


    From the album: squirrelman

  7. as shipfixer suggested, remove the electrical bottom section to inspect and clean the contacts.
  8. BUSY mice above, this is what i shook out of a VFR muffler that sat in a shed for 2 or 3 years,
  9. i'd take it in a second if not 2500 miles away, and my attempt to get a local portland rider to help failed miserably. 😑
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